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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1925

Chapter 1925 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Alemanni, A.; Manigand, G.; Taillandier, J., 1988:
Pyomyositis due to Actinomyces meyeri with pulmonary involvement. Review of the literature. Report of a case

Royt, P.W., 1990:
Pyoverdine-mediated iron transport. Fate of iron and ligand in Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Pederson, W.L.; Leath, S., 1988:
Pyramiding major genes for resistance to maintain residual effects

Kunast, C., 1988:
Pyran derivatives as selective juvenoids in the cotton strainer (Dysdercus intermedius)

Maga, J.A.; Chen, Z., 1985:
Pyrazine composition of wood smoke as influenced by wood source and smoke generation variables

Frank R.; Braun H.E.; Ritcey G.; Stanek J., 1989:
Pyrazophos residues from treated greenhouse and growth chamber grown chrysanthemums

Kobayashi, S., 1989:
Pyrazosulfuron-ethyl (Sirius, NC-311) a new herbicide for paddy rice

Rodriguez Rodriguez, R., 1988:
Pyrenochaeta lycopersici Schn. & Gerl., variability of symptoms and associated mycoflora

Vasil' eva, L.N., 1987:
Pyrenomycetes and Loculoascomycetes of the North of the Soviet Far East

Paton, D.L.; Walker, J.S., 1988:
Pyrethrin poisoning from commercial-strength flea and tick spray

Dremova, V.P.; Volkov, Y.P., 1987:
Pyrethrins and synthetic pyrethroids. (A review)

Carson, D.S.; Tribble, P.W.; Weart, C.W., 1988:
Pyrethrins combined with piperonyl butoxide (RID) vs 1% permethrin (NIX) in the treatment of head lice

Jackson, G.J., 1987:
Pyrethroid Efficancy Group (PEG), report presented at 40th cotton insect research and control conferences

Gandzyuk, V.N., 1989:
Pyrethroid aerosols for protecting cattle against flies

Carnevale, P.; Robert, V.; Boudin, C. et al., 1988:
Pyrethroid impregnated bed nets for malaria control in Burkina Faso

Dolan, R.B.; Sayer, P.D.; Alushula, H.; Heath, B.R., 1988:
Pyrethroid impregnated ear tags in trypanosomiasis control

Pajares, J.A.; Lanier, G.N., 1989:
Pyrethroid insecticides for control of European elm bark beetle (Coleoptera: Scolytidae)

Dabrowska, E., 1987:
Pyrethroid residues in ground vegetation

Anonymous, 1988:
Pyrethroid resistance - 1987 status

Gunning, R.V.; Easton, C.S., 1989:
Pyrethroid resistance in Heliothis armigera (Hubner) collected from unsprayed maize crops in New South Wales 1983-1987

Riley, S.L., 1988:
Pyrethroid resistance in Heliothis virescens and resistance management: US perspective

Riley, S.L., 1989:
Pyrethroid resistance in Heliothis virescens: current US management programs

Davidson, S., 1989:
Pyrethroid resistance in Heliothis: a genetic puzzle

Jackson, G.J., 1988:
Pyrethroid resistance in Heliothis: a world perspective

Campanhola, C.; Plapp, F.W.J., 1989:
Pyrethroid resistance in the tobacco budworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae): insecticide bioassays and field monitoring

Robert, V.; Carnevale, P.; Mouchet, J., 1989:
Pyrethroid-impregnated bed nets in the malaria control strategy at community level

Carnevale, P.; Robert, V.; Boudin, C.; Halna, J.M.; Pazart, L.; Gazin, P.; Richard, A.; Mouchet, J., 1988:
Pyrethroid-impregnated mosquito nets for the control of malaria in Burkina Faso

Eells, J.T., 1988:
Pyrethroid-induced alterations in mammalian synaptic function

Khamadam Zade, T.K.; Akmalova, M.U., 1987:
Pyrethroids against Phytonomus

Pokozii, I.T.; Gadzalo, Y.M., 1988:
Pyrethroids against pests of raspberry

Khodzhaev, S.T.; Gallarov, F.G.; Turapkhodzhaeva, M., 1987:
Pyrethroids for ULV

Mischke, J.I., 1990:
Pyrethroids: an emerging problem

Anonymous, 1989:
Pyrethrum and biotechnology

Anyango, J.J., 1989:
Pyrethrum resistance to attack by Thrips tabaci Lind and T. nigropilosus Uzel (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) in Kenya

Rossman, A.Y.; Howard, R.J.; Valent, B., 1990:
Pyricularia grisea, the correct name for the rice blast disease fungus

Ondrej, M., 1988:
Pyricularia luzulae Ondrej sp. nov

Reich, M.F.; Fabio, P.F.; Lee, V.J.; Kuck, N.A.; Testa, R.T., 1988:
Pyrido-1,2,4-triazines and related heterocycles as potential antifungal agents

Stone O.J., 1989:
Pyridoxine deficiency and antagonism produce increased ground substance viscosity with resulting seborrheic dermatitis and increased tumor resistance

Chang, S.J.; Kirksey, A., 1990:
Pyridoxine supplementation of lactating mothers: relation to maternal nutrition status and vitamin B-6 concentrations in milk

Bowman, B.B.; McCormick, D.B., 1989:
Pyridoxine uptake by rat renal proximal tubular cells

Storek, J.; Neuwirtova, R.; Brabec, V.; Wilczek, H., 1988:
Pyridoxine-responsive congenital sideroblastic anaemia

Riscoe, M., 1990:
Pyrimethamine resistant?

Gilman, T.M.; Boylen, C.T.; Sattler, F.R., 1989:
Pyrimethamine-sulfadiazine for treating Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia and toxoplasmosis in AIDS

Sturchler, D., 1990:
Pyrimethamine-sulfadoxine: how great the risk?

Motyl, T.; Jasinski, J., 1989:
Pyrimidine and purine compounds in plasma, urine and milk of healthy cows and those with enzootic leukosis

E.K.uni, M.H.; Naguib, F.N.M., 1990:
Pyrimidine salvage pathways in adult Schistosoma mansoni

Rabenhorst, M.; Fanning, D., 1989:
Pyrite and trace metals in glauconitic parent materials of Maryland

Giblin, A.E., 1989:
Pyrite formation in marshes during early diagenesis

Larsson, L.; Olsson, G.; Holst, O.; Karlsson, H.T., 1990:
Pyrite oxidation by thermophilic archaebacteria

Caruccio, F.T.; Hossner, L.R.; Geidel, G., 1988:
Pyritic materials: acid drainage, soil acidity, and liming

Wang, M.C.; Huang, P.M., 1989:
Pyrogallol transformations as catalyzed by nontronite, bentonite, and kaolinite

Cowley, J., 1989:
Pyrolirion tubiflorum (Amaryllidaceae)

Corella, J.; Herguido, J.; Alday, F.J., 1988:
Pyrolysis and steam gasification of biomass in fluidized beds. Influence of the type and location of the biomass feeding point on the product distribution

Draper S.R., 1988:
Pyrolysis gas chromatography of lignin for comparison of samples of varieties of forage plants

Gulyurtlu, I.; Cabrito, I.; Franco, C.; Mascarenhas, F.; Jogo, M., 1988:
Pyrolysis of forestry wastes in a fluidised bed reactor to produce medium calorific gaseous fuel

Cottier, L.; Descotes, G.; Neyret, C.; Nigay, H., 1989:
Pyrolysis of sugars. Analysis of the vapours of industrial caramels

Hagan, E.B.Jr, 1986:
Pyrolysis of woodshavings and sawdust - a review of the demonstration project in Ghana

Schulten, H.R., 1986:
Pyrolysis-mass spectroscopy for the characterisation of soil humic substances and soils

Schnitzer, M.; Schulten, H.R., 1989:
Pyrolysis-soft ionization mass spectrometry of aliphatics extracted from a soil clay and humic substances

Faix, O.; Meier, D., 1989 :
Pyrolytic and hydrogenolytic degradation studies on lignocellulosics, pulps and lignins

Shimokawa, K.; Hashizume, A.; Shioi, Y., 1990:
Pyropheophorbide a, a catabolite of ethylene-induced chlorophyll a degradation

Saini, E.D.; Crouzel, I.S. de; Pepi, B., 1986:
Pyrrhopyge pelota Plotz (Lepidoptera - Hesperiidae) II. A study of its natural enemies

Samuels, S.E.; Acton, K.S.; Ball, R.O., 1989:
Pyrroline-5-carboxylate reductase and proline oxidase activity in the neonatal pig

Bostel, K. von; Witte, L.; Hartmann, T., 1989:
Pyrrolizidine alkaloid patterns in populations of Senecio vulgaris, S. vernalis and their hybrids

Cheeke, P.R., 1989:
Pyrrolizidine alkaloid toxicity and metabolism in laboratory animals and livestock

Who, 1988:
Pyrrolizidine alkaloids

Mattocks, A.R.; Nwude, N., 1988:
Pyrrolizidine alkaloids from Crotalaria lachnosema and C. naragutensis

Kelly, H.A.; Robins, D.J., 1990:
Pyrrolizidine alkaloids from Lindelofia longiflora

Stelljes, M.E.; Seiber, J.N., 1990:
Pyrrolizidine alkaloids in an overwintering population of monarch butterflies (Danaus plexippus) in California

Takeda F.; Janisiewicz W.J.; Roitman J.; Roitman J.; Mahoney N.; Abeles F.B., 1990 :
Pyrrolnitrin delays postharvest fruit rot in strawberries

Xu, H.; Zhou, F.; Jiang, Z.; Ma, H., 1988:
Pyrus pyrifolia germplasm resources in China

Kuznetsov, P.V., 1989:
Pyrus salicifolia and its hybrids - promising rootstocks

Lavon, R.; Salomon, R.; Goldschmidt, E.E., 1988:
Pyruvate kinase: a potential indicator of calcium level in citrus leaves and fruit

Lawyer, A.L.; Kelley, S.R.; Allen, J.I., 1987:
Pyruvate phosphate dikinase from maize: purification, characterization, analysis of inhibitors, and its use for biorational design of herbicides

Hague, D.R.; Collins, P.D., 1987:
Pyruvate, Pi dikinase mRNAs of maize

Campbell, C.K., 1990:

Mendoza, L., 1987:
Pythiosis: a review

Lodha, B.C.; Webster, J., 1990:
Pythium acanthophoron, a mycoparasite, rediscovered in India and Britain

Shyam, K.R.; Chakrabarty, P.K.; Bhardwaj, S.S.; Dohroo, N.P., 1987:
Pythium curd rot of cauliflower

Rajan, K.M.; Agrihotri, V.P., 1989:
Pythium induced rhizome rot of ginger: problem and progress

Fragner, P., 1989:
Pythium insidiosum

Ali, M.I.M.; Nair, N.G., 1989:
Pythium intermedium causing root rot of Oroxylum indicum in Kerala - a new Indian record

Sesan, T., 1988:
Pythium oligandrum Drechsler, a mycoparasitic fungus of practical importance in the biological control of some fungus disease of cultivated plants

Smither, M.L.; Jones, A.L., 1989:
Pythium species associated with sour cherry and the effect of P. irregulare on the growth of Mahaleb cherry

Hamm, P.B.; Hansen, E.M.; Hennon, P.E.; Shaw, C.G.I.I., 1988:
Pythium species from forest and muskeg areas of southeast Alaska

Jasnic, S.; Cvjetkovic, B.; Vidic, M., 1988:
Pythium ultimum Trow. as a parasite of soyabean

Dohroo, N.P., 1987:
Pythium ultimum on Zingiber officinale

Marrie, T.J., 1990:
Q fever - a review

Cameron, D.A.; Freedman, A.R.; Wansbrough Jones, M.H., 1990:
Q fever encephalitis

Crăcea, E.; Constantinescu, S.; Tofan, N.; Căruntu, F.; Dogaru, D., 1989:
Q fever urban cases in Romania

Anusz, Z.; Knap, J., 1988 :
Q fever, a disease of man and animals

Lang, G.H., 1989:
Q fever: an emerging public health concern in Canada

Marrie, T.J., 1988:
Q fever: clinical signs, symptoms, and pathophysiology

Tylewska Wierzbanowska, S.K.; Kruszewska, D., 1990:
Q fever: sexually transmitted infection?

Levy, P.; Raoult, D.; Razongles, J.J., 1989:
Q-fever and autoimmunity

Rubio Lopez, R.; Lopez, J.A.; Velazco, M., 1987:
Q/I relationships in the main Cuban sugarcane soils

Turan Zitouni, G.; Berge, G.; Noel Artis, A.M.; Chevallet, P.; Fulcrand, P.; Castel, J., 1988:
QSAR of derivatives of dihydro-2,3 benzofurannamine-3 inhibitors of plant growth

Tenhunen, J.D.; Reynolds, J.F.; Lange, O.L.; Dougherty, R.L.; Harley, P.C.; Kummerow, J.; Rambal, S., 1989:
QUINTA: a physiologically-based growth simulator for drought adapted woody plant species

Paris, H.S.; Burger, Y.; Nerson, H.; Edelstein, M.; Karchi, Z., 1988:
Qalya - a new muskmelon hybrid for export

Browning, P.M.; Bisby, R.H., 1989:
Qinghaosu does not affect the major thermotropic phase transition in model membranes of dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine

Zhang, Q.M., 1988:
Qinmei - A new cultivar of Actinidia deliciosa

Wassmuth, K., 1990:
QuaT temperature measuring system for process control applications

Weir, E.R.; Harvey, R.G., 1986:
Quackgrass (Agropyron repens (L.) Beauv.) control in established alfalfa with postemergence herbicides

Alcantara, E.N.; Wyse, D.L.; Spitzmueller, J.M., 1989:
Quackgrass (Agropyron repens) biotype response to sethoxydim and haloxyfop

Buhler, D.D.; Doll, J.D., 1986:
Quackgrass control in no-till corn in Wisconsin

Mosley J.C.; Bunting S.C.; Hironaka M., 1989:
Quadrat and sample sizes for frequency sampling mountain meadow vegetation

Baethgen W.E.; Taylor D.B.; Alley M.M., 1989:
Quadratic programming method for determining optimum nitrogen rates for winter wheat during tillering

Oliva, R.; Goren, R.; Dixon, G.H., 1989:
Quail (Coturnix japonica) protamine, full-length cDNA sequence, and the function and evolution of vertebrate protamines

Takahashi, S.; Shimizu, A.; Takahashi, H.; Goto, N., 1989:
Quail strain identification by means of discriminant analysis using skeleton measurement

Kovacs, I., 1989:
Qualifications in Hungarian agriculture

Heller, G.; Graf, G., 1989:
Qualified farm business management requires effective assessment and comparisons of performance; Socialist management science and the unity of theory and method

Avril, C.; Delcarte, E.; Bauduin, M., 1986:
Qualifying micronized organic matter

Forte, G.A.; Maguire, R., 1988:
Qualifying success: the case of the Moruca Transport Cooperative, Ltd

Gheddi, A.M., 1980:
Qualitative characteristics and nutritive value of foliage of various trees and shrubs from Somalian forests

Anand, M.; Pant, J.C.; Srivastava, B.G., 1986:
Qualitative analysis of amino acids of diapausing and non-diapausing larvae of Chilo partellus (Swinhoe) and their host plant materials

Ostroumov, L.A.; Buval' tsev, N.F., 1985:
Qualitative analysis of cheeses

Bajrang Singh; Khanduja, S.D.; Srivastava, G.S., 1984:
Qualitative analysis of some firewood shrubs

Kochubei, S.M.; Kobets, N.I.; Shadchina, T.M., 1988:
Qualitative analysis of the shapes of spectral reflection curves of plant leaves as a method of testing their state

Roughead, Z.K.; McCormick, D.B., 1990:
Qualitative and quantitative assessment of flavins in cow's milk

Rousset, A.; Lapalisse, J., 1986:
Qualitative and quantitative changes in hemolymph proteins during an ovarian cycle and after insemination in Thermobia domestica (Packard) (Thysanura, Lepismatidae)

Jitla, DS.; Parshad, VR.; Guraya, SS., 1987:
Qualitative and quantitative changes in lipids along the length of female reproductive system of the poultry nematode Ascaridia galli (Schrank 1788)

Frei, R.E.; Schultz, G.A.; Church, R.B., 1989:
Qualitative and quantitative changes in protein synthesis occur at the 8-16-cell stage of embryogenesis in the cow

Takahashi, M.; Shudo, C.; Matsushita, K.; Nishina, M.; Hori, E.; Kato, K.; Takahashi, M.; Ohsaka, A., 1989:
Qualitative and quantitative changes of metabolites in developmental stages of Culex pipiens pallens as demonstrated by proton NMR

Jain, R.; Singh, M.; Dezman, D.J., 1989:
Qualitative and quantitative characterization of phenolic compounds from lantana (Lantana camara) leaves

Rodrigues, C.F.M.; Moraes, G.V.; Becker, W.A.P.; Carvalho, C.; Pinheiro, L.E.L., 1988:
Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of embryo transfer in cattle. 1. Performance of zebu and Bos taurus cattle

Rodrigues, C.M.; Moraes, G.V.; Carvalho, C.; Becker, W.A.P.; Pinheiro, L.E.L., 1988:
Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of embryo transfer. 3. Effects of age and number of superovulations

Carvalho, C.; Moraes, G.V.; Pinheiro, L.E.L.; Rodrigues, C.F.M.; Becker, W.A.P., 1988:
Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of embryo transfer. 4. Effect of the number and time of insemination on embryo quality

Grand d' Esnon, A.; Chee, R.; Harrell, R.C.; Cantliffe, D.J., 1989:
Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of liquid tissue cultures by artificial vision

Schneichel, M.; Lascano, C.; Weniger, J.H., 1988:
Qualitative and quantitative intake of steers grazing native grasslands supplemented with a legume pasture in the eastern plains of Colombia. 2. Legume selection, nutrient intake and grazing behaviour

Sivaram, P.; Mayasundari, R., 1989:
Qualitative and quantitative variation of tRNA in certain invertebrates

Homrani, A.; Demaux, G.; Guemon, L.; Gallouin, G.F., 1988:
Qualitative and quantitative variations in bile acids in rabbit bile in relation to cell wall content of the diet

Sekido, H.; Suga, R.; Kodama, O.; Akatsuka, T.; Kono, Y.; Esumi, Y.; Takeuchi, S., 1987:
Qualitative and semiquantitative analysis of oryzalexins in blast- or brownspot- diseased rice leaves by mass chromatography

Galal, O., 1988:
Qualitative approaches for food security in the Muslim world

Ibarra, P.I., 1988:
Qualitative aspects of goat meat including processing, storage and organoleptic factors

Anonymous, 1988:
Qualitative assessments of tomato cultivars and hybrids for fresh consumption

Sekhar, M.J.; Prasad, N.N., 1988:
Qualitative changes in amino acids as influenced by graded doses of potassium and Sarocladium oryzae inoculation in rice

Anderson, J., 1987:
Qualitative changes in the Norwegian carabid beetle fauna during the present century

Surmach, V.N.; Karabanov, A.M., 1987:
Qualitative characteristics of carcasses of rabbits and pigs fed on diets containing Kvaterin

Trichkov, N., 1987:
Qualitative characteristics of poplar sawlogs

Chaudhary, S.K.; Majid Abdulwahab; Allia Ali, 1987:
Qualitative characters of plum cultivars being grown under sub-tropical conditions in Iraq

Sieverding, E., 1990:
Qualitative composition of VAM fungal populations and Bradyrhizobium influence on growth and N, P, K nutrition of tropical kudzu (Pueraria phaseoloides)

Greco, I.; Alba, E., 1988:
Qualitative composition of oil in safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.) cultivars during seed ripening

Tsai, V.V.; Tsykunov, I.A.; Asyutin, P.F., 1986:
Qualitative composition of organic substances in forest soils on loess-like loams

Zhukov A.V.; Stefanov K.L.; Vereshchagin A.G., 1987:
Qualitative composition of separate classes of polar lipids from soybean seeds

Yadav S.; Ralhan P.K.; Singh S.P., 1987:
Qualitative distribution pattern of carotenoids in three selected gymnosperms

Brun, S.; Mestres, G., 1990:
Qualitative effects of plant health protection in oenology

Cavalli, R.; Sartori, L., 1989:
Qualitative evaluation of a combined implement for minimum tillage

Tsilosani, M.V.; Barbakadze, T.P., 1989:
Qualitative indices of feijoa fruits

Bigler, F., 1988:
Qualitative interactions in the maize agro-ecosystem with special reference to crop protection

Achterberg, C., 1988:
Qualitative methods in nutrition education evaluation research

Barlett, P.F., 1990:
Qualitative methods in rural studies: basic principles

Bolchi Serini, G., 1989:
Qualitative observations on pollen foragers of Apis mellifera L. in orchards

Chiriac, S., 1988:
Qualitative parameters of black currant fruits under conditions of mechanized harvesting

Mariani, G.; Anglani, C.; Ceotto, E.; Gaddi, S.; Sannibale, M., 1988:
Qualitative problems of grain sorghum: digestibility of whole meal and tannin content of seeds

Kaku, H.; Kimura, T., 1989:
Qualitative resistance reaction of rice cultivar Asominori to certain race II strains of Xanthomonas campestris pv. oryzae

Nitransky, S., 1989:
Qualitative traits and characteristics of selected peach cultivars

Spooner R.L.; Oliver R.A.; Glass E.J.; Price C.A.; Webb R., 1988:
Qualitative variation in the immune response to ovarian follicular fluid proteins in cattle

Kolar, L.; Pezlarova, J., 1988:
Qualities of geological and petrographical substratum (Gps) supporting humification

Snegireva, I.A.; Morozova, R.A.; Ulubabyants, N.R.; Ivanova, L.M.; Kuleshova, M.F., 1987:
Quality of sausage-shaped smoked cheeses, and minimizing their storage-induced deterioration

Thum, J.; Laves, D., 1989:
Quality analysis of drainage water with liquid slurry sprinkling of grass

Walker J.W.; Heitschmidt R.K.; D.M.raes E.A.; Kothmann M.M.; Dowhower S.L., 1989:
Quality and botanical composition of cattle diets under rotational and continuous grazing treatments

Haubold, M.; Henkes, L.; Schroder, D., 1987:
Quality and development of recultivated soils on loess

Schroder, D.; Oess, M.; Kopping, R., 1987:
Quality and development of soils formed from settled harbour dredgings

Fallahi E.; Moon J.W.Jr; Mousavi Z., 1989:
Quality and elemental content of citrus fruit from exposed and internal canopy positions

Meheriuk, M.; McKenzie, D.L., 1990:
Quality and mineral content in 'Swiss Bartlett' pears grown on clonal Old Home X Farmingdale, clonal quince and seedling rootstocks

Silcock, R.G.; Williams, L.M.; Smith, F.T., 1990:
Quality and storage characteristics of the seeds of important native pasture species in south-west Queensland

Pocharski, W.; Zbroszczyk, J., 1989:
Quality and suitability for processing of new Polish strawberry varieties

Maletto, S.; Quaglino, G., 1989:
Quality and variability of products of animal origin

Heine, H., 1988:
Quality and yield of celeriac cultivars

E.E.sawi, T.M.; Abadi, D., 1990:
Quality and yield of soybean seeds as affected by inoculation, NPK fertilization and soil salinity

Molnar, V., 1988:
Quality aspects of products made by the Sojaprotein Company for catering

Joeschke, S., 1989:
Quality aspects of the meat production chain

Bigler F., 1989:
Quality assessment and control in entomophagous insects used for biological control

Haslett, J.R., 1988:
Quality assessment of alpine habitats: hoverflies (Diptera: Syrphidae) as bioindicators of the effects of intensive skiing use on alpine meadows in Austria

Redalen, G., 1988:
Quality assessment of apple cultivars

Garner, P.A.; Thomason, J.A.; Donaldson, D., 1990:
Quality assessment of health facilities in rural Papua New Guinea

Singh, S.; Kanawjia, S.K., 1989:
Quality assessment of market samples of processed cheese

Cordier, J.L., 1990:
Quality assurance and quality monitoring of UHT processed foods

Sylvester, C., 1989:
Quality assurance and quality of life: accounting for the good and healthy life

Campbell F.B., 1989:
Quality assurance in nutrition and dietetic service provision

Wild, R., 1988:
Quality assurance in the food industry

Bull, M.F., 1988:
Quality assurance of packaging

Chaubey, P.K.; Nanda, B.B.; Richariya, A.K., 1988:
Quality attributing characters of scented and non-scented rice

Dutton, J., 1989:
Quality award for Express Dairy

Piot, J.C., 1989:
Quality before quantity - the new Federal Government Act on viticulture

Daniel, L.; Bajtay, I.; Gulyasne, 1988:
Quality breeding in sweet corn

Wickham, L.D.; Wilson, L.A., 1988:
Quality changes during long-term storage of cassava roots in moist media

Leong, W.L.; Siew, W.L.; Tan, Y.A., 1988:
Quality changes of palm oil products during shipping period - a case study

Santos, B.; Resurreccion, A.; Garcia, V., 1989:
Quality characteristics and consumer acceptance of a peanut-based imitation cheese spread

Eccher, T.; Zerbini, P.E., 1988:
Quality characteristics at harvest and during storage of Golden Delicious apples from different localities

Pilaiyar, P., 1988:
Quality characteristics of Tamil Nadu rices

Tserveni Gousi A.; Yannakopoulos A.L., 1990:
Quality characteristics of pheasant eggs and effect of egg weight and shell quality on chick weight

Pharande, A.L.; Dhotre, V.A.; Adsule, R.N., 1988:
Quality characteristics of recently released wheat variety

Sen, D.C.; Rajorhia, G.S., 1989:
Quality characteristics of sandesh marketed in Calcutta

Nagi, H.P.S.; Bajaj, M.; Saini, S.S.; Sekhon, K.S., 1989:
Quality characteristics of some new aromatic rices

Tirovska, S.; Amin, S., 1989:
Quality characteristics of soyabean seeds when harvested at high moisture content

Raju, C.S.; Goud, P.V.P., 1990:
Quality characterization of groundwater in Koilsagar project area, Mahabubnagar District, Andhra Pradesh, India

Corbellini, M.; Borghi, B., 1988:
Quality characters of Italian bread wheat varieties

Orly, C., 1988:
Quality circles in France. Accor's experiment in self-management

Sims, C.A.; Halbrooks, M.C., 1986:
Quality comparison of 'Orlando Seedless' with 'Thompson Seedless' grapes

Denninger, W., 1987:
Quality comparisons when applying fertilizers in the forest

Imai, R., 1989:
Quality competition and strategies for agricultural products in the Chugoku region

Anonymous, 1987:
Quality constituents of soybean AGS lines

Smith, G., 1988:
Quality control analysis of animal feeds

Shurson, G.C., 1989:
Quality control essential in on-farm feed manufacturing

Masud, T.; Athar, I.H.; Chishti, M.A., 1989:
Quality control evaluation of different brands of UHT milk marketed in Islamabad

Burge, H.A.; Hoyer, M.E.; Soloman, W.R.; Simmons, E.G.; Gallup, J., 1989:
Quality control factors for Alternaria allergens

Disegna, L.; Ottaviani, F., 1989:
Quality control for yoghurt: observations on some analytical parameters

Munar, C.J.; Nigro, M.A.; Burry, E.R.; Vautier, R.A.; Argerich, C., 1990:
Quality control in a large-scale embryo transfer program under farm conditions in the Argentine Republic

Boone W.R.; Shapiro S.S., 1990:
Quality control in the in vitro fertilization laboratory

Saadiah, A.S.H., 1988:
Quality control in the production of vegetable seeds

Shurson, G.C., 1989:
Quality control is essential for on-farm feed manufacturing

Hollands, I.; Miyares, C.; Pimienta, R., 1988:
Quality control of Proposilina (propolis alcohol extract used as a coccidiostat) by means of a biological method

Tschager, E., 1988:
Quality control of brine in practical operation

Akerstrand, K.; Moller, T., 1989:
Quality control of dried figs

Wagner, A.; Jakabos, L.; Abraham, O.; Merenyi, I., 1986:
Quality control of milk with extended shelf-life produced under optimal or near-optimal conditions

Hase, N.; Okuyama, T.; Sasaki, Y.; Suzuki, S., 1989:
Quality control of piano action-parts III. Strength properties of laminated wood hammershanks

Hase, N.; Okuyama, T., 1987:
Quality control of piano action-parts. II. The grading of parts based on modulus of elasticity and weight

Vincente, L.M., 1989:
Quality control of plastics used in Spanish agriculture

Ari, L.; Kiss, J., 1988:
Quality control of raw materials for manufacture of long-life milk

Coleman, W.W., 1989:
Quality control of sheep milk

Beltran A., 1990:
Quality control of smoked fish

Toma, B.; Eloit, M., 1988:
Quality control of the serological diagnosis of Aujeszky's disease in France

Holland, S., 1989:
Quality control planning in the laboratory and in dairy production

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Quality control: the key to excellence in tourism

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Quality costing - a practical approach

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Quality criteria for quarg

Schneider, K.H., 1990:
Quality does not meet consumer requirements. Improvement of carcass quality in geese

Mair Waldburg, H., 1988:
Quality evaluation

Ratnambal, M.J.; Gopalam, A.; Nair, M.K., 1987:
Quality evaluation in ginger (Zingiber officinale Rosc.) in relation to maturity

Landi, A., 1988:
Quality evaluation of Italian durum wheat varieties

Bellingieri, P.A.; Alcarde, J.C.; Souza, E.C.A. de, 1988:
Quality evaluation of agricultural limestones by PRNT

Ikeda, Y., 1990:
Quality evaluation of agricultural products by their dynamic properties. Description of dynamic properties by an autoregressive-moving average model and its application to quality evaluation

Yoshitomi, H., 1990:
Quality evaluation of green tea by image processing (I). Evaluation of shape feature

Lachman, J.; Pivec, V.; Rehakova, V.; Hubacek, J.; Ponuchalek, J., 1989:
Quality evaluation of selected triticale genetic resources

Bakhshi A.K.; Saxena A.K.; Sandha G.S., 1989:
Quality evaluation of some advanced triticale lines

Zhang, J.S.; Tian, Z.; Lou, Z.C., 1989:
Quality evaluation of twelve species of Chinese Ephedra (ma huang)

Anonymous, 1989:
Quality factors of fruits and vegetables. Chemistry and technology

Nordlund, J.; Lampi, M., 1990:
Quality first - development schemes in Finnish dairies

Stubbs, A., 1989:
Quality from Wales

Zuev, N.M., 1988:
Quality harvesting without losses

Satija, D.R.; Bedi, C.K.; Gupta, V.P., 1988:
Quality improvement in mungbean: a new approach

Shinohara, Y.; Suzuki, Y., 1988:
Quality improvement of hydroponically grown leaf vegetables

Lammerink, J., 1989:
Quality improvements in Printanor garlic

Leath, M.N., 1988:
Quality in marketing grain

Brown, P.J., 1989:
Quality in recreation experience

Flores, R., 1988:
Quality is chief priority in grain storage units

Elliott, R.E.W., 1988:
Quality management - a government regulatory approach

Lockwood, A.J., 1989:
Quality management in hotels

O.Mahony, P., 1989:
Quality milk production

Patten, K.D.; Neuendorff, E.W.; Nimr, G., 1988:
Quality of 'Tifblue' rabbiteye blueberries and efficiency of machine harvesting at different times of day

Scehovic, J.; Jadas Hecart, J., 1989:
Quality of Festulolium hybrids compared with that of tall fescue

Hani, J.P.; Meier, P.; Schadeli, M., 1988:
Quality of Gruyere cheese and ripening room climate

Polovic, V.; Krsev, L., 1988:
Quality of Podravec cheese produced with concentrated starters

Miguez de Francisco, A.; Rivas Barros, J.; Alvarez Seoane, G., 1988:
Quality of Russian salads collected in catering establishments in Vigo

Alenchikova, T.F.; Solomatin, V.M.; Vinogradova, T.P., 1988:
Quality of Trichogramma and release rates

Bigler, F., 1988:
Quality of Trichogramma maidis Pintureau et Voegele reared in eggs of Ephestia kuehniella Zeller and Sitotroga cerealella Olivier

Bughrara, S.S.; Sleper, D.A.; Belyea, R.L.; Marten, G.C., 1989:
Quality of alfalfa herbage estimated by a prepared cellulase solution and near infrared reflectance spectroscopy

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Quality of animal foods

Tang, J.M.; Sokhansanj, S.; Slinkard, A.E.; Sosulski, F.W., 1989:
Quality of artificially dried lentils

Valdes, J.L.; Mendez, J.; Rodriguez, M.E.; Sosa, P., 1989:
Quality of bagasse particleboards in Cuba

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Quality of banana cv. Prata previously stored in polyethylene bags and ripened in ambient conditions at high relative humidity. II. Carbohydrates

Mordenti, A., 1987:
Quality of carcass and meat of pigs in relation to nutrition

Trombetta, M.F., 1989:
Quality of carcasses and meat

Singh J.N.; Sinha S.R.P.; Singh B.K.; Roy M.K.; Mukherjee G., 1990:
Quality of casings in relation to parasitic infestation of goat intestines

Aschengrau, A.; Zierler, S.; Cohen, A., 1989:
Quality of community drinking water and the occurrence of spontaneous abortion

Tonini, G.; Pasini, P.; Dal Re, L. (Re, L. dal), 1988:
Quality of deep frozen green beans as related to cultivar field performance, growth habit and ripening

Tonini, G.; Pasini, P.; Dal Re, L. (Re, L. dal), 1988:
Quality of deep frozen spinach as related to cultivar field performance

Paulus, K., 1988:
Quality of diet products and its implications for human nutrition

Shukla, D.C.; Ladkani, B.G., 1989:
Quality of direct acid Mozzarella cheese from buffalo milk

E.G.indy, S.; Amer, M.H., 1989:
Quality of drainage water in the Nile Delta

Anonymous, 1987:
Quality of durum wheat and useful characteristics for its evaluation

Makeeva, A.P.; Emel' yanova, N.G.; Verigin, V.B., 1988:
Quality of eggs produced by Hypophthalmichthys molitrix, Aristichthys nobilis, and Ctenopharyngodon idella under artificial culture

Latshaw J.D., 1990:
Quality of feather meal as affected by feather processing conditions

Balakirev, N.A.; Mikhailova, R.I.; Ugryumov, V.I., 1989:
Quality of feed mixtures after freezing

Kosolapov, V.M.; Kosolapova, V.G.; Vesnina, Z.A., 1988:
Quality of feeds from grass cultivated on peaty soils

Ziani, S.; Rousselet, M., 1990:
Quality of fertilizer application

Anonymous, 1989:
Quality of forage crop seed in Argentina

Proreshneva, R.K.; Belekhova, K.A., 1988:
Quality of forms of pea grown in Leningrad province

Aparicio Cuesta, P.; Rivas Gonzalo, J.C.; Santos Buelga, C.; Garcia Moreno, C., 1989:
Quality of frozen green beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) subjected to different storage conditions

Heindorf, W.E., 1988:
Quality of home-produced wool

Herstel, H.; Labrijn, J.F.; Schuttelaar, M., 1988:
Quality of hot meals delivered to elderly people at home

Machida, S.; Okazaki, H.; Tsuruta, O., 1989:
Quality of imported buckwheat and wheat with reference to fungal infection and mycotoxin contamination

Zobkova, Z.S.; Padaryan, I.M., 1986:
Quality of kefir made by the tank method

Sharma, A.K.; Lavania, G.S., 1987:
Quality of khoa sold in Baraut market

Moller, V., 1988:
Quality of life in retirement: a case study of Zulu return migrants

Aldana Reyes, P., 1989:
Quality of life, leisure and recreation

Santrucek, J., 1989:
Quality of lucerne forage in relation to soil compaction and cultivation

Tirovska, S.; Tauel' , N.; Pelovski, K., 1988:
Quality of maize grain and losses in relation to the adjustment of the threshing apparatus and operating speed of the combine

Hansen, K.; Laustsen, A.M.; Jensen, G.K., 1989:
Quality of market milk products. 1988

Hansen, K.; Laustsen, A.M.; Jensen, G.K., 1990:
Quality of market milk products. 1989

Bonneau, M., 1988 :
Quality of meat from entire male pigs: research directions and perspectives

Krygina, E.A., 1989:
Quality of meat from sheep infested with Moniezia expansa, before and after anthelmintic treatment

Clear, M.H., 1988:
Quality of meat, fish and game

Lombardi, M.; Quaglia, G.B.; Avalle, V.; Bertone, A.; Maurizi, A.; Sinesio, F.; Borghese, A., 1989:
Quality of milk and Cacioricotta cheese in the course of lactation on intensive goat farms

Trujillo Salazar, F.; Avila Tellez, S.; Vargas Garcia, R.; Blanco Ochoa, M.A., 1988:
Quality of milk produced during different seasons of the year by cattle in the area influenced by the Centre of Investigation, Teaching and Extension in Tropical Livestock (CIEEGT), Martinez de la Torre, Veracruz

Wagner, A., 1986:
Quality of milk with extended shelf-life, and significance of total nitrate-reducing bacteria count

Micco, C.; Grossi, M.; Miraglia, M.; Brera, C.; Libanori, A.; Faraoni, I., 1989:
Quality of national maize hybrids: lipid profile and contamination by mycotoxins

Smilanick, J.; Fouse, D., 1989:
Quality of nectarines stored in insecticidal low-O2 atmospheres at 5 and 15C

Szponar, L.; Mieleszko, T.; Jarzebinska, I., 1988:
Quality of nutrition in selected types of group feeding establishments

Zaghini, G.; Marchetti, S.; Laffi, R., 1989:
Quality of pet foods: investigations on the content of vitamins A, E and B1

Broughton, P.M.; Bullock, D.G.; Cramb, R., 1989:
Quality of plasma cholesterol measurements in primary care

Tomasik, L.; Sobocinski, A., 1987:
Quality of rainbow trout (Salmo gairdneri Rich.) spermatozoa collected from different sections of the vas deferens

Lacasa, A., 1989:
Quality of raw milk

Barros, J. de A.I. de, 1989:
Quality of rice seed in Cachoeira do Sul

Brito, J.O.; Barrichelo, L.E.G.; Gutierrez, L.E., 1980:
Quality of rosin and turpentine of tropical pines

Parkhe B.D.; Singh A.R.; Choulwar S.B.; Borikar S.T., 1987:
Quality of seed as influenced by genotypes and developmental stage in sorghum

Singh A.R.; Deshpande S.B.; Deshpande L.A., 1988:
Quality of seed as influenced by seed development and maturation in cotton

Krishnasamy, V.; Chetty, N.K., 1989:
Quality of seeds as influenced by their position in the panicle in rice cv. ADT 36

Guzman, P., 1989:
Quality of silage produced by four varieties of maize (Zea mays L.)

Arora, K.L., 1989:
Quality of skim milk powder manufactured in India

Mercik, L.; Milewski, S.; Brzostowski, H., 1988:
Quality of skins from male lambs fed on different diets

Taira, H.; Toriu, H.; Saito, M., 1988:
Quality of soyabean seeds grown in Japan. XVI. Effect of sowing time and cultivar on total carotenoids content and colour of soyabean seeds

Edelstein, M.; Nerson, H.; Paris, H.S., 1989:
Quality of spaghetti squash as affected by fruit maturity, storage period, and cooking duration

Rais, I.; Kralovec, J.; Kopta, A., 1990:
Quality of surface waters in the pasture area

Bodin, B., 1988:
Quality of table potatoes. Morphology, content of substances and quality properties at different stages of development and growth of the potato tuber

Ryublev, V.I.; Ivanenko, I.I.; Lutsenko, M.M.; Smolyar, V.I., 1987:
Quality of teatcup liners

Anonymous, 1989:
Quality of the environment and animal production

Musard, M., 1988:
Quality of the greenhouse tomato. Control of water and nutrient supply during cultivation on substrate

Gutman, F.N., 1989:
Quality of the seeds in forms of Vicia sativa in relation to breeding

Ghetti, P.F., 1987:
Quality of the surface waters in the Parma Valley of Italy

Chammek, C.; Sawangsak, P.; Naivikul, O., 1988 :
Quality of various triticale varieties grown in Thailand

Kolarski, D.; Popovic, Z.; Koljajic, V.; Vucetic, J., 1988:
Quality of whole plant maize and soyabean silage with added urea and urease

Nikiforova, N.F.; Russu, V.I.; Staver, L.I., 1988:
Quality of winter wheat varieties in Moldavia

Liese, W., 1987:
Quality of wood from areas of forest dieback

Resubal, L.E.; Collado, E.R.; Emata, O.C.; Lapiz, E.S., 1987:
Quality of yoghurt made from fresh skim milk and forified with skim milk powder

Atamer, M.; Caric, M.; Kulic, L., 1987:
Quality of yoghurt produced by ultrafiltration

Havlicek, J., 1989:
Quality optimization of agricultural machines

Sarig, Y., 1989:
Quality oriented post-harvesting technologies for horticultural crops

Nelson, J., 1988:
Quality oversight from cow to consumption. Key characteristics of effective quality assurance programs

Bangela, S.; Pas, M.T.; Baltadzhieva, M., 1987:
Quality parameters of a hard, piquant, cows' milk cheese containing whey lipid

Krishnamoorthy, B.; Gopalam, A.; Abraham, J., 1988:
Quality parameters of cinnamon (Cinnamomum verum) in relation to flush colour

Pecorari, M., 1989:
Quality payment for milk used for Parmesan cheese production

Anonymous, 1989:
Quality plus efficiency equals Thrifty

Elias, B.A.; Sham, Z., 1988:
Quality preservation during handling, storage and transportation

Simon, I., 1989:
Quality problems in rice production

Anonymous, 1989:
Quality product - fulfilling expectations

Picchi, A., 1990:
Quality products in Emilia-Romagna

Schilcher, H., 1989:
Quality requirements and quality standards for medicinal, aromatic and spice plants

Mann, G.C., 1987:
Quality requirements and varieties

Binder, E., 1988:
Quality requirements for export cheese

Sipio, F. di; Trulli, G., 1990:
Quality requirements for liquid milk

Neuenschwander, P.; Haug, T.; Ajounu, O.; Davis, H.; Akinwumi, B.; Madojemu, E., 1989:
Quality requirements in natural enemies used for inoculative release: practical experience from a successful biological control programme

Pankova, G.E., 1986:
Quality requirements in primary milk processing

Christiansen, P.; Overby, A.J., 1988:
Quality requirements of milk for processing

Kaul, M.L.H.; Neelangini, 1989:
Quality rice improvement by mutation breeding

Balamurugan, P.; Udayasooriyan, C.; Nandagopal, A.; Gopalan, A., 1989:
Quality seed production of sunflower

Chang, S.T., 1989:
Quality should be improved rather than yield increased in production of Lentinus edodes in China

Brosvic G.M.; Mclaughlin W.W., 1989:
Quality specific differences in human taste detection thresholds as a function of stimulus volume

Promisel, M., 1988:
Quality standards and quality auditing - an industry program

Koar, O.; Pohl Schwaiger, M.; Grohsebner, G., 1989:
Quality standards and quality controls (Part 1)

Verberkt, H., 1989:
Quality still not good enough because of over leggy growth. Quicker cultivation of Cyclamen using supplementary lighting

Ramanathan, G.; Oyyaram, G., 1989:
Quality sugar production in Ambur Co-op. Sugar Mills. An experience shared

Wainess, H., 1988:
Quality systems and practices

Siew, W.L.; Ong, A.S.H.; Tan, V.C.; Yassin, M., 1988:
Quality tests for palm kernel products

Hartman, A., 1989:
Quality-awareness in Arla from dairy to development centre

Graham, G.G.; Lembcke, J.; Morales, E., 1990:
Quality-protein maize as the sole source of dietary protein and fat for rapidly growing young children

Tersztyanszky, G., 1987:
Quality-testing devices for pregnancy diagnosis

Damen, P.M.M., 1989:
Quality. Damaged fruits occur much too often

Janse, J., 1990:
Quality. Flavour research still professionally conducted

Grimbergen, L., 1989:
Quality: that little extra

Ellis, R.H.; Hong, T.D.; Roberts, E.H., 1989:
Quantal response of seed germination in seven genera of Cruciferae to white light of varying photon flux density and photoperiod

Nakayama, A.; Ikura, K.; Katsuura, K.; Hashimoto, S.; Nakata, A., 1989:
Quantatitive structure-activity relationships, conformational analyses and computer graphics study of triflumizole analogs, fungicidal N-(1-imidazol-1-ylalkylidene)anilines

Wang, T.L.; Horgan, R., 1986:
Quantative analysis of plant hormones

Geng S.; H.B.; Bassett D.M., 1990:
Quantification and classification of locational effects on cotton cultivar testing programs

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Quantification of Eucalyptus grandis crown biomass using dendrometric parameters

Arias, A.R. de; Ferro, E.A., 1988:
Quantification of Trypanosoma cruzi parasitaemia by direct micromethod

Morris, C.D.; Clanton, K.B., 1988:
Quantification of a nuisance mosquito problem in Florida

Chroust, L.; Tesarova, J., 1985:
Quantification of above-ground components of 20 year old Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karsten)

Sutherland, R.A., 1989:
Quantification of accelerated soil erosion using the environmental tracer caesium-137

Halangk W.; Troeger U.; Bohnensack R., 1990:
Quantification of aerobic energy turnover in epididymal bull spermatozoa

Steinke, W.E.; Yates, W.E., 1989:
Quantification of aerosol dispersion from a pesticide application

Adema, E.H., 1987:
Quantification of air pollutants in Europe and its importance to vegetation

Noordwijk, M. van; Brouwer, G., 1988:
Quantification of air-filled root porosity: a comparison of two methods

Noordwijk, M. van; Brouwer, G., 1989:
Quantification of air-filled root porosity: a comparison of two methods

Heyermann, H., 1988:
Quantification of antigen-specific immunoglobulin G subisotypes in the bovine - a commentary

Sturgeon, R.E.; Siu, K.W.M.; Willie, S.N.; Berman, S.S., 1989:
Quantification of arsenic species in a river water reference material for trace metals by graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometric techniques

Salon, C.; Raymond, P.; Pradet, A., 1988:
Quantification of carbon fluxes through the tricarboxylic acid cycle in early germinating lettuce embryos

Miller, L.A.; White, P.J., 1988:
Quantification of carbonyl compounds in oxidized low-linolenate, high-stearate and common soybean oils

Hollar, C.M.; Brown, R.J.; Medrano, J.F., 1990:
Quantification of casein genetic variants by RP-HPLC, PAGE, and amino acid analysis

Hirata, M.; Sugimoto, Y.; Ueno, M., 1990:
Quantification of cattle dung-related processes in Bahiagrass pasture

Eyre M.D.; Rushton S.P., 1989:
Quantification of conservation criteria using invertebrates

McGarry, D., 1987:
Quantification of cultivation effects on the soil structure of a Vertisol

Letham, D.S.; Santokh Singh, 1989:
Quantification of cytokinin O-glucosides by negative mass spectrometry

Barnes, K.E.; Hodkinson, H.M., 1988:
Quantification of dietary intake in long-stay geriatric patients: do we need seven days observation?

Weisz, P.R.; Sinclair, T.R., 1989:
Quantification of diffusion characteristics in spherical nodules: a comparison of methods

Kumar, A.; Hazra, C.R., 1989:
Quantification of direct and indirect influence of soil management practices on seedling emergence of cluster bean (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba) under dryland condition

Padgett G.B.; Nutter F.W.Jr; Kuhn C.W.; All J.N., 1990:
Quantification of disease resistance that reduces the rate of tobacco etch virus epidemics in bell pepper

Strauss, M.S.; Pino, J.A.; Cohen, J.I., 1988:
Quantification of diversity in ex-situ plant collections

Boughedaoui, L., 1987:
Quantification of ectomycorrhizal infection by measurement of the fungal chitin

Felix Henningsen, P., 1987:
Quantification of element removal from kaolinitic saprolite horizons (white weathering) of the Rhine slate uplands

Maca, E., 1989:
Quantification of factors influencing the variation in farm profits

Murray M.B.; Cape J.N.; Fowler D., 1989:
Quantification of frost damage in plant tissues by rates of electrolyte leakage

Osswald W.F.; Elstner E.F., 1989:
Quantification of fungal infection in spruce needles from different sources

Pelle, E.; Enyedi, S.; Mucsi, I.; Borsi, J., 1988:
Quantification of grass intake of grazing ewes and some data for the utilization of permanent grasslands

Bouhoum, K.; Schwartzbrod, J., 1989:
Quantification of helminth eggs in waste water

Fujino, D.W.; Nissen, S.J.; Jones, A.D.; Burger, D.W.; Bradford, K.J., 1988:
Quantification of Indole-3-Acetic Acid in Dark-Grown Seedlings of the Diageotropica and Epinastic Mutants of Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.)

Herman, Ra, 1989:
Quantification of insect-induced foliage damage using a high-capacity laboratory bioassay

Firko, M.J.; Hayes, J.L., 1990:
Quantification of larval resistance to cypermethrin in tobacco budworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) and the effects of larval weight

Poggiani, F.; Zamberlan, E.; Monteiro Junior, E.M.; Gava, I.C., 1987:
Quantification of leaf fall in experimental stands of Pinus taeda, Eucalyptus viminalis and Mimosa scabrella planted in an area degraded by mining shade oil deposits

Ros Barcelo, A., 1987:
Quantification of lupin peroxidase isoenzymes by densitometry

Sharma K.N.S.; Patel R.K., 1988:
Quantification of management input in milk production

Stutte G.W., 1989 :
Quantification of net enzymatic activity in developing peach fruit using computer video image analysis

Fenn M.E.; Coffey M.D., 1989:
Quantification of phosphonate and ethyl phosphonate in tobacco and tomato tissues and significance for the mode of action of two phosphonate fungicides

Aguilera Tejero E.; Mayer Valor R.; Gomez Cardenas G., 1988:
Quantification of plasma bile acids in the dog with a direct spectrophotometric method

Pollet, M.; Desender, K., 1988:
Quantification of prey uptake in pasture inhabiting carabid beetles

Reis, E.M., 1988:
Quantification of propagules of Gibberella zeae in the air by means of spore traps

Ram, R.C.; Tomar, S.S., 1989:
Quantification of replacement rate of components in Murrah buffaloes

Bowmaker, J.E.; Gous, R.M., 1989:
Quantification of reproductive changes and nutrient requirements of broiler breeder pullets at sexual maturity

Bouchard, J.; Leger, S.; Chornet, E., 1986:
Quantification of residual polymeric families present in thermo-mechanical and chemically pretreated lignocellulosics via thermal analysis

Bui E.N.; Mermut A.R., 1989:
Quantification of soil calcium carbonates by staining and image analysis

Kuntze, H.; Beinhauer, R.; Tetzlaff, G., 1989:
Quantification of soil erosion by wind

Wosten, J.H.M., 1990:
Quantification of soil hydraulic variability to allow accuracy estimation of model output

Luettich M., 1987:
Quantification of soil organic matter mineralization using fractions with different decomposition rates

Guichard E., 1988:
Quantification of some volatile aromatic compounds of apricot by adding standards

Boddey, R.M.; Urquiaga, S.; Neves, M.C.P.; Suhet, A.R.; Peres, J.R., 1990:
Quantification of the contribution of N2 fixation to field-grown grain legumes-a strategy for the practical application of the 15N isotope dilution technique

Marois, J.; Redmond, J.; Macdonald, J., 1988:
Quantification of the impact of environment on the susceptibility of Rosa hybrida flowers to Botrytis cinerea

Tabara, V.; Borcean, I.; Fazecas, I.; Sampalean, D.; Aungurence, N.; Lazar, S.; Indrie, L., 1987:
Quantification of the influence of soil conditions and sowing density on seed and oil yields in oilseed flax cv. Midin

Nef, L., 1989:
Quantification of the intensity of attacks by Ips typographus L. on Picea abies Karst

Lovegrove, J.A.; Hampton, S.M.; Morgan, J.B.; Marks, V., 1989:
Quantification of total IgG levels against alpha -casein in human serum samples

Wians, F.H.J.; Jenkins, G.L.; Staples, N.; Heald, J.I., 1988:
Quantification of urinary albumin and globulin by the sulfosalicylic acid/trichloroacetic acid and Du-Pont aca III analyzer turbidimetric total protein methods

Schafer, W.; Neemann, W.; Kuntze, H., 1989:
Quantification of wind erosion - field measurements

Neemann, W.; Schafer, W.; Kuntze, H., 1989:
Quantification of wind erosion - wind tunnel measurements

Eidman, V.R., 1989:
Quantifying and managing risk in agriculture

Reid, J.F.; Hansen, A.C.; Goering, C.E., 1989:
Quantifying diesel injector coking with computer vision

Dintenfass, L.P.; Brown, G.C., 1988:
Quantifying effects of clover root curculio (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) larval feeding on biomass and root reserves of alfalfa

Farrar R.R.Jr; Barbour J.D.; Kennedy G.G., 1989:
Quantifying food consumption and growth in insects

Lewis, V.S., 1986:
Quantifying forest stands using Landsat: an initial exploration

Powlson, D.S.; Jenkinson, D.S., 1990:
Quantifying inputs of non-fertiliser nitrogen into an agro-ecosystem

Gutschick, V.P., 1987:
Quantifying limits to photosynthesis

McQuillan, A.G.; Johnson True, C., 1988:
Quantifying marketplace characteristics for use in timber stumpage appraisal

Schreier, H.; Wiart, R.; Smith, S., 1988:
Quantifying organic matter degradation in agricultural fields using PC-based image analysis

Tarr, D., 1990:
Quantifying second best effects in grossly distorted markets: the case of the butter market in Poland

Rauhe, K.; Kubiaczyk, G.; Hulsbergen, K.J., 1988:
Quantifying the balanced flow of materials in the system soil/crop/animal/soil

Turland, J., 1990:
Quantifying the effects of changing log prices on land values for forest valuations

Harris, G.; Hesterman, O., 1990:
Quantifying the nitrogen contribution from alfalfa to soil and two succeeding crops using nitrogen-15

Wirtz, H.P., 1988:
Quantitating histamine in the saliva and salivary glands of two Palaearctic blackfly species (Diptera: Simuliidae)

Brasileiro Filho G.; Guimaraes R.C.; Pittella J.E.H., 1989:
Quantitation and karyometry of cerebral neuroglia and endothelial cells in liver cirrhosis and in the hepatosplenic schistosomiasis mansoni

Bhan, M.K.; Raj, P.; Khoshoo, V.; Bhandari, N.; Sazawal, S.; Kumar, R.; Srivastava, R.; Arora, N.K., 1989:
Quantitation and properties of fecal and upper small intestinal aerobic microflora in infants and young children with persistent diarrhea

Das, M.K.; Dash, A.P.; Ravindran, B.; Pattnaik, N.M.; Subramanyam, V.R., 1988:
Quantitation of antibodies to infective larvae in Wuchereria bancrofti filariasis

Vaughan, J.A.; Wirtz, R.A.; do Rosario, V.E.; Azad, A.F., 1990:
Quantitation of antisporozoite immunoglobulins in the hemolymph of Anopheles stephensi after bloodfeeding

Williams D.J.L.; Newson J.; Naessens J., 1990:
Quantitation of bovine immunoglobulin isotypes and allotypes using monoclonal antibodies

Alston Mills B.; Penny B.; Shankarappa B.; Douglass L.W., 1989:
Quantitation of calmodulin in the mammary gland of the lactating sow

Gendloff, E.; Bowen, B.B.chholz, W., 1990:
Quantitation of chloramphenicol acetyl transferase in transgenic tobacco plants by ELISA and correlation with gene copy number

Oden, P.C.; Heide, O.M., 1989:
Quantitation of gibberellins and indoleacetic acid in Begonia leaves: relationship with environment, regeneration and flowering

Legner, E.F., 1988:
Quantitation of heterotic behavior in parasitic Hymenoptera

Bialek, K.; Cohen, J.D., 1989:
Quantitation of indoleacetic Acid conjugates in bean seeds by direct tissue hydrolysis

Boland, C.R.; Roberts, J.A., 1988:
Quantitation of lectin binding sites in human colon mucins by use of peanut and wheat germ agglutinins

Wang, A.M.; Doyle, M.V.; Mark, D.F., 1989:
Quantitation of mRNA by the polymerase chain reaction

Larew, L.A., 1989:
Quantitation of maltooligosaccharides and determination of glucoamylase activity using pulsed amperometric detection for glucose

Hogle, D.M.; Smith, R.S.; Curtiss, L.K., 1988:
Quantitation of plasma apolipoprotein A-I using two monoclonal antibodies in an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay

Yasumoto, K.; Sudo, M.; Suzuki, T., 1990:
Quantitation of soya protein by enzyme linked immunosorbent assay of its characteristic peptide

Fujisaki, K.; Kamio, T.; Kitaoka, S.; Morii, T., 1987:
Quantitation of the blood meal ingested by Culicoides arakawae (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae)

Parzy, D.; Raphenon, G.; Martet, G.; Nicolas, P.; Touze, J.E.; Baudon, D.; Lecamus, J.L., 1990:
Quantitative Buffy Coat test (WBC test) - Monofluo kit-Falciparum. Comparative efficacy for the rapid diagnosis of malaria

Hartauer, K.J.; Guillory, J.K., 1989:
Quantitative Fourier transform-infrared/attenuated total reflectance (FT-IR/ATR) analysis of trimethoprim and sulfamethoxazole in a pharmaceutical formulation using partial least squares

Morales G.G.A.; Pino de Morales, L.A., 1987:
Quantitative Parasitology

Young, D.B., 1988:
Quantitative analysis of aldosterone's role in potassium regulation

Novotna, I., 1988:
Quantitative analysis of capitulum quality in China asters (Callistephus chinensis Nees) for breeding purposes

Cho, D.S.; Jong, S.K.; Heo, H.; Yuk, C.S., 1990:
Quantitative analysis of dry matter production and its partition in rice. I. Leaf development as affected by transplanting date

Cho, D.S.; Jong, S.K.; Heo, H.; Yuk, C.S., 1990:
Quantitative analysis of dry matter production and its partition in rice. II. Partitioning of dry matter affected by transplanting date

Kobayashi M.; Sakurai A.; Saka H.; Takahashi N., 1989:
Quantitative analysis of endogenous gibberellins in normal and dwarf cultivars of rice

Raby, E.; Ramirez, R.; Perez, M., 1988:
Quantitative analysis of factors in maternal biology and pregnancy affecting birthweight in Region VIII, Chile

Liu, J.H., 1988:
Quantitative analysis of fenvalerate in postmortem tissues by gas chromatography

Wu, M.C.; Xiong, S.Z.; Yuan, J.H.; Zhou, Y.M.; Mu, T.M., 1988:
Quantitative analysis of glucosinolates in rapeseed by gas chromatography and high performance liquid chromatography

Alvarez, M.; Kusumoto, I.T., 1987:
Quantitative analysis of glycosidic sweeteners from Stevia rebaudiana and their hydrolysis products by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)

Shrestha, S., 1988:
Quantitative analysis of matured plants of introduced wheat cultivars of Nepal

Smith, S.R.; Brown, R.H.; Chubb, L.W.; Hadley, P., 1988:
Quantitative analysis of nitrate-nitrogen in agricultural materials and water by the 'Heli-flow' technique

Deswysen, A.G.; Dutilleul, P.A.; Ellis, W.C., 1989:
Quantitative analysis of nycterohemeral eating and ruminating patterns in heifers with different voluntary intakes and effects of monensin

Fabre Nys, C.J.; Venier, G., 1989:
Quantitative analysis of oestrous behaviour through the breeding season in two breeds of sheep

Ouimette, D.; Coffey, M., 1988 :
Quantitative analysis of organic phosphonates, phosphonate, and other inorganic anions in plants and soil by using high-performance ion chromatography

Gacek, E.; Czembor, H.J., 1988:
Quantitative analysis of population structure in powdery mildew of barley (Erysiphe graminis f.sp. hordei)

Van Den Brom W.E.; Clercx C.; Van Toor A.J.; D.V.ies H.W., 1989:
Quantitative analysis of radioaerosol inhalation and perfusion scintigraphy in dogs

Wallace, T.P.; El-Zik, K.M., 1990:
Quantitative analysis of resistance in cotton to three new isolates of the bacterial blight pathogen

Dawson, J.; Djamgoz, M.B., 1988:
Quantitative analysis of resting membrane electrogenesis in insect (diptera) skeletal muscle. I. Intracellular K+, Na+ and Cl- activities, measured using liquid ion-exchanger and neutral ion-carrier microelectrodes

Hagstrum, D.W.; Milliken, G.A., 1988:
Quantitative analysis of temperature, moisture, and diet factors affecting insect development

Kazakevich, G.D.; Dzhavakhia, V.G., 1989:
Quantitative analysis of the DNA content in nuclei of Pyricularia oryzae Cav. at different periods of the cell cycle

Alekseev, A.S.; Lairand, N.I.; Leplinskii, Y.I., 1988:
Quantitative analysis of the effect of atmospheric pollution on tree stands based on indices of radial increment

Shaw, M.L.; Lancaster, J.E.; Lane, G.A., 1989:
Quantitative analysis of the major gamma glutamyl peptides in onion bulbs (Allium cepa)

Li, Z.Z.; Zhao, S.L., 1990:
Quantitative analysis of the reaction of crops to salinity in the Hexi Corridor, Gansu province

Sanchez Sierra, G.; Umana Quesada, A., 1984:
Quantitative analysis of the role of biomass within energy consumption in Latin America

Maas, C.; Werr, W., 1988:
Quantitative analysis of the sucrose synthase gene promoter by transient gene expression in protoplasts

Kitano, M.; Eguchi, H., 1989:
Quantitative analysis of transpiration stream dynamics in an intact cucumber stem by a heat flux control method

Forst, C.; Stieglitz, L.; Roth, W.; Kuhnmunch, S., 1989:
Quantitative analysis of volatile organic compounds in landfill leachates

Hall, J.S., 1990:
Quantitative and mechanistic evaluations of the characteristics of oils to prevent deterioration of seeds in storage

Mamba, K.; Taniguchi, K.; Kagabu, S.; Makita, T., 1989:
Quantitative and morphological studies on the influence of zinc deficiency on the liver of pregnant rats

Sangeetha, H.G.; Reddy, A.R., 1988:
Quantitative and qualitative analysis of amylolytic enzymes of etched mutant

Jalal, D.S., 1989:
Quantitative and qualitative analysis of food systems in Kumaun, Himalaya

Pavesic Popovic, J.; Kolarski, D.; Tancic, N., 1989:
Quantitative and qualitative changes of the Chrysopogonetum grylli community under the long term NPK fertilization

Tanasichuk, RW.; Mackay, WC., 1989 :
Quantitative and qualitative characteristics of somatic and gonadal growth of yellow perch (Perca flavescens) from Lac Ste. Anne, Alberta

Hess, R.A., 1990:
Quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the stages and transitions in the cycle of the rat seminiferous epithelium: light microscopic observations of perfusion-fixed and plastic-embedded testes

Rinno, G.; Ebert, K.; Henniger, E., 1989:
Quantitative and qualitative composition of slurry solids from pig units without straw bedding

Wertheimer, T., 1989:
Quantitative and qualitative evaluation of abdominal fat in broiler chickens in relation to varying levels of dietary crude protein

Becker, W.A.P.; Moraes, G.V.; Pinheiro, L.E.L.; Rodrigues, C.F.M.; Carvalho, C., 1988:
Quantitative and qualitative evaluation of embryo transfer in cattle. 2. Hormonal effects

Preinberg, G.A.; Tirmanis, I.Y.; Turka, L.K., 1989:
Quantitative and qualitative evaluation of isolated oocytes in cows

Dhawan, A.K.; Simwat, G.S.; Sidhu, A.S.; Madan, V.K., 1987:
Quantitative and qualitative losses in cotton due to pink bollworm

Wheeler, S.J., 1990:
Quantitative and qualitative morphology of equine peripheral nerve: teased fibre studies

Oldham, E.R.; Daley, M.J.; Angelo, D.A.D.; Riddle, S.R.; Williams, T.J., 1989:
Quantitative and qualitative properties of bovine polymorphonuclear neutrophils during Staphylococcus aureus infection

Aleksic, Z.; Knezevic, M., 1989:
Quantitative and qualitative relationships of acid and neutral mucins in the gastric mucosa of pigs

Schulz, J.; Koch, F., 1989:
Quantitative and qualitative response of the cell content of milk from cows after whole-body X-irradiation

Petters H.I.; Flannigan B.; Austin B., 1988:
Quantitative and qualitative studies of the microflora of barley malt production

Kr"stanov, K.N.; Belyakov, P., 1987:
Quantitative and technical maturity of beech stands of coppice origin at normal density

Cunningham, E.P., 1990:
Quantitative approaches to animal improvement

Obara, Y.; Shimbayashi, K., 1988:
Quantitative aspects of appearance of re-cycled urea in the digestive tract of goats

Mook, B., 1989:
Quantitative aspects of recruitment planning for national agricultural research: a methodological note

Coppens d' Eeckenbrugge, G., 1988:
Quantitative aspects of self incompatibility in chicory (Cichorium intybus L.). 3. Relationship between self fertility and average daily temperature

Maddocks, R.; Paulus, H.F., 1987:
Quantitative aspects of the breeding biology of Osmia rufa and O. cornuta: a comparative study of competition-reducing mechanisms in two closely related bee species

Klimes, F., 1989:
Quantitative aspects of the productive-coenological balance of grassland

Magarey, Rc, 1989:
Quantitative assay of Pachymetra chaunorhiza, a root pathogen of sugarcane in Australia

Lomeli, H.; Tyagi, S.; Pritchard, C.G.; Lizardi, P.M.; Kramer, F.R., 1989:
Quantitative assays based on the use of replicatable hybridization probes

Wong, M.S.; Bundy, D.A.P., 1990:
Quantitative assessment of contamination of soil by the eggs of Ascaris lumbricoides and Trichuris trichiura

Wong, M.S.; Bundy, D.A.P.; Golden, M.H.N., 1988:
Quantitative assessment of geophagous behaviour as a potential source of exposure to geohelminth infection

Hensel, B.R.; Griffin, R.A.; Berg, R.C., 1988:
Quantitative assessment of potential for groundwater contamination from municipal landfill leachate in Illinois

Schouest, L.P.J.; Miller, T.A.; Olsen, R.W., 1988:
Quantitative autoradiography of GABA receptors in locust (Schistocerca americana) brain

Selbitz, H.J.; Meyer, H.; Steinbach, G., 1988:
Quantitative bacteriological studies in experimentally infected laboratory animals. 5. The spleen mass test as a complementary method for analysis of pathogen-host relationship in experimental Salmonella dublin infections

Gunther, P.; Rahman, A.; Pestemer, W., 1989:
Quantitative bioassays for determining residues and availability to plants of sulphonylurea herbicides

Nelson O.E., 1990:
Quantitative changes in maize loci induced by transposable elements

Wong, M.K.; Dimick, P.S., 1989:
Quantitative changes in polyphenol oxidase and protein during Theobroma cacao seed development

Borkar, S.G.; Verma, J.P., 1988:
Quantitative changes in protein and free amino acid during interaction between cotton and Xanthomonas campestris pv. malvacearum

Makusova, Z.; Zima, J., 1988:
Quantitative changes in the anatomical characteristics of leaves of Alopecurus pratensis L. and Phleum pratense L. at different rates of mineral fertilizers

Ivanov P.V.; Zlatanova J.S., 1989:
Quantitative changes in the histone content of the cytoplasm and the nucleus of germinating maize embryo cells

Rao, V.K.; Reddy, A.G.R.; Satyanarayana, K., 1987:
Quantitative changes in the rhizosphere microflora of wilt resistant and susceptible varieties of pigeonpea

Neena ; Singh, J.P., 1985:
Quantitative changes in the total proteins during the post-embryonic development of Apis cerana indica (Hymenoptera: Apidae)

Hu, P., 1989:
Quantitative changes of stomata in cotton leaves of the main stem and their relationship with drought tolerance

Natrova, Z., 1989:
Quantitative characteristics of spike morphogenesis in selected winter wheat varieties

Valetov, V.V., 1988:
Quantitative characteristics of the bioproductivity of protected mires of different trophic levels in Berezinskii Biosphere Reserve

Dougherty, E.M.; Reichelderfer, C.F.; Foehner, A.L.; Hickman, C., 1989:
Quantitative characterization of a viremia produced by the granulosis virus infection of the cabbage looper Trichoplusia ni (Lep.: Noctuidae)

Kubas' V.G.; Danilova O.P.; Nikiforova N.A., 1987:
Quantitative characterization of nitro blue tetrazolium reduction by neutrophils in experimental systemic candidiasis

Brown, C.R.; Mojtahedi, H.; Santo, G.S., 1988:
Quantitative characterization of resistance to Columbia root-knot nematode in Solanum bulbocastanum

Calfee, G.E.; Spike, P.W., 1989:
Quantitative charactization of total lactation production

Horn, K.; Schnieder, T.; Stoye, M., 1990:
Quantitative comparison of various methods of detecting eggs of Toxocara canis in samples of sand

Szaloki, S., 1988:
Quantitative correlations between water supply, yield, evapotranspiration and water utilization

Alekseeva, E.N.; Novikova, M.V., 1988:
Quantitative criteria for characterizing the response of winter wheat plants to winter thaws

Elliott, NC.; Lance, DR.; Hanson, SL., 1990:
Quantitative description of the influence of fluctuating temperatures on the reproductive biology and survival of the western corn rootworm, Diabrotica virgifera virgifera LeConte (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)

Cenini, P.; Reeves, A.M.; Neal, R.A., 1989:
Quantitative determination of Leishmania amastigotes - an addendum

Neeru Singh; Pandey, N.D., 1987:
Quantitative determination of alkaline phosphatase in different tissues of red cotton bug, Dysdercus koenigii Fabr

Nguen Kim Kan; Nikolova, I.G.; Nikolaeva, L.A., 1989 :
Quantitative determination of alkaloids in the root bark of some Rauwolfia L. species by thin layer chromatography

Sagara, K.; Ojima, M.; Suto, K.; Yoshida, T., 1989:
Quantitative determination of allantoin in Dioscorea rhizome and an Oriental pharmaceutical preparation, hachimi-gan, by high-performance liquid chromatography

Koch, K.R., 1990:
Quantitative determination of aluminium in tea by means of aluminium-27 nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy

Steeg, E.; Montag, A., 1988:
Quantitative determination of aromatic carboxylic acids in honey

Schneider, B.H.; Ermel, K., 1987:
Quantitative determination of azadirachtin from neem seeds using high performance liquid chromatography

Kura Hotta M.; Hashimoto H.; Satoh K.; Katoh S., 1990:
Quantitative determination of changes in the number and size of chloroplasts in naturally senescing leaves of rice seedlings

Deelder, A.M.; D.J.nge, N.; Fillié, Y.E.; Kornelis, D.; Helaha, D.; Qian, Z.L.; D.C.luwé, P.; Polderman, A.M., 1989:
Quantitative determination of circulating antigens in human schistosomiasis mansoni using an indirect hemagglutination assay

Shephard, G.S.; Sydenham, E.W.; Thiel, P.G.; Gelderblom, W.C.A., 1990:
Quantitative determination of fumonisins B1 and B2 by high-performance liquid chromatography with fluorescence detection

Campbell, R.A.; Kastl, P.E.; Kropscott, B.E.; Bartels, M.J., 1989:
Quantitative determination of haloxyfop in human urine by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry

Lewis, E.N.; Kalasinsky, V.F.; Levin, I.W., 1988:
Quantitative determination of impurities in polyene antibiotics: Fourier transform Raman spectra of nystatin, amphotericin A, and amphotericin B

Oppel, K.; Bardos, L.; Pusztai, A., 1988:
Quantitative determination of serum total protein, albumin and IgG concentrations in rabbit

Takahashi M.Y.; Yabiku H.Y.; Marsiglia D.A.P., 1988:
Quantitative determination of synthetic dyes in foods

Zarkadas C.G.; Karatzas C.N.; Khalili A.D.; Khanizadeh S.; Morin G., 1988:
Quantitative determination of the myofibrillar proteins and connective tissue content in selected porcine skeletal muscles

Tankhaeva, L.M.; Nikolaeva, G.G.; Ratnikova, G.V., 1989:
Quantitative determination of total gamma -pyrones in the aerial parts of Gentianopsis barbata (Froel.) Ma

Borovsky, D.; Schlein, Y., 1988:
Quantitative determination of trypsinlike and chymotrypsinlike enzymes in insects

Ross G.J.; Schuppli P.A.; Wang C., 1989:
Quantitative determination of vermiculite by a rubidium fixation method

Lillehoj, H.S.; Kim, S.; Lillehoj, E.P.; Bacon, L.D., 1988:
Quantitative differences in Ia antigen expression in the spleens of 15I5-B congenic and inbred chickens as defined by a new monoclonal antibody

Yuan, C.F., 1989:
Quantitative distribution of Frankia on Hippophae rhamnoides and effectiveness of artificial inoculation in different soils of Shanxi province

Venkateswarlu, B.; Rao, A.V., 1987:
Quantitative effects of field water deficits on N2 (C2H2) fixation in selected legumes grown in the Indian desert

Tang, L.H., 1990:
Quantitative epidemiological investigation on social, economic and geographic factors contributing to falciparum malaria in southern Henan province

Castro, C.D.vis, Jr; Wiese, Mv, 1988:
Quantitative estimation of Rhizoctonia solani AG-3 in soil

Bovenzi, M.; Zadini, A., 1989:
Quantitative estimation of aesthesiometric thresholds for assessing impaired tactile sensation in workers exposed to vibration

Kimura, M.; Watanabe, I.; Patcharapreecha, P.; Panichsakpatana, S.; Wada, H.; Takai, Y., 1990:
Quantitative estimation of decomposition process of plant debris in paddy field. II. Amounts and C/N ratios of plant debris in tropical paddy soils

Balschukat, D.; Kress, E., 1988:
Quantitative estimation of formic acid and calcium formate in mixed feeds using HPLC

Balschukat, D.; Kress, E.; Tanner, H., 1988:
Quantitative estimation of methionine and its hydroxy analogues in mixed feeds

Chelly, J.; Montarras, D.; Pinset, C.; Berwald Netter, Y.; Kaplan, J.C.; Kahn, A., 1990:
Quantitative estimation of minor mRNAs by cDNA-polymerase chain reaction. Application to dystrophin mRNA in cultured myogenic and brain cells

Kozhemyakov, A.P., 1988:
Quantitative estimation of nitrogen fixation by barley associative bacteria using tracer technique

Isaksson, A.; Arnarp, L., 1988:
Quantitative estimation of residual milk in bovine udders - a methodological study

Bhardwaj, K.R., 1988 :
Quantitative estimation of rutin in Rauvolfia serpentina Benth. ex Kurz

Blagodatskii, S.A.; Panikov, N.S., 1989:
Quantitative estimation of the biological immobilization of nitrogen in soil microorganisms

Mamedov, A.A., 1988:
Quantitative estimation of the effectiveness of natural enemies of the cotton bollworm Heliothis armigera Hb. (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae)

Valle, H.F. del, 1988:
Quantitative evaluation of a soil survey in the semiarid region of northeastern Patagonia (Chubut)

Ramirez-Cordova, J.d.J.; Ramirez-Romo, S.; Mora-Galindo, J., 1990:
Quantitative evaluation of intracellular degradation in Entamoeba invadens

Bannink, M.H.; Hendrickx, J.M.H.; Bles, B.J., 1988:
Quantitative evaluation of large areas in respect of vulnerability to moisture deficit

Ohsawa, J.; Nakato, K., 1986:
Quantitative evaluation of micro-pores in hinoki (Chamaecyparis obtusa Endl.) by nitrogen adsorption

Glazunova, Z.I.; Filippov, A.M.; Goronenkova, O.N., 1988:
Quantitative evaluation of parasitaemia in tropical malaria

Sukhacheva, G.A.; Kharitonov, A.Y.; Perevozchikova, T.Y., 1988:
Quantitative evaluation of the food assimilation of dragonflies

Euteneuer, T.; Steubing, L.; Debus, R., 1988:
Quantitative evaluation of the morphology of the epicuticular waxes of Picea abies

Fernandez-Garayzabal, J.G.nigeorgis, C., 1990:
Quantitative evaluation of three selective enrichment broths and agars used in recovering Listeria microorganisms

Pinet, B., 1988:
Quantitative evolution of nutritional consumption

Hermoso de Mendoza, A.; Moreno, P., 1989:
Quantitative exchanges in the aphid fauna of citrus in Valencia

Chassain, C.; Clement, P.; Chasse, J.L.; Fouillet, P.; Bouletreau, M., 1988:
Quantitative features of displacement by Trichogramma females

Ameen, V.Z.; Powell, G.K., 1989:
Quantitative fecal carbohydrate excretion in premature infants

Tham, K.C.; Wan Azman, W.I.; Harun, K.; Kadmin, B., 1989:
Quantitative field evaluation of Malaysian-made formaldehyde treated granular urea for Nicotiana tabacum L. using 15N isotope aided technique

Christensen T.M.I.E.; Munksgaard L., 1989:
Quantitative fractionation of casein by precipitation or ion exchange chromatography

Geoffroy, J.J.; Celerier, M.L.; Garay, I.; Rherissi, S.; Blandin, P., 1987:
Quantitative functional approach to the transformation of organic matter by saprophagous macroarthropods (Isopoda and Diplopoda) of a forest soil with moder humus. Experimental procedures and preliminary results

Debnath S.C.; Sarkar K.R., 1989:
Quantitative genetic analysis of grain yield and some other agronomic traits in maize

Tabashnik, B.E.; Cushing, N.L., 1989 :
Quantitative genetic analysis of insecticide resistance: variation in fenvalerate tolerance in a diamondback moth (Lepiodoptera: Plutellidae) population

Jiang C J.; Cockerham C.C., 1990:
Quantitative genetic components within restricted populations

Gabriel, W., 1988:
Quantitative genetic models for parthenogenetic species

Keightley, P.D.; Hill, W.G., 1989:
Quantitative genetic variability maintained by mutation-stabilizing selection balance: sampling variation and response to subsequent directional selection

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Quantitative genetics and corn breeding in Brazil

Lande, R., 1988:
Quantitative genetics and evolutionary theory

Schnell, F.W., 1988:
Quantitative genetics in crop improvement

Buijtenen, J.P. van, 1988:
Quantitative genetics in forestry

D.Jong G., 1990:
Quantitative genetics of reaction norms

Barker, J.S.F., 1988:
Quantitative genetics, ecology, and evolution

Stam, P., 1989:
Quantitative genetics: a valuable tool, but easily disrupted

Rothuizen, J.; van den Brom, W.E., 1990:
Quantitative hepatobiliary scintigraphy as a measure of bile flow in dogs with cholestatic disease

Tonk V.S.; Chowdhary J.B.; Singh M., 1989:
Quantitative inheritance of spike traits in bread wheat

Petr, J.; Zetová, L.; Fulka, J.; Jílek, F., 1989:
Quantitative inhibitory influence of porcine cumulus cells upon the maturation of pig and cattle oocytes in vitro

Hergouth, S., 1988:
Quantitative input/output approach to feed formulation for broilers Jata

Brockmeyer, V.; Schmid, R.; Westheide, W., 1990:
Quantitative investigations of the food of two terrestrial enchytraeid species (Oligochaeta)

Fukui K.; Kakeda K., 1990:
Quantitative karyotyping of barley chromosomes by image analysis methods

Platonova, T.K.; Patchepsky, Y.A., 1988:
Quantitative laws of ion exchange in soils. Note 2. Effect of composition on soil hardness

Borlongan, IG.; Benitez, LV., 1990:
Quantitative lysine requirement of milkfish (Chanos chanos) juveniles

Sidhu, D.S.; Rani, M.; Sodhi, S.K., 1988:
Quantitative measure of FAA-pool during embryogenesis of Mylabris pustulata Thunb

Eyers, M.; Waelkens, F.; Vanderleyden, J.; Gool, A.P. van, 1988:
Quantitative measurement of Azospirillum plant cell attachment

Rerat, A.; Vaissade, P.; Vaugelade, P., 1988:
Quantitative measurement of endogenous amino acid absorption in unanaesthetized pigs

Krevsky, B.; Somers, M.B.; Maurer, A.H.; Malmud, L.S.; Knight, L.C.; Fisher, R.S., 1988:
Quantitative measurement of feline colonic transit

Hartmann, K.; Duelli, P., 1988:
Quantitative measurement of the production of adult aphidophages per unit area in a seminatural biotope

Kirk, H.D.; Nolan, R.J., 1988:
Quantitative measurement of water consumption patterns in lactating female and neonatal Fischer 344 rats employing [14C]methylcellulose

Revis, N.W.; Osborne, T.R.; Sedgley, D.; King, A., 1989:
Quantitative method for determining the concentration of mercury (II) sulphide in soils and sediments

Ratzlaff M.H., 1989:
Quantitative methods for the analysis of equine locomotion and their applications to other species

Little, C.B.; Hilbert, B.J.; Wickstrom, S.; Hedlund, B.E., 1990:
Quantitative microanalysis of equine synovial fluid glycosaminoglycan concentration

Bruand, A.; Prost, R., 1988:
Quantitative mineralogical analysis of a soil sample: utilization of data on chemical composition of the sample

McCall, P.J., 1989:
Quantitative modelling of the effects of physical and chemical parameters on the foliar penetration of pesticides and its potential for predicting field behaviour

Focks, D.A., 1988 :
Quantitative models of arbovirus infection

Magomedmirzaev, M.M., 1987:
Quantitative morphogenesis and yield structure in leguminous fodder crops

Panciera, D.L.; Atkins, C.E.; Bosu, W.T.; MacEwen, E.G., 1990:
Quantitative morphologic study of the pituitary and thyroid glands of dogs administered L-thyroxine

Abdel-Magied, E.M., 1988:
Quantitative morphological studies on the carotid body of the domestic fowl

Ghosh, S.; Roy, R.B., 1988:
Quantitative near-infrared analysis of reducing sugar from the surface of cotton

Godshalk, C.P.; Kneller, S.K.; Badertscher, R.R.; Essex-Sorlie, D., 1990:
Quantitative noninvasive assessment of liver size in clinically normal dogs

Wakita, M.; Hoshino, S., 1989:
Quantitative observation of starch accumulation and degradation by rumen ciliates, genus Entodinium in vitro and in vivo

Garza F.J.D.; Owens, F.N., 1989:
Quantitative origin of ruminal liquid with various diets and feed intakes

Dobriyanov, D.; Tsocheva, K.; Dr"ndarski, I., 1988:
Quantitative parameters of chromosomes at the different stages of ontogenesis of domestic fowls

Babitskii, A.F.; Badichko, I.M., 1988:
Quantitative parameters of the flag leaf and leaf above the ear in inbred lines and a hybrid of maize

Graham A.R.; Sobonya R.E.; Bronnimann D.A.; Galgiani J.N., 1988:
Quantitative pathology of coccidioidomycosis in acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

Gill D.S.; Mahall B.E., 1986:
Quantitative phenology and water relations of an evergreen and a deciduous chaparral shrub

Breene, R.G.; Sterling, W.L., 1988:
Quantitative phosphorus-32 labeling method for analysis of predators of the cotton fleahopper (Hemiptera: Miridae)

Ranjbar Hamghawandi, M., 1988:
Quantitative photometric microdetermination of polysaccharides

Lausi, D.; Nimis, P.L., 1985:
Quantitative phytogeography of the Yukon Territory (NW Canada) on a chorological-phytosociological basis

Feldman, B.F.; Thomason, K.J.; Jain, N.C., 1988:
Quantitative platelet disorders

Atachi, P.; Gnanvossou, D., 1989:
Quantitative population dynamics of animals: preliminary research on a comparative study of the dynamics of biomass, effective population and productivity of Maruca testulalis (Geyer) (Lep., Pyralidae) in cowpea crops in an agrosystem of southern Benin

Goyal, S.; Hafez, A., 1990:
Quantitative reduction and inclusion of plant tissue nitrates in Kjeldahl digestion

Bockisch, F.J., 1989:
Quantitative relation between dairy cows and their keeping environment

Wakita, M.; Hoshino, S., 1989:
Quantitative relationship between Entodinium ciliates and viable starch-utilizing bacteria in the rumen of sheep

Robinson, K.M.; Heineke, E.W.; Begovic, M.E., 1990:
Quantitative relationship between intestinal sucrase inhibition and reduction of the glycemic response to sucrose in rats

Nakamoto, T.; Yamazaki, K., 1988:
Quantitative relationships among vegetative organs and their conductive tissues in several millets. 1. Morphological characters of successive shoot units

Nakamoto, T.; Yamazaki, K., 1988:
Quantitative relationships among vegetative organs and their conductive tissues in several millets. 2. Quantitative observation of conductive tissues in leaves

Nakamoto, T.; Yamazaki, K., 1988:
Quantitative relationships among vegetative organs and their conductive tissues in several millets. 3. Quantitative observation of conductive tissues in primary roots

Schmidt, S.; Handschack, M.; Stolle, G., 1987:
Quantitative relationships between the main yield components in apples in relation to biennial bearing

Greenwood, D.J.; Draycott, A., 1988:
Quantitative relationships for growth and N content of different vegetable crops grown with and without ample fertilizer-N on the same soil

Patratii, V.K.; Sinchenko, V.G.; Prodanchuk, N.G.; Butkovskii, Y.V.; Drach, B.S.; Smolii, O.B.; Brovarets, V.S., 1989:
Quantitative relationships of structure to antimicrobial activity of new azole derivatives

Fauth, R., 1988:
Quantitative resistance of wheat varieties to powdery mildew

Proeseler G.; Reichenbaecher D.; Urban M., 1988:
Quantitative resistance of winter barley to barley yellow mosaic virus

Ebron, L.A.; Raymundo, A.D., 1987:
Quantitative resistance to Philippine corn downy mildew caused by Peronosclerospora philippinensis (Weston) Shaw

Nichols, J.H.; Thompson, B.M., 1988:
Quantitative sampling of crustacean larvae and its use in stock size estimation of commercially exploited species

Leserer, M. et al., 1989:
Quantitative sectoral analysis

Koch R.; Nagel M., 1988:
Quantitative structure activity relationships in soil ecotoxicology

Taylor R.B.; Ochekpe N.A.; Wangboonskul J., 1989:
Quantitative structure retention relationship studies of some basic antimalarial compounds

Nishimura, K.; Fujita, T., 1989:
Quantitative structure-activity studies of pyrethroids. 15. Physicochemical structural effects of tetramethrin and related compounds on symptomatic and neurophysiological activities

Hogan J.P.; Kennedy P.M.; Mcsweeney C.S.; Schlink A.C., 1989:
Quantitative studies of the digestion of tropical and temperate forages by sheep

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Quantitative studies on the modified direct complement fixation test for Newcastle Disease

Storch, K.J.; Wagner, D.A.; Burke, J.F.; Young, V.R., 1988:
Quantitative study in vivo of methionine cycle in humans using [methyl-2H3]- and [1-13C]methionine

Robinson, P.P.; Winkles, P.A., 1990 :
Quantitative study of fungiform papillae and taste buds on the cat's tongue

Kipyatkov, V.E.; Lopatina, E.B., 1989:
Quantitative study of the behaviour of ants Myrmica rubra L. (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) in relation to photoperiodic regulation of development of the larvae

Zhang, G.C.; Dong, X.S.; Wang, X.Z.; Lu, Y.R., 1989:
Quantitative study on transmission of malaria by Anopheles kunmingensis

A.Ahmad, M., 1988:
Quantitative survey of Verticillium wilt of olive in southern Syria

Blewett, D.A., 1989:
Quantitative techniques in Cryptosporidium research

Kindstedt, P.S.; Rippe, J.K., 1989:
Quantitative test for free oil formation (oiling-off) in melted Mozzarella cheese

Chafai-Elalaoui, A.S.mmons, S., 1988:
Quantitative translocation of photoassimilates from nonsurviving tillers in barley

Riley, R.T.; Kemppainen, B.W.; Norred, W.P., 1988:
Quantitative tritium exchange of aflatoxin B1 during penetration through isolated human skin

Godshalk C.P.; Badertscher R.R.II.; Rippy M.K.; Ghent A.W., 1988:
Quantitative ultrasonic assessment of liver size in the dog

Milne, A.G., 1988:
Quantitative use of the electron microscope decoration technique for plant virus diagnostics

Chundawat, B.S.; Patel, N.L.; Dave, S.K.; Tikka, S.B.S. , 1988:
Quantitative variability for yield and other characters in banana

Davik, J., 1989:
Quantitative variation in cold climate adapted white cabbage (Brassica oleracea L. var. capitata)

Matsumoto, K.; Takeichi, N.; Izumi, K.; Otsuka, H., 1989:
Quantitative variation in immunoglobulin G (Igsr-1) in LEC rats associated with spontaneous hepatitis and hepatoma

Ozias Akins, P.; Dujardin, M.; Hanna, W.W.; Vasil, I.K., 1989:
Quantitative variation recovered from tissue cultures of an apomictic, interspecific Pennisetum hybrid

Bassi, P., 1990:
Quantitative variations of nuclear DNA during plant development: a critical analysis

Miljkovic, V.; Babic, L.; Katic, V.; Mijacevic, Z., 1990:
Quantitative variations of solids-non-fat values in milk between farm and dairy

Machado, G.R.J.; Braga, R.L. do C.; Silva, W.M. da, 1990:
Quantitative variety census 1988

Kegler, H.; Schenk, G., 1989:
Quantitative virus resistance of plants

Hibberd A.M.; Stall R.E.; Bassett M.J., 1988:
Quantitatively assessed resistance to bacterial leaf spot in pepper that is simply inherited

Gaborcik, N., 1989:
Quantity and chemical composition of the root material in tall fescue (Festuca arundinacea Schreb.) varieties

Carruthers, V.R.; Bryant, A.M., 1988 :
Quantity and composition of digesta in the reticulo-rumen of cows offered two diets differing in K:Na ratio

Kumaragamage, D.; Keerthisinghe, G., 1988:
Quantity and intensity relationships in predicting P availability of soils in Sri Lanka

Bhat, N.S.; Kandoria, J.L.; Goyal, N.P., 1987:
Quantity and quality of nectar in some South Indian bee plants

Dhillon, S.K.; Sidhu, P.S.; Dhillon, K.S.; Pasricha, N.S., 1986:
Quantity-intensity relationships of potassium in some soils of north-west India

Taylor, C.E., 1986:
Quarantine and legislation

Lovisolo, O., 1988:
Quarantine and plant health certification of breeding material

Verma, B.R., 1987:
Quarantine control of chalcidoids, Bruchophagus mellipes Gahan and Systole albipennis Walker in different seeds with hydrogen cyanide gas

Oliveira, W.Roque de, 1988:
Quarantine inspections in ports, airports and frontier posts

Anonymous, 1990:
Quarantine procedure No. 25. Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. sepedonicus. Inspection and test methods

Anonymous, 1990:
Quarantine procedure No. 26. Pseudomonas solanacearum. Inspection and test methods

Anonymous, 1990:
Quarantine procedure No. 27. Xanthomonas campestris pv. citri. Inspection, test and survey methods

Anonymous, 1990:
Quarantine procedure No. 28. Tomato ringspot nepovirus in pelargonium. Inspection and test methods

Anonymous, 1990:
Quarantine procedure No. 29. General export inspection procedure for glasshouse and nursery enterprises

Anonymous, 1990:
Quarantine procedure. Quarantine procedures programme

Agarwal, P.C.; Ram Nath; Majumdar, A.; Khetarpal, R.K.; Usha Dev; Lambat, A.K.; Kaur, P.; Varshney, J.L.; Shamsher Singh, 1989:
Quarantine processing of chemically treated wheat (Triticum species), barley (Hordeum vulgare) and triticale germplasm imported during 1981-85

Lal, B.; Verma, B.R.; Wadhi, S.R., 1988:
Quarantine risk in cotton seed import by post

Mathur, V.K., 1986:
Quarantine: an effective and possible method to combat plant parasitic nematodes

Jelen,, A., 1989:
Quarg manufacturing innovations and their effects on quality, nutritive value, and consumer acceptance

Anonymous, 1988:
Quarg. Determination of lactic acid content

Anonymous, 1988:
Quarg. Determination of the sodium and potassium contents

Stewart, J.G.; Sears, M.K., 1989:
Quarter-plant samples to detect populations of Lepidoptera (Noctuidae, Pieridae, and Plutellidae) on cauliflower

Elitzak, H.; Blisard, W.N., 1989:
Quarterly forecasting of meat retail prices. A vector autoregression approach

Tauer, L.W., 1990:
Quarterly northeast farmland values, 1985 through 1989

Gould, T., 1989:
Quartz linear lamps: new light on heating problems

Knapp, S.J., 1989:
Quasi-Mendelian analyses of quantitative traits using molecular marker linkage maps. An overview of parameter estimation methods

Baltagi, B.H.; Goel, R.K., 1990:
Quasi-experimental price elasticity of liquor demand in the United States: 1960-83

Guyomard, H., 1988:
Quasi-fixed factors and production theory: the case of self-employed labour in French agriculture

Nakano, Y., 1990:
Quasi-steady problems in freezing soils. I. Analysis on the steady growth of an ice layer

Roy, W.R.; Hassett, J.J.; Griffin, R.A., 1989:
Quasi-thermodynamic basis of competitive-adsorption coefficients for anionic mixtures in soils

Takeuchi, M.; Nakano, M.; Mizojiri, K.; Iwatani, K.; Nakagawa, Y.; Kikuchi, J.; Terui, Y., 1989:
Quaternary ammonium glucuronide of croconazole in rabbits

Dong, G.G.; Li, B.S.; Gao, S.G.; Wu, Z.; Shao, Y.J., 1988:
Quaternary ancient eolian sands in the Ordos Plateau

Catt, J.A., 1988:
Quaternary stratigraphic principles and methods

Bellerose, P., 1988:
Quebec and tourist flows some useful data

Langlois, C., 1990:
Quebec's dairy industry: a history of challenges

Anonymous, 1990:
Quebec's dairy industry: marketing, production, processing

Chasse, S., 1989:
Quebec: Planning, marketing, strategy

Segers, R., 1987:
Quedius conicus sp. n., new species from the central Pyrenees

Keller, L.; Passera, L.; Suzzoni, J-P., 1989:
Queen execution in the Argentine ant, Iridomyrmex humilis

Obin, MS.; Glancey, BM.; Banks, WA.; Vander Meer, RK., 1988:
Queen pheromone production and its physiological correlates in fire ant queens (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) treated with fenoxycarb

Wongsiri, S.; Lai, Y.S.; Sylvester, H.A., 1990:
Queen rearing with Apis cerana

Wongsiri, S.; Pothichot, S.; Feng Zhi, C., 1989:
Queen rearing with Apis cerana in Thailand

Roisin, Y., 1990:
Queen replacement in the termite Microcerotermes papuanus

Amann, W., 1988:
Queen-box - a compact system for queen rearing

Hay, M.J., 1988:
Queens, prostitutes and peasants: historical perspectives on African women, 1971-1986

Middleton, K.J., 1989:
Queensland Department of Primary Industries' involvement with aflatoxin in groundnuts in Australia and Indonesia

Muenger, J.R.; Catena, A.R.; Stevenson, J.S.; Bergin, A.E.; Veillon, J.M.; Becker, M.W., 1989:
Quench ring and dip-tube assembly

Ayers, H.D., 1989:
Quench ring for a gasifier

Dach, M.M., 1989:
Quench ring insulating collar

Karukstis K.K.; Gruber S.M.; Fruetel J.A.; Boegeman S.C., 1988:
Quenching of chlorophyll fluorescence by substituted anthraquinones

Buchholz, B.B., 1989:
Quenching the thirst for lowfat

Novikova, T.I.; Yakovleva, Z.M., 1989:
Quercetin and its derivatives as regulators of legume-Rhizobium symbiosis

Browicz, K., 1986:
Quercus aucheri Jaub. et Spach and its range of occurrence

Loye, J.E.; Lane, R.S., 1988:
Questing behavior of Ixodes pacificus (Acari: Ixodidae) in relation to meteorological and seasonal factors

Kipyatkov, V.E., 1985:
Question of the origin of social insects: review and synthesis

Bohle, H.G., 1988:
Questionable aspects of geographical field research in the tropics using the example of southern India subsistence systems

Campbell, T.C.; Brun, T.; Chen, J.S.; Feng, Z.L.; Parpia, B., 1990:
Questioning riboflavin recommendations on the basis of a survey in China

Krejca, M.; Vesela, J.; Alexandrova, J., 1989:
Questions concerning granulometry

Hajdu, D.; Lakner, Z., 1989:
Questions concerning the development of marketing activities in the canning industry

Anonymous, 1990:
Questions most frequently asked about sugar by consumers

Kuuz, A.A., 1989:
Questions of combating desertification in the developmental strategy for African countries

Rubtsov, Y.I.; Strizhevskii, I.I.; Moshkovich, E.B.; Kazakov, A.I.; Andrienko, L.P., 1988:
Questions of safety when working with urea-ammonium nitrate solutions

Ade Oyewusi, J., 1990:
Questions people ask about females in sport

Krizsan, M., 1989:
Questions regarding the smallest units of the settlement system

Kal' avsky, M.; Hacherova, Z., 1989:
Questions related to the reproduction of basic facilities obtained from funds for cultural and social needs

Delgado, C.L., 1989:
Questions with regard to a protected regional area for cereals in the Sahel

Deursen, C.G.L. van; Linssen, G.G.A., 1989:
Quetelet (body mass) index and sick leave

Anonymous, 1989:
Quick detection method uncovers toxins

Marullo, R.; Lovei, G.; Tallarico, A.; Tremblay, E., 1988:
Quick detection of resistant phenotypes with high esterase activity in two species of aphids (Homoptera, Aphididae)

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