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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1929

Chapter 1929 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Tovornik, D., 1989: Red squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris Linne, 1758) and fat dormouse (Glis glis Linne, 1766) as hosts of ixodid ticks in Slovenia (Yugoslavia)

Sullivan, T. P., 1987: Red squirrel population dynamics and feeding damage in juvenile stands of lodgepole pine

Section 2, Chapter 1929, Accession 001928002

Losada Arias, M., 1990: Red varieties in Valdeorras

Littlewood, Jt; Glover, V; Davies, Ptg; Gibb, C; Sandler, M; Rose, Fc, 1988: Red wine as a cause of migraine

Johnson, C. E.; Lancaster, D. M.; Young, W. A.; Sundstrom, F. J., 1988: Red-N-Sweet watermelon

Schroen, A.; Jeurissen, J.; Wijk, C. van, 1990: Red-leaved chicory. Hybrids do not yet supersede selections

Agg, A. R.; Zabel, T. F., 1990: Red-list substances: selection and monitoring

Katovich, SA.; Overton, RP.; Rush, PA.; Kulman, HM., 1989: Red-pine conelet, cone and seed losses to insects and other factors in an open-grown plantation and a seed orchard

Straub, R. W., 1989: Red-winged blackbird damage to sweet corn in relation to infestations of European corn borer (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)

Bernhardt, G. E.; Seamans, T. W., 1990: Red-winged blackbird feeding behavior on two sweet corn cultivars

Steward, VB.; Smith, KG.; Stephen, FM., 1988: Red-winged blackbird predation on periodical cicadas (Cicadidae: Magicicada spp.): bird behavior and cicada responses

Haeringen, H. van, 1989: RedX red does not always produce red

Raulston, J. C., 1990: Redbud

Forster, B.; Jansen, E.; Scherrer, H. U.; Leidig, M.; Turner, H.; Hasler, R.; Schonenberger, W.; Kuhn, N.; Keller, W.; Luscher, P.; Bucher, J. B.; Landolt, W., 1988: Reddening of evergreen conifers in Switzerland in winter 1986/87

Brennan, S.; Wilson, K., 1990: Redefield reborn

Zontine W.J.; Weitkamp R.A.; Lippincott C.L., 1989: Redefined type of elbow dysplasia involving calcified flexor tendons attached to the medial humeral epicondyle in three dogs

Lindsay, B., 1989: Redefining the educational and cultural milieu of Tanzanian teachers: a case study of development or dependency

Holub, E. B.; Grau, C. R., 1988: Redefining the plant pathogenic diversity of Aphanomyces euteiches

Section 2 , Chapter 1929, Accession 001928019

Moraes, G. J. de; McMurtry, J. A.; Baker, E. W., 1987: Redescription and distribution of the spider mites Tetranychus evansi and T. marianae

Yokohata, Y.; Abe, H.; Kamiya, M., 1988: Redescription and multivariate morphometrics of Moguranema nipponicum Yamaguti, 1941

Farooqi, H. U., 1987: Redescription of Acanthogyrus acanthogyrus Thapar, 1927 (Acanthocephala: Acanthogyridae) and its taxonomic status

Morand, S.; Hommay, G., 1990: Redescription of Agfa flexilis (Nematoda: Agfidae) parasite of the genital apparatus of Limax cinereoniger (Gastropoda: Limacidae)

Wilkerson, R. C., 1990: Redescription of Anopheles punctimacula and A. malefactor (Diptera: Culicidae)

Ferte, H.; Durette Desset, M. C., 1989: Redescription of Ashworthius sidemi Schulz, 1933, and A. gagarini Kostyaev, 1969 (Nematoda, Trichostrongyloidea), parasites of Cervidae

Trojan, P., 1987: Redescription of Chalybosoma cyaneoviridis (Macquart) from Tasmania (Diptera, Tabanidae)

Singh, K. I.; Krishnasamy, M.; Khan, M. K. M.; Khairiah, M. S.; Zahedi, M., 1988: Redescription of Crossocephalus longicaudatus, Baylis, 1919 (Nematoda: Atractidae), a parasite of the Sumatran rhinoceros, Dicerorhinus sumatrensis (Fisher)

Rehana, R.; Bilqees, FM., 1986: Redescription of Cucullanus annulatus Rehana & Bilqees, 1976 as Cucullanus pseudoannulatus, new species, from Mystus cavasius (Ham.) of Kalri Lake, Sind

Harbach, RE.; Mongkolpanya, K., 1988: Redescription of Culex (Eumelanomyia) richei (Diptera: Culicidae), with treatments of the previously unknown life stages and a record of its occurrence in Thailand

Forattini, O. P.; Sallum, M. A. M., 1989: Redescription of Culex (Melanoconion) delpontei Duret, 1968 and Cx. (M.) pereyrai Duret, 1967, from southern Brazil

Forattini, OP.; Mureb Sallum, MA., 1990: Redescription of Culex (Melanoconion) lopesi Sirivanakarn and Jakob 1979, with the description of immature stages (Diptera: Culicidae)

Forattini, O. P.; Sallum, M. A. M., 1989: Redescription of Culex (Melanoconion) sacchettae Sirivanakarn and Jakob 1981, with description of immature stages (Diptera: Culicidae)

Strickman, D.; Pratt, J., 1989: Redescription of Cx. corniger Theobald and elevation of Culex (Culex) lactator Dyar and Knab from synonymy based on specimens from Central America (Diptera: Culicidae)

Mashego, SN., 1989: Redescription of Dactylogyrus acanthobramae Paperna, 1961 (Dactylogyridae: Monogenea)

Desch, C E.; Jr., 1987: Redescription of Demodex nanus (Acari: Demodicidae) from Rattus norvegicus and R. rattus (Rodentia)

Durette Desset, M. C.; Hugonnet, L.; Chabaud, A. G., 1988: Redescription of Dictyocaulus noerneri Railliet et Henry, 1907, parasites of Capreolus capreolus in Europe. Comparison with D. viviparus (Bloch, 1782), parasite of cattle

Niewiadomska, K.; Zdzitowiecki, K.; Ostrowski de Nunez, M., 1989: Redescription of Diplostomum minutum Szidat, 1964 (Digenea, Diplostomidae)

McAllister, CT.; Upton, SJ., 1989: Redescription of Eimeria boveroi (Apicomplexa: Eimeriidae) from Hemidactylus mabouia (Sauria: Gekkonidae), and a new host record for Eimeria sceloporis

Amerasinghe, FP., 1989: Redescription of Heizmannia (Heizmannia) greenii Theobald from Sri Lanka (Diptera: Culicidae)

Magalhaes Pinto, R.; Julio Vicente, J.; Noronha, D.; Fabio, S. P. de, 1988: Redescription of Oncophora melanocephala (Rudolphi, 1819) Baudin-Laurencin, 1971, (Nematoda ; Camallanida)

Heyns, J., 1988: Redescription of Paraxonchium laetificans (Andrassy, 1956) and P. monohystera (Brzeski, 1964) (Nematoda: Dorylaimida)

van Achterberg, C., 1987: Redescription of Phaenocarpa seitneri Fahringer and notes on its biology (Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Alysiinae)

Trach, V. V., 1989: Redescription of Prosthodendrium ilei (Trematoda, Lecithodendriidae), a parasite of Chiroptera new for the Ukraine

Chambrier, A. de, 1990: Redescription of Proteocephalus paraguayensis (Rudin, 1917) (Cestoda: Proteocephalidae), a parasite of Hydrodynastes gigas (Dum., Bibr. & Dum., 1854) from Paraguay

Rautela, A. S.; Malhotra, S. K., 1985: Redescription of Spinitectus batrachi (Lal, 1966) (Nematoda: Spinitectinae) with a taxometric approach

Estrada-Pena, A.; Sanchez, C., 1989: Redescription of Spinturnix dasycnemi (Kolenati) (Acarina: Spinturnicidae)

Huber, J. T.; Rajakulendran, V. K., 1988: Redescription of and host-induced antennal variation in Anaphes iole Girault (Hymenoptera: Mymaridae), an egg parasite of Miridae (Hemiptera) in North America

Section 2, Chapter 1929, Accession 001928054

Hii, J. L. K.; Peyton, E. L.; Shang, V. Y., 1988: Redescription of the adult and first description of the larva and pupa of Anapheles (Cellia) sulawesi Waktoedi, a species of the Leucosphyrus Group from Sulawesi, Indonesia (Diptera: Culicidae)

Wang, Y. A.; Huang, J. L.; Pang, X. F., 1988: Redescription of the antennae and forewings of Trichogramma

Strickman, D., 1988: Redescription of the holotype of Culex (Culex) peus Speiser and taxonomy of Culex (Culex) stigmatosoma Dyar and thriambus Dyar (Diptera: Culicidae)

Khan, T. H., 1988: Redescription of the male of Ecumenicus monohystera (De Man, 1880) Thorne 1974

Gulyaev, V. D.; Korotaeva, V. D., 1989: Redescription of the type species of Glossobothrium Yamaguti, 1952 (Cestoda, Pseudophyllidea)

Section 2, Chapter 1929, Accession 001928061

Morand, S.; Spiridonov, S., 1989: Redescription of three species of Angiostomatidae (Nematoda, Rhabditida) of Stylommatophore pulmonate gastropods, and a description of the life cycle of two of the species

Szadziewski, R., 1986: Redescriptions and notes on some Ceratopogonidae (Diptera)

Schuh, G. E., 1989: Redesigning international institutions and agricultural sectors

Greenwood, K., 1988: Redesigning structures to hold surplus grain

Naik, G. R.; Babu, K. H., 1988: Redifferentiation of NaCl tolerant sugarcane plants from callus derived resistant lines

Joost, W.; Klausnitzer, B., 1986: Rediscovery of Euborellia annulipes (Lucas, 1847) in Neuer Mullberg Leipzig-Mockern (Dermaptera, Carcinophoridae)

Banerjee, A. K.; Panday, H. S.; Majumdar, N. C., 1989: Rediscovery of a white flowered Pentapetes phoenicea

Raj, T. R. N., 1988: Redisposals and redescriptions in the Monchaetia-Seiridium-Pestalotia-Pestalotiopsis complexes. VIII. On the status of Monochaetia camelliae, M. osyridella and Pestalotia gaurae

Garmashov, V. V., 1990: Redistribution and accumulation of dry matter and nitrogen in the grain of semidwarf varieties of winter bread wheat and durum wheat

Section 2, Chapter 1929, Accession 001928074

Paggi, G., 1989: Redistribution of agricultural income between self employed and employed workers

Kochetkov, N. V.; Polivaev, O. I., 1987: Redistribution of energy consumption in roll, and characteristics of 4x4 tractors with flexible elements in the engine drive

Cooke B.K.; Hislop E.C.; Jordan V.W.L.; Western N.M.; Herrington P.J., 1989: Redistribution of foliar surface deposits of prochloraz by simulated rainfall and the control of eyespot disease of winter wheat

Frazier, A. W.; Kim, Y. K., 1988: Redistribution of impurities in wet-process phosphoric acid

Kochetkov, N. V.; Polivaev, O. I., 1988: Redistribution of moments and energy in the differential of a 4x4 tractor class 2

Becker, K. H., 1989: Redistribution of nitrogen during yield development in winter wheat and triticale genotypes

Maul, G. G., 1989: Redistribution of nuclear envelope, nucleolar, and kinetochore antigens during mouse spermatogenesis and early development

Lambert M.J.; Turner J., 1989: Redistribution of nutrients in subtropical rainforest trees

Verma S.K.; Gupta R.K., 1990: Redistribution of surface applied chloride in a montmorillonitic clay soil

Korcelli, P.; Potrykowska, A., 1988: Redistribution of the elderly population in Poland: regional and rural-urban dimensions

Sampaio, E. V. S. B.; Salcedo, I. H.; Victoria, R. L.; Trivelin, P. C., 1988: Redistribution of the nitrogen reserves of 15N-enriched stem cuttings and dinitrogen fixed by 90-day-old sugarcane plants

Salamatova T.S.; Storozhenko N.Yu; Polevoi V.V., 1989: Redox activity in protoplasts and coleoptiles of maize

Salamatova, T. S.; Storozhenko, N. Yu; Polevoi, V. V., 1989: Redox activity of corn protoplasts and coleoptiles

Zanoaga, C. V., 1988: Redox aspects of yashinones - a new class of inhibitors with possible agricultural uses

Januszek, K., 1987: Redox potential of selected forest soils of southern Poland in the light of field and laboratory investigations. Part II. Single field measurements

Giani, L., 1988: Redox potentials of soils of the dike foreland and redox potentials of young marine sediments/soils with initial soil development in the lysimeter

Flessa, H., 1989: Redox processes in soils in the vicinity of growing and senescing plant roots

Ansisimova, L. A.; Shishkova, E. I.; Nikolaeva, N. G.; Toropova, V. F., 1988: Redox reactions of cumyl and tert-butyl hydroperoxides with thiourea and their use in titrimetric analysis

Spearman, G.; Johnson, K., 1989: Redroot pigweed toxicosis in cattle

Johnson, C. A.; Smith, R. M., 1986: Reduce P2O5 costs 10% by recovering 95% of the energy from your sulfuric plants

Section 2, Chapter 1929, Accession 001928098

Section 2, Chapter 1929, Accession 001928099

Section 2, Chapter 1929, Accession 001928100

Turell, M. J., 1988: Reduced Rift Valley virus infection rates in mosquitoes associated with pledget feedings

Wilson, ML.; Telford, S. R.; III.; Piesman, J.; Spielman, A., 1988: Reduced abundance of immature Ixodes dammini (Acari: Ixodidae) following elimination of deer

Walker-Simmons, M; Kudrna, Da; Warner, Rl, 1989: Reduced accumulation of ABA during water stress in a molybdenum cofactor mutant of barley

Moss, M. O.; Badii, F.; Clifford, M. N., 1990: Reduced aflatoxin production by Aspergillus parasiticus after growth on a caffeine-containing medium

Anonymous, 1988: Reduced and conservation tillage

Adelekan, D. A.; Thurnham, D. I.; Adekile, A. D., 1989: Reduced antioxidant capacity in paediatric patients with homozygous sickle cell disease

Section 2, Chapter 1929, Accession 001928107

Seiden, P., 1989: Reduced calorie fats made from triglycerides containing medium and long chain fatty acids

Sakamoto R.; Arai M.; Murao S., 1989: Reduced cellulose as a substrate of cellulases

Heliovaara, K.; Vaisanen, R., 1989: Reduced cocoon size of diprionids (Hymenoptera) reared on pollutant affected pines

Section 2, Chapter 1929, Accession 001928112

Bazarshin, M. B., 1989: Reduced consumption of acaricidal emulsion for sheep dipping

Anonymous, 1988: Reduced cultivation

Davies, B., 1988: Reduced cultivation for cereals

Dragland, S., 1989: Reduced cultivation for white cabbage, swede and onions

Tetzlaff, C. L.; Carlomagno, M. A.; McMurray, D. N., 1988: Reduced dietary protein suppresses infection with Babesia microti

Dixon, R. J.; Jones, N. F.; Freiman, J. S., 1990: Reduced duck hepatitis B virus viraemia in ducklings coinfected with the immunodepressive reticuloendotheliosis virus

Herd R.P.; Gabel A.A., 1990: Reduced efficacy of anthelmintics in young compared with adult horses

Al-Saadi, M.; Mohsen, ZH., 1989: Reduced egg viability in laboratory colonies of Culex quinquefasciatus and Culex molestus (Diptera: Culicidae)

Section 2, Chapter 1929, Accession 001928123

Wilkinson, R. C.; Popp, M. P., 1990: Reduced fecundity in Neodiprion merkeli (Hymenoptera: Diprionidae) associated with feeding on juvenile slash pine foliage

Bindseil, E.; Andersen, L. L. I.; Hau, J., 1989: Reduced fertility in mice double-infected with Schistosoma mansoni and Echinostoma revolutum

Swarbrick, O., 1989: Reduced hatchibility associated with engine fumes

Section 2, Chapter 1929, Accession 001928129

Salonen, J., 1990: Reduced herbicide doses in spring cereals

Section 2, Chapter 1929, Accession 001928131

Section 2, Chapter 1929, Accession 001928132

Miller, Wb; Langhans, Rw, 1989: Reduced irradiance affects dry weight partitioning in Easter lily

Saissy, J. M.; Diatta, B.; Raux, O.; Gohard, R.; Kempf, J., 1990: Reduced levels of blood phosphorus in cerebral malaria

Berger, T.; Calvert, C. C.; Bradford, G. E., 1989: Reduced male reproductive capacity in mice with high genetic potential for post-weaning growth

Tams, J., 1989: Reduced mortality in pigs

Zhang, D.; Moreng, R. E.; Balnave, D., 1990: Reduced mortality of eggs from hens receiving saline drinking water

Osterdahl, B. G.; Engstrom, A., 1989: Reduced nitrosamine contents in bacon cooked in a microwave oven

Shelton, D. P.; Brumm, M. C., 1989: Reduced nocturnal temperatures and hovers as swine nursery energy management techniques

Dover, J.; Sotherton, N.; Gobbett, K., 1990: Reduced pesticide inputs on cereal field margins: the effects on butterfly abundance

Hara, Ah; Nishijima, Wt; Hansen, Jd; Bushe, Bc; Hata, Ty, 1990: Reduced pesticide use in an IPM program for anthuriums

Wilczek, H.; Justova, V.; Pacovsky, V., 1988: Reduced production of 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D in patients with chronic renal insufficiency

Rodriguez, P. H.; Hamm, W. J.; Garcia, F.; Garcia, M.; Schirf, V., 1989: Reduced productivity in adult yellowfever mosquito (Diptera: Culicidae) populations

Cavalieri, R. P.; Strecker, T. D.; Fellman, J. K., 1988: Reduced pyridine nucleotides as a measure of fruit maturity

Salmon R.K.; Berg R.T., 1989: Reduced rate of adipose tissue growth and lipid accumulation in mice selected for high body weight

Rosso, F.; Meriggi, P., 1989: Reduced rates in weed control programmes for beet and soyabeans

Higuchi T.; Negoro H.; Arita J., 1989: Reduced responses of prolactin and catecholamine to stress in the lactating rat

Section 2, Chapter 1929, Accession 001928165

Leatherman, D. L.; Middlebrook, J. L., 1990: Reduced sensitivity of CHO cells to T-2 toxin after incubation with emetine

Section 2, Chapter 1929, Accession 001928167

Steva, H.; Clerjeau, M.; Silva, M. T. G. da, 1989: Reduced sensitivity to triadimenol in Portuguese field populations of Uncinula necator

Demark-Wahnefried, W; Bowering, J; Cohen, Ps, 1990: Reduced serum cholesterol with dietary change using fat-modified and oat bran supplemented diets

Duffus C.M., 1988: Reduced starch content and sucrose synthase activity in developing endosperm of barley plants grown at elevated temperatures

McGovern, R. J.; Horst, R. K.; Dickey, R. S., 1988: Reduced susceptibility of florists' chrysanthemum to Erwinia chrysanthemi following viroid infection

Section 2, Chapter 1929, Accession 001928174

Ball, B. C., 1990: Reduced tillage for energy and cost savings with cereals: practical and research experience

Hartzog D.L.; Adams J.F., 1989: Reduced tillage for peanut production

Ball, B. C., 1989: Reduced tillage in Great Britain: practical and research experience

Deibert E.J., 1989: Reduced tillage system influence on yield of sunflower hybrids

Patchapalam, K., 1989: Reduced total loss - a new concept

Wedd, S.; Thwaite, W. G., 1988: Reduced water volumes for pome fruit spraying

Pearson, R. A., 1989: Reduced work output of well-fed buffaloes pulling carts in East Nepal

Frahm, J.; Haumann, 1989: Reduced yields caused by BYMV - in Lippe, Westphalia - an analysis of causal factors

Kearney, M. S.; Tompkins, F. D.; Bradley, J. F., 1988: Reduced-tillage planting system performances in silt loam soils

Chambers, K. R.; Mouton, P., 1989: Reducing Botrytis rot levels in packed grapes through correct handling and hygiene in the packing-shed

Cairney, J. W. G.; Ashford, A. E., 1989: Reducing activity at the root surface in Eucalyptus pilularis-Pisolithus tinctorius ectomycorrhizas

Section 2, Chapter 1929, Accession 001928186

Kroodsma, W.; Huis in ' t Veld, J.; Westreenen, S. van, 1990: Reducing ammonia emissions from cattle housing

Zeisig, H. D., 1989: Reducing ammonia emissions from the exhaust air of intensive animal production systems

Jakobsson, B., 1990: Reducing bacterial numbers in spices. Necessity - methods - advantages and disadvantages

Jones G.P.D.; Farrell D.J., 1989: Reducing body fat in broiler chickens and some physiological consequences

Li, P. H., 1988: Reducing chilling injury with mefluidide in corn (Zea mays L.) plants

Knake, E. L.; Paul, L. E.; Curran, W. S., 1986: Reducing cost of production with herbicides

Chen, H. D.; Thompson, J. F.; Singh, R. P.; Rumsey, T., 1989: Reducing costs and energy consumption in pistachio nut drying

Hunt, J. N.; Boyette, M. D., 1988: Reducing costs for greenhouses through energy auditing

Rod, J., 1989: Reducing damping-off of seedlings during biological determination of soil infestation with Plasmodiophora brassicae Wor. spores

Nieman, D. C.; Haig, J. L.; Guia, E. D. de; Dizon, G. P.; Register, U. D., 1988: Reducing diet and exercise training effects on resting metabolic rates in mildly obese women

Cummins, K. A., 1990: Reducing dietary fiber helps maintain milk production during hot weather

Meyers, W. H.; Westhoff, P. C.; Skold, K. D.; Aradhyula, S. V., 1988: Reducing disharmonies in the US crops and dairy sectors

Sklyar, V., 1988: Reducing egg breakage and incidence of trauma in caged fowls

Muller, H.; Turke, G., 1989: Reducing electricity consumption during lumber drying by alternate switching off of fans

Huismans, J.; Bruins, M., 1990: Reducing emissions by slurry incorporation on arable land (I)

Post, C. J. van der, 1988: Reducing evaporation

Kimura, K., 1987: Reducing farmers' expenses in a rural district of a mountainous area with reference to a land improvement project

Rose, S. P., 1988: Reducing feeding costs by choice-feeding

Roka, F. M.; Levins, R. A.; Magette, W. L., 1990: Reducing field losses of nitrogen: is erosion control enough?

Pain B.F.; Thompson R.B.; Rees Y.J.; Skinner J.H., 1990: Reducing gaseous losses of nitrogen from cattle slurry applied to grassland by the use of additives

Post, C. J. van der, 1988: Reducing greenhouse surface area

Turner, L. W.; Chastain, J. P.; Hemken, R. W.; Gates, R. S.; Crist, W. L., 1989: Reducing heat stress in dairy cows through sprinkler and and fan cooling

Moseley, C. M.; Hagood, E. S, Jr, 1990: Reducing herbicide inputs when establishing no-till soyabeans (Glycine max)

Scott, R. S.; Nye, E. R.; Lintott, C. J.; Mann, J. I., 1988: Reducing hyperlipidaemia

Ritter, W. F., 1988: Reducing impacts of nonpoint source pollution from agriculture: a review

Turner, M. M., 1987: Reducing inequality in Papua New Guinea: gains, losses and prospects

Bidaux, A.; Gantner, U., 1988: Reducing intensification by restricting the use of specific inputs?

Searle P.L., 1990: Reducing interferences by amino acids in the determination of ammonium by an automated indophenol method

Winslow M.D.; Yamauchi M.; Alluri K.; Masajo T.M., 1989: Reducing iron toxicity in rice with resistant genotype and ridge planting

Ralphs, M. H.; Pfister, J. A.; Olsen, J. D.; Manners, G. D.; Nielsen, D. B., 1989: Reducing larkspur poisoning in cattle on mountain ranges

Crawshaw, R., 1987: Reducing losses during ensiling

Gianfagna T.J.; Durner E.F.; Teiger G.S., 1989: Reducing low temperature injury to peach flower buds with ethephon

Wiggans, G. R.; Randen, P. M. van, 1990: Reducing memory requirements for animal model evaluations

Ghosh, S.; Saran, S., 1988: Reducing moisture content of rice grain by chemical treatment to facilitate direct storage

Williams, D.; Ponder, H. G.; Gilliam, C. H. , 1987: Reducing moisture stress in flowering dogwood

McDonald, T.; Nienaber, J., 1988: Reducing noise in deconvolved signals

McSweeny, W. T.; Shortle, J. S., 1989: Reducing nutrient application rates for water quality protection in intensive livestock areas: policy implications of alternative producer behavior

Gilbert A.J., 1989: Reducing operator exposure by the improved design and handling of liquid pesticides containers

Lavy, T. L.; Mattice, J. D.; Cavalier, T. C., 1989: Reducing pesticide exposure to workers in the tropics

Vlahos S.; Summers K.J.; Bell D.T.; Gilkes R.J., 1989: Reducing phosphorus leaching from sandy soils with red mud bauxite processing residues

Hicks, Ls; Lockerman, Rh; Wiesner, Le; Hall, Rd, 1989: Reducing physiological imposed seedcoat dormancy of Ruby Valley pointvetch

Marutzky, R., 1987: Reducing pollution emission in small wood-fired furnaces

Sargent, M. J.; Sidahmed, O. A., 1987: Reducing postharvest losses of fruits and vegetables in the Sudan

Duboin, H.; Longchamp, J. Y.; Lescar, L., 1989: Reducing soil tillage in France

Brooks, D. H., 1989: Reducing support using aggregate measures, case study: Thailand

Hatton, T. T., 1987: Reducing susceptibility of horticultural commodities to chilling injury during cold treatment

Bukin, F. F.; Guss, V. A., 1987: Reducing the adhesion of dried milk products

Chemodanov, A. N., 1988: Reducing the amount of sorting with specialization of the main flows at an industrial log depot

Goncalves, P. de S.; Cardoso, M.; Bortoletto, N., 1988: Reducing the breeding and selection cycle for obtaining rubber cultivars

Section 2, Chapter 1929, Accession 001928241

Fuertes Marcuello, J., 1988: Reducing the cost of packaging without impairing milk quality and hygiene

Norrstrom, H. A., 1988: Reducing the discharges to water - technical objectives

Wardlow, L. R.; O' Brien, A., 1988: Reducing the fly nuisance in mushroom houses

Petrenko, P., 1988: Reducing the input of manual labour - an important factor in intensification

Varlamov, G. P., 1989: Reducing the loss of agricultural products is a reserve to fulfil the food programme

Manss, H.; Manss, F., 1989: Reducing the nitrate concentration of root vegetables

Li, Z. H. , 1989: Reducing the noise level of a 52 c.c. brush cutter

Siemens, A. H., 1990: Reducing the risk: some indications regarding pre-Hispanic wetland agricultural intensification from contemporary use of a wetland/terra firma boundary zone in central Veracruz

Section 2, Chapter 1929, Accession 001928250

Karl, E.; Schmidt, H. E.; Klein, W.; Herbst, E.; Schwanke, P.; Amme, M., 1989: Reducing the spread of aphid transmitted viruses by vector control in crops of faba beans with terminal inflorescences

Potz, J.; Stelmak, I., 1989: Reducing the use of wood in furniture components with thin particleboards

Machado de Moraes, R.; Benevides, L. H. T. S.; Menezes, A. de; Barreto Prata, M.; Barbosa, L. H., 1989: Reducing the water content of honey in Brazil

Mather, T. N.; Ribeiro, J. M. C.; Moore, S. I.; Spielman, A., 1988: Reducing transmission of Lyme disease spirochetes in a suburban setting

Scheffer, B., 1988: Reducing water pollution by extensive land use?

Foley, A. G., 1988: Reducing wear of soil engaging equipment

Hipskind, R. A., 1990: Reducing wear of sugarcane processing equipment components utilizing high technology thermal sprayed coatings

Rummer, R. B.; Smith, L. A., 1989: Reducing whole-body vibration of forest equipment operators through improved vehicle design

Komadel, P.; Lear, P. R.; Stucki, J. W., 1990: Reduction and reoxidation of nontronite: extent of reduction and reaction rates

Sinclair, I. J.; Tarry, D. W.; Wassall, D. A., 1990: Reduction in UK warble infestation levels: serological survey, 1990

Cline, L. D.; Press, J. W., 1990: Reduction in almond moth (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) infestations using commercial packaging of foods in combination with the parasitic wasp, Bracon hebetor (Hymenoptera: Braconidae)

Farrell J.B.; Salotto B.V.; Venosa A.D., 1990: Reduction in bacterial densities of wastewater solids by three secondary treatment processes

Fuller, AL.; McDougald, LR., 1990: Reduction in cell entry of Eimeria tenella (Coccidia) sporozoites by protease inhibitors, and partial characterization of proteolytic activity associated with intact sporozoites and merozoites

Mishra L.C., 1988: Reduction in chlorophyll and energy contents in plants as indicators of atmospheric pollution

Jones C.G.; Whitman D.W.; Compton S.J.; Silk P.J.; Blum M.S., 1989: Reduction in diet breadth results in sequestration of plant chemicals and increases efficacy of chemical defense in a generalist grasshopper

Rohbrecht Buck, K.; Sekoulov, I., 1990: Reduction in environmental pollution caused by waste waters from edible oil refineries, concept and investigations

Section 2, Chapter 1929, Accession 001928270

Joshi, N. N.; Kumar, R.; Singh, V., 1990: Reduction in final molasses purity with improved techniques

Tarasyuk, A. N., 1989: Reduction in homologous pairing of telomeric segments of chromosome arms at meiosis in maize following exposure to high temperature

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Owsley, C. M.; Surrency, E. D., 1989: Registration of 'Amquail' thunberg lespedeza

Stratton, S. D.; Baluch, S. J., 1989: Registration of 'Anstar' alfalfa

Baenziger, P. S.; Schmidt, J. W.; Peterson, C. J.; Johnson, V. A.; Mattern, P. J.; Dreier, A. F.; McVey, D. V.; Hatchett, J. H., 1989: Registration of 'Arapahoe' wheat

Prine, G. M.; Dunavin, L. S.; Glennon, R. J.; Roush, R. D., 1990: Registration of 'Arbrook' rhizoma peanut

Beaver, J. S.; Echavez Badel, R.; Freytag, G. F., 1990: Registration of 'Arroyo Loro' white bean

Kaerwer, H. E.; Casnoff, D. M.; Burr, J.; Funk, C. R., 1989: Registration of 'Aspen' Kentucky bluegrass

Anand, S. C.; Shannon, J. G., 1988: Registration of 'Avery' soybean

Montoya, C. L.; Castillo, T. N.; Munoz, V. S., 1989: Registration of 'Batuc 86' soybean

Hockett, E. A.; Blake, T. K.; Carlson, G. R.; Cook, A. F.; Kushnak, G. D.; Jackson, G. D.; Eckhoff, J. L.; Stewart, V. R.; Stallknecht, G. F.; Davis, M. P., 1990: Registration of 'Bearpaw' barley

Wood, D. R.; Ballarin, M.; Schwartz, H. F.; Brick, M. A.; Pearson, C. H., 1989: Registration of 'Bill Z' pinto bean

Ghaderi, A.; Kelly, J. D.; Adams, M. W.; Saettler, A. W.; Hosfield, G. L.; Varner, G. V.; Uebersax, M. A.; Taylor, J., 1990: Registration of 'Blackhawk' tropical black bean

Nickell, C. D.; Thomas, D. J.; Gray, L. R.; Hanson, P. M., 1990: Registration of 'Burlison' soybean

Bernard, R. L.; Noel, G. R.; Anand, S. C.; Shannon, J. G., 1988: Registration of 'CN210' and 'CN290' soybean

Fanguy, H. P.; Garrison, D. D.; Legendre, B. L., 1989: Registration of 'CP 79-318' sugarcane

Miller, J. D.; Tai, P. Y. P.; Glaz, B.; Orsenigo, J. R., 1990: Registration of 'CP 80-1557' sugarcane

Glaz, B.; Tai, P. Y. P.; Miller, J. D.; Orsenigo, J. R., 1990: Registration of 'CP 80-1827' sugarcane

Pedersen, J. F.; McVeigh, K. J.; Edminster, C. W., 1989: Registration of 'Cajun' tall fescue

Bernard, R. L.; Noel, G. R.; Anand, S. C.; Shannon, J. G., 1988: Registration of 'Cartter' soybean

Ohm, H. W.; Shaner, G.; Foster, J. E.; Patterson, F. L.; Buechley, G., 1988: Registration of 'Clark' wheat

Currin, R. A, I I. I.; Fortnum, B. A.; Parrott, W. M., 1989: Registration of 'Clemson PD 48' tobacco

Schmidt, J. W.; Johnson, V. A.; Nordquist, P. T.; Mattern, P. J.; Dreier, A. F.; McVey, D. V.; Hatchett, J. H., 1989: Registration of 'Cody' wheat

Marshall, D.; Gardenhire, J. H.; Gilmore, E. C.; McDaniel, M. E.; Erickson, C. A., 1988: Registration of 'Collin' wheat

Boerma, H. R.; Hussey, R. S.; Phillips, D. V.; Wood, E. D., 1990: Registration of 'Colquitt' soybean

Fehr, W. R.; Cianzio, S. R.; Voss, B. K.; Schultz, S. P., 1989: Registration of 'Conrad' soybean

Hartwig, E. E.; Young, L. D., 1990: Registration of 'Cordell' soybean

Bernard, R. L.; Cremeens, C. R., 1988: Registration of 'Corsoy 79' soybean

Bowers, G. R, Jr, 1990: Registration of 'Crockett' soybean

Bailey, R. H.; Kopec, D. M.; White, R. H.; Funk, C. R., 1990: Registration of 'Dandy' perennial ryegrass

Jacklin, A. W.; Brede, A. D.; Brilman, L. A.; Green, B. K, I. I.; Funk, C. R., 1989: Registration of 'Destiny' Kentucky bluegrass

Brown, C. M.; Kolb, F. L., 1989: Registration of 'Don' oat

Lafever, H. N., 1989: Registration of 'Dynasty' wheat

Fehr, W. R.; Walker, A. K.; Schmitthenner, A. F.; Cianzio, S. R.; Voss, B. K., 1988: Registration of 'Elgin 87' soybean

Baltensperger, D. D., 1989: Registration of 'FL-24' and 'FL-101' germplasm lines of hairy indigo

Baltensperger, D. D.; Taylor, S. G.; Glennon, R., 1989: Registration of 'FL-5' germplasm line of alyceclover

Bernard, R. L.; Noel, G. R.; Anand, S. C.; Shannon, J. G., 1988: Registration of 'Fayette' soybean

Pepin, G. W.; Wiley, W. K.; King, D. E.; Petersen, C. J.; Funk, C. R., 1989: Registration of 'Fiesta II' perennial ryegrass

Bergman, J. W.; Carlson, G.; Kushnak, G.; Riveland, N. R.; Stallknecht, G.; Welty, L. E.; Wichman, D., 1989: Registration of 'Finch' safflower

Baltensperger, D. D.; Prine, G. M.; Albrecht, K. A.; Dunavin, L. S.; Stanely, R. L., 1989: Registration of 'Flame' crimson clover

Knowles, R. P., 1990: Registration of 'Fleet' meadow bromegrass

McBlain, B. A.; Fioritto, R. J.; St Martin, S. K.; Calip DuBois, A.; Schmitthenner, A. F.; Cooper, R. L.; Martin, R. J., 1990: Registration of 'Flyer' soybean

McBlain, B. A.; Fioritto, R. J.; St Martin, S. K.; Calip DuBois, A.; Schmitthenner, A. F.; Cooper, R. L.; Martin, R. J., 1990: Registration of 'GR8836' soybean

McBlain, B. A.; Fioritto, R. J.; St Martin, S. K.; Calip DuBois, A.; Schmitthenner, A. F.; Cooper, R. L.; Martin, R. J., 1990: Registration of 'GR8936' soyabean

Ensign, R. D., 1990: Registration of 'Ginger' Kentucky bluegrass

Bergman, J. W.; Carlson, G.; Kushnak, G.; Riveland, N. R.; Stallknecht, G.; Welty, L. E.; Wichman, D., 1989: Registration of 'Girard' safflower

Fehr, W. R.; Walker, A. K.; Schmitthenner, A. F.; Cianzio, S. R.; Voss, B. K., 1988: Registration of 'Harper 87' soybean

Hockett, E. A.; Welty, L. E.; Carlson, G. R.; Wichman, D. W.; Ditterlie, R. L.; Larson, R. A., 1990: Registration of 'Haybet' barley

Brown, C. M.; Kolb, F. L., 1989: Registration of 'Hazel' oat

Jacklin, A. W.; Brede, A. D.; Brilman, L. A.; Funk, C. R., 1989: Registration of 'Huntsville' Kentucky bluegrass

Buss, G. R.; Camper, H. M, Jr; Roane, C. W., 1988: Registration of 'Hutcheson' soybean

Allan, R. E.; Peterson, C. J, Jr; Rubenthaler, G. L.; Line, R. F.; Roberts, D. E., 1990: Registration of 'Hyak' wheat

Rai, K. N.; Kumar, K. A.; Andrews, D. J.; Rao, A. S.; Raj, A. G. B.; Witcombe, J. R., 1990: Registration of 'ICTP 8203' pearl millet

Barnes, D. K.; Heichel, G. H.; Vance, C. P.; Peaden, R. N., 1990: Registration of 'Ineffective Agate' and 'Ineffective Saranac' non-N2-fixing alfalfa germplasms

Meyer, W. A.; Rose Fricker, C. A.; Pepin, G. W.; Funk, C. R., 1990: Registration of 'Jazz' perennial ryegrass

Legg, P. D.; Tedford, E., 1989: Registration of 'KY180' tobacco

Legg, P. D.; Tedford, E., 1989: Registration of 'KY190' tobacco

Moldenhauer, K. A. K.; Lee, F. N.; Norman, R. J.; Helms, R. S.; Wells, B. R.; Dilday, R. H.; Rohman, P. C.; Marchetti, M. A., 1990: Registration of 'Katy' rice

Bacon, R. K.; Jones, J. P., 1989: Registration of 'Keiser' wheat

Mitchell, W. W., 1988: Registration of 'Kenai' polargrass

Knowles, R. P., 1990: Registration of 'Kirk' crested wheatgrass

Nickell, C. D.; Thomas, D. J., 1990: Registration of 'LN83-2356' soybean

Hartwig, E. E.; Lambert, L.; Kilen, T. C., 1990: Registration of 'Lamar' soybean

Pauw, R. M. de (De Pauw, R. M); Townley Smith, T. F.; McCaig, T. N.; Clarke, J. M., 1988: Registration of 'Laura' spring wheat

Bernard, R. L.; Cremeens, C. R.; Sprau, G. L., 1988: Registration of 'Lawrence' soybean

Brilman, L. A.; Jacklin, A. W.; Brede, A. D.; Zajac, J. J.; Funk, C. R., 1989: Registration of 'Liberty' Kentucky bluegrass

Caviness, C. E.; Riggs, R. D.; Rupe, J. C., 1990: Registration of 'Lloyd' soybean

Johnson, C. W.; Carnahan, H. L.; Tseng, S. T.; Oster, J. J.; McKenzie, K. S.; Hill, J. E.; Rutger, J. N.; Brandon, D. M., 1990: Registration of 'M-103' rice

Carnahan, H. L.; Johnson, C. W.; Tseng, S. T.; Oster, J. J.; Hill, J. E.; Brandon, D. M., 1989: Registration of 'M-203' rice

Allan, R. E.; Peterson, C. J, Jr; Rubenthaler, G. L.; Line, R. F.; Roberts, D. E., 1989: Registration of 'Madsen' wheat

Melton, B.; Currier, C.; Miller, D.; Kimmell, J., 1989: Registration of 'Malone' alfalfa

Beuselinck, P. R.; McGraw, R. L., 1990: Registration of 'Marion' annual lespedeza

Cholick, F. A.; Sellers, K. M.; Buchenau, G. W., 1988: Registration of 'Marval' triticale

Kelly, J. D.; Adams, M. W.; Saettler, A. W.; Hosfield, G. L.; Varner, G. V.; Beaver, J. S.; Uebersax, M. A.; Taylor, J., 1989: Registration of 'Mayflower' navy bean

Burton, G. W., 1989: Registration of 'Merkeron' napiergrass

Bailey, R. H.; Brilman, L. A.; Jacklin, A. W.; Brede, A. D.; Green, B. K, I. I.; Funk, C. R., 1989: Registration of 'Mesa' tall fescue

Busch, R.; McVey, D.; Wiersma, J.; Warnes, D.; Wilcoxson, R.; Youngs, V., 1990: Registration of 'Minnpro' wheat

Murphy, R. P.; Lowe, C. C.; Viands, D. R., 1989: Registration of 'Mohawk' alfalfa

Solum, D. J.; Lockerman, R. H.; Wiesner, L. E.; Schulz Schaeffer, J., 1990: Registration of 'Montana-101' Ruby Valley pointvetch germplasm

Sollenberger, L. E.; Prine, G. M.; Ocumpaugh, W. R.; Hanna, W. W.; Jones, C. S, Jr; Schank, S. C.; Kalmbacher, R. S., 1989: Registration of 'Mott' dwarf elephantgrass

Graves, W. L.; Williams, W. A.; Wegrzyn, V. A.; Calderon, M. D., 1989: Registration of 'Multicut' berseem clover

Rahman, M.; Islam, O.; Kumar, J., 1990: Registration of 'Nabin' chickpea

Helm, J. H.; Salmon, D. F.; Dyson, D. H.; Stewart, W. M., 1989: Registration of 'Noble' barley

Mitchell, W. W., 1988: Registration of 'Nortran' tufted hairgrass

Baltensperger, A. A., 1989: Registration of 'NuMex Sahara' bermudagrass

Banks, D. J.; Kirby, J. S.; Sholar, J. R., 1989: Registration of 'Okrun' peanut

Viands, D. R.; Lowe, C. C.; Murphy, R. P.; Millar, R. L., 1990: Registration of 'Oneida VR' alfalfa

Murphy, R. P.; Lowe, C. C., 1989: Registration of 'Oneida' alfalfa

Rohde, C. R.; Wagoner, K. H. van (Van Wagoner, K. H); Kronstad, W. E.; Rubenthaler, G. L., 1988: Registration of 'Oveson' wheat

Knowles, R. P., 1990: Registration of 'Paddock' meadow bromegrass

Hartwig, E. E.; Hinson, K.; Scott, A., 1988: Registration of 'Padre' soybean

Kalton, R. R.; Shields, J.; Richardson, P., 1989: Registration of 'Palaton' reed canarygrass

Marshall, H. G.; Kolb, F. L.; Cregger, L. M., 1990: Registration of 'Pennuda' oat

Shipe, E. R.; Musen, H. L.; Mueller, J. D.; Weiser, G. C.; Williams, P. F, Jr, 1990: Registration of 'Perrin' soybean

Fine, G. L.; Barnett, F. L.; Anderson, K. L.; Lippert, R. D.; Jacobson, E. T., 1990: Registration of 'Pete' eastern gamagrass

Funk, C. R.; White, R. H.; Bara, R. F.; Pepin, G. W.; Jacob, J. O.; Herb, D. J., 1989: Registration of 'Pinnacle' perennial ryegrass

Sammons, D. J.; Kratochvil, R. J., 1989: Registration of 'Preamble' barley

Cholick, F. A.; Buchenau, G. W.; Sellers, K. M., 1990: Registration of 'Prospect' wheat

Musa, G. L. C.; Munoz, V. S., 1990: Registration of 'Quiriego 88' safflower

Schmidt, J. W.; Johnson, V. A.; Mattern, P. J.; Dreier, A. F.; McVey, D. V.; Hatchett, J. H., 1989: Registration of 'Redland' wheat

Cantrell, R. G.; Dick, J. W.; Miller, J. D., 1989: Registration of 'Renville' durum wheat

McBlain, B. A.; Fioritto, R. J.; St Martin, S. K.; Calip DuBois, A.; Schmitthenner, A. F.; Cooper, R. L.; Martin, R. J., 1990: Registration of 'Resnik' soybean

Henry, D. S.; Taylor, N. L., 1989: Registration of 'Rhizo' kura clover

Cooper, R. L.; Martin, R. J.; McBlain, B. A.; Fioritto, R. J.; St Martin, S. K.; Calip DuBois, A.; Schmitthenner, A. F., 1990: Registration of 'Ripley' soybean

Ensign, R. D., 1990: Registration of 'Ronde' Kentucky bluegrass

Johnson, C. W.; Carnahan, H. L.; Tseng, S. T.; Oster, J. J.; Hill, J. E.; Rutger, J. N.; Brandon, D. M., 1989: Registration of 'S-101' rice

Robinson, M. F.; Meyer, W. A.; Bara, R. F.; Dickson, W. K.; Funk, C. R., 1988: Registration of 'SR 4100' perennial ryegrass

Meyer, W. A.; Rose Fricker, C. A.; Robinson, M. R.; Funk, C. R., 1989: Registration of 'SR-4000' perennial ryegrass

Robinson, M. F.; Clarke, B. B.; Saha, D. C.; Duell, R. W.; Funk, C. R., 1989: Registration of 'SR3000' hard fescue

Musa, G. L. C.; Munoz, V. S., 1990: Registration of 'Sahuaripa 88' safflower

Brown, C. M.; Kolb, F. L., 1989: Registration of 'Scotty' wheat

Ramage, R. T., 1989: Registration of 'Seco' barley

Funk, C. R.; White, R. H.; Pepin, G. W.; Green, B. K, I. I.; Kopec, D. M., 1990: Registration of 'Sherwood' perennial ryegrass

Jan Orn, J.; Pumklom, M.; Chareontoh, P.; Janbunmee, S.; Thavarasook, C.; Benjasil, V., 1989: Registration of 'Si Samrong 60' cotton

Kelly, J. D.; Adams, M. W.; Saettler, A. W.; Hosfield, G. L.; Varner, G. V.; Uebersax, M. A.; Taylor, J., 1990: Registration of 'Sierra' pinto bean

Kirby, J. S.; Banks, D. J.; Sholar, J. R., 1989: Registration of 'Spanco' peanut

Pepin, G. W.; Wiley, W. K.; King, D. E.; Duell, R. W.; Funk, C. R., 1988: Registration of 'Spartan' hard fescue

Wilcox, J. R.; Roach, M. T.; Abney, T. S., 1989: Registration of 'Spencer' soybean

Cooper, R. L.; Martin, R. J.; Walker, A. K.; Schmitthenner, A. F., 1990: Registration of 'Sprite' soybean

Weaver, D. B.; Rodriguez Kabana, R.; Boerma, H. R., 1989: Registration of 'Stonewall' soybean

Jacklin, A. W.; Brede, A. D.; Hurley, R. H., 1989: Registration of 'Streaker' redtop

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