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Chapter 1,934

Respirable dust in fan and naturally ventilated hog barns

Phillips, P.A.; Thompson, B.K.

Transactions of the ASAE 32(5): 1807-1810


ISSN/ISBN: 0001-2351
Accession: 001933717

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Gravimetric dust samplers were used to measure respirable dust in 3 pig units, each with naturally and fan ventilated rooms. Ammonia concn was also recorded using a Drager gas detector. The 3 units were located in Southern Ontario; outside conditions were typical of the lower Great Lakes climate and measurements were obtained during 2 successive winters. Mean levels of respirable dust were 22% higher (0.11 mg/msuperscript 3) and the levels of ammonia 19% lower (3.10 ppm) in the naturally ventilated rooms than in the fan ventilated rooms.

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