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Results of studies on male calves from the dairy population and from crossing beef bulls with German Black Pied Dairy cows with regard to growth performance. 2. Morbidity and mortality rates as influenced by several factors

Weiher, O.; Wittig, G.; Neumann, W.

Archiv fur Tierzucht 31(6): 555-562


Accession: 001935461

Data on 20 107 dairy calves and 8960 calves of beef sires mated with German Black Pied Dairy cows were analysed. For the 2 breed types, the incidence of pneumonia was 30.42 and 32.79% resp., secondary pneumonia 6.62 and 8.09%, and stomach plus intestinal disorders 7.73 and 6.86%. For each of these disorders, mortality was higher in beef crossbreds than in dairy calves.

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