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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1938

Chapter 1938 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Gibson, J. A., 1989: Rodent control: past, present and future

Khan, A. A., 1987: Rodent damage in Punjab rice fields, Pakistan

Smith, R. H.; Nott, H. M. R., 1988: Rodent damage to cocoa in Equatorial Guinea

Rao, Gn, 1988: Rodent diets for carcinogenesis studies

Karim, A. N. M. R.; Ahmed, M. S.; Mion, M. Y.; Haque, M. E., 1988: Rodent ecology and control in deepwater rice

Fieldler, L. A., 1988: Rodent pest problems and management in eastern Africa

Prakash, I., 1988: Rodent problems in India

Saxena, V. K., 1987: Rodent-ectoparasite association in selected biotopes of Mirzapur and Varanasi Districts of Uttar Pradesh

Soliman, A. M.; Mousa, S. A.; Gad, N.; Desouky, R.; Sokkar, I. M., 1988: Rodents and ticks as a reservoir of mycoplasmas in poultry farms

Jensen, TS.; Nielsen, OF., 1986: Rodents as seed dispersers in a heath-oak wood succession

Posamentier, H., 1989: Rodents in agriculture. Review of findings in Bangladesh

Arbour, K. J.; Wilkie, D. M., 1988: Rodents' (Rattus, Mesocricetus, and Meriones) use of learned caloric information in diet selection

Rumbos, I. C.; Avgelis, A. D., 1989: Roditis leaf discoloration - a new virus disease of grapevine: symptomatology and transmission to indicator plants

Makhmudov, M. K.; Golovina, L. A.; Tashkhodzhaev, B.; Saidkhodzhaev, A. I.; Yagudaev, M. R.; Malikov, V. M., 1989: Roentgen structural studies of complex sesquiterpenoid esters from plants of the genus Ferula. V. The structure and stereochemistry of ferticin

Monteagudo Toranzo, S.; Caballero Figueroa, S.; Grillo Ravelo, H.; Mirabal Rodriguez, R., 1987: Rogas sp. (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) parasitoid of Davara caricae Dyar larvae (Lepidoptera: Phycitidae)

Cranshaw, W.; Hart, E., 1988: Rogue's gallery. A 'most unwanted' list of honeylocust pests

Riddle, L., 1987: Roguing with Roundup

Pankajam, G., 1988: Role and functions of college teachers and students in adult and continuing education programmes

Naumov, R. L., 1988: Role and place of epizootiological monitoring in the prophylaxis of tickborne encephalitis

Bagirova L.Sh, 1988: Role and place of serological surveys in the system of epidemiological surveillance of meningococcal infection

Nakata, N.; Asami, H.; Yasumuro, Y.; Sasaki, M., 1988: Role and transmission of midget chromosome found in the rye cytoplasmic Chinese Spring line

Sadorge, A., 1988: Role and utilisation of goats in Provence

Howe, M. D., 1989: Role management strategies of bed and breakfast operators in New York State

Ewens, W.; Lashuk, M., 1989: Role model identification and activity preferences of Australian youth

Lachenmaier Currie, U.; Breves, G.; Harmeyer, J., 1989: Role of 1,25-(OH)2D3 during pregnancy; studies with pigs suffering from pseudo-vitamin D-deficiency rickets, type I

Mitra, A.; Sarkar, S. C., 1989: Role of ADB in development of cottage and village industries in rural areas of West Bengal

Khan, R. A. R., 1989: Role of ADBP in rural development and employment generation

Dione, M., 1987: Role of Acacia senegal stands in the north and north-eastern zone of Senegal: assessment of action taken and future prospects

Katti, D. R., 1988: Role of CNS on passive resistance of saturated expansive soil

Section 2, Chapter 1938, Accession 001937041

Deka, N. K.; Prasad, D.; Chand, P., 1987: Role of Campoletis chlorideae Uchida in Heliothis management as affected by sowing dates of chickpea

Section 2, Chapter 1938, Accession 001937044

Lechappe, J.; Rouxel, F.; Sanson, M. T., 1988: Role of Fusarium oxysporum in the equilibrium of the parasitic complex of bean foot rot, Fusarium solani f.sp. phaseoli, Thielaviopsis basicola and Fusarium oxysporum

Ramaswamy, S.; Suthakaran, C.; Bapna, J. S., 1989: Role of GABAergic system in prolactin analgesia

Mikhova, S.; Donchev, N., 1988: Role of Gramineae as additional hosts and sources of inoculum of Puccinia striiformis West

Section 2, Chapter 1938, Accession 001937054

Farin, C. E., 1988: Role of LH in the cellular development of ovine corpora lutea

Lopez Calderon, A.; Gonzalez Quijano, M. I.; Tresguerres, J. A. F.; Ariznavarreta, C., 1990: Role of LHRH in the gonadotrophin response to restraint stress in intact male rats

Bhowmik, T.; Marth, E. H., 1990: Role of Micrococcus and Pediococcus species in cheese ripening: a review

Miegroet, H. van, 1986: Role of N status and N transformations in H+ budget, cation loss and S retention mechanisms in adjacent Douglas-fir and red alder forests

Udovenko, G. V., 1987: Role of N. I. Vavilov in studies on the physiology of plant resistance at the Vavilov Institute of Plant Industry (VIR)

Manickam, T. S., 1988: Role of NPK fertilizers in optimizing agricultural production

Shirvan, M. H.; Schuldiner, S.; Rottem, S., 1989: Role of Na+ cycle in cell volume regulation of Mycoplasma gallisepticum

Rao, A. V.; Narayanaswamy, T., 1988: Role of Nigrospora oryzae (Berks & Br) Petch in blast lesions of rice caused by Pyricularia oryzae Cav

Ippolito, A.; Cicco, V. de; Salerno, M., 1990: Role of Phytophthora spp. in citrus decline in Apulia and Basilicata, Italy

Levrat, P.; Alabouvette, C.; Pussard, M., 1987: Role of Protozoa in interactions between bacteria and fungi

Korzh, B. A.; Zlonkevich, Ya D.; Gevkan, I. I., 1990: Role of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in diseases of calves

Koncicki, A.; Szubstarska, A., 1988: Role of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in poultry diseases

Prokushkin, S. G.; Sorokin, N. D.; Kaverzina, L. N.; Klimova, L. S., 1988: Role of Scotch pine root exometabolites and saprolins in formation of edaphic conditions in forest biogeocenoses

Nazario, W.; Portugal, M. A. S. C.; Fancelli, M. I., 1988: Role of Senecio brasiliensis in toxic incidents in cattle in Sao Paulo State

Leath, K. T.; Hower, A. A., 1988: Role of Sitona hispidulus on the development of Fusarium wilt

Section 2, Chapter 1938, Accession 001937078

Hubbard, R. D.; Wannemuehler, M. J., 1987: Role of Treponema hyodysenteriae surface antigens in immunity to swine dysentery

Shorthouse, JD.; Lalonde, RG., 1988: Role of Urophora cardui (L.) (Diptera, Tephritidae) in growth and development of its gall on stems of Canada thistle

Gaur, A. C.; Rana, J. P. S., 1990: Role of VA mycorrhizae, phosphate solubilising bacteria and their interactions on growth and uptake of nutrients by wheat crops

Raju, V. T.; Ram, P. R.; Devi, I. B., 1989: Role of a commercial bank in the implementation of IRDP in Andhra Pradesh

Toussaint, C.; Peuchant, E.; Courtes, C.; Jensen, R.; Canellas, J., 1988: Role of a mineral water containing calcium sulphate and magnesium sulphate on the elimination of cholesterol by rats

Lee K.W., 1988: Role of activated macrophages in resistance to systemic candidosis

Craven, P. A.; DeRubertis, F. R., 1988: Role of activation of protein kinase C in the stimulation of colonic epithelial proliferation by unsaturated fatty acids

Moudgil, B. M.; Vasudevan, T. V., 1989: Role of active sites in selective flocculation

Weiss, D. F.; McClay, C. B.; Christopher, M. M.; Murphy, M.; Perman, V., 1990: Role of additive oxidant stress in haematologic alterations induced by propylene glycol-containing cat foods

Luvuno, F. M., 1988: Role of adhesive wraps in the pathogenesis of complicated amoebic colitis

Chaudhary, R. G., 1986: Role of adjuvants in rice blast control under high rainfall conditions

Dynarowicz, I.; Mortensen, A.; Watkowski, T., 1988: Role of adrenergic receptors in the regulation of blood flow through the reproductive system of pigs during the oestrous cycle

Johnson, J. T.; Yu, V. L., 1989: Role of aerobic Gram-negative rods, anaerobes, and fungi in wound infection after head and neck surgery: implications for antibiotic prophylaxis

Tverskoi, G. B.; Bokov, E. V., 1986: Role of afferent innervation of the bovine udder in regulation of milk secretion

Riley, M., 1990: Role of age distributions in career path analysis: an example of UK hotel managers

Khan, R. A. R., 1988: Role of agricultural credit in promotion of self-employment in rural sector

Fraser, G. C. G.; Antrobus, G. G., 1989: Role of agricultural marketing in transforming subsistence agriculture: African case study

Khan, H., 1988: Role of agriculture in a city-state economy: the case of Singapore

Shukla, R. N., 1988: Role of agriculture in development in Uttar Pradesh

Rehman, A., 1988: Role of agro-industrial crops and agro-industries in rural development: a case study of Budaun District (U.P.)

Vaishnava, V. G.; Narwadkar, P. R., 1989: Role of agroforestry in soil conservation

Johnson, D. W.; Taylor, G. E., 1989: Role of air pollution in forest decline in eastern North America

Khalid, S.; Shad, R. A., 1987: Role of allelopathy in weed management

Markov, A. G.; Mielke, G., 1988: Role of alpha and beta adrenoreceptors in the cow in the regulation of lactation

Malik, R. S., 1988: Role of amino acids in relation to aphid (Lipaphis erysimi Kalt.) resistance in cruciferous species

Zvereva, E. L., 1989: Role of ammonia in regulating gregarious behaviour of houseflies

Sarkar, M. C.; Himanshu Pathak, 1990: Role of ammonium sulphate in Indian Agriculture

Francois, J.; Bouatrouss, Y.; Noirot Timothee, C., 1988: Role of an anterior ring of histoblasts in the metamorphosis of the midgut in Tenebrio molitor L. (Insecta, Coleoptera)

Section 2, Chapter 1938, Accession 001937112

Cauwenbergh, G.; Cutsem, J. van, 1988: Role of animal and human pharmacology in antifungal drug design

Frye, W. W.; Blevins, R. L.; Smith, M. S.; Corak, S. J., 1988: Role of annual legume cover crops in efficient use of water and nitrogen

Section 2, Chapter 1938, Accession 001937116

Axelrood, Pe; Rella, M; Schroth, Mn, 1988: Role of antibiosis in competition of Erwinia strains in potato infection courts

Marwat, NK.; Baloch, UK., 1988: Role of antibiosis in rice against stem-borers

Fravel, D. R., 1988: Role of antibiosis in the biocontrol of plant diseases

Couderc, R.; Bailleul, S.; Laruelle, P., 1989: Role of apolipoprotein E in the physiopathology of hyperlipoproteinaemia: biochemical aspects

Shrestha, R. P.; Amatya, U. B., 1986: Role of appropriate technology in rural industrial development in Nepal: with reference to handmade paper industry

Pattanaik, Pk; Mohapatra, Pk, 1988: Role of assimilates and phosphates in the control of internode elongation in tall and dwarf indica rice varieties

Misra, M.; Misra, A. N., 1989: Role of axis on the interaction of light and kinetin on senescence retardation in wheat leaves

Andreev, E. V.; Fuks, P. P.; Chechetkina, N. P., 1989: Role of bacteria in the survival of viruses (IBR and PI-3 viruses) outside the host

Chashchina, N. M.; Lyalikova, N. N., 1989: Role of bacteria in the transformation of tungsten minerals

Saikia, A., 1988: Role of bank finance in agriculture - some findings

Czart, J., 1987: Role of beech in the forests of Olsztyn province

Suryanarayana, M. C., 1986: Role of beekeeping in Western Ghats development

Novikov, S. N.; Babalyan, V. V., 1988: Role of beta -glucuronidase in the activation of a pheromone that disrupts spermatogenesis in laboratory mice: urgent problems of the evolution of chemocommunication systems in vertebrates

Section 2, Chapter 1938, Accession 001937134

Pomposelli, J. J.; Flores, E. A.; Bistrian, B. R., 1988: Role of biochemical mediators in clinical nutrition and surgical metabolism

Section 2, Chapter 1938, Accession 001937137

Shea, D.; Maccrehan, W. A., 1988: Role of biogenic thiols in the solubility of sulfide minerals

Pritam Singh, 1989: Role of biotechnology in forest disease research and management in Canada: synthesis

Imam, M. M.; Mirza, M. Y.; Ahmad, H., 1987: Role of biotechnology in weed control

Hahn, N. E.; Perry, B. D.; Rice, R. M.; Hansen, J. W.; Turner, E. C., 1989: Role of blackflies in the epidemiology of Potomac horse fever

Daley, M. J.; Williams, T. J.; Dougherty, R.; Coyle, P. A.; Walsh, J.; Furda, G. J.; Hayes, P., 1990: Role of bovine cytokines in pathophysiology and therapy of bovine mastitis

Pavlyuk, V. P., 1987: Role of breast-feeding in supplying the newborn infant with progesterone

Eremenko, L. L.; Grinberg, E. G.; Starikova, D. A.; Vitchenko, E. F.; Klimova, A. I.; Orzhekhovskaya, T. E., 1987: Role of breeding material in producing new varieties of vegetable crops

Rankin J.A., 1989: Role of bronchoalveolar lavage in the diagnosis of pneumonia

Lum, PTM.; Baker, JE., 1989: Role of bursa copulatrix in oosorption in Cadra cautella (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)

Perry, W., 1988: Role of bypass protein in liquid supplements examined

Mahendra Singh, 1990: Role of calcium ammonium nitrate in crop production

Raghothama, K. G., 1988: Role of calcium and calmodulin in protein phosphorylation and auxin-induced cell elongation

Gupta, AK.; Rajbanshi, VK.; Sharma, LL., 1988: Role of calcium and phosphorus supplementation to basal diet in augmenting growth of fingerlings of Cirrhinus mrigala (Ham.)

Moysset, L; Simon, E., 1989: Role of calcium in phytochrome-controlled nyctinastic movements of Albizzia lophantha leaflets

Section 2, Chapter 1938, Accession 001937153

Roux, S. J.; Wayne, R. O.; Datta, N., 1986: Role of calcium ions in phytochrome responses: an update

Reid M.S., 1988: Role of carbohydrates in diurnal chilling sensitivity of tomato seedlings

Mishra, B. K.; Mishra, C., 1988: Role of cation distribution coefficient in predicting the fate of ammonium moving through a soil profile

Groenestijn, Jw-Van; Vlekke, Gjfm; Anink, Dme; Deinema, Mh; Zehnder, Ajb, 1988: Role of cations in accumulation and release of phosphate by Acinetobacter strain 210A

Melancon Kaplan, J.; Weidanz, W. P., 1989: Role of cell-mediated immunity in resistance to malaria

Beveridge T.J., 1989: Role of cellular design in bacterial metal accumulation and mineralization

Agawal R.A., 1988: Role of chemical components of resistant and susceptible genotypes of cotton and okra in ovipositional preference of cotton leafhopper

Alexander M., 1988: Role of chemical concentration and second carbon sources in acclimation of microbial communities for biodegradation

Yadav, D. V.; Khanna, S. S., 1988: Role of cobalt in nitrogen fixation-a review

Gupta, BM.; Yadava, CPS., 1989: Role of coccinellid predators in regulating the aphid Myzus persicae (Sulzer) population on cumin in field

Shukla, S. K., 1988: Role of commercial activities in the process of rural development: a case study of Sagar block (M.P.)

Balister ; Gupta, V. K., 1987: Role of commercial banks and cooperatives in financing IRD programme

Giraldo, C; Southern, Ll, 1988: Role of compensatory gain in Eimeria acervulina-induced liver copper accumulation in chicks

Cugudda, L.; Garibaldi, A., 1987: Role of competition for iron and glucose and of cross-protection in the suppressiveness of a soil to Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. dianthi to saprophytic Fusarium species

Filippsen, L. F.; Valentin Weigand, P.; Blobel, H.; Preissner, K. T.; Chhatwal, G. S., 1990: Role of complement S protein (vitronectin) in adherence of Streptococcus dysgalactiae to bovine epithelial cells

Smirnov, V. A.; Smirnova, V. V., 1987: Role of components of the nutrient medium in callus induction in tomato

Shikha Roy; Ashwani Kumar, 1988: Role of conidia in recurrence of ergot of bajra

Moorthi, T. V.; Thakur, D. R., 1987: Role of cooperation in marketing of seed potato in Lahaul-Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh

Babadin ; Singh, B. N., 1987: Role of cooperatives in agricultural finance in Barabanki District of eastern U.P

Chung, K; Romero, N; Tinker, D; Keen, Cl; Amemiya, K; Rucker, R., 1988: Role of copper in the regulation and accumulation of superoxide dismutase and metallothionein in rat liver

Power, J. F.; Doran, J. W., 1988: Role of crop residue management in nitrogen cycling and use

Unger, P. W.; Langdale, G. W.; Papendick, R. I., 1988: Role of crop residues - improving water conservation and use

Schepers, J. S., 1988: Role of cropping systems in environmental quality: groundwater nitrogen

Halvorson, A. D., 1988: Role of cropping systems in environmental quality: saline seep control

Oka, I. N., 1989: Role of cultural techniques in rice integrated pest management systems

Section 2, Chapter 1938, Accession 001937187

Jones, O. T. G.; Caseley, J. C., 1989: Role of cytochrome P450 in herbicide metabolism

Section 2, Chapter 1938, Accession 001937190

Davydenko, O. G., 1989: Role of cytoplasmic variation in the evolution and breeding of plants

Singh, R. P.; Singh, R., 1988: Role of dairy enterprise in increasing income and employment

Ulaganathan V., 1988: Role of diacetyl in microbial control

Mohamed, M.; Khan, H.; Narasimhan, R., 1990: Role of diacetyl on the shelf life of pasteurised cream

Allen, R., 1988: Role of diet in treating atopic eczema: dietary manipulation has no value

Atherton, D. J., 1988: Role of diet in treating atopic eczema: elimination diets can be beneficial

Newport, M. J.; Sambrook, I. E.; Cranwell, P. D., 1988: Role of dietary fat in gastric emptying in the neonate

Horii M., 1988: Role of dietary lipids in the development of fatty liver in rats fed low protein diets

Fahim, F. A.; Morcos, N. Y. S.; Muhammad, F. Z.; Esmat, A. Y., 1989: Role of dietary magnesium and/or manganese variables on Ehrlich ascites tumor-bearing mice

Baranovskaya, V. A.; Chizhikova, N. P.; Gradusov, B. P.; O. V. Aver' Yanova, V. V., 1988: Role of different clay fractions in predicting changes in chernozems on irrigation

Grishechkina, L. D., 1988: Role of different crops and their post-harvest remnants in preserving Verticillium infection in the soil

Ryskal' , G. V., 1989: Role of different factors in experimental mutagenesis in wheat

Ryskal' , G. V., 1989: Role of different factors in the experimental mutagenesis of wheat

Siriweera, W. I., 1989: Role of draught buffalo in rural Sri Lanka

Kackley, Ke; Grybauskas, Ap; Dernoeden, Ph; Hill, Rl, 1990: Role of drought stress in the development of summer patch in field-inoculated Kentucky bluegrass

Section 2, Chapter 1938, Accession 001937208

Havlicek, J, Jr, 1990: Role of economics and other social sciences in biotechnology research

Dhaliwal, N. S., 1990: Role of economies of scale in cost competitiveness of Canadian food and beverage processing industries

Van Doorn W.G.; Schurer K.; De Witte Y., 1989: Role of endogenous bacteria in vascular blockage of cut rose flowers

Behl, H. M., 1990: Role of endomycorrhizae in fuelwood plantation nurseries for alkaline soil sites

Birk, S., 1988: Role of endotoxins in coli mastitis of newly calved cows, and ways of detecting endotoxin in blood and milk

Borthakur, M. C., 1986: Role of entomopathogenic bacteria for the control of tea looper caterpillar

Ghose, S.; Haldar, DP., 1989: Role of environmental factors in the incidence of two new species of apicomplexan parasites, Hirmocystis lophocateri sp. n. and Hirmocystis triboli sp. n. from coleopteran insects

Sarkar, S. K., 1990: Role of environmental factors on fish growth exposed to ammonium sulphate

Burton D.L.; Mcgill W.B., 1989: Role of enzyme stability in controlling histidine deaminating activity in soil

Kumari, P. S.; Hegde, R. K.; Basarkar, P. W.; Srinivasan, C. N.; Srikant Kulkarni, 1988: Role of enzymes in the gut region of the garden snail (Cryptozona semirugata Beck.) on the germination of oospores of Phytophthora spp

De Greef J., 1988: Role of ethylene and cytokinins in the initiation of lateral shoot growth in bromeliads

Balatti, P. A.; Willemoes, J. G., 1989: Role of ethylene in the geotropic response of bermudagrass (Cynodon dactylon L. Pers.) stolons

Raskin, I; Beyer, Em Jr, 1989: Role of ethylene metabolism in Amaranthus retroflexus

Jaffer R., 1988: Role of eucalypts in agroforestry and essential oil production potential

Young, T. P.; Lindsay, W. K., 1988: Role of even-age population structure in the disappearance of Acacia xanthophloea woodlands

Flores E.R.; Provenza F.D.; Balph D.F., 1989: Role of experience in the development of foraging skills of lambs browsing the shrub serviceberry

Shmelev, S. I.; Zykova, G. P.; Dubonosov, V. T., 1988: Role of extraction equilibrium in quantitative analysis of pesticide residues in soils

Kumar, V., 1988: Role of fertiliser industry in afforestation programme

Section 2, Chapter 1938, Accession 001937233

Virendra Kumar, 1988: Role of fertilizer industry in afforestation programme

Serbentavitchius, A. I., 1987: Role of fertilizers in development of sandy soils

Warburton, M. J.; Ferns, S. A., 1987: Role of fibronectin and laminin in the attachment of mammary epithelial cells

Keeley, J. E., 1987: Role of fire in seed germination of woody taxa in California chaparral

Goyal, G. K.; Srinivasan, M. R., 1989: Role of flexible packages on the microbiological quality of khoa during low-temperature storage

Dobson, HEM., 1987: Role of flower and pollen aromas in host-plant recognition by solitary bees

Dakshini, M. N., 1984: Role of forest trees in landscaping

Bazanova, O. R., 1988: Role of forest vegetation in increasing erosion resistance of water catchment areas and banks of small rivers

Anonymous, 1989: Role of forestry in combating desertification

Sapozhnikov, T. M.; Skvortsova, E. B.; Bgantsov, V. N., 1987: Role of freezing and thawing processes in loosening of soils

Section 2, Chapter 1938, Accession 001937248

Section 2, Chapter 1938, Accession 001937249

Section 2, Chapter 1938, Accession 001937250

Dighton, J.; Boddy, L., 1989: Role of fungi in nitrogen, phosphorus and sulphur cycling in temperate forest ecosystems

Kinsbursky R.S.; Levanon D.; Yaron B., 1989: Role of fungi in stabilizing aggregates of sewage sludge amended soils

Jamaluddin, 1988: Role of fungi in weathering of teak fruits

Service F.J., 1988: Role of gastric inhibitory polypeptide in postprandial hyperinsulinemia of obesity

Section 2, Chapter 1938, Accession 001937260

Barsukova, O. N., 1987: Role of gene centres in the development of apple and pear genotypes with multiple resistance to diseases

Vatamanyuk, G. Z.; Zakhoba, V. P., 1987: Role of genetic and statistical parameters for selecting maize mutants for economically useful characters

Zonew, P.; Jotowa, I.; Atanasow, K., 1988: Role of genetic factors in the development and spread of bovine leukosis

Takahashi M.; Kasuga F.; Saito S.; Matsuyama S.; Yamanouchi K.; Murata T.; Shiota K., 1989: Role of germ cells and splenocytes in the steroidogenesis of ovarian endocrine cells

Section 2, Chapter 1938, Accession 001937266

Mas A.; Sarkar B., 1989: Role of glutathione in selenite binding by human plasma

Alvarez J.G.; Storey B.T., 1989: Role of glutathione peroxidase in protecting mammalian spermatozoa from loss of motility caused by spontaneous lipid peroxidation

Delange, F., 1988: Role of goitrogenic factors other than iodine deficiency in the aetiology of goitre

Rabindran, R.; Marimuthu, T.; Sivakumar, M.; Natarajan, S., 1987: Role of graded doses of potash on the incidence of Phytophthora wilt of betelvine

Jakrlova, J., 1989: Role of grasslands with Calamagrostis sp. in air polluted areas of the Beskydy mountains

Heide, J. van der, 1988: Role of green manure in low-input farming in the humid tropics

Section 2, Chapter 1938, Accession 001937275

Konopinska, D.; Rosinski, G.; Bartosz Bechowski, H.; Lesicki, A.; Sujak, P.; Sobotka, W., 1990: Role of guanidine group at the N-terminal proctolin chain in cardioexcitatory effects in insects

Singhal, P. C.; Joshi, L. D., 1984: Role of gum arabica and gum catechu in glycemia and cholesterolemia

Rajan, A. C.; Rani, H. S. U., 1988: Role of handloom weavers in rural industrialisation

Abeywickrama K., 1988: Role of health personnel in the promotion of breast feeding practices

Section 2, Chapter 1938, Accession 001937280

Mithen, R.; Drummond, R. B., 1988: Role of herbaria within developing countries with particular reference to the National Herbarium of Botswana

Lazarevic, N.; Stojicevic, S.; Marovic, D.; Jordanovic, B.; Jovanovic, A., 1988: Role of herd infections in the control of mastitis on large intensive dairy farms

Chashchina, N. M.; Kukharchuk, L. E., 1989: Role of heterotrophic bacteria in leaching copper, lead and zinc from sulphide minerals

Joseph, D.; Mohandas, N., 1985: Role of honey bees in the pollination of cardamom

Section 2, Chapter 1938, Accession 001937286

Das, R. C., 1985: Role of hull in the inheritance of seed dormancy in rice

Tan, K. H., 1989: Role of humic and fulvic acids in mineral weathering

Abalakin, V. A., 1989: Role of humoral and cellular factors in the formation of postvaccinal immunity to anthrax in mice

Ulyukina, M. K., 1989: Role of hybridization in broadening the area of commercial nut production in the USSR

Maksimov, G. B.; Batov, A. Yu, 1989: Role of hydrolytic and transport functions of plasmalemma H+-ATPase in regulation of membrane transport of cations in plasmalemma preparations

Maksimov, G. B.; Batov, A. Yu, 1989: Role of hydrolytic and transport functions of plasmalemmal H+-ATPase in controlling membrane transport of cations in plasma membrane preparations

Marcelli, C.; Pansard, E.; Baldet, P.; Simon, L., 1988: Role of hyperthyroidism in bone complications in the treatment of osteoporosis with fluorine

Section 2, Chapter 1938, Accession 001937297

Francis, S. M.; Merrick, N. C., 1989: Role of improved clovers in non-arable pasture renewal in mid-Canterbury

Teteryatchenko, K. G.; Kovalenko, A. M.; Minenkova, G. A., 1987: Role of individual morphological and anatomical plant structures in winter bread wheat in overwintering and resistance to lodging and diseases

Gus' kova, L. A.; Autonova, V. V.; Mutsenietse, Z. A., 1987: Role of individual rotational cultures on the pathogenicity of Heterodera avenae

Holland J.F., 1987: Role of individual serum pentitol concentrations in the diagnosis of disseminated visceral candidiasis

Section 2 , Chapter 1938, Accession 001937302

Thankamma, L., 1988: Role of injection wounds on bark rot disease incidence in Hevea brasiliensis

Sdraiati, D., 1988: Role of insect pollinators in the fruiting of Erythronium dens canis

Dulta, P. C.; Verma, L. R., 1987: Role of insect pollinators on yield and quality of apple fruit

Dakshinamoorthy, T.; Sivaprakasam, K.; Rangarajan, A. V., 1988: Role of insects in secondary spread of ergot disease of pearl millet

Costa, J. L. da S.; Lordello, S., 1988: Role of insects in the dissemination of Fusarium disease of pineapple

Hussein A.M., 1987: Role of insects in the pollination of cocoa flowers

Section 2, Chapter 1938, Accession 001937311

Anderson M.P., 1988: Role of interceptor ditches in limiting the spread of contaminants in ground water

Burke J.F., 1988: Role of interleukin 1 and tumor necrosis factor on energy metabolism in rabbits

Section 2, Chapter 1938, Accession 001937316

Fredenhagen, A.; Kenny, P.; Kita, H.; Komura, H.; Naya, Y.; Nakanishi, K.; Nishiyama, K.; Sugiura, M.; Tamura, S., 1987: Role of intracellular symbiotes in planthoppers

Luvuno, F. M., 1990: Role of intraoperative prograde colonic lavage and a decompressive loop ileostomy in the management of transmural amoebic colitis

Clark J.M.; Brooks M.W., 1989: Role of ion channels and intraterminal calcium homeostasis in the action of deltamethrin at presynaptic nerve terminals

Velu, G., 1989: Role of iron and zinc nutrients on ratoon sugarcane

Smith J.K.; Carden D.L.; Grisham M.B.; Granger D.N.; Korthuis R.J., 1989: Role of iron in postischemic microvascular injury

Hillel D., 1990: Role of irrigation in agricultural systems

Khamraev, N. R.; Gorbachev, R. M., 1989: Role of irrigation in integrated development of uninhabited territories in central Asia

Ryskov, Ya G.; Gurov, A. F., 1988: Role of irrigation in the present evolution of terrace chernozems of the Lower Don

Section 2, Chapter 1938, Accession 001937325

Kruglyak, S. P.; Leonova, G. N., 1989: Role of ixodid ticks in the circulation of Powassan virus in the southern Far East

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