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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1943

Chapter 1943 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Robbins, J; Sjulin, Tm, 1988: Selection for virus tolerance in strawberry seedlings in relation to virus source and plant age

Elmer S.; Rogers S.G., 1990: Selection for wild type size derivatives of tomato golden mosaic virus during systemic infection

Silvetti, E., 1989: Selection for yield: correlated responses in Capsicum

Larionov, Yu S.; Larionova, L. M., 1987: Selection in breeding and its main principles

Damaskin, D. P.; Miku, M. G., 1988: Selection in hybrid populations of soyabean

Jonsson, P.; Jorgensen, N., 1989: Selection in pig breeding in relation to social dominance

Taylor N.L.; Smith R.R.; Anderson J.A., 1990: Selection in red clover for resistance to northern anthracnose

Dorozhkin, B. N.; Kadychegov, A. N., 1988: Selection in the early stages of potato breeding

Robert, T.; Sarr, A.; Pernes, J., 1989: Selection in the haploid phase in millet (Pennisetum typhoides (Burm.) Stapf et Hubb.): effect of temperature

Garrido, L. M. do A. G.; Garrido, M. A. de O., 1986: Selection in tropical Pinus for resin production

Badran, A. E.; Shebl, M. K.; Sharaby, M. A., 1989: Selection index for milk production traits in a dairy herd

Klusacek, J.; Diblik, T.; Fiedler, J., 1988: Selection index of the reproductive performance of sows of dam breeds

Salgado D.J.; Tewolde A., 1989: Selection index to improve milk yield per lactation in dairy production system of the tropics

Singh, C. V.; Yadav, M. C., 1989: Selection indexes based on part lactation in Nili-Ravi buffaloes

Eler, J. P.; Lobo, R. B., 1989: Selection indices and correlated responses for direct genetic and maternal effects and prediction of phenotypic responses for weaning weight of Nelore cattle in Sao Paulo State

Khalil, M. H.; Soliman, A. M., 1989: Selection indices and subindices for improving milk yield traits in Braunvieh cattle

Singh, R.; Tomar, S. S., 1988: Selection indices for genetic improvement of Karan Fries cows

Abraham, M. J.; Borthakur, D. N., 1987: Selection indices for grain yield in foxtail millet

Simm G.; Dingwall W.S., 1989: Selection indices for lean meat production in sheep

Alves, R. G. de O.; Silva, M. de A. e; Pereira, J. A. A.; Barbosa, A. S., 1988: Selection indices for reproductive traits in pigs

Yadav, A. K.; Singh, H., 1988: Selection indices for seed yield in Indian mustard (Brassica juncea (L.) Czern & Coss). I. Based on physiological attributes

Dey, B. R.; Johari, D. C.; Kataria, M. C.; Singh, D. P.; Sharma, R. D., 1988: Selection indices in layer dam line

James, J. W., 1990: Selection limits in Thoroughbred horses

Bereskin, B.; Steele, N. C.; Mitchell, A. D., 1990: Selection line X diet interactions for two lines of pigs fed 12 or 24% protein diets

Scardella, P., 1989: Selection methods

Viau, L. V. M.; Carvalho, F. I. F. de, 1988: Selection methods and heterogeneous population effects in oat breeding

Trejo Gonzalez, A. A., 1988: Selection methods for goats and sheep

Fouilloux, G.; Bannerot, H., 1988: Selection methods in the common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris)

Wei, M.; Werf, J. H. J. van der, 1990: Selection methods using purebred and crossbred performance

Surmeli, N.; Gursoy, A., 1985: Selection of Yaglk pepper variety

Feldmann, AM.; Ponnudurai, T., 1989: Selection of Anopheles stephensi for refractoriness and susceptibility to Plasmodium falciparum

Liang, G. Q.; Dai, J. G.; Xie, Y. J., 1988: Selection of C-cytoplasm maize mutants resistant to Helminthosporium maydis race C pathotoxin

Bazzigher, G.; Miller, G. A., 1987: Selection of Endothia-resistant chestnuts in Switzerland - a source of valuable breeding material

Blendl, H. M.; Hojny, J.; Schmid, D. O.; Wittmann, W.; Kraus, H., 1989: Selection of German Landrace homozygous, stress-resistant pig lines using marker genes

Chaudry, M. A.; Saleem, N. A.; Asghar, A. A., 1988: Selection of Nili-Ravi bulls through progeny testing

Misic, P. D.; Mirkovic, M. A.; Todorovic, R. R.; Jovanovic, L. M., 1987: Selection of Persian walnut (Juglans regia) from the native population in Serbia particularly the Belgrade region

Wu, W-K.; Tesh, RB., 1990: Selection of Phlebotomus papatasi (Diptera: Psychodidae) lines susceptible and refractory to Leishmania major infection

Mabellos, J. C.; Lyda, S. D., 1988: Selection of Phymatotrichum root rot resistance through tissue culture techniques

Pika, N. A.; Podgaetskii, A. A., 1987: Selection of Phytophthora-resistant potato varieties and hybrids

Section 2, Chapter 1943, Accession 001942047

Thompson, J. A., 1988: Selection of Rhizobium strains

Redway, F. A.; Vasil, I. K., 1990: Selection of S-(aminoethyl)-L-cysteine tolerance in embryogenic calli and regenerated plants of Pennisetum purpureum Schum

Havy, A.; Bibe, B., 1989: Selection of Salers cattle: change of direction and readaptation of characteristics

Barker, JF., 1989: Selection of a non-diapausing strain of a sunflower stem weevil Cylindrocopturus adspersus LeConte (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Lehrsch, Ga; Whisler, Fd; Romkens, Mjm, 1988: Selection of a parameter describing soil surface roughness

Choprea, R.; Gandhi, D. N., 1989: Selection of a starter culture for the preparation of a fermented drink by using sweet cream buttermilk

Sylvia, D. M.; Burks, J. N., 1988: Selection of a vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus for practical inoculation of Uniola paniculata

Strzelec, A., 1987: Selection of active Rhizobium leguminosarum strains in the symbiosis with faba beans cultivated on acid soil fertilized with nitrogen

Poi, S. C., 1990: Selection of agronomically superior strains of Rhizobium as inoculants for improvement of cultivation of pigeon pea (Cajanus cajan)

Liu, M. C., 1990: Selection of agronomically useful mutants through plant cell culture systems

Section 2, Chapter 1943, Accession 001942064

Houston, J.; Learner, M. A.; Dancer, B. N., 1989: Selection of an antibiotic-resistant strain of Bacillus subtilis var. niger (B. globigii) for use as a tracer in microbially rich waters

Badowska Czubik, T., 1982: Selection of an artificial diet for mass-rearing of the codling moth (Laspeyresia pomonella L.)

Bagyaraj, D. J.; Reddy, M. S. B.; Nalini, P. A., 1989: Selection of an efficient inoculant VA mycorrhizal fungus for Leucaena

Guo, J. D.; Huang, Y. J.; Lin, F. S., 1989: Selection of an indica rice cultivar Huinongzao 1 and its cultivation techniques

Naskidashvili, P. P.; Samadashvili, Ts Sh; Chikadze, Z. N., 1989: Selection of an object for radiation breeding in triticale

Slingerland, M. A., 1989: Selection of animals for work in sub-Saharan Africa: research at the ICRISAT Sahelian centre

Section 2, Chapter 1943, Accession 001942072

O' Day, D. M., 1987: Selection of appropriate antifungal therapy

Malhotra, K. S.; Kaur, M., 1989: Selection of appropriate solar pump for agricultural applications

Davies G.J.; Cowie A.L.; Jessop R.S., 1990: Selection of balancing ions for nutritional studies in nutrient culture experiments

Barradas, C. A.; Boddey, L. H.; Hungria, M., 1989: Selection of bean cultivars and Rhizobium strains for early nodulation and late senescence of nodules

Tilsch, K.; Breitenstein, K. G.; Rech, L., 1986: Selection of beef heifers and cows using the IF2 index

Gudkova, M. Ya; Ervol' der, T. M.; Gudkov, S. A.; Ushakova, O. L.; Prokof' eva, I. A., 1986: Selection of bifidobacteria for starter cultures

Rodriguez R.L., 1988: Selection of big sagebrush by sage grouse

Takita, T.; Nishiyama, H., 1989: Selection of biotypes of green rice leafhopper and genetic analysis for the resistance in rice

Yakimenko, O. F.; Novopokrovskii, V. S., 1990: Selection of black currant varieties for mechanical harvesting

Choudhury, N.; Jolly, J. G.; Mahajan, R. C.; Dubey, M. L.; Kalra, A.; Ganguly, N. K., 1988: Selection of blood donors in malaria-endemic countries

Brade, W., 1988: Selection of bull dams in a dual-purpose population specialising in milk production

Stolzenburg U.; Schoenmuth G., 1990: Selection of bulls for twinning

Lezhneva, L. P., 1987: Selection of cabbage flies as hosts of Aleochara according to characteristics associated with photoperiodic reaction

Babouchkine, You P., 1987: Selection of carp tolerant of winter

Watanabe, H.; Hisamitsu, H.; Ishizuka, K., 1988: Selection of carrot cells tolerant to benzulfuron methyl and their acetolactate synthase response

Tcacenco, F. A., 1988: Selection of characters for the classification of three cultivars of elephant grass

Schaslenok, G. I.; Schaslenok, E. M., 1988: Selection of clones for initial growth rate, and the quality of the seed potatoes

Pereira, P. A. A.; Bliss, F. A., 1989: Selection of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) for N2 fixation at different levels of available phosphorus under field and environmentally-controlled conditions

Greenfield P.F., 1988: Selection of controlled variables for a high rate anaerobic reactor

Almatov, A. S.; Sanam' yan, M. F.; Zakirov, S. A., 1987: Selection of cotton plants prone to self pollination and cross pollination among mutagen-induced populations

Carruthers, V. R.; Davis, S. R.; Bryant, A. M.; Morris, C. A., 1989: Selection of cows for once a day milking

Ozolinchyus, R. V., 1988: Selection of criteria for determining the point of formation of a forest coenose

Jiang, M. X.; Zhang, L. D.; Feng, Z. H., 1989: Selection of cucumber pistillate lines and their utilization

Bednarski W.; Jedrychowski L.; Hammond E.C., 1989: Selection of dairy cultures for dicarbonyl production

Herrier, A., 1989: Selection of donor cows for embryo transfer on the basis of a rapid milk progesterone assay and superovulation using defined FSH/LH preparations

Mengel, T., 1988: Selection of donor cows for embryo transfer using prior investigation and blood traits

Przybya, A., 1988: Selection of dwarf mutants of apple vegetative rootstocks obtained by gamma irradiation

Balla L., 1988: Selection of early heading wheats in the phytotron

Barnoczkine Stoilova, E., 1988: Selection of effective seed dressing fungicides to control Fusarium spp. on onion seeds

Tang, M.; Menendez, J.; Gazo, M., 1989: Selection of effective strains of Rhizobium for Siratro and Teramnus labialis

Vieira, R. F.; Peres, J. R. R., 1988: Selection of efficient ectomycorrhizae fungi for Eucalyptus grandis

Liao, Y. M., 1989: Selection of elite lines of winter mushroom for cultivation in Taiwan

Reddy, J. M., 1988: Selection of emitter spacing in trickle irrigation

Sato, S.; Otani, M.; Shimoi, H.; Saito, K.; Tadenuma, M., 1987: Selection of flocculent mutants of yeasts for waste water treatment. Utilization of wild yeasts (part VIII)

Medrano, H.; Pol, A., 1986: Selection of forage grasses for photosynthetic efficiency

Barakina, R. I.; Borzenko, M. A., 1987: Selection of fowls for increasing natural resistance (a review)

Scott, B. J.; Fisher, J. A., 1989: Selection of genotypes tolerant of aluminium and manganese

Suarez Vasquez, S.; Machado, L. F.; Pizarro, E. A., 1987: Selection of grasses and legumes for the coffee area of Supia, Colombia

Moritz, R. F. A., 1988: Selection of group characters in honey bees (Apis mellifera)

Sinkevich, P. N.; Kunkevich, P. A.; Bykov, N. N., 1990: Selection of harvesters used for fodder production

Garcia Torres, L.; Lopez Granados, F.; Saavedra, M.; Mesa Garcia, J., 1989: Selection of herbicides for the control of broomrape (Orobanche spp.) in faba bean (Vicia faba L.)

Crowley, C.; Jones, P., 1989: Selection of high hectolitre weight mutants of winter wheat

Ito M., 1988: Selection of high wet endurance cross parents for malting barley breeding program

Konovalov, Yu B.; Pyl' nev, V. V.; Pyl' nev, V. M.; Nefedov, A. V., 1987: Selection of high-productivity forms of cereal crops

Deidda, P.; Dettori, S.; Chessa, I., 1988: Selection of hybrids from Clementine mandarin and mandarin-like crosses in Sardinia

Xu, Y.; Zhu, Q. L., 1988: Selection of hydroxy-L-proline resistant variants of tobacco from cultured haploid callus and studies on their physiological and biochemical characteristics. III. Response of the Hyp-resistant variant to environmental stress

Danell B., 1989: Selection of individual females for reproductive performance

Berry, N. B., 1989: Selection of ingredients for aseptically filled food products

Anonymous, 1988: Selection of inspection companies with experience in fertilizer industry requirements

Krasavina, L. P.; Voroshilov, N. V., 1987: Selection of lacewings for heat-resistance

Shalygina, A. M.; Surovtseva, V. V.; Lozitskaya, T. N.; Kozyarenko, T. A., 1988: Selection of lactic acid bacteria for starters used in Ukrainian cheese

Beliard, E.; Abgrall, B.; Bourgeois, C. M., 1989: Selection of lactic acid bacteria for their inhibitory activity against Pseudomonas putida. Application to fresh minced meat preservation

Romek, B.; Dzienia, S., 1986: Selection of legumes grown for seed on a good wheat soil complex

Magnavaca R., 1988: Selection of maize genotypes for phosphorus efficiency

Maraz, L.; Sel, Sh, 1988: Selection of maize lines with normal endosperm for improved protein content

Sanou, J.; Sauvaire, D., 1988: Selection of maize varieties adapted to semi-intensive cultivation in Burkina Faso

Moya, A.; Capote, M.; Duverger, O.; Aguado, E., 1988: Selection of male breeding turkeys by means of evaluating semen quality

Batista, J. L. F.; Couto, H. T. Z. do, 1986: Selection of mathematical models for constructing site index curves for Eucalyptus plantations in the state of Sao Paulo

Rodriguez Rivera, O. L., 1990: Selection of mating season for hair sheep in the tropics

Wilson, T. G.; Fabian, J., 1987: Selection of methoprene-resistant mutants of Drosophila melanogaster

Lagerkvist, G., 1988: Selection of mink for pelt quality

Belizan, J. M.; Nardin, J. C.; Carroli, G.; Campodonico, L., 1989: Selection of mothers with increased risk of delivering low birthweight newborns at a public maternity hospital in Rosario, Argentina

Sun, L. H.; Lu, X. F.; Tang, B. G.; Zhu, Z. W.; Huang, M., 1989: Selection of mutant variants for Xanthomonas oryzae by tissue culture in rice. II. Variations of characters in progenies of regenerated plants

Anonymous, 1988: Selection of new poplar lines

Smits, P. H.; Vlak, J. M., 1988: Selection of nuclear polyhedrosis viruses as biological control agents of Spodoptera exigua (Lep.: Noctuidae)

Lloyd, D. G., 1987: Selection of offspring size at independence and other size-versus-number strategies

Reddy, Y. T. N.; Bhargava, B. S.; Kohli, R. R., 1988: Selection of papaya tissue for nutritional diagnosis

Kaska, N.; Kuden, A., 1988: Selection of peach and nectarine varieties suitable for the Cukurova region from the view point of yield, quality and earliness

Hammerschlag, F. A., 1988: Selection of peach cells for insensitivity to culture filtrates of Xanthomonas campestris pv. pruni and regeneration of resistant plants

Bassi, D.; Marangoni, B.; Barnabe, D., 1989: Selection of pear seedlings (P. communis L.) as potential clonal rootstocks: preliminary data

Kasumov, G. R., 1988: Selection of persimmon cultivars for commercial horticulture in Azerbaidzhan

Sediyama, C. S.; Sediyama, T.; Sakiyama, N. S., 1989: Selection of phenotypic characteristics for the differentiation of soyabean genotypes by means of principal component analysis

Rothschild, M. F., 1987: Selection of pigs for disease resistance

Molotkov, P. I.; Shlonchak, G. A., 1989: Selection of pine forms resistant to radiation pollution

Hammatt N.; Lister A.; Blackhall N.W.; Gartland J.; Ghose T.K.; Gilmour D.M.; Power J.B.; Davey M.R.; Cocking E.C., 1990: Selection of plant heterokaryons from diverse origins by flow cytometry

Laskin, V. P.; Maslovskaya, E. N., 1988: Selection of plants for yield components at the early stages of breeding in winter wheat

Kan, M. I., 1990: Selection of potato planters

Vogel M., 1988: Selection of preculture conditions for solid state fermentation of sugar beet pulp

Arruda, L. P. de; Shimoya, A., 1989: Selection of productive and stable maize cultivars in the State of Mato Grosso

Tewari, V. P., 1987: Selection of promising lines in perennial chilli (Capsicum frutescens)

Naikwade, M. M.; Shinde, G. S.; Patil, V. K., 1989: Selection of promising types of markingnut in Marathwada region

Tepper B.J.; Kanarek R.B., 1989: Selection of protein and fat by diabetic rats following separate dilution of the dietary sources

Varela Ramirez F., 1988: Selection of pulp color and thickness in calabaza

Biltuev, S. I., 1989: Selection of rams during the formation of a Siberian type of mutton-wool sheep

Patrovsky, J.; Horky, J.; Gajdusek, S., 1989: Selection of raw materials with high heat stability for manufacture of sterilized milk products

Schoeneberger, Mm; Volk, Rj; Davey, Cb, 1989: Selection of reference plants and methods for estimating N2 fixation in mycorrhizal leguminous plants

Thaer, G.; Hammer, W., 1989: Selection of reference values for accident frequency

Matheson S.L.; Nowak J.; Maclean N.L., 1990: Selection of regenerative genotypes from highly productive cultivars of alfalfa

Marinov, P., 1988: Selection of regions in Bulgaria for apricot cultivation

Sylvester Bradley, R.; Mosquera, D.; Mendez, J. E., 1988: Selection of rhizobia for inoculation of forage legumes in savanna and rainforest soils of tropical America

Anonymous, 1989: Selection of rice sterile line Ning A and utilization of its hybrid Ningyou 64

Zhao, R. T.; Zhu, H. M.; Bi, Y. J.; Gao, S. G.; Qiao, Y. K., 1988: Selection of salt tolerant variants of wheat by anther culture

Mian, S. H., 1989: Selection of schemes for rehabilitation in Pakistan

Khan, A. S.; Tabassum, M. A.; Khan, J., 1990: Selection of seed-cum-fertilizer drill: technical considerations

Section 2, Chapter 1943, Accession 001942189

Teepker G.; Keller D.S., 1989: Selection of sires originating from a nucleus breeding unit for use in a commercial dairy population

Mondal, A. B.; Singharoy, A. K., 1989: Selection of some wheat genotypes on terai soil

Section 2, Chapter 1943, Accession 001942195

Ivakhnenko, A. N.; Antsyferov, V. V., 1988: Selection of source material for breeding early maize hybrids in the north-western steppe of the Ukrainian SSR

Dzyubetskii, B. V.; Abubekirov, R. N., 1988: Selection of source material for producing midlate maize hybrids under irrigation in the Kabardino-Balkar ASSR

Pichkina, V. P., 1989: Selection of source material in breeding dill

Timoshenko, I. I., 1988: Selection of source material in breeding potato for resistance to Phytophthora and viruses

Wu, Q. P.; Liang, Z. C., 1988: Selection of species and provenances of eucalyptus for resistances to bacterial wilt

Eskridge, Km, 1990: Selection of stable cultivars using a safety-first rule

Ghosh, J.; Rajorhia, G. S., 1990: Selection of starter culture for production of indigenous Indian fermented milk product (Misti dahi)

Barradas, C. A.; Hungria, M., 1989: Selection of strains of Rhizobium for beans. I. Precocity of nodulation and nitrogen fixation

Hassan, S. A., 1989: Selection of suitable Trichogramma strains to control the codling moth Cydia pomonella and the two summer fruit tortrix moths Adoxophyes orana, Pandemis heparana (Lep.: Tortricidae)

McClay, A. S., 1989: Selection of suitable target weeds for classical biological control in Alberta

Harmer, R., 1989: Selection of superior oak

Sangalang, J. B.; Bouwkamp, J. C., 1988: Selection of sweet potato for tolerance to aluminium toxicity: screening procedures and field test

Miksch, K., 1988: Selection of the incubation period during determination of the activity of activated sludge using the TTC test

Vorosbarenyi, I.; Cobanovic, K.; Hadzic, V.; Belic, M., 1986: Selection of the most accurate regression line when studying the effect of the content of total water-soluble salts on the electrical conductivity of the saturation extract in the A horizon of a sodic solonchak soil

Vagin, E. A.; Mitsyuk, O. A., 1988: Selection of the optimum method of manure disposal mechanization

Simurkova, J.; Zak, S.; Lomjansky, S., 1989: Selection of the paternal component in sugarbeet variety Intera

Hoy, M. A.; Ouyang, Y. L., 1989: Selection of the western predatory mite, Metaseiulus occidentalis (Acari: Phytoseiidae), for resistance to abamectin

Savarachorn, A.; Kitpreechavanich, V.; Loto, N., 1989: Selection of thermophilic xylanase producing mold

Stone, T. B.; Sims, S. R.; Marrone, P. G., 1989: Selection of tobacco budworm for resistance to a genetically engineered Pseudomonas fluorescens containing the alpha -endotoxin of Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. kurstaki

Section 2, Chapter 1943, Accession 001942219

Kozyreva, O. G.; Belash, O. V., 1987: Selection of tomato forms for the production of rapidly growing suspension cultures

Gavrish, S. F.; Zinov' eva, S. V.; Turlygina, E. S., 1989: Selection of tomato hybrids for resistance to Meloidogyne

Maneshina, T. V.; Obukhovich, E. M.; Kuznetsova, N. A., 1988: Selection of toxin-resistant callus in the culture of barley embryos

Picaro, T.; White, E. T.; Edwards, B. P., 1990: Selection of tracers for use with cane and bagasse

Cattaneo, M.; Corbellini, M.; Borgonovo, M.; Perico, G.; Borghi, B., 1988: Selection of varieties: results of variety trials 1987-88

Pe, M. E.; Ottaviano, E., 1988: Selection of viable male gametophytic mutants

Ponos B., 1988: Selection of wheat for resistance to powdery mildew

Xiao, H. L.; Zhao, S. X., 1989: Selection of wheat mutants tolerant to NaCl by tissue culture

Rong, J. K.; Wang, L. Q., 1989: Selection of wheat-barley octoploids

Blanchette, R. A.; Burnes, T. A.; Leatham, G. F.; Effland, M. J., 1988: Selection of white-rot fungi for biopulping

Dossaji, S. F.; Wrangham, R.; Rodriguez, E., 1989: Selection of wild plants with medicinal properties by wild chimpanzees

Kuczewski, J.; Majewski, Z., 1989: Selection of work parameters of a tractor-plough combination at reduced tractor engine speed

Schuler, L., 1988: Selection on a complex fitness trait under the condition of litter size equalisation - model experiment with mice

Wilmink, J. B. M., 1988: Selection on fat and protein to maximise profit in dairy herds

Kennedy B.W., 1988: Selection on individual phenotype and best linear unbiased predictor of breeding value in a closed swine herd

Hill, W. G.; Marks, P. J.; Jenkins, J. C.; Land, R. B., 1990: Selection on testis size as an indicator of maturity in growing animals. II. Correlated responses in reproductive rate

Barna, J.; Papp, M.; Holdas, S., 1990: Selection on the plasma concentration of very low density lipoprotein (VLDL) to decrease abdominal fat in broilers

Savchenko, V. K.; Tananko, M. V.; Dobina, A. I., 1990: Selection plateau after long-term selection in experimental populations of Drosophila

Young, Ld; Hartwig, Ee, 1988: Selection pressure on soybean cyst nematode from soybean cropping sequences

Beek M.A., 1988: Selection procedures for durable resistance in wheat

Chhikara, B. S.; Pander, B. L.; Kalra, S., 1989: Selection response for various economic traits in Hariana cattle

Abplanalp, H., 1988: Selection response in inbred lines of White Leghorn chickens

Lande R.; Kirkpatrick M., 1990: Selection response in traits with maternal inheritance

Yamagishi T.; Jyounai H.; Mizuma Y., 1989: Selection responses in open nucleus breeding system for beef cattle population

Pagnacco, G.; Pizzi, F.; Pilla, A. M., 1988: Selection schemes for milk in sheep

Gibson J.P., 1989: Selection strategies and artificial evolution

Yonezawa, K., 1988: Selection strategies based on two different measurements of selection efficiency, expected genetic advance and chance of success

Casler M.D.; Carpenter J.A.; Attewell J.R., 1989: Selection strategies for developing smooth bromegrass cell wall ideotypes

Wilson, D.; Breese, E. L.; Valentine, J., 1988: Selection strategies for quality breeding

Weber W.E.; Qualset C.O.; Wricke G., 1990: Selection strategies for the improvement of autogamous species

Lenvik, D., 1989: Selection strategy for domestic reindeer

Lenvik, D.; Bo, E.; Fjellheim, A., 1988: Selection strategy for domestic reindeer. 3. Calf autumn body weight in relation to maternal body weight and age

Lenvik, D.; Aune, I., 1988: Selection strategy for domestic reindeer. 4. Early calf mortality in relation to dam body weight

Lenvik, D.; Granefjell, O.; Tamnes, J., 1988: Selection strategy for domestic reindeer. 5. Pregnancy in domestic reindeer in Trondelag, Norway

Lenvik, D., 1988: Selection strategy for domestic reindeer. 6. Oestrus peak and oestrus synchronization in domestic reindeer in Trondelag, Norway

Mikola, P., 1984: Selection system

Loo Dinkins J.A.; Tauer C.G.; Lambeth C.C., 1990: Selection system efficiencies for computer simulated progeny test field designs in loblolly pine

James, J. W., 1990: Selection theory versus selection results - a comparison

Hemminki, E.; Rahkonen, O.; Rimpela, M., 1988: Selection to coffee drinking by health - who becomes an adolescent coffee drinker?

Chutipraprut, S.; Srinives, P.; Rojanaridpiched, C.; Pupipat, U., 1989: Selection to improve yield components of bacterial pustule resistant soybean lines

Etse, D. B., 1990: Selection to optimise economic response in growth and food utilisation efficiency in Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica)

Section 2, Chapter 1943, Accession 001942270

Mahdy, E. E., 1988: Selection under two plant densities for forage yield of Miskawy clover, Trifolium alexandrinum L

Section 2, Chapter 1943, Accession 001942273

Mabry J.W.; See M.T., 1990: Selection with the animal model versus selection within contemporary groups for swine

Breden F.; Wade M.J., 1989: Selection within and between kin groups of the imported willow leaf beetle

Anonymous, 1987: Selection, hybridization and genetic engineering in aquaculture. Volume 1. Proceedings of a world symposium sponsored and supported by European Inland Fisheries Advisory Commission of FAO and International Council for the Exploration of the Sea, Bordeaux, June 27-30, 1986

Anonymous, 1987: Selection, hybridization and genetic engineering in aquaculture. Volume 2. Proceedings of a world symposium sponsored and supported by European Inland Fisheries Advisory Commission of FAO and International Council for the Exploration of the Sea, Bordeaux, June 27-30, 1986

Ivanova, N. B.; Pavliuchenko, I. N.; Dar' in, A. S., 1989: Selection-genetic aspects of feed conversion improvement in broiler breeding

Kiriyama, H.; Kawaguchi, K.; Harada, E.; Syuto, B., 1988: Selective absorption of bovine colostral components in the neonatal pig

Curtis G.D.W.; Nichols W.W.; Falla T.J., 1989: Selective agents for listeria can inhibit their growth

Sabat, S. C.; Grover, A.; Mohanty, P., 1989: Selective alternations in photosynthetic pigment characteristic and photoelectron transport during senescence of wheat leaves

Perryman, L. E.; Magnuson, N. S.; Bue, C. M.; Wyatt, C. R.; Riggs, M. W., 1987: Selective and combined immunodeficiencies in horses

Tutter, A.; Riblet, R., 1988: Selective and neutral evolution in the murine Igh-V locus

Section 2, Chapter 1943, Accession 001942288

Slortsov, R. I.; Ali, S. S., 1988: Selective application of herbicides against weeds in sugarbeet seed production

Krischik, V.; McCloud, ES.; Davidson, JA., 1989: Selective avoidance by vertebrate frugivores of green holly berries infested with a cecidomyiid fly (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae)

Williams, J. L.; Danka, R. G.; Rinderer, T. E., 1988: Selective bait system for potential abatement of feral Africanized honey bees

Vasyuk, L. F.; Smirnova, T. V.; Tikhomirova, I. A.; Chmeleva, Z. V., 1989: Selective behaviour of associative nitrogen-fixing bacteria towards different species of fodder grasses

De Felici M.; Camaioni A.; Russo M.A.; Siracusa G., 1990: Selective binding of mouse and human spermatozoa to beads coated with extracellular matrix components

Terrell, B. J., 1988: Selective blending and dispensing system and apparatus for liquid fertilizers on golf courses

Wada, K. T., 1987: Selective breeding and intraspecific hybridization - molluscs

Refstie, T., 1987: Selective breeding and intraspecific hybridization of cold water finfish

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