Seminar on family farming and pluriactivity in the European rural environment

Cruz Villalon, J.

Agricultura y Sociedad 46: 287-290


Accession: 001942677

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The article describes the background and events of a seminar on family farming and pluriactivity (multiple occupation) in the European rural environment, held 6-20 July 1987 at the Institut Agronomique Mediterraneen de Montpellier (IAMM), France, as part of the development of a research project on rural change in Europe: Research Programme on Farm Structures and Pluriactivity. National groups at the seminar were given baseline questionnaires to be used in a simultaneous survey between September and December 1987. Other sessions of the seminar were dedicated to the presentation and discussion of general and theoretical papers, amongst which were: Multiple occupation in the farm sector in France, measures and concept; Pluriactivity and labour mobility, a macroeconomic approach; The international scene and its impact on farm and household structure; and Prospective changes in EC policy and monitoring change in farm households.