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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1949

Chapter 1949 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Barinaga, C.J.; Farwell, S.O., 1988:
Soil-sorbed, sulfur-containing gases: analytical methodology and preliminary application to geochemical petroleum prospecting

Tonkin, P.J.; Basher, L.R., 1990:
Soil-stratigraphic techniques in the study of soil and landform evolution across the Southern Alps, New Zealand

Luff, M.L.; Eyre, M.D., 1988:
Soil-surface activity of weevils (Coleoptera, Curculionoidea) in grassland

Marquez, A.C., 1980:
Soil-tissue analysis and growth of Benguet pine (Pinus insularis Endl.)

Deitermann, W.I.; Hauschild, J.; Robens Palavinskas, E.; Aumann, D.C., 1989:
Soil-to-vegetation transfer of natural 127I, and of 129I from global fallout, as revealed by field measurements on permanent pastures

Robertson, L.J.; Crompton, D.W.; Walters, D.E.; Nesheim, M.C.; Sanjur, D.; Walsh, E.A., 1989:
Soil-transmitted helminth infections in school children from Cocle Province, Republic of Panama

Crespo, M.B.; Guara, M.; Laguna, E., 1988:
Soil-vegetation factorial relations in the Polypogono monspeliensis - Nasturtietum officinalis ranunculetosum scelerati Carretero & Boira 1986

George, M.; Gupta, G.N., 1988:
Soil-vegetation relationship in a tropical deciduous forest of Western Ghat

Singhal, R.M.; Rawat, V.R.S.; Pramod Kumar, 1987:
Soil-vegetation relationship in some forest ranges of Chakrata Himalayas - India

Otoma, S., 1988:
Soil-water distribution and leaching flux depending on hydraulic characteristics of a soil. Numerical analysis by means of a nondimensional equation

Riffle, M.S.; Murray, D.S.; Stone, J.F.; Weeks, D.L., 1990:
Soil-water relations and interference between devil's-claw (Proboscidea louisianica) and cotton (Gossypium hirsutum)

Espejo Serrano, R.; Perez Arias, J., 1988:
Soil-water relations in Rana formations of central-western Spain

Oberle, E.; Wattron, B., 1990:
Soil-working farm machine

Anonymous, 1989:
Soilborne plant pathogens: management of diseases with macro- and microelements

Langenberg W.G., 1989:
Soilborne wheat mosaic virus antigen binds to cylindrical inclusions of potyviruses in doubly infected cells of wheat

Mairapetyan, S.K.; Vartanyan, M.K.; Sarkisyan, E.D., 1988:
Soilless cultivation of henna and indigo in Armenia

Jia, W.W., 1988:
Soilless culture in China

Tainio, L., 1989:
Soilless culture in Finland

Winden, C.M.M. van, 1988:
Soilless culture technique and its relation to the greenhouse climate

Massantini, F.; Favilli, R.; Magnani, G.; Oggiano, N., 1988:
Soilless culture, biotechnology for high quality vegetables

Vaysse, P.; Soing, P.; Mandrin, J.F., 1989:
Soilless culture. A synthetic medium for the study of nutrition and water requirements of fruit trees

Schrevens, E.; Lamberts, D.; Lettani, L., 1989:
Soilless production of asparagus as a diversification of vegetable cropping in Belgium

Alexander, E.B.; Adamson, C.; Zinke, P.J.; Graham, R.C., 1989:
Soils and conifer forest productivity on serpentinized peridotite of the trinity ophiolite, California

Bharj, K.; Hollis, J.; Moxey, P., 1987:
Soils and ecology in Epping Forest

Firsova, V.P.; Pavlova, T.S.; Dedkov, V.S.; Prokopovich, Y.V., 1988:
Soils and forest vegetation of the Central Urals

Menges, C.M., 1990:
Soils and geomorphic evolution of bedrock facets on a tectonically active mountain front, western Sangre de Cristo Mountains, New Mexico

Holliday, V.T., 1990:
Soils and landscape evolution of eolian plains: the Southern High Plains of Texas and New Mexico

Wahid, P.A.; Nambiar, P.K.N.; Jose, A.I.; Rajaram, K.P., 1988:
Soils and nutrition

Drechsel, P.; Zech, W.; Kaupenjohann, M., 1989:
Soils and reforestation in the Central Rangelands of Somalia

Yagi, H., 1986:
Soils and site classification in the Pantabangan area, the Philippines. II. Naming and classification of soils, and site classification

Janson, L.; Gnieszawa Sodkowski, P.; Kowalska, I., 1987:
Soils and substrates for rooting larch cuttings Part 2

Isbell, R.F.; Edwards, D.G., 1988:
Soils and their management in the Australian wet tropics

Anonymous, 1989:
Soils and their management. A Sino-European perspective

Carroll, D.M., 1986:
Soils associated with Carboniferous Limestone in England and Wales

Anonymous, 1988:
Soils contaminated by petroleum: environmental and public health effects

Garcia Navarro, A.; Fernandez Pozo, L., 1988:
Soils developed on Tertiary sediment of the high Guadiana terrace, Badajoz, (Spain)

Henzler, B.; Schroder, D., 1987:
Soils from pyroclastic rocks in the Laacher See district

Torre, A. de la; Alias, L.J., 1987:
Soils from the Sierra del Maigmo (Alicante, S. E. Spain), I: bioclimatic characteristics of pedological interest

Street, J.R., 1989:
Soils in Hawai'i

Corbett, W.M., 1987:
Soils in Norfolk VII. Sheet TF 82(Helhoughton)

Molloy, L., 1988:
Soils in the New Zealand landscape: the living mantle

Barbosa, R.C.M.; Neves, A.D. de S., 1987:
Soils of Cacoal County

Carvalho Filho, R.; Melo, A.A.O. de; Santana, S.O. de; Leao, A.C., 1987:
Soils of Ilheus County

Ocio, A.J.; Guerra, A.; Jimenez Ballesta, R.; Batlle, J., 1987:
Soils of Rioja Alavesa: I. Entisols and Aridisols

Ocio, A.J.; Jimenez Ballesta, R.; Batlle, J.; Guerra, A., 1987:
Soils of Rioja Alavesa: II. Inceptisols

Dazzi, C., 1986:
Soils of San Benito County (California). Report of a study tour

Olivieri, G.; Dazzi, C.; Raimondi, S., 1986:
Soils of Sicily. IX. Soils of the Pietranera farm (AG)

Smettan, U., 1989:
Soils of a toposequence in the Negev and their nutrient distributions (Sede Boqer, Israel)

Vieira, M.J., 1987:
Soils of low agricultural potential. Land use, management and conservation techniques

Lavrov, A.P., 1988:
Soils of the Atrek remnant uplands

Cannon, M.G.; Coventry, R.J., 1989:
Soils of the CSIRO experimental area, 'Redlands', Balfes Creek, North Queensland

Eliot, G.J.; Fritz, S.J.; Henning, P., 1987:
Soils of the Carnarvon Basin

Aldrick, J.M.; Clarke, A.J.; Moody, P.W.; Cuylenburg, M.H.R. van; Wren, B.A., 1990:
Soils of the Ivanhoe Plain, East Kimberley, Western Australia

Rawajfih, Z.; Daoud, D.; Shadfan, H., 1988:
Soils of the Jordan Valley: II. Fertility status with special emphasis on micronutrients

Bridges, E.M.; Ross, D.J.; Thompson, C.H., 1990:
Soils of the Mary River alluvia near Gympie, Queensland

Demkin, V.A.; Ivanov, I.V.; Maksimyuk, G.P., 1986:
Soils of the Northern Caspian semiarid zone and their changes under irrigation

Alias, L.J.; Torre, A. de la, 1987:
Soils of the Sierra del Maigmo (Alicante). II. Profile description. Analytical data, classification and distribution

Sandor, A., 1989:
Soils of the alluvial regions of Hungary

Panje, P.; Matabwa, C.J.; Kumwenda, J.T.D., 1987:
Soils of the drier areas of Malawi which are prone to drought, present agriculture on these soils and research which may increase the agricultural potential

Loyer, J.Y.; Boivin, P.; Brusq, J.Y. le; Zante, P., 1986:
Soils of the fluvio-marine region of Casamance, Senegal. Recent evolution and re-evaluation of the main constraints for their development

Jimenez Mendoza, C.; Tejedor Salguero, M.L.; Rodriguez Rodriguez, A., 1988:
Soils of the island of Gomera (Canary I.). I. Northern side. Morphological, physicochemical, mineralogical, micromorphological characteristics, classification and interpretation

Jimenez Mendoza, C.; Rodriguez Rodriguez, A.; Tejedor Salguero, M.L., 1988:
Soils of the island of Gomera (Canary I.). II. Southern side. Ecology, morphological, physicochemical, mineralogical, micromorphological characteristics, classification and interpretation

Rodriguez Rodriguez, A.; Tejedor Salguero, M.L.; Jimenez Mendoza, C., 1988:
Soils of the island of Gomera (Canary Islands). III. Central plateau. Ecology, morphological, physico-chemical, mineralogical and micromorphological characteristics, classification and interpretation

Mitsuchi, M.; Wichaidit, P.; Jeungnijnirund, S., 1989:
Soils of the northeast plateau, Thailand

Bennett, J.G., 1989:
Soils of the proposed Santo industrial forest plantation, Vanuatu

Vries, H. de; Burghardt, W., 1989:
Soils subjected to roads, an example from the Bonn region (FRG)

Antony, F.; Benne, I.; Wildhagen, H., 1989:
Soils with a history of plaggenesch and cambered cultivation west of Hannover (FRG)

Ibanez, J.J.; Gallardo, J.; Virgil, R.; Jimenez Ballesta, R., 1988 :
Soils with argillic horizons in the Ayllon Massif and the Sierra de Alto Rey (Sistema Central). II. Classification

Haile Marian, S.; Mokma, D.L., 1990:
Soils with carbonate-rich zones in east central Michigan

Smith, R.B.; Commandeur, P.R.; Ryan, M.W., 1986:
Soils, vegetation, and forest growth on landslides and surrounding logged and old-growth areas on the Queen Charlotte Islands

Poels, R.L.H., 1987:
Soils, water and nutrients in a forest ecosystem in Suriname

Wildung, R.E.; Garland, T.R., 1988:
Soils: carbon and mineral cycling processes

Ochoa, C.M., 1989:
Solanum amayanum: a new wild Peruvian potato species

Shinkarev, V.I.; Morozova, E.V., 1987:
Solanum andigenum Juz. et Buk. - source material for breeding potato varieties suitable for processing

Ochoa, C.M., 1988:
Solanum bill-hookeri: new wild potato species from Peru

Trione, S.O.; Cony, M.A., 1988:
Solanum elaeagnifolium Cav., a source of steroid precursors. Analysis and prospects for its cultivation

Sharma, R.P.; Salunkhe, D.K., 1989:
Solanum glycoalkaloids

Deb, D.B., 1989:
Solanum melongena, S. incanum versus S. insanum (Solanaceae)

Henriques, M.I.C., 1987:
Solanum nigrum L. and wild alfalfa plants as natural hosts for alfalfa mosaic virus, in Portugal

Hurka, W.; Papenhagen, A., 1989:
Solanum rantonnetii from South America

Osipova, E.A.; Zueva, O.I., 1988:
Solanum rybinii Juz. et Buk. - a source of resistance to Y virus

Ochoa, C.M., 1989:
Solanum salasianum: new wild tuber-bearing species from Peru

Kuriachan, P.; Mathew, O., 1988:
Solanum spirale Roxb: occurrence and cytology

Giacomelli, G.A.; Ting, K.C.; Panigrahi, S., 1988:
Solar PAR vs. solar total radiation transmission in a greenhouse

Nkemdirim, L.C., 1990:
Solar and daytime infrared irradiance during winter chinooks

Enshayan, K., 1988:
Solar and renewable energy for agriculture: what agricultural engineers can do

Fras, J., 1989:
Solar and wind powered electrical energy for agriculture

Yates, D.; McKennan, G., 1989:
Solar architecture and light attenuation by trees: conflict or compromise?

Jayashankar, B.C.; Kishor, J.; Goyal, I.C.; Sawhney, R.L.; Sodha, M.S., 1989:
Solar assisted biogas plants IV: optimum area for blackening and double glazing over a fixed-dome biogas plant

Rehn, J.E., 1988:
Solar assisted grain drying in Nicaragua

Tarasenko, A.P.; Gievskii, A.M., 1990:
Solar collector to finish drying hay and grass seeds

Nydegger, F., 1989:
Solar collectors for hay drying

Bansal, N.K., 1989:
Solar crop drying: status and prospects

Samarajeewa, U., 1988:
Solar degradation of aflatoxin B1 in foods

Raju, G.V.; Takwale, M.G.; Bhide, V.G., 1989:
Solar dehydration of grapes

Lei, P.K.; Bunn, J.M., 1988:
Solar driven absorption cycle heat pump grain drying system

Ong, K.S., 1986:
Solar drying in ASEAN countries

Anonymous, 1986:
Solar drying in ASEAN countries. Report of a meeting held in Bangkok, Thailand, 21-22 January 1986

Ong, K.S., 1986:
Solar drying in India

Chandel, S.S.; Gupta, D.; Khosla, P.K., 1989:
Solar drying of Punica granatum Linn. seeds

Parker, B.F.; White, G.M.; Gates, R.S.; Collins, M., 1988:
Solar drying of baled alfalfa

Unmole, H., 1989:
Solar drying of fish and paddy

Khurdiya, D.S.; Roy, S.K., 1986:
Solar drying of fruits and vegetables

Alvarez Noves, H.; Fernandez Golfin Seco, J.I., 1990:
Solar drying of sawn lumber in Spain

Mzezewa, C., 1986:
Solar drying of selected food commodities in Zimbabwe

Okoh, I.K.A.; Eastman, E., 1986:
Solar drying of timber in Liberia: determination of the efficiency of an experimental solar dryer based on temperature measurements

Berkovsi, B.M., 1989:
Solar electricity for rural development

Strebkov, D.S.; Murugov, V.P., 1989:
Solar energy in rural development

Baille, A., 1989:
Solar energy recovery with plastic sleeves on soil surface in greenhouses: results from French experiments

Shukla, D.S.; Sirohi, G.S.; Deshmukh, P.S., 1988:
Solar energy traps: a method for temperature tolerance studies in crop plants

Sahu, G.; Rao, C.N.; Murty, K.S., 1989:
Solar energy utilisation by modern rice varieties

Dicko, M.; Cheickna T., 1986:
Solar fish drying project in Mopti (Mali)

Grewal, P.S.; Grewal, S.K., 1988:
Solar heat pasteurization of casing soil and chicken manure for mushroom cultivation

Mohan, S.; Balasubramanian, G.; Gopalan, M.; Jayaraj, S., 1987:
Solar heat treatment - a novel method to check rice weevil and red flour beetle infestation in sorghum during storage

Busto, A. del; Gomez de Barreda, D.; Martinez, P.F.; Cebolla, V.; Campos, T., 1989:
Solar heating in Valencia: its effects on weed control

Nishina, H.; Takakura, T.; Hashimoto, Y., 1988:
Solar heating of a commercial greenhouse by means of latent heat

Bredenbeck, H., 1989:
Solar heating of greenhouses in Cyprus

Shorey H.H.; Ferguson L.; Wood D.L., 1989:
Solar heating reduces insect infestations in ripening and drying figs

Eusuf, M.; Mahfuza Khanam, 1988:
Solar insolation at Dhaka. Part I. Instrument calibration

Rosa, R.; Silva, A.M.; Miguel, A., 1989:
Solar irradiation inside a single span greenhouse

Rao, P.S.R.; Graham, D.J.; Muniandy, V., 1988:
Solar power boosted smokehouse

Kabakov, V.I.; Kokhova, I.I.; Drobyazgina, O.S., 1989:
Solar power plant for raising, heating and desalting water

Tajchman, S.J., 1983:
Solar radiation climate of a forested catchment

Bailey, B.J., 1989:
Solar radiation enhancement in east-west glasshouses during winter

Lau A.K.; Staley L.M., 1989:
Solar radiation transmission and capture in greenhouses

Monerasinghe, N.J.; Jamel Basha, M., 1988:
Solar smoke house for rubber drying

Groves, R.P., 1990:
Solar water pumping on the sustainable farm

Tanner, C.; Shen, Y., 1990:
Solar-radiation transmittance of flail-chopped corn residue layers

Giblin-Davis, R.M.; Verkade, S.D., 1988:
Solarization for nematode disinfestation of small volumes of soil

Braun, M.; Koch, W.; Mussa, H.H.; Stiefvater, M., 1988:
Solarization for weed and pest control - possibilities and limitations

Duranti, A.; Cuocolo, L., 1988 :
Solarization in weed control for onion (Allium cepa L.)

Melero, J.M.; Gonzalez, R.; Gomez, J.; Bejarano, J.; Basallote, M.J., 1989:
Solarization of soils in Andalusia using plastic film

Gibson, RL., 1989:
Soldier production in Camponotus novaeboracensis during colony growth

Korbonski, A., 1990:
Soldiers and peasants: Polish agriculture after martial law

Anonymous, 1990:
Solent sports counselling project Hampshire Probation Service: final evaluation report

Sparovek, G.; Neptune, A.M.L., 1989:
Solid capillary support for fluid fertilizer : I. Residual effect experiment

Uusvaara, O.; Verkasalo, E., 1987:
Solid content and other technical properties of present chips

Frede, E., 1990:
Solid fat proportion - a criterion for classifying the physical quality of milk fat

Rousselet, M., 1990:
Solid fertilizer distributors

Doshi, S.R., 1988:
Solid fertilizer granulation-an appropriate manufacturing technology

Allott, D., 1989:
Solid floored sheephouse on Exmoor

Taylor, A.G., 1990:
Solid matrix priming of seeds

Lehmann, D.; Wald, B., 1990:
Solid phase extraction and HPLC determination of patulin in fruit juices

Phillips D.; Tebbett I.R.; Kalita S., 1990:
Solid phase extraction and analysis of horse urine for aminocaproic acid

Muller, J.M., 1989:
Solid phase immuno-electron microscopy (SPIEM) for rapid detection of rotavirus and coronavirus in faeces of calves, in comparison with conventional negative contrast

Adams P.C.; Powell L.W.; Halliday J.W., 1988:
Solid phase immunoradiometric assay for porcine serum ferritin

Jackson, M.E., 1988:
Solid set spike irrigation head connecting device

Kramer, KJ.; Bork, V.; Schaefer, J.; Morgan, TD.; Hopkins, TL., 1989:
Solid state 13C nuclear magnetic resonance and chemical analyses of insect noncuticular sclerotized support structures: mantid oothecae and cocoon silks

Rombouts, F.M.; Nout, M.J.R., 1988:
Solid state fermentation of raw materials of plant origin: microbial interactions in tempeh

Yuillet, S.; Demarquilly, C.; Durand, A.; Blachere, H.; Odier, H., 1988:
Solid state fermentation of wheat straw by Cyathus stercoreus for improvement of feed value for ruminants

Hahn L.; Sucker H., 1989:
Solid surfactant solutions of active ingredients in sugar esters

Cunningham, D.L., 1988:
Solid vs. wire cage partitions for layers

Forster, C.F.; Senior, E., 1987:
Solid waste

Wiens, T.J., 1989:
Solid waste processing facility and process

Siller, H., 1986:
Solid wood technology suitable for Developing Countries: a useful contribution to development policy as regards both the economy and the environment

Bonazza, S.J., 1988:
Solid-body driving charge for firearms, muzzle loaders as well as breech loaders

Schon, M.; Reimann, W.; Franz, J., 1989:
Solid-liquid separation of anaerobically fermented cattle slurry

Wall, G.L.; Bruere, A.C.; Bridges, D.J., 1987:
Solid-liquid separation of animal wastes. A literature review

Reimann, W., 1989:
Solid-liquid separation of slurry and slurry pretreatment products

Yao, L.S.; Lu, Y.S.; Qian, Y.X.; Xu, R.Y.; Huang, D.X.; Hou, K.J.B., 1988:
Solid-phase enzyme immunoassay for milk progesterone

Gerna, G.; Passarani, N.; Uricomb, L.E.; Parea, M.; Sarasini, A.; Battaglia, M.; Bishop, R.F., 1989:
Solid-phase immune electron microscopy and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for typing of human rotavirus strains by using polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies: a comparative study

Rybakov, S.S.; Khapaeva, L.D.; Sinyakova, O.N.; Ivanyushchenkov, V.N.; Shazhko, Z.A.; Fomina, T.A.; Kamalova, N.E.; Molchanova, A.I., 1989:
Solid-phase radioimmunoassay on polyethylene plates for detecting aphthovirus

Calverley, R.A.; Jackman, R.; Pembroke Hattersley, J.J., 1988:
Solid-phase sample preparation techniques for immunoassays

Tosteson, MT.; Levy, JJ.; Caporale, LH.; Rosenblatt.; Tosteson, DC., 1987:
Solid-phase synthesis of melittin: purification and functional characterization

Shazhko, Z.A.; Mishchenko, V.A., 1988:
Solid-phase variant of the complement fixation test for foot and mouth disease

Kramer, KJ.; Morgan, TD.; Hopkins, TL.; Christensen, AM.; Schaefer, J., 1989:
Solid-state 13C-NMR and diphenol analyses of sclerotized cuticles from stored product Coleoptera

Inbar, Y.C.en, Y.H.dar, Y., 1989:
Solid-state carbon-13 nuclear magnetic resonance and infrared spectroscopy of composted organic matter

Reid, I.D., 1989:
Solid-state fermentations for biological delignification

Preller, W.K., 1989:
Solids and water content as evaluation criteria in the manufacture of natural cheese

Gillett, SD., 1988:
Solitarization in the desert locust, Schistocerca gregaria (Forskal) (Orthoptera: Acrididae)

Podilchak, W., 1989:
Solitary and interactive fun experiences

Warncke, K., 1988:
Solitary bees from Olympus in Greece

Guidon Attali, C.; Bertrando, J.; Sethian, M.; Perez, R.; Pellissier, J.F.; Peragut, J.C., 1988:
Solitary cerebral nocardiosis. One case

Mickisch, G.; Potempa, J., 1988:
Solitary echinococcosis of the kidney

Kure, K.; Harris, C.; Morin, L.S.; Dickson, D.W., 1989:
Solitary midbrain toxoplasmosis and olivary hypertrophy in a patient with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

Roisman, I.; Barak, V.; Fields, S.; Bloom, R.; Okon, E.; Manny, J., 1989:
Solitary nonparasitic cyst of the liver: a rare cause of abdominal distension

Stewart, W.P.; Carpenter, E.H., 1989:
Solitude at Grand Canyon: an application of expectancy theory

Strahan, M.; Wilson, M.; Lindbeck, K., 1989:
Solomon Island foods: identification and composition

Adam, M.; Miljkovic, N.; Plamenac, N., 1988:
Solonetz and solodi soils of Yugoslavia

Szabolcs, I., 1988:
Solonetz soils

Kulkarni, M.S.; Hegde, R.K.; Hiremath, P.C., 1988:
Solopathogenicity in Sphacelotheca cruenta, a causal agent of loose smut of sorghum

Marcus, Y.; Soffer, N., 1988:
Solubilities and vapour pressures in the quinquinary system NaCl-KCl-MgCl2-CaCl2-H2O. Part 1. Predictions and measurements at 25 degrees C

Marcus, Y.; Soffer, N., 1990:
Solubilities and vapour pressures in the quinquinary system NaCl-KCl-MgCl2-CaCl2-H2O. Part 2. Predictions and measurements at 30-45 degrees C

Dmitrevskii, B.A.; Savel' ev, V.N.; Iretskaya, S.N.; Yarosh, E.B., 1988:
Solubilities in the system Ca2+, NH4+|| PO43-, NO3-

Hammond, L.L.; Chien, S.H.; Roy, A.H.; Mokwunye, A.U., 1989:
Solubility and agronomic effectiveness of partially acidulated phosphate rocks as influenced by their iron and aluminium oxide content

Welp, G., 1989:
Solubility and availability of environmental chemicals depending on soil characteristics

Ziyana, K.; Shapkin, M.A.; Zinyuk, R.Y., 1988:
Solubility and crystallization in the CaO-P2O5-H2O system at 110-140 degrees C

Mydlarz, J.; Jones, A.G., 1989:
Solubility and density isotherms for potash alum-water-acetone

Snitsar' , A.I.; Chernukha, I.M.; Lugar' , O.I.; Goroshko, G.P., 1988:
Solubility and digestibility of feeds of animal origin

Chobert J M.; Bertrand Harb C.; Nicolas M G., 1988:
Solubility and emulsifying properties of caseins and whey proteins modified enzymatically by trypsin

Hinedi, Z.; Chang, A., 1989:
Solubility and phosphorus-31 magic angle spinning nuclear magnetic resonance of phosphorus in sludge-amended soils

Barantseva, G.I.; Dmitrevskii, B.A.; Yarosh, E.B., 1988:
Solubility and physicochemical properties of solutions of the Na2O-P2O5-NH3-H2O system

Reddy K.J.; Hasfurther V.R., 1989:
Solubility and release of fluorine and molybdenum from oil shale solid wastes

Kaganskii, I.M.; Popova, I.M.; Zhabokritskaya, A.G.; Kononov, A.V.; Lobacheva, M.P.; Gruzdeva, E.I.; Podlesskaya, A.V., 1989:
Solubility in the (NH4)1.35H1.65PO4-KCl-H2O system

Alosmanov, M.S.; Samedov, M.M.; Kopylev, B.A.; Agaev, N.B.; Karmyshov, V.F.; Mamedov, A.A., 1988:
Solubility in the CaO-P2O5-NH3-H2O system at 95 degrees , 105 degrees , and 115 degrees C

Iretskaya, S.N.; Dmitrevskii, B.A.; Yarosh, E.B., 1989:
Solubility in the Mg2+, NH4+PO43-, NO3- system

Kaganskii, I.M.; Popova, I.M.; Kononov, A.V.; Lobacheva, M.P.; Zhabokritskaya, A.G.; Gruzdeva, E.I., 1989:
Solubility in the system ammonium monohydrogen phosphate-ammonium dihydrogen phosphate-potassium chloride-water

Luten, J.B.; Bouquet, W.; Hoek, M.; Rauchbaar, A.B., 1989:
Solubility in vitro of zinc, copper and selenium from fishes and shellfish

Palko, J.; Yli Halla, M., 1990:
Solubility of Al, Cr, Cu and Zn in soils from a Finnish acid sulphate soil area

Cadahia, C.; Garcia, P.; Lucena, J.J.; Sarro, M.J.; Garate, A., 1988:
Solubility of Fe, Mn, Cu and Zn fertilizers as a function of the substrate type in a drip irrigation system

Sullivan, J.M.; Kohler, J.J.; Grinstead, J.H.J., 1988:
Solubility of alpha -calcium sulfate hemihydrate in 40, 45, 50, and 55% P2O5 phosphoric acid solutions at 80, 90, 100, and 110 degrees C

Clegg, S.L.; Brimblecombe, P., 1989:
Solubility of ammonia in pure aqueous and multicomponent solutions

Essington, Me, 1988:
Solubility of barium arsenate

Seitmagzimova, G.M.; Sukmanov, V.E.; Dmitrevskii, B.A.; Syuch, F.; Varkhedi, D.; Rogova, I.N., 1989:
Solubility of calcium carbonate in ammonium nitrate solutions

Zhang, Y.; Muhammed, M., 1989:
Solubility of calcium sulfate dihydrate in nitric acid solutions containing calcium nitrate and phosphoric acid

Bellingieri, P.A.; Alcarde, J.C.; Souza, E.C.A. de, 1988:
Solubility of limestones in chemical extractants

Linshits, L.R.; Tyurikova, N.G.; Rodkina, I.B., 1988:
Solubility of liquid ammonia in methane and argon

Linshits, L.R.; Rodkina, I.B.; Tyurikova, N.G., 1988:
Solubility of liquid ammonia in nitrogen-hydrogen mixtures

Ibrahim M.N.M.; Van Der Kamp A.; Zemmelink G.; Tamminga S., 1990:
Solubility of mineral elements present in ruminant feeds

Schafer, K.; Baumann, W., 1988:
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Solubility of sugar and exhaustion of molasses

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Solubility, speciation, and transformations of selenium in soils

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Solubilization and stabilization of glucosyltransferase involved in the biosynthesis of glycoproteins

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Solubilization of Mussorie rock phosphate by cyanobacteria

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Solubilization of ferrihydrite iron by plant phenolics: a model for rhizosphere processes

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Solubilization, reconstitution and characterization of vanadate-sensitive, ATP-driven H+-transport from cotyledons of Ricinus communis

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Solubilizing the plasma membrane ATPase of oat roots by Triton X-100 and KI

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Soluble CD8 antigen in Plasmodium falciparum malaria

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Soluble Plasmodium falciparum antigens contain carbohydrate moieties important for immune reactivity

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Soluble and insoluble dietary fiber in cooked common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) seeds

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Soluble and insoluble dietary fibre in diabetic diets

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Soluble and insoluble fiber in soda crackers

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Soluble and total dietary fiber in white bread

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Soluble calcium compounds may aid low-volume water application

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Soluble carbohydrates in roots of leek (Allium porrum) plants in relation to phosphorus supply and VA mycorrhizas

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Soluble carbohydrates oligosaccharides and starch in lima bean seeds

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Soluble fibre

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Soluble hydrocolloids enable fat reduction in process cheese spreads

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Soluble malarial antigens are toxic and induce the production of tumour necrosis factor in vivo

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Soluble oat fiber tends to normalize lipoprotein composition in cholesterol-fed rats

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Soluble phenolic monomers in forage crops

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Soluble polysaccharides of Cryptococcus neoformans

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Soluble potassium transport in agricultural runoff water

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Soluble proteins in larval blood of Galleria mellonella (Lep. Pyralidae) by immunoelectrophoresis

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Soluble salts

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Soluble sugar changes during winter and resistance to snow mould in winter wheat

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Soluble sugars and respiration of flavedo tissue of grapefruit stored at low temperatures

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Soluble sugars as the carbohydrate reserve for CAM in pineapple leaves

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Soluble tyrosinases from pharate pupal integument of the tobacco hornworm, Manduca sexta (L.)

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Solute accumulation and varietal adaptability to drought in coffee

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Solute accumulation in chloroplasts during in situ water stress

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Solute advection in stratified formations

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Solute and water movement in unsaturated soils

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Solute concentrations, fluxes and major nutrient cycles in a mature Sitka-spruce plantation in Beddgelert Forest, North Wales

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Solute dispersion during unsteady leaching as affected by aggregate size and soil water content

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Solute efflux from the host at plant-microorganism interfaces

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Solute leakage in relation to loss of seed viability in chilli cultivars

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Solute movement patterns in trickle irrigated tomatoes

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Solute movement through root-soil environment

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Solute transport and leaching

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Solute transport at the interface: ecological implications

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Solute transport by a volatile solvent

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Solute transport in aggregated media: aggregate size distribution and mean radii

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Solute transport in porous media with soild-liquid mass transfer limitations: application to ion exchange

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Solute transport modeling in heterogeneous soils: conjunctive application of physically based and system approaches

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Solute transport through small and large unsaturated soil columns

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Solution calcium concentration and application date effects on pod calcium uptake and distribution in Florunner and Tifton-8 peanut

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Solution chemistry of fragipans-thermodynamic approach to understanding fragipan formation

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Solution conformation of leiurotoxin I (scyllatoxin) by 1H nuclear magnetic resonance. Resonance assignment and secondary structure

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Solution culture as an experimental tool: uses and limitations

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Solution depth affects root morphology and growth of cucumber plants grown in circulating nutrient solution

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Solution effects on the thermostability of bean chloroplast thylakoids

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Solution for mechanization of furrow preforming with subsoil fertilizing for potatoes

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Solution of inverse boundary problems of heat and moisture transfer in soils

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Solution of spatial trading systems with concave cubic programming

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Solution parameters influencing dissolved organic carbon levels in three forest soils

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Solution properties and the sweet taste of small carbohydrates

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Solution spatial structure of 'long' neurotoxin M9 from the scorpion Buthus eupeus by 1H-NMR spectroscopy

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Solutions and experimental results with a view to improving drainage in clay soils

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Solutions for process mechanization in Brussels sprouts, leek and scorzonera production

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Solutions to drainage discharge into the Grasslands area and San Joaquin River, California

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Solutions to energy- and capital-efficient long-term storage of fruit and vegetables in China

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Solutions to problems in enumerating sediment bacteria by direct counts

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Solutions to soil erosion

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Solutions to some constraints of the aquaculture industry in Peninsular Malaysia

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Solutions to suboptimal performance in livestock in the field

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Solutions to typical materials handling problems when storing grains

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Solutions with modules for reconstruction of fodder rooms for the introduction of automating fodder preparation in case of moist and crumbly fodder mixings

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Solvate formation of griseofulvin with alkyl halide and alkyl dihalides

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Solvation properties in iso-acidic media involving phosphoric acid

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Solvent and moisture effects in deteriorated wood consolidated with soluble resins

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Solvent effect on starch matrix. I. Non-extrathermodynamic considerations

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Solvent effects on liquefaction: solubilization profiles of a tropical prototype wood, Eucalyptus, in the presence of simple alcohols, ethylene glycol, water and phenols

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Solvent extraction clean-up for pre-treatment in amino acid analysis by gas chromatography. Application to age estimation from the D/L ratio of aspartic acid in human dentine

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Solvent extraction of fatty acids from amylose inclusion complexes

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Solvent extraction of lipid components from egg yolk solids

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Solvent extractive preconcentrations of trace organic inpurities from natural water and wastewater sources

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Solvents for freeze-dried bacterial vaccines

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Solving NOx pollution problems in nitric acid manufacturing plants

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Solving a Giardia problem in a small treatment system

Anonymous, 1989:
Solving a sticky cheese problem

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Solving mixed model equations with a microcomputer

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Solving selected problems of quality and reliability in the system of farm machinery

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Solving the agricultural use of the groundwater protective zones in CSSR

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Solving the common-property dilemma: village fisheries rights in Japanese coastal waters

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Solving the greasiness problem in Granny Smiths

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Solving the puzzle of international trade

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Solvolysis of wood and pure cellulose by anhydrous hydrogen fluoride vapour

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Solvolysis pulping of softwoods with aqueous cresols containing a small amount of acetic acid

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Solvolytic cyclization of 4,15-anhydroverrucarol. A facile trichothecene-10,13-cyclotrichothecene rearrangement

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Somaclonal variant plants of wheat derived from mature embryo explants of three genotypes

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Somaclonal variants and cell selection in rice

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Somaclonal variation - a new source of wheat germplasms

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Somaclonal variation - genetic basis and breeding applications

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Somaclonal variation as a method of increasing the production of new forms

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Somaclonal variation for rust resistance in sugarcane

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Somaclonal variation from cultured immature embryos of sister lines of rye differing in heterochromatic content

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Somaclonal variation in cereals

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Somaclonal variation in eastern cottonwood for race-specific partial resistance to leaf rust disease

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Somaclonal variation in grain quality of rice

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Somaclonal variation in high tannin sorghums

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Somaclonal variation in maize

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Somaclonal variation in micropropagated bananas (Musa spp.)

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Somaclonal variation in plants regenerated from callus cultures of three oat varieties

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Somaclonal variation in rice and mutation breeding

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Somaclonal variation in soybeans

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Somaclonal variation of callus-derived potato regenerants

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Somaclonal variation, limitations and possibilities of its direct application in plant breeding

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Somaclonal variations in micropropagated Kalanchoe hybrids

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Somali plant names

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Somali plant names in Ceel Dhere and Bulo Burti Districts

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Somalia's threatened forests

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Somalia: incenses

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Somalia: survival in a 'doomed' economy

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Somatic antigens of Paracoccidioides brasiliensis for use in skin tests

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Somatic cell count doubles during the first day of grazing

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Somatic cell count of raw milk

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Somatic cell genetics of woody plants

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Somatic embryogenesis and organogenesis in the culture of isolated tissues of barley

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Somatic embryogenesis and plant development in eight cultivars of pecan

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Somatic embryogenesis and polyembryogenesis in conifers

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Somatic embryogenesis from protoplast-derived callus of melon (Cucumis melo L.)

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Somatic embryogenesis in cacao and jojoba

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Somatic embryogenesis in coffee (Coffea arabica). (Part I)

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Somatic embryogenesis in rice cultivar IR50

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Somatic embryogenesis in soyabean

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Somatic embryogenesis in tissue cultures of walnut (Juglans nigra, J. major and hybrids J. nigra X J. regia)

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Somatic embryogenesis in woody species

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Somatic embryony patterns and plant regeneration in Ipomoea batatas Poir

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Somatic fusion for breeding of tetraploid potatoes

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Somatic hybridization as a means to broaden the gene pool of cruciferous oil plants

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Somatic hybridization attempts between Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench and Oryza sativa L

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Somatic hybridization between Nicotiana sylvestris and N. otophora without the application of selection

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Somatic hybridization between navel orange and 'Murcott' tangor

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Somatic hybridization in Citrus: navel orange (C. sinensis Osb.) and grapefruit (C. paradisi Macf.)

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Somatic hybridization of Citrus with wild relatives for germplasm enhancement and cultivar development

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Somatic hybridization of sexually incompatible top-fruit tree rootstocks, wild pear (Pyrus communis var. pyraster L.) and Colt cherry (Prunus avium x pseudocerasus)

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Somatic hybrids - a new possibility for studying the genetics of plant organelles

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Somatic hybrids between the forage legumes Lotus corniculatus L. and L. tenuis Waldst et Kit

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Somatic hybrids obtained from fusion of protoplasts from carrot and celery

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Somatic instability of a mutable allele of B-Peru in different inbred lines

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Somatic mutation in rice tissue culture

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Somatic mutations in Chimonobambusa quadrangularis

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Somatic polyembryogenesis from callus of mature sugar pine embryos

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Somatic serotypes of Pasteurella multocida strains isolated from avian hosts (1976-1988)

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Somatic transformation of hens with highly polymeric DNA

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Somatically segregating clone in an apomictic hybrid of maize with Tripsacum

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Somatostatin and its analogue (D-Trp8,D-Cys14)-somatostatin do not modify intestinal absorption in vivo of carbohydrates in hamster intestine, but they do modify some disaccharidases

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Somatostatin effect in postprandial hypoglycemia

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Somatostatin inhibition of thyrotropin-releasing hormone- and growth hormone-releasing factor-induced growth hormone secretion in young and adult anesthetized chickens

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Somatotrophic receptors in hepatic tissue of the developing male pig

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Somatotrophin increases thyroxine-5'-monodeiodinase activity in lactating mammary tissue of the cow

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Somatotropin and growth factors: new possibilities in animal production?

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Somatotropin and legislative deficiencies

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Somatotropin and related peptides in milk

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Somatotropin related technologies: implications for pig breeding

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Somatotropin: a cause of agitation

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Somatotype in the evaluation of the physical development of school children 11 years old

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Some Acari Mesostigmata of rodents of the Municipio of Espinosa, Minas Gerais, Brazil

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Some Indonesian restorers and maintainers of WA cytosterile lines

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Some Lepidoptera infesting beech, Fagus sylvatica Linne

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Some Panicum miliaceum germplasm in Inner Mongolia

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Some Papilionidae (Lepidoptera: Rhopalocera) from the Andaman and Nicobar islands

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Some adult and larval platyhelminths of reptiles on the Canary Islands

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Some agronomic aspects of rainfed wheat production in northern Zambia

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Some anatomical features of the periodontium of the deciduous and permanent dentition in the beagle dog

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Some anatomical, physical and chemical characteristics of Chusquea culeou

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Some antigenic properties of carp iridovirus

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Some applications of ground-penetrating radar in the southern coastal plains region of Georgia

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Some applications of the covariances of relatives with inbreeding

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Some ascaridoid nematodes of fishes: Heterocheilinae

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Some aspects and consequences of the agricultural price interventions in Turkey

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Some aspects in studies of the aridity of landscapes

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Some aspects of Citrus with special reference to Indonesia

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Some aspects of Sphagnum ecology

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Some aspects of a double symbiosis with ectomycorrhizal and VAM fungi

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Some aspects of agricultural extension experiences in India

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Some aspects of air pollutant effects on terrestrial ecosystems and prospects for the future

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Some aspects of anaerobic metabolism in stored apples

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Some aspects of aseptic technology

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Some aspects of asparagus forcing

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Some aspects of asymbiotic nutrition of orchid embryos

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Some aspects of attempts to combat human hydatidosis within a limited area

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Some aspects of autotetraploid population dynamics

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Some aspects of beach use in the Perth metropolitan area

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Some aspects of certification and primary seed production of diploid and tetraploid varieties of oil radish

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Some aspects of coffee physiology in Cuba

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Some aspects of composted grape and olive marcs as substrates in the pot culture of Tagetes patula nana

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Some aspects of cotton as a cash crop development in a historical perspective in Maridi District, Southern Sudan

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Some aspects of drought and tropical pasture legume production

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Some aspects of energy conservation in dairy processing

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Some aspects of energy metabolism in growing pigs

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Some aspects of enteral feeding after abdominal surgery

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Some aspects of film coating agrochemicals onto seed

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Some aspects of finely disseminated oxide and oxyhydrate of iron in soil clay as revealed by DTA study

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Some aspects of fluid flow in wood. IV Gas permeability studies in hardwoods

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Some aspects of food industry organization and management

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Some aspects of inter-state and intra-state variations in the flow of institutional agricultural credit

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Some aspects of irrigation development in sub-Saharan Africa: a discussion paper

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Some aspects of lipid metabolism in the liver of Wistar rats with fat diet-induced obesity

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Some aspects of local social development in Sri Lanka

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Some aspects of management-worker relations in dairy cooperatives

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Some aspects of metabolic adaptations in lipid metabolism during starvation are mimicked by epinephrine in rat adipocytes

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Some aspects of mineral weathering in relation to inputs in Scottish hill and upland mineral soils

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Some aspects of municipal economic sectors

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Some aspects of nectar secretion in Valencia oranges

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Some aspects of nitrogen fixation in free-living cultures of Rhizobium

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Some aspects of nitrogen fixation in haricot beans

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Some aspects of obtaining essential oils from the foliage of indigenous conifers

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Some aspects of ocular thelaziosis in cattle

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Some aspects of olive growing in Calabria

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Some aspects of physiology and changes in mineral nutrition of fruit trees

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Some aspects of plant cuticular transpiration

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Some aspects of potassium and magnesium in a compact red ferrallitic soil

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Some aspects of preserving chicken semen: glycerol effect, assay method, and application

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Some aspects of price: quality relationships in the Japanese beef and feed grains markets

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Some aspects of quantitation of influence of heavy metals on soil biological activity

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Some aspects of regeneration planning

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Some aspects of reproductive performance of crossbred cattle in Egypt

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Some aspects of resistance of muskmelon to downy mildew

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Some aspects of resource utilization in agriculture

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Some aspects of rice-Azolla association in northern China

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Some aspects of sensory properties of food that relate to food habits and associated problems of elderly consumers

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Some aspects of small ruminant production in Mozambique

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Some aspects of small-scale irrigation in North East Brazil

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Some aspects of smallholder dairy production in Mozambique

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Some aspects of soil compaction under single and dual tractor tyres

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Some aspects of soil conservation on grazing lands

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Some aspects of stability of a house mouse population to harmful environmental factors in an agricultural landscape

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Some aspects of stone-lines and dissolution fronts associated with regolith and dambo profiles in parts of Malawi and Zimbabwe

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Some aspects of stray dog behaviour in an urban fringe area

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Some aspects of substance transport processes in soils influenced by soil moisture regulation on the Great Hungarian Plain

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Some aspects of tankmix applying of Decis 2.5 EC and nitrogen fertilizers

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Some aspects of technological development in agriculture

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Some aspects of the antibacterial activity of bovine neutrophils in relation to staphylococcal mastitis

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Some aspects of the biochemical basis of viability loss in stored Guilfoylia monostylis seeds

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Some aspects of the biological control of the corn borer using the natural enemies Trichogramma spp

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Some aspects of the biology and behaviour of Plutella xylostella (Lepidoptera: Plutellidae) and its parasitoid Diadegma insulare (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae)

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Some aspects of the biology and helminthofauna of Helicella (Helicella) itala (Linnaeus, 1758) (Mollusca). Natural infection by Dicrocoeliidae (Trematoda)

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Some aspects of the biology of the Kamchatkan sculpin, Artediellus camchaticus, on the eastern coast of Kamchatka

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Some aspects of the biology of the caryophyllid cestode Djombangia penetrans (Bovien, 1926) in catfish Clarias batrachus (L.) from Kedah, Malaysia

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Some aspects of the carbohydrate composition of callaphidid honeydew

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Some aspects of the colour measurement of New Zealand wools, with emphasis on measurement by liquid scintillation spectrometry

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Some aspects of the date economy in Tunisia

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Some aspects of the development of pure and hybrid pig breeding in Bulgaria

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Some aspects of the ecology of Diospyros celebica at Sausu and in the adjacent area, Central Sulawesi

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Some aspects of the ecology of the stem borer (Sesamia cretica Led.) in sugar cane and sorghum in the Sudan

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Some aspects of the effect of earthworms on soil fungi

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Some aspects of the employment suitability of graduates of agricultural schools

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Some aspects of the epidemiology of cryptosporidiosis on livestock farms in the Leningrad region of USSR

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Some aspects of the epidemiology of trichomoniasis

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Some aspects of the epizootiology of Protostrongylus infection in sheep in Western Byelorussia

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Some aspects of the evolution of C4 photosynthesis

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Some aspects of the expression of self compatibility in hybrids between Lycopersicon esculentum Mill. and L. hirsutum f. glabratum C. H. Mull

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Some aspects of the flora and vegetation of the Indian Ocean islands (Seycehlles, Reunion, Mauritius)

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Some aspects of the flowering and fruiting biology of Annona cherimola Mill

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Some aspects of the host-pathogen interaction in leaf scald of barley caused by Rhynchosporium secalis (Oudem.) J.J. Davis

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Some aspects of the individual foraging strategy of Formica cunicularia (Hymenoptera, Formicidae)

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Some aspects of the integrated rural development programme in Sri Lanka - past experiences and future perspectives

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Some aspects of the market for oilseeds in Colombia and prospects for growing rapeseed

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Some aspects of the metabolic profile of pigs

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Some aspects of the neuromuscular system of Ascaris

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Some aspects of the new imidazol-hypnotic R8110 in the dog

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Some aspects of the nucleic acid metabolism of Philosamia cynthia ricini and effects of juvenile hormone analogue

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Some aspects of the occurrence, biology and cold-hardiness of Hylobius weevils

D.Giulio M., 1989:
Some aspects of the organization and evolution of the genetic code

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Some aspects of the phytotoxic action of macrocyclic trichothecenes

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Some aspects of the process of Varroa jacobsoni mite entrance into honey bee (Apis mellifera) brood cells

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Some aspects of the reproduction of Brassica barrelieri (L.) Janka and B. oxyrrhina Cosson

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Some aspects of the role of concentrates in increasing feed intake and productivity of cattle fed fibrous diets

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Some aspects of the sexual behaviour of stray dogs, Canis familiaris

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Some aspects of the significance of the antennae as air-current sense organs in the measurement of flight speed in wasps

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Some aspects of the supply-providing agroindustrial complexes

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Some aspects of the technology of growing winter barley in a reddish brown soil

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Some aspects of tick-borne disease in sheep

Wolf, K., 1988:
Some aspects of tourism development and tasks for teaching and research which can be derived from them

Ball, R.M., 1989:
Some aspects of tourism, seasonality and local labour markets

Black, D.C., 1986:
Some aspects of tractor fleet management

Abe, L.O., 1989:
Some aspects of training in national agricultural research

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Some aspects of treatment of coliform mastitis

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Some aspects of trotter breeding in Italy

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Some aspects of urea feeding in ruminants

Stamboliev, M.; Davidkov, E., 1988:
Some aspects of using foliar diagnosis in wheat under conditions of high soil fertility

Kinkorova, J., 1989:
Some aspects of using the methods of biological weed control

Tenma, T., 1989:
Some aspects of village and regional development

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Some aspects of wood quality in the breeding of robinia

Rojas C.V., 1980:
Some aspects of wood utilization in Costa Rica

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Some aspects on landlessness in rural southern Asia

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Some aspects on the biotrophy of VAM fungi

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Some aspects on the use of neutron probe in irrigation and evapotranspiration studies

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Some aspects on the use of paraquat in rice cultivation with special reference to the Muda area

Kvochkin, A., 1990:
Some aspects relating to the calculation of differentiated annuities and the establishment of annuity payments

Vylegzhanin, Y.B., 1988:
Some assumptions in calculating joints with steel rods glued into wood

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Some avian and mammalian hosts of Amblyomma hebraeum and Amblyomma marmoreum (Acari: Ixodidae)

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Some azo-dye reagents for the spectrophotometric determination of cadmium

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Some bacteria isolated from the sphaerocerid fly, Coproica hirtula Rondani, attracted to the raw material of an eyelid cosmetic

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Some basic aspects of the economics of agricultural research

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Some basic equipment of the bacteriology laboratory: description, construction and maintenance

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Some behavioural aspects of the banana weevil Cosmopolites sordidus Germar (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

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Some bio-ecological features of Heliothis armigera Hb. on tomatoes in Djiroft

Farid, A., 1987:
Some bio-ecological features of citrus butterflies in south-east Iran

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Some bio-ecological features of cotton jassid in Fars Province

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Some biochemical alterations in unthrifty sheep suffering from copper deficiency

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Some biochemical and genetic characters of peroxidase isozymes in head cabbage

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Some biochemical and structural indicators of resistance to bacterial leaf spot of betelvine (Piper betle L.)

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Some biochemical aspects of valuable sour cherry hybrids

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Some biochemical blood parameters in ewes and their relation with nutrition and productivity

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Some biochemical changes associated with stratification and germination of basswood seeds

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Some biochemical changes in Lycopersicon esculentum infected with tobacco mosaic virus and/or Alternaria solani

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Some biochemical changes in ginseng roots infected by Cylindrocarpon destructans

Koinarski, V., 1989:
Some biochemical changes in the blood and internal organs of turkeys experimentally infected with Eimeria adenoeides

Walker, C.H., 1988:
Some biochemical responses of vertebrates to sublethal doses of pesticides

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Some biochemical studies in the blood of goats naturally infected with intestinal parasites

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Some biochemical values of the blood serum of replacement sows and the mastitis metritis agalactia syndrome

Bulankova, E., 1987:
Some bioenergetic parameters and nitrogen contents of Himacerus apterus (F.) and Aptus mirmicoides (O. Costa) (Heteroptera)

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Some biological and economic characteristics of plum in Abkhazia

Gusev, A.V., 1988:
Some biological and morphological characteristics of Monogenea in warm-water fish culture

Evans, D.E., 1987:
Some biological and physical constraints to the use of heat and cold for disinfesting and preserving stored products

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Some biological aspects of the potato tuberworm, Phthorimaea operculella Zeller in Upper Egypt (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae)

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Some biological data on Gnorimoschema lycopersicella (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae)

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Some biological features of flowering in feijoa

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Some biological observations on Euremeros mangifera Sharma, Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Alysiinae

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Some biological observations on the banana weevil in Western Kenya

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Some biological properties and the possible use of Streptococcus faecium in preventing diarrhoea

Middleton, E., 1988:
Some biological properties of plant flavonoids

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Some biological studies on Diaspidiotus prunorum in Esfahan

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Some biological studies on the beetle mite Oribatula sp. (Acarina: Oribatulidae)

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Some biological values and the pressure of the cerebrospinal fluid in healthy dogs

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Some biotechnological methods used in embryo transfer in cattle

George, R.S., 1989:
Some bird flea records from Britain (Siphonaptera)

Polakowska Nowak, G., 1988:
Some blood indices for detecting metabolic disorders in sheep in the perinatal period

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Some blood parameters in the Japanese quail divergently selected for reaction to temporary deprivation of food

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Some blood values in dairy cows with the fatty liver syndrome

Tiller, A.K., 1988:
Some case histories of corrosion failures induced by bacteria

Bickhardt, K.; Wendt, M., 1989:
Some cases of arrhythmia in pigs (brief report)

Ondrasek, L', 1990:
Some changes in biological soil characteristics of the grassland ecosystem under different management intensity

Marcus J.; Faridawati M.; Zalma M.L., 1988:
Some changes in chemical characteristics of a paddy and mangrove soil sample during submergence in water

Lighthart, B., 1988:
Some Changes in Gut Bacterial Flora of Field-Grown Peridroma saucia (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) When Brought into the Laboratory

Tvrdon, J., 1989:
Some changes in the Agricultural Cooperative Act from the viewpoint of economic relations

Jaworowski, J., 1989:
Some changes within farms of the Ketrzyn Agroindustrial Association in the period of economic reform

Ketting, F., 1989:
Some characteristic features of dairying and market conditions

Zalazar, C.A.; Meinardi, C.; Bernal, S.; Candioti, M., 1988:
Some characteristics of Argentine Pategras cheeses

Suarez, S.; Jaramillo, C.J., 1988:
Some characteristics of cattle production in the coffee growing zone of Colombia

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Some characteristics of control systems in a specialized climatic thermal chamber

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Some characteristics of cytoplasmic male sterility in rice

Kondo, T.; Mizuno, K.; Kato, T., 1987:
Some characteristics of forage plant lignin

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Some characteristics of infections with blood protozoa in passerine birds

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Some characteristics of infectious bronchitis virus strains isolated from chickens with nephritis

Mardoud, T., 1987:
Some characteristics of productivity of main crops on the gypsiferous soils in the Euphrates basin, Syria

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Some characteristics of propolis from Upper Egypt

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Some characteristics of reproduction in Ichthyophthirius multifiliis

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Some characteristics of seed production of greenhouse cucumbers grown by a low volume hydroponic method

Uetsuki, Y., 1988:
Some characteristics of sixteen commercial tree species in the tropical forests of Peru-Amazon. Fundamentals of seed propagation

Villemin, P., 1988:
Some characteristics of soil potassium in grey rendzinas of the Charente region of Champagne

Villemin, P.; Florentin, L., 1988:
Some characteristics of soil potassium in the Plateau Lorrain Sud (France)

Lakner, Z., 1988:
Some characteristics of the market for food products

Herrero, M.V.; Odell, G.V., 1988:
Some characteristics of the venoms and digestive secretions of Aphonopelma seemanni and Sphaerobothria hoffmanni (Araneae: Theraphosidae) from Costa Rica

Imungi, J.K.; Wabule, M.N., 1990:
Some chemical characteristics and availability of vitamin A and vitamin C from Kenyan varieties of papayas (Carica papaya L.)

Kurtdede, A.; Borku, M.K.; Gurkan, M., 1988:
Some clinical observations on sheep given xylazine hydrochloride (Rompun) and ketamine hydrochloride (Ketalar)

Ali, B.H.; el Sanhouri, A.A.; Musa, B.E., 1989:
Some clinical, haematological and biochemical effects of four tranquilizers in camels (Camelus dromedarius)

Bailey, R.A.; Kunert, J.; Martin, R.J., 1990:
Some comments on gerechte designs. I. Analysis for uncorrelated errors

Sampath, R.K., 1988:
Some comments on measures of inequity in irrigation distribution

Yonezawa, K.; Ichihashi, H., 1986:
Some comments on seed sampling from natural plant populations

Puican, N.; Horton, D., 1988:
Some comments on the results of the investigation Factors limiting the production and utilization of sweet potato

Gibson, DI.; Meneses, MI., 1990:
Some comments on the taxonomy of the species of the genus Neogrubea Dillon & Hargis, 1968 (Monogenea: Mazocraeidae) and their synonyms

Prociv, P., 1989:
Some comments on the validity of Toxocara cynonycteridis (Parona, 1889)

Tedla, S.; Yimam, M., 1987:
Some common human intestinal nematodes at the Wonji/Shoa Sugar Estate: a five-year study

Norberg, P., 1989:
Some common types of food poisoning

Fu, S.Z.; Tang, J.H.; Qi, C.K., 1988:
Some comparisons between yellow and brown seeds in breeding of yellow-seeded Brassica napus

Adams, P.D., 1988:
Some comparisons of recent estimates of agricultural supply elasticities for the Australian economy

Sun, G.C.; Shi, D.; Zhuge, G.Z.; Sun, S.Y., 1990:
Some components of partial resistance to blast Bl in indica rice

Okoh, P.N.; Kubiczek, R.P.; Njoku, P.C.; Iyeghe, G.T., 1989:
Some compositional changes in malted sorghum (Sorghum vulgare) grain and its value in broiler chicken diet

Rowell, G.A.; Taylor, O.R.J., 1988:
Some computer simulations using the neutral mating model for the honey bee, Apis mellifera

Csanady, E., 1987:
Some computing problems in wood chemistry studies

Kaddu, J.B.; Mutinga, M.J., 1988:
Some concepts of the interaction of Trypanosoma (Nannomonas) congolense and Glossina pallidipes

Fujinawa, K., 1989:
Some concepts on contaminant transport in flowing groundwater

Puerta, F.; Padilla, F.; Bustos, M.; Flores, J.M.; Pellin, P.; Alonso, J.M., 1989:
Some conclusions on chalk brood in Apis mellifera

Czykier Wierzba, D., 1988:
Some conditions for the improved functioning of the dairy industry

Grimmer, G.; Reibetanz, W., 1989:
Some connections among the scientific and technical revolution, key technologies and socialist production conditions in agriculture

Offer, N.W.; A.R.idah, M.N., 1988:
Some consequences of ensiling grass with absorbent materials

Tallowin J.R.B.; Williams J.H.H.; Kirkham F.W., 1989:
Some consequences of imposing different continuous grazing pressures in the spring on tiller demography and leaf growth

Fleuret, A., 1988:
Some consequences of tenure and agrarian reform in Taita, Kenya

Pande, P.C.; Shukla, D.S.; Kumar, R., 1987:
Some consequences of the manipulation of grain growth in wheat and triticale

Reason, G.K.; McGuigan, K.R.; Waugh, P.D., 1989:
Some consequences to dairy cattle of the addition of nitrogen fertilizers to dryland grass pastures in south east Queensland

Ipinza, R.; Gil, L.; Soria, S., 1989:
Some considerations about the disease caused by Ceratocystis fagacearum (Bretz.) Hunt on species of the genus Quercus. A potential problem for Spain

Napoles, M.; Mayo, G., 1989:
Some considerations about the filtration process on a laboratory scale

Sillani, S., 1989:
Some considerations for a structural policy in beekeeping

Ooi, S.C., 1988:
Some considerations in the choice of fruit development in the South Pacific

Silva, B.E., 1988:
Some considerations of the climate in Colombia in relation to breaking of dormancy

Charmillot, P.J., 1987:
Some considerations on mating disruption of codling moth Cydia pomonella and summerfruit tortrix moth Adoxophyes orana in apple orchards

Sugocki, P., 1989:
Some considerations on multicriterial optimization at the raw end of a sugar factory

Raffaelli, M., 1990:
Some considerations on the Multi-Fibre Arrangement: past, present and future

Davila, E., 1989:
Some considerations on the causes of poor drainage in the 'Macun Block'

Fernandez Valiela, M.V., 1988:
Some considerations on the development of plant pathology in Argentina

Perez Leon, N., 1987:
Some considerations on the disease caused by Pyricularia oryzae Cav. on rice

Serrone, P. del; Corazza, L., 1986:
Some considerations on the mycoflora of peach and nectarine flowers

Muramatsu Y.; Uchida S.; Sriyotha P.; Sriyotha K., 1990:
Some considerations on the sorption and desorption phenomena of iodide and iodate on soil

Bravo, G., 1987:
Some considerations on the use of herbicides in wheat

Klischowski, B.; Beyer, H., 1989:
Some considerations on weed control in winter rape

Thebpatiphat, S.; Pengprecha, S.; Ternai, B., 1988:
Some constituents of the stems of Piper interruptum Opiz

Rembisz, W., 1989:
Some constraints of introducing free market regulation into private farming in Poland

Yiannakis, A., 1989:
Some contributions of sport sociology to the marketing of sport and leisure organizations

Gusev, A.V., 1987:
Some controversies in the taxonomy of monogeneans

Rutledge, L.C., 1988:
Some corrections to the record on insect repellents and attractants

Mushi, P.A.K., 1987:
Some correlates of literacy rates in selected African countries

Zhekov, P.; Venev, I., 1988:
Some correlations of milk yield in high-yielding Holstein-Friesian and crossbred Bulgarian Brown cows

Davila, E., 1989:
Some criteria of the consequences of poor drainage problems in agricultural areas of the Macun livestock enterprise

Lyushinskii, V.V., 1988:
Some current aspects of breeding pea for fodder in the countries of Europe

Mansfield T.A.; Hetherington A.M.; Atkinson C.J., 1990:
Some current aspects of stomatal physiology

Gallasch, P.T.; Skewes, M.A., 1989:
Some current citrus research at the Loxton Research Centre

Khalilov, V.G.; Kasumov, A.G., 1989:
Some cytogenetic features of first-generation Aegilops-rye hybrids

Fayet, G.; Beaureau, J., 1988:
Some data on canine leishmaniasis in Spain and Italy

Doung N.K.; Gere T., 1988:
Some data on twin identification and parentage control using studies of blood groups and biochemical polymorphism

Newett, S.D.E., .:
Some data supporting the need for higher phosphorus levels for macadamia in Australia

Bush, J.K.; Auken, O.W. van, 1987:
Some demographic and allometric characteristics of Acacia smallii (Mimosaceae) in successional communities

ukjan, H.; Szpak, A.; Rosc, D.; Bielawiec, M.; Sawicka, J.; Giedrojc, J.; Wojtukiewicz, M.; Krupinski, K., 1988:
Some determinants of anaemia in working women in the region of Biaystok with special reference to dietary habits

Raychaudhrui, A., 1988:
Some determinants of the dynamics of land sale in the third world agriculture

Yang, X.M.; Effland, W.R.; Thompson, M.L., 1988:
Some diagnostic subsurface horizons in the proposed Chinese soil classification system

Bao, S.; Yang, Z., 1989:
Some disease-resistant and high-yielding parental material of wheat

Ivory, M.H., 1985:
Some diseases and pests of pines and other trees

McOrist, S., 1989:
Some diseases of free-living Australian birds

Prillwitz, H.G., 1989:
Some diseases of soybeans occurring in the Federal Republic of Germany

Suhardi, 1986:
Some eco-biological aspects of common scab (Streptomyces scabies) of potato: I. The effect of pH and moisture of the soil and Meloidogyne sp. on disease incidence

Termena, B.K.; Vyklyuk, M.I.; Gavrilyuk, V.A., 1987:
Some ecological and biological features of woody plants of different geographical origin

Dagar, J.C., 1982:
Some ecological aspects of mangrove vegetation of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands in India

Singh, V.P.; Mall, L.P., 1980:
Some ecological aspects of mangrove vegetation of the South Andaman Islands in India

Silva, K.H.G.M. de; Balasubramaniam, S., 1984:
Some ecological aspects of the mangroves on the west coast of Sri Lanka

Filip, Z., 1988:
Some ecological aspects of the release of nonresident microorganisms in soil and groundwater environments

Cardenas, A.; Bach, C., 1988:
Some ecological aspects related to carabid beetles in the Cordoba farmlands (southwestern Spain)

Yunchis, O.N., 1987:
Some ecological factors affecting the monogenean infection of roach

Penafiel, S.R.; Bersamin, J.B., 1982:
Some ecological factors affecting the quality of Benguet pine (Pinus kesiya Royle ex Gordon) seeds for regeneration

E.Refai, S.A., 1987:
Some ecological studies on Tribolium castaneum (Tenebrionidae) and Rhyzopertha dominica (Bostrichidae) (Coleoptera)

Covarrubias, R.; Fueyo, R.; Ipinza, J., 1987:
Some ecolological factors influencing the spatial distribution of ant nests

Makodzeva, V., 1990:
Some economic and ecological problems in the development of the agricultural sector

Patnaik, U., 1990:
Some economic and political consequences of the Green Revolution in India

Easter, C.D., 1990:
Some economic and social issues in conservation and sustainable development

Stewart, J.D., 1988:
Some economic aspects of autumn calving

Kovac, M.; Salehar, A., 1989:
Some economic aspects of the reproductive performance of sows in Yugoslavia

Chattopadhyay, K., 1989:
Some economic aspects of tourist traffic: a case study of Amarnath

Viton, A., 1990:
Some economic consequences of WHO

Hollenbeck, L., 1987:
Some economic implications of the psyllid (kutu loncat) infestation on lamtoro (leucaena) in Indonesia

Helal, M.M.; E.S.eemy, A.H., 1988:
Some economic indicators of cost and production functions of summer maize crop in Egypt

Genchev, J., 1990:
Some economic problems related to the application of piece-work and leasing in grain production

Naidenov, N.; Hristov, B., 1987:
Some economic questions of recultivating eroded land in the Maritsa Iztok region's mining and power complex

Stoeckel, A.; Breckling, J., 1988:
Some economy-wide effects of agricultural policies in the European Community: a general equilibrium study

Maracek, I.; Hendrichovsky, V.; Lazar, L.; Bekeova, E.; Choma, I.; Krajnicakova, M.; Elecko, J., 1989:
Some effects of D-cloprostenol (Remophan inj. a.u.v. Spofa) and its possible use in controlling reproduction in sheep

Hartill, W.F.T., 1989:
Some effects of Rhizoctonia solani on growth and yield of potatoes

Kalabamu, F.T., 1989:
Some effects of Tanazania's villagisation programme on traditional building materials

Zhao, G.S.; Baltensperger, D.D.; Christie, R.G.; Purcifull, D.E.; Edwardson, J.R., 1988:
Some effects of a potyvirus on alyceclover and hairy indigo

Walker, J.W.; Heitschmidt, R.K., 1989:
Some effects of a rotational grazing treatment on cattle grazing behaviour

Sykes J.M.; Lowe V.P.W.; Briggs D.R., 1989:
Some effects of afforestation on the flora and fauna of an upland sheepwalk during 12 years after planting

Muise, S.; Tufts, P.; O.B.ien, T.; Fuller, M.; D.E.n, L., 1988:
Some effects of altered light regimes on the production of ranch silver type foxes

French, D.D., 1988:
Some effects of changing soil chemistry on decomposition of plant litters and cellulose on a Scottish moor

Ritchie, G.A., 1987:
Some effects of cold storage on seedling physiology

Weltzien, H.C., 1989:
Some effects of composted organic materials on plant health

Sewell, A.J., 1990:
Some effects of concave to drum clearance and concave design on small grain threshing drum performance

Sanchez Raya, A.J., 1988:
Some effects of drought on olive tree physiology (Olea europaea L.)

Blackburn P.; Brown I.R., 1988:
Some effects of exposure and frost on selected birch progenies

Lorenc Plucinska, G., 1986:
Some effects of exposure to sulphur dioxide on the metabolism of Scots pine in the winter. I. Effects on photosynthesis and respiration

Lorenc Plucinska, G., 1986:
Some effects of exposure to sulphur dioxide on the metabolism of Scots pine in winter. II. Effects on the photosynthetic carbon metabolism

Cappelli, M.; Stefani, A., 1983:
Some effects of fire in coppice

Kohler, J.J.; Tate, L.R.; Sheridan, R.C., 1987:
Some effects of fluorine, aluminium, and silicon on crystal habit of calcium sulfate hemihydrate

Patric, J.H.; Helvey, J.D., 1986:
Some effects of grazing on soil and water in the eastern forest

Wanner, J.L.; Tinnin, R.O., 1989:
Some effects of infection by Arceuthobium americanum on the population dynamics of Pinus contorta in Oregon

Fisher, A.; Wilman, D., 1988:
Some effects of interval between harvests and residual effects of nitrogen application on stolon growth in white clover

Gunthardt Goerg, M.S.; Keller, T., 1987:
Some effects of long-term ozone fumigation on Norway spruce. II. Epicuticular wax and stomata

Keller, T.; Hasler, R., 1987:
Some effects of long-term ozone fumigations on Norway spruce. I. Gas exchange and stomatal response

Roth, JP., 1989:
Some effects of methoprene on Spalangia cameroni, a parasitoid of horn fly pupae

Hargreaves A.L.; Hutson G.D., 1990:
Some effects of repeated handling on stress responses in sheep

Adams, P., 1988:
Some effects of root temperature on the growth and calcium status of tomatoes

Adams, P., 1988:
Some effects of root temperature on the growth and nutrient uptake of tomatoes in NFT

Cram, W.H., 1984:
Some effects of self-, cross- and open-pollinations in Picea pungens

Holden, A.N.G., 1989:
Some effects of silage inoculants on aerobic stability of grass silage

Park R.F.; Rees R.G.; Platz G.J., 1988:
Some effects of stripe rust infection in wheats with adult plant resistance

Randall P.J.; Moss H.J., 1990:
Some effects of temperature regime during grain filling on wheat quality

Steinke, T.D.; Nel, L.O., 1989:
Some effects of termitaria on veld in the eastern Cape

Aboulfaraj, S.; Furgala, B., 1989:
Some effects of the Shaparew honey drying ventilator on pollen trapped honey bee (Apis mellifera L.) colonies in east central Minnesota

Steinke, T.D.; Ward, C.J., 1989:
Some effects of the cyclones Domoina and Imboa on mangrove communities in the St Lucia Estuary

Furgala, B.; Duff, S.; Aboulfaraj, S.; Ragsdale, D.; Hyser, R., 1989:
Some effects of the honey bee tracheal mite (Acarapis woodi Rennie) on non-migratory, wintering honey bee (Apis mellifera L.) colonies in east central Minnesota

Furgala, B.; Duff, S.R.; Aboulfaraj, S.; Ragsdale, D.W.; Hyser, R.A., 1988:
Some effects of the honey bee tracheal mite (Acarapis woodi) on non-migratory honey bee colonies in east central Minnesota

DeLoach, J.R.; Wagner, G.G., 1988:
Some effects of the trypanocidal drug isometamidium on encapsulation in bovine carrier erythrocytes

Muller, P.; Jahn, M.; Burth, U., 1988:
Some effects of thiocyanates on growth and disease resistance of cereal plants

McGregor, J.U., 1989:
Some effects of ultrafiltration and accelerated ripening treatments on the development of a low fat Cheddar cheese

Macdonald, I., 1989:
Some effects of various dietary carbohydrates on thyroid activity in the rat

Wang, J.Y.; Feng, X.R.; Lu, C.X.; Ren, J.P.; Liang, H.F., 1988:
Some elite germplasm resources of Chinese cabbage

Wang, M.; Hou, Y., 1989:
Some elite wheat genotypes

Miller, S.E., 1990:
Some empirical evidence for production smoothing in the agribusiness sector

Kerimov, A.M., 1988:
Some energy indicators of cotton agrophytocenoses under conditions of the arid zone of the Azerbaijan SSR

Grecenko, A., 1989:
Some engineering aspects of preventing excessive soil compaction

Lim, T.K.; Rita, M.; Ooi, P.A.C.; Chin, C.L., 1988:
Some entomopathogenic fungi isolated from Conopomorpha cramerella

Tun-Lin, W.; Htay-Aung; Moe-Moe; Sebastian, A.; Myo-Paing; Myat-Myat-Thu, 1987:
Some environmental factors influencing the breeding of Anopheles balabacensis complex (dirus) in domestic wells in Burma

Chatterjee, C.; Nautiyal, N.; Pathak, A., 1990:
Some enzymatic changes at variable zinc in three Aspergillus species differing in zinc requirement

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