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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 1953

Chapter 1953 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

V"lchinkova, P.; V"lchinkov, S., 1990:
Stability of biological yield in some maize hybrids

Sree, P.S.; Lal, D., 1989:
Stability of butylated hydroxytoluene and butylated hydroxyanisole in ghee during heating

Nahata, M.C.; Zingarelli, J.; Durrell, D.E., 1989:
Stability of caffeine citrate injection in intravenous admixtures and parenteral nutrition solutions

Nahata, M.C.; Zingarelli, J.R.; Durrell, D.E., 1989:
Stability of caffeine injection in intravenous admixtures and parenteral nutrition solutions

Patnaik, A.; Panda, S.K.; Biswal, B., 1987:
Stability of cell free chloroplasts: effect of in vivo status

Nimbole, N.N., 1988:
Stability of cotton (Gossypium species) in relation to soil depth under rainfed condition

Jagtap, S.S.; Jones, J.W., 1989:
Stability of crop coefficients under different climate and irrigation management practices

Welty, C.; Reissig, W.H.; Dennehy, T.J.; Weires, R.W., 1989:
Stability of cyhexatin resistance in field populations of European red mite (Acari: Tetranychidae)

Harbs, C., 1987 :
Stability of dimension and shape of particleboards - from the experience of a provider of 'expert opinion'

Saltzman, S.; Brates, N., 1990:
Stability of emulsifiable concentrate pesticide formulations in liquid fertilizers

Murthy, P.K.; Tyagi, K.; Singh, A.K.; Chandra, R.; Pandey, V.C.; Katiyar, J.C., 1988:
Stability of filaria diagnostic antigen (Brugia malayi)

Tiersch, T.R.; Simco, B.A.; Davis, K.B.; Chandler, R.W.; Wachtel, S.S.; Carmichael, G.J., 1990:
Stability of genome size among stocks of the channel catfish

More, D.C.; Patil, H.S.; Jangale, G.D.; Rasal, P.N., 1990:
Stability of grain yield in wheat

Willms, W.D.; Dormaar, J.F.; Schaalje, G.B., 1988:
Stability of grazed patches on rough fescue grasslands

Nikolov, I.; Fam Dak Chong; Popova, M.; Popov, C.; Ivanov, I., 1988:
Stability of hepatic lysosomes in rats and calves: effect of Carsil administration and of acute, recurrent ruminal acidosis

Dickinson, C.M., 1987:
Stability of individual natural pyrethrins in solution after separation by preparative high performance liquid chromatography

Hawkins, A.B., 1988:
Stability of inland soil slopes : some geological considerations

Allam, M.H.; E.K.lyobi, M.H.; Abou Arab, A.A., 1988:
Stability of lipids and fatty acids during smoking and storage of common carp fish

Stefan, I.; Ionescu, N.; Stoica, V., 1987:
Stability of maize grain yields in experiments at Albota-Arges Agricultural Research Station

Luckins, AG.; Hopkins, J.; Rae, PF.; Ross, CA., 1990:
Stability of metacyclic variable antigen types (M-VATs) during the early stages of infection with Trypanosoma congolense

Thomasius, H., 1988:
Stability of natural and artificial forest ecosystems and how they can be influenced by forestry measures. Part I. Part II

Shivanna, H.; Joshi, M.S.; Rao, M.R.G., 1989:
Stability of newly developed sorghum hybrids for grain yield

Madalageri, B.B.; Bojappa, K.M.; Somasekhar, C., 1987:
Stability of onion genotypes to seasonal changes

Singh, B.; Patra, G.J., 1989:
Stability of performance of some varieties of Indian rape, (Brassica campestris L.)

Leuba, V.; Letourneau, D.; Oliver, D., 1989:
Stability of phenylacetic acid in liquid media

Greppi, G.; Cavallone, E.; Pozza, O.; Barelli, A., 1988:
Stability of plasma enzymes of the horse

Kanaswami, M.; Soundrapandian, G.; Kadambavanasundaram, M., 1989:
Stability of pod yield and yield components in Spanish bunch groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.)

Kadychegov, A.N., 1988:
Stability of potato varieties for protein content of the tubers in the southern forest steppe of western Siberia

Anonymous, 1987:
Stability of protein content in multilocation trials

Díaz, A.M.; Perdomo, G.N.; Becco, O., 1988:
Stability of rabies suckling mouse brain vaccine stored at different temperatures

Lenski, R.E.; Nguyen, T.T., 1988:
Stability of recombinant DNA and its effects on fitness

Melsen, J.P.; Walstra, P., 1989:
Stability of recombined milk fat globules

Singh, B.U.; Rana, B.S.; Rao, N.G.P., 1987:
Stability of resistance to stemborer in sorghum

Thiyagarajan, K.; Rajasekaran, S., 1988:
Stability of seed boldness in cowpea

Dwivedi, S.L.; Thendapani, K.; Nigam, S.N., 1988:
Stability of seed mass in confectionery groundnut

Campbell, T.A.; Bauchan, G.R., 1988:
Stability of self-incompatibility in alfalfa

Haynes, R.J.; Swift, R.S., 1990:
Stability of soil aggregates in relation to organic constituents and soil water content

Bindroo, B.B., 1987:
Stability of some metrical characteristics in Dioscorea deltoidea Wall

Singh, K.; Hazra, C.R., 1988 :
Stability of sorghum based intercropping system for forage production under dryland conditions in different agroclimatic regions

Barndt, R.; Jackson, G., 1990:
Stability of sucralose in baked goods

Vertes, F., 1989:
Stability of the perennial ryegrass-white clover association: some features for diagnosis

Laffi, R.; Tossani, N.; Marchetti, S., 1989:
Stability of thiamin in mixed feeds

Goodman, D.B.; Erickson, K., 1988:
Stability of total calcium as determined by using Kodak Ektachem dry-film methodology

Busch Petersen, E.; Kafu, A., 1989:
Stability of two mass-reared genetic sexing strains of Ceratitis capitata (Diptera: Tephritidae) based on pupal color dimorphisms

Schneider, S.A.; Warthesen, J.J., 1989:
Stability of vitamin D in fluid milk

Rao, B.V.R.; Mathur, B.N., 1988:
Stability of vitamins A, D and E in spray dried infant formula during storage

Gopal, J., 1989:
Stability of wart-immune hybrids and cultivars of potato (Solanum tuberosum)

Hlavata, A., 1988:
Stability of whipping cream

Anonymous, 1987:
Stability performance of high-starch clones

Rao, G.S.B.P.S.; Rao, V.V.R.; Subrahmanyam, G.S.V., 1987:
Stability studies in newly evolved lines of natu tobacco (N. tabacum L.)

Brandares, M.F.T.; Vuelban, A.M.; Juan, B.B.D.; Ricalde, M.R.; Anzaldo, F.E., 1987:
Stability studies of essential oils from some Philippine plants. II. Cymbopogon citratus (D.C.) Stapf

Sathe, V.T.; Kadam, A.N.; Ghatge, B.B., 1988:
Stability studies on dimethoate

Aitken, M.D.; Irvine, R.L., 1989:
Stability testing of ligninase and Mn-peroxidase from Phanerochaete chrysosporium

Ulrich, B., 1987:
Stability, elasticity and resilience of forest ecosystems under the influence of acid deposition

Mitsdorffer, R.; Demharter, W.; Bischofsberger, W., 1990:
Stabilization and disinfection of sewage sludge by two-stage anaerobic thermophilic/mesophilic digestion

Houck, J.P., 1990:
Stabilization in agriculture: an uncertain quest

Bernier, R.; Stutzenberger, F., 1989:
Stabilization of Thermomonospora curvata beta-glucosidase by a low molecular weight intracellular factor

Ivanov, I.; Damyanov, D.; Kulev, I., 1989:
Stabilization of aqueous solutions of sodium aluminate with monomeric and polymeric organic additives

Feldman, F.; Klekamp, M.S.; Hrinda, M.E.; Shaw, A.B.; Chandra, S., 1988:
Stabilization of biological and pharmaceutical products during thermal inactivation of viral and bacterial contaminants

Hon, D.N.S., 1988:
Stabilization of cotton fibres during mechanical cutting

Loehr, R.C.; Martin, J.H.J.; Neuhauser, E.F., 1988:
Stabilization of liquid municipal sludge using earthworms

Falcinelli, M.; Veronesi, F., 1988:
Stabilization of lucerne (Medicago sativa L.) seed yield through breeding approaches

Beaulieu, R.; Laroche, R.; Samson, P., 1988:
Stabilization of municipal water courses. Application of new techniques

Karmadonov, Y.K.; Podryadskii, V.G., 1989:
Stabilization of nutrient solution volume in solution cultures during potentiometric study of ion absorption by plant roots

Budiman, J.; Nanni, A.; Chang, W.F., 1986:
Stabilization of oil flyash and lime sludge utilizing phosphogypsum

Madrid, L.D.; Carrier, W.D.I.I., 1988:
Stabilization of phosphatic clay with lime columns

Chang, W.C.; Chang, W.F., 1988:
Stabilization of phosphogypsum and sand mixtures with sulfur

Chang, W.C.; Chang, W.F., 1988:
Stabilization of phosphogypsum with epoxy

Janzen, R.A.; Shaykewich, C.F.; Goh, T.B., 1988:
Stabilization of residual C and N in soil

Costales, E.F.J.; Costales, A.B., 1985:
Stabilization of streambanks and riparian zones by riprap combined with selected vegetative engineering structures

Whitt, M.A.; Manning, J.S., 1988:
Stabilization of the Autographa californica nuclear polyhedrosis virus occlusion body matrix by zinc chloride

Mezhs, A.Y.; Plume, I.Y., 1987:
Stabilization of the position of the dual cantilever system

Shatskaya, N.G.; Krasheninin, P.F., 1987:
Stabilization of whey proteins during the manufacture of infant food products

Pegatienan, H.J., 1988:
Stabilization policy in an agricultural dependent economy: an econometric general equilibrium model of Cote d'Ivoire

Helleiner, G.K., 1989:
Stabilization, adjustment and the poor

Hegenbart, S., 1990:
Stabilizers: the guys that bind

Yarnykh, V.S.; Rubchenkov, P.N.; Dushuk, R.V.; Ogorodnikova, T.V.; Dubrov, I.S.; Sit' kov, V.I.; Zaerko, V.I., 1990:
Stabilizing medium for freeze-drying production batches of live vaccine against avian pasteurellosis

Galinat, W.C., 1988:
Stabilizing the links connecting teosinte and maize

Larosa, P.C.; Singh, N.K.; Hasegawa, P.M.; Bressan, R.A., 1989:
Stable NaCl Tolerance of Tobacco Cells Is Associated with Enhanced Accumulation of Osmotin

Angadi, S.P.; Anand, I.J., 1988:
Stable and effective restorer lines developed in Indian mustard Brassica juncea (L.) Czern

Najjar, M.S.; Yaghmaie, F.; Sorell, L.S., 1989:
Stable aqueous suspensions of slag, fly-ash and char

Leemans, J. et al., 1988:
Stable binary Agrobacterium vectors and their use

Takeda, K.; Yamashita, T.; Takahashi, A.; Timberlake, C.F., 1990:
Stable blue complexes of anthocyanin-aluminium-3-p-coumaroyl- or 3-caffeoyl-quinic acid involved in the blueing of Hydrangea flower

Carobbi, R., 1988:
Stable boron resins of high selective absorbent power

Lyznik, L.; Ryan, R.; Ritchie, S.; Hodges, T., 1989:
Stable co-transformation of maize protoplasts with gusA and neo genes

Kocks, C.; Rajewsky, K., 1989:
Stable expression and somatic hypermutation of antibody V regions in B-cell developmental pathways

Puga, A.; Raychaudhuri, B.; Salata, K.; Zhang, Y.H.; Nebert, D.W., 1990:
Stable expression of mouse Cyp1a1 and human CYP1A2 cDNAs transfected into mouse hepatoma cells lacking detectable P450 enzyme activity

Croft, L.R., 1987:
Stable isotope mass spectrometry in honey analysis

Janghorbani, M.; Ting, B.T.G., 1990:
Stable isotope methods for studies of mineral/trace element metabolism

Young, V.R.; Fukagawa, N.K.; Storch, K.J.; Hoerr, R.; Jaksic, T., 1988:
Stable isotope probes: potential for application in studies of amino acid utilization in the neonate

Ehleringer, J.R.; Osmond, C.B., 1989:
Stable isotopes

Sukandi, T.; Siregar, C.A.; Satjapradja, O., 1984:
Stable manure and spacing trial of potatoes (Solanum tuberosum) grown in a taungya system with Pinus merkusii at Cikole-Lembang

Aoki, K., 1986:
Stable polymorphic equilibria in a toy model of group selection

Panwar, D.V.S.; Singh, R.; Chand, H., 1988:
Stable resistance to bacterial leaf blight and stem rot in rice

Fitch, M.M.; Manshardt, R.M.; Gonsalves, D.; Slightom, J.L.; Sanford, J.C., 1990:
Stable transformation of papaya via microprojectile bombardment

Gregory, J.F.; Bailey, L.B.; Toth, J.P.; Cerda, J.J., 1990:
Stable-isotope methods for assessment of folate bioavailability

Staendeke, H.; Thummler, U.; Adam, W., 1989:
Stablized red phosphorus and process for making it

Harrach, B.; Bata, A.; Sandor, G.; Vanyi, A.; Vezer, F., 1988:
Stachybotryotoxicosis in sport horses verified by chromatographic analysis. A brief review of the authors' work

Lenz, O., 1982:
Stacking of Norway spruce, silver fir and Scots pine sawlogs in the forest

Anonymous, 1989:
Staff health issues and fitness training scheme ('shifts') Nottingham Health Promotion Unit. Phase 2 monitoring report - the second and third years

Spierings, C.J.M.; Hoek, J.M. van der, 1989:
Staffing developments on farms and nurseries

Horwath, K.L.; Riddiford, L.M., 1988:
Stage and segment specificity of the secretory cell of the dermal glands of the tobacco hornworm, Manduca sexta

Hodkova, M.; Socha, R., 1987:
Stage dependent effect of juvenile hormone analogue on the corpus allatum activity in Pyrrhocoris apterus (Heteroptera, Pyrrhocoridae)

Kuriakose, K.P., 1989:
Stage of harvest trial in palmarosa

Harmon, R.J.; Langlois, B.E.; Akers, K.A.; Smith, B.A.; Varney, L.A.; Crist, W.L.; Hemken, R.W., 1990:
Stage of lactation influences on staphylococcal prevalence in primiparous cows during the use of two different germicidal teat dips

Murzamadiev, A.M.; Ertaev, E.E.; Dzhienbaeva, R.S.; Amangel' diev, E.K.; Askarov, S.M.; Daurenbekov, N.T., 1988:
Stage of meiosis in sheep oocytes in relation to follicle size

Mohsen, ZH.; Mehdi, NS., 1989:
Stage succession and number of generations of Simulium pseudequinum (Diptera: Simuliidae) in desert limnocrenes

Gill, K.S., 1988:
Stage-dependent differential effect of saline water irrigation on grain yield and chemical composition of pearlmillet (Pennisetum typhoides)

Rolin, S.; Halleux, S.; van Sande, J.; Dumont, J.; Pays, E.; Steinert, M., 1990:
Stage-specific adenylate cyclase activity in Trypanosoma brucei

Singh, D.P.; Misra, S.; Chatterjee, R.K., 1988:
Stage-specific antibody response of Mastomys natalensis during the course of Dipetalonema viteae infection

Soltani, N.; Delachambre, J.; Delbecque, JP., 1989:
Stage-specific effects of diflubenzuron on ecdysteroid titers during the development of Tenebrio molitor: evidence for a change in hormonal source

Wesseling, JG.; Snijders, PJF. van Someren, P.; Jansen, J.; Smits, MA.; Schoenmakers, JGG., 1989:
Stage-specific expression and genomic organization of the actin genes of the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum

Mali, P.; Kaipia, A.; Kangasniemi, M.; Toppari, J.; Sandberg, M.; Hecht, N.B.; Parvinen, M., 1989:
Stage-specific expression of nucleoprotein mRNAs during rat and mouse spermiogenesis

Hodgetts, R.B.; Clark, W.C.; Gietz, R.D.; Sage, B.A.; O.C.nnor, J.D., 1986:
Stage-specific mechanisms regulate the expression of the dopa decarboxylase gene during Drosophila development

de Little, DW.; Elliott, HJ.; Madden, JL.; Bashford, R., 1990:
Stage-specific mortality in two field populations of immature Chrysophtharta bimaculata (Olivier) (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)

Broda, J., 1985:
Stages in the development of the forest economy of Poland

Barlow, C.; Jayasuriya, S.K., 1984:
Stages of development and government policy in rubber smallholding agriculture

Erskine, W.; Muehlbauer, F.J.; Short, R.W., 1990:
Stages of development in lentil

Schmidtova, K.; Gregor, A.; Kocisova, M.; Munka, V., 1988:
Stages of lymphatic heart and lung drainage in cats

Yen, T.Y., 1988:
Stagewise estimation of complete demand systems with limited dependent variables: an analysis of Dominican household consumption

Ciubotariu, C.; Popovici, D.; Tonigar, D., 1988:
Staggered production from temporary pastures using mixtures of cultivars with different periods of vegetative growth

Pal, S., 1989:
Stagnant production and changing production instability of oilseeds in India: 1950-1984

Raymond, P., 1988:
Stagnation in sugar cane plantations under partnership systems

Didion, B.A.; Dobrinsky, J.R.; Giles, J.R.; Graves, C.N., 1989:
Staining procedure to detect viability and the true acrosome reaction in spermatozoa of various species

Njoroge, J.M.; Mwakha, E., 1988:
Staircase pruning system in high density arabica coffee

Inoue, M.; Amemiya, S.; Matsuoka, S.; Suzuki, K.; Yamamoto, K., 1987:
Stake test at Asakawa Experiment Forest VIII. Inspection data of treated stakes at Asakawa over a period of 28 years and at other sites

Sabbe, W.E.; Ridley, M., 1990:
Stale bed fertilization of soybean

Sabbe, W.E.; Ridley, M., 1989:
Stale bed fertilization of soybeans

Hall, D.R., 1990:
Stalinism and tourism: a study of Albania and North Korea

Falloon, T., 1988:
Stalk borer damage levels as a measure of the impact of the biological control programme against Diatraea saccharalis (F.) in Jamaica

Rensburg, G.D.J. van, 1987:
Stalk borer in maize - identification chart

Moshkovich, A.M., 1988:
Stalk cell of the male gametophyte of Picea abies (Pinaceae)

Reneau, J.K.; Conlin, B.J.; Appleman, R.D.; Farnsworth, R.J.; Bringe, A.N., 1989:
Stall barn milking management

Crump, J.Jr; Crump, J., 1989:
Stallion ejaculation induced by manual stimulation of the penis

Fayrer Hosken, R.A.; Caudle, A.B., 1989:
Stallion fertility evaluation: Part III

Ron, I., 1989:
Stalls or loose housing

Boone, R.D.; Sollins, P.; Cromack, K.Jr, 1988:
Stand and soil changes along a mountain hemlock death and regrowth sequence

Hall, D.G., 1990:
Stand and yield losses in sugarcane caused by the wireworm Melanotus communis (Coleoptera: Elateridae) infesting plant cane in Florida

Hame, T.; Tomppo, E., 1987:
Stand based forest inventory from Spot image. First experiments

Shimazaki, Y., 1984:
Stand composition of overcrowded Japanese larch forest

Kim, H.J.; Yi, C.K.; Sung, J.M., 1987:
Stand conditions influencing the infection of the Korean pine blister rust caused by Cronartium ribicola

Lavigne, M.B., 1986:
Stand density and production processes in balsam fir stands

Knockaert, C., 1984:
Stand density and yield of Eucalyptus sideroxylon in the forests of the Mamora and of Ben Slimane

Mctague, J.P.; Patton, D.R., 1989:
Stand density index and its application in describing wildlife habitat

Chang, C.S.; Kwon, O.B., 1982:
Stand density management studies on larch stands in Korea

Cantliffe, D.J., 1989:
Stand establishment

Sahi, R.H.; Barnes, D.K.; Smith, D.M., 1988:
Stand establishment of alfalfa under drought conditions with three cereal grains in two planting designs

Becker, G.; Brauninger, A., 1986:
Stand fertilizing with blower units - assessment criteria and recommendations

Makela, A.; Hari, P., 1986:
Stand growth model based on carbon uptake and allocation in individual trees

Kurth, H., 1988:
Stand inventory in the German Democratic Republic

Svoboda, M., 1989:
Stand organization and its effect on productivity of selected winter wheat varieties

Valtanen, J., 1988:
Stand reforestation at upland sites in northern Finland

Armesto, J.J.; Figueroa, J., 1987:
Stand structure and dynamics in the temperate rain forests of Chiloe Archipelago, Chile

Weatherhead, D.J., 1984:
Stand structure computer program

Kuznetsov, K.V.; Shirotov, I.I., 1988:
Standard Sable mink

Pacini, L., 1988:
Standard UNI 9298 for the improvement of protected crops

Kisiel, R.; Kaliszewicz, D.; Kucka, E., 1990:
Standard calculation of potato production costs

Anonymous, 1988:
Standard design for small-scale modular slaughterhouses

Lighton, JRB.; Bartholomew, GA., 1988:
Standard energy metabolism of a desert harvester ant, Pogonomyrmex rugosus: effects of temperature, body mass, group size, and humidity

Hanson, W.D., 1989:
Standard errors for heritability and expected selection response

Gill, JL., 1988:
Standard errors for split-split-plot experiments with repeated measurements of animals

Waaijenberg, D., 1989:
Standard for film-covered greenhouses

Gustavsson, I., 1988:
Standard karyotype of the domestic pig. Committee for the Standardized Karyotype of the Domestic Pig

Sterten, H., 1989:
Standard list of feedstuffs for both foxes and mink, 1989

Klimenko, B.S.; Zatsepina, N.G., 1989:
Standard-fitting assemblies for milk pipes

Weitkamp, L.R.; MacCluer, J.W.; Guttormsen, S.A.; King, R.H., 1988:
Standardbred stallion gene transmission for twelve protein systems: evidence for selection in trotters

Caprari, J.J.; Slutzky, O., 1989:
Standardisation of paints for anticorrosive and antifouling protection in sea water

D.Muylder, X., 1989:
Standardised management of PID in a developing country

Montagne, J., 1989:
Standardization as reference

Moreno, A.O.; Rueda Cabrera, E.; Luna Del Castillo, J.D., 1990 :
Standardization in wastewater biomass growth

Luo, S.B.; Yan, J.P.; Dai, S.Y.; Liu, E.Y.; Zhang, Y.M.; Hu, M.R., 1989:
Standardization of Bacillus thuringiensis preparations. I. Bioassay with Pieris rapae

Bains, S.S.; Dhaliwal, H.S., 1988:
Standardization of a technique for in vivo evaluation of fungitoxicants against Neovossia indica

Chander, N.; Bindal, M.P., 1987:
Standardization of a titrimetric method for the estimation of free fatty acids (acidity) in ghee

JoséMaría Gutiérrez; Gustavo Rojas; Bruno Lomonte; JoséAntonio Gené; Fernando Chaves; Jorge Alvarado; Ermila Rojas, 1990:
Standardization of assays for testing the neutralizing ability of antivenoms

Kohler, J., 1988:
Standardization of costs for plantations, differentiated by species and site

Tomer, S.S.; Tripathi, V.N., 1988:
Standardization of data on lactation performance of Murrah buffaloes affected with various diseases

Latyshev, V.P.; Tsirul' nikova, N.A., 1986:
Standardization of data on the thermal properties of tvorog and milk fat

Kaaman, T., 1988:
Standardization of dermatophyte antigens (trichophytins) for skin test purposes

Kaaman, T.; Braathen, L.R.; Emtestam, L., 1987:
Standardization of dermatophyte antigens and the role of Langerhans cells in dermatophytosis

Watson, G.; Morton, V.; Williams, R., 1990:
Standardization of disease assessment and product performance reporting: on industry perspective

Okolelova, T.M.; Baikovskaya, I.P.; Pimenova, T.L.; Viktorova, E.V.; Krivoruchko, L.I.; Volchkova, E.I., 1987:
Standardization of fat-soluble vitamins in bulk feeds for young meat-breed hens

Chaudhary, S.K.; Kara Ram; Rehalia, A.S., 1989:
Standardization of foliar sampling technique in guava

Preece, M.A., 1989:
Standardization of growth

Sharma, Y.P.; Singh, R.S.; Tripathi, R.K., 1987:
Standardization of inoculation technique for ergot disease of pearl millet

Singh, K.K.; Johri, J.K.; Balasubrahmanyam, V.R., 1988:
Standardization of leaf sampling technique in betelvine for chemical analysis

Kamboj, J.S.; Dhatt, A.S.; Rehalia, A.S., 1987:
Standardization of leaf-sampling technique in sub-tropical pear

Cooper, G.R.; Myers, G.L.; Smith, S.J.; Sampson, E.J., 1988:
Standardization of lipid, lipoprotein, and apolipoprotein measurements

Surinder Kumar; Chauhan, K.S., 1989:
Standardization of maturity indices of Kinnow mandarin

Gerginova, Ts, 1990:
Standardization of methods of testing and evaluating plum and myrobalan plum varieties, rootstocks and hybrids for plum pox potyvirus. Methodology

Hawkins, R.H.; Pole, R.A., 1989:
Standardization of peak-volume transformations

Medvedev, V.V.; Tsybul' ko, V.G.; Slobodyuk, P.I., 1988:
Standardization of permissible loads of tracked vehicle systems MTA on the soil

Hochmut, R.; Hrdy, I.; Kolk, A.; Liska, J.; Rodziewicz, A.; Vrkoc, J.; Zdarek, J., 1989:
Standardization of pheromone traps and dispensers for the control of the nun moth (Lymantria monacha) in the Czech Socialist Republic

Scherer, P.A., 1988:
Standardization of plant micropropagation by usage of a liquid medium with polyurethane foam plugs or a solidified medium with the gellan gum Gelrite instead of agar

Paul, S.C.; Mathur, B.N., 1989:
Standardization of processing parameters for enzymic hydrolysis of lactose on pilot scale

Hill, M.O.; Latter, P.M.; Bancroft, G., 1988:
Standardization of rotting rates by a linearizing transformation

Perez, O.; Urban, M.; Miyar, R.; Fernandez, A.; Lastre, M.; Schwalbach, J., 1987:
Standardization of simple immunodiffusion and indirect immunofluorescence for the serodiagnosis of Trypanosoma rhodesiense infections in Mozambique

Todorov, I., 1989:
Standardization of some organizational and technical concepts in grape breeding

Stadler, T., 1988:
Standardization of the ecophysiological variables during the development of Sitophilus oryzae (L.) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Navarrete, I.; Serrano, F.; Reina, D.; Martinez Fernandez, A.; Albarran, E.; Habela, M.; Nieto, C., 1989:
Standardization of the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for detection of swine trichinellosis

Ruffler, R., 1988:
Standardization of the technological costs for logging, differentiated by species, site class and stand age

Kapur, S.P.; Thind, S.K.; Sohi, H.S., 1988:
Standardization of trunk injection technique for fruit trees

Sasek, A.; Sykorova, S., 1989:
Standardization of vertical electrophoresis in starch gel columns and characterization of gliadin allelic blocks

Eng, C.; Valenstein, P., 1989:
Standardization of yeast inocula with an electronic impedance counter

Foreman, J.H.; Bayly, W.M.; Grant, B.D.; Gollnick, P.D., 1990:
Standardized exercise test and daily heart rate responses of thoroughbreds undergoing conventional race training and detraining

Haas, P.; Ozon, C.; Bayada, M., 1988:
Standardized expression of the results of serological tests for canine leishmaniasis. The ELISA test

Lemanske, R.F.; Taylor, S.L., 1987:
Standardized extracts, foods

Wirth, H., 1988:
Standardized feed for laboratory animals - criteria and methods for selecting ingredients and raw materials

Bohl, W., 1990:
Standardized measuring, presentation and guarantee of ventilation fan response curves

Crémieux, A.; Reverdy, M.E.; Pons, J.L.; Savage, C.; Chevalier, J.; Fleurette, J.; Mossé, M., 1989:
Standardized method for evaluation of hand disinfection by surgical scrub formulations

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Standardized methods for formaldehyde emission from particleboards

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Standardized nomenclature for the costal wing spots of the genus Anopheles and other spotted-wing mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae)

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Standardized nomenclature of animal parasitic diseases (SNOAPAD)

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Standardized systems for cooling milk

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Standardizing cheese milk

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Standardizing factors in the manufacture of single-layer parquet panels

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Standardizing measurement of rheological properties of cooked Russet Burbank potatoes

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Standardizing of fat-soluble vitamins in feed mixtures for meat-type pullets

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Standards and their development

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Standards applicable to real estate in the open-space class

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Standards for aluminium in drinking water of different hardness

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Standards for modern animal housing

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Standards for protein in diets for high-yielding cows kept in large farming complexes

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Standards for radioactive contamination of water ecosystems near atomic power stations

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Standards for the adhesion of lacquer-colour coverings on wood underlays

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Standards for the predictive accuracy of short term body height and lower leg length measurements on half annual growth rates

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Standards for the size and layout of sheep-rearing buildings

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Standards in food-service purchasing

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Standards to assess the regeneration of soil organic matter

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Standards versus prices revisited: the case of agricultural non-point source pollution

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Standards versus standards: the incentive and efficiency effects of pollution control restrictions

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Standards, control, and future outlook

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Standpoints of the utilization of secondary timber and agricultural raw materials on the basis of twenty years' experience

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Stanhopea avicula, a new twin-flowered species from eastern Panama

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Staphylectomy for treatment of dorsal displacement of the soft palate in two foals

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Staphylinids of the tribe Philonthini (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae) of the south-east of Western Siberia

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Staphylococcal arthritis in geese. Study of an outbreak

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Staphylococcal dermatitis in white rats: treatment by autogenous vaccine

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Staphylococcal enterotoxin in Portuguese ewe cheese

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Staphylococcal scalded skin syndrone in a breast-fed infant

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Staphylococcal septicaemia in ducklings. 2. Drug sensitivity and chemotherapy

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Staphylococci adherence test for serodiagnosis of amoebiasis

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Staphylococci are an indicator group for the presence of listeriae in the dairy processing plant environment

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Staphylococci: their role in fermented sausages

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Staphylococcus aureus

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Staphylococcus aureus and related staphylococci in foods: ecology, proliferation, toxinogenesis, control and monitoring

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Staphylococcus aureus colonization of burrows in erythrodermic Norwegian scabies. A case study of iatrogenic contagion

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Staphylococcus aureus exopolysaccharide in vivo demonstrated by immunomagnetic separation and electron microscopy

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Staphylococcus aureus in ewe milk samples from several districts of central Slovakia in the period 1981-1986

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Staphylococcus aureus, thermostable nuclease and staphylococcal enterotoxins in raw ewes' milk Manchego cheese

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Staphylococcus saprophyticus found to be a common contaminant of food

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Staphylococcus schleiferi subsp. coagulans subsp. nov., isolated from the external auditory meatus of dogs with external ear otitis

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Star magnolia (Magnolia tomentosa) - an indigenous Japanese plant

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Starane Combi - a new broad-spectrum herbicide in cereals

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Starane and its residues in cereals, maize and grasses

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Starch accumulation and hydrolysis in grapevine cultivars differing in frost resistance

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Starch and amylose synthesis in seeds of garden and field peas

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Starch and protein content and enzyme levels in developing cotyledons of chickpea

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Starch and protein digestibility and amino acid absorption in beef cattle fed a high concentrate diet with mineral acid-neutralizing compounds

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Starch and protein production by different regions of barley plants

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Starch degradation in the photosynthetic tissues of pea

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Starch digestion and digesta kinetics in the small intestine of steers fed on a maize grain and maize silage mixture

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Starch digestion in normal subjects and patients with pancreatic disease, using a 13CO2 breath test

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Starch gel electrophoresis of plant isozymes: a comparative analysis of techniques

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Starch in human nutrition

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Starch in the non-food sector. Proceedings of an expert colloquium held on 25/26 September 1989 in Konigswinter with documentation of research projects

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Starch mobilization in mature leaves of soybean Glycine max (L.) Merrill in relation to growth of the developing leaves

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Starch phosphorylase in plants

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Starch synthase and starch branching enzyme from germinating castor bean endosperm

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Starch synthesis in potato (Solanum tuberosum) tubers: activity of selected enzymes in dependence of potassium content in storage tissue

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Starch synthesis in potato tuber slices

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Starch utilization by deepwater rices during submergence

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Starch, adenine nucleotides and apyrase changes during potato tuber development

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Starlings, mountain zebras and ticks

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Start up of UASB reactors treating sucrose-containing substrates with a low COD/sulfate ratio

Gruber, Y.; Farchill, D.; Arueste, G.; Goldstein, M., 1988:
Start-up and running-in of the Soreq biological wastewater treatment plant

Pickin, S.R., 1990:
Start-up of beet waste water treatment plants

Bardulet, M.; Cairo, J.; Paris, J.M., 1990:
Start-up of low temperature anaerobic reactors using freshwater methanogenic sediments

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Starter cultures for cheesemaking using UF retentates

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Starter cultures used in milk production

Knye, P., 1988:
Starter cultures, preparation and use of starters in South African Gouda cheese making

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Starter fertilizer for cotton

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Starter research in South Africa

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Starters - an introduction

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Starting from Fonsebougou Presentation, objectives and methodology of the 'Fonsebougou Section' (1977-1987)

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Starting from zero: farmers organize from day one of a new irrigation scheme under settlement in Sri Lanka

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Starting swine nutrition

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Starting-up of a full-scale two-phase contact process treating citric acid wastewater

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Startle, categorical response, and attention in acoustic behavior of insects

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Starvation and desiccation tolerance in Drosophila melanogaster adults: effects of environmental temperature

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Starvation and mucosal prostaglandin-E2 in gastric stress ulceration

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Starvation and penetration of bacteria in soils and rocks

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State Land Fund land transfers in the Olsztyn voivodship during 1975-85

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State Seed Testing Station. Report for the 117th working year from 1st July 1987 to 30th June 1988

Anonymous, 1989:
State Seed Testing Station. Report for the 118th working year from 1st July 1988 to 30th June 1989

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State agricultural advisory services and innovation adoption by farmers in Fayum, Egypt

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State and agricultural finance from an historical point of view: the Agricultural Finance Corporation of Zimbabwe

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State and local regulation of private forestry in the east

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State and possibilities of soil salinization in Europe

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State and problems of regrinding of mower cutters

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State and prospects of complex systems for investigating the processes of grinding free-flowing materials

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State and prospects of in vitro culture of Saintpaulia ionantha

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State and trend of the table olive market; State and trend of the olive oil market

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State and trends in the development of the chemistry and technology of herbicides and growth regulators for cotton based on an analysis of patent literature

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State and trends of seed production development in Bulgaria

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State capitalism and the agricultural sector: aspects of political and economic development of Algeria, 1962-1982

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State control linked closely to the activities of cooperative farmers and workers

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State control of bovine leukosis in the German Federal Republic in the light of recent EEC deliberations

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State equation model for a cross flow dryer

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State evaluation of maize cultivars - 1988/89 season

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State expenditure on financing capital investments in agriculture

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State farms as pacemakers in the application of scientific and technical progress

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State farms in Ethiopia

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State farms in the 1980s

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State farms, improving village living conditions

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State forest practice regulation in the United States: administration, cost, and accomplishment

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State formation, development, and the politics of self-help in Kenya

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State government involvement in community forestry: a survey

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State intervention in agricultural pricing and marketing in Senegal (the politics of budgetary reallocation)

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State involvement in entertainment in Italy and Europe

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State land allocation

Paul, J., 1989:
State laws don't guarantee milk checks

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State of Affairs and the future: biological pest control

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State of Himalayas 1987 - a call for action for watershed development and resource conservation

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State of an arid irrigation reservoir stocked with waste water effluent and storm induced flows

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State of breeding evaluation in trotters. Proceedings of the EAAP symposium of the Commission on Horse Production, Helsinki, Finland, 1 July 1988

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State of development of front-mounted wheel furrow presses

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State of development of hydrostatic steering systems

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State of health of field crops in the Neamt district in the agricultural year 1986-1987 and in spring 1988

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State of humus in black-cinnamon brown soils in walnut forests of the southern Tien Shan

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State of inbreeding in Swiss Brown cattle

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State of investigations on the distribution and intensification of occurrence of field weeds in Southeastern Poland

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State of iron in some Cuban soils by means of nuclear and magnetic measurements

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State of research on forest decline

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State of research on methods of diagnosing plant resistance to unfavourable environmental factors (from sources of patent information for 1966-86)

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State of rumen and intermediary metabolism in calves under influence of dietetic microbial preparation

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State of the Ukrainian plant cover classification by the Braun-Blanquet method

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State of the art and abstract bibliography. Cassava research

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State of the art of indigenous education in the Andes

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State of the art of the inverse problem applied to the flow and solute transport equations

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State of the art of waste water purification in the sugar industry

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State of the art report of vehicle and machinery design; implements

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State of the art vitamin K in human milk

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State of the art: mites and human allergy

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State of the immune system in candidosis patients

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State of the musculoskeletal system of beef bulls fed pulp

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State of the oocyte nucleus of cows in relation to development of the microcirculation of follicles

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State of the reproductory function, development and health status of children born to female workers engaged in artificial leather manufacture

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State of virus infection of potatoes in the German Democratic Republic

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State of, and prospects for the use of, Lepidoptera-pheromone traps as part of plant protection measures

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State papers

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State parks in a new era

Anonymous, 1987:
State plan for agricultural research

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State policy, ideology and the formal organization of sport

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State promoters and rural development in Colombia

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State records and confirmations of Arkansas flat bugs (Heteroptera: Aradidae)

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State regulation of biotechnology in the USA

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State sponsored village irrigation rehabilitation programme (VIRP): a new design for effective management of village irrigation, Sri Lanka

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State strategies for promoting agricultural exports

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State technical institutes for tourism: between current reality and future prospects

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State tourism offices and their impact on tourist expenditures

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State versus Islam: Malay families, women's bodies, and the body politic in Malaysia

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State, class, and technology in tobacco production

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State, cooperatives and development in Africa

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State, development and effectiveness of apricot production in Bulgaria during the period 1976-85

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State, economy and crisis in New Zealand in the 1980s: implications for land-based production of a new mode of regulation

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State, foreign aid and cooperatives: the Sudanese Cooperative Development Bank approach

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State, industrialization and agricultural policy in Korea

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State, oil and agriculture in Nigeria

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State, patriarchy and development: the case of a Mossi village in Burkina Faso

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State, peasantry, and agrarian crisis in Zaire: does gender make a difference?

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State- smallholder relations in a tropical colonisation area: an institutional perspective on the Atlantic zone

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State-level agricultural policy in Minnesota: adjusting to change in the 1980s

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State-level comparison of metro and nonmetro economic performance, 1979-86

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State-of-the-art storage systems

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State-space dynamic hydrological modeling of soil-crop-climate interactions

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Stated preference and choice models applied to recreation research: a review

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Statement on guidelines for total parenteral nutrition

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Statement on the feed intake and feed utilization in dairy cows

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Static and classical dynamic methods of forestry investment calculations. Contents, problems, critique and conclusions

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Static and thermal loads in full size grain bins predicted by vectorized FEM on supercomputer

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Static electric fields do not cause coleoptile movements

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Static fumigation with phosphine in large elevators

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Static regression models for planning greenhouse production

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Stationarity assumptions and technical change in supply response analysis

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Stationary distribution of population size in Tribolium

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Stationary feed distributor KVK-F-15

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Stationary principles for flow and transport in aquifers

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Stationary sprinkler unit for irrigating experimental plots

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Statistic report with TRIMA and ABstat

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Statistical analyses of results from 25 years of fertility monitoring in 2 dairy cattle herds of the University of Hohenheim

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Statistical analyses use in tourism research

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Statistical analysis of factorial triallel design over environments. I. The fixed model

Wolf, J., 1988:
Statistical analysis of factorial triallel design over environments. II. The random model

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Statistical analysis of general, clinical and radiological parameters in navicular disease of horses - importance of anaesthesia of the ramus pulvinus

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Statistical analysis of meteorological factors with the leaf quality of flue-cured tobacco. II. The proportion of the respective grades of the thick leaf and meteorological factors

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Statistical analysis of milking technical and environmental hygiene data from records of milking advisers in connection with results from follow-up studies

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Statistical analysis of repeated measurements in physiology experiments

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Statistical analysis of the Agris FAO data base for agricultural engineering

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Statistical analysis on variation in modulus of elasticity in bending within pieces of small lumber from young sugi (Cryptomeria japonica D. Don)

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Statistical and economic analysis of oil palm fertiliser trials in Peninsular Malaysia between 1970-1981

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Statistical and economic aspects of conversion of coppice to high forest

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Statistical and economic evaluation of spring barley production in Czechoslovakia

Hruby, J., 1989:
Statistical and economic evaluation of the profitability and production of cereals in Czechoslovakia

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Statistical and methodological issues in leisure research

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Statistical approaches to assessing crop losses

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Statistical aspects of cattle MHC (BoLA) and disease associations exemplified by an investigation of subclinical mastitis

Anonymous, 1988:
Statistical bulletin 1987

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Statistical characterization of calf and heifer growth throughout live weight performance

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Statistical comparison of SPOT spectral maps with field soil maps

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Statistical comparison of the 1941 and 1983 soil survey maps of Whatcom County, Washington, USA

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Statistical considerations in duration of load research

Cerf, O., 1988:
Statistical control of UHT milk

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Statistical data on viticulture and wine production in Brazil

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Statistical determination of the irrigation requirement for crop production using the PMD-85 microcomputer

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Statistical error rates and their implications in sugarcane clone trials

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Statistical errors by the activity sampling technique in work studies

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Statistical evaluation of boiling house analytical data

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Statistical evaluation of drainage treatments in simple field trials with special reference to former opencast coal mining land

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Statistical evaluation of power and specific mass of agricultural tractors

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Statistical evaluation of the results of haemagglutination inhibition tests in broilers vaccinated against Newcastle disease by aerosol or through the drinking water

Isaev, I.K., 1989:
Statistical evaluation procedure of substance distribution

Heo, C.J., 1989:
Statistical evaluation, sampling, and testing for downstream psychrotrophic contamination on shelf-life of fluid milk products

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Statistical examination of the veterinary profession in the GDR

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Statistical forecasts of outbreaks of Sitobion avenae and transmission of barley yellow dwarf virus by Rhopalosiphum padi

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Statistical genetics of an annual plant, Impatiens capensis. I. Genetic basis of quantitative variation

Mitchell-Olds, T.; Bergelson, J., 1990:
Statistical genetics of an annual plant, Impatiens capensis. II. Natural selection

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Statistical inference in the gene order problem: theoretical aspects

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Statistical inferences of soil properties and crop yields as spatial random functions

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Statistical interpretation of results of hydrodynamic forecasts for Central Asia

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Statistical interpretation of the hatching percentage of carp eggs

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Statistical investigation of the veterinary profession in the Federal Republic of Germany (as at 31.12.89)

Allard, L., 1989:
Statistical measurement in tourism

Rai, S.C.; Sarup, S., 1989:
Statistical measures of instability in crop output

Del Santo, C.; Urrutia, M.E., 1985:
Statistical method to estimate the photosynthetic area of the leaf-sheaths of johnsongrass (Sorghum halepense (CL.) Pers.)

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Statistical methodology for setting legal allowances for nutrient contents of bagged fertilizer materials in the State of North Carolina

Anonymous, 1989:
Statistical methods for the assessment of point source pollution

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Statistical methods in forest inventories

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Statistical methods in seed corn product selection

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Statistical methods of evaluating the technological properties of phosphate raw material for ore smelting

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Statistical methods of measuring the level and trends in retail prices of consumer goods and services

Staudacher, G., 1989:
Statistical model for determining the insulin treatment regime in dogs with diabetes mellitus

Elizbarashvili, E.S.; Kheladze, T.V., 1989:
Statistical model of mountain climate

Boiko, A.A.; Biblyuk, N.I.; Peretyatko, B.T., 1987:
Statistical model of the transverse micro-profile of forest roads

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Statistical modelling of winter wheat, maize and barley production on the basis of nitrogen application and weather date

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Statistical models for predicting alfalfa herbage quality from morphological or weather data

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Statistical opportunities for analyzing spatial and temporal heterogeneity of field soils

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Statistical problems in world sugar balance calculations

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Statistical procedures for developing general soil fertility models for variable regions

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Statistical procedures for evaluating group and phase velocities of scalar quantities measured in an array

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Statistical report on the dairy industry in the German Federal Republic and the EEC member states. Calendar year 1986

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Statistical study of urinary schistosomiasis in an urban school environment in Ziguinchor, Senegal

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Statistical study on the variability of soil physical paremeters

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Statistical summary of agricultural production

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Statistical summary of the 1987 Farm Management and Energy Survey

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Statistical supplement

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Statistical synchronization of chronologies in dendrochronology

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Statistical treatment of data in immunoenzyme (ELISA) techniques

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Statistical trends in tourism and hotel accommodation up to 1988

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Statistically substantiated quick test to appraise fruit wood samples for the presence of winter eggs of fruit tree red spider mites in high-density apple growing

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Statistics and experimental design, working manual

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Statistics of cattle, hogs and sheep

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Statistics of commodity imports of animal origin from foreign countries to Hawaii: 1981-1986

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Statistics. Research

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Statoliths and microfilaments in plant cells

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Status and development of corn and alfalfa on southern chernozems under irrigation with weakly mineralized alkaline water

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Status and development of mechnization in mountain regions

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Status and economic efficiency of fish seed multiplication farms in Bangladesh

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Status and management of aflatoxin in groundnuts in Nigeria

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Status and management of insecticide resistance in agricultural pests in India

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Status and mechanisms of self-incompatibility and self-compatibility in Leucaena species

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Status and potentials of subalpine and alpine meadows: a central Himalayan study

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Status and prospect for bamboo waste utilization in China

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Status and prospect of food processing and packaging in Malaysia

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Status and prospects in fish parasite investigations in the Atlantic Ocean and its Seas

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Status and prospects of using animal power for post harvest operations

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Status and prospects of utilizing wood residues

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Status and scope of bioethanol production in India

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Status and slope of cool-season food legumes in high-elevation areas of West Asia, Southeast Asia, and Norh Africa

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Status and trends in supply and demand for the main olive products

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Status and trends of wetlands in the coterminous US

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Status of 'tundu' incidence on Polypogon monspeliensis L

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Status of AVRDC germplasm

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Status of Ixodes dammini (Acari: Ixodidae) in Illinois

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Status of MSW composting

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Status of Shahabadi sheep in West Bengal

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Status of US agribusiness masters programs

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Status of agricultural economics research in India

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Status of and development trends in mobile feed dispenser technology in cattle production in the German Democratic Republic

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Status of and potential for rice ratoon cropping in Tamil Nadu

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Status of anthropometry and body composition data in elderly subjects

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Status of ascorbic acid in bovine and bubaline semen on different treatments

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Status of behaviour-modifying chemicals in cotton insect management

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Status of biogenic amines in lungs of Mastomys natalensis during development of Brugia malayi infection

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Status of biotechnology in animal breeding. Freezing of ova and embryos, sex diagnosis of embryos, cloning, and in vitro and in vivo incubation of ova and embryos

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Status of blood micro-elements during different seasons in sheep

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Status of cell-mediated immunity in children with chronic opisthorchiasis before and after hexachloroparaxylene therapy

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Status of citrus harvesting in Florida

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Status of citrus tristeza and dieback diseases in India and their detection

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Status of dairying in developing countries: Africa

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Status of dairying in developing countries: Asia

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Status of dairying in developing countries: Latin America

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Status of data sources on fish consumption in the United States

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Status of dendrochronological work in China

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Status of different forms and deficiency of sulphur in some soils of Varanasi Region of Eastern Uttar Pradesh

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Status of dry matter and nitrogen accumulation in varieties of Tainung 67 rice and its near-isogenic lines with a higher grain weight

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Status of fees and charges in public leisure service agencies

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Status of greenhouse mechanization and automation

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Status of hybrid rice research and development

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Status of implement research for efficient use of draught animal power in Indian context

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Status of intestinal parasitic infections in a remote island, Yondo, Jeonranam-do: province

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Status of isotope hydrology in Indian arid zone

Anonymous, 1988:
Status of malaria programs in the Americas

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Status of malaria vaccine research

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Status of measurement and automation technology in the wood-based materials industry

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Status of mechanical olive harvesting

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Status of mechanization of harvesting and threshing of soybean in India

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Status of mungbean and varietal improvement in Nepal

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Status of mungbean in Somalia

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Status of natural killer activity in the peripheral blood of P. vivax and P. falciparum malaria patients

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Status of phosphate rock

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Status of porous tube plant growth unit research: development of a plant nutrient delivery system for space

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Status of privately owned harvested timberland in Louisiana, 1974-84

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Status of privately owned harvested timberland in east Oklahoma, 1976-1986

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Status of privately owned harvested timberland in east Texas, 1975-1986

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Status of production, harvesting, handling and storing of biomass crops

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Status of projects using reject heat for aquaculture and horticulture at power plants in the EEC

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Status of rice insect pests in the direct-seeded field in the Muda area

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Status of rice pests and measures of control in the double cropping area of the Muda Irrigation Scheme, Malaysia

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Status of the State-Federal Tuberculosis Eradication Program Fiscal Year 1988

Hosker, R.L., 1987:
Status of the State-Federal tuberculosis eradication program fiscal year 1987

Hosker, R.L., 1989:
Status of the State-Federal tuberculosis eradication program, fiscal year 1989

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Status of the genera Paractinolaimus Meyl, 1957, Trachypleurosum Andrassy, 1959 and Trachactinolaimus Andrassy, 1963 (Nematoda: Actinolaimidae) with description of Trachypleurosum venezolanum n. sp

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Status of the genus Diatraea in sugarcane plantations in the central region of Cuba

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Status of the milk industry in Thailand

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Status of the national dairy database program

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Status of the parasite Agrypon flaveolatum (Gravenhorst) (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae), introduced to control the winter moth in Nova Scotia and British Columbia

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Status of tissue culture activities and the prospects for their commercialization in the Philippines

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Status of tomato leaf curl virus research in India

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Status of water hyacinth infestation and management in Malaysia

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Status of weed models

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Status of weed science activities in Pakistan

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Status of wheat production research, infrasturcture and constraints in Pakistan

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Status on nutritional deficiencies of coconut in Indonesia

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Status report - 1988 Cooperative State/Federal Brucellosis Eradication Program

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Status report - January-June, 1989, State-Federal- industry pseudorabies eradication program

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Status report on sulphur in Pakistan

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Status report on taxonomy of Hymenoptera in North America

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Status report on the Management of Natural Forests Project

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Status report-1987 cooperative state-federal brucellosis eradication program

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Status report-1989 cooperative State/Federal brucellosis eradication campaign

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Status report: ongoing studies of the susceptibility of stone consolidants to microbiologically induced deterioration

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Status, distribution and methods of control of vector-borne diseases in India

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Steady flow of air-grain mixture in horizontal pipes

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Steady ionic currents around pea (Pisum sativum L.) root tips: the effects of tissue wounding

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Steady state parenteral kinetics of fluconazole in man

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Steady state terrestrial ecosystems and the global carbon cycle

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Steady-state control and investigation of root system morphology

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Steady-state denitrification in aggregated soils: a mathematical model

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Steady-state procedure for determining the effective particle-size distribution of soil carbonates

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Steam activation of charcoal

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Steam balance and energy conservation in sugar factories and distilleries

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Steam economy through vapour cell. A breakthrough at Crescent

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Steam energy conservation in jute mills

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Steam flow compressor in the thermal and energetic system of the sugar factory

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Steam gasification of brown coal using sodium chloride and potassium chloride catalysts

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Steam hydrolysis of pine (Pinus radiata) sawdust

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Steam reforming of methanol

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Steam treated bagasse for fattening cattle. Effect of supplementation with Gliricidia sepium and urea/molasses

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Steam treatment of hybrid sorghum Kadbi (Sorghum vulgare) for feeding cattle

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Steam volatile leaf oils of Melaleuca globifera R. Br., M. lateriflora Benth., M. symphyocarpa F. Muell. and M. uncinata R. Br

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Steam-distilled floral oils of Theobroma species (Sterculiaceae) as attractants to flying insects during dry and wet seasons in a Costa Rican cocoa plantation

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Steam-heated milk warmer

Bakulov, I.A.; Kokurin, V.A.; Kotlyarov, V.M., 1990:
Steamer for microbes

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Steaming beech lumber in a pressure container

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Steaming or ammonia?

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Stearic acid metabolism in cows with varying levels of milk yield given ammonium carbonate salts

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Steckling quality in radish (Raphanus sativus L.) as affected by seed weight

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Steel industry aerial discharges and response of two tree species

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Steel locus defines new multipotent growth factor

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Steer growth via the heating regime and average 24-h temperature

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Steer performance on tall fescue pasture

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Steerability control of multi-powered wheel vehicle

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Steering control for articulated vehicles (Part 1). Formulation and evaluation for steering control system based on linear multi-variable control theory

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Steering forces on cage-wheels and tyres in puddled clay soil

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Steering of rear axle wheels in three-axle trailers

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Steinernema feltiae (=Neoaplectana carpocapsae): effect of sterols and hypolipidemic agents on development

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Steinernema feltiae activity and infectivity in response to herbicide exposure in aqueous and soil environments

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Steinernema kushidai n. sp. (Nematoda: Steinernematidae) associated with scarabaeid beetle larvae from Shizuoka, Japan

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Steinernematid and heterorhabditid nematodes for biological control of the giant looper, Boarmia selenaria

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Stem analysis and increment boring

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Stem analysis as a source of data for forest growth study

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Stem anatomy in laser mutants of the barley variety Temp and their hybrids

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Stem and cyst nematodes on beets and catch crops

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Stem and foliage pests of small fruits

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Stem and leaf rust resistance of foreign wheat cultivars from Czechoslovak state yield trials

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Stem bending in cassava

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Stem borers of sorghum in West Africa with emphasis on Nigeria

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Stem bromelain: amino acid sequence and implications for weak binding of cystatin

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Stem cell factor is encoded at the Sl locus of the mouse and is the ligand for the c-kit tyrosine kinase receptor

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Stem cuttings, a rapid multiplication technique for potatoes

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Stem defects in Sitka spruce induced by Sitka spruce weevil, Pissodes strobi (Peck.)

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Stem density and bark in natural stands of ohi (Albizzia chinensis)

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Stem form and lumber yield: long-term effects of thinning and pruning

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Stem form changes in unthinned slash and loblolly pine stands following midrotation fertilization

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Stem form variations of the clones of plus trees in the experimental areas of cultivars of Cryptomeria japonica in Kyushu

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Stem growth and respiration of young balsam fir trees in thinned and unthinned stands

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Stem growth habit and starch statolith content of the creep pea mutant

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Stem quality of white pine established by seeding in furrows and by planting

Bartos, P.; Stuchlikova, E., 1989:
Stem rust resistance of the wheat cultivar Maris Fundin

Foltyn, J.; Skorpik, M.; Taborska, J., 1989:
Stem structure of wheat varieties in relation to the dwarfness donors Norin 10 and Tom Thumb

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Stem, branch and root rots of poplars

Siddaramaiah, A.L., 1988:
Stem, sheath and leaf rot disease of cardamom caused by Sclerotium rolfsii from India

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Stem-nodulating legumes as green manure for rice in West Africa

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Stemborer incidence in paddy and its effect on yield and yield components

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Stemflow and throughfall in a tropical dry forest

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Stemflow, throughfall and rainfall interception in Pinus merkusii stands in a tropical rain forest at Cikole, Lembang, North Bandung, West Java

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Stemphylium botryosum Wallr. on asparagus

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Stemphylium purple shot of asparagus

Leuprecht, B., 1988:
Stemphylium, an important disease of asparagus

Suharti, M., 1983:
Stemrot on Agathis loranthifolia

Mulder, J.L., 1989:
Stenella australiensis sp. nov. on Blechnum indicum

Magowski, W., 1985:
Steneotarsonemus paradoxus n. sp., a new species of the mite family Tarsonemidae (Acari: Prostigmata)

Haverkort, B.; Hiemstra, W.; Reijntjes, C.; Essers, S., 1988:
Stengthening farmers' capacity for technology development

Nelgen, N.; Mollen, A., 1988:
Stentan - a combination of three proven active ingredients for the control of broadleaved weeds and grasses in maize

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Step by step changes in photosynthetic activity of the shoots in spruce

Roberts, D.J.; Leaver, J.D., 1989:
Step feeding of summer calving dairy cows

Thyagarajan, D.; Kothandaraman, P.; Ramakrishna, J.; Sundararasu, V.; Narahari, D.; Kalatharan, J., 1989 :
Step-down and step-up lighting programme on the laying performance of White Leghorn fowls

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Step-wise regression analysis of leisure domains and the reported contribution of leisure activities to individuals' well-being: an exploratory study

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Stephanofilarial dermatitis in Nicobar Islands

Griffiths, V., 1988:
Stepping out: the importance of dancing for young women

Royle, D., 1989:
Stepping-up production

Bohm, A.; Dittmann, L.; Jahn, W.; Jalass, G., 1987:
Steps and results in farm business management projections

Petzer, I.M.; Giesecke, W.H., 1988:
Steps by South African laboratories towards proficient standard determinations of the somatic cell count in bovine milk

Brajesh Kumar, 1987:
Steps for increasing sugarcane production

Georgia, M., 1988:
Steps in control of fruit fly in Citrus

Londong, J.; Zander, S., 1990:
Steps in planning the expansion of the large sewage treatment plant at Buchenhofen, operated by the Wupper Watershed Management Association

Hulley, J.P., 1989:
Steps taken at Sezela sugar mill during 1988 crushing season to reduce bagasse moistures

Gannon, F., 1989:
Steps towards the widespread use of DNA probes

Chamberlain, G.W., 1988:
Stepwise investigation of environmental and nutritional requirements for reproduction of penaeid shrimp

Werbeck, U.; Belitz, H.D., 1988:
Stepwise reduction of wheat glutelin by mercaptoethanol and dithioerythritol. 1. Investigations by gel chromatography

Fujiwara, T.; Saiki, H.; Fujita, M., 1988:
Stereo-analysis of morphology of hardwood fibres with serial transverse sections

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Stereochemical studies on the polyene macrolide nystatin A1: the hydroxyl groups in the C-1-C-10 fragments are all-syn

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Stereochemistry of insecticidal organophosphorus compounds

Hirata, T.; Tang, Y.X.; Okano, K.; Suga, T., 1989:
Stereochemistry of reduction of the endocyclic double bond of (-)-carvone with the enzyme preparation from cultured cells of Nicotiana tabacum

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Stereochemistry of the metabolic steps from kaurenoic acids to kaurenolides and gibberellins

Bruckner, R., 1988:
Stereocontrolled synthesis of a C14-C20 building block for amphotericin B using a novel Wittig rearrangement

Robertson, W.M., 1987:
Stereology and carbohydrate histochemistry of the oesophageal bulb of Xiphinema index (Nematoda: Xiphinemidae)

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Stereomeric inhibition of pheromone responses in male tobacco beetles

McMillan, D.C.; Fu, P.P.; Cerniglia, C.E., 1987:
Stereoselective fungal metabolism of 7,12-dimethylbenz[a]anthracene: identification and enantiomeric resolution of a K-region dihydrodiol

Cerniglia, C.E.; Campbell, W.L.; Fu, P.P.; Freeman, J.P.; Evans, F.E., 1990:
Stereoselective fungal metabolism of methylated anthracenes

Rychnovsky, S.D., 1990:
Stereoselective synthesis and the polyene macrolide antibiotics

Merlin, P.; Braekman, J.C.; Daloze, D., 1988:
Stereoselective synthesis of (+or-)-tetraponerine-8, a defence alkaloid of the ant Tetraponera sp

Wang, Z.M.; Qian, X.H.; Zhou, W.S., 1990:
Stereoselective synthesis of (-)-(5R,6S)-6-acetoxy-5-hexadecanolide, the mosquito oviposition attractant pheromone

Baudouy, R.; Prince, P., 1989:
Stereoselective synthesis of a component of the sex pheromone of 'the Californian red scale': the acetate of isopropenyl-6 methyl-3 decadien-3,9 yl (3Z,6R)

Ichimoto, I.; Machiya, K.; Kirihata, M.; Ueda, H., 1988:
Stereoselective synthesis of podoblastins and their antiblast activity

Tadano, K.; Yamada, H.; Idogaki, Y.; Ogawa, S.; Suami, T., 1988:
Stereoselective synthesis of the bis(tetrahydrofuran) moiety (C-1 to C-9) of (+)-asteltoxin, a novel mycotoxin from Aspergillus stellatus

Miyazaki, A.; Nakamura, T.; Marumo, S., 1989:
Stereoselectivity in metabolic sulfoxidation of propaphos and biological activity of chiral propaphos sulfoxide

Qian, Y.S.; Quan, Y.Z., 1989:
Stereoselectivity of arrhythmogenic effect of praziquantel in conscious rabbits

Huppatz, J.L.; Phillips, J.N., 1987:
Stereospecific inhibitor probes of the PSII herbicide binding site

Prandi, J.; Beau, J.M., 1989:
Stereostructure of nystatin A1: a synthetic assignment of the C1-C10 fragment

Goodman, M.L.; Coffey, R.J., 1989:
Stereotactic drainage of Aspergillus brain abscess with long-term survival: case report and review

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Stereotypic morphology of glutamatergic synapses on identified muscle cells of Drosophila larvae

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Stereotypy performance and dopamine receptor characteristics in the caudate nucleus of sows

Kleyn, A.W.; Kuipers, E.W.; Tenner, M.G.; Stolte, S., 1989:
Steric effects in scattering and adsorption of NO at Ag(111)

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