Studies on in vitro maturation of bovine follicular oocytes. 2. Effects of oestrous bovine serum, bovine follicular fluid and matured cumulus cells on in vitro maturation and fertilization of follicular oocytes

Yoon, S.H.; Park, S.P.; Park, T.G.; Ko, D.H.; Chung, K.S.

Korean Journal of Dairy Science 11(3): 139-146


ISSN/ISBN: 0253-2980
Accession: 001955863

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Follicular oocytes from Holstein cows were matured in m-TALP medium, oestrous cow serum, cow follicular fluid, or in m-TALP containing oestrous cow serum or cow follicular fluid; each medium was tested with and without addition of matured cumulus cells. Cauda epididymidal spermatozoa were then added, and incubation was continued in BO medium containing bovine serum albumin at 5 mg/ml plus 2.5 mM caffeine. Maturation rate of oocytes was significantly higher in m-TALP containing 50% oestrous cow serum plus cumulus cells (63.7%) than in m-TALP alone (40.2%) and oestrous cow serum alone (47.3%). In m-TALP containing 50% cow follicular fluid plus cumulus cells, maturation rate was 70.5% vs. 38.3 in m-TALP alone and 50.7 in cow follicular fluid alone (P<0.05). Fertilization rate was 11.6% in m-TALP alone and 17.2% in m-TALP plus cumulus cells; it was significantly higher when the other additives were included, whether or not cumulus cells were also present (22.3-43.2%).