Studies on the manufacture of edible casein from fresh and sour buffalo milks. II. Standardization of manufacturing processes

Gupta, V.K.; Mulay, C.A.

Indian Journal of Dairy Science 41(4): 441-444


ISSN/ISBN: 0019-5146
Accession: 001957285

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Based on results of laboratory trials reported in part I, an attempt was made to standardize processes for the manufacture of ISI grade edible casein from fresh and 0.2, 0.3 and 0.4% titratable acidity (TA) buffalo milks. The following processing steps were used: neutralization of sour milks with NaHCO3 to 0.05% TA; separation of the milk at 50-60 degrees C; flash heating of neutralized milks at 80 degrees C and pasteurization of fresh milk at 71.7 degrees C/16 s; precipitation of casein at temp. in the range 35-40 degrees C, depending on TA of milk, using HCl; draining of whey, washing of precipitate, drying, grinding and sieving. Mean chemical composition of edible caseins prepared from the various milks was 8.21 to 8.54% moisture, 2.30 to 2.39% total ash, 1.17 to 1.31% fat, 95.96 to 96.31% protein and 0.11 to 0.13% lactose; total acidity ranged from 9.48 to 10.10 and free acidity from 0.490 to 0.518 ml 0.1 N NaOH/g. Microbiological quality was better and yield higher (P<0.01) in edible casein prepared from fresh milk than in that from milk with developed acidity.