Studies on the quality of silage from domestic herbage. II. Comparative experiment of feeding value of Arundinella hirta silage on additives

Kim, D.J.; Leem, W.

Journal of the Korean Society of Grassland Science 8(3): 169-174


Accession: 001957547

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A. hirta was ensiled in 2-litre plastic containers with 3% starch, 1% formic acid, 3% anhydrous ammonia and 3% dried poultry waste as additives. Final pH of the silage was 5.63, 4.0, 8.73 and 8.72, resp., compared with 3.8 for maize silage and 6.57 for A. hirta ensiled without additive, while fermentation quality (Flieg score) was 81, 58, 63, 77, 100 and 62. Silage made with anhydrous ammonia had the lowest NDF content and that made with starch contained least acid-detergent lignin. DM digestibility of silage made with starch (50.6%) and of maize silage (49.4%) was much higher than that of the other silages (13.6-19%).