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Study of the reaction of ICARDA durum wheat accessions to Puccinia graminis f.sp. tritici and P. recondita f.sp. tritici

K"rzhin, K.; Gospodinova, E.

Rasteniev'dni Nauki 25(8): 14-19


ISSN/ISBN: 0568-465X
Accession: 001958696

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The reaction of 486 durum wheat accessions from the ICARDA collection (compiled in 1980) to Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici and P. recondita f. sp. tritici was studied in 1981-1987 at the Institute of Plant Protection, Kostinbrod. Half of the accessions possessed different degrees of resistance to P. graminis f. tritici, 39.9% - to P. recondita tritici and 35.6%.sbd. to both pathogens. Thirty-two accessions combined the resistance with a complex of other valuable biological and economic characters, such as short to medium high stem, lodging resistance, uniformity and some had high winter hardiness. They have been recommended as initial forms in immunity-breeding of durum wheat in Bulgaria. Most valuable proved to be the ICARDA numbers 256, 283, 288, 317, 337, 352, followed by 242, 249, 271, 273, 311, 314.

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