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Subclinical genital infection of rams with Brucella ovis

Magyar Allatorvosok Lapja 43(11): 655-662

Subclinical genital infection of rams with Brucella ovis

Over a 3.5-year period up to January 1988, strains of B. ovis were isolated from 240 (19.4%) of 1234 individual sperm samples taken from rams in 37 of 46 breeding stocks, and from 12 (3.7%) of 327 samples from ram hoggs in 4 of 9 stocks. The incidence within stocks varied from 2.2-36.3%.

Accession: 001959357

Related references

Hajtos I., 1988: Subclinical genital infection of rams caused by brucella ovis. Between May, 1984 and January, 1988, 252 Brucella ovis strains were isolated from 1561 semen specimens, collected mainly by electro-ejaculator or by artificial vagina in 55 ram flocks of Northern Hungary. The number of semen specimens/flock sent f...

Hajtos, I.; Kiraly, L., 1990: Effect of oxytetracycline treatment of subclinical genital infection by Histophilus ovis and Actinobacillus seminis in growing rams. Effect of an oxytetracycline preparation with a long-acting effect (Terramycin), administered in a therapeutical dose (0.1 mg/kg body weight) was studied in two flocks of Merino rams free from Brucella ovis infection but affected by subclinical ge...

Hajtos I.; Kiraly L., 1990: Effect of oxytetracycline treatment on the subclinical genital infection caused by histophilus ovis and actinobacillus seminis in growing rams. Effect of an oxytetracyclin preparation with a long-acting effect (Terramycin/LA inj., Pfizer), administered in the therapeutical dose (1 ml/10 kg of body mass) was studied in two merino growing ram flocks free of Brucella ovis infection but affec...

Kimberling, C.V.; Arnold, K.S.; Schweitzer, D.J.; Jones, R.L.; VonByern, H.; Lucas, M., 1986: Correlation of the presence of seminal white blood cells and the prevalence of separated spermatozoal heads with subclinical Brucella ovis infection in rams. A breeding soundness evaluation was conducted on 824 Colorado range rams. These rams were determined to be free from epididymitis via testicular palpation. Semen evaluation included microscopic observation for the presence of WBC. Of the 824 rams,...

Fensterbank, R.; Pardon, P.; Marly, J., 1982: Efficacy of Brucella melitensis Rev. 1 vaccine against Brucella ovis infection in rams. The efficacy of B. melitensis strain Rev. 1 vaccine against experimental B. ovis infection was determined in 30 rams, 15 of which had received 8.5 X 108 Rev. 1 at the age of four months. All were challenged 9 months later by the conjunctival route...

Garcia-Carrillo, C., 1981: Protection of rams against Brucella ovis infection by Brucella melitensis Rev. 1 vaccine. The living attenuated B. melitensis Rev. 1 vaccine was evaluated for its capacity to protect rams against severe challenge with virulent B. ovis. Rams (25) were vaccinated at 5 mo. of age and 25 rams were kept as controls. On the 17th mo. after va...

Blasco, J.M.; Marín, C.M.; Barberán, M.; Moriyón, I.; Díaz, R., 1987: Immunization with Brucella melitensis Rev 1 against Brucella ovis infection of rams. The efficacy of Brucella melitensis Rev 1 vaccine (Rev 1) for the prophylaxis of Brucella ovis ram epididymitis was evaluated. Twenty-nine 3-month-old rams were vaccinated with 2 .times. 109 Rev 1 and 14 were revaccinated with 5 .times. 108 at 14...

Silva, A.Patrícia.C.; Macêdo, Aélio.A.; Costa, L.F.; Rocha, Cáudia.E.; Garcia, L.N.N.; Farias, J.R.D.; Gomes, P.P.R.; Teixeira, G.C.; Fonseca, K.W.J.; Maia, Aéa.R.F.; Neves, G.G.; Romão, E.L.; Silva, T.M.A.; Mol, J.P.S.; Oliveira, R.M.; Araújo, Márcio.S.S.; Nascimento, E.F.; Martins-Filho, O.A.; Brandão, H.M.; Paixão, T.A.; Santos, R.L., 2016: Encapsulated Brucella ovis Lacking a Putative ATP-Binding Cassette Transporter (ΔabcBA) Protects against Wild Type Brucella ovis in Rams. This study aimed to evaluate protection induced by the vaccine candidate B. ovis ΔabcBA against experimental challenge with wild type B. ovis in rams. Rams were subcutaneously immunized with B. ovis ΔabcBA encapsulated with sterile alginate or w...

Tudoriu, C.D.; E.A., 1963: Brucella ovis infection in rams.. Results indicate that Brucella ovis, causing total or partial deterioration of the semen, is one of the main causes of sterility in rams. The disease is spread by coitus and can be prevented by recourse to artificial insemination.

Rovnieko, Z.P.; Syusyukin, V.A.; Ob' edkov, G.A., 1987: Experimental infection of rams with Brucella ovis. Two groups each of five rams were vaccinated s.c. with Brucella abortus strain 16/4 (from Leningrad Veterinary Institute); 52 days later these and ten other rams were inoculated with virulent B. ovis into the conjunctival sac or the head of the ep...