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Synthesis and characterization of a new series of zinc phosphites

Inorganic Chemistry 28(13): 2608-2615

Synthesis and characterization of a new series of zinc phosphites

Several new phosphites have been synthesized in aqueous solution by reactions of Zn2+ with H3PO3 and either Na+, K+, or Ba2+. The structures, determined by single-crystal X-ray diffraction techniques, are Zn(H2PO3)2.3H2O, Zn2(HPO3)2(H2O)4.H2O, Zn3Na3(HPO3)4, Zn3K2(HPO3)4, and Zn3Ba(HPO3)4(H2O)6.

Accession: 001962446

DOI: 10.1021/ic00312a021

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Related references

Sutrisno, A.; Liu, L.; Xu, J.; Huang, Y., 2012: Natural abundance solid-state 67Zn NMR characterization of microporous zinc phosphites and zinc phosphates at ultrahigh magnetic field. Zinc-phosphite and -phosphate based microporous materials are crystalline open framework materials with potential industrial applications. Although (31)P MAS NMR has been used for characterization of these materials, the local environments around...

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Mandal, S.; Natarajan, S., 2008: Synthesis, structure, and polymorphism studies in amine-templated open-framework zinc phosphites. Five new zinc phosphites, [C10N4H26][Zn2(HPO3)4].2H2O, 1, [C10N4H26][Zn5(H2O)4(HPO3)6].4H2O, 2, [C10N4H26][Zn4(HPO3)6].2H2O, 3, [C10N4H26][Zn4(HPO3)6].2H2O, 4, and [Zn2(HPO3)2(C10N4H24)], 5, were synthesized employing solvo/hydrothermal reactions...

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