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T cell phenotype alterations in hepatosplenic schistosomiasis mansoni normalize after chemotherapy

, : T cell phenotype alterations in hepatosplenic schistosomiasis mansoni normalize after chemotherapy. Immunobiology 179(4-5): 342-352

Peripheral blood T cell phenotypes, CD3-induced mitogenesis and soluble IL 2 receptor and CD8 in sera were studied in intestinal and hepatosplenic Schistosomiasis mansoni before and three to six months after therpy with praziquantel. Fifteen pairs matched for intensity of infection were analyzed and compared with local, non-infected age-matched controls. CD3+ cell counts were lower in untreated hepatosplenic schistosomiasis (median 1040 cells/.mu.l; 95% confidence interval 608-1269) compared to controls (1534; 1264-1620). This difference was largely accounted for by immature CD1+/CD3-cells circulating in these patients (median 388/.mu.l, 252-474). The frequency of CD1+ T cells in circulation decreased drastically after chemotherapy. Similar, but less marked, alterations were seen in intestinal schistosomiasis. Lymphocyte proliferation initiated by agonistic anti-CD3 monoclonal antibody was severely impaired in hepatosplenic patients, who had suffered haemorrhagic complications, but not in the case of incipient hepatomegaly. Soluble CD8 antigen circulated in increased amounts in hepatosplenic schistosomiasis. Remarkably, a negative correlation between CD3-induced mitogenesis and circulating levels of CD8 was noted in these patients. Whereas CD3-induced mitogenesis in hepatosplenic schistosomiasis normalized after therapy, circulating IL 2R and CD8 antigen in hepatosplenic patients still exceeded control levels. The results demonstrate disturbances of CD3 and CD8 exression and/or T cell maturation in hepatosplenic schistosomiasis. Imbalanced CD4/CD8 ratios and an increased IL 2R/CD8 turnover may reflect an inhibitory circuit within the T cell compartment.

Accession: 001962947

PMID: 2515152

DOI: 10.1016/S0171-2985(89)80040-3

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