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Chapter 1,965

Testing ammonium nitrate following the requirements of the EEC directive relating to straight ammonium nitrate with high nitrogen content. Part II. Detonability tests on ammonium nitrate prills in the original state and after thermal cycling in steel tubes

Hahnefeld, K.; Gill, R.; Buske, G.

Prace Naukowe Instytutu Technologii Nieorganicznej i Nawozow Mineralnych Politechniki Wrocawskiej 31: 15-42


Accession: 001964800

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Tests were made to determine the influence of type, mass, and kind of booster initiation with respect to the propagation of detonation of ammonium nitrate prills in steel tubes. The limit for the oil retention value as the line of demarcation between detonable or non-detonable products was studied also.

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