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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1967

Chapter 1967 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Sugiyama, M., 1988: The Japanese poultry industry

Iwasa, M., 1989: The Japanese species of the genus Chyliza (Diptera, Psilidae)

Vinning, G. S., 1989: The Japanese vegetable industry

Section 2, Chapter 1967, Accession 001966004

Horine, L., 1990: The Johari Window - solving sport management communication problems

Anonymous, 1988: The Jonglei Canal project: stage 1

Howell, P.; Lock, M.; Cobb, S., 1988: The Jonglei Canal: impact and opportunity

Younis, T., 1989: The Jordanian agricultural credit system for small farmers

Zhu, H; Bussey, H., 1989: The K1 toxin of Saccharomyces cerevisiae kills spheroplasts of many yeast species

Yantsieva, S. Kh; Namazov, Sh S.; Tukhtaev, S.; Kucharov, Kh, 1988: The K5P3O10-K3H2P3O1O system

Roling, N., 1989: The KIS: context for IT. An attempt to draw the implications for information technology in extension from recent conceptualisation about agricultural knowledge and information systems

Silitonga, H.; Hamzah, Z.; Manan, S., 1987: The KPH Bondowso Agroforestry Model in East Java. Possible uses of coffee plants (Coffea robusta Lind.) as an auxiliary forest crop and as a source of income for local people

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Kornienko, P. P.; Galanov, V. N.; Ignat' ev, V. S., 1989: The KUK-2 roller-cultivator

Koval' , I. P.; Gordienko, V. A.; Zaitsev, K. N.; Lendov, V. I., 1988: The Ka-32T helicopter in mountain logging

Kahn, M., 1989: The Kahn festival

McKenzie, J., 1989: The Kalamar Horticultural Institute: a case study

Section 2, Chapter 1967, Accession 001966024

Falola, J. A.; Orogun, E. T., 1988: The Kano River Project, Nigeria: implications for small-scale agriculture and policy

Emerson, M. J., 1989: The Kansas input-output model: a study in economic linkages

Ohlson, T. H., 1989: The Karakul sheep: its wool and its uses

Kaiser, K. F.; Kaiser Bernhard, C., 1987: The Katmai eruption of 1912 and the Alaska earthquake of 1964 as reflected in the annual rings of Sitka spruces on Kodiak Island

Kelterborn, E., 1988: The Kauffmann-White Scheme for 1987

Fass, J. R., 1989: The Kennedy legacy: living on in leisure services

Justus, F., 1988: The Kentucky Farm Business Mangement Program 1988 annual summary

Uitto, J. I., 1989: The Kenyan conundrum. A regional analysis of population growth and primary education in Kenya

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Shipton, P., 1988: The Kenyan land tenure reform: misunderstandings in the public creation of private property

Wenner, C. G., 1988: The Kenyan model of soil conservation

Moore, M. A., 1989: The Kerala house as a Hindu cosmos

Frankel, O. H., 1989: The Keystone International Dialogue on plant genetic resources: a scientist's evaluation

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Anonymous, 1987: The Korop project. Soil survey and land evaluation

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Hansen, R., 1989: The Kristianstad cheese factory - revisited after 10 years

Singh, T. V., 1989: The Kulu Valley: impact of tourism development in the mountain areas

Anonymous, 1987: The L5-OKA automatic device

Reimann, H., 1990: The LINPOR-process for nitrification and denitrification

Cole, Tj, 1990: The LMS method for constructing normalized growth standards

Al Khattat, I. M., 1989: The LPSA: cheap high-quality building with timber logs

Nazarov, V. V.; Makurin, A. N.; Polyak, R. B., 1989: The LT-182 automated wood conveyor

Xu, Z. L.; Qi, J. F., 1986: The LTRI soil bin single wheel tester and its computerized data acquisition system

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Irizarry, H.; Rivera, E.; Rodriguez, J. A.; Caloni, I. B. de; Oramas, D., 1988: The Lacknau plantain: a high yielding cultivar with field resistance to the corm weevil, Cosmopolites sordidus (Germar)

McHale, E. E., 1989: The Lake Association Carnival: festival and play at a resort community

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Cheek, M., 1989: The Lavatera imbroglio

Officer, L. H., 1990: The Law of One Price: two levels of aggregation

Kaschner, J., 1988: The Leca hydroponic roof garden system

Bakalara, N.; Simpson, A. M.; Simpson, L., 1989: The Leishmania kinetoplast-mitochondrion contains terminal uridylyltransferase and RNA ligase activities

Anonymous, 1989: The Leisure Manager CCT top line survey

Kadzheva, L. S., 1990: The Leningrad Division of the V.I. Lenin All-Union Academy of Agricultural Sciences commemorates its 150th anniversary

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Jaros, J.; Spitzer, K., 1987: The Lepidoptera of the Cernis wetland in southern Bohemia

Bray, RA.; Gibson, DI., 1990: The Lepocreadiidae (Digenea) of fishes of the north-east Atlantic: review of the genera Opechona Looss, 1907 and Prodistomum Linton, 1910

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Palti, J., 1988: The Leveillula mildews

Gataullin, M. F., 1989: The Libyan experience with land development

Dutt, M.; Zutshi, B., 1990: The Lidder Valley in Kashmir Himalaya - a study in recreation geography

Moore, T., 1988: The Liebherr 731 C crawler tractor in logging

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Pandey, R. M.; Sharma, H. C., 1989: The Litchi

Anonymous, 1988: The Livestock and Grains Study Programme of the Pacific Economic Cooperation Conference, proceedings of the second workshop, 19-22 October 1987

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Anonymous, 1989: The Lockyer Valley, Queensland. Case study No. 1

Marin, A., 1990: The Lome Agreement

Stevens, C., 1989: The Lome Convention

Eyers, J. E., 1989: The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and the African health literature

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Section 2, Chapter 1967, Accession 001966107

Rendall, J., 1989: The Lythrum story: a new chapter

Spoor, CF.; Badoux, DM., 1989: The M. soleus in the domestic dog (Canis familiaris)

Sliger, A. G., 1988: The M.W. Kellogg Company Kel-S process

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Arango, H., 1989: The MEXFAM community doctors project: an innovative service delivery strategy

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Section 2, Chapter 1967, Accession 001966143

Ferro Luzzi, A.; Sette, S., 1989: The Mediterranean diet: an attempt to define its present and past composition

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Section 2, Chapter 1967, Accession 001966175

Lazzaoui, M., 1988: The Moroccan system of agricultural research

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Section 2, Chapter 1967, Accession 001966236

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