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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1970

Chapter 1970 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Prosperi, S.; Piga, C., 1988:
The content of copper, zinc and lead in wines produced in Sardinia

Leznicka, B.; Muszynska, J., 1986:
The content of elements in the body of wintering worker honey-bees from a cluster and a winter fall. II. The content of potassium and sodium

Ktsoyev, B.K., 1987:
The content of fixed amino-acids in soils of the Northern Caucasus

Leontovyc, I., 1989:
The content of heavy metals in industrial fertilizers

Durynina, E.P.; Grachyeva, N.K.; Belousova, N.A., 1989:
The content of macro- and microelements in barley plants, healthy and damaged by root rot

Skripnichenko, I.I.; Zolotareva, B.N.; Ryndina, T.I., 1988:
The content of microelements in floodplain soils used over a long period for intensive vegetable growing

Holubek, R.; Jancovic, J., 1989:
The content of mineral elements and of nitrogen in some grass species

Uchida, S.; Fujii, M.; Nonaka, M., 1988:
The content of mineral elements in various fodder crops grown on polder fields

Mazur, T., 1987 :
The content of mineral nitrogen forms in the soil treated with slurry, manure and NPK fourteen-year field experiment

Czarnowska, K.; Stasiak, J., 1987:
The content of minerals in the needles, wood and bark of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) in relation to tree age

Kovalevich, Z.S.; Dubikovskii, G.P., 1988:
The content of mobile forms of microelements in the soil and the effects of applying trace element fertilizers on the micronutrient balance

Watanabe, T.; Nagao, E.; Kuwahara, K.; Okonogi, S., 1989:
The content of myo-inositol in dog and cat milk

Rodenas, I.; Cassinello, M., 1988:
The content of nitro compounds in different species of the genus Astragalus

Salmina, I.S.; Makarova, V.Y., 1988:
The content of nitrogen and phosphorus compounds in oat seeds depending on the level of mineral nutrition

Moroz, P.A.; Osipova, I.Y.; Grikun, I.N., 1989:
The content of phenolic compounds in the fallen fruits and roots of fruit crops

Tveitnes, S., 1989:
The content of plant nutrient elements in manure from fur-bearing animals

Oh, S.D.; Choi, D.G., 1988:
The content of protein amino acids in apple buds and the effect of trunk injection of asparagine, arginine and abscisic acid

Macha, J.; Mednanska, L., 1986:
The content of protein in milk of cows with different biochemical genotypes

Kalac, P.; Wittingerova, M.; Staskova, I., 1989:
The content of seven biogenic trace elements in edible fungi

Pkheidze, T.A.; Dzholbordi, N.G.; Papazyan, I.D.; Kemertelidze, E.P., 1989:
The content of tigogenin in the leaves of Beschorneria bracteata Jacobi, grown in the Georgian SSR

Puffe, D.; Zerr, W., 1989:
The content of various secondary plant products in widespread weeds in grassland with particular regard to higher lying areas

Sapronova, N.N.; Grinkevich, N.I.; Orlova, L.P.; Kucherov, E.V.; Tonkonogova, R.N., 1989:
The content of vitamin K and certain microelements in Urtica dioica L

Kurschat, G., 1987:
The contents of B vitamins in feed yeasts

Nadazdin, M.; Colakovic, S.; Jakobcic, Z.; Piplica, S.; Smailovic, N.; Micovic, S., 1988:
The contents of calcium and the accompanying major and trace elements in the shell of grape snail (Helix pomatia L.) and the possibility of shell utilization in poultry feeding

Fantova, M.; Trnkova, E., 1989:
The contents of fatty acids in ewe colostrum

Lipinska, J.; Zalewski, W., 1989:
The contents of harmful trace elements in bee products in Poland

Sharfi, A.R.; Rayis, A.B., 1989:
The continuing challenge of bilharzial ureteric stricture

Anonymous, 1986:
The continuing challenge: competition and new products in the world forest products market

Saif, A., 1990:
The continuing commitment: an analysis of Kerala's land reform experience with special reference to the Kerala Land Reforms (Amendment) Bill 1989

Duckenfield, M.; Plumb, J.; Connor, H., 1989:
The continuing education of Britain's vets

Bunce, H.W.F., 1989:
The continuing effects of aluminium smelter emissions on coniferous forest growth

Hamilton, G.A., 1989:
The continuing legacy of the 1986 Tax Reform Act: more surprises in the hospitality industry in 1989

Benenson, A.S., 1989:
The continuing saga of Lyme disease

Cooke, H., 1990:
The continuing search for the mammalian sex-determining gene

Streefland, P.H., 1989:
The continuity of vaccination programmes: reflections and a case study from Gujarat, India

Perez Benavente, G.; Gatesoupe, F.-J., 1988:
The continuous distribution of rotifers increases the essential fatty acid reserve of turbot larvae, Scophthalmus maximus

Mentzel, P.; Valentin, P.; Wagner, D.; Witte, G., 1990:
The continuous evaporating crystallizer HEC for afterproduct at Offenau in the 1988 and 1989 campaigns

Gatesoupe, F.-J., 1990:
The continuous feeding of turbot larvae, Scophthalmus maximus, and control of the bacterial environment of rotifers

Sharp, D.C.; McDowell, K.J.; Weithenauer, J.; Thatcher, W.W., 1989:
The continuum of events leading to maternal recognition of pregnancy in mares

Jakubowski, A., 1989:
The contract system in cooperative associations

Silva, J., 1988:
The contradictions of the biorevolution for the development of agriculture in the Third World: biotechnology and capitalist interest

Tait D.E.; Jahraus K.V., 1988:
The contrast in stand dynamics as revealed by comparing parameter estimates for a general stand growth model

Boswell, C., 1988:
The contrast of elemental sulphur fertilizer development in Europe and the Pacific

Seiffert, N.F.; Zimmer, A.H., 1988:
The contribution of Calopogonium mucunoides to the nitrogen content of Brachiaria decumbens swards

Oesten, G.; Hildebrandt, G., 1988:
The contribution of Heinrich Krieger to the development of the theory of modern forest economics

Papocsi, L., 1989:
The contribution of Hungarian scientists to the development of biotechnology and microelectronics

Ungaro, M.R.G., 1987:
The contribution of IAC to sunflower cultivation

Fevrier, R., 1988:
The contribution of ICAMAS to agricultural research in the Mediterranean region

Khadka, R.; Gibbon, D., 1989:
The contribution of Pakhribas Agricultural Centre to the development of farming system in the Eastern Hills of Nepal

Fouarge, G., 1987:
The contribution of a suction trap in a warning service in Haute Ardenne

Moorhead, D.L.; Reynolds, J.F., 1989:
The contribution of abiotic processes to buried litter decomposition in the northern Chihuahuan Desert

Arumanayagam, M.; Robertshaw, M.; Chang, A.M.Z.; Swaminathan, R., 1988:
The contribution of age, surface area and protein intake to the variation in glomerular filtration rate in healthy subjects

Ayres, C.H.S., 1988:
The contribution of agricultural research to soybean productivity in Brazil

Anonymous, 1988:
The contribution of agricultural, industrial, medical and social sciences research to the development of Ghana: proceedings of a symposium organised from 14th to 16th February 1984 on the occasion of the Silver Jubilee of the CSIR

Hwa, E.C., 1989:
The contribution of agriculture to economic growth: some empirical evidence

Bernegger, U.; Cavegn, G., 1989:
The contribution of agriculture to maintaining farming villages in mountain areas

Draaijers G.P.J.; Ivens W.P.M.F.; Bos M.M.; Bleuten W., 1989:
The contribution of ammonia emissions from agriculture to the deposition of acidifying and eutrophying compounds onto forests

Aalders, I.H.; Augustinus, P.G.E.F.; Nobbe, J.M., 1989 :
The contribution of ants to soil erosion: a reconnaissance survey

Saab, S.A.; Sleiman, F.T., 1987:
The contribution of artificial insemination in the improvement of some reproductive traits of cross-bred Awassi sheep

Adamec, V.; Sanka, M., 1990:
The contribution of atmospheric deposition to the heavy metal contamination of plant products

Wilson, C.J.; Dietrich, W.E., 1987:
The contribution of bedrock groundwater flow to storm runoff and high pore pressure development in hollows

Oustapasidis, C., 1989:
The contribution of cooperative organizations in the marketing of agricultural products in Greece

Bergeaud, P., 1988:
The contribution of corticotherapy in the treatment of certain forms of canine leishmaniasis: results of a series of forty-three cases

Resseler, H.; Werner, W., 1988:
The contribution of different P fractions to the fertilizing effect of partially acidulated phosphate rocks

Wolmarans, P.; Langenhoven, M.L.; Eck, M. van; Swanepoel, A.S.P., 1988:
The contribution of different food groups to the energy, fat and fibre intake of the Coronary Risk Factor Study (CORIS) population

Lough, R., 1987:
The contribution of dry pea production to increased arable production in Canterbury

Wyl, B. von, 1987:
The contribution of ecological farming systems to the stabilization of mountain ecosystems, in particular to erosion control

Barbier, E.B., 1989:
The contribution of environmental and resource economics to an economics of sustainable development

Fenn, M.G.P.; Macdonald, D.W., 1987:
The contribution of field studies to stored product rodent control

Gemmill, G., 1988:
The contribution of futures and options markets to a revised agricultural policy

Haverkamp, U.; Schnyder, H.; Kuhbauch, W., 1988:
The contribution of grain reserves and assimilation to the early development of wheat

Leaver, J.D., 1988:
The contribution of grass and conserved forages to the nutrient requirements for milk production

Keating, R.C.; Randrianasolo, V., 1988:
The contribution of leaf architecture and wood anatomy to classification of the Rhizophoraceae and Anisophylleaceae

Foldi, J., 1989:
The contribution of livestock enterprises to farm incomes

Pellet, P.L.; Young, V.R., 1988:
The contribution of livestock products to human dietary needs with special reference to North Africa and West Asia

Rainard, P.; Ducelliez, M.; Poutrel, B., 1990:
The contribution of mammary infections by coagulase-negative staphylococci to the herd bulk milk somatic cell count

McDonald, G.K., 1989:
The contribution of nitrogen fertiliser to the nitrogen nutrition of rainfed wheat crops in Australia: a review

Monn, L., 1987:
The contribution of nitrogen turnover in broadleaved and coniferous woodland to the acidification of soils

Amir, S.; Cafri Cohen, O., 1989:
The contribution of open spaces to the physical image of an agricultural village

Bruneau, M.; Kilian, J., 1987:
The contribution of satellite data in compiling maps used for rural development

Poloskow, I., 1989:
The contribution of science to the development of the agroindustrial sector in the Krasnodar region

Malovec, E., 1989:
The contribution of selection of cattle to the economics of milk production

Hudson J.A., 1988:
The contribution of soil moisture storage to the water balances of upland forested and grassland catchments

Tegene, A.; Kuchler, F., 1990:
The contribution of speculative bubbles to farmland prices

Placek, I., 1989:
The contribution of the Czechoslovak industry to the development of biotechnology

Werner, W., 1990:
The contribution of the plant nutrition discipline to 'orderly agriculture'

Cantley, M., 1990:
The contribution of tourism to remote and fragile areas

Senn, L., 1987:
The contribution of tourism to the development of the Italian economy, achievements and potential

Brumfitt, K.W.; Griffiths, T.J.R.; Stevens, T.R., 1988:
The contribution of tourism to the economy of Swansea, 1987. A report to the Swansea City Council

Goodell, G.; Andrews, K.L.; Lopez, J.I., 1990:
The contributions of agronomo-anthropologists to on-farm research and extension in integrated pest management

Hera, C.; Idriceanu, A.; Popescu, S.; Chirita, V.; Stan, S.; Rusu, P., 1987:
The contributions of fertilizers to the increase in protein content and quality in different agricultural crops

Schaefer, S., 1989:
The contributions of forestry to the infrastructure, from the economic standpoint

Nwonwu, F.O.C.; Jaja, J.S., 1989:
The contributions of the agricultural and petroleum industries to the Nigerian economy: an input-output analysis

Martin, C.W.; Maggio, R.C.; Appel, D.N., 1989:
The contributory value of trees to residential property in the Austin, Texas metropolitan area

Andersen, J.B.; Bitsch, V.; Christensen, L.S.; Hoff Jorgensen, R.; Petersen, B.K., 1988:
The control and eradication of Aujeszky's disease in Denmark: epidemiological aspects

August, J.R., 1990:
The control and eradication of feline upper respiratory infections in cluster populations

Ridley M., 1990:
The control and frequency of mating in insects

Jones, S.A.; O.S.llivan, M., 1989:
The control and manipulation of ice cream quality

Kohout, V., 1989:
The control and occurrence of broad-leaved dock (Rumex obtusifolius L.) on arable land

Maina, P.W.; Mugera, G.M.; Maribei, J.M.; Nyaga, P.N., 1985:
The control and prevention of subclinical mastitis in Kenya

Anonymous, 1988:
The control of Alternaria on Chinese cabbage

Dannhauser, C.S.; Beer, A.S. de, 1989:
The control of Amaranthus spp. and its effect on Digitaria eriantha during the establishment year

Gussin, E.J., 1989:
The control of Arrhenatherum elatius in cereals by imazamethabenz-methyl

Rule, J.S., 1988:
The control of Bromus species and Alopecurus myosuroides with different methods of straw disposal on chalky boulder clay soil

Lahdenpera, M.L., 1988:
The control of Fusarium wilt on carnation with a Streptomyces preparation

Orson, J.H., 1988:
The control of Galium aparine (cleavers) in winter cereals with herbicides: ADAS results, harvest years 1985 to 1987

MacDiarmid, S.C., 1989:
The control of Johne's disease by vaccination

Agricola, U.; Agounke, D.; Fischer, HU.; Moore, D., 1989:
The control of Rastrococcus invadens Williams (Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae) in Togo by the introduction of Gyranusoidea tebygi Noyes (Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae)

Gibiat, J., 1988:
The control of Rumex in pasture

Cook, A.; Ford, D.J.G., 1989:
The control of activity of the pulmonate slug, Limax pseudoflavus by weather

Nottingham, S., 1988:
The control of agricultural pests in Israel

Conyers, M., 1990:
The control of aluminium solubility in some acidic Australian soils

Holmes, P.H.; Torr, S.J., 1988:
The control of animal trypanosomiasis in Africa: current methods and future trends

Watt, T.A.; Smith, H.; Macdonald, D.W., 1990:
The control of annual grass weeds in fallowed field margins managed to encourage wildlife

Sfakiotakis E.; Ververidis P.; Stavroulakis G., 1989:
The control of autocatalytic ethylene production and ripening in kiwifruit by temperature and controlled atmosphere storage

Kasim, R.; Prayitno, S., 1986:
The control of blister blight of clove (CDC) with fungicides

Dixon, F.L.; Lutman, P.J.W.; West, T.M., 1989:
The control of broad-leaved weeds in sunflowers in England

Ollennu, L.A.A.; Owusu, G.K.; Thresh, J.M., 1989:
The control of cocoa swollen shoot disease in Ghana

Greaves, J.H., 1988:
The control of commensal rodents in Britain

Behringer, P., 1988:
The control of cyst nematodes in Bavaria according to the principles of integrated crop protection

Zheng, P., 1986:
The control of damping-off of pine seedlings with three systemic fungicides

Hodnett, M.G.; Bell, J.P.; A.K.on, P.D.; Soopramanien, G.C.; Batchelor, C.H., 1990:
The control of drip irrigation of sugarcane using 'index' tensiometers: some comparisons with control by the water budget method

Hinton, M.; Mead, G.C., 1990:
The control of feed-borne bacterial and viral pathogens in farm animals

Martin, C.; Coen, E.; Robbins, T.; Bartlett, J.; Alemaida, J.; Carpenter, R., 1987:
The control of floral pigmentation in Antirrhinum

Vince Prue, D., 1990:
The control of flowering by daylength

Zylbermann, N., 1989:
The control of food additives

Kasim, R., 1986:
The control of foot rot disease of pepper caused by Phytophthora palmivora using fungicides

Hagen, G., 1987:
The control of gene expression by auxin

Tsukaguchi, E.; Tottori, N.; Wleklik, W., 1987:
The control of grass weeds and fungal diseases in winter rape

Bezuidenhout, J.D.; Bigalke, R.D., 1987:
The control of heartwater by means of tick control

Sun, W.Q.; Wu, S.J., 1989:
The control of irritating fruit hairs from street tree Platanus

Wang, S.M., 1987:
The control of lipase activity during seed germination

Umurzakov, E.U., 1989:
The control of maturation process and harvesting tobacco leaves

Bennett, C., 1988:
The control of microbiological problems in the paper industry

Kurtener, D.A.; Uskov, I.B., 1988:
The control of microclimate of agricultural fields

Ley, F.J., 1988:
The control of microorganisms using ionising radiation

Petrova, M.V.; Kapustin, Y.A., 1989:
The control of mineral fertilizer application quantity

Bourdin, J., 1989:
The control of mosses in grass lawns

Nielsen, V.C.; Voorburg, J.H.; Brewer, A.J., 1988:
The control of odours from livestock farming: an overview

Winter F.C., 1989:
The control of onchocerciasis

Robert, A., 1986:
The control of ovulation and parturition in the tsetse fly, Glossina fuscipes (Diptera)

Lin, C.C.; Su, H.J.; Wang, D.N., 1989:
The control of papaya ringspot virus in Taiwan R.O.C

Hoppe, H.; Ritter, W.; Stephen, E.W.C., 1989:
The control of parasitic bee mites: Varroa jacobsoni, Acarapis woodi and Tropilaelaps clareae with formic acid

Ogilvy S.E.; Cleal R.A.E.; Rogers Lewis D.S., 1989:
The control of potato groundkeepers in cereal crops

Mikulka, S.; Zemanek, J., 1990:
The control of quack grass on arable land

Hartati, S.Y.; Djiwanti, S.R., 1986:
The control of rust disease of Sonchus with fungicides

Asher, M.J.C.; Payne, P.A., 1988:
The control of seed and soil-borne fungi by fungicides in pelleted seed

Gill, P.A.; Ross, H.A.; Waister, P.D., 1989:
The control of stem numbers in potato competition experiments using either whole tubers or seed-pieces

Tombe, M.; Sitepu, D., 1986:
The control of stem rot of vanilla with fungicides

Liebisch, A.; Beder, G., 1988:
The control of ticks (Ixodidae: Dermacentor marginatus) in sheep with flumethrin 1% pour-on

Adamczewski, K.; Miklaszewska, K.; Richter, A.; Augustyniak, M., 1987:
The control of unnecessary vegetation in water basins and in water courses

Newsome, A., 1990:
The control of vertebrate pests by vertebrate predators

Marois, M., 1989:
The control of violent sports spectators; essay on the modern management of sports spectacles

Almeida, J.C.V. da; Chehata, A.N.; Fornarolli, D.A.; Braz, B.A.; Barros, L.; Costa, F.A. da, 1987:
The control of weeds in Carmesin plums (Prunus salicina) through the use of post-emergence herbicides with residual activity

Rodriguez Tineo, E.B., 1987:
The control of weeds in grain legumes

Tineo, E.R., 1987:
The control of weeds in maize fields

Alcantara, E.N. de, 1989:
The control of weeds in rice crops

Krebs, E.K., 1989:
The control of whiteflies. A subject worthy for discussion also in this poinsettia season

Vannier, P., 1988:
The control programme of Aujeszky's disease in France: main results and difficulties

Walker, J.S., 1989:
The controversy over radiation safety. A historical overview

Olsen, R.E.; Henderson, R.J.; McAndrew, B.J., 1990:
The conversion of linoleic acid and linolenic acid to longer chain polyunsaturated fatty acids by Tilapia (Oreochromis) nilotica in vivo

Birrell, H.A., 1987:
The conversion of pasture to wool with grazing sheep from studies which differed in genotype and environment

Joly, L.G., 1989:
The conversion of rain forests to pastures in Panama

Phillips, R.E., 1988:
The cooperative extension role in farm machinery education

Kozyr' , M.I., 1988:
The cooperative movement - the level of new tasks

Kabilov, T., 1989:
The cooperative movement in the Middle Asian republics - the main method of radical economic reform

Enders, C., 1988:
The coordination of rural development programmes: case study of Malawi

Rodriguez Romo, J.; Galante, E.; Garcia Roman, M., 1988:
The coprophagous scarabaeids of Caceres Province (Spain): Scarabaeini, Coprini, Onitini and Oniticellini (Col. Scarabaeidae)

Krusberg, L.R., 1988:
The corn cyst nematode, Heterodera zeae in the United States

Schwettmann, K.D., 1988:
The corn weevil Sitophilus zeamais Motschulsky (Col., Curculionidae) and its associated fauna - a field study in the Philippines

Gomes, A.; Sousa, J.C. de; Resende, A.M.; Curvo, J.B.E., 1988:
The corporal distribution and seasonal dynamics of the larva of Dermatobia hominis in cattle treated and nontreated with flowers of sulphur

Grayburn, A.W.; Thode, P.J., 1989:
The corporate approach to multiple use forest resource management

Pathak, S.C.; Mukerji, R., 1989:
The corpus allatum in relation to sexual behaviour and aggressiveness in male Supella supellectilium (Serville) (Blattoidea: Blattellidae)

Gregoraszczuk, E.; Krzysztofowicz, E., 1989:
The corpus luteum of the pig: scanning and electron microscopic study of surface features at different times of incubation

Bootsma, J., 1989:
The correct growth with M.27 on M.9?

MacDougal, J.M., 1989:
The correct name for the hybrid Passiflora alata X P. caerulea (Passifloraceae)

Sattler, K., 1989:
The correct name of the North American dried fruit moth in Europe (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)

Kruglov, N.M., 1990:
The correct use of snow in orchards

Katsarov, V., 1989:
The correlation among some finishing and carcass traits in Large White and British Landrace pigs

Marolt, P.; Maticic, B.; Kulovec, B., 1988:
The correlation between evapotranspiration evaluated by the Priestley-Taylor method using micrometeorological parameters from two locations in Ljubljana

Lerman, C.; Molyneaux, J.W.; Moeljodihardjo, S.; Pandjaitan, S., 1989:
The correlation between family planning program inputs and contraceptive use in Indonesia

Harris, R.A.; Taras, M.A.; Syme, J.H., 1988:
The correlation between green density and the occurrence of honeycomb in kiln-dried red oak rounds

Swanepoel, J.J.; Baard, F., 1988:
The correlation between potential and actual fertility in the grapevine

Azawi O.I.; Znad M.M.; A.J.rrah L.H., 1990:
The correlation between the viability of bovine spermatozoa preserved at ambient temperature and the activity of transferases

Curtis, R.; Fraser, H.; Foster, J.D.; Scott, J.R., 1989:
The correlation of electroretinographic and histopathological findings in the eyes of mice infected with the 79A strain of scrapie

Wang B X.; Huang J C.; Wang H.; Wang H., 1989:
The correlation of proline accumulation and drought resistance in various plants under water stress condition

Zhang, F.Y.; Weng, Q.H., 1988:
The correlation of weight with wool yield in German Angora rabbits

Nikitovic, N.; Copic, C., 1987 :
The correlations among body weights at various ages in bull calves

Webster S.D.; Mcgaughey R.W., 1990:
The cortical cytoskeleton and its role in sperm penetration of the mammalian egg

Julvez, J., 1990:
The cost of a malaria control programme. General considerations

Gil Sierra, J., 1990:
The cost of agricultural machinery

Florkowski, W.J.; Jarret, R.L., 1990:
The cost of alternative strategies for the maintenance of sweet potato germplasm

Morley, R.S.; Hugh Jones, M.E., 1989:
The cost of anaplasmosis in the Red River plains and south-east areas of Louisiana

Lively C.M.; Lloyd D.G., 1990:
The cost of biparental sex under individual selection

Lovegrove, B.G., 1989:
The cost of burrowing by the social mole rats (Bathyergidae) Cryptomys damarensis and Heterocephalus glaber: the role of soil moisture

Gill, R.A., 1988:
The cost of carting bees

Zimmerman, J.J.; Hallam, J.A.; Beran, G.W., 1989:
The cost of eliminating pseudorabies from swine herds in Iowa

Bedin, S., 1990:
The cost of establishing a vineyard

Richardson, P., 1989:
The cost of landing formation in pumice and clay soils

Burrell, A., 1990:
The cost of milk production in the UK

Grisso, R.D.; Dickey, E.C.; Schulze, L.D., 1989:
The cost of misapplication of herbicides

Andrews, A.S.; Benson, R.J.; Espinas, V.E.; Johnson, J.H., 1988:
The cost of on-farm grain storage

Karlsson, B.; Wickman, P-O., 1989:
The cost of prolonged life: an experiment on a nymphalid butterfly

Newton, C.; Dixon, A.F.G., 1988:
The cost of switching from asexual to sexual reproduction in an aphid

Ortmann, G.F.; Rask, N., 1988:
The cost-competitiveness of major exporting countries of maize, wheat and soybeans I: production and marketing costs

Ortmann, G.F.; Rask, N., 1988:
The cost-competitiveness of major exporting countries of maize, wheat and soybeans II: landed costs and effects of exchange rates

Proven, M.J.; Freer, J.B.S., 1989:
The cost-effectiveness of different approaches to herbicide use in continuous winter wheat

Martinez, D., 1990:
The cost-safety balance in protecting our food supply

Dickson, E.J.; Fox, G., 1989:
The costs and benefits of erosion control on cropland in southwestern Ontario

Yapp, T.P., 1989:
The costs of degradation to the community: issues and estimates

Van de Ven, A.A.H.; Van Hattum, J.; Willers, J.M.N., 1990:
The costs of hepatitis B vaccination: a reconsideration

Bond, W.J.; Stock, W.D., 1989:
The costs of leaving home: ants disperse myrmecochorous seeds to low nutrient seeds

Clarkson, M.J., 1989:
The costs of liver fluke infection and its control in sheep

Berman, P.; Brotowasisto; Nadjib, M.; Sakai, S.; Gani, A., 1989:
The costs of public primary health care services in rural Indonesia

Lewin, K.; Berstecher, D., 1989:
The costs of recovery: are user fees the answer?

Brinkmann, U.K.; Werler, C.; Traoré, M.; Korte, R., 1988:
The costs of schistosomiasis control in a Sahelian country

Sinden, J.A., 1990:
The costs of soil degradation on the northwest slopes of New South Wales, Australia

Jackson, B.S.; Arkin, G.F.; Hearn, A.B., 1988:
The cotton simulation model COTTAM: fruiting model calibration and testing

Latter, P.M.; Walton, D.W.H., 1988:
The cotton strip assay for cellulose decomposition studies in soil: history of the assay and development

Chen, Y.; Deng, L.G., 1988:
The cotton transplanting technique for two-stage nursery practice

Sonne, H.; Aagesen, J.; Amsen, M., 1989:
The cotton white fly Bemisia tabaci

Jansen, E.G.; Dolman, A.J.; Jerve, A.M.; Rahman, N., 1989:
The country boats of Bangladesh: social and economic development and decsion-making in inland water transport

Nogue i Font, J., 1989:
The countryside and tourism

Newby, H., 1988:
The countryside in question

Anonymous, 1987:
The countryside: the district of Valencia

Ritter, W.; Michel, P.; Schwendemann, A.; Bartold, M., 1990:
The course of Varroa jacobsoni infestation among honey bee colonies in Tunisia

Patton, G., 1989:
The course of anorexia nervosa. About one in 30 die, and half recover fully after six years

Bedos, A.; Cassagnau, P., 1988:
The course of ecomorphosis in Hypogastrura boldorii (Collembola) from the peat bog of Pinet (Aude)

Wieling, H.; Wit, M.A.E. de, 1987:
The course of grass growth during the season

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The course of infection in rats given small primary doses of Strongyloides ratti and S. venezuelensis

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The course of primary infection with Necator americanus in syngeneic mice

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The course of rabies in Bavaria between 1951 and 1988, from records of the provincial public health investigation centre

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The course of seed development in Dactylis glomerata L. and Festuca arundinacea Schreb

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The course of varroatosis in treated bee colonies and the effect of invasion by Varroa jacobsoni on brood mass

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The courtship and mating behaviour of the apple clearwing moth, Synanthedon myopaeformis

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The cow and the machine

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The cow in the year 2000. A bigger mouth to feed

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The crab fauna of West Island, South Australia: their abundance, diet and role as predators of abalone

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The crafts in the post-modern economy

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The cranberry yield in the USSR

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The crane harvester - the solution to harvesting small-diameter softwood?

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The cranial nerves of the brain stem

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The crayfish plague: diagnosis and isolation of Aphanomyces astaci

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The cream report

Anonymous, 1989:
The cream specialist

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The creation and establishment of production systems research in a national agricultural research institute: the Senegal experience

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The creation of a new meat breed of pig

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The creation of an optimal microclimate in the piglet rearing area of the pen contributes to a successful and stable rearing performance

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The creation of beef-type Slovakian Pied cattle

Mewes, W., 1988:
The creation of cooperation and links between agriculture and industry in the Potsdam area

Buschena, D.E.; Perloff, J.M., 1990:
The creation of dominant firm market power in the coconut oil export market

Socher, K., 1989:
The creation of environmental policy conditions as a pre-requisite for an intelligent form of tourism

Thomas M.B., 1989:
The creation of island habitats to enhance populations of beneficial insects

Ward K.A.; Murray J.D.; Shanahan C.M.; Rigby N.W.; Nancarrow C.D., 1989:
The creation of transgenic sheep for increased wool productivity

Chiverton, P.A., 1989:
The creation of within-field overwintering sites for natural enemies of cereal aphids

Aboltin, Y.M., 1988:
The creative initiative of the collective group is the basis for success

Macgregor, J., 1990:
The crisis in African agriculture

Beni, C.; Vasciminno, G., 1989:
The crisis in the Italian strawberry export trade continues

Belo Moreira, M., 1989:
The crisis of Portugese agriculture in relation to the EEC challenge

Barthelemy, D.; Hervieu, F.; Humbert, N.; Levesque, R., 1989:
The crisis of agricultural land tax

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The crisis of nomadic farming and problems of desertification in North African countries

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The criteria for the selection and development of New Look L. compact pot gerberas

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The criteria used for the determination of phosphorus utilization of pigs

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The critical challenges facing the structure and function of agricultural research

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The critical control point approach to dairy product quality

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The critical levels and the maximum metal uptake for wheat and rice plants when applying metal oxides to soil

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The critical period for weed competition in soyabeans

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The critical period of weed control in galia muskmelon

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The cross stabilimentum of Argiope argentata (Araneae: Araneidae) - nonfunctional or a nonspecific stress reaction?

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The cross-linking reagent dimethyl suberimate modifies the target size of an insect nervous system nicotinic acetylcholine receptor

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The cross-slot conservation-tillage grain drill opener

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The crossbred boar

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The crossbreeding between Suffolk, Flemish Milksheep and Texel. I. Estimation of the genetic parameters for the productive performance of lambs

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The cryodestruction of parenchyma cell surface membranes in dormant woody plants under freeze-stress conditions

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The crystalline composition of normal equine urine deposits

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The cultivation and breeding of oilseed crops in Finland

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The cultivation and harvesting of truffles in the interior

Giuliani, F., 1988:
The cultivation and use of roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa L.)

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The cultivation and utilization of forage maize

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The cultivation of Arabica coffee in Burundi

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The cultivation of Flammulina velutipes in plastic sheds leading to good results

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The cultivation of Lathyrus in Aquitaine: past, present and future prospects

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The cultivation of Pleurotus sapidus on residues from industrial lactic acid production

Anonymous, 1988:
The cultivation of beans: factors affecting productivity

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The cultivation of broad beans

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The cultivation of cassava: technical recommendations for Goias

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The cultivation of common fungi in Shandong

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The cultivation of grafted plants of cucurbitaceous vegetables

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The cultivation of granadilla in Reunion. Prospects and constraints

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The cultivation of lisianthus (Lisianthus russelianus Hook) for cut flower in annual or biennial cycle: effect of planting date and plant age on productivity

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The cultivation of medicinal plants on saline soils of the East Slovakian lowland

Anonymous, 1988:
The cultivation of mushrooms

Sant' Ana, E.P., 1989:
The cultivation of rice with sprinkler irrigation

Triratana, S.; Osathaphant, P., 1988:
The cultivation of shiitake (Lentinus edodes) in sawdust substrates from different trees and agricultural wastes

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The cultivation of size-controlled apple trees

Tanaka, H., 1988:
The cultivation of special use crops. Physiological research and their development. Sugarbeet

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The cultivation of sweet potato in Argentina

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The cultivation system and high yield target for soyabeans in the Tohoku region

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The cultural dimension of microcomputing

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The cultural ecology of development: ten precepts for survival

Anonymous, 1988:
The cultural landscape - past, present and future

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The cultural landscape as reflected in percentage and influx pollen diagrams from two Danish ombrotrophic mires

Ziff Levine, W., 1990:
The cultural logic gap: a Japanese tourism research experience

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The cultural method for high-palatability rice variety Hatsushimo II

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The cultural participation of students of Olsztyn's Agricultural and Technical Academy

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The cultural programming of tuberose for cut flowers. Results of two years of trials in the region of western Liguria

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The cultural revolution of leisure 1968-88

Anonymous, 1988:
The cultural role of departments and regions

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The culture and transfer of early embryos in sheep

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The culture of Cissus: do new cultivars also offer new possibilities?

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The culture of Picea omorika in containers

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The culture of bovine oocytes to obtain developmentally competent embryos

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The culture of dessert grapes in Algeria

Carimi, F., 1989:
The culture of prickly pears

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The culture of rootstocks

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The culture of shiitake in Taiwan

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The culture of the South African sugarmill: the impress of the sugarocracy

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The culture, urban context and economics of women's fresh produce marketing in Harare, Zimbabwe

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The cumulative effect of artificial selection on the reduction of population size. Experimental and simulated data

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The curative effect of lyophilizate from flower buds of Robinia pseudoacacia L. on experimental nephropathitis

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The cure rates of patients infected with heterophyiasis and treated with praziquantel versus niclosamide

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The current debate and economic rationale for US agricultural policy

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The current management of hydatid disease

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The current performance of a crossbred flock formed using embryo transfer rams

Sakuma, F., 1988:
The current position and problems in the cultivation of dwarf Japanese chestnut

Kawase, K., 1988:
The current position and problems in the cultivation of dwarf citrus trees

Murase, S., 1988:
The current position and problems in the cultivation of dwarf peach trees - cultivation using dwarfing rootstocks

Wet, H. de, 1988:
The current price structure for milk and the influence thereof on the Gouda cheese industry: current and future tendencies in the production and consumption of milk, with specific reference to butterfat and protein

Chironi, G., 1988:
The current production status of irrigation and future directions

Johnson, D.G., 1989:
The current setting of U.S. agriculture

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The current situation and future improvement in the table grape industry in Taiwan

Maotani, T., 1988:
The current situation and problems in the use of growth regulators in deciduous fruit trees

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The current situation in cattle breeding in Yugoslavia

Benaissa, R.; Tamzali, Y., 1988:
The current situation of Barb horses in Algeria

Lamberg, L., 1989:
The current situation of Swedish dairying

Malikul, S., 1988:
The current situation of the anti-malaria programme in Thailand

Photiades, I., 1986:
The current situation of tractor operation in Cyprus

Laborius, A., 1987:
The current situation regarding the distribution of the large grain borer (Prostephanus truncatus Horn) in Africa

Klenczner, A., 1988:
The current situation regarding viticulture and viniculture and possibilities for their development

Perenzin, M.; Borghi, B., 1988:
The current situation with bread wheat hybrids

Eggenhofer, T., 1989:
The current state and future of horticulture on the Papa State Farm

Suchanek, B., 1988:
The current state of evaluating the components of milk, and its use in a selection programme

Bergquist, N.R., 1988:
The current state of research on the immunology of schistosomiasis

Touré, Y.T., 1989:
The current state of studies of malaria vectors and the antivectorial campaign in west Africa

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The current status and improvement in production and marketing of the table pineapple cultivar Tainung 4

Shieh, J.N., 1988:
The current status and prospects for the production and marketing of edible fungi in Taiwan

Sessa, A., 1987:
The current status and trends in tourism education

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The current status of genetic engineering in domestic animals

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The current status of major histocompatibility system definition in cattle, goats, horses, pigs and sheep

Kromer, W., 1989:
The current status of opioid research on gastrointestinal motility

Bigalke, R.D., 1989:
The current status of research on diseases of wildlife in South Africa and south west Africa/Namibia

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The current status of tillage work on paddy fields in Yamagata prefecture

Katsura, N., 1988:
The current use of plant growth regulators in the cultivation of vegetables and ornamentals

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The cutaneous form of the Marek's disease in broilers - its occurrence and the losses caused

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The cutaneous mycoses of dogs and cats

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The cuticle, growth and moulting in insects: the essential background to the action of acylurea insecticides

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The cuticular hydrocarbons of French Reticulitermes; specific and colonial variations

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The cutting forces in a frame-saw with closed trajectory of movement of the saw

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The cutworm Peridroma saucia (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) supports growth and transport of pBR322-bearing bacteria

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The cycle in U.S. cattle numbers as related to selected supply variables

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The cycle of precipitation and forecasting the productivity of pastures

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The cycle of the seminiferous epithelium in Bali cattle (Bos sondaicus)

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The cyclic blood progesterone picture of lactating Holstein cows in the subtropics during the summer and winter months

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The cycling of clover nitrogen in grazed upland swards

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The cycling of phosphorus from dying roots including the role of mycorrhizas

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The cyst-forming nematodes

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The cytochemistry of glycoconjugates in the planum nasolabial gland of the goat as studied by electron microscopic methods

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The cytochrome C oxidase test to assess psychrotrophic bacteria in milk

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The cytogenetics of corn

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The cytologic and molecular analysis of the developmentally controlled increase in nuclear DNA content in the cotyledon parenchyma of common bean, Phaseolus vulgaris

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The cytologic diagnosis of mesenchymal tumours

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The cytologic examination of body cavity fluids

Hall, R.L.; MacWilliams, P.S., 1988:
The cytologic examination of cutaneous and subcutaneous masses

Ellison, R.S., 1988:
The cytologic examination of synovial fluid

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The cytologic examination of the respiratory tract

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The cytological and agronomic characters observation of intergeneric euploid hybrids between Triticum aestivum (6x) X Hordeum bulbosum (4x)

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The cytological and histological investigation of the abortive process

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The cytological basis of the plastid inheritance in angiosperms

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The cytological effect of new growth regulators

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The cytological mechanism of 2n pollen formation in hybrid napier grass

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The cytological study of some heterochromatic elements of maize genome I. The B-chromosomes in Romanian local forms of maize

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The cytology and biochemistry of pesticide microbiology

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The cytology and pollen viability of two abaca (Musa textilis Nee) varieties found in Leyte

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The cytoskeleton of Trypanosoma brucei - the beauty of simplicity

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The cytoskeleton of trypanosomes

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The cytoskeleton: a key element in protoplast regeneration

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The cytotaxonomy of the Djodji form of Simulium sanctipauli (Diptera: Simuliidae)

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The daily activity rhythm of Drosophila subobscura Collin (Dipt., Drosophilidae) at Ravniste (Jastrebac) locality, Yugoslavia

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The daily diets of students of academic and vocational schools

Anonymous, 1989:
The dairy bull progeny testing scheme. General features and organisation

Anonymous, 1989:
The dairy industry - a sector that is undergoing complete restructuring

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The dairy industry and the Hannah Research Institute - an evolving relationship

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The dairy industry in Arizona: organization, processing and quality control

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The dairy industry in Greece

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The dairy industry in Kuwait

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The dairy industry in Thailand

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The dairy industry in eastern Europe

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The dairy industry's environmental load through cleaning

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The dairy industry: response to change

Anonymous, 1990:
The dairy sector in England and Wales

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The dairy sector in South East Asia - developments and trends

Anonymous, 1989:
The dairy sector looks at the future between the uncertainty and the reality

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The dairy sub-sector in the USA

Platt, G., 1990:
The dairy that branched into computers

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The dairy year for 1988

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The dairyman education

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The damage of rice panicles caused by insect pests in Sri Lanka

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The damage to rice seedlings under high oxygen concentration and protective enzymes of active oxygen

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The dangers of disease

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The dark side of the classroom in New Caledonia: ethnic and class segregation in Noumea's primary school system

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The dark-light-transient of the CO2 fixation influenced by light intensity and predarkening period of attached leaves of Phaseolus vulgaris var. nanus L

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The date of primary soil cultivations in Moroccan pluvial agriculture

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The date of sowing for parsley seed production using the seed-to-seed method

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The dating and development history of soil formation on the main level of the lower terrace of the Danube. Discussion of findings from the Regensburg area

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The dawning of the age of dynamic theory: its implications for agricultural economics research and teaching

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The days of joy: a structuralist analysis of weddings among the Rashaayda Arabs of Sudan

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The de-athleticization of women: the naming and gender marking of collegiate sport teams

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The deamination of adenosine and adenosine monophosphate in Plasmodium falciparum-infected human erythrocytes: in vitro use of 2'deoxycoformycin and AMP deaminase-deficient red cells

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The debate on a Common Agricultural Policy for tobacco

Sapsford, D., 1988:
The debate over trends in the terms of trade

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The debt crises and Latin American agriculture

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The debt situation in agriculture - The results from a study among professional farm accountants in 1988 and 1989

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The debt structure index: an approach to evaluating financial structure

Honer, C., 1987:
The debut of the DPV

Karenlampi, P., 1987:
The decay resistance and moisture dynamics of wood. A literature study

Anonymous, 1989:
The decentralization process in the Instituto Nacional de Tecnologia Agropecuaria Argentina

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The decision to double crop: an application of expected utility theory using Stein's theorem

Bala, W., 1988:
The decisive factors of the grooveless drain quality

Miege, J., 1988:
The decline in and protection of traditional food crop production in West Africa

Yokobori, M., 1981:
The decline in growth of Cryptomeria japonica in Ibaraki Prefecture and its factors

Bryde, J.A., 1986:
The decline in paddy cultivation in a dry zone village of Sri Lanka

Kesel, R.H., 1988:
The decline in the suspended load of the Lower Mississippi River and its influence on adjacent wetlands

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The decomposition and heavy metal (Pb, Cd) dynamics of leaf and pine needle litter in forest ecosystems close to urban areas

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The decomposition of 14C-labeled wheat straw and 15N-labeled microbial material

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The decomposition of fats in mackerel homogenates inoculated with yeasts or bacteria

Budelman, A., 1988:
The decomposition of the leaf mulches of Leucaena leucocephala, Gliricidia sepium and Flemingia macrophylla under humid tropical conditions

Tomlein, P., 1989:
The decontamination of hoses of milking units

Orlita, A.; Martinek, F., 1988:
The decontamination of mould from parchments and other historical documents

Adams, J.H., 1988:
The decoupling of farm and household: differential consequences of capitalist development in Southern Illinois and Third World family farms

Mitchell, W.E., 1988 :
The defeat of hierarchy: gambling as exchange in Sepik society

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The defect in murine severe combined immune deficiency: joining of signal sequences but not coding segments in V(D)J recombination

Viggiani, G., 1988:
The defence of crops by ecological methods. Biological control of insects

Briolini, G., 1988:
The defence of crops with ecological methods. Supervised and integrated control against animal parasites

Hall, C.M., 1989:
The definition and analysis of hallmark tourist events

Deroin, T., 1989:
The definition and phylogenetic significance of floral cortical systems: the case of the Annonaceae

Krebs, C., 1988:
The definition of the concept of 'industrialization' and the beginnings of the industrial organization of agriculture in the GDR

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The degradation and leaching of SN 539 865 in soil - elucidation of the degradation pathway by use of three separate radiolabelled positions

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The degradation of alicyclic hydrocarbons by a microbial consortium

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The degradation of biphenyl and chlorobiphenyls by mixed bacterial cultures

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The degradation of different protein supplements in the rumen of steers and the effects of these supplements on carbohydrate digestion

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The degradation of lignin by blue-green algae

Heinonen Tanski H., 1989:
The degradation of linuron in sandy soil

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The degradation of metsulfuron methyl deposited on various mineral supports

Hugo, W.B., 1988:
The degradation of preservatives of microorganisms

Macchia, M.; Benvenuti, A.; Giannoni, C., 1989:
The degradation of the littoral of San Rossore (Pisa): first results of some trials for the replacement of the dune vegetal cover

Baek N.H.; Jaffe P.R., 1989:
The degradation of trichloroethylene in mixed methanogenic cultures

Hagger, C., 1988:
The degree of inbreeding of Swiss Brown cattle

Titov, A.F.; Sherudilo, E.G., 1990:
The degree of suppression in processes of heat and cold adaptation of plants by inhibitors of RNA and protein synthesis at different hardening temperatures

Voican, V.; Paun, R., 1988:
The degree of utilization of nitrogen from ammonium nitrate given to intensively grown greenhouse tomatoes

Panczak, Z., 1987:
The degree to which livestock stands are utilized in private cattle breeding farms

Forestier, K., 1989:
The degreening of China

Anonymous, 1989:
The deisgn of agricultural investment projects: lessons from experience

D.Amours, M., 1989:
The delegation of management responsibilities in the area of recreational and cultural services

Asche, M.; Wilson, MR., 1990:
The delphacid genus Sogatella and related groups: a revision with special reference to rice-associated species (Homoptera: Fulgoroidea)

Herrmann, M.; Lin, B.H., 1988:
The demand and supply of Norwegian atlantic salmon in the United States and the European Community

Goddard, E.W.; Amuah, A.K., 1989:
The demand for Canadian fats and oils: a case study of advertising effectiveness

Jones, G.T., 1988:
The demand for butter - a study of temporary intertemporal asymmetry in the response to a single real price margin

Haden, K., 1990:
The demand for cigarettes in Japan

Cameron, S., 1990:
The demand for cinema in the United Kingdom

Abebe, K.; Dahl, D.C.; Olson, K.D., 1989:
The demand for farm machinery

Burrell, A., 1989:
The demand for fertiliser in the United Kingdom

Frank, O., 1990:
The demand for fertility control

Abebe, K.; Olson, K.D.; Dahl, D.C., 1989:
The demand for fertilizer

Burton, M.P., 1989:
The demand for food in the UK, 1974-1984

Abebe, K.; Dahl, D.C.; Olson, K.D., 1989:
The demand for hired farm labor

Metzgen Quemarez, Y.A., 1989:
The demand for international tourist services: theory, empirics and policy perspectives

Dor, A.; Gaag, J. van der, 1987:
The demand for medical care in developing countries: quality rationing in rural Cote d'Ivoire

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The demand for milk and milk product substitutes in the EC 9

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The demand for public storage of wheat in Pakistan

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The demand for workers in the dairy industry

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The demands of rural trade unions in the 1980s

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The demanian system, traumatic insemination and reproductive strategy in Oncholaimus oxyuris Ditlevsen (Nematoda, Oncholaimina)

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The demographic evolution of rural France (1968-1982)

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The density of spermatozoa as a criterion for testing drone material

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The density of stands

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The density of thrips (Thysanoptera) occurring in rye ears depending on chosen environmental factors

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The departments of CIRAD. Report of activity 1988

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The dependence of animal production on pasture production and grazing intensity in selected experiments in Australia and New Zealand

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The dependence of delayed fluorescence of leaves of potato plants on rates of mineral fertilizers

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The dependence of genetic improvement on the environment at breeding value estimation

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The dependence of growth and milk performance of first calvers on the maximum lactation of their dams

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The dependence of heavy metal contamination of mowings from roadside verges on traffic conditions

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The dependence of nitrification of untreated and limed slurry on temperature and soil pH

Juricek, J., 1990:
The dependence of sedimentation velocity on the mass concentration of dry matter in porcine faeces

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The dependence of the antitumour activity of an infusion of Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi rhizomes plus roots on the growth phase and age of the plants

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The dependence of the economic results of pig fattening on simulated changes in major parameters and production conditions

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The dependence of the efficiency of coccinellid larvae on the distribution of their prey

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The dependence of the yield and quality of flue-cured tobacco on maturity at harvesting time

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The dependence of yield and morphological traits on plant height in winter wheat

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The deposition and retention of radioactive aerosols on desert vegetation

Anonymous, 1989:
The depression continues

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The deprived family: different approaches to its analysis

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The deregulation of air transport (2nd and final part)

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The derivation algebra of gametic algebra for linked loci

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The derivation of restriction endonuclease maps of the equid herpesvirus-1 subtype 2 genome

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The derived essential fatty acids: their sources, properties, production and uses

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The dermatophytes. Discussion

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The description and assessment of distance between inbred lines of maize: I. The use of morphological traits as descriptors

Smith, J.S.C.; Smith, O.S., 1989:
The description and assessment of distances between inbred lines of maize: II. The utility of morphological, biochemical, and genetic descriptors and a scheme for testing of distinctiveness between inbred lines

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The description and measurement of plant canopy structure

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The description of insect ontogenesis in simulation models

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The description of the eggs of Toxorhynchites moctezuma (Diptera: Culicidae) from Trinidad, West Indies

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The desert camel as a meat animal

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The desert locust build-up in western Rajasthan during monsoon season of 1986

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The desert locust migrating to the Antilles

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The desert tortoise in relation to cattle grazing

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The design and evaluation of an electrically powered tool frame and guidance device

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The design and installation of an antenna station in the return alley of the milking parlor

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The design and management of cleanrooms in the late 1980s

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The design and operation of waste stabilization ponds in tourist areas of Mediterranean Europe

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The design and use of living snow fences in North America

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The design of T&V extension programs for small farmers in Ethiopia

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The design of a counter-acting knife mowing equipment design

Okelola, O.M., 1988:
The design of cost-effective farm management data-information system: a case study from Nigeria

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The design of crop-specific micro-regions and their contribution to agricultural research and rural development initiatives in South America: the case of cassava (Volumes I and II)

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The design of feeding barriers and mangers and its effect on incidence of injuries and feed wastage

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The design of loose housing systems for dairy cows in view of behaviour

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The design of marathon studies for comparative purposes

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The design of pressure swing adsorption systems

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The design of surface/subsurface drainage and sub-irrigation reversible projects and some experimental results obtained in Romania

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The design of sustainable development: economic and environmental values coalescing origins, theory, and application

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The design of synthetic genes

Gu, L.P., 1986:
The design of tracks and accessories for crawler tractors

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The design of traps for monitoring the presence of Prostephanus truncatus (Horn) (Coleoptera: Bostrichidae) in maize fields

Farrent, J.W.; Mills Lamptey, B.O.; Richards, P.A., 1990:
The design, construction and commissioning of a pilot scale rig for determining the discharge rates and the solid fractions of liquid/solid mixtures discharging from vessels under different conditions. Part 1: Packed beds in conical-bottomed hoppers

Spichale, K., 1986:
The designing of knives for felling Scots pine up to 20 cm diameter without the formation of chips

Sandor, J., 1989:
The desirable future of the Mecsek-Villany recreation region and its main development aspects

Anonymous, 1990:
The desserts children prefer

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The destruction of spores of Bacillus subtilis by the combined effects of hydrogen peroxide and ultraviolet light

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The detachment of soil particles by raindrops

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The detection and measurement of stray electrical leakages on dairy farms: effects on performance

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The detection of Bacillus larvae (American foulbrood) in adult honey bees

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The detection of Brucella abortus antibodies in cattle by an enzyme immuno assay (EIA): comparison between different EIA antigens, rose bengal and sero agglutination test

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The detection of Giardia muris and Giardia lamblia cysts by immunofluorescence in animal tissues and fecal samples subjected to cycles of freezing and thawing

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The detection of Mycobacterium paratuberculosis in bovine faeces by isolation and the comparison of isolation with the examination of stained smears by light microscopy

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The detection of bovine respiratory syncytial virus in formalin fixed bovine lung with commercially available monoclonal antibodies and avidin biotin complex immunohistochemistry

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The detection of circulating antigens in toxoplasmosis

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The detection of dasheen mosaic virus using the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA)

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The detection of house dust mite antigens in Moscow

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The detection of reserves in the organization of milk production

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The detection of virus in black bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) seed collected in different states in Venezuela

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The deteriorating circumstances of wood viewed from the deterioration of nails in the exterior wall of wooden houses

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The deterioration of thatched roofs

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The determinants of agricultural policy in modern Turkey: a comparative perspective

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The determinants of desired family size: a causal analysis for policy

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The determinants of early age human capital formation: evidence from Brazil

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The determinants of fertility in rural Malaysia: an empirical evaluation of Easterlin's synthesis framework of fertility determination

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The determinants of food choices of the elderly

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The determinants of food consumption and nutritional status among preschool children: evidence from the rural Philippines

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The determinants of infant mortality in regional India

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The determinants of innovation in agriculture: a survey of literature regarding the machinery and fertilizer industries

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The determinants of liquidity and the role of the market-maker in commodity futures markets

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The determinants of location choices for food processing plants

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The determinants of the demand for children among households and wives

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The determinants of the migration of labor out of agriculture in the United States, 1940-85

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The determination and importance of heavy metal contamination when using steel equipment for soil sampling and sample preparation

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The determination of Zn, Cd, Pb and Cu in soil extracts by anodic stripping voltammetry

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The determination of a relationship between the copper, zinc and selenium levels in mares and those in their foals

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The determination of a soil-plant transfer factor for Chernobyl-radioactivity in Baden-Wurttemberg

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The determination of acidity, apparent reducing sugar and sucrose, hydroxymethylfurfural, mineral, moisture, water-insoluble solids contents in honey; collaborative trial

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The determination of aluminium in dithionite soil extracts using a catechol violet spectrophotometric method

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The determination of ammonia in ambient air by an automated thermodenuder system

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The determination of ammonium-N in slurries - a comparison of methods

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The determination of an optimal policy for protecting ground water quality

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The determination of atretic changes in oocytes from antral follicles of cows

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The determination of biological objects in soil thin sections using fluorescence microscopy

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The determination of calcium and phosphorus in natural milk from different regions of the principality of Asturias

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The determination of critical water potential in southern chernozems under perennial grasses

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The determination of historical popular reading habits: a case study

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The determination of lead in milk using probe atomisation AAS

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The determination of localized nitrogen budgets on a farm in Ostholstein (FRG)

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The determination of mass of metabolites with tracers

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The determination of milk powder added to whole milk

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The determination of mono- and disaccharides in green Arabica and Robusta coffees using high performance liquid chromatography

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The determination of nitrate-nitrogen concentration in soil solution by vacuum-lysimeter and water extract methods

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The determination of organic phosphorus in water

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The determination of pentachlorophenol in well and rain water by high performance liquid chromatography

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The determination of pesticide residue levels on locally grown vegetables - a preliminary study

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The determination of plasma oxalate concentrations using an enzyme/bioluminescent assay. 2. Co-immobilisation of bioluminescent enzymes and studies of in vitro oxalogenesis

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The determination of polychlorinated biphenyl residues: a review with special reference to foods

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The determination of risk adjusted discount rates for private sector forestry investment

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The determination of sensitivity parameters for auxin-induced H+-efflux from Avena coleptile segments

Belotti, E., 1989:
The determination of similarities of humus profiles using 'Mahalanobis-distances'

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The determination of site-specific factors inducing soil losses in North Rhine Westphalia (application of USLE)

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The determination of soil erosion using a geomorphological 1:25 000 map (GMK-25)

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The determination of soil surface moisture using infrared reflectometry

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The determination of soil temperature in the topsoil under potatoes using meteorological and plant parameters

Konker, H., 1987:
The determination of the amounts of groundwater available to plants

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The determination of the attachment force of the apple stalk to the shoot and dependence of this force on fruit position in the tree

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The determination of the biometric parameters of Enchytraeidae (Oligochaeta) using a semi-automatic computerized image analysis system

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The determination of the concentration of protein and fat in milk

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The determination of the extent of pH-independent complexation of organo-metallic compounds

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The determination of the honey sources of La Alcarria. A synthesis

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The determination of the influence of the chosen agents on potato tuber resistance to mechanical damage

Gockler, L., 1989:
The determination of the mechanized labour by the aid of measuring instruments

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The determination of the potassium supply from the non exchangeable fraction of eight soils using an exchange method and EUF

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The determination of the potassium supply to plant roots using exchange resin

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The determination of thermal transparency of plastics materials for covering greenhouses

Siegfried, R., 1990:
The determination of total nitrogen in fertilizers - two new methods in comparison with conventional methods

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The determination of total organic halide in water: a comparative study of two instruments

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The determination of water relations and physiological indexes for irrigation of soybean (Glycine max)

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The determination of water release characteristics of soil cores at low suctions

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The detrimental effects of air on silage

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The detritus food chain in beech forests: investigations on the ecological significance of the interactions between soil fauna and microflora. (Function of the fauna in a mull beech forest 2)

Anonymous, 1989:
The developing countries and 1992

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The developing countries and CD-ROM

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The developing marsupial. Models for biomedical research

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The developing of experimental equipment of soil bin for the working device of earth moving machine

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The developing tuna fishery of the Seychelles: constraints and policy issues

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The developing world and the Multifibre Arrangement

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The development and application of a refined method for estimating gene flow from angiosperm paternity analysis

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The development and application of an ELISA for fusiform rust disease resistance screening in vitro in loblolly pine seedlings

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The development and application of ultrastructural research in mycology

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The development and evaluation of a microcomputer based management information system for a dairying enterprise

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The development and evaluation of an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the detection of Mycobacterium bovis

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The development and evaluation of cotton breeding programs in our country

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The development and exploitation of 'marker genes' suitable for risk evalutation studies on the release of genetically engineered microorganisms in soil

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The development and future of biotechnologies

Anonymous, 1989:
The development and growth of agriculture and the socialist villages in 40 years of the GDR

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The development and identification of a defective thymidine kinase induced activity mutant of pseudorabies virus

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The development and implementation of a food and nutrition policy in Victoria, 1981 to 1986

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The development and implementation of a hotel, restaurant and institutional management program at the university level

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The development and implementation of a water and energy saving irrigation system for arid and humid climatic zones

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The development and influence of gas bubbles in phreatic aquifers under natural flow conditions

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The development and manufacture of machinery for liquid manure handling

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The development and organization of travel services in China

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The development and pathogenesis of Eustrongylides tubifex (Nematoda: Dioctophymatoidea) in piscivorous birds

Anonymous, 1988:
The development and progress of phytosanitary treatments in beet crops

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The development and properties of the tuber of the potato (Solanum tuberosum). I. Variability of tubers

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The development and prospects of use of natural land. The demands of utilization of nature parks and nature conservation in Japan

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The development and role of an African film industry in East Africa with special reference to Tanzania, 1922-1984

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The development and role of new sheep breeds to suit different conditions

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The development and specificity of cytotoxic cells in cattle immunized with autologous or allogeneic Theileria annulata-infected lymphoblastoid cell lines

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The development and strengthening of vertical cooperation between the collective farms and the state sugar factories particularly in the 1960s

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The development and use of an on-line particle analyser in a prilling or granulation plant

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The development and use of vegetable oil adjuvants with pesticides in Western Europe

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The development and utilization of the agricultural labour force

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The development characteristics and classification of two paddy soils with different origins in Guangdong province

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The development of 'safer' compounds for biocidal use

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The development of AIDS education material for adolescents

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The development of Aboriginal education

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The development of Beamish: an assessment

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The development of China's agricultural mechanization

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The development of Eustrongylides tubifex (Nematoda: Dioctophymatoidea) in oligochaetes

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The development of Ferrax seed treatment for control of diseases of barley

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The development of Hokkaido and the future of villages

Sinha, S., 1990:
The development of Indian silk - a wealth of opportunities

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The development of Onchocerca ochengi in surrogate temperate Simuliidae, with a note on the infective larva

Anderson, RC., 1989:
The development of Quadriplotriaena hypsokysta (Nematoda: Diplotriaenoidea) in grasshoppers (Orthoptera)

Lechner, W., 1987:
The development of Sauen forest district since 1912 with conclusions for its further management

Hasan, M.; Khan, AR., 1988:
The development of Tribolium confusum Duval (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) on flours of Vigna aureus and Cajanus cajan

Kruse, P., 1987:
The development of Trypanosoma borreli in carp

Booysen, J., 1988:
The development of a crop specific drought index for winter wheat

Lee, M.D., 1988:
The development of a distributed computer simulation model of a reconstructed ancient water-harvesting system, Avdat, Israel

Kawashima, N.; Kurozumi, T.; Yamamoto, H.; Okamoto, K., 1989:
The development of a greenhouse covered with corrugated plastic sheeting. 2. The strength of the Nara 1-B model greenhouse

Townson, S., 1988:
The development of a laboratory model for onchocerciasis using Onchocerca gutturosa: in vitro culture, collagenase effects, drug studies and cryopreservation

Wilson, J.M.; Moxon, N.T., 1988:
The development of a low-shock-energy ammonium-nitrate-based explosive

Schumacher, A.E.A.; Khan, Z., 1988:
The development of a model for the estimation of flood damages to lowland rice and other crops in the lower Solo Basin, Indonesia

Scott, H.M.; Ospina, O.; Williams, H.L., 1990:
The development of a new breed of sheep in Colombia

Edelman, J., 1988:
The development of a new food

James A.; Chernicharo C.A.L.; Campos C.M.M., 1990:
The development of a new methodology for the assessment of specific methanogenic activity

Holt, J.B.; Tillett, N.D., 1989:
The development of a nine metre span gantry for the mechanized production and harvesting of cauliflowers and other field vegetables

Muccio, A. di; Ausili, A.; Camoni, I.; Dommarco, R.; Rizzica, M.; Santilio, A., 1988:
The development of a rapid method for the determination of chlorfenvinphos residues in milk samples

Seth, R., 1988:
The development of a simple sensitive immunoassay for oestrone sulphate in milk

Dja' far dan Daswir, 1988:
The development of a smallholder estate in a nuclear estate at Sei Buatan, Riau

Chandler, T.J.L., 1988:
The development of a sporting tradition at Oxbridge

Yamaguchi, Y., 1990:
The development of a thesaurus in the field of leisure and recreation

Blyth, J.F.; Malcolm, D.C., 1988:
The development of a transformation to irregular forest: 35 years experience at the Glentress trial area

Lander, K.P., 1990:
The development of a transport and enrichment medium for Campylobacter fetus

Birski, A., 1989:
The development of aerial agricultural services in Poland

Duijghuisen, J.A.H., 1988:
The development of agonistic behaviour in relation to the size of the farrowing pen

Kraus, J., 1990:
The development of agricultural integration in West Europe

Sun, T.Z.; Tashiro, S., 1990:
The development of agricultural policy in post-war Japan: a study on the enactment of the Agricultural Basic Law and its aftermath

Budowski, G., 1987:
The development of agroforestry in Central America

Kang, B.T.; Wilson, G.F., 1987:
The development of alley cropping as a promising agroforestry technology

Morgan, S.F.; Gunson, H.G., 1989:
The development of an aerobic thermophilic sludge digestion system in the U.K

McQueen, I.P.M.; Reid, T.C., 1988:
The development of an autumn lambing flock of Dorset X Romney ewes without the use of hormones

Cetinkaya, N.; Ozcan, H.; Aykol, F., 1987:
The development of an enzyme immunoassay (EIA) for bovine serum ferritin and the determination of serum ferritin in lactating cows and calves

Ferenc, S.A.; Stopinski, V.; Courtney, C.H., 1990:
The development of an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for Trypanosoma vivax and its use in a seroepidemiological survey of the eastern Caribbean basin

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The development of an in vitro cellular assay for Johne's disease in cattle

Hall, R.D., 1989:
The development of an in vitro protocol for the production of male sterile sugarbeet

Braune, H.J., 1985:
The development of an integrated pest management system in Samoa

Rogers, D.J., 1989:
The development of analytical models for human trypanosomiasis

Sidorenko, W.; Kuchlew, J., 1989:
The development of ancillary production and industries in farms in the USSR

Kruff, B., 1988:
The development of and prospects for embryo transfer

Legoshin, G.P., 1988:
The development of animal husbandry and feed grains production in the USSR and cooperation with Pacific countries

Anderson, G., 1990:
The development of artificial fruits and vegetables

Kovac, H., 1989:
The development of artificial swarms on ANP synthetic combs

Casarini, D.C.P.; Macedo, R.M. de; Cunha, R.C. de A.; Mauger, J.C.O., 1988:
The development of assessment techniques to evaluate the biodegradation of oily sludge in a landfarming system

McPhee, J.E.; Hirst, D.J., 1988:
The development of automatic chemical applicators for cattle

Shaldunova, N.P.; Spektor, M.D., 1990:
The development of auxiliary farms of industrial enterprises and organizations under current conditions

Kerr, S.G.; Wood-Gush, D.G., 1987:
The development of behaviour patterns and temperament in dairy heifers

Albert, R.; Burghause, F., 1988:
The development of biological control in greenhouse cultivation of vegetable crops in south-western Germany

Collett, M.S., 1989:
The development of biosynthetic vaccines

Jiang, C.X.; Zhuge, Z., 1986:
The development of boat-tractor and the research of its performance in China

Poysa, V., 1990:
The development of bridge lines for interspecific gene transfer between Lycopersicon esculentum and L. peruvianum

Dornic, V., 1989:
The development of cattle, pig and sheep housing in east Slovakia, its problems and solutions

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The development of centres of ossification of bones forming elbow joints in young swine

Fesl, J., 1989:
The development of cereal production and the cereal market in Austria. Part 2

Fesl, J., 1989:
The development of cereal production and the cereal market in Austria. Short version of a research report. Part 1

Bartosek, V., 1989:
The development of cheese production in assortment and quality

Lablee, J., 1988:
The development of cheesemaking theory and the use of glucono- delta -lactone

Brown, F., 1989:
The development of chemically synthesized vaccines

Murray, C.B.; Beacham, T.D., 1987:
The development of chinook (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) and chum salmon (Onchorhynchus keta) embryos and alevins under varying temperature regimes

Wolosow, J., 1989:
The development of collaboration among member countries of the CMEA in the agroindustrial sphere

Hodson, D., 1988:
The development of community arts

Arlt, R., 1989:
The development of cooperative democracy and tasks for agricultural legal studies in the GDR

Shelton, M.G.; Switzer, G.L.; Nelson, L.E.; Baker, J.B.; Mueller, C.W., 1982:
The development of cottonwood plantations on alluvial soils: dimensions, volume, phytomass, nutrient content and other characteristics

Loubser, L.F.B., 1989:
The development of dairy cattle performance testing

Kelly, P.W., 1987:
The development of de-boned beef exports from the Republic of Ireland

Svoboda, J., 1989:
The development of direct relations between enterprises in the agroindustrial sector in member countries of CMEA

Geoffrion, R., 1988:
The development of diseases of pip-fruit crops in the course of the year 1987

Jungerius, P.D.; Meulen, F. van der, 1989:
The development of dune blowouts, as measured with erosion pins and sequential air photos

Judas M., 1990:
The development of earthworm populations following manipulation of the canopy leaf litter in a beechwood on limestone

Sklubal, Z.; Olsansky, C., 1990:
The development of economic management in the food industry using computer-assisted systems

Martin, V.J., 1988:
The development of education in Papua New Guinea and the impact of external aid, 1975-1985

Bekishev, V.E.; Tiginichev, A.M., 1988:
The development of egg production in the Novosibirsk region

Thibier, M., 1988:
The development of embryo transfer

Amijee, F.; Tinker, P.B.; Stribley, D.P., 1989:
The development of endomycorrhizal root systems

Passera, L.; Keller, L., 1988:
The development of energy reserves in workers and sexuals of the Argentine ant (Iridomyrmex humilis) (Mayr): a strategy related to the mode of foundation of colonies

Delhanty P.; Locke M., 1989:
The development of epidermal feet in preparation for metamorphosis in an insect

Csete, L., 1989:
The development of farm enterprise structures in Hungary

Petersen, H.V., 1988:
The development of feeding and searching behaviour in piglets in a semi-natural environment

Niedzialek, Z., 1989:
The development of food consumption in Poland between 1970 and 1986

Jenicek, V., 1989:
The development of food production and the food supply balance on the domestic market

Anonymous, 1988:
The development of food production in the Uzbek SSR agroindustrial sector

M.Choon Lee, 1986:
The development of forest policy in the Republic of Korea

Hasel, K., 1987:
The development of forest science at the Hann. Munden Forest Academy

Hasel, K., 1987:
The development of forest science in Hannoversch Munden and in Gottingen

Bjarnason, H., 1985:
The development of forestry in Iceland

Vitols, L.P., 1987:
The development of forestry in Latvia

Kravchenko, P.; Shumeiko, A.I., 1989:
The development of fruit growing on the private part time farms of the Ukrainian SSR

Garcia Elizalde, P., 1986:
The development of fruit-growing in Chile and its social consequences

Kew, F., 1990:
The development of games: an endogenous explanation

Riha, J.; Kloucek, Z.; Kneissl, J.; Valecek, V.; Landa, V., 1989:
The development of halved and whole cattle embryos cultured in vitro and after transfer to recipients

Guarnieri, A., 1989:
The development of harvesters for vegetable crops

Mazur, B.J.; Falco, S.C., 1989:
The development of herbicide resistance crops

Yen, H.M.; Umeki, T.; Kuroki, E., 1988:
The development of hog production and pork export from Taiwan

Benzler, J.H., 1989:
The development of horizon nomenclature in the Federal Republic of Germany

Caubet, Y., 1988:
The development of host recognition in Dinarmus laticeps (Hym., Pteromalidae), a larval ectoparasite of Bruchidae

Hall, D.A., 1988:
The development of hydroponic systems of glasshouse tomato production at WSAC, 1975 to 1987

Suzuki, K., 1988:
The development of hypopharyngeal glands in honey bee workers

Westbrook, AL.; Bollenbacher, WE., 1990:
The development of identified neurosecretory cells in the tobacco hornworm, Manduca sexta

Seinhorst, J.W., 1986:
The development of individuals and populations of cyst nematodes on plants

McGarvie, N., 1988:
The development of inservice and induction programs for teachers of Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander students in Queensland schools: an historical overview

Mackenzie, N., 1990:
The development of integrated pest management in the Jersey glasshouse tomato industry

Komarow, W.; Daschewskaja, L., 1989:
The development of integration in the USSR agroindustrial sector

Davies, H.V.; Ross, H.A., 1986:
The development of internal rust spot in potato tubers

Chiu, T.Y.; Cheng, S.H., 1989:
The development of joint farming and farm tourism - a case study of Triangle Lake Agricultural Farming Institute, Miaoli County, Nan-Chuang Hsiang

Belyaeva, Z.S.; Kozyr' , M.I., 1989:
The development of kolkhoz democracy and its influence on the intensification of farm production

Nel, A.; Duncan, F.D., 1988:
The development of laboratory colonies of the harvester termite, Hodotermes mossambicus (Hagen)

Radchenko, E.; Kuznetsova, V., 1990:
The development of leasing and of the agricultural market

Kaliev, G.A.; Seifullin, Z.T.; Satybaldin, A.A., 1989:
The development of leasing relations in sheep farming

Sipkens, L., 1989:
The development of legume-cereal cropping patterns for food crop production in on-farm research in northern Ghana

Vohradsky, F., 1989:
The development of livestock production in Asia

Lichner, S.; Khazim, H., 1988:
The development of lucerne (Medicago sativa L.) crops with different sowing rates at the same row spacing

McVeigh, L.J.; Bettany, B.W., 1987:
The development of lure and kill technique for control of the Egyptian cotton leafworm, Spodoptera littoralis

Anonymous, 1988:
The development of major product sub-complexes in some foreign countries

Kuhnen, F., 1988:
The development of man-land relations in Asia

Werner, R.A.; Hard, J.; Holsten, E.H., 1988:
The development of management strategies to reduce the impact of the spruce beetle in south-central Alaska

Vercesi, A.; Marinello, R.; Tani, G., 1990:
The development of maturation and forecasting the most probable date of harvest. Three-year trials on Sangiovese in the Chianti zone

Shatskii, A.D., 1986:
The development of meat characters in lambs of different types

Valdimarsson G.; Huebner E., 1989:
The development of microtubular arrays in the germ tissue of an insect telotrophic ovary

Preston, T.R., 1989:
The development of milk production systems in the tropics

Anonymous, 1989:
The development of models and computer programmes in the field of irrigation and fertilization by the experimental institute for plant nutrition

Maracineanu, F.; Mihnea, J.; Moraru, O., 1988:
The development of mole drainage utilization possibilities on moisture excess lands. (The development of mole drainage for lands with excess moisture)

Yuruki, T.; Aragami, K., 1988:
The development of momi and tsuga forest. The influence of broadleaved trees on the growth of two dominant conifers, momi and tsuga trees

Garcia Ruiz, J.M., 1988:
The development of mountain farming and its effects on landscape dynamics

Ducibella T.; Rangarajan S.; Anderson E., 1988:
The development of mouse oocyte cortical reaction competence is accompanied by major changes in cortical vesicles and not cortical granule depth

Bibro, B., 1989:
The development of mushroom production in Poland in 1950-1988

Lele, U.; Goldsmith, A.A., 1989:
The development of national agricultural research capacity: India's experience with the Rockefeller Foundation and its significance for Africa

Kempton, R.A.; Talbot, M., 1988:
The development of new crop varieties

Kanda, M., 1989:
The development of new dietary habits in Japan with special reference to eating out

Finch, J.D.C.; Davies, D.T.D.; James, W., 1988:
The development of new opportunities for agriculture in the Teifi Valley

Yap, K.W.; Thompson, R.C.; Pawlowski, I.D., 1988:
The development of nonradioactive total genomic probes for strain and egg differentiation in taeniid cestodes

Lewis, N.J.; Hurnik, J.F., 1985:
The development of nursing behaviour in swine

Kadlecikova, M.; Durisova, L', 1990:
The development of organizational structures of production and management under conditions created by the new economic mechanism

Markham, S.E., 1988:
The development of parks and playgrounds in selected Canadian prairie cities 1880-1930

Paavilainen, E., 1989:
The development of peatland forests in Satakunta Forestry Board District between 1977 and 1987

Hascoet, M.; Bourdin, J., 1988:
The development of pesticidal products and the current situation

Vlieger, J.J. de, 1989:
The development of pig production in the Netherlands in the European context

Sutigno, P., 1987:
The development of plywood industry planning

Lange, O., 1987:
The development of poplar growing and tree planting outside the forest since World War II, with special reference to North Rhine-Westphalia

Cochrane, S.H.; Sai, F.T.; Nassim, J., 1990:
The development of population and family planning policies

Schoop, P.; Becker, T., 1990:
The development of production and consumption of crop products in the GDR under EC conditions

Lange, W.; Toxopeus, H.; Lubberts, J.H.; Dolstra, O.; Harrewijn, J.L., 1989:
The development of raparadish (X Brassicoraphanus, 2n = 38), a new crop in agriculture

Schope, M.; Meimberg, R.; Schobl Uhlmann, M., 1989:
The development of regional milk deliveries in the GFR under the conditions of the guarantee quantity regulations

Batyrov, A.B.; Leizerovich, E.E., 1986:
The development of regional planning during agricultural development of deserts

Wang, D.S.; Zhang, C.H., 1989:
The development of rice transplanting mechanization in the P.R. of China

Li, C.Q.; Zhou, Y.M.; Zhang, M.Y., 1988:
The development of ride vibration analysis program for wheeled tractors

Stocker, P., 1989:
The development of rowing as a youth sport

Grolleau, H., 1989:
The development of rural heritage for tourism

Khan, M.H., 1988:
The development of rural people: myths and approaches

Klemmer, P., 1988:
The development of rural regions through non-agricultural employment opportunities

Boeuf, G.; Medina, A., 1988:
The development of salmon culture in Chile

Kvapilik, J.; Kalina, J., 1989:
The development of selected performance indices of cattle in the German Federal Republic

Krieter, J.; Kalm, E., 1989:
The development of selection methods for growth in pigs

May, A.S., 1989:
The development of self-help irrigation schemes, experience from Malawi

Barbic, A., 1989:
The development of self-management in Yugoslav agriculture: the case of Slovenia

Mantel, W.P., 1988:
The development of simple and reliable observation methods and the possibilities for their application in practice, especially for aphids in winter wheat in the Netherlands

Pazvakavambwa, S., 1988:
The development of small scale irrigation schemes in Zimbabwe: past, present and future prospects

Ma, R., 1990:
The development of small towns and China's modernization

Carter, R.C., 1989:
The development of small-scale irrigation in sub-Saharan Africa

Dierkes, K., 1989:
The development of soyabean cultivation in the EC: possibilities and limits

Chaume, R., 1988:
The development of spectral signatures in a cultivated area of the Paris Basin (27 May, 26 June and 1 July 1986)

Postweiler, K.; Hartmann, W.; Stosser, R., 1990:
The development of sphaeroblasts, burr knots and adventitious buds in fruit trees

Buggel, E., 1988:
The development of sport in the German Democratic Republic: 1950-1985

Pilz, H.; Schultz, E., 1988:
The development of table poultry production up to 1990 with special reference to the increase of broiler output

Taton, R. et al., 1985:
The development of the African food industry

Lewden, L., 1989:
The development of the French 'TGV' network

Noh, K.M.; Tai Shzee Yew, 1989:
The development of the Malaysian offshore fishery: some issues and problems

Seiler, E., 1989:
The development of the Nicaraguan agricultural sector from 1979 to 1986

Copplestone, J.F., 1988:
The development of the WHO Recommended Classification of Pesticides by Hazard

Nikiforov, L.V., 1989:
The development of the agro-industrial complex in the USSR

Wilkie, A.; Colleran, E., 1989:
The development of the anaerobic fixed-bed reactor and its application to the treatment of agricultural and industrial wastes

Titlyanova, A.A.; Mironycheva Tokareva, N.P., 1988:
The development of the biological cycle under plant recolonisation of spoil heaps

Machata, H.; Arai, H.; Daiku, H.; Tsukahara, M.; Suyama, H.; Ohtani, S., 1988:
The development of the electrical screen system for marine ranching

Paulson Box, E.; Williamson, P., 1990:
The development of the ethnic food market in the UK

Godin, A.; Goncharov, V., 1989:
The development of the food processing industry of the consumer cooperatives

Spindler, F., 1988:
The development of the goat population in France

Pernau, W., 1988:
The development of the import market for fresh and processed mushrooms in the German Federal Republic

Bacon, W., 1989:
The development of the leisure management profession in the United Kingdom; a comparative analysis of development and change

Merrebach, P. van; Berries, L.B., 1988:
The development of the outbreak of the antler moth (Cerapteryx graminis) in the Deeler forest in 1986 and 1987

Mas Coma, S.; Esteban, J.G., 1988:
The development of the parasite fauna of continental islands: helminths of small mammals on the Balearic and Ibiza archipelagos

Uehara, M.; Oomori, S.; Kitagawa, H.; Ueshima, T., 1990:
The development of the pecten oculi in the chick

Hochsattel, H., 1984:
The development of the production of consumer goods in the Suhl district

Lakes, R.; Pollack, G.S., 1990:
The development of the sensory organs of the legs in the blowfly, Phormia regina

Mosharow, V., 1989:
The development of the social infrastructure: a precondition for high production performance

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