Section 2
Chapter 1,976

The financial position of agriculture - financial year 1987/88 and comparisons with previous years

Overgauw, J.G.A.; Dijk, J.P.M. van; Vliet, A.L.J. van

Periodieke Rapportage Landbouw Economisch Instituut ( 12-87/88): 154pp.


Accession: 001975606

The publication is based on a sample of 887 farms drawn from the LEI's agricultural accounting network of 64 400 farms. Data are given on farmers' capital, incomes, investments and financing means. Besides aggregated figures, averages are also given per farm. These relate to the total number of farms as well as to groups, divided into, e.g., type of farm, size of farm, farmer's age and area. Family income on the farms was on average somewhat lower for 1987/88 than in the previous years.

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