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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1977

Chapter 1977 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Koppel, B., 1988:
The future of official development assistance to rural Asia

Hebblethwaite, J.F., 1989:
The future of plant biotechnology in agriculture: a corporate strategy

Kolozsvari, P., 1988:
The future of production systems

Wade, V.N., 1990:
The future of recombination world-wide

Ort, W., 1987:
The future of rural areas

Wilson, N.J.W., 1988:
The future of rural communities and regions in England

Kistenmacher, H. (Chairman), 1988:
The future of rural communities and regions. Symposium on the European Campaign for the Countryside, West Berlin, 1988

Anonymous, 1988:
The future of rural society

Anonymous, 1988:
The future of rural society. Commission communication transmitted to the Council and to the European Parliament on 29 July 1988

Pickett, J.A., 1988:
The future of semiochemicals in pest control

Olsen, N., 1988:
The future of small towns and villages in rural regions of Denmark

Cooke, A.R., 1987:
The future of speciality plant growth regulators

Anonymous, 1988:
The future of television in Europe. European Ministerial conference on mass media policy, Vienna, 9-10 December, 1986

Graham, D.S., 1989:
The future of the 40 hectare dairy farm

Anonymous, 1989:
The future of the Brazilian ethanol programme

Anonymous, 1987:
The future of the Flows: a special report on afforestation and conservation in the peatlands of East Sunderland and Caithness

Anonymous, 1989:
The future of the Hungarian village

Furtan, W.H., 1990:
The future of the Western Canadian grain economy

Holme, N., 1989:
The future of the dairy sector in the United Kingdom and Europe

Anonymous, 1988:
The future of the environment: the social dimensions of conservation and ecological alternatives

Aleman, G.L., 1987:
The future of the industry: by-products, efficiency and propaganda

Wright, A.; Holmes, C.W.; Montgomerie, T.J., 1989:
The future of the small dairy farm

Anonymous, 1988:
The future of the tropical rain forest

Lawinski, M., 1988:
The future of tourism

Peltre, J., 1989:
The future of tourism in unknown countryside: the example of Lorraine

Anonymous, 1989:
The future of tourism training in the European Economic Community, II International Seminar, Madrid, Spain, 23,24 and 25 January 1989

Goggins, C.R., 1988:
The future of wood preserving compositions reflecting current environmental pressures

Anderson, D.M.W., 1987:
The future prospects for gum arabic - the exudate from Acacia senegal (L.) Willd. and related species

Marple, K., 1990:
The future prospects for the ammonia shipping market

Okuno, K.; Koga, Y., 1988:
The future prospects in rice breeding for the use of rice grain as a raw material for industry

Hodge, I., 1990:
The future public pressures on farming

Arar, A., 1989:
The future role of the use of sewage effluent for irrigation in the Near East

Reeves, W.C., 1987:
The future status of arboviruses in North America

Achenbach, H.; Muhlenfeld, A.; Fauth, U.; Zahner, H., 1988:
The galbonolides: novel, powerful antifungal macrolides from Streptomyces galbus ssp. eurythermus

Castagnone Sereno, C., 1989:
The gall nematode Meloidogyne, a dangerous enemy of crops

Nieves Aldrey, J.L., 1989:
The gall-forming and inquiline cynipids from the Guadarrama mountain and adjacent areas (Hym. Cynipidae, Cynipinae)

Skuhrava, M.; Skuhravy, V., 1988:
The gallmidges (Cecidomyiidae, Diptera) of the Harz Mountains

Anonymous, 1988:
The gambler

Abdullagatov, A.Z.; Abdullagatov, K.A., 1986:
The gamma moth as a vineyard pest

Wang, R.Q., 1989:
The gap between supply and demand widens

Stellatelli, A., 1987:
The gap between the supply of and demand for tourism services

Kahrer, A., 1987:
The garlic fly

Giordano O.S.; Guerreiro E.; Pestchanker M.J.; Guzman J.; Pastor D.; Guardia T., 1990:
The gastric cytoprotective effect of several sesquiterpene lactones

Schreiber, R.A.; Walker, W.A., 1988:
The gastrointestinal barrier: antigen uptake and perinatal immunity

Milla, P.J.; Bisset, W.M., 1988:
The gastrointestinal tract

Oyewale, JO., 1989:
The gastrointestinal weights in the indigenous guinea-fowl (Numida meleagris galeata, Pallas) and Nigerian fowl (Gallus domesticus)

Cho, C.H.; Lee, E.S.; Sung, Y.K., 1988:
The gene effect of culm length and ear length using isogenic lines in barley

Robbins, A.K.; Ryan, J.P.; Whealy, M.E.; Enquist, L.W., 1989:
The gene encoding the gIII envelope protein of pseudorabies virus vaccine strain Bartha contains a mutation affecting protein localization

Shahabuddin, M.; Scaife, J., 1990:
The gene for hypoxanthine phosphoribosyl transferase of Plasmodium falciparum complements a bacterial HPT mutation

Fries, R., 1989:
The gene for the beta subunit of the follicle-stimulating hormone maps to bovine chromosome 15

Tepler, I.; Shimizu, A.; Leder, P., 1989:
The gene for the rat mast cell high affinity IgE receptor alpha chain. Structure and alternative mRNA splicing patterns

Juma, C., 1989:
The gene hunters: biotechnology and the scramble for seeds

Genvieve, E., 1990:
The gene map of the pig (Sus scrofa domestica) 2N = 38

Genevieve, E., 1990:
The gene map of the sheep (Ovis aries) 2N = 54

Joseph, D.R.; Hall, S.H.; Conti, M.; French, F.S., 1988:
The gene structure of rat androgen-binding protein: identification of potential regulatory deoxyribonucleic acid elements of a follicle-stimulating hormone-regulated protein

Umemoto, S.; Kobayashi, H.; Ueki, K., 1987:
The genecological variation of the photoperiodism in Eclipta prostrata (L.) S. L. from Japan and Taiwan

Gaud, J.; Barre, N., 1988:
The genera Pterophagoides and Byersalges (Falculiferidae, Pterolichoidea), feather parasites of Columbidae

Guichard, K.M., 1989:
The genera Stizus and Stizoides (Hymenoptera: Sphecidae) in Arabia

Tucker, G.C., 1990:
The genera of Arundinoideae (Gramineae) in the southeastern United States

Tucker, G.C., 1988:
The genera of Bambusoideae (Gramineae) in the southeastern United States

Furlow, J.J., 1990:
The genera of Betulaceae in the southeastern United States

Price, R.A., 1989:
The genera of Pinaceae in the southeastern United States

Price, R.A., 1990:
The genera of Taxaceae in the southeastern United States

Borowiec, L., 1987:
The genera of seed-beetles (Coleoptera, Bruchidae)

Goldblatt, P.; Rudall, P.; Henrich, J.E., 1990:
The genera of the Sisyrinchium alliance (Iridaceae: Iridoideae): phylogeny and relationships

Lajter, J., 1989:
The general condition of a typical large scale farm as at June 1989

Bartels, M.; Schmid, H.J., 1988:
The general framework for rural regional development in the host country

Hendon, W.S.; Costa, F.; Rosenberg, R.A., 1989:
The general public and the art museum: case studies of visitors to several institutions identify characteristics of their publics

Bilby, R.; Sullivan, K.D.ncan, S., 1989:
The generation and fate of road-surface sediment in forested watersheds in southwestern Washington

Thorpe, P.; Pardey, P.G., 1990:
The generation and transfer of agricultural knowledge: a bibliometric study of a research network

Haworth, P.; Hess, F.D., 1988:
The generation of singlet oxygen (1O 2) by the nitrophenyl ether herbicide oxyfluorfen is independent of photosynthesis

Anonymous, 1987:
The generation of technology suitable for rural development

Avdeeva, N.V., 1989:
The generic position of three types of cestode larvae of the composite genus Scolex

Pays, E.; Tebabi, P.; Pays, A.; Coquelet, H.; Revelard, P.; Salmon, D.; Steinert, M., 1989:
The genes and transcripts of an antigen gene expression site from T. brucei

Wilson, D.; Adari, H., 1987:
The genes for galactokinase and uridine monophosphatase-2 are syntenic in the dog (Canis familiaris)

Webb, G.C.; Lee, J.S.; Campbell, H.D.; Young, I.G., 1989:
The genes for interleukins 3 and 5 map to the same locus on mouse chromosome 11

Zakosek, H., 1989:
The genesis and classification of steppe soils in the upper Rhine rift valley

Iverson, D.C.; Alston, R.M., 1986:
The genesis of FORPLAN: a historical and analytical review of Forest Service planning models

Russell, J.A., 1989:
The genesis of historic landscape conservation in Australia

Lai, Q.W.; Liu, X.; Huang, Q.H., 1989:
The genesis of paddy soil gleyification and its amendment strategy in Poyang-Lake region

Heinkele, T.; Bronger, A.; Kalk, E., 1989:
The genesis of recent and fossil soils in central China-pedological investigations of the loess-palaeosol-sequence at Luochuan, Shaanxi

Anonymous, 1988:
The genesis of the Jonglei canal

Knight C.D.; Cove D.J., 1989:
The genetic analysis of tropic responses

Pierola, L.A., 1988:
The genetic background importance of local old varieties in Triticum durum breeding for traditional areas of Bolivia

Jinks, J.L.; Pooni, H.S., 1988:
The genetic basis of environmental sensitivity

Boylan, W.J., 1989:
The genetic basis of milk production in sheep

Anonymous, 1989:
The genetic basis of selection in livestock: Textbook for animal husbandry students

Gerber H., 1989:
The genetic basis of some equine diseases

Lin, L.C., 1987:
The genetic characteristics of the soils on the north slope of Bogda mountain and their vertical distribution

Templeton A.R.; Shaw K.; Routman E.; Davis S.K., 1990:
The genetic consequences of habitat fragmentation

Stear, M.J.; Baldock, F.C.; Brown, S.C.; Gershwin, L.J.; Hetzel, D.J.S.; Miller, J.E.; Nicholas, F.W.; Rudder, T.H.; Tierney, T.J., 1990:
The genetic control of gastrointestinal nematode infections in ruminants

Borner, A.; Mettin, D., 1988:
The genetic control of gibberellic acid insensitivity of the wheat variety Ai-Bian 1

Gugliucci, B.; Lubas, G.J., 1987:
The genetic distance betwen populations, according to the formulae of Nei and Rogers. Application of MS-DOS software

Ivanov, Z.; Konstantinov, K.V., 1989:
The genetic effectiveness of selection in a newly formed population of Black Pied cattle in north-eastern Bulgaria

Wool, D.; Brower, J.H.; Kamin Belsky, N., 1987:
The genetic impact of immigrant males on resident populations of the almond moth, Ephestia cautella

Wool, D.; Brower, JH.; Kamin-Belsky, N., 1988:
The genetic impact of immigrant males on resident populations of the almond moth, Ephestia cautella (Walker) (Lep., Phycitidae)

Ferreira, J.T., 1987:
The genetic impoverishment in a closely managed population of Oreochromis mossambicus (Peters)

Planchenault, D., 1987:
The genetic improvement of cattle in an unfavourable environment. The Madina-Diassa ranch as an example

Cunningham E.P., 1989:
The genetic improvement of cattle in developing countries

Legault, C., 1987:
The genetic improvement of sow productivity

Roed, K.H.; Brun, E.; Larsen, H.J.; Refstie, T., 1990:
The genetic influence on serum haemolytic activity in rainbow trout

Shaug, S.P.; Cheng, C.; Wu, W.S., 1988:
The genetic mechanisms of sorghum adult plants in resistance to sheath blight disease. I. The inheritance of sorghum in resistance to sheath blight pathogen by progeny tests of three cross combinations

Shaug, S.P.; Cheng, C.; Wu, W.S., 1988:
The genetic mechanisms of sorghum adult plants in resistance to sheath blight disease. II. The half diallel analysis for inheritance of sorghum adult plants in resistance to the infection of Rhizoctonia solani

Brush, S.B., 1989:
The genetic question in agricultural stability

Starrantino, A.; Mannino, P.; Russo, F., 1988:
The genetic stability of three seedless clonal selections obtained by gamma rays of the seedy 'Monreal' clementine

Sukhova, N.O.; Deeva, V.S.; Proskurnya, V.S.; Lepekhin, N.V., 1989:
The genetic structure of erythrocyte antigens in Black Pied cattle in Siberia

Scherer, S.E.; Veres, G.; Caskey, C.T., 1988:
The genetic structure of mouse ornithine transcarbamylase

Fiedler, H.; Breitenstein, K.G.; Dietl, G.; Instenberg, E., 1989:
The genetic trend in dairy cattle in the German Democratic Republic

Emmans, G.C., 1987:
The genetic variables and efficiency constants

Siegel, P.B., 1989:
The genetic-behaviour interface and well-being of poultry

Ma, W.Y.; Sun, L.W.; Bo, H.H., 1988:
The genetically toxic effects of fenvalerate degraded by microbes

Piper, L.R.; Bindon, B.M., 1988:
The genetics and endocrinology of the Booroola sheep F gene

Leiter, E.H.; Serreze, D.V.; Prochazka, M., 1990:
The genetics and epidemiology of diabetes in NOD mice

Vernick, K.D.; Collins, F.H.; Seeley, D.C.; Gwadz, R.W.; Miller, L.H., 1988:
The genetics and expression of an esterase locus in Anopheles gambiae

McAndrew, BJ.; Roubal, FR.; Roberts, RJ.; Bullock, AM.; McEwen, IM., 1988:
The genetics and histology of red, blond and associated colour variants in Oreochromis niloticus

Broda, P.; Birch, O.M.; Brown, A.; James, C.; Raeder, U.; Thompson, W.; Sims, P.F.G., 1989:
The genetics of Phanerochaete chrysosporium: a model for strain improvement?

Lambert, P.F.; Baker, C.C.; Howley, P.M., 1988:
The genetics of bovine papillomavirus type 1

Rao C.H.; Rana B.S., 1989:
The genetics of characters related to grain deterioration in sorghum

Lundie, R.S., 1989:
The genetics of coat colour in New Zealand sheep

Wiener, G., 1987:
The genetics of copper metabolism in animals and man

Brown, P.; Michelmore, R., 1988:
The genetics of corky root resistance in lettuce

Coe, E.H.J.; Neuffer, M.G.; Hoisington, D.A., 1988:
The genetics of corn

Colleau, J.J., 1989:
The genetics of dairy MOETs

Leiter, E.H., 1989:
The genetics of diabetes susceptibility in mice

Allard, R.W., 1990:
The genetics of host-pathogen coevolution: implications for genetic resource conservation

Macnair, M.R., 1990:
The genetics of metal tolerance in natural populations

Wallsgrove, R.M.; Hasegawa, H.; Kendall, A.C.; Turner, J.C., 1989:
The genetics of nitrate uptake in higher plants

Albers, G.A.A.; Gray, G.D., 1989:
The genetics of parasite resistance in sheep

Barrett S.C.H.; Husband B.C., 1990:
The genetics of plant migration and colonization

Gale, M.D., 1989:
The genetics of preharvest sprouting in cereals, particularly in wheat

Tosa Y.; Sakai K., 1990:
The genetics of resistance of hexaploid wheat to the wheatgrass powdery mildew fungus

Hazlewood, G.P.; Teather, R.M., 1988:
The genetics of rumen bacteria

Anonymous, 1989:
The genetics of social evolution

Simonet, P.; Normand, P.; Hirsch, A.M.; Akkermans, A.D.L., 1990:
The genetics of the Frankia-actinorhizal symbiosis

Rochambeau, H. de, 1989:
The genetics of the rabbit for meat production

Law, C.N.; Worland, A.J.; Hollins, T.W.; Koebner, R.M.D.; Scott, P.R., 1988:
The genetics of two sources of resistance to eyespot (Pseudocercosporella herpotrichoides) in wheat

Woods, RA.; Malone, KMB.; Spence, AM.; Sigurdson, WJ.; Byard, EH., 1989:
The genetics, ultrastructure, and tubulin polypeptides of mebendazole-resistant mutants of Caenorhabditis elegans

Schwend, C., 1987:
The genome of equine herpesvirus type 1 (strain Rac H) and changes induced by attenuation

Carter, A.T.; Norton, J.D.; Avery, R.J., 1988:
The genomic DNA organisation and evolution of a retrovirus-transmissible family of mouse (VL30) genetic elements

Kimberlin, R.H.; Walker, C.A.; Fraser, H., 1989:
The genomic identity of different strains of mouse scrapie is expressed in hamsters and preserved on reisolation in mice

Singh, R.J.; Hymowitz, T., 1988:
The genomic relationship between Glycine max (L.) Merr. and G. soja Sieb. and Zucc. as revealed by pachytene chromosome analysis

Singh, R.J.; Hymowitz, T., 1989:
The genomic relationships among Glycine soja Sieb. and Zucc., G. max (L.) Merr. and 'G. gracilis' Skvortz

Cialdella, A.M., 1984:
The genus Acacia (Leguminosae) in Argentina

Ghosh, NK.; Chakrabarti, S., 1988:
The genus Aceria Keifer (Acarina: Eriophyoidea) from India with descriptions of three new species and key to Indian species

Koltay, A.; Szanto, M., 1988:
The genus Armillaria in Hungary

Guichard, K.M., 1989:
The genus Bembix (Hymenoptera: Sphecidae) in Arabia

Peinado, M.; Moreno, G., 1989:
The genus Betula (Betulaceae) in the Sistema Central (Spain)

Ochoa, R.; Salas, LA., 1989:
The genus Brevipalpus in Costa Rica (Acari: Tenuipalpidae)

Chang, C.E., 1988:
The genus Calamus L. in Taiwan

van Rossem, G., 1989:
The genus Cryptus Fabricius, 1804 of the Canary Islands (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae)

Chesunov, A.V., 1989:
The genus Cyartonema (Nematoda, Chromadoria): morphological features, new diagnosis and description of three species from the White Sea

Allison, B.; Blair, D., 1987:
The genus Dolichosaccus (Platyhelminthes: Digenea) from amphibians and reptiles in New Zealand, with a description of Dolichosaccus (Lecithopyge) leiolopismae n.sp

Lu, S.Y., 1986:
The genus Drypetes (Euphorbiaceae) in Taiwan

Johansen, R.M., 1988:
The genus Elaphrothrips Buffa, 1909 (Thysanoptera: Phlaeothripidae) in the American continent; its systematics, evolution, biogeography, ecology and biology

Misra, S., 1988:
The genus Goodyera in Orissa, India

Malega, A.M.; Kornyushin, V.V., 1990:
The genus Hirundinicola new status (Cestoda: Dilepididae) and its place in the system of dilepidids, parasites of swallows

Olano, I. de; Marcos, J.M., 1988:
The genus Hoplodrina Boursin, 1937 (Lep., Noctuidae) in the Basque country. Morphology, distribution and phenology

Durden, L.A., 1990:
The genus Hoplopleura (Anoplura: Hoplopleuridae) from murid rodents in Sulawesi, with descriptions of three new species and notes on host relationships

Innes, C., 1988:
The genus Hoya

Velayos, M.; Cirujano, S., 1988:
The genus Kochia Roth on the Iberian Peninsula

Johansen, R.M., 1987:
The genus Leptothrips Hood, 1909 (Thysanoptera: Phlaeothripidae) in the American continent: its systematics, phylogeny, biogeography, biology, habits and ecology

Haitlinger, R., 1987:
The genus Leptus Latreille, 1796 and Charletonia Oudemans, 1910 (Acari, Prostigmata, Erythraeidae) in Poland (larvae)

Wilson, MR., 1988:
The genus Myndus (Hemiptera: Cixiidae) in the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu and its relation to foliar decay of coconut palms in Vanuatu

Rosario, R.M.T.; Hunter, P.E., 1988:
The genus Myrmozercon Berlese, with descriptions of two species (Acari: Mesostimata: Laelapidae)

Doucet, ME., 1989:
The genus Nacobbus Thorne & Allen, 1944 in Argentina. 1. Study of a population of N. aberrans (Thorne, 1935) Thorne & Allen, 1944 on Chenopodium album L. from Rio Cuarto, Province of Cordoba

Leon, E.L. de Ponce de; Doucet, M.E., 1989:
The genus Nacobbus Thorne & Allen, 1944 in Argentina. 2. Association between N. aberrans (Thorne, 1935) Thorne & Allen, 1944 and the weed Sisymbrium irio L

Ramirez G.C., 1987:
The genus Nothofagus and its importance in Chile

Escuer, M.; Palomo, A.; Bello, A., 1990:
The genus Ogma Southern, 1914 (Nematoda: Criconematidae) in the Iberian Peninsula

Hayashi, T., 1989:
The genus Opalimosina (s. str.) Rohacek, 1983 from Pakistan (Diptera, Sphaeroceridae)

Vaughan, D.A., 1989:
The genus Oryza L. Current status of taxonomy

Guichard, K.M., 1988:
The genus Palarus (Hymenoptera: Sphecidae) in Arabia

Fernandez, N.A., 1990:
The genus Pedrocortesella Hammer, 1961, in the Republic of Argentina. I. Pedrocortesella montis n. sp

Yamada, Y.; Kawasaki, H., 1989:
The genus Phaffia is phylogenetically separate from the genus Cryptococcus (Cryptococcaceae)

Tesh, R.B., 1988:
The genus Phlebovirus and its vectors

McCook, L.M., 1989:
The genus Phragmipedium - part I

McCook, L.M., 1990:
The genus Phragmipedium - part II

Moron, M.A., 1986:
The genus Phyllophaga in Mexico, morphology, distribution and supraspecies systematics (Insecta: Coleoptera)

Durden, LA., 1987:
The genus Polyplax (Anoplura: Polyplacidae) in Sulawesi, Indonesia, with the description of a new species

Bartels, H., 1987:
The genus Populus from the dendrological standpoint

Huhtinen, S., 1987:
The genus Protounguicularia in Europe

Fuks, R., 1982:
The genus Quillaja (Rosaceae) in Brazil

Stewart, J., 1989:
The genus Stenoglottis

Salas, L.A.; Ochoa, R., 1986:
The genus Tenuipalpus Donn. in Costa Rica (Acari: Tenuipalpidae)

Sanchez, P.; Jaffe, K.; Muller, M.C., 1989:
The genus Theobroma in the Federal Territory of Amazonas (Venezuela). I. Ethnobotanical notes and agronomic considerations

Moraza, M.L., 1989:
The genus Trachytes Michael, 1894 in Navarra (north of Spain) with a description of the species Trachytes welbourni sp. n. (Acari, Mesostigmata: Uropodides)

Ochoa, R., 1989:
The genus Tuckerella in Costa Rica (Acari: Tuckerellidae)

Vander Kloet, S.P., 1988:
The genus Vaccinium in North America

Vianna, M.C., 1980:
The genus Vochysia (Vochysiaceae) in Rio de Janeiro

Alkemade, JRM.; Loof, PAA., 1990:
The genus Xiphinema Cobb, 1913 (Nematoda: Longidoridae) in Peru

Joubert, A.P.; Kruger, J.C. de W.; Heyns, J., 1987:
The genus Xiphinema in South Africa. XVII. A study of the X. imitator group with descriptions of five new species (Nematoda: Dorylaimida)

Hutsebaut, M., 1989:
The genus Xiphinema in South Africa. XXI. Description of X. pongolense sp.n. and a parthenogenetic population of X. clavatum Heyns, 1965 (Nematoda: Dorylaimida)

Hutsebaut, M.; Heyns, J.; Coomans, A., 1989:
The genus Xiphinema in southern Africa. XVIII. A study of the X. zulu and X. mampara species complex (Nematoda: Dorylaimida)

Ainsworth, P., 1989:
The genus Zelkova

Narseev, V.A.; Mamedov, M.M.; Allakhverdiev, R.A.; Semenov, Y.L.; Gadzhieva, S.B., 1989:
The geochemical assessment of the Sumgait environment by factor analysis

Ciesielski, C.A.; Markowitz, L.E.; Horsley, R.; Hightower, A.W.; Russell, H.; Broome, C.V., 1988:
The geographic distribution of Lyme disease in the United States

Worz, A., 1989:
The geographical classification of high montane-subalpine tall herb communities and Trisetum flavescens meadows

Liang, C.Y.; Chen, B.Y.; Huang, Y.W.; Ling, J.K.; He, B.S., 1987:
The geographical distribution of fertility restoring and maintaining genes for wild rice abortive (WA) type CMS line in cultivated rice

Liu, L.; Li, X., 1988:
The geographical distribution of sunflower diseases in China

Safonov, G.E., 1988:
The geographical origin of woody species introduced into the Astrakhan region

Blau, J.R.; Quets, G.A., 1988:
The geography of arts participation: report on the 1982 and 1985 Surveys of Public Participation in the Arts. Final report

Denevan, W.H., 1989:
The geography of fragile lands in Latin America

Ojala, C.F.; Gadwood, M.T., 1989:
The geography of major league baseball player production 1876-1988

Aspinall, R.J., 1987:
The geography of the small copper butterfly, Lycaena phlaeas (L.), in Northumberland

Goudie, A.S., 1988:
The geomorphological role of termites and earthworms in the tropics

Thomas, D.S.C., 1988:
The geomorphological role of vegetation in the dune systems of the Kalahari

Chairani, M.; Subronto, 1988:
The germination and seedling growth of Arenga pinnata (Wurmb.) Merr

Horgen, P.A.; Kokurewicz, K.F.; Anderson, J.B., 1989:
The germination of basidiospores from commercial and wild-collected isolates of Agaricus bisporus (= A. brunnescens)

Gallo, L.; Quagliotti, L., 1989:
The germination of seeds of succulent plants

Abdelkefi, A., 1988:
The germination of seeds within pods: a perenniality factor in natural populations of annual species of the genus Medicago L

Kakoty, N.N.; Das, S.C., 1987:
The giant African snail, Achatina fulica Bowditch a non-arthropod pest

Peattie, D.A., 1990:
The giardins of Giardia lamblia: genes and proteins with promise

Srivastava, L.M., 1987:
The gibberellin receptor

Williams, R.J.; Leopold, A.C., 1989:
The glassy state in corn embryos

Biard, J.F.; Salah, M.B., 1990:
The glaucine content of Glaucium flavum from Tunisia

Commins, P., 1988:
The global context - the Irish case

Khalil, M.A.K.; Rasmussen, R.A., 1990:
The global cycle of carbon monoxide: trends and mass balance

Haworth, J., 1988:
The global distribution of malaria and the present control effort

McCormick, J., 1989:
The global environmental movement: reclaiming paradise

Furzer, M.M., 1989:
The globalization of Australian agribusiness

Komarek, S., 1988:
The glossy black cereal mould beetle (Alphitobius diaperinus Panzer), a little-known stored product pest

Priess, J.R.; Schnabel, H.; Schnabel, R., 1987:
The glp-1 locus and cellular interactions in early C. elegans embryos

Draye, J.P.; Vamecq, J., 1989:
The gluconeogenicity of fatty acids in mammals

Vadgama, P.; Mullen, W.; Churchouse, S.; Battersby, C., 1988:
The glucose enzyme electrode: is simple peroxide detection at a needle sensor acceptable?

Madon, R.J., 1989 :
The glucose transporter and mammary gland function

Macleod G.; Macleod A.J., 1990:
The glucosinolates and aroma volatiles of green kohlrabi

Taylor, J.B.; Vidal, A.; Torpier, G.; Meyer, D.J.; Roitsch, C.; Balloul, J.M.; Southan, C.; Sondermeyer, P.; Pemble, S.; Lecocq, J.P., 1988:
The glutathione transferase activity and tissue distribution of a cloned Mr28K protective antigen of Schistosoma mansoni

Wolever, T.M.; Jenkins, D.J.; Collier, G.R.; Ehrlich, R.M.; Josse, R.G.; Wong, G.S.; Lee, R., 1988:
The glycaemic index: effect of age in insulin dependent diabetes mellitus

Wolever, T.M., 1990:
The glycemic index

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The goals of, preconditions for and means of agricultural development

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The goat populations of the north coast of the Mediterranean

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The golden apple snail, Pomacea sp., a serious pest of lowland rice in the Philippines

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The golden orbweaver, a spider creating interest in New Zealand

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The good behaviour of nitrogen is a question of vigilance

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The good parent process of natural selection

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The good spring wheat variety Kefeng 3

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The gout-fly (Chlorops pumilionis Bjerk.): biology, injuriousness, control methods

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The government role in biotechnology and development cooperation

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The government's role and agricultural policy in the agriculture of northern Finland

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The government's role in agricultural machinery safety

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The graduation and regionalization methods on prediction of potential salinization in Huang-Huai-Hai plain of China

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The grain market

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The grain sector of the European Community: policy formation, price determination, and implications for trade

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The grand fir/blue huckleberry habitat type in central Idaho: succession and management

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The granulocyte response of Bulinus africanus to infection with compatible and non-compatible trematode parasites

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The granulometric composition and composition of clay minerals in virgin and reclaimed solonchak-solonetz soils of the North Caspian region

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The grape berry as a sink

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The grape bud mite in cv. Perlette

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The grape leafroller in the Lower Dnieper

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The grape mealybug

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The grapevine Mantonico di Bianco

Gioffre, D.; Zappia, R., 1989:
The grapevine Guardavalle

Gioffre, D.; Zappia, R., 1989:
The grapevine cultivar Greco di Bianco

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The grapevine root and its environment

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The grasshopper fauna (Saltatoria) of the Socialist Autonomous Region Kosovo (SFRJ) - a review

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The grated cheese sold on some European markets

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The gratifications of grazing: why flippers flip

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The grazed steppes of the Algerian highlands

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The grazing behaviour of cattle in relation to the sampling of infective nematode larvae on pasture

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The grazing industry's point of view on competition between grazing animals and wild and feral animals

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The greasy cutworm Agrotis ipsilon Hufn. (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae), a pest of field crops, market garden crops and small fruit crops

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The great American football ritual: reproducing race, class, and gender inequality

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The great atlas of rural France

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The great malaria problem: where is the light at the end of the tunnel?

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The green archipelago: forestry in preindustrial Japan

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The green blow fly, Lucilia illustris (Meigen), as an indicator of human post-mortem interval: a case of homicide from Fort Lewis, Washington

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The green evolution. One hundred years of soil and crop research

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The green menace creeps north

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The green rock orchid. An Australian orchid endemic to New South Wales

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The green telematics challenge. Proceedings of a workshop held in Brussels, 9-10 June 1987

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The green world of the Habsburgs

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The greenhouse as a source of temperature variations

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The greenhouse effect - meteorological mechanisms and models

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The greenhouse effect and the future of UK agriculture

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The greenhouse effect. Implications for the Australian grape and wine industry

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The greenhouse effect: implications for economic development

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The greenhouse whitefly Trialeurodes vaporariorum Westwood

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The greening of buildings and facades with climbing plants - risks, damage and preventative measures to avoid damage

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The greening of urban transport: planning for walking and cycling in Western cities

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The gregarious settlement of sabellariid polychaetes: new perspectives on chemical cues

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The grey grain moth

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The ground beetle and spider fauna of managed and unimproved upland pasture

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The ground-beetle fauna of Bulgaria

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The groundnut rust disease problem in Burkina Faso

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The groundnut rust situation in the People's Republic of China

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The groundwork concept: integrating policy for implementation

Anonymous, 1989:
The group accommodation sector is beginning to do better

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The group effect in oviposition by workers of the ants Leptothorax nylanderi: groups containing workers from different societies

Kinsey, J., 1990:
The growing elderly crowd and their food habits

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The growing financial pressure on farmers

Salazar, D.J.; Schallau, C.H.; Lee, R.G., 1986:
The growing importance of retirement income in timber-dependent areas

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The growing independence of agricultural production cooperatives - the basis for fully utilizing the potential of cooperative ownership in GDR agriculture

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The growing plant cell wall: chemical and metabolic analysis

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The growth and asymmetry of neighbouring plants of white clover (Trifolium repens L.)

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The growth and bearing of four plum cultivars grafted onto various rootstocks

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The growth and cropping of two gooseberry cultivars in the Olsztyn and Tolknicko regions

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The growth and development of spring barley

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The growth and development of tung on weakly podzolized gley soils of the Kolkhida lowland

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The growth and development process of the aboveground organs and their effects on seed production in summer sown soyabean

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The growth and differentiation of rice callus in liquid media using ceramic wool supporter

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The growth and fruiting of grapevine on different soil types

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The growth and multiplication of Dictyophora indusiata mycelia in relation to pH values of media

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The growth and nitrogen economy of rice under sprinkler and flood irrigation in South East Australia. II Soil moisture and mineral N transformations

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The growth and nitrogen fixation of Azolla

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The growth and productivity of recombinant animal cells in a bubble-free aeration system

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The growth and productivity of six shiitake (Lentinula edodes) strains on supplemented sawdust medium

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The growth and reproductive endocrinology of adult triploid Pacific salmonids

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The growth and structure of the crowns of open-grown Norway spruce trees

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The growth and survival of Panolis flammea larvae in the absence of predators on Scots pine and lodgepole pine

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The growth and survival of acetic acid bacteria in wines at different concentrations of oxygen

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The growth and yield of uniculm and tillered barley over a range of sowing rates

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The growth and yield potential of teak (Tectona grandis Linn.) in Papua New Guinea plantations

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The growth capacity of Prestice boars and gilts to 180 days of age

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The growth characteristics and quality of rice cultivar Nankai No. 102 under different paddy field conditions in the northern plain of Kyushu

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The growth characteristics of sugarbeet in Turkey

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The growth crisis in maize seedlings at low temperatures

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The growth curve in the diagnosis and treatment of preschool children

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The growth curve, concentration and absorption of calcium, magnesium and sulphur by pineapples (Ananas comosus L. Merril.) cultivar Perola during the growth cycle

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The growth dynamics of chosen mesophilic starter organisms during the primary pre-ripening of cheese milk

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The growth factor from plerocercoid larvae of the tapeworm, Spirometra mansonoides, stimulates growth but is not diabetogenic

Phares, C.K.; Watts, D.J., 1988:
The growth hormone-like factor produced by the tapeworm Spirometra mansonoides specifically binds receptors on cultured human lymphocytes

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The growth of ikan lemak, (Leptobarbus hoeveni Blkr) receiving a pelleted supplemental feed and human excreta in floating cages

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The growth of Douglas fir in relation to different schemes of mixture

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The growth of Hymenolepis diminuta in five strains of mice

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The growth of Kuehneromyces mutabilis on sunflower husks

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The growth of Norway spruce in the Harz

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The growth of Pinus densiflora for. erecta by planting density. I. Planting design and the first year growth

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The growth of beefsteak tomato as affected by K/Ca ratios in the nutrient solution

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The growth of crossbred fattening bulls progeny-tested for fattening and carcass yield

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The growth of grassland plants and the water regime of a chestnut soil

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The growth of international travel service companies

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The growth of laboratory populations of Sitophilus, Rhyzopertha and Sitotroga on sorghum seeds under ambient and humidity-controlled conditions in northern Nigeria

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The growth of lambs throughout the year in the Waikato

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The growth of larval cuticular spicules in Drosophila melanogaster (Diptera: Drosophilidae)

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The growth of lime Tilia cordata in an experimental plantation and its influence on soil development and vegetation

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The growth of mushroom (Agaricus bisporus (Lange) Sing.) mycelium on solid media

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The growth of mushroom mycelium in relation to the medium and to subculturing

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The growth of mycelium of Pleurotus ostreatus (Fr. Kumm.) and Pleurotus florida (Fr. Kumm.) in relation to temperature and type of substrate

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The growth of nonstoichiometric apatite from aqueous solution at 37 degrees C. II. effects of pH upon the precipitated phase

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The growth of organized sport and the development of amateurism in Canada, 1807-1914

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The growth of phase IV ammonium nitrate crystals and their transformation to the phase III structure

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The growth of potential food poisoning organisms on chicken and pork muscle surfaces

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The growth of rats during renal compensatory adaptation on a diet supplemented with hydroxy analogues of essential amino acids

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The growth of smallholder maize production in Zimbabwe (1979-1985): implications for food security

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The growth of smallholder maize production in Zimbabwe: causes and implications for food security

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The growth of some Picea and Abies species in East Flevoland

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The growth of spontaneous agricultural colonization in the border area of Ghana and the Ivory Coast

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The growth of spring barley related to soil tilth produced on restored opencast and unmined land

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The growth of sucrose crystals from aqueous solution

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The growth of three podocarp species under different nutrient regimes

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The growth of tourism 1945-1987 and long-term strategy of development

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The growth of tourism business

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The growth of turkeys

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The growth pattern of hybrid larch

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The growth potential of grasses and its importance for plant production

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The growth rate of three firebreak tree species at Sipiso-piso, North Sumatra

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The growth regulating action of isoprothiolane in plants. 4. The effect of isoprothiolane on translocation of photosynthetic products in rice during the reproductive stage

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The growth regulator mechanism of the action of low temperature on the growth processes of winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

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The growth response in deepwater rice: biophysical and ultra-structural investigations

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The growth response in different kinds of seedling of the new paddy rice cultivar Hananomai

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The growth, distribution and neighbour relationships of Trifolium repens in a permanent pasture. VI. Conditioning effects by neighbours

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The guard bee as a component of the defensive response

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The guard cell chloroplast: properties and function

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The guinea pig as a model for the study of the effects of milk on growth and development

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The gull parasite Hymenolepis (s. l.) haldemani Schiller, 1951 and its life-cycle

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The gustatory sensilla of the antenna of Blaberus craniifer Burm. (Insecta, Dictyoptera). Number, distribution and sexual dimorphism

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The gut microflora: the first line of defense of any animal

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The haematological profile of a herd of cattle infected with enzootic bovine leukosis

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The haemocytes of the honeybee: typology, blood spectrum and cellular defence reactions

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The haemocytic formulae of the haemolymph in mass species of spiders (Arachnida: Aranei)

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The haemoproteid parasites of the pigeons and doves (family Columbidae)

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The haemorrhagic septicaemia syndrome in the rabbit: first observation in France

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The hajj: sacred and secular

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The halo effect and its importance for vegetable marketing. Consumers test the origin of vegetables

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The hand-loom cloth weaving industry and social stratification in Buldan

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The handicapped tourist or leisure participant no longer a market group

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The handling of NaCl load in rats during DOCA-salt and Goldblatt 2 kidney-1 clip hypertension development

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The handling of amino acids by the fetoplacental unit

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The handling of depth and time intervals in soil-information systems

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The handling of feeds in aquaculture - an equipment review

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The hard cheese market at home and abroad

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The hard tick fauna of the Mongolian People's Republic

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The hardening effect of dimethylsulphoxide on the mouse zona pellucida requires the presence of an oocyte and is associated with a reduction in the number of cortical granules present

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The hardness of hardwoods for parquet manufacture

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The hardwood resource in western Oregon

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The hardwood situation - challenges and opportunities

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The harvest of grain crops on slopes

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The hatching of schistosome eggs

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The haustorium of Cuscuta chinensis

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The hawthorn butterfly

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The hawthorn leaf-roller and its control

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The hazard from mycotoxins - recent Australian experience

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The hazardous properties of ammonium nitrate fertilizers and the regulations to which they are subjected

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The hazards of fungi to man

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The healing forest: medicinal and toxic plants of the Northwest Amazonia

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The healing of open wounds

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The health aspects of beekeeping. Part 1. A descriptive study

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The health of Quercus robur in relation to insect attack

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The health of laying hens in 1988

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The health status and increment of Norway spruce

Lanquar, R., 1989:
The health tourism sector

Pain, S., 1988:
The healthiest restaurant in Australia. Modern food is killing the Aborigines. A research project is trying to discover how Aborigines used to eatand to encourage a return to eating out in the bush

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The heartworm dog with congestive heart failure

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The heat effect on seed germination of some species in the initial stage of a post-fire vegetation

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The heat exchanger system of air - waste moist air with partial condensation: an energy analysis

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The heat shock response of carrot

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The heat shock responses in maize; biochemical and molecular studies

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The heat-shock response in Trypanosoma cruzi

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The heat-units accumulation method for forecasting the Dacus oleae (Gmelin) life-cycle: results of a study carried out in a biotope of the southern Tuscany during the years 1978-1982

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The heather trials plot at Harlow Carr - 1971 to 1990

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The heavy metal-binding peptides of plants

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The heavy metals and boron content in soils of north-east of Ubsu-Noor depression

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The heavy metals contents and quality of hop cones treated by pesticides during the vegetation

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The heavy metals in the tundra landscape of Kolguev Island

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The helminth fauna of Bombina bombina (L.) and B. variegata (L.) in Poland

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The helminth fauna of Fluviocingula nipponica (Gastropoda: Fairbanciidae) in the Petr Velikii Gulf, Sea of Japan

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The helminth fauna of Myocastor coypus and Lagostomus maximus. Nematodes

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The helminth fauna of commercial fish on the Saya-de-Malya bank, Indian Ocean

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The helminth fauna of commercial fish on the West-Indian Ridge

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The helminth fauna of free-ranging European bison, Bison bonasus (L.)

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The hematopoietic growth factor KL is encoded by the Sl locus and is the ligand of the c-kit receptor, the gene product of the W locus

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The hemlocks: poison-hemlock (Conium maculatum) and waterhemlock (Cicuta spp.)

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The herb industry

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The herbaceous grasslands of Corsica. II. Typology validation test by the characterization of the structure of the vegetational communities

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The herbaceous vegetation of Corsica. I. The development of an environmental and floristic typology

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The herbicides' influence on non-symbiotic nitrogen fixation in soil when maize is being cultivated in the Central Zone of Moldavia

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The herdbook

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The herdbook and performance testing: a verification

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The heredity-environment continuum: a systems analysis

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The heritabilities and genetic and phenotypic correlations of milk production and lactation period in Brown cattle

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The heritability of behaviour and selection for working ability in dogs. General considerations

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The heritability of fitness: some single gene models

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The heterogeneity of rat androgen binding protein (rABP) in the vascular compartment differs from that in the testicular tubular lumen. Further evidence for bidirectional secretion of rABP

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The heteropteran fauna of meadow fescue (Festuca pratensis Huds.) grown for seed in the province of Olsztyn

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The immune response to b-CAPSA I vaccine of two to four year old Filipino children from economically-depressed areas in Manila

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The immune response to rabies virus idiotypes and regulation

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The immune response to stage-specific proteolytic enzymes of Schistosoma mansoni

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The immunobiology of the T cell response to Mls locus disparate stimulator cells

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The immunochemical approach for the characterization of ectomycorrhizal fungi

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The immunochemical structure and surface arrangement of Leishmania donovani lipophosphoglycan determined using monoclonal antibodies

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The immunocompromised host

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The immunodiagnosis of malaria

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The immunodiagnostic value of six serological techniques in hydatidosis

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The immunoelectron microscopic detection of a gonadotrophin-like substance in mouse embryos

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The immunogenicity of Hemophilus influenzae type B polysaccharide-Neisseria meningitidis group B outer membrane protein complex vaccine in infants and young children

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The immunohistochemical localization of superoxide dismutase activity in the avian epithelial growth plate

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The immunologic significance of Aspergillus fumigatus fractions, V.F.; Maloy, W.L.; Miller, L.H.; Good, M.F.; McCutchan, T.F., 1989:
The immunologic significance of variation within malaria circumsporozoite protein sequences

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The immunological and infectious sequelae of the acquired immune deficiency syndrome

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The immunopathology of malaria: recent experimental data on the pathogenesis of cerebral malaria

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The immunosuppressive effect of clofibrate and cyclosporine on IgM and IgE antibodies induced by Trichinella spiralis

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The impact and ecology of the pine beauty moth in upland pine forests

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The impact and management of western pine-shoot borer, Eucosma sonomana, in pine plantations

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The impact of AIDS mortality on children's education in Kampala (Uganda)

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The impact of Canadian commodity stabilization programs on risk reduction and the supply of agricultural commodities

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The impact of China's reform policy on the nomads of western Tibet

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The impact of EC membership on the agriculture of Portuguese regions, with regard to the Greek experience

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The impact of GA-biosynthesis inhibitors on peach meadow orchards

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The impact of Haemophilus influenzae type b meningitis on nutritional status

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The impact of National Rural Employment Programme (NREP) on the rural economy of Tamil Nadu

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The impact of Thatcherism on the arts council

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The impact of a chemostat discharge containing oil degrading bacteria on the biological kinetics of a refinery activated sludge process

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The impact of a computerised dairy information system on large dairy farms in Malaysia

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The impact of a convention boycott on metropolitan Arizona

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The impact of a phosphogypsum roadway on local groundwater quality - a case study

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The impact of a three-day outdoor management development course on selected self-perceptions of the participants

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The impact of across-flock genetic evaluation on sheep breeding structures

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The impact of adjustment policies on African agriculture

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The impact of adjuvants on herbicide antagonism

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The impact of afforestation on semi-natural vegetation in Britain

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The impact of agricultural changes on the rural labour market in the Philippines

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The impact of agricultural mechanization in South Brazil: the case of West Parana

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The impact of agriculture on wetlands conservation

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The impact of agroforestry systems on smallholder development in sub-Saharian agricultural societies

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The impact of agrohydrological management on water, nutrients, and fertilizers in the environment of the Netherlands

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The impact of air-borne ammonia from agricultural sources on fluxes of nitrogen and sulphur towards forest soils

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The impact of animal affinity on animal-oriented theme park visitation patterns: a central Florida perspective

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The impact of animal production systems on grassland ecology

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The impact of biotechnology on agriculture in the European Community to the year 2005

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The impact of biotechnology on public and private plant breeding

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The impact of case law on liability waivers

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The impact of changes in policies in centrally planned economies on world food trade and consumption

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The impact of chemical fertilizer marketing and distribution systems on rice production. I. Japan

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The impact of chemical fertilizer marketing and distribution systems on rice production. I. Thailand

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The impact of chemical fertilizer marketing and distribution systems on rice production. II. Malaysia

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The impact of chemical fertilizer marketing and distribution systems on rice production. II. The Philippines

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The impact of chemical fertilizer marketing and operation systems on rice production in Taiwan

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The impact of cigarette imports on tobacco farms in Taiwan

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The impact of circular migration on a village economy

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The impact of climatic variations on agriculture. Volume 1: Assessments in cool temperate and cold regions

Anonymous, 1988:
The impact of climatic variations on agriculture. Volume 2: Assessments in semi-arid regions

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The impact of computer reservation systems on air transport competition

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The impact of cooperatives on the development of Ghanaian agriculture: The need for self management as an alternative system

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The impact of credit on peasant productivity and differentiation in Nicaragua

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The impact of crisis on an internationalized agriculture

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The impact of cultural and economic change on food consumption patterns: the case of India

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The impact of cultural and environmental changes on the epidemiology and control of human babesiosis

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The impact of decentralization on spatial equity and rural development in Tanzania

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The impact of defoliating insects on the growth of eucalypt saplings

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The impact of demographic changes on rural development in Malawi

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The impact of development on landscape and sociocultural attitudes-Irrigation, the archives of rural areas and local culture

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The impact of development strategies on the rural poor. Second analysis of country experiences in the implementation of the WCARRD Programme of Action

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The impact of diapause on the evolution of other life history traits in flesh flies

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The impact of disease on poultry production

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The impact of draining, burning and fertilizer treatments on the nutrient status of floating Typha mats in a freshwater marsh

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The impact of drought and technological change in rice production on intrayear fluctuations in food consumption: the case of North Arcot, India

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The impact of drought on the national accounts for livestock in Sahelian countries

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The impact of duration of drainage on the seed banks of northern prairie wetlands

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The impact of economic and socioeconomic factors on the demand for information: a case study of Ohio commercial farmers

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The impact of education, migration, and remittances on rural agricultural households in El-Obeid Area, Sudan

Koutsou, S., 1988:
The impact of emigration on agrarian systems and the land market: a comparative study of two villages of Thrace in north-eastern Greece

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