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The influence of drainage and cultivation on denitrification losses from an arable clay soil

Colbourn, P.

Nitrogen efficiency in agricultural soils Proceedings Symposium Edinburgh, 16-18 Sept 1987: 283-294


Accession: 001977825

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Denitrification losses were measured on an arable clay soil in a series of studies spanning four years. Measurements were made on soils direct-drilled with winter cereals and on soils conventionally ploughed before drilling. Comparisons were made of soils in their natural state (undrained) and soils with close-spaced mole drains (drained). Cultivation limited denitrification. In drained land, the direct-drilled soil lost 9 kg N ha-1 while ploughed soil lost only 3 kg N ha-1 in 1982-83.

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