The nucleotide and deduced amino acid sequences of insulin-like growth factor II cDNAs from adult bovine and fetal sheep liver

Brown, W.M.; Dziegielewska, K.M.; Foreman, R.C.; Saunders, N.R.

Nucleic Acids Research 18(15): 4614


ISSN/ISBN: 0305-1048
PMID: 2388846
DOI: 10.1093/nar/18.15.4614
Accession: 001980371

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A partial insulin-like growth factor II (IGF-II) cDNA clone was isolated from an adult cattle liver DNA library in lambda gt11 by immunological screening. The isolated clone encoded most of the B chain, the whole of the C, D and E peptides, and the A chain of prepro IGF-II. The cattle clone was then used to screen a fetal sheep liver cDNA library in lambda gt10. A full-length clone was isolated which encoded the whole of prepro IGF-II. The sequences of the cattle and sheep clones are presented, and compared with the rat sequence.