The performance of crossbreds of Polish Merino dams with F1 rams: Finnsheep X Polish Merino. A. Semi-intensive fattening of lamb-rams up to 40-45 kg

Osikowski, M.; Borys, B.; Osikowski, M.A.

Proceedings, VI World Conference on Animal Production: 744


Accession: 001981127

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73 (Finnish Landrace X Polish Merino (PM)) X PM and 73 PM lambs were studied. During semi-intensive fattening, daily gain averaged 196 and 191 g in the 2 groups resp., and energy consumption per kg weight gain 26.1 and 27.0 MJ. Dressing percentage averaged 45.9 and 45.2, muscle percentage 61.3 and 59.7, and fat percentage 20.6 and 20.9. For both groups, fat thickness averaged 8.0 mm and loin-eye area 15.0 cmsuperscript 2. Clean fleece weight averaged 1.09 kg for crossbreds and 0.98 kg for purebreds, fibre length 6.7 and 5.4 cm resp., and clean wool yield 59.3 and 53%.