The quality of the carcass of fattened lambs descended from the first step of commercial crossbreeding of the Polish Corriedale ewes with prolific rams

Niznikowski, R.; Janikowski, W.

Annals of Warsaw Agricultural University SGGW AR, Animal Science 23: 11-18


Accession: 001982610

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Ram lambs of Polish Corriedale and F1 progeny of East Friesian, Finnish Landrace or Polish Heath [Wrzosowka] mated to Polish Corriedale ewes were fattened to a slaughter weight of 40+or-2 kg. In the 4 breed types, "leg tightness index" (leg circumference x 100/leg length) averaged 153.8, 141.4, 147.7 and 150.4 resp., dressing percentage 43.0, 41.3, 42.5 and 44.3, carcass weight 17.5, 17.0, 16.8 and 17.4 kg, and percentage of valuable cuts 41.8, 40.7, 40.5 and 40.7. Carcass lean percentage averaged 74.3, 71.8, 69.0 and 69.7, percentage of fat 15.2, 13.2, 16.2 and 17.5, and percentage of bone 13.3, 13.2, 12.2 and 12.0. There was no difference among genotypes in pH, water holding capacity or colour of the muscle. It is concluded that crossbreeding of the Polish Corriedale with prolific breeds results in a decline in carcass composition.