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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1989

Chapter 1989 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Sanders, P. F.; Mosley, M. J.; Holt, D. M., 1988: Thermophilic sulphide generating bacteria causing corrosion in high temperature oilfield systems

Singh, S.; Sandhu, D. K., 1986: Thermophilous fungi in Port Blair soils

Starzynska, K.; Wyrzykowska Stankiewicz, D.; Randzio, S. L., 1989: Thermophysical properties of the urea-formaldehyde system measured under near-industrial-process conditions

Gemgnani, G., 1989: Thermoplastic films for soil treatment

Sultanov, F. F., 1986: Thermoregulation and water-salt metabolism in adaptation to arid-zone conditions

Heinrich, B., 1987: Thermoregulation by individual honeybees

Martin, SJ., 1988: Thermoregulation in Vespa simillima xanthoptera (Hymenoptera, Vespidae)

Kevan, P. G., 1989: Thermoregulation in arctic insects and flowers: adaptation and co-adaptation in behaviour, anatomy, and physiology

Franks N.R., 1989: Thermoregulation in army ant bivouacs

Southwick, E. E., 1988: Thermoregulation in honey-bee colonies

Omholt, SW., 1987: Thermoregulation in the winter cluster of the honeybee, Apis mellifera

Sakurai, M.; Dohi, H., 1988: Thermoregulatory behaviour of grazing cattle. 1. The relationships between hair temperature and thermoregulatory behaviour in a hot environment

Boe, K., 1990: Thermoregulatory behaviour of sheep housed in insulated and uninsulated buildings

Bobowiec, R.; Studzinski, T.; Babiarz, A., 1990: Thermoregulatory effects and electrical conductivity in vagina of cow during oestrous cycle

Shalaby T.H.; Yousef M.K.; Dupre R.K., 1989: Thermoregulatory responses of diabetic rats

Bothorel, B.; Candas, V.; Gissinger, R., 1988: Thermoregulatory responses to vascular fluid changes during dehydration and rehydration with water or carbohydrate electrolyte solutions in exercising man

Pavlas M., 1990: Thermoresistance of mycobacteria

Steffens G.L.; Jacobs F.W.; Engelhaupt M.E., 1989: Thermosensitive genetic dwarfs of apple

Feirtag, J. M.; McKay, L. L., 1990: Thermosensitive plasmid replication, temperature sensitive host growth, and chromosomal plasmid integration conferred by Lactococcus lactis subsp. cremoris lactose plasmids in L. lactis subsp. lactis

Viswanathan, T., 1989: Thermosetting adhesive resins from whey and whey byproducts

Hammond, I.; Moore, K.; James, H.; Watt, C., 1989: Thermospray liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry of pesticides in river water using reversed-phase chromatography

Gaur, R.; Janardan Yadav; Pandy, L., 1989: Thermostability of extracellular protease enzyme produced by Spicaria fusispora, a thermophilic fungus

Grushin A.A., 1988: Thermostability of peroxidase in various tomato species

Maier, H. G.; Moritz, K.; Schmidt, E., 1987: Thermostable binding of flavour compounds to starch by extrusion

Robinson, AF., 1989: Thermotactic adaptation in two foliar and two root-parasitic nematodes

Singh, R. P.; Agnihotri, V. P., 1987: Thermotherapy of sugarcane for disease control

Abernethy, Rh; Thiel, Ds; Petersen, Ns; Helm, K., 1989: Thermotolerance is developmentally dependent in germinating wheat seed

Chou, M; Chen, Ym; Lin, Cy, 1989: Thermotolerance of isolated mitochondria associated with heat shock proteins

Sytina, L. A.; Shagaeva, V. G., 1987: Thermotolerance of progeny of sevryuga, Acipenser stellatus, spawners from different periods of the spawning migration

Aloia R.C., 1988: Thermotropic lipid phase separation in the human immunodeficiency virus

Kejik, C.; Maskova, A., 1989: Thermovision measurement of surface temperature of cow udders during machine milking

Section 2, Chapter 1989, Accession 001988041

Jones, G. M.; Seymour, E. H., 1989: These two tests for residues work well on the farm

Anonymous, 1990: These types of mastitis infections don't stay around too long

Jurchak, T., 1988: They chose to fight

Krecz, T., 1989: They do not require alms. Forum of the Termeloszovetkezeti Szemle on regions with unfavourable natural conditions

Section 2, Chapter 1989, Accession 001988047

Holmes, R. A.; McCall, J. W.; Prasse, K. W.; Wilson, R. C., 1986: Thiacetarsamide sodium: pharmacokinetics and the effects of decreased liver function on efficacy against Dirofilaria immitis in dogs

Walker, L. M.; Wilson, H. P.; Hagood, E. S.; Hines, T. E., 1988: Thiameturon postemergence in soybeans

Section 2, Chapter 1989, Accession 001988052

Harmeyer, J.; Kollenkirchen, U., 1989: Thiamin and niacin in ruminant nutrition

Westhuyzen, J. van der; Steyn, N. P.; Icke, G. C.; Davis, R. E., 1988: Thiamin intakes and erythrocyte thiamin levels in eleven-year-old children in the Western Cape

Section 2, Chapter 1989, Accession 001988056

Darnton Hill, I.; Truswell, A. S., 1990: Thiamin status of a sample of homeless clinic attenders in Sydney

Mordohovich D., 1988: Thiamin status of the offspring of diabetic rats

Houston, D. M.; Hulland, T. J., 1988: Thiamine deficiency in a team of sled dogs

Thomas K.W.; Kelly A.P.; Beers P.T.; Brennan R.G., 1990: Thiamine deficiency in sheep exported live by sea

Cruickshank, A. M.; Telfer, A. B. M.; Shenkin, A., 1988: Thiamine deficiency in the critically ill

DeMilo, A. B.; Loeb, M. J.; Redfern, R. E.; Borkovec, A. B.; Hayes, D. K., 1989: Thiazolylureas: effects on larval growth and development in the fall armyworm and tobacco budworm

Bauch, W.; Meinl, G., 1989: Thickness and strength of leaves of various head cabbage varieties

Ashok Krishna; Mishra, S. P.; Hakim Singh, 1987: Thickness of cuticle and epidermis in relation to slow powdery mildewing in pea

Hodgson, R. H.; Snyder, R. H., 1989: Thidiazuron and Colletotrichum coccodes effects on ethylene production by velvetleaf (Abutilon theophrasti) and prickly sida (Sida spinosa)

Henny, R. J.; Fooshee, W. C., 1990: Thidiazuron stimulates basal bud and shoot formation in Alocasia X chantrieri Andre

Steffens G.L.; Stutte G.W., 1989: Thidiazuron substitution for chilling requirement in three apple cultivars

Steffens, G. L.; Stutte, G. W., 1988: Thidiazuron substitution for chilling requirements in three apple cultivars

Hernandez Hernandez, J.; Gallo Llobet, L.; Acosta, J.; Gonzalez, A., 1988: Thielaviopsis paradoxa (De Seyn.) Hoehn. on pineapple (Ananas comosus L.) on the island of Hierro

Stanghellini, M. E.; Rasmussen, S. L.; Barta, D. J., 1990: Thielaviopsis root rot of corn-salad

Section 2, Chapter 1989, Accession 001988076

Giridhar, G.; Jaffe, M. J., 1988: Thigmomorphogenesis: XXIII. Promotion of foliar senescence by mechanical perturbation of Avena sativa and four other species

Mejnartowicz, L.; Kosinska, M., 1987: Thin layer chromatographic analysis of phenol compounds extracted from Pinus sylvestris needles from trees more or less tolerant to the effect of fluorides and SO2

Storey B.T., 1987: Thin layer chromatography of phospholipid composition in mouse and rabbit spermatozoa

Kameoka, T., 1988: Thin layer drying characteristics of rough rice (I)

Section 2, Chapter 1989, Accession 001988082

Coventry, R. J.; Moss, A. J.; Verster, E., 1988: Thin surface soil layers attributable to rain-flow transportation on low-angle slopes: an example from semi-arid tropical Queensland, Australia

Glattes, F., 1979: Thin-layer chromatographic and microbiological studies on the connection between fertilizer treatment and fungus growth, as exemplified in some poplar clones

Deshmukh, L.; Kharat, R. B., 1990: Thin-layer chromatographic separation of metal ions

Section 2, Chapter 1989, Accession 001988089

Stenwig, H., 1988: Thin-layer chromatography of plugs from agar cultures as an aid for identification of moulds in routine mycological examination of animal feeds

Section 2, Chapter 1989, Accession 001988091

VanderKop, P. A.; MacNeil, J. D., 1989: Thin-layer chromatography/bioautography method for detection of monensin in poultry

Nesheim, S.; Trucksess, M. W., 1986: Thin-layer chromatography/high performance thin-layer chromatography as a tool for mycotoxin determination

Otten, L.; Brown, R. B.; Vogel, K. F., 1989: Thin-layer drying of canola

Iskhakova, Kh I.; Gondyleva, L. S.; Islambekov, E. S., 1988: Thin-layer immunoassay in the diagnosis of hydatid disease

Kuznetsova, V. G.; Kuimova, I. V.; Byikin, V. F.; Pal' tsev, A. I., 1987: Thin-layer immunoassay with autosera in the diagnosis of chronic opisthorchiasis

Shatadal, P.; Jayas, D. S.; White, N. D. G., 1989: Thin-layer rewetting characteristics of canola

Osborn, G. S.; White, G. M.; Walton, L. R., 1988: Thin-layer rewetting equation for soybeans

Joschko, M.; Altenmuller, J., 1989: Thin-section studies of earth worm casts

Gallichand, J.; Lagace, R.; Caillier, M., 1989: Thin-section study of soil materials near perforations in corrugated subsurface drains

Cappiello, P. E., 1989: Think small! Noteworthy shade trees for today's smaller landscapes

Dichter, T. W.; Zesch, S. K., 1987: Thinking economically: applying two classical concepts to grassroots enterprise development

Dubois, J. L., 1989: Thinking for measurement. Methodological innovations for collecting and analysing statistical data

Anonymous, 1989: Thinking green. An anthology of essential ecological writing

Geyer, W. A.; Melichar, M. W., 1986: Thinline basal application of hardwoods

Bollea, M. R.; Prono, C., 1989: Thinness: nosographical classification and diet treatment

Orallo, C. A., 1985: Thinning a natural sapling stand of Benguet pine (Pinus kesiya Royle ex Gordon)

Greene D.W.; Autio W.R.; Miller P., 1990: Thinning activity of benzyladenine on several apple cultivars

Stroempl, G., 1983: Thinning clumps of northern hardwood stump sprouts to produce high quality timber

Rollinson, T. J. D., 1988: Thinning control

Leek, N. A.; Hoksbergen, F. T. J., 1987: Thinning costs for deciduous plantations outside forest areas

Braastad, H.; Eikeland, H., 1986: Thinning experiment in a Norway spruce stand. Density, increment and diameter distribution. Experiment 919, Majer, O.Toten, Norway

Gonzalez Navas, D. F.; Velasquez Silva, J. M., unda: Thinning height of sesame

Halaj, J., 1987: Thinning indices of tree species according to new yield tables

Laar, A. van, 1987: Thinning intensity, increment and crown development: a study on individual trees from the Freising and Goggingen trials

Baart, J. M. T.; Joosse, M. L., 1989: Thinning of Jonagold. Financially not attractive, but sometimes essential

Braastad, H.; Eikeland, H., 1986: Thinning of Norway spruce stands. Programme, increment and diameter distribution. Experiment 651. Svartelvmoen, Norway

Krogstad, I., 1985: Thinning of compartments with top/butt-end and root-bundle felling patterns

Agpaoa, A. C.; Noble, B. F., 1983: Thinning of natural Benguet pine (Pinus kesiya Royle ex Gordon) stand

Byers, R. E.; Barden, J. A.; Carbaugh, D. H., 1990: Thinning of spur 'Delicious' apples by shade, terbacil, carbaryl, and ethephon

Bambang, A. S., 1981: Thinning principles in teak forest

Hibbs, D. E.; Emmingham, W. H.; Bondi, M. C., 1989: Thinning red alder: effects of method and spacing

Lahav E.; Korkin A.; Adar G., 1989: Thinning stage influences fruit size and yield of kiwifruit

Vaughan, L., 1988: Thinning with small crawler tractors. (Results from a survey of operators)

Lupke, B. von, 1986: Thinning, especially early thinning, of pure beech stands

Belluau, E.; Pinet, C., 1988: Thinning. Conclusions of the first experiments

Section 2, Chapter 1989, Accession 001988133

Chapman S.J., 1990: Thiobacillus populations in some agricultural soils

Kumar, S.; Mathur, B. N., 1988: Thiocyanate levels in buffalo milk

Duncan, H. J.; Cook, G. T.; Stephen, N. H., 1989: Thiocyanate: mode of action as a herbicide and herbicide adjuvant

Gulidova, L. A.; Shurovenkov, O. Yu, 1986: Thiodan and turnip flea beetles

Yasmeen, R.; Tulasi, S. J.; Rao, J. V. R., 1989: Thiodan induced changes in the carbohydrate metabolites of a fresh water fish Anabas scandens (Cuvier)

Holzer K., 1988: Thiol content of spruce needles at forest limits

Dalton, JP.; Heffernan, M., 1989: Thiol proteases released in vitro by Fasciola hepatica

Kim, S. C.; Olson, N. F.; Richardson, T., 1990: Thiolation of beta -lactoglobulin with N-acetylhomocysteine thiolactone (N-AHTL) and S-acetylmercaptosuccinic anhydride

Bermadinger, E.; Grill, D.; Guttenberger, H., 1989: Thiols, ascorbic acid, pigments and epicuticular waxes in Norway spruce needles from the Zillertal altitude profile, Austria

Croes, A. F.; Van den Berg, A. J. R.; Bosveld, M.; Breteler, H.; Wullems, G. J., 1989: Thiophene accumulation in relation to morphology in roots of Tagetes patula

Payne, P. A., 1986: Thiram steep treatment for the control of Phoma betae

Section 2, Chapter 1989, Accession 001988147

Anonymous, 1988: Third Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Society of Protozoology

Anonymous, 1989: Third Annual Research Report (1988-1989)

Anonymous, 1987: Third Congress on weeds, Ohrid, 8-10 VI 1988

Anonymous, 1990: Third European Congress on Cell Biology, 2-7 September, 1990, Firenze, Italy

Anonymous, 1988: Third International Rangeland Congress, November 7-11, 1988, Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi. Abstracts, Volume I. Abstracts, Volume II

Anonymous, 1989: Third International Symposium Nutrition of the dog and cat - dietetics and diets, held at the Institute of Nutrition of the Veterinary University of Vienna, 20th May 1989, sponsored by Effem-Austria GmbH

Anonymous, 1989: Third Latin Congress of Pig Veterinary Specialists. Second National Congress of the Venezuelan Veterinary Society of Pig Specialists. October 1989

Anonymous, 1990: Third US/USSR long-term agreement

Sinclair, S. W., 1989: Third World economic handbook

Anonymous, 1988: Third World food markets: option for agricultural exporters?

Islam, N. , 1988: Third World food markets: option for agricultural exporters? An overview

Islam, N., 1987: Third World food markets: options for agricultural exporters? An overview

Anonymous, 1988: Third World research: recent developments and appropriate research approaches

Betts, J., 1988: Third age learning groups in the north west

Souza Lopes, H. de; Rios Leite, A. C., 1987: Third contribution to the knowledge of the Raviniini (Diptera, Sarcophagidae), based on observations of the larvae, using scanning elecron microscope

Anonymous, 1988: Third report of the Sub-committee on Nutritional Surveillance

Anonymous, 1987: Third screening of selected sweet potato accessions for resistance to sweetpotato vine borer

Hendrych, R., 1990: Third series of additions to the Trifolium monograph by Zohary and Heller (plantae hybridae)

Rotheray, G. E., 1988: Third stage larvae of six species of aphidophagous Syrphidae (Diptera)

Renner, E.; Renz Schauen, A., 1989: Third supplement E3/89 to the nutritional value tables for milk and milk products

Anonymous, 1984: Third technical workshop on forest plantations, Eldorado, Misiones, Argentina, 3-5 October 1984. Volume 1

Anonymous, 1984: Third technical workshop on forest plantations, Eldorado, Misiones, Argentina, 3-5 October 1984. Volume 2

Badgaiyan R.D., 1989: Third ventricular chloride infusions enhance drinking in water deprived rats

Hopper, W. D., 1990: Third world debt burdens, funding and future strategies in agricultural development

Stein, L., 1989: Third world poverty, economic growth and income distribution

Ing, G., 1989: Thirteen years' pear yield data for high density

Anonymous, 1990: Thirtieth Annual Meeting of The American Society for Clinical Nutrition, Inc., 3-5 May, 1990, Washington, DC, USA

Teunissen, A. W. J.; Zanen, H. C., 1987: Thirty cases of a hidden disease: cryptococcal meningitis

Adis, J., 1990: Thirty million arthropod species - too many or too few?

Bienefeld, K., 1988: Thirty years of carnica queen rearing: overview and results

Barton, J. D.; Schmelz, D. V., 1986: Thirty years of growth records in Donaldson's Woods

Nwagwu, N. A., 1987: Thirty years of primary school instruction in Nigeria: a critical survey

Essaba, M.; Louizi, Y., 1986: Thirty years of the S.I.A.P.E. process for the production of phosphoric acid by the wet process and experience in the revamping of phosphoric acid and fertilizer plants

de Kort, C.A.D., 1990: Thirty-five years of diapause research with the Colorado potato beetle

Frenzen, P. M.; Krasny, M. E.; Rigney, L. P., 1988: Thirty-three years of plant succession on the Kautz Creek mudflow, Mount Rainier National Park, Washington

McDaniel, G. R.; Bartels, J. E.; Wong Valle, J., 1990: This is how to diagnose a crippling disease

Anonymous, 1987: This is my home now: recreation and quality of life in nursing homes in Western Australia. Volume 3: case studies

Anonymous, 1988: This wormy world

Hartwig, N. L., 1990: Thistle control in a crownvetch roadside ground cover

Puy Llorens J., 1987: Thixotropic analysis of condensed milks

Sawhill, J. W., 1990: Thixotropic feed supplement suspensions

Metzger, J. D., 1989: Thlaspi arvense

Tizer, M., 1989: Thomas Hughes: 'Tom Brown' versus 'true manliness'

Jensen B.M.; Kruse Andersen S.; Andersen K., 1989: Thoracic actinomycosis

Legrand, M. F.; Esquerre, P. J.; Dahan, M.; Lemozy, J.; Fabre, J.; Carles, P.; Fedou, R., 1989: Thoracic actinomycosis is it underestimated ? Reflections on 7 cases

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Pardo, A. D., 1989: Thoracic duct embolization. Use in canine chylothorax

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Moller Jensen, B.; Kruse Andersen, S.; Andersen, K., 1988: Thoraco-pleural actinomycosis presenting like diffuse pulmonary embolism

Remedios A.M.; Bauer M.S.; Bowen C.V., 1989: Thoracodorsal and caudal superficial epigastric axial pattern skin flaps in cats

Kapanadze, I. S., 1989: Thornless forms of trifoliate orange

Moritu, Y.; Wada, D.; Ichikawa, S., 1987: Thoroughbred stallion evaluation for racing performance using BLUP

Boecken, W., 1989: Those running farm businesses caught between retirement aid and compulsory pension insurance. Also comment on the decision of the Federal Constitutional Court of 31/5/88 on the constitutionality of para. 14, section 2, page 1, letter a of the Agricultural Act (GAL)

Kager, P. A., 1989: Those who travel far; some imported infections

Adler, A., 1990: Thoughts of a veteran educator - most important things learned about teaching physical education

Revelle, R. R., 1989: Thoughts on abatement and adaptation

Restrepo Londono, E., 1989: Thoughts on agricultural credit and the creation of Finagro

Hopkinson, S., 1989: Thoughts on band spraying

Baxter, L. W, Jr; Segars, S. B., 1989: Thoughts on camellia cold hardiness

Baxter, L. W, Jr; Segars, S. B., 1989: Thoughts on camellia flower blight

Lajolo, F. M.; Menezes, E. W. de; Filisetti Cozzi, T. M. C. C., 1988: Thoughts on carbohydrates and fibre

Blackburn, P. W., 1989: Thoughts on casualty slaughter

Roth, C., 1987: Thoughts on forest management - why no analyses of annual rings?

Cluzeau, P., 1988: Thoughts on the day trip phenomenon and an analysis of trends in Quebec in 1986

Scamoni, A., 1988: Thoughts on the distribution of Scots pine in the lowland: an essay

Kolar, L.; Pezlarova, J., 1988: Thoughts on the possibility of utilization of products of desulphurization in making industrial composts

Bistrian, Br, 1989: Thoughts on training and employment opportunities in clinical nutrition

Haggar, J. P.; Westgarth Smith, A. R.; Penman, D., 1989: Threatened flora and forests in the Azores

Barratt, L.; Smith, M. S., 1988: Threatened reefs: why education may be the only route to survival

Sinclair, J. B., 1989: Threats to soybean production in the tropics: red leaf blotch and leaf rust

Trenbath, B. R.; Conway, G. R.; Craig, I. A., 1990: Threats to sustainability in intensified agricultural systems: analysis and implications for management

Cattelin, P., 1989: Threats to unprocessed tobacco from the CAP

Goldsmith, F. B., 1988: Threats to woodland in an urban landscape: a case study in Greater London

Santis, L. de, 1988: Three Brazilian chalcids (Hymenoptera) egg parasitoids of Dirphia araucariae Jones, 1908 (Lepidoptera; Attacidae)

Bougher, N. L.; Hilton, R. N., 1989: Three Cortinarius species from Western Australia

Hall, D. W., 1988: Three Culex salinarius gynandromorphs

Baixeras Almela, J., 1988: Three Eucosmini Obrz., 1946 new to the Iberian fauna

Baixeras, J., 1989: Three Eucosmini Obrz., 1946 new to the Iberian fauna (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)

Chandler, V. L.; Turks, D., 1988: Three Mutator-induced alleles of B-Peru are caused by previously uncharacterized transposable elements

Gamble, W. K., 1988: Three Nigerian universities and their role in agricultural development

Buraas, T., 1988: Three Norwegian cereal varieties approved in 1988

Wright J.E., 1987: Three autosomal mutants of the boll weevil

Hansche, P. E., 1989: Three brachytic dwarf peach cultivars: Valley Gem, Valley Red and Valley Sun

Sakamoto, A.; Ogawa, M.; Masumura, T.; Shibata, D.; Takeba, G.; Tanaka, K.; Fujii, S., 1989: Three cDNA sequences coding for glutamine synthetase polypeptides in Oryza sativa L

Griffiths D., 1989: Three cases of aberrant right subclavian artery in the dog

Leach M.W.; Paul Murphy J.; Lowenstine L.J., 1989: Three cases of gastric neoplasia in psittacines

Malik R.; Church D.B.; Maddison J.E.; Farrow B.R., 1989: Three cases of local tetanus

Barr, A. R. S.; Denny, H. R., 1989: Three cases of non-displaced radial fracture in horses

Suzumiya, J.; Nawa, Y., 1990: Three cases of pulmonary dirofilariasis found in Miyazaki Prefecture

Kold, S.; Hickman, J., 1990: Three cases of subchondral bone cysts in the distal limb of the horse treated by bone grafting via an extra-articular approach

Idris, M. A., 1987: Three cestodes and one acanthocephalan from weaver birds in the Sudan

Bennett, F. D.; Noyes, J. S., 1989: Three chalcidoid parasites of diaspines and whiteflies occurring in Florida and the Caribbean

Russo, F.; Starrantino, A., 1988: Three citrange mutants discovered in Italy

Ogata, K.; Imai, J-I.; Nawa, Y., 1988: Three confirmed and five suspected human cases of Gnathostoma doloresi infection found in Miyazaki Prefecture, Kyushu

Fosberg, F. R.; Sachet, H. H., 1989: Three cultivated ixoras (Rubiaceae)

Southgate, D. D., 1989: Three current land use issues in the United States: (a) management of the national parks, (b) restructuring soil conservation policy, (c) land disposal of toxic wastes

Furukawa, I., 1989: Three dimensional analysis of fracture surfaces of wood cell walls

Alagusundaram, K.; Jayas, D. S.; White, N. D. G.; Muir, W. E., 1989: Three dimensional finite element heat transfer model of temperature distributions in grain storage bins

Chi, L.; Kushwaha, R. L., 1988: Three dimensional finite element interaction between soil and tillage tool

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Halperin, J., 1989: Three diseases and pests of plane trees in Europe and the threat they pose in Israel

Mitra, A.; An, G., 1989: Three distinct regulatory elements comprise the upsteam promoter region of the nopaline synthase gene

Coate, S. T. R., 1989: Three essays on famine relief policy

Blingsmo, K. R., 1986: Three fertilizer experiments in Scots pine stands

Lowenstein D.H.; Butler D.A.; Westaway D.; Mckinley M.P.; Dearmond S.J.; Prusiner S.B., 1990: Three hamster species with different scrapie incubation times and neuropathological features encode distinct prion proteins

Hodgson, A. S.; MacLeod, D. A., 1987: Three indices of structural change in a furrow irrigated Vertisol

Hansen, R., 1989: Three interesting process lines at Warncke Eis

Hatling, P., 1990: Three key areas for the dairy industry

Riber R.F., 1989: Three major areas that cause defects in cultured dairy products

Leesch, Jg; Arthur, Fh; Davis, R., 1990: Three methods of aluminum phosphide application for the in-transit fumigation of grain aboard deep-draft bulk cargo ships

Basar, H., 1990: Three mid-Eastern countries' agricultural co-op movement

Bassett M.J.; Awuma K., 1989: Three mimic mutants for reclining foliage in common bean

Chen, H. C.; Wintz, H.; Weil, J. H.; Pillay, D. T. N., 1989: Three mitochondrial tRNA genes from Arabidopsis thaliana: evidence for the conversion of a tRNAPhe gene into a tRNATyr gene

Friedman, D. B.; Johnson, T. E., 1988: Three mutants than extended both mean and maximum life span of the nematode, Caenorhabditis elegans, define the age-1 gene

Pasterkamp, H. P., 1988: Three narcissi score high points in performance trials

Vincx, M.; Furstenberg, J., 1988: Three new Xyalidae species (Nematoda) from South Africa, with a redefinition of the genus Xyala Cobb, 1920

Christensen, O. V.; Ottosen, C. O., 1989: Three new clones of Schefflera arboricola

Chi Son C.; Renvoize S.A., 1989: Three new combinations of bamboos

Cools, M. H.; Jansen, A. B., 1988: Three new cultivars for cold tomato culture

Hong, X.; Kuang, H., 1989: Three new genera and seven new species of the subfamily Phyllocoptinae (Acari: Eriophyidae) from China

Pasterkamp, H. P., 1989: Three new gladioli suitable for forcing

Kagiwata, T., 1990: Three new host plants of Rhizoctonia solani in Japan

Huan, R. H., 1988: Three new kiwifruit varieties

Section 2, Chapter 1989, Accession 001988303

Liu, C. J.; Gale, M. D., 1988: Three new marker systems, iodine binding factor (Ibf-1), malic enzyme (Mal-1) and malate dehydrogenase (Mdh-3) in wheat and related species

Schnable, P. S., 1990: Three new mutable alleles from a Cy-containing population

Hao, X.; He, S.; Wang, W.; He, C., 1989: Three new mutants of wheat

Gupta, V.; Jaiswal, R. K., 1988: Three new nematode parasites from fresh water fishes of Lucknow

Juneja, RK.; Niini, T.; Larsson, HEB.; Gahne, B., 1989: Three new plasma protein polymorphisms in domestic foxes, detected by a simple method of 2D horizontal electrophoresis

Vries, S. M. G. de, 1989: Three new poplar clones

Gopal, J.; Kang, G. S., 1988: Three new potato varieties for the plains

Ghosh, NK.; Chakrabarati, S., 1989: Three new species of Aculops Keifer (Acari: Eriophyidae) from West Bengal, India with key to Indian species

Ye, C. X., 1987: Three new species of Camellia

Taylor, KL., 1989: Three new species of Cardiaspina Crawford (Homoptera: Psylloidea) from Australian eucalypts

Froeschner, RC., 1989: Three new species of Colombian lace bugs of the genera Leptodictya and Leptopharsa (Heteroptera: Tingidae)

McAllister, CT.; Upton, SJ.; McCaskill, LD., 1990: Three new species of Eimeria (Apicomplexa: Eimeriidae) from Apalone spinifera pallidus (Testudines: Trionychidae) in Texas, with a redescription of E. amydae

Upton, SJ.; McAllister, CT., 1988: Three new species of Eimeria (Apicomplexa: Eimeriidae) from Nerodia rhombifera (Serpentes: Colubridae) from Texas

Mejia-Gonzalez, E.; Perez, TM., 1988: Three new species of Fainalges Gaud and Berla (Analgoidea: Xolalgidae) with descriptions of their developmental series

Rolston, LH., 1989: Three new species of Lincus (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) from palms

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