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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1990

Chapter 1990 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Zapata, F. J.; Torrizo, L. B., 1988: Tissue culture program at IRRI

Holland, R. T.; Fenn, P., 1989: Tissue culture propagation of pin oak

Baillie A.M.R.; Rossnagel B.G.; Kartha K.K., 1989: Tissue culture regeneration and in vitro selection in barley

Mccoy T.J., 1988: Tissue culture selection for disease resistant plants

Fitchet, M., 1989: Tissue culture speeds up evaluation of new cultivars

Venketeswaran, S.; Dias, M. A. D. L.; Sultanbawa, F.; Weyers, U. V., 1988: Tissue culture studies on mahogany tree, Swietenia

Torres, K. C., 1989: Tissue culture techniques for horticultural crops

Lupotto, E.; Lusardi, M. C.; Locatelli, F., 1990: Tissue culture, characterization and evaluation of in vitro salt tolerance in Arizona 8601

Yamamoto, Y., 1988: Tissue cultures of Euphorbia species

Evans, D. A.; Sharp, W. R., 1988: Tissue cultures of Lycopersicon spp

Palhares, P. E. S.; Fontana, P, Jr; Schaffer, G. M. V.; Marcondes, N. S. S.; Vergara, M., 1988: Tissue damage markers in experimental Chagas' disease

Rai, M.; Singh, D. V., 1987: Tissue degrading enzymes and phytotoxic properties of Xanthomonas campestris pv. cajani inciting leaf spot and stem canker of pigeon pea

Section 2, Chapter 1990, Accession 001989019

Plakas, S. M.; Dickey, R. W.; Barron, M. G.; Guarino, A. M., 1990: Tissue distribution and renal excretion of ormetoprim after intravascular and oral administration in the channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus)

Keen, P., 1990: Tissue distribution of antibacterials as related to blood levels

O'carra P.; Mulcahy P., 1990: Tissue distribution of mammalian lactate dehydrogenase isoenzymes

Section 2, Chapter 1990, Accession 001989024

Razmologov, V. P., 1988: Tissue induction from anther culture of Paeonia X hybrida

Luthman, J.; Jacobsson, S. O., 1989: Tissue inflammation caused by intramuscular injection of medication

Roy, S.; Bhattacharya, U.; Lahiri, S. C., 1988: Tissue kininogenase, high-molecular weight (HMW)-kininogen and kininase level in Plasmodium berghei infected rats

Section 2, Chapter 1990, Accession 001989029

Millamena, OM.; Pascual, FP., 1990: Tissue lipid content and fatty acid composition of Penaeus monodon Fabricius broodstock from the wild

Demiaszkiewicz, A. W., 1989: Tissue nematodes from the superfamily Filarioidea occurring in ruminants in Poland

Vaughan B.; Barbarick K.A.; Westfall D.G.; Chapman P.L., 1990: Tissue nitrogen levels for dryland hard red winter wheat

Section 2, Chapter 1990, Accession 001989034

Section 2, Chapter 1990, Accession 001989035

Eisemann J.H.; Hammond A.C.; Rumsey T.S., 1989: Tissue protein synthesis and nucleic acid concentrations in steers treated with somatotropin

Section 2, Chapter 1990, Accession 001989037

Kumar, S.; Lal, S. S.; Rao, M. B. S., 1988: Tissue reactions at the site of implantation of Stilesia globipunctata (Cestoda) scolex in the intestine of sheep

Coppock, R. W.; Swanson, S. P.; Gelberg, H. B.; Buck, W. B., 1988: Tissue residues of diacetoxyscirpenol in pigs and calves after intravenous dosing

Ahmed, A. A.; Soliman, M. M.; Nounou, A. H.; Sabbagh, H. S. el, 1988: Tissue residues of the herbicide basagran (bentazone) in rabbits

Spak C J.; Sjostedt S.; Eleborg L.; Veress B.; Perbeck L.; Ekstrand J., 1989: Tissue response of gastric mucosa after ingestion of fluoride

Filiti, N.; Rizzetto, M., 1987: Tissue response of pear to cold injury

Section 2, Chapter 1990, Accession 001989043

Bonifer C.; Vidal M.; Grosveld F.; Sippel A.E., 1990: Tissue specific and position independent expression of the complete gene domain for chicken lysozyme in transgenic mice

Batra S.; Iosif C.S., 1989: Tissue specific effects of progesterone on progesterone and estrogen receptors in the female urogenital tract

Hatanaka A., 1988: Tissue specific heterogeneity of lipoxygenase in cucumber seedlings

Hallberg, B.; Grundstrom, T., 1988: Tissue specific sequence motifs in the enhancer of the leukaemogenic mouse retrovirus SL3-3

Hahlbrock, K.; Cretin, C.; Cuypers, B.; Fritzemeier, K. H.; Hauffe, K. D.; Jahnen, W.; Kombrink, E.; Rohwer, F.; Scheel, D.; Schmelzer, E.; Schroder, M.; Taylor, J., 1987: Tissue specificity and dynamics of disease resistance responses in plants

Epstein R.L.; Ashworth R.B., 1989: Tissue sulfonamide concentration and correlation in turkeys

Binford G.D.; Blackmer A.M.; El Hout N.M., 1990: Tissue test for excess nitrogen during corn production

Dole, J. M.; Wilkins, H. F., 1988: Tissue testing of selected floricultural pot crops

Maruyama, Y.; Morikawa, Y.; Hosogai, H.; Kanekawa, T.; Horiuchi, T., 1988: Tissue water relations of leaves of Cryptomeria japonica clones in early winter in relation to freezing resistance

Todorova, V.; Svilenov, D.; Komandarev, S.; Noeva, K.; Tankov, C., 1989: Tissue-bound antigen-antibody complexes in the kidneys of rats with experimental Trichinella spiralis infection

Section 2, Chapter 1990, Accession 001989063

Section 2, Chapter 1990, Accession 001989065

Frenkel, J. K., 1989: Tissue-dwelling intracellular parasites: infection and immune responses in the mammalian host to Toxoplasma, Sarcocystis and Trichinella

James, M.; Stadler, J., 1990: Tissue-specific differences in Mu-element modification and restriction fragment profiles in plants regenerated from Mutator embryogenic callus lines

Oller do Nascimento, C. M.; Williamson, D. H., 1988: Tissue-specific effects of starvation and refeeding on the disposal of oral triolein in the rat during lactation and on removal of litter

Vorst, O; Dam, F. Van; Oosterhoff-Teertstra, R; Smeekens, S; Wejsbeek, P., 1990: Tissue-specific expression directed by an Arabidopsis thaliana pre-ferredoxin promoter in transgenic tobacco plants

Parrey, R.; Schneider, M.; Wink, M., 1990: Tissue-specific expression of a cDNA clone from cell suspension cultures of Lupinus polyphyllus

Robert, Ls; Thompson, Rd; Flavell, Rb, 1989: Tissue-specific expression of a wheat high molecular weight glutenin gene in transgenic tobacco

Mclean, Bg; Eubanks, S; Meagher, Rb, 1990: Tissue-specific expression of divergent actins in soybean root

Tobimatsu, T.; Fujisawa, H., 1989: Tissue-specific expression of four types of rat calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II mRNAs

Iatrou, K.; Meidinger, R. G., 1990: Tissue-specific expression of silkmoth chorion genes in vivo using Bombyx mori nuclear polyhedrosis virus as a transducing vector

Section 2, Chapter 1990, Accession 001989089

Clemens, T. L.; McGlade, S. A.; Garrett, K. P.; Horiuchi, N.; Hendy, G. N., 1988: Tissue-specific regulation of avian vitamin D-dependent calcium-binding protein 28-kDa mRNA by 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3

Davis, J. R. E., 1990: Tissue-specific regulation of prolactin gene expression

Milnes A.R.; Fitzpatrick R.W., 1989: Titanium and zirconium minerals

Baloga, M., 1988: Titanium dioxide slurry hygiene

Ernst W.H.O., 1988: Titanium in plants

Selevich, A. F.; Lyutsko, V. A.; Lyakhov, A. S., 1989: Titanium(III) dihydrogen orthophosphate Ti(H2PO4)3

Hiller, D. A.; Brummer, G. W., 1987: Titanium-iron concretions and the subsidiary elements in marsh soils-results of microprobe analysis

Lemons, J., 1987: Title 16 United States Code paragraph 55 and its implications for management of concession facilities in Yosemite National Park

Howard P.J.A.; Howard D.M., 1990: Titratable acids and bases in tree and shrub leaf litters

Ollikainen, P., 1990: Titration - a rapid method for the determination of proteolysis in cheese

Nagamine, T.; Shimomura, M.; Sugimori, H.; Kobayashi, M., 1989: Titration of Bombyx mori (Lepidoptera: Bombycidae) nuclear polyhedrosis virus in a Bombyx mori cell line

Nicoloso, M.; Qu, L. H.; Bachellerie, J. P., 1989: Titration of variant DNA sequences differing by a single-point mutation by selective dot-blot hybridization with synthetic oligonucleotide

Section 2, Chapter 1990, Accession 001989110

Section 2, Chapter 1990, Accession 001989111

Section 2, Chapter 1990, Accession 001989112

O' Brian, M. R.; Kirshbom, P. M.; Maier, R. J., 1987: Tn5-induced cytochrome mutants of Bradyrhizobium japonicum: efects of the mutations on cells grown symbiotically and in culture

Vanstockem, M.; Milcamps, A.; Michiels, K.; Vanderleyden, J.; Gool, A. P. van, 1988: Tn5-mutagenesis in Azospirillum brasilense

Naglich, J. G.; Andrews, R. E, Jr, 1988: Tn916-dependent conjugal transfer of PC194 and PUB110 from Bacillus subtilis into Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. israelensis

LaFarge England, C., 1989: Tne contemporary moss assemblages of a high arctic upland, northern Ellesmere Island, N. W. T., Canada

Niemann, H., 1989: To South America in a thermos flask. First experience of international transportation of pig embryos

Florkowski, W. J.; Purcell, J. C., 1990: To boost market share, production costs must be cut

Haraldson, M., 1987: To care and to cure: a linear programming approach to national health planning in developing countries

Song, S. Y., 1989: To deliberate the developing strategy and policy of agricultural mechanization of P.R. China

Yakker, M. N., 1988: To evaluate the inertia of sorption sensors of soil water potential

Frey, R. M., 1988: To everything there is a season: Reinvest in Minnesota (RIM) and soil conservation

Zheng, K. S. et al., 1989: To explore the principal vector of malaria by using vectorial capacity

Lin, J. H.; Panzer, R., 1990: To face some female animal reproduction problems with acupuncture

Milyukov, A. K. , 1989: To improve the genetic base of dairy cattle

Hutjens, M. F., 1990: To keep milk protein levels up

Baum, A. E., 1989: To make grain storage reliable

Koning A. de, 1988: To measure is to know and react quicker

Gordon, A., 1988: To move with the times. The story of transport and travel in Scotland

Valuzhis, K., 1990: To pave the way for leasing contracts in agriculture

Keller, L.; Pfister, T., 1990: To protect the environment use computers; The future requires more skill with the environment

Anonymous, 1989: To seek tourism transformation: 1989 highlights and future priorities of the ECTWT

Bealer, R. C.; Fortmann, L. C., 1989: To sin not, is it not a sin? A metatheoretical comment on Fortmann's, 'Predicting natural resource micro-protect'; Micro-protest in action: reply to Bealer. (2 papers)

Vandergeten, J. P.; Vanstallen, M., 1989: To succeed in the ensiling of pressed pulp

Hammond, R. F.; Harrington, D., 1989: To test five methods of incorporation of ground limestone at three rates into strongly acidic Sphagnum derived peat materials

Burgess, R., 1988: To the amateur sporting club administrator: communication is the key

Chambers, R.; Saxena, N. C.; Shah, T., 1989: To the hands of the poor: water and trees

Tirjakova, E.; Matis, D., 1985: To the knowledge of the soil ciliates (Ciliophora) from the territory of Mongolia

Gombosova, A.; Demes, P.; Valent, M., 1986: To the mode of action of SolcoTrichovac in trichomoniasis: a possibility of nonspecific effect of the vaccine

Volkel, J.; Grunert, J., 1990: To the problem of dune formation and dune weathering during the Late Pleistocene and Holocene in the southern Sahara and the Sahel

Reznik, B. Y.; Minkov, I. P., 1990: To the problem of prevalence of congenital malformations

Holub, Z.; Ostrolucka, M. G., 1988: To the question of direct influence of acid rain on the function of pollen of forest trees

Latchuga, Yu F.; Fleisher, N. M., 1988: To the theory of draught resistance of tilling machines

Anonymous, 1988: To travel hopefully. Travel and tourism in the EEC

Sbarbaro, J., 1989: To treat or not to treat, that was the question

Mott, K. E., 1988: To wash or not. Nytrel filters and urinary schistosomiasis

Wenzel, H. J.; Weyl, U., 1986: To what extent can school contribute to agricultural and rural development?: Theoretical considerations and empirical study, taking Gutu District, Zimbabwe, as an example

Anonymous, 1988: To what extent can tourism-recreation potential be directed?

Mettin, C., 1986: To what extent is broadleaf litter an ecological and economic aid in conifer stands?

Schuh, H.; Lorrmann, W.; Hahn, R., 1989: To what extent may bull semen be diluted?

Mil' ner, M. L.; Barsa, Zh A., 1988: Toasted cottonseed oilmeal in diets for broiler chickens

Zulkifly, M. Z.; Azman, W. I. W.; Kamarudin, H.; Abdullah, C. T., 1988: Tobacco cultivation on bris sandy soil under sprinkler irrigation system in Peninsular Malaysia

Sheikh, M. I.; Hussain, R. W.; Saliheen Khan, 1987: Tobacco curing in N.W.F.P

Avigliano, M., 1988: Tobacco diseases in Italy

Babalola, A. S., 1988: Tobacco farming and women in rural community of Nigeria

Sannino, L.; Balbiani, A., 1987: Tobacco flea beetle control in Italy by chemical soil application and sprays

Memelink, J; Linthorst, Hjm; Schilperoort, Ra; Hoge, Jhc, 1990: Tobacco genes encoding acidic and basic isoforms of pathogenesis-related proteins display different expression patterns

Meeks Wagner D.R.; Dennis E.S.; Tran Thanh Van K.; Peacock W.J., 1989: Tobacco genes expressed during in vitro floral initiation and their expression during normal plant development

Anonymous, 1989: Tobacco in the developing world

Trancheva, R.; Stankev, G., 1988: Tobacco lines resistant to black shank and wildfire

Agrawal, H. O., 1987: Tobacco mosaic virus in Libya

Tolkach, V. F.; Chuyan, A. Kh; Shafranovskaya, I. V.; Krylov, A. V., 1988: Tobacco mosaic virus isolated from Iris in the Primor'e region

Zaitlin M., 1988: Tobacco mosaic virus particles contain ubiquitinated coat protein subunits

Gondwe, W. K., 1988: Tobacco nutrition effects of N, P and K on yield, quality and chemical composition of flue-cured tobacco following soyabeans

Tomassoli, L.; Benetti, M. P., 1988: Tobacco rattle virus in triple infection in lily

Morejon, L. E.; Cala, O.; Venereo, L., 1986: Tobacco soils of Pinar del Rio province. I. Physicochemical and chemical characteristics

Torreno, H. S., 1989: Tobacco, Nicotiana tabacum L., a possible trap crop for the cutworm, Spodoptera litura (F.)

Grise, V. N., 1989: Tobacco: background for 1990 farm legislation

Anonymous, 1990: Tobacco: supply, demand and trade projections, 1995 and 2000

Caignet, D., 1988: Tocha, the first factory making fresh cheese with fruit

Tatsumi, K; Yaoi, K; Mino, M., 1988: Tocopherol concentrations in platelets in children

Hirahara, F.; Koike, Y., 1989: Tocopherol content in sweet potato tubers of different cultivar, places harvested and cooking methods

Morita T.; Kitagawa M.; Mino M., 1989: Tocopherol distribution in serum lipoproteins with respect to red blood cell tocopherol levels in children

Goutier R., 1988: Tocopherol mobilization during intensive exercise

Hargett, N. L.; Berry, J. T., 1988: Today's retail fertilizer industry

Section 2, Chapter 1990, Accession 001989196

Joshi, N. S.; Dave, R. I.; Patel, J. R.; Pandya, A. J.; Thakar, P. N., 1989: Toffee

Section 2, Chapter 1990, Accession 001989198

Shurtleff, W.; Aoyagi, A., 1985: Tofutti & other soy ice creams. I. The non-dairy frozen dessert industry and market

Shurtleff, W.; Aoyagi, A., 1985: Tofutti & other soy ice creams. II. Documents & graphics related to soy ice cream

Shurtleff, W.; Aoyagi, A., 1989: Tofutti & other soy ice creams: non-dairy frozen dessert industry and market. 1985 to January 1989

Vlaenderen, G. van, 1989: Togo - a case study of the development of sheep and goat production at village level

Nivaille, J., 1987: Tokens of the King's secretaries and the type of honeybee swarm

Usuki, S., 1988: Tokishakuyakusan stimulates cyclic adenosine 3',5'-monophosphate accumulation and progestin production by corpora lutea

Section 2, Chapter 1990, Accession 001989208

Section 2, Chapter 1990, Accession 001989209

Section 2, Chapter 1990, Accession 001989211

Roggero, P.; Imbriano, A.; Volpe, C.; Lambri, A.; Donattini, T.; Longoni, R.; Tallarico, M.; Careddu, P., 1988: Tolerance and absorption of a physiological dose of lactose and of cow's milk in healthy Italian children

Section 2, Chapter 1990, Accession 001989213

Kietzmann, M.; Mischke, R.; Albrecht, N.; Nolte, I., 1990: Tolerance and pharmacokinetics of cefalexin (Cefaseptin dragees) in dogs

Bavyko, N. F., 1987: Tolerance and resistance to particular viruses in primitive cultivated species of potato

Olimpienko, G. S., 1988: Tolerance as a constituent of radiation resistance in perennial grasses

Murthy, N. S.; Rao, C. R. N.; Murthy, C. V. V. S., 1989: Tolerance gap limits in tobacco crop of southern light soils and northern light soils of Andhra Pradesh

Dhawan, S. C.; Nagesh, M., 1987: Tolerance in wheat against cereal cyst nematode, Heterodera avenae

Pircher, H.; Burki, K.; Lang, R.; Hengartner, H.; Zinkernagel, R. M., 1989: Tolerance induction in double specific T-cell receptor transgenic mice varies with antigen

Cruz, ER.; Pitogo, CL., 1989: Tolerance level and histopathological response of milkfish (Chanos chanos) fingerlings to formalin

Den Ouden H., 1987: Tolerance levels and sequential sampling tables for supervised control in cabbage crops

Ostrovskii, N. V., 1990: Tolerance levels for the irregularity of maize seed distribution along the row during sowing

Costantini, A.; Frodsham, T., 1987: Tolerance of Araucaria cunninghamii transplants to sixteen herbicides

Prieto, A.; Fajer, E.; Perez Vizcaya, R., 1988: Tolerance of Cyprinus carpio (common carp) and Oreochromis aureus (tilapia) to formalin, and its efficacy in controlling trichodiniasis

Langer, I.; Langrova, M., 1990: Tolerance of Czechoslovak and foreign spring barley genotypes to low soil pH

Kawakami, F.; Nishikawa, S.; Moku, M., 1989: Tolerance of Japanese persimmon (kaki) to fumigation with methyl bromide

Alejo, A. P.; Rodriguez, A. G.; Fisher, M. J., 1988: Tolerance of Stylosanthes capitata to fire on the Eastern Plains of Colombia

Chinawong, S.; Matsumoto, H.; Ishizuka, K., 1989: Tolerance of Thai rice cultivars to the herbicides simetryn and dimethametryn

Megharaj, M.; Venkateswarlu, K.; Rao, A. S., 1988: Tolerance of algal population in rice soil to carbofuran application

Behr, K. P.; Luders, H.; Erhorn, I., 1988: Tolerance of anticoccidials by waterfowl

Johnson, B. J.; Landry, G. W, Jr; Karnok, K. J., 1989: Tolerance of bentgrass to amount, frequency, and timing of ethofumesate applications

Horal, J.; Horalova, J.; Rod, J., 1987: Tolerance of cabbage (Brassica oleracea var. capitata) and Savoy cabbage (Brassica oleracea var. sabauda) to clubroot (Plasmodiophora brassicae)

Kumar, D.; Daulay, H. S.; Sharma, P. C., 1989: Tolerance of castor to soil salinity

Morohan, G.; Allison, J.; Miller, J. F. A. P., 1989: Tolerance of class 1 histocompatibility antigens expressed extrathymically

Anderson, R. L., 1988: Tolerance of corn, proso millet and safflower to FMC-57020

Section 2, Chapter 1990, Accession 001989244

Price, N. S.; Hussey, R. S.; Roncadori, R. W., 1989: Tolerance of cotton to Meloidogyne incognita as influenced by phosphorus fertiliser and a vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus

Staub, J. E.; Crubaugh, L. K., 1989: Tolerance of cucumber to chloramben herbicide

Smith, E. M.; Treaster, S. S., 1988: Tolerance of daylily and peony to Surflan, Devrinol and Treflan

Khanna, S. C.; Yadav, T. D., 1989: Tolerance of eggs of Ephestia cautella Walk. and Corcyra cephalonica Staint. to methyl bromide and phosphine

Bussell, W. T.; Ellison, J. H., 1987: Tolerance of first generation asparagus hybrids to Fusarium spp

El Nakhlawy F.S.; El Fawal M.A., 1989: Tolerance of five oil crops to salinity and temperature stresses during germination

Pellett, H., 1987: Tolerance of flower buds of several rhododendron taxa to a severe fall freeze

Lawrie, J.; Clay, D. V., 1989: Tolerance of forestry and biomass broad-leaved tree species to soil-acting herbicides

Schreiner, H. G., 1987: Tolerance of four forage grasses to different levels of shading

Jensen, K. I. N., 1986: Tolerance of four herbs to herbicides

Fraguas, J. C.; Lopes do Amaral, F. de A.; Braga, J. M.; Cardoso, A. A., 1989: Tolerance of grape (Vitis spp.) rootstocks to aluminium saturation

Mittal, J. P., 1988: Tolerance of grazing desert sheep to long-term ingestion of magnesium-rich waters

Butler, J. H. B.; Alexander, R. T., 1987: Tolerance of lentils to pre-emergence herbicides

Section 2, Chapter 1990, Accession 001989261

Samonte, H. P.; Ocampo, A. M., 1989: Tolerance of mungbean, peanut, soybean and corn to acid soil conditions in the Philippines

Smith, E. M.; Treaster, S. A., 1989: Tolerance of narcissus cultivars to selected pre-emergence herbicides

Lauter D.J.; Meiri A.; Yermiyahu U., 1989: Tolerance of peanut to excess boron

Kaufman, Z.; Livescu, L.; Erlich, O.; Nachmias, A., 1989: Tolerance of potatoes to early blight under saline irrigation

Tsai, BY. van Gundy, SD., 1989: Tolerance of proto-anhydrobiotic citrus nematodes to adverse conditions

Srinivasan, K.; Ramasamy, M.; Shantha, R., 1990: Tolerance of pulse crops to allelochemicals of tree species

Singh P.P.; Mazaredo A.M.; Vergara B.S.; Singh B.N.; Mackill D.J., 1989: Tolerance of rainfed lowland rice cultivars and breeding lines for submergence at seedling stage

Camargo C.E.D.O., 1988: Tolerance of rice and wheat cultivars to salinity

Dusky, J. A., 1989: Tolerance of rice to selected postemergence grass herbicides

Lawson, H. M.; Wiseman, J. S., 1990: Tolerance of seed potato to cycloxydim selective graminicide

Lawson H.M.; Wiseman J.S.; Wright G.M., 1989: Tolerance of seed potato to two new residual herbicide mixtures

Evans, G. E., 1988: Tolerance of selected bluegrass and fescue taxa to simulated human foot traffic

Sutiak, V.; Sutiakova, I., 1988: Tolerance of sheep to large doses of urea with different proportion of orthophosphoric acid

Salman, A. G. A.; Morsy, M. A. A.; Sayed, A. A., 1987: Tolerance of some Egyptian timbers to the attack of the sand termite Psammotermes hybostoma Des

Mahfud, M. C.; Sarwono, 1986: Tolerance of some grape varieties to downy mildew

Tomov, N., 1988: Tolerance of some oriental tobacco varieties to broom rape

Singh B.B., 1988: Tolerance of soybean varieties to water logging

Evans, P. M.; Smith, R. S.; Carpenter, J. A.; Koen, T. B., 1989: Tolerance of subterranean clover cultivars and balansa clover to selective herbicides in Tasmania

Mccarty L.B.; Higgins J.M.; Whitwell T.; Miller L.C., 1989: Tolerance of tall fescue to postemergence grass herbicides

Jenkins K.J.; Hidiroglou M., 1989: Tolerance of the calf for excess copper in milk replacer

Butler Fasteland, M. C.; Sanborn, S. M.; Iverson, R. D., 1986: Tolerance of three conifer species to site preparation applications of imazapyr

Weston, L. A.; Barrett, M., 1989: Tolerance of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) and bell pepper (Capsicum annum) to clomazone

Section 2, Chapter 1990, Accession 001989286

Ansari, R.; Naqvi, S. S. M.; Ala, S. A., 1987: Tolerance of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) cultivars to sodium salts

Malik, R. K.; Balyan, R. S.; Bhan, V. M., 1989: Tolerance of wheat cultivars to diclofopmethyl

Goncharenko, A. A.; Shaduro, S. I.; Gengiuri, N. N.; Filippov, S. N., 1988: Tolerance of winter rye varieties following infection with brown and stem rusts

Gabillard, D.; Jacquet, M., 1989: Tolerance reaction of muskmelon to inoculation with Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. melonis races 0 and 1

Bulcke, R.; Himme, M. van; Stryckers, J., 1988: Tolerance to amitrole in weeds in long-term experiments in fruit plantations

Brolmann, J. B.; Sonoda, R. M., 1989: Tolerance to anthracnose among Stylosanthes guianensis (Aubl.) Sw. adapted to Florida

Flunker, L. K.; Damron, B. L.; Sundlof, S. F., 1990: Tolerance to ground Sesbania macrocarpa seed by broiler chicks and White Leghorn hens

Pereira, A. S.; Egashira, Y., 1987: Tolerance to heat in tomatoes

Kaehne, I. D.; Auricht, G. C.; Mayer, E. T.; Horsnell, J. A., 1987: Tolerance to pests and diseases in lucerne

Gaikwad, A. P.; Bhate, S. B., 1989: Tolerance to stem (Puccinia graminis tritici Erikss. and Henn.) and leaf rust (Puccinia recondita Reb. ex. Desm.) of wheat

Section 2, Chapter 1990, Accession 001989301

Stall, W. M.; Locascio, S. J.; Shuler, K. D.; Llewellyn, W., 1986: Tolerances of several cole crops to pre and postemergence herbicides on mineral soils

De, C. P., 1989: Toll of the sea: chlorine as antifoulant

Section 2, Chapter 1990, Accession 001989306

Mehlhorn, H.; Schmahl, G.; Haberkorn, A., 1988: Toltrazuril effective against a broad spectrum of protozoan parasites

Zylstra, G. J.; Gibson, D. T., 1989: Toluene degradation by Pseudomonas putida F1

Soedibyo, M., 1987: Tomato (Lycopersicum esculentum Mill.) ripening influenced by ethylene generated by leaves of Gliricidia sepium Jacq

Anonymous, 1988: Tomato Likurich for unprotected cultivation

Evans, D. A.; Morrison, R., 1989: Tomato anther culture

Kondakova V.; Kaitazova P., 1989: Tomato bushy stunt virus isolated from strawberries

Wyatt, J. E.; Mullins, J. A., 1988: Tomato cultivar evaluation in west Tennessee

Benoit, F.; Ceustermans, N., 1989: Tomato culture with the nutrient film technique

Warnock S.J., 1990: Tomato evolution and its implications for tomato culture

Mitcham, Ej; Gross, Kc; Ng, Tj, 1989: Tomato fruit cell wall synthesis during development and senescence

Koch, J. L.; Nevins, D. J., 1989: Tomato fruit cell wall. I. Use of purified tomato polygalacturonase and pectinmethylesterase to identify developmental changes in pectins

Castilla, N.; Fereres, E., 1990: Tomato growth and yield in unheated plastic greenhouses in a Mediterranean climate

Narita, J. O.; Gruissem, W., 1989: Tomato hydroxymethylglutaryl-CoA reductase is required early in fruit development but not during ripening

Anonymous, 1989: Tomato no. 3. The influence of the growing method (soil or substrate) on the choice of cultivar for tomatoes. I. Spring culture

Anonymous, 1989: Tomato no. 4. The influence of the growing method (soil or substrate) on the choice of cultivar for tomatoes. II. Autumn culture

Marangoni, A. G.; Brown, E. D.; Stanley, D. W.; Yada, R. Y., 1989: Tomato peroxidase: rapid isolation and partial characterization

Wick, R. L.; Shrier, R., 1990: Tomato pith necrosis caused by Erwinia chrysanthemi

Kuwata, H.; Oikawa, K., 1989: Tomato pith necrosis occurred in Aomori Prefecture (1) Isolation of Pseudomonas corrugata Roberts and Scarlett 1981 and P. viridiflava (Burkholder 1930) Dowson 1939 from diseased plants

Mcavoy R.J.; Janes H.W., 1989: Tomato plant photosynthetic activity as related to canopy age and tomato development

Cook R.T.A., 1988: Tomato powdery mildew

Forsberg, A. S., 1989: Tomato powdery mildew - occurrence and control trials

Amelung, D., 1990: Tomato powdery mildew caused by a fungus of the genus Leveillula

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Goodyear, S. N.; Ormrod, D. P., 1988: Tomato response to concurrent and sequential NO2 and O3 exposures

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