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Ultrasonographic observation of postpartum uterine involution in beef cows

Izaike, Y.; Suzuki, O.; Shimada, K.; Kosugiyama, M.

Japanese Journal of Animal Reproduction 35(1): 54-60


Accession: 001994598

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A linear-array ultrasound scanner with a 5-MHz rectal transducer was evaluated for the uterine involution in beef cows. In the ultrasound images of uterus in situ, two elliptical lines indicated the cross section of endometrium and stratum vasculare. The ultrasonographic values of cross sectional diameter and area of uterine horn agreed well with the values measured for the removed uterus. Involutional changes of uterine diameter and cross sectional area, existence of lochia and uterine porous cavity were clearly observed by ultrasonography. Days required from calving to uterine involution, disappearance of lochia and uterine porous cavity in Japanese Black cows were 37.8 .+-. 6.7, 16.5 .+-. 1.9 and 25.5 .+-. 5.9 days, respectively. The results indicated that the linear-array ultrasound scanner was judged effective for monitoring the uterine involution in beef cows.

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