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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2002

Chapter 2002 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Pisi, A.; Bellardi, M.G.; Bernicchia, A., 1988:
Virus-like particles in Boletus edulis Bull. ex Fr. in Italy

Rehácek, J.; Sutáková, G., 1989:
Virus-like particles in Dermacentor reticulatus ticks

Cooper, J.I.; Kelley, S.E.; Massalski, P.R., 1988:
Virus-pollen interactions

Kitamoto, N.; Hiroi, K.; Miyamoto, K.; Tanaka, T.; Miyamoto, H., 1990:
Virus-specific antigen expressed in the nucleus of cowpox virus-infected cells

Scholl, T.; Lunney, J.K.; Mebus, C.A.; Duffy, E.; Martins, C.L., 1989:
Virus-specific cellular blastogenesis and interleukin-2 production in swine after recovery from African swine fever

Eppler, A.; Lesan, V.; Lazar, A., 1989:
Viruses and virus diseases in some vineyards in Romania

Moyer J.W.; Salazar L.F., 1989:
Viruses and viruslike diseases of sweet potato

Afshar, A.; Eaglesome, M.D., 1990:
Viruses associated with bovine semen

Inouye, N.; Maeda, T.; Mitsuhata, K., 1989:
Viruses causing mosaic and flower color breaking diseases of Zinnia elegans

Paludan, N.; Heide, M.; Begtrup, J.; Borkhardt, B., 1988:
Viruses in Dipladenia sanderi

Nashida, M.; Shimohara, E.; Sugishima, S.; Kaneko, M., 1989:
Viruses isolated from activated sludges, 1984-1986

Frison, E.A., 1988:
Viruses of cowpea in the Sahel

Zettler F.W.; K.N.J.; Wisler G.C.; Elliott M.S.; Wong S M., 1990:
Viruses of orchids and their control

Gatti, M.S.; de Castro, A.F.; Ferraz, M.M.; Fialho, A.M.; Pereira, H.G., 1989:
Viruses with bisegmented double-stranded RNA in pig faeces

Stiles, J.K.; Molyneux, D.H.; Wallbanks, K.R., 1988:
Viruslike particles in Glossina palpalis gambiensis (Diptera: Glossinidae)

Shepherd, H.S., 1988:
Viruslike particles in tentoxin-producing strains of Alternaria alternata

Just, G.; Simader, R.; Helm, E.B.; Stille, W.; Falk, S.; Stutte, H.J.; Hubner, K., 1988:
Visceral Leishmania donovani infection (Kala-Azar) in a patient with acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS)

Scaglia, M.; Gatti, S.; Bruno, A.; Cevini, C.; Chichino, G.; Magnani, B.; Brustia, R., 1989:
Visceral and ocular larva migrans: epidemiological, clinical, and immunological findings of 20 adult and paediatric cases

Hendrix, C.M.; Kwapien, R.P.; Porch, J.R., 1987 :
Visceral and subcutaneous acariasis caused by hypopi of Hypodectes propus bulbuci in the cattle egret

Avtsyn, A.P.; Kazantseva, I.A.; Minsker, O.B.; Chumachenko, P.V., 1988:
Visceral candidosis associated with high eosinophilia during acute opisthorchiasis

Levine, M.; Bader Meunier, B.; Tassin, E.; Dupont, B.; Courtecuisse, V.; Tchernia, G., 1990:
Visceral candidosis in two children treated for acute leukaemia

Garcia Marin, J.F.; Peris Palau, B., 1987:
Visceral cysticercosis in lambs fattened in Zaragoza Province: incidence and nature of the lesions

Radomski, A.A.; Osborn, D.A.; Pence, D.B.; Nelson, M.; Warren, R.J., 1988:
Visceral helminths from an insular population of armadillos

Caluwe, J.P. de; Lievens, P.; Trolin, C.; Heimann, R.; Delcourt, A.; Taelman, H., 1988:
Visceral kala-azar acquired in Spain. A case report

Agnihotri, R.K.; Bhatia, B.B.; Kumar, D., 1987:
Visceral larva migrans. 1. Migratory behaviour of Toxocara canis larvae in golden hamster and chicken

Caucanas, J.P.; Magnaval, J.F.; Camare, R.; Vinel, J.P.; Cales, P.; Pascal, J.P., 1988:
Visceral larva migrans: a probable cause of raised gamma -glutamyltransferase

Kager, P.A., 1988:
Visceral leishmaniasis

Smith, D.; Gazzard, B.; Lindley, R.P.; Darwish, A.; Reed, C.; Bryceson, A.D.; Evans, D.A., 1989:
Visceral leishmaniasis (kala azar) in a patient with AIDS

Hoche, D.; Herold, M.; Lauten, G.; Anger, G.; Perlewitz, J., 1988:
Visceral leishmaniasis (kala-azar) as a problem in differential diagnosis

Lüthy, R.M.; Kistler, H.J., 1989:
Visceral leishmaniasis (kala-azar) as an opportunistic infection in immunosuppressed patients

Montalban, C.; Martinez Fernandez, R.; Calleja, J.L.; Garcia Diaz, J. de D.; Rubio, R.; Dronda, F.; Moreno, S.; Yebra, M.; Barros, C.; Cobo, J.; Martinez, M.C.; Ruiz, F.; Costa, J.R., 1989:
Visceral leishmaniasis (kala-azar) as an opportunistic infection in patients infected with human immunodeficiency virus in Spain

Anonymous, 1989:
Visceral leishmaniasis (kala-azar) in Southern Saudi Arabia

Elias, M.; Rahman, A.J.; Khan, N.I., 1989:
Visceral leishmaniasis and its control in Bangladesh

Vigevani, G.M.; Galli, M.; Rizzardini, G.; Antinori, S.; Almaviva, M.; Coen, M., 1989:
Visceral leishmaniasis in HIV infection: a report of three cases

Bernard, E.; Rodot, S.; Michiels, J.F.; Politano, S.; Lefichoux, Y.; Dellamonica, P., 1988:
Visceral leishmaniasis in a patient with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

Cataldini, S.; Simone, M. de, 1987:
Visceral leishmaniasis in an adult: a case report

E.H.ssan, A.M.; Ahmed, M.A.M.; Rahim, A.A. et al., 1990:
Visceral leishmaniasis in the Sudan: clinical and hematological features

Lazanas, M.; Perronne, C.; Lomverdos, D.; Galariotis, C.; Arapakis, G.; Vilde, J.L., 1990 :
Visceral leishmaniasis revealed by histiocytosis with erythrophagocytosis

Benhamou, B.; Balafrej, A.; Mikou, N.; Baroudi, A., 1990:
Visceral leishmaniasis revealed by pigmentary cholelithiasis

Mebrahtu, Y.; Lawyer, P.; Githure, J.; Were, J.B.; Muigai, R.; Hendricks, L.; Leeuwenburg, J.; Koech, D.; Roberts, C., 1989:
Visceral leishmaniasis unresponsive to pentostam caused by Leishmania tropica in Kenya

Laurencin, F.B.; Vigneulle, M.; Castric, J.; Tixerant, G., 1988:
Visceral myxobacteriosis of rainbow trout; therapeutic trials

Enzi, G.; Sergi, G.; Pavan, M.; Dodi, G.; Allegri, F.; Digito, M.; Baldo-Enzi, G., 1988:
Visceral obesity and diabetes

Burrin, D.G.; Britton, R.A.; Ferrell, C.L., 1988:
Visceral organ size and hepatocyte metabolic activity in fed and fasted rats

Sindou, P.; Rondelaud, D.; Barthe, D., 1990:
Visceral pathology and size of the host snail: comparative studies in Lymnaea glabra infected by Fasciola hepatica

Shirai, J.; Nakamura, K.; Narita, M.; Furuta, K.; Hihara, H.; Kawamura, H., 1989:
Visceral urate deposits in chicks inoculated with avian nephritis virus

Anonymous, 1988:
Visceral-leishmaniasis (kala-azar) in southern Saudi Arabia

Liu, M.; Haghighi, K.; Stroshine, R.L., 1989:
Viscoelastic characterization of the soybean seedcoat

Nakano, T.; Nakamura, H., 1986:
Viscoelasticity of esterified wood specimens III. The effect of ester content on dynamic mechanical properties

Nakano, T.; Nakamura, H., 1987:
Viscoelasticity of esterified wood specimens IV. The effect of introduced acyl groups on dynamic mechanical properties

Kar, R.; Sanyal, S.K., 1989:
Viscosity B coefficients and their temperature dependence of some synthetic humic acid samples

Eszterle, M., 1990:
Viscosity and molecular structure of pure sucrose solutions

Rohm H., 1989:
Viscosity and thixotropy of yoghurt

Prasad B.; Kumar M., 1989:
Visible absorption spectroscopic investigation in relation to molecular characteristics of fulvic acids extracted from organic wastes

Hitrec, T., 1989:
Visible and nonvisible ecological implications of tourist development

Franchesci, P.; Santucci, P., 1988:
Visible genetic profile of Corsican goats

Franchesci, P.; Vallerand, F., 1988:
Visible genetic profile of Corsican sheep

Benadjaoud, A., 1988:
Visible genetic profile of Landais sheep

Boyazoglu, J.G.; Hatziminaoglou, J.; Lauvergne, J.J., 1988:
Visible genetic profile of Macedonian goats

Sadorge, A.; Benadjaoud, A., 1988:
Visible genetic profile of Rove goats

Branca, A.; Casu, S., 1988:
Visible genetic profile of Sardinian goats

Abbe, P.; Benadjaoud, A., 1988:
Visible genetic profile of Ushant sheep

Gruppetta, A.; Renieri, C.; Silvestrelli, M.; Valfre, F., 1988:
Visible genetic profile of goats in Malta

Dunner, S.; Canon, J., 1988:
Visible genetic profile of goats in northern Spain

Renieri, C.; Rubino, R.; Tessa, D. la; Muscillo, F.; Sarrica, G.; Zarriello, G., 1988:
Visible genetic profile of goats in southern Italy

Martres, J.P.; Benadjaoud, A., 1988:
Visible genetic profile of goats in the Haut Roya

Djorbineva, M.K.; Alexieva, S.A.; Hinkovski, T.; Lauvergne, J.J., 1988:
Visible genetic profile of the goats of Sakhar, Bulgaria

Adalsteinsson, S., 1988:
Visible genetic profiles of the Icelandic sheep

Alexieva, S.A.; Djorbineva, M.K.; Lauvergne, J.J.; Hinkovski, T., 1988:
Visible genetic profiles of the Karakacan sheep in Bulgaria

Tamamaki, N., 1989:
Visible light reception and accessory eye in giant snail, Achatina fulica, as revealed by an electrophysiological study

Narby, J., 1990:
Visions of land: the Ashaninca and resource development in the Pichis Valley in the Peruvian central jungle

Gautrand, J.C., 1990:
Visions of sport

McGuire, F.; O.L.ary, J.T.; Dottavio, F.D., 1988:
Visions of the future: national perspectives on leisure

Jim C.Y., 1989:
Visitor management in recreation areas

Cordell, H.K. et al., 1986:
Visitor needs and user impact

Uysal, M.; McDonald, C.D., 1989:
Visitor segmentation by trip index

Anonymous, 1990:
Visitor statistics, December 1989; Hotel statistics, November 1989

Mortensen, C.O., 1989:
Visitor use impacts within the Knobstone Trail corridor

Haywood, K.M., 1990:
Visitor-employed photography: an urban visit assessment

Anonymous, 1989:
Visitors are good for you

Anonymous, 1988:
Visitors in the countryside. Rural tourism: a development strategy

Boyd, S., 1988:
Visitors to New Zealand from the USA - a compilation of recent research

Anonymous, 1988:
Visitors to tourist attractions in Wales

Oudsten, Q. den, 1989:
Visitors' centres for local history: memorandum on visitors' centres for local history

Fuller, R.M.; Parsell, R.J.; Oliver, M.; Wyatt, G., 1989:
Visual and computer classifications of remotely-sensed images. A case study of grasslands in Cambridgeshire

Anonymous, 1989:
Visual arts

Aron, S.; Deneubourg, JL.; Pasteels, JM., 1988:
Visual cues and trail-following idiosyncrasy in Leptothorax unifasciatus: an orientation process during foraging

Sibley, P.K.; Fortin, C., 1989:
Visual detection of microencapsulated insecticides with selective staining and scanning electron microscopy

Saraiva, I.R.; Trindade, M. de L.B.; Hernandez Filho, P., 1987:
Visual evaluation of thematic mapper images in vegetation classification

Yukawa, N.; Namikawa, K.; Fujiura, T., 1990:
Visual feedback control of fruit harvesting robot (Part 1). By use of processing of combined binary and gray images by light emittance

Kastberger, G., 1988:
Visual flight control in wasps: the influence of the ocelli on phototactic orientation and turning tendency

Flowers, R.S.; Klatt, M.J.; Keelan, F.I., 1987:
Visual immunoassay for detection of Salmonella in foods: collaborative study

Lidror, A.; Pasternak, H.; Engel, H., 1989:
Visual inspection labor time for oranges

Zeil, J.; Wittmann, D., 1987:
Visual orientation towards the nest in a stingless bee (Tetragonisca angustula)

Shahi, A.K.; Sen, D.N., 1989:
Visual quantification studies on Cymbopogon jwarancusa (Jones) Schult. at leaf development under arid climate

Hardie J.; Poppy G.M.; David C.T., 1989:
Visual responses of flying aphids and their chemical modification

Park, D.L.; Miller, B.M.; Nesheim, S.; Trucksess, M.W.; Vekich, A.; Bidigare, B.; McVey, J.L.; Brown, L.H., 1989:
Visual semiquantitative spectrophotometric ELISA screening method for aflatoxin B1 in corn and peanut products: follow-up collaborative study

Hirvonen, J.; Ojamo, H., 1988:
Visual sensors in tracking of tissue growth

Chapman, H.D., 1986:
Visual symptoms of mineral deficiencies and excess on citrus

Stephenson, R.A.; Gallagher, E.C.; Haydon, G.F., .:
Visual symptoms of nutrient imbalances in macadamia

Strain, G.M.; Claxton, M.S.; Olcott, B.M.; Turnquist, S.E., 1990:
Visual-evoked potentials and electroretinograms in ruminants with thiamine-responsive polioencephalomalacia or suspected listeriosis

Neet Sarqueda, C.; Clot, A.C.P.; Becholey, I., 1988:
Visualization of introgressive hybridization between Pinus sylvestris and Pinus uncinata in Valais Canton, Switzerland, using two multivariate methods

Miyazaki T., 1990:
Visualization of refractional water flow in layered soils

Mccree, K.; Fernandez, C.; Ferraz-De-Oliveira, R., 1990:
Visualizing interactions of water stress responses with a whole-plant simulation model

Gallie, D.R.; Lucas, W.J.; Walbot, V., 1989:
Visualizing mRNA expression in plant protoplasts: factors influencing efficient mRNA uptake and translation

Phillips P.C.; Arnold S.J., 1989:
Visualizing multivariate selection

White, T.J.; Fuller, S.A., 1989:
Visuwell Reagin, a non-treponemal enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the serodiagnosis of syphilis

Es' kov, E.K.; Bibyaev, V.F.; Kopina, N.A.; Khmelev, A.V.; Panyukov, V.V., 1988:
Vital and optimum temperatures for development of drone honey bees

Oprisko, M.; Green, R.; Beard, J.; Gates, C., 1990:
Vital staining of root hairs in 12 warm-season perennial grasses

Rao, K.V., 1987:
Vital statistics and nutritional status of Indians

Mann, A., 1988:
Vitality and leisure in later life

Schulz J.; Braun H.; Wohanka K., 1989:
Vitality of fattening hybrid calves

Shah J.J.; Pandya S., 1984:
Vitality of wood parenchyma

Rutter, J.M., 1990:
Vitamin A

Schone, F.; Ludke, H.; Hennig, A.; Mockel, P., 1987:
Vitamin A activity of beta -carotene for growing pigs

Mariath, J.G.; Lima, M.C.; Santos, L.M., 1989:
Vitamin A activity of buriti (Mauritia vinifera Mart) and its effectiveness in the treatment and prevention of xerophthalmia

Bruhn, J.C., 1990:
Vitamin A and D additions to lowfat and nonfat milk

Woo, J.; Ho, S.; Mak, Y.T.; Shek, C.C.; Swaminathan, R., 1988:
Vitamin A and E status in healthy elderly Chinese in Hong Kong

Lieber, C.; Leo, M., 1989:
Vitamin A and alcoholic liver disease

Gopalan, C., 1990:
Vitamin A and child mortality

Claret, J., 1989:
Vitamin A and the photoperiodic or thermoperiodic induction of diapause in Pieris brassicae

Furr, H.C.; Amedee-Manesme, O.; Clifford, A.J.; Bergen, H.R.; Jones, A.D.; Anderson, D.P.; Olson, J.A., 1989:
Vitamin A concentrations in liver determined by isotope dilution assay with tetradeuterated vitamin A and by biopsy in generally healthy adult humans

Darnton Hill, I., 1988:
Vitamin A deficiency in Bangladesh

Shrimpton, R., 1989:
Vitamin A deficiency in Brazil: perspectives for food production oriented interventions

Borel, E.; Etard, J.F., 1989:
Vitamin A deficiency in a rural population in Mauritania and absence of correlation with urinary schistosomiasis

Beach, J.R., 1923:
"Vitamin A" deficiency in poultry

Kancha, R.; Anasuya, A., 1989:
Vitamin A deficiency in rats enhances intestinal transport of calcium and oxalate in vitro

Biesalski, H.K.; Wellner, U.; Weiser, H., 1990:
Vitamin A deficiency increases noise susceptibility in guinea pigs

Bloem, M.W.; Schrijver, J.; Schreurs, W.H.P., 1989:
Vitamin A deficiency, anaemia and infectious diseases

Pasatiempo, A.M.; Bowman, T.A.; Taylor, C.E.; Ross, A.C., 1989:
Vitamin A depletion and repletion: effects on antibody response to the capsular polysaccharide of Streptococcus pneumoniae, type III (SSS-III)

Asciutti-Moura, L.; Guilland, J.; Fuchs, F.K.epping, J.R.chard, D., 1989:
Vitamin A intake and vitamin A status in an elderly, institutionalized population

Bloem, M.W.; Wedel, M.; van Agtmaal, E.J.; Speek, A.J.; Saowakontha, S.; Schreurs, W.H., 1990:
Vitamin A intervention: short-term effects of a single, oral, massive dose on iron metabolism

Markowitz, L.E.; Nzilambi, N.; Driskell, W.J.; Sension, M.G.; Rovira, E.Z.; Nieburg, P.; Ryder, R.W., 1989:
Vitamin A levels and mortality among hospitalized measles patients, Kinshasa, Zaire

Amedee Manesme, O.; Mourey, M.S.; Luzeau, R.; Carlier, C.; Samba, C., 1989:
Vitamin A metabolism and prevention and treatment of deficiency

Wada, M.; Masushige, S., 1988:
Vitamin A nutrition

Zahar, M.; Smith, D.E., 1990:
Vitamin A quantification in fluid dairy products: rapid method for vitamin A extraction in high performance liquid chromatograph

Richter, G., 1987:
Vitamin A requirements and standards for Muscovy ducks

Saha, N.; Ng, T.B.; Tan, P.Y.; Wee, K.P., 1988:
Vitamin A reserve of liver in health and coronary heart disease among ethnic groups in Singapore

Solomons, N.W.; Bulux, J.; Guerrero, A.M.; Portocarrero, L. de; Quan de Serrano, J.; Quinonez, J.; Rosas, A.M.; Vasquez, A.; Zepeda, E.; Brown, K.H.; Forman, M.; Gadomski, A.; Kjolkede, C.; Morrow, F.; Russell, R.M., 1989:
Vitamin A status in peripheral urban areas in Guatemala City

Schone, F.; Ludke, H.; Geinitz, D., 1987:
Vitamin A status of pigs given feed with differing contents of iodine and thyroid antagonists

West, K.P.; Djunaedi, E.; Pandji, A.; Kusdiono; Tarwotjo, I.; Sommer, A., 1988:
Vitamin A supplementation and growth: a randomized community trial

Nieburg, P.; Waldman, R.J.; Leavell, R.; Sommer, A.; DeMaeyer, E.M., 1988:
Vitamin A supplementation for refugees and famine victims

Hatchigian, E.A.; Santos, J.I.; Broitman, S.A.; Vitale, J.J., 1989:
Vitamin A supplementation improves macrophage function and bacterial clearance during experimental salmonella infection

Smith, J.W., 1989:
Vitamin A toxicity presenting as jaundice

Sotornik, I.; Novakova, V.; Drab, K.; Zichova, M.; Povysil, C.; Mrhova, O.; Ruzickova, J.; Taborsky, P.; Reitschlagerova, V., 1988:
Vitamin A values in serum of patients with renal osteopathy undergoing haemodialysis

Sharma, U.P.; Joshi, V.K., 1986:
Vitamin A, copper and iron content of some indigenous market milk products

Chytil, F., 1989:
Vitamin A, gene expression, and pulmonary problems in neonates

Tomkins, A.; Hussey, G., 1989:
Vitamin A, immunity and infection

Chandra, R.K.; Vyas, D., 1989:
Vitamin A, immunocompetence, and infection

Bui, M.H., 1988:
Vitamin A, provitamin A and vitamin E serum concentrations in cystic fibrosis patients

Kivelä, S.L.; Mäenpää, P.; Nissinen, A.; Alfthan, G.; Punsar, S.; Enlund, H.; Puska, P., 1989:
Vitamin A, vitamin E and selenium status in an aged Finnish male population

Charpiot, P.; Calaf, R.; Di-Costanzo, J.; Romette, J.; Rotily, M.; Durbec, J.P.; Garçon, D., 1989:
Vitamin A, vitamin E, retinol binding protein (RBP), and prealbumin in digestive cancers

Muhilal; Murdiana, A.; Azis, I.; Saidin, S.; Jahari, A.B.; Karyadi, D., 1988:
Vitamin A-fortified monosodium glutamate and vitamin A status: a controlled field trial

Gimsing, P.; Melgaard, B.; Andersen, K.; Vilstrup, H.; Hippe, E., 1989:
Vitamin B-12 and folate function in chronic alcoholic men with peripheral neuropathy and encephalopathy

Osterdahl, B.G.; Johnsson, H., 1986:
Vitamin B-12 in diet supplements and natural products

Berg, H. van den; Schrijver, J.; Bruinse, H.W.; Ploeg, H.M. van der, 1989:
Vitamin B-6 and premenstrual syndrome

Kuhn, H.J.; Lossner, J., 1988:
Vitamin B-6 deficiency in Wilson's disease treated with D-penicillamine

Leibman, D.; Furth-Walker, D.; Smolen, A., 1990:
Vitamin B-6 metabolic enzymes in blood and placenta of pregnant mice

Vermaak, W.J.; Ubbink, J.B.; Barnard, H.C.; Potgieter, G.M.; van Jaarsveld, H.; Groenewald, A.J., 1990:
Vitamin B-6 nutrition status and cigarette smoking

Bai, S.C.; Sampson, D.A.; Morris, J.G.; Rogers, Q.R., 1989 :
Vitamin B-6 requirement of growing kittens

McCullough, A.L.; Kirksey, A.; Wachs, T.D.; McCabe, G.P.; Bassily, N.S.; Bishry, Z.; Galal, O.M.; Harrison, G.G.; Jerome, N.W., 1990:
Vitamin B-6 status of Egyptian mothers: relation to infant behavior and maternal-infant interactions

Vudhivai, N.; Pongpaew, P.; Prayurahong, B.; Kwanbunjan, K.; Migasena, P.; Chitwattanakorn, M.; Hempfling, A.; Schelp, F.P., 1990:
Vitamin B1, B2 and B6 in relation to anthropometry, hemoglobin and albumin of newborns and their mothers from northeast Thailand

Sheppard, K.; Shehade, S.A., 1988:
Vitamin B12 levels in non-Caucasian vegetarians

Sohler, A.; Pfeiffer, C.C., 1988:
Vitamin B6 and the treatment of mental disease

Bender, D.A., 1989:
Vitamin B6 requirements and recommendations

Thurnham, D.I., 1988:
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid): antioxidant functions of vitamin C in disease in man and animals

Kleijnen, J.; Riet, G. ter; Knipschild, P.G., 1989:
Vitamin C and the common cold. Review of a massive dose of literature

Diaz, L.S.; Lvon, A., 1987:
Vitamin C content of oranges of Chilean variety (Citrus sinensis) and its variation during the harvesting period

Blanchard, J.; Conrad, K.A.; Mead, R.A.; Garry, P.J., 1990:
Vitamin C disposition in young and elderly men

Johnsson, H.; Marmont, E., 1986:
Vitamin C in berries and juice

Parvianinen, M.T.; Salonen, J.T., 1990:
Vitamin C status of 54-year old eastern Finnish men throughout the year

Spindler, A.; Renvall, M.; Ramsdell, J.; Mofidi, S., 1989:
Vitamin C status of free-living, cognitively impaired and unimpaired elders

Dudenko, N.V.; Krivko, N.P.; Paranich, A.V.; Pavlotskaya, L.F., 1988:
Vitamin C supply of school children and students at different seasons of the year

Anonymous, 1987:
Vitamin D

Dvinskaya, L.M.; Reshetova, L.V.; Sorokin, M.V., 1987:
Vitamin D activity of a home product, Videin, and a Czech product, Syndevit D2-400, when used in diets for early weaned piglets

Tobler, A., 1988:
Vitamin D as an immune haematopoietic hormone. New perspectives for a long-known substance

Katan, M.B.; Dusseldorp, M. van, 1987:
Vitamin D content of foods

Vasudev, A.S.; Bagga, A.; Shivaram, K.S.; Srivastava, R.N., 1989:
Vitamin D dependent rickets with alopecia

Richter, G.H., 1987:
Vitamin D for growing cattle

Jahreis, G.; Hesse, V., 1987:
Vitamin D metabolism in infants and small children given large doses of ergocalciferol or cholecalciferol

Fauquert, P.; Saraux, A.; Moal, M.C.; Goff, P. le, 1989:
Vitamin D poisoning: polymorphic aspect in a patient with hypoparathyroidism

Lamberg-Allardt, C.; Wilska, M.; Saraste, K.L.; Grönlund, T., 1990:
Vitamin D status of ambulatory and nonambulatory mentally retarded children with and without carbamazepine treatment

Deluca, Hf, 1989:
Vitamin D, calcium, and metabolic bone disease

Garabedian, M.; Ben Mekhbi, H., 1989:
Vitamin D-deficiency rickets: current situation in France and Algeria

Markose, E.R.; Stein, J.L.; Stein, G.S.; Lian, J.B., 1990:
Vitamin D-mediated modifications in protein-DNA in two promoter elements of the osteocalcin gene

Thiele Fischer, C., 1988:
Vitamin E (tocopherols): biosynthesis, metabolism, use and possible dangers. A literature study

E.Boushy, A.R., 1988:
Vitamin E affects viability, immune response of poultry

Rice, D.A.; Kennedy, S., 1988:
Vitamin E and free radical formation: possible implications for animal nutrition

Rudolph, N.; Schiller, M.S.; Wong, S.L., 1989:
Vitamin E and selenium in preterm infants: lack of effect on clinical patency of ductus arteriosus

Mudron, P.; Vrzgulova, N., 1988:
Vitamin E and selenium increase the natural resistance of farm animals

Falciglia, H.S.; Ginn-Pease, M.E.; Falciglia, G.A.; Lubin, A.H.; Frank, D.J.; Chang, W., 1988:
Vitamin E and selenium levels of premature infants with severe respiratory distress syndrome and bronchopulmonary dysplasia

Polizopoulou, Z.; Mavromatis, J.; Kyriakis, S., 1988:
Vitamin E and selenium: their importance in pig nutrition and medicine

Watson, M.J.; Judson, G.J.; Harrigan, K.E.; Caple, I.W., 1988:
Vitamin E deficiency and myopathy in neonatal lambs of ewes fed wheat-based diets for two months

Arria, A.M.; Tarter, R.E.; Warty, V.; Van Thiel, D.H., 1990:
Vitamin E deficiency and psychomotor dysfunction in adults with primary biliary cirrhosis

Rao, V.S.R., 1988:
Vitamin E deficiency in a commercial broiler farm

Huerkamp, M.J.; Ringler, D.H.; Chrisp, C.E., 1988:
Vitamin E deficiency in goldfish fed a shellfish derived diet

Albert, G.; Wenzel, U., 1989:
Vitamin E deficiency in silver foxes

Murphy, S.P.; Subar, A.F.; Block, G., 1990:
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Vo-tech students are ready employee source

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Vocational agricultural training: important factor in the community development of rural villages and in the struggle against illiteracy

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Vocational job training. Priorities and current projects

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Vocational training for women refugees in Africa

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Volatile nitrosamines in fish

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Volga White guinea-fowls

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Volkssporting and tourism: something for the working-class

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Voltage protection for electronics in agriculture

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Voluntary aid for development. The role of non-governmental organizations

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Volunteer barley in sugar beet with reduced tillage

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Volunteerism in the recreation sector

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Von der Hardt, H

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Vote trading on farm legislation in the U.S. House

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Vth National forum for tourism

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Vulnerability of soil and groundwater to pollutants

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Vulnerability of various soils to leaching of chlorophenols

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Vulnerability: how the poor cope

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Vulnerable working households in Zimbabwe's segmented labour markets

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Vulpine rabies: cost-benefit analysis of the medical prophylaxis of vulpine rabies

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Vulval discharges in the sow

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WASmodel-2: a disaggregated agricultural sector model partly based on prior information

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