Weed efficacy and crop tolerance after site prep with sulfometuron-methyl and metsulfuron-methyl

Reynolds, P.E.; Pitt, D.G.; Roden, M.J.

Proceedings, 42nd annual meeting of the Northeastern Weed Science Society (Suppl): 63-67


Accession: 002002795

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Sulfometuron-methyl (Oust) at 150, 300 or 450 g/ha and metsulfuron-methyl (Ally) at 36 and 72 g/ha were applied in May 1986 to soil in a 2-yr-old clear-felled area in New Brunswick. Half the treated site was planted with 2+2 bare rooted Picea mariana in June 1986. The other half of the treated site was planted with similar nursery stock in June 1987. Trees were also planted in untreated areas on the same dates. Percentage cover and health of raspberry (Rubus ) and grasses and health of P. mariana trees were recorded in August 1986 and 1987. Both herbicides effectively controlled raspberry and grass, although Oust gave better control. Trees planted in 1986 immediately after herbicide treatment suffered some damage which was slightly greater with Oust than with Ally. Trees planted in 1987 were not harmed by either herbicide at any of the rates tested.