Section 3
Chapter 2,005

Winter barley varieties: results of the 1988-1989 trials of the Technical Institute of Cereals and Forage (ITCF)


Cultivar Paris 278: 36-38, 40, 49


Accession: 002004069

Yield data are tabulated for trials conducted in each of 10 regions in France. Rebelle and Manitou performed best in the Paris and central regions. Six-rowed barley (especially Plaisant) outyielded two-rowed forms in the east; superiority of 6-rowed forms was also reported from Brittany, the Loire area, the south-west and east-central regions. Rebelle and Kimono, both 6-rowed varieties, outperformed other varieties in the Poitou-Charentes and Vendee region.

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