Wool production of several lines of a newly formed Kazanluk type of semifine-wooled sheep with crossbred wool. 2. Physical and mechanical traits of wool

Raichev, S.; Tsenkova, I.; Georgieva, Y.

Zhivotnov' dni Nauki 27(2): 10-14


Accession: 002004622

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For 91 Kazanluk Semifinewool ewes aged 21/2 yr, from 4 lines, wool fibre diameter was 25.12-28.09 micro m on the flank and 25.19-28.30 micro m on the thigh, the differences between the 2 most extreme lines being significant. The crimp number on the flank was 3.42-4.02 cm, the difference between the extremes being significant. Staple length on the flank was 12.34-13.58 cm, and fibre length was 15.28-17.39 cm (P<0.01). Breaking strength of the fibre averaged 13.54 g (12.21-15.07, P<0.001) on the flank and 14.56 (12.85-16.40, P<0.001) on the thigh. The extensibility of the fibre averaged 40.37 and 44.35% on the 2 sites, and wool yolk content 11.96 and 15.57%. Clean wool yield averaged 57.33% overall.