Section 3
Chapter 2,008

A 49, XO sterile murrah buffalo (Bubalus bubalis)

Prakash, B.; Balain, D.S.; Lathwal, S.S.

Veterinary Record 130(25): 559-560


ISSN/ISBN: 0042-4900
PMID: 1496757
Accession: 002007133

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A 7-yr-old Murrah heifer which was phenotypically normal with normal external genitalia was referred for infertility. Rectal examination revealed underdeveloped ovaries. Blood leukocytes obtained from the heifer were cultured. Analysis of 50 metaphases revealed that all but 3 had 49 chromosomes (normal somatic chromosome number is 2n = 50). C-banding of air dried metaphase chromosomes revealed that the X-chromosome was missing. Examination of 15 C-banded metaphases and karyotypes confirmed this. All the spreads were consistent with the karyotype 49,XO. Monosomy-X has been seen rarely in livestock species; this appears to be only the second reported case in a buffalo.

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