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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2009

Chapter 2009 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Iwaizumi, R.; Sawaki, M.; Kobayashi, K.; Maeda, C.; Toyokawa, Z.; Ito, M.; Kawakami, T.; Matsui, M., 1991:
A comparative experiment on the attractiveness of the several kinds of the cue-lure toxicants to the melon fly, Dacus cucurbitae (Coquillett)

Hati, A.K.; Tandon, N.; Sinha, A.; Sur, S.; De, N., 1987:
A comparative field study of some sandfly sampling methods

Cooper, C.; Shepherd, R.; Westlake, J., 1992:
A comparative framework for European tourism and hospitality education

Chesselet, P.; Wolfson, M.M.; Ellis, R.P., 1992:
A comparative histochemical study of plant polyphenols in southern African grasses

Frey, B.S.; Pommerehne, W.W., 1990:
A comparative institutional analysis in the arts: the theater

Barsiene, JV.; Staneviciute, GJ., 1991:
A comparative karyological study of trematodes within the genus Diplostomum

Sharma, K.C.; Kaur, J.; Singh, S., 1990:
A comparative lipid composition of fat globule and skim milk membranes isolated from buffalo milk during different lactation stages

Salem, M.Z.; E.E.nan, S.M.A., 1990:
A comparative micromorphological study of the most important diagnostic horizons of the soils of Egypt

Hoshino, T.; Suzuki, A.; Yamaguchi, T.; Ohwada, S.; Ota, M., 1990:
A comparative morphometrical analysis of the amount and distribution of fat within muscles of Japanese Black Cattle, Japanese Shorthorn, and their crossbred (F1) steers

Shekhar, K.C., 1987:
A comparative parasitological study of Malaysian schistosome (Koyan and Baling strains) with Schistosoma japonicum (Philippine strain) and S. mekongi (Thai strain) in various laboratory animals

de Diego, J.A.; Penin, P.; del Rey, J.; Mayer, R.; Gamallo, C., 1991:
A comparative pathological study of three strains of Trypanosoma cruzi in an experimental model

Afify, M.M.; E.S.azly, M.O.; Awaad, M.H.; Hatem, M.E.; Zouelfakar, S.A., 1991:
A comparative pathological study on infectious coryza experimentally induced in susceptible IgM-RF and spectinomycin-treated chickens

Bagchi, A.K., 1991:
A comparative perspective on colonialism and modes of exploitation

Lay, D.C.; Friend, T.H.; Bowers, C.L.; Grissom, K.K.; Jenkins, O.C., 1992:
A comparative physiological and behavioral study of freeze and hot-iron branding using dairy cows

Lopez, S.; Tojo, E.; Blanco, O.; Villaverde, M.C.; Castedo, L., 1990:
A comparative phytochemical study of Spanish Sarcocapnos species

Arin, S., 1990:
A comparative research on broadcasting seed and transplanting of rice in Trakya

Panda, R.B.; Sahu, B.K.; Sinha, B.K.; Nayak, A., 1991:
A comparative study and diurnal variation of physicochemical characteristics of river, well and pond water at Rourkela industrial complex of Orissa

Tsay yee, C., 1990:
A comparative study between 1973 and 1986 on the level of physical fitness and ability of physically handicapped students in the junior middle schools, Taiwan, Republic of China

Rosenthal, C.; Efrat, H.; Kamer, I.; Ron, M., 1991:
A comparative study between Varroa's dynamics for Italian versus Carniolan bees

Refaat, A.M.; Baghdadi, H.H.; Ouda, H.E.; Ahmad, S.S., 1990:
A comparative study between the Egyptian and Romanian sweet marjoram (Majorana hortensis)

Gu, Z.J.; Xiao, T.J.; Xia, L.F.; Kondo, K., 1991:
A comparative study in Giemsa C-banded karyotypes of four species of Camellia, section Camellia

Machado, I.C.S.; Sazima, M., 1987:
A comparative study in floral biology of two weed species: Ipomoea hederifolia and I. quamoclit (Convolvulaceae)

Harbers T.H.M.; Smeets J.F.M.; Faber J.A.J.; Snijders J.M.A.; Van Logtestijn J.G., 1992:
A comparative study into procedures for postmortem inspection for finishing pigs

Prikhodkova, L.P.; Kovalenko, O.V.; Belikova, O.O., 1992:
A comparative study of Anabaena azollae Strasb. (Cyanophyta, Hormogoniophyceae)

Morris, H.A.; Anderson, K., 1991:
A comparative study of Cheddar cheeses made with fermentation produced calf chymosin from Kluyveromyces lactis and with calf rennet

Ihenyen, A.E., 1991:
A comparative study of Pb, Cu, and Cr in roadside sediments in metropolitan Lagos and Benin City, Nigeria

Naqvi, H.M.; Hamid, A., 1990:
A comparative study of Training and Visit system of agricultural extension in Punjab and N.W.F.P

Uria O.; Estela J.M.; Cerda V.; Bernal J.L.; Nozal M.J.; Deban L.; Gomez F.J., 1990:
A comparative study of a number of methods for sensitive selenium determination in waters and fodder correctors

Sharma, M.L.; Mohan, G.; Sahni, K.L., 1990:
A comparative study of acrosomal morphology of crossbred and Holstein-Friesian bull semen

Bertin, G.; Schiavon, M.; Portal, J.M., 1989:
A comparative study of adsorption of atrazine on 2 synthetic polymers, catechol and catechol-glycine and on natural humic acids

Kola, J.; Marttila, J.; Niemi, J., 1991:
A comparative study of agriculture and agricultural policy in the EC and Finland

Manning, C.K., 1991:
A comparative study of bimetal and digital thermometers

Vanrolleghem, P.; Patigny, X.; Richard, J.F.; Fache, J.; Dijck, D. van, 1989:
A comparative study of different enrichment and direct plating methods for isolation and enumeration of pathogenic Listeria from foods and other materials

Selvamani, S.; Sankaran, S., 1989:
A comparative study of different herbicides for weed control in irrigated groundnut

Uddin, M.N.; Hossain, A.K.M.A., 1989:
A comparative study of different methods of raising vine cuttings of black pepper

Singh, A.J.; Sein, I., 1990:
A comparative study of economic inequalities in rural Punjab

Gajendra Singh; Sahdev Singh, 1991:
A comparative study of energy inputs in agriculture in selected countries in Asia

Shrestha, R.S.; Sharma, N.K., 1988:
A comparative study of farmer-managed and agency-managed irrigation systems

Kijne, J.W., 1992:
A comparative study of farmer-managed systems in northern Pakistan

Hautala, M.; Rautiainen, E., 1991:
A comparative study of feeder pig units using dry liquid feeding in the western part of Finland. Part 2: Assessment and categorization of the gastric lesions in pigs

Rautiainen, E.; Hautala, M.; Saranpaa, T.; Virtala, A.M., 1991:
A comparative study of feeder pig units using dry or liquid feeding in the western part of Finland. Part 1: Mortality rate, causes of death and gastric ulceration

Virtala, A.M.; Saranpaa, T., 1991:
A comparative study of feeder pig units using dry or liquid feeding in the western part of Finland. Part 3: Microbiology of the liquid feed for pigs

Lassus, A., 1989:
A comparative study of fluconazole and clotrimazole

Leodolter, S., 1989:
A comparative study of fluconazole and ketoconazole

Arthur, J.D.; Echeverria, P.; Shanks, G.D.; Karwacki, J.; Bodhidatta, L.; Brown, J.E., 1990:
A comparative study of gastrointestinal infections in United States soldiers receiving doxycycline or mefloquine for malaria prophylaxis

Rozema J.; Van Diggelen J., 1991 :
A comparative study of growth and photosynthesis of four halophytes in response to salinity

Sperling, JLH.; Mitchell, BK., 1991:
A comparative study of host recognition and the sense of taste in Leptinotarsa

Rongping, K.; Fang, S.; Yezhong, T., 1991:
A comparative study of intrinsic rates of increase of woolly apple aphid populations during different seasons

Moens, Y.; Fargetton, X., 1990:
A comparative study of medetomidine/ketamine and xylazine/ketamine anaesthesia in dogs

Anous, M.R., 1991:
A comparative study of muscle-bone relationships in the hind limb of sheep and goats

Wanapat, M.; Sangkeaw, A.; Wachirapakorn, C.; To buran, W., 1990:
A comparative study of nutritive values between glutinous and non-glutinous rice straw ruminant feed

Vetter, J.; Seregelyes Csomos, A.; Nagy, G., 1991:
A comparative study of oestrogenic isoflavones in the genus Trifolium

Ahmed, S.H., 1989:
A comparative study of petiole and leaf blade analysis in Anab-e-Shahi grape (Vitis vinifera L.)

Onisei, T.; Amariei, D.; Toth, E., 1992:
A comparative study of plant regeneration efficiency of two Digitalis species

Song, Y.S., 1989:
A comparative study of poplar cankers

Burger, DB.; Crause, JC.; Spickett, AM.; Neitz, AWH., 1991 :
A comparative study of proteins present in sweating-sickness-inducing and non-inducing strains of Hyalomma truncatum ticks

Jain, B.C.; Jain, H.C., 1991:
A comparative study of regulated and unregulated markets in Damoli district of Madhya Pradesh

Kamonpatana, M.; Sophon, S.; Jetana, T.; Sravasi, S.; Tongpan, R.; Thasipoo, K., 1991:
A comparative study of reproductive performance and growth of female swamp and Murrah X swamp buffalo under village conditions

Haque, M.E.; Loresto, G.C.; Chang, T.T.; Tepora, N., 1989:
A comparative study of rice root characters related to the mechanisms of drought resistance under aeroponic and hydroponic cultures

Renou, M.; Lucas, P.; Dore, J-C.; Lalanne-Cassou, B.; Chambon, J-P.; Coquempot, C., 1991:
A comparative study of sex pheromone reception in the Hadeninae (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Silva del Pozo, X.; Blandin, P., 1991:
A comparative study of soil macroarthropods between primary mesothermic rainforest and secondary formations in Western Ecuador

Tanchev, D., 1989:
A comparative study of sorghum hybrids for silage

Ballard, R.C.; da L'Exposto, F.; Dangor, Y.; Fehler, H.G.; Miller, S.D.; Koornhof, H.J., 1990:
A comparative study of spectinomycin and erythromycin in the treatment of chancroid

Bradham, W.S.; Caruccio, F.T., 1990:
A comparative study of tailings analyses using acid/base accounting, cells, columns and soxhlets

Smith, D.G.; Wolstenholme, B.N., 1992:
A comparative study of tea clones under different environments

Aketch, C.A.; Kokwaro, J.O., 1990:
A comparative study of the Kenyan Acacia species based on their pollen morphological characters

Peláez Hernández, A.; Sastre Sastre, A.; Morales Rubio, C.; Martínez Paz, M.L.; Basomba Riba, A., 1988:
A comparative study of the RAST, indirect haemagglutination, basophil degranulation and latex tests in the diagnosis of human hydatid disease

Thielen, F., 1991:
A comparative study of the Salvadorean and Nicaraguan cotton sectors

Li, H.B.; Zhai, W.X.; Yu, G.R.; Wang, S.C.; Guo, H.L.; Wu, Y.L., 1991:
A comparative study of the accumulation and distribution of dry matter and formation of yield in sweet sorghum and grain sorghum

Whittington, ID.; Kearn, GC., 1990:
A comparative study of the anatomy and behaviour of the oncomiracidia of the related monogenean gill parasites Kuhnia scombri, K. sprostonae and Grubea cochlear from mackerel, Scomber scombrus

Tuturova, K.F.; Odintsova, N.A.; Svinarchuk, F.P.; Zalenskii, A.O., 1989:
A comparative study of the basic chromosomal proteins of mytilid spermatozoa

Rajulu, G.S.; Gowri, N., 1988:
A comparative study of the chorion of the DDT-resistant and susceptible strains of Thrips palmi Karny

Salem, S.M., 1989:
A comparative study of the effect of glyphosate and fusilade on growth, chemical composition and yield of Vicia faba plants under field conditions

Malini, T.; Vanithakumari, G., 1991:
A comparative study of the effects of beta -sitosterol, oestradiol, and progesterone on phosphomonoesterase activities in the uteri of ovariectomised rats

Leer, T. van der; Wijnsma, R.; Heijden, R. van der; Verpoorte, R.; Baerheim, A., 1991:
A comparative study of the effects of L-tryptophan and tryptamine on a non-alkaloid producing cell suspension culture of Cinchona ledgeriana

Tomkinson, J.K.; Young, A.J.; Pallett, K.E., 1991:
A comparative study of the effects of three bleaching herbicides on carotenoid biosynthesis in Galium aparine

Imura, O., 1991:
A comparative study of the feeding habits of Tribolium freemani Hinton and Tribolium castaneum (Herbst) (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae)

Ayaula Osuna, J.; Araujo, S.M.C.; Kinouchi, M.R., 1990:
A comparative study of the forage potential of flint and dent hybrids and 4 maize cultivars as a function of the production and distribution of plant dry matter

Trejo, A., 1992:
A comparative study of the host-parasite relationship of Pomphorhynchus patagonicus (Acanthocephala) in two species of fish from Lake Rosario (Chubut, Argentina)

Sokhela, M.P.; Bembridge, T.J., 1991:
A comparative study of the impact of small-scale cane growing in KwaZulu

Bass, D.A., 1990:
A comparative study of the invasiveness of two alien fleshy-fruiting woody plants on the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales

Victorio, V.M.N.; Jurberg, J.; Lent, H., 1989:
A comparative study of the male external genitalia of 2 species of Zelurus Hahn, 1826

Paramananthan, S., 1989:
A comparative study of the mineralogy of rice soils of the Kedah and Kelantan Coastal Plains of Peninsular Malaysia

Chukhrii, M.G., 1990:
A comparative study of the morphology and morphogenesis of baculoviruses

Zhang, X.S.; Yuan, P., 1991:
A comparative study of the principles and problems of cooperatives

Abidi, S.M.; Nizami, W.A., 1991:
A comparative study of the protein content of some helminths and the suitability of assay methods

He, X., 1989:
A comparative study of the rural family in China

Ryckman, R.E., 1990:
A comparative study of the types of jars for the preservation of biological specimens

Albouchi, A., 1989:
A comparative study of two young windbreaks of Cupressus sempervirens and Casuarina glauca

Suhaendi, H., 1989:
A comparative study of volume and volume growth variations in international provenance trials of Gmelina arborea

Gheyas, F.; Haque, M.A., 1989:
A comparative study on changes in some physico-chemical parameters during ripening of four cultivars of banana

Gupta, K.K.; De, D., 1989:
A comparative study on constraints perceived by adopters and non-adopters in rearing cross-bred cows in Jaipur district, Rajasthan

Mohanty, G.P.; Mohanty, A.; Nayak, J.B., 1991:
A comparative study on crossbred heifers raised under organised and unorganised conditions of management

Verma, K.K., 1990:
A comparative study on differentiating personality variables of sportsmen and non-sportsmen

Puurunen, M., 1990:
A comparative study on farmers' income

Dong, H.Z.; Xu, C.N.; Yu, B.S., 1990:
A comparative study on fibre development between Gossypium hirsutum and Gossypium barbadense. II. Cotton fibre elongation, secondary wall thickening and fibre quality

Sharma, B.D.; Singh, S.K.; Dubey, C.B.; Mishra, H.R., 1992:
A comparative study on growth pattern of exotic and desi pigs, and their halfbred under farm and village conditions of rearing

Sharma, G.P.; Sharma, B.M.; Ikbal Singh, 1991:
A comparative study on income and employment of tractor and bullock operated farms in Chandausi block of Aligarh district (U.P.)

Chiba Y.; Shinkawa Y.; Yoshii M.; Matsumoto A.; Tomioka K.; Takahashi S.Y., 1992:
A comparative study on insemination dependency of circadian activity pattern in mosquitoes

Praveen Kumar; Aggarwal, R.K., 1991:
A comparative study on methods of urea estimation for sensitivity due to changes in the makes/batches of acids used

Wei, X.Z.; Yu, S.R.; Song, H.X.; Shang, X.W., 1991:
A comparative study on plant types of wheat in three ecological regions

Zamorski, R.; Koper, J.; Borowska, K., 1989:
A comparative study on selenium, zinc and magnesium concentrations, glutathione peroxidase and alkaline phosphatase activities in plasma of various animal species

Tilley, M.; Upton, S.J.; Chrisp, C.E., 1991:
A comparative study on the biology of Cryptosporidium sp. from guinea pigs and Cryptosporidium parvum (Apicomplexa)

Shukla, K.G.; Joshi, M.C.; Rekha Asthana, 1989:
A comparative study on the cultivation of Agaricus bisporus and Agaricus bitorquis in Plains of Uttar Pradesh

Lodesani, M.; Bergomi, S.; Pellacani, A.; Carpana, E.; Rabitti, T., 1990:
A comparative study on the efficacy of some products for controlling Varroa, and determinations of their residues

Schouten A.J.; Arp K.K., 1991:
A comparative study on the efficiency of extraction methods for nematodes from different forest litters

Guney, O.; Tuncel, E.; Bicer, 1989:
A comparative study on the fattening performance and carcass characteristics of native and improved goat breeds in Turkey

Mathur, A.C.; Mohan, G.; Sahni, K.L., 1991:
A comparative study on the length of cooling and equilibration time on the freezability of cattle semen

Huo, S.T.; Yang, C.Z.; Wang, W., 1991:
A comparative study on the parasitic abilities of two Trichogramma species on Pieris rapae (Lep: Pieridae)

Rasal, P.H.; Veer, D.M.; Patil, P.L., 1989:
A comparative study on the performance of Rhizobium inoculants obtained from different sources

Zhong, Y.Q.; Xu, R.L.; Yi, Q.H.; Lu, T., 1990:
A comparative study on the resistance to powdery mildew disease and isozyme patterns in wheat-rye chromosome addition lines

Zhou, Y.Y.; Yang, H.W., 1991:
A comparative study on the virulence against Carposina nipponensis (Lep.: Carposinidae) between a newly isolated insect nematode Steinernema sp. (CB-2Y) and Steinernema feltiae agriotos

Nag, A.; Ghosh, J.J., 1989:
A comparative study on toxicity and detoxification of Sumithion in rat and pigeon

Dinev, D.; Iliev, A.; Todorov, M., 1990:
A comparative technical and economic analysis of steel-concrete and light-weight type buildings designed for growing milking sows

Sinniah, B.; Chew, P.I.; Subramaniam, K., 1990:
A comparative trial of albendazole, mebendazole, pyrantel pamoate and oxantel pyrantel pamoate against soil-transmitted helminthiases in school children

Egea, L.; Egea, J.; Garcia, J.E.; Berenguer, T., 1989:
A comparative trial of clingstone peach cultivars

Antonov, D.; Mikhov, M., 1989:
A comparative trial of some spring annual grain legume crops

Wang, J.H., 1989:
A comparative trial with 20 freesia cultivars

Lou, Y.S.; Fujino, T.; Morita, K.; Ishii, Y., 1992:
A comparative ultrastructural and histochemical study of the metacercarial cyst walls of four species of Paragonimus (Troglotrematidae: Trematoda)

Isermeyer, F., 1991:
A comparative view and case study: animal production in a unified Germany

Hohenboken W.D.; Dudley A.; Moody D.E., 1992:
A comparison among equations to characterize lactation curves in beef cows

Hone J.; Stone C.P., 1989:
A comparison and evaluation of feral pig management in two national parks

Worrell, R., 1992:
A comparison between European continental and British provenances of some British native trees: growth, survival and stem form

Arvesu, A., 1991:
A comparison between a conventional and a press-roller mill tandem

Boudec, P.; Masson, M.; Dattee, Y., 1989:
A comparison between different mating systems on means in potato

Martinsson K., 1991:
A comparison between formic acid and an inoculant for the preservation of grass silage for dairy cows

Sullivan, J.P.; Scanlon, P.F., 1991:
A comparison between intubation and food addition as routes of oral exposure for northern bobwhites to DDT insecticide

Kirton, A.H.; Uljee, A.E.; Mercer, G.J.K., 1991:
A comparison between lamb drafters and the Phillips Fat Displacement Meter (PFDM) for predicting GR, hot carcass weight and class in live lambs

Cini, E.; Cioni, A., 1991:
A comparison between non destructive techniques for internal quality control of fruits: a first approach

Berg, J.; Thuen, E., 1991:
A comparison between some feed energy systems based on Nordic production experiments in cattle

Kalembasa S., 1989 :
A comparison between the difference method and the isotopic dilution method for assessing the coefficient utilization of nitrogen by oat when applied in top dressing as potassium nitrate

Tisserand, J.L.; Faurie, F.; Cordelet, C.; Pignon, H., 1990:
A comparison between the digestibility of hay by donkeys and ponies

Eckersley G.N.; Hohn E.; Reyers F.; Turner G.V.; Wolmarans L., 1992:
A comparison between the disease status of hospitalised dogs from developed and those from developing communities

Jacobs, D.P.; Roswal, G.M.; Horvat, M.A.; Gorman, D.R., 1990:
A comparison between the psychological profiles of wheelchair athletes, wheelchair nonathletes, and able-bodied athletes

Su, M.Y.; Zhou, G.Z.; Fang, J.X.; Liu, X.W.; Wang, J.F., 1988:
A comparison between tung tree's and Belgaum walnut's leaf protein and nucleic acid contents

Gaskin, R.E.; Zabkiewicz, J.A., 1991:
A comparison between two commercial organosilicone surfactants; their effect on the uptake and translocation of glyphosate in gorse (Ulex europaeus)

Fubini, S.L.; Ducharme, N.G.; Erb, H.N.; Sheils, R.L., 1992:
A comparison in 101 dairy cows of right paralumbar fossa omentopexy and right paramedian abomasopexy for treatment of left displacement of the abomasum

Lugo, A.E.; Francis, J.K., 1990:
A comparison of 10 provenances of Eucalyptus deglupta and E. urophylla in Puerto Rico: growth and survival over 15 years

Sakamoto, CH.; Soares, AEE.; Lopes, JNC., 1990:
A comparison of 2-heptanone production in Africanized and European strains of the honeybee, Apis mellifera L

Mielenz, N.; Muller, J., 1991 :
A comparison of 4 mathematical models for prediction of laying performance in groups of hens

Abbott, K.A., 1991:
A comparison of 5 genotypes of Merino sheep using rams mated to ewes already present on two commercial properties

Greene, B.M.; Dukuly, Z.D.; Muñoz, B.; White, A.T.; Pacqué, M.; Taylor, H.R., 1991:
A comparison of 6-, 12-, and 24-monthly dosing with ivermectin for treatment of onchocerciasis

Christophel, D.C.; Greenwood, D.R., 1988:
A comparison of Australian tropical rainforest and Tertiary fossil leaf-beds

Lomax, T.D.; Anderson, C.R., 1988:
A comparison of British and German Standards for cross-linked PVAc adhesives

Michels, G J.; Jr.; Behle, RW., 1991:
A comparison of Coccinella septempunctata and Hippodamia convergens larval development on greenbugs at constant temperatures

Kristensen, A.R.; Fried, B., 1991:
A comparison of Echinostoma caproni and Echinostoma trivolvis (Trematoda: Echinostomatidae) adults using isoelectrofocusing

Alphen, J.J.M. van; Kraaijeveld, A.R.; Xu, C.R., 1990:
A comparison of Epidinocarsis lopezi and E. diversicornis: a possible explanation for the failed introduction of E. diversicornis against cassava mealybug Phenacoccus manihoti into Africa

Bassala, P.; Felker, P.; Swakon, D.H.D., 1991:
A comparison of Leucaena leucocephala and Leucaena pulverulenta and stem age classes for nutritional value

Thulke, H.G.; Strittmatter, K.; Quanz, G., 1992:
A comparison of Merino sheep

Andersson, H.; Olson, K.D., 1992:
A comparison of Minnesota's Farm Business Management Association members and the USDA's Farm Costs and Returns Survey

Nicholis, L.C., 1991:
A comparison of Wisconsin community tourism attitude surveys of inland and coastal residents

Lewis, G.B.; Gough, H.J.; Brown, R.A., 1990:
A comparison of a laboratory residual toxicity test with a semi-field 'tunnel' trial to assess the effects of pesticide residues on honey bees

Umberger, S.H.; McClure, W.H.; Webb, K.E.J.; Notter, D.R., 1990:
A comparison of a whole grain diet with pelleted high energy diets containing alfalfa meal or peanut hulls for finishing lambs

McLeish, M.J.; Huang, J.L., 1990:
A comparison of alkaloid levels in the nuts of Areca catechu Linn

Remis, W., 1990:
A comparison of alternative and conventional agriculture

Bode, M.J.C. de, 1990:
A comparison of ammonia emissions from different types of liquid manure storage systems

Koenig R.T.; Cochran V.L., 1992:
A comparison of base media used for the incubation of plant residues in laboratory experiments

Fickinger, T.; Lamprou, A.; Zurmuhl, T.; Durner, W., 1991:
A comparison of batch and column experiments for the determination of the sorption behaviour of dimethylphthalate in an arable soil

Maksimov, G.; Pavlushin, V., 1990:
A comparison of breeds and types

Vasovic, S., 1992:
A comparison of bull and cow breeding value evaluation methods

Blank, R.H.; Dawson, T.E.; Richardson, A.C., 1991:
A comparison of buprofezin and deltamethrin/oil for control of greenhouse whitefly on tamarillo

Ruf, H.; Vitse, M., 1990:
A comparison of butoconazole nitrate cream with econazole nitrate cream for the treatment of vulvovaginal candidiasis

Lengerken, G. von; Glei, M.; Fischer, K.; Branscheid, W., 1991:
A comparison of carcass quality of crossbred pigs in Thuringen

Jamnick, M.S., 1989:
A comparison of chain saws, brushcutters, and machetes in thinning a young conifer plantation in the Sierra Nevada

Inoue, N.; Yamamoto, F.; Sodeyama, E.; Nishimaki, K., 1991:
A comparison of chemical composition and in situ digestibility of grain among different genotypes of maize (Zea mays L.)

Hajslova, J.; Ryparova, L.; Viden, I.; Davidek, J.; Kocourek, V.; Zemanova, I., 1990:
A comparison of chromatographic methods for determination of s-triazines in milk

Riitters K.H., 1990:
A comparison of chronologies from tree rings

Moloo, S.K., 1992:
A comparison of colony performance of Glossina pallidipes originating from 2 allopatric populations in Kenya

Isidoro E.; Cotter D.J.; Southward G.M., 1990 :
A comparison of color loss of red chile pepper pods on or off the plant and during storage as powder

Barnes D.L.; Denny R.P., 1991:
A comparison of continuous and rotational grazing on veld at two stocking rates

Schmidt, F.; Resch, H.N.; Walter, B., 1990:
A comparison of conventional soil test methods (CAL, inorganic N) and EUF using monthly soil samples (May 1983-April 1989) of a viticultural site

Newton, G.L., 1990:
A comparison of corn and grain sorghum fed in wet and dry form

Richter, G.H.; Ronisch, M.; Flachowsky, G.; Lengerken, G. von, 1992:
A comparison of crosses suitable for use as dams. German Black Pied Dairy X German Simmental are the favourites

Parish, R.L.; Bracy, R.P.; Wells, D.W.; Bergeron, P.E., 1990:
A comparison of cultivation methods for commercial vegetable crops

Hibbs, D.E.; Carlton, G.C., 1989:
A comparison of diameter- and volume-based stocking guides for red alder

Bodalo, A.; Gomez, E.; Gomez, J.L.; Bastida, J.; Maimo, M.F.; Diaz, F., 1991:
A comparison of different methods of beta -galactosidase immobilization

Moser, A.; Willam, A.; Haiger, A., 1992:
A comparison of different methods of carcass classification in cattle

Pevkur, A.; Teinburg, R., 1989:
A comparison of different methods of evaluating the breeding value of bulls

Bergfeld, U., 1991:
A comparison of different methods of parameter estimation, with milk yield data on German Black Pied Dairy cattle as a example

Dellaert B.M.; Van Der Peet G.F.V.; Jongbloed A.W.; Beers S., 1990:
A comparison of different techniques to assess the biological availability of feed phosphates in pig feeding

Redalen, G.; Moland, I., 1990:
A comparison of different treatments to stimulate sideshoot formation by one-year-old apple trees

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A comparison of laboratory techniques for the detection of significant bacteria of the honey bee, Apis mellifera, in Argentina

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A comparison of pod space CO2 concentrations in green, yellow, and purple podded varieties of Pisum sativum L

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A comparison of the cost of AI and natural mating

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A comparison of the early spring emergence of the macro-moths 1989-1991 taken at Freshwater, Isle of Wight at mercury vapour light

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A comparison of the economic performance of three feeding systems in full-fed, totally confined, Barbados Blackbelly lambs

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A comparison of the effect of CO2 application to vegetables in a region with low sunshine levels

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A comparison of the effect of prostaglandins E1 and F2 alpha on oestrus synchronization in cows

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A comparison of the financial returns to agricultural and non- agricultural firms organized as corporations

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A comparison of the growth rate of body parts to liveweight of Japanese quails

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A comparison of the mechanisms of action of bovine pituitary-derived and recombinant somatotropin (ST) in inducing galactopoiesis in the cow during late lactation

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A comparison of the nitrogen dynamics of arable fields under 'conventional use' and under various forms of fallow rotation under the set-aside programme - measurements and preliminary modelling approaches

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A comparison of the perceptions of a farmer and his personnel on personnel management efficiency and effectiveness in the farm enterprise

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A comparison of the performance of Hereford calves born to imported and Czech-born cows

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A comparison of the performance of beef and dual-purpose cattle breeds in selected countries

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A comparison of the performance of self regulating heating mats with infrared bar heaters in farrowing pens

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A comparison of the performance to 21 days of Landrace X Large White pigs

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A comparison of the pharmacokinetics of 14C trans-cypermethrin in a resistant and a susceptible strain of Heliothis virescens

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A comparison of the phenotypic distribution of single seed descent families and second cycle hybrids in barley

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A comparison of the postoperative analgesic and sedative effects of flunixin and papaveretum in the dog

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A comparison of the prevalence and intensity of S. haematobium and S. mansoni among secondary school children in Ilorn, Kwara State, Nigeria

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A comparison of the preweaning performance of fostered piglets and piglets reared by their own dam

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A comparison of the profitability of ornamental plant production in the Netherlands and in the North Rhine

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A comparison of the quality of eggs from White Leghorn and Rhode Island Red hens, stored at room temp. for 0-7 days

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A comparison of the regeneration efficiencies of different explant sources using a rapid-cycling accession of Brassica oleracea

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A comparison of the response to synchronization and superovulation in Mashona and Hereford cows

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A comparison of the secondary Korean student physical fitness test scores in 1979 and 1986

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A comparison of the spherical densiometer and ocular methods of estimating canopy cover

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A comparison of the surface features of Philophthalmus megalurus and Philophthalmus gralli rediae by scanning electron microscopy

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A comparison of the tractive performance of a rubber track and a tractor driving wheel tyre

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A comparison of the various methods of feeding fattener pigs

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A comparison of the water balance characteristics of temperate and tropical fly pupae

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A comparison of the winter soil surface fauna in organically managed and conventionally managed areas

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A comparison of the yields of Cheshire, Cheddar and Gouda cheese

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A comparison of thermomechanical pulps from Queensland slash pine and southern US slash and loblolly pine

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A comparison of three continuous and four shuttle anticoccidial programs

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A comparison of three methods to concentrate whey globulins and their effect on ELISA results

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A comparison of three oral electrolyte solutions in the treatment of diarrheic calves

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A comparison of three techniques for estimating straw and forage digestibility

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A complete technological cycle at a milk processing factory

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A completely conserved rat U6 snRNA pseudogene coding sequence is sandwiched between a cytochrome c retropseudogene and a LINE-like sequence

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A completely integrated factory for ISE

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A complex automated process line for production, grading and preparation of eggs for consumption

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A complex of measures is necessary

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A complex of relations between obesity and mental retardation in children

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A complex system for securing the reliability of agricultural machinery

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A compressed air direct injection pesticide sprayer

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A computer controlled PTO testing facility

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A computer database of essential oils

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A computer model to evaluate the protein status of dairy cattle rations: model use and validation

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A computer model to predict empty body weight in cattle from diet and animal characteristics

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A computer program for calculating the population size necessary to recover any number of individuals exhibiting a trait

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A computer program for determining the outturn of materials from the conversion of softwood timber

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A computer program for formulating nutritional and economical rations for dairy operations

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A computer program for molecular weight determination of DNA fragments (HOWBIG)

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A computer program for probit analysis in BASIC for evaluating the results of toxicological and biological treatments

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A computer program for processing coppice inventory data

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A computer program that simulates cloning of DNA

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A computer program to help in the irrigation scheduling of multiple sugarcane plots

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A computer program to predict the climate in intensive piggery buildings, I: Background and validation

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A computer program to predict the climate in intensive piggery buildings, II: Description

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A computer program, LLJET, utilizing an 850 mb weather chart to forecast long-distance rice planthopper migration

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A computer programme for machinery design

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A computer programme for processing the data of parasitological investigations

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A computer simulation model for rice sheath blight disease. 3. Effect of the time of outbreak on yield losses of the disease

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A computer simulation model of waterhyacinth and weevil interactions

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A computer vision system for automated corn seed purity analysis

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A computer vision system for characterizing corn growth and development

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A computer-aided engineering approach to timber harvest planning/transportation system design

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A computer-aided instruction tool for grading hardwood lumber

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A computer-based planning model for milk production

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A computerised system for features image display and identification of wood from China

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A computerized approach to nutritional management of apparently healthy cats

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A computerized control system in commercial milk production

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A computerized diet questionnaire for use in diet health education. 1. Development and validation

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A computerized expert system to monitor microbial activity in jet fuel storage tanks

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A computerized one-step outflow method for measurement of soil water diffusivity

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A computerized spreadsheet program for estimating costs and returns of selected field-grown nursery stock

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A computerized technique for measuring in situ concentrations during miscible displacements in porous media

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A concentration of the ladybird beetle Chilocorus bipustulatus

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A concept for computer-aided quality assurance in dairies

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A concept for developing agricultural production

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A concept for hydrological process studies from local to global scales

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A concept for modelling material transport in a small rural catchment

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A concept for the regionalization of data points to determine the nitrate export from agricultural land in the catchment of a water works

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A concept of direct seeding in rice cultivation under puddled soil

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A conception of water reservoirs protection against inflow of increased concentration of nutrient media

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A conceptual approach to optimal nutrition of brood mares

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A conceptual framework for project and program evaluation

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A conceptual framework for relative slope land use to its environment

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A conceptual framework for the analysis of phenotypic plasticity and genetic constraints in plants

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A conceptual framework for the economic evaluation of water harvesting

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A conceptual framework for the study of children's gaming

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A conceptual model of changes in root cohesion in response to vegetation management

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A conceptual model of storm runoff on steep forested slopes

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A conceptual model of the seed bank dynamics of johnsongrass (Sorghum halepense (L.) Pers.) in the wheat-soyabean rotation. Implications for the persistence of the weed

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A conceptual model on the subjective significance of free time

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A concise history of the Ostertagiinae Lopez-Neyra, 1947 (Nematoda: Trichostrongyloidea) and a discussion on its composition

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A concise synthesis of the natural mosquito oviposition attractant pheromone from D-glucose

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A concise table for path analysis statistics

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A condensed history and comprehensive bibliography of mosquito (Diptera: Culicidae) research and control in Illinois

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A conductance screen for Enterobacteriaceae in foods

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A conflict: sport and movement in the outdoors

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A conservation plan for Galician native cattle breeds

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A conservation tillage educational program

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A conserved 11 nucleotide sequence contains an essential promoter element of the maize mitochondrial atp1 gene

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A conserved family of genes related to the testis determining gene, SRY

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A consideration of names of rice growing area in Korea

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A consideration of the conditions of succession in an ageing rural society in the Chugoku district

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A consideration on the prediction of productive performance of dairy cows by quantitative characteristics of sex chromatin

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A conspectus of orchids of Mizoram: their status and conservation

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A constant volume feed device for metering and crushing dry pesticides

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A constitutive model for partially saturated soils

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A consumption tax on an environmental basis - an estimate of the costs for agriculture and horticulture

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A contact device for herbicide application

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A contingency approach to service delivery systems: a framework for analysis

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A continuous cell line from a beetle Anomala costata Hope (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae)

Accorsi, C.A.; Zama, F., 1991:
A continuous evaporating and cooling crystallizer for white sugar

Kumar, R.; Nath, S.; Sanyal, P.; Mohan, N., 1991:
A continuous pan for A-boiling

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A continuous spatial characterization of textural fractions and CaCO3 content of the topsoil of the Polder Region of northwest East-Flanders, Belgium

Mitsuhashi, J., 1990:
A continuously growing cell line from larval hemocytes of Malacosoma neustria testacea

Buxton, J.; Walker, J., 1991:
A continuously ventilated natural-light growth chamber complex for greenhouse environmental studies

Kozhametov, M.K.; Sagimbekov, E.M., 1990:
A contract price could improve economic relationships within the agroindustrial sector

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A contrast/comparison of needs assessment and curricular evaluation for management careers in hostelries/travel, private sport clubs, and agencies

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A contribution of analysis of production dairy cows housing premises project designs, M.M.A.; Haiba, M.H., 1989:
A contribution on cryptosporidiosis as investigated, for the first time, at Qena province

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A contribution on the biology and natural enemy pressure of Thaumetopoea pityocampa (Den. & Schiff.) in Greece (Insecta: Lepidoptera)

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A contribution to Lasioderma spp. and other Coleoptera collected from thistles in southern Greece

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A contribution to assessing the economic impact of redlegged earth mite on agricultural production in Australia

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A contribution to determining the most suitable vegetatively-propagated rootstocks for some spur-type apple cultivars of the Red and Golden groups for highly intensive orchards

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A contribution to evaluation of microbial changes in raw milk during its transport to a dairy

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A contribution to modelling the abrasive wear process

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A contribution to our knowledge of the genus Blastocladia

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A contribution to parasitism of egg batches of Thaumetopoea pityocampa (Denn. & Schiff.) (Lepidoptera Thaumetopoeidae) on the Peloponnes (Greece)

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A contribution to remedying moisture deficit in vineyards on sloping land

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A contribution to research of evapotranspiration using remotely sensed crop temperature

Videnov, B., 1989:
A contribution to studies on the frost resistance of plums and cherry plums

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A contribution to the availability of the nitrogen in sewage sludges stabilized by different processes

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A contribution to the bionomics and ecology of the willow leaf beetle Lochmaea capreae

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A contribution to the chemical and biological evaluation of santonin from Artemisia cina

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A contribution to the determination of pollen viability in selected garden rose and rootstock collections

Pollach, G., 1992:
A contribution to the discussion on beet quality

Gernand, E., 1991:
A contribution to the discussion on the breeding structure in dairy herds

Kazinczi, G.; Hunyadi, K., 1992:
A contribution to the germination biology of blackgrass (Alopecurus myosuroides Huds)

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A contribution to the host-range of Macrophomina phaseolina (Tassi) Goid. in Hungary

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A contribution to the knowledge of Thysanoptera in ornamental and bulbous crops in the Netherlands

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A contribution to the knowledge of some species of Coleoptera in corn fields in Yugoslavia

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A contribution to the knowledge of the Czechoslovakian species of Alluaudomyia Kieffer (Ceratopogonidae, Diptera)

Kapan, M.; Mokrzycki, T., 1988:
A contribution to the knowledge of the occurrence of the pine shoot beetles Tomicus minor and T. piniperda in Scots pine thickets in Niedzwiady forest district

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A contribution to the pollen morphology of Korean Salix L. (Salicaceae)

Matosic Cajavec, V.; Mikacic, D.; Markovic, I.; Markovic Devcic, B.; Krsmanovic, M., 1990:
A contribution to the possibilities of improving the nutritive value of barley by adding beta-glucanase

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A contribution to the study of Simulium and Culicoides of Rio de Janeiro: monthly incidence and biting activity

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A contribution to the study of eradication of mastitis caused by S. agalactiae

Mihaescu, G., 1989:
A contribution to the study of hazel agrobiology and cultivar collection suitable for the Bucharest area

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A contribution to the study of syrphid predators of plant lice

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A contribution to the study of the Peliococcus of the French fauna. III. Study of three new species forming a new genus. (Homoptera, Pseudococcidae)

Amparo Espanol, J.; Corredor P.D., 1988:
A contribution to the study of the biology and capacity for control of Encarsia formosa Gahan in the savannah of Bogota

Hanzelik, F.; Hlavacova, Z., 1990:
A contribution to the study of the dielectric properties of barley grains

Villiers, J.F., 1990:
A contribution to the study of the genus Newtonia Baillon (Leguminosae-Mimosoideae) in Africa

Traore, A.K., 1989:
A contribution to the study of the physiological effects of topping of Virginia tobacco cultivated in France. Relation to maturity and senescence of leaves

Carneiro, L.C.; Menezes Sequeira, L., 1989:
A contribution to the study on root distribution in rootstocks

Jankovic, V., 1989:
A contribution to the study on the effect of rainfall during the growing period of grapevine

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A contribution to the systematics and developmental biology of higher fungi: yeast types in the basidiomycetes. Part I: Schizosaccharomycetales, Protomyces type

Prillinger, H.; Dorfler, C.; Laaser, G.; Hauska, G., 1990:
A contribution to the systematics and developmental biology of higher fungi: yeast types in the basidiomycetes. Part III: Ustilago type

Belajova, A., 1991:
A contribution to the theory of reserves

Brangeon, J.L.; Jegouzo, G.; Roze, B., 1991:
A contribution to the understanding of total farm family income: results of a particular CERC survey on incomes in 1978

Cifuentes, J., 1989:
A contribution towards the knowledge of the distribution of Noctuidae in northern Spain (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Sturcel, J.; Novotny, M., 1990:
A control automation system for operation of irrigation systems

Onwualu, A.P.; Watts, K.C., 1989:
A control system for a hydraulically powered soil bin

Demidov, V.G.; Svetoslavov, I.; Bozhilov, N.; Meikson, T.G., 1989:
A control system for cotton cultivation machinery

Tacconi, R.; Lamberti, F.; Santi, R.; Basile, M., 1989:
A control trial with methyl bromide against root-knot nematodes on strawberry in nurseries

Foster, G.D.; Wadden, T.A.; Peterson, F.J.; Letizia, K.A.; Bartlett, S.J.; Conill, A.M., 1992:
A controlled comparison of three very-low-calorie diets: effects on weight, body composition, and symptoms

Hepburn, C.; Arizal, R., 1989:
A controlled release urea fertiliser. Part 1: the encapsulation of urea fertiliser by rubber: processing and vulcanisation procedures

Hepburn, C.; Arizal, R., 1989:
A controlled release urea fertiliser. Part 2: preparation of the rubber-urea matrix and the split-feeding mixing technique

Hepburn, C.; Young, S.; Arizal, R., 1989:
A controlled release urea fertiliser. Part 3: soil leaching and growth trials

Annuzzi, G.; Rivellese, A.; Capaldo, B.; D.M.rino, L.; Iovine, C.; Marotta, G.; Riccardi, G., 1991:
A controlled study on the effects of n-3 fatty acids on lipid and glucose metabolism in non-insulin-dependent diabetic patients

Whitley R.; Arvin A.; Prober C.; Burchett S.; Corey L.; Powell D.; Plotkin S.; Starr S.; Alford C.; E.A., 1991:
A controlled trial comparing vidarabine with acyclovir in neonatal herpes simplex virus infection

Gastinne H.; Wolff M.; Delatour F.; Faurisson F.; Chevret S., 1992:
A controlled trial in intensive care units of selective decontamination of the digestive tract with nonabsorbable antibiotics

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A controlled trial of a low sodium, low fat, high fibre diet in treated hypertensive patients: the efficacy of multiple dietary intervention

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A controlled trial of acyclovir for chickenpox in normal children

Smith, D.W.; Frankel, L.R.; Mathers, L.H.; Tang, A.T.; Ariagno, R.L.; Prober, C.G., 1991:
A controlled trial of aerosolized ribavirin in infants receiving mechanical ventilation for severe respiratory syncytial virus infection

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A controlled trial of ganciclovir to prevent cytomegalovirus disease after heart transplantation

Winter, R.; Humphreys, H.; Pick, A.; MacGowan, A.P.; Willatts, S.M.; Speller, D.C., 1992:
A controlled trial of selective decontamination of the digestive tract in intensive care and its effect on nosocomial infection

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A controlled-temperature rhizotron

Berry, I.L.; Bens, R.C.; Xin, H.W., 1991:
A controller for combining natural and mechanical ventilation of broilers

Wu, G.; Chieng, S.T., 1991:
A convenient drain spacing formula for layered soils

Rodriguez, J.B.; Gros, E.G., 1990:
A convenient method for the preparation of (+or-) juvenile hormone III

Garcia, A.J., 1991:
A convenient method of sexing chicks by colour for laying hens producing white eggs

Shadid, B.; Plas, H.C. van der, 1990:
A convenient new synthesis of the allylic phytophosphate of trans-zeatin

Ginsburg, E.Kh.; Axenovich, T.I., 1992:
A cooperative binomial ascertainment model

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A cooperative educational program to reduce soil erosion

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A coprological survey of parasites of wild mantled howling monkeys, Alouatta palliata palliata

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A corn tissue culture cell line with altered lipid metabolism

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A correlation between phytotoxicity and accumulation of ambient amino nitrogen during the growth of fungi isolated from vine grafts

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A cosortial plant to recover resources in a polluted area

Jandl, J.; Prochazka, H., 1990:
A cost benefit analysis of protective measures taken against radiation emergencies

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A cost comparison between open marsh water management and chemical larviciding, utilizing modern mosquito control equipment

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A cost-benefit analysis of Chagas disease control

Grundy, T.P., 1990:
A cost-benefit analysis of biological control of rose-grain aphid in New Zealand

Kula, E., 1987:
A cost-benefit analysis of forestry in the British Isles: the case of Northern Ireland

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