A method of analysis of the electrical activity of the proximal gastrointestinal tract of the chicken

Jiménez, M.; Martinez, V.; Vergara, P.; Goñalons, E.

Poultry Science 71(9): 1531-1539


ISSN/ISBN: 0032-5791
PMID: 1409238
DOI: 10.3382/ps.0711531
Accession: 002010708

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The present paper describes a method of recording and analyzing electromyographical (EMG) signals from the digestive tract of the chicken. The EMG signals from the proventriculus, gizzard, and duodenum were recorded after implantation of Ni and Cr electrodes. The amplified EMG signals were digitized using a sampling frequency of 50 samples per second, and numerical data was stored immediately on the hard disk (1 datum = 1 byte). The software designed allowed: 1) detection of spike-bursts with a high accuracy; 2) analysis of maximum amplitude (with a maximum error of 6.7%), mean amplitude, duration, and frequency of the spike-bursts; the time of interval between spike-bursts, and the percentage of activity; 3) integration of the recorded data with a variable time set; and 4) a wave analysis by means of the Fourier algorithm. These methods, already used in EMG studies in mammals, are assembled and adapted for its application in birds.