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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2013

Chapter 2013 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Voorhoeve, H.W., 1990:
A new reference for the mid-upper arm circumference?

Biswas, M.R., 1991:
A new regional network. (The Asian farming systems research and extension symposium, Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand, 19-22 November 1990)

Sato, H.; Shimizu, N.; Nakagawa, H.; Nakajima, K., 1990:
A new registered cultivar Natsukaze of guineagrass

de Mendonça-Lima, L.; Traub-Cseko, Y.M., 1991:
A new repetitive DNA sequence from Trypanosoma cruzi

Gaur, R.B.; Singh, R.D., 1990:
A new report of Alternaria blight of chickpea from Rajasthan, India

Sobti, A.K.; Bansal, R.K., 1989:
A new report of Drechslera leaf spot of groundnut from India

Gaur, R.B.; Singh, R.D.; Rathore, R.S., 1989:
A new report of Rhizopus rot of groundnut from India

Joshi, K.C.; Meshram, P.B., 1989:
A new report of Selepa celtis Moore (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) as a pest of babul (Acacia nilotica) and aonla (Emblica officinalis)

Harini, I.; Lakshmi, N.; Prakash, N.S., 1990 :
A new report of a chromosomal chimaera in Capsicum annuum L

Meshram, P.B.; Jamaluddin ; Pathak, S.C., 1991:
A new report of slug caterpillar, Miresa albipuncta Herr-Schaff (Lepidoptera: Limacodidae) as a pest of mahua, Madhuca latifolia

Sharma, T.P.; Sen, D.N., 1989:
A new report on abnormally fast germinating seeds of Haloxylon spp. - an ecological adaption to saline habitat

Rao, A.A.; Chauhan, S.S.; Chakroborti, S.; Rao, G.S., 1992:
A new report on the occurrence of Chaetothyrium and Curvularia fungi on mulberry

Espinosa, J.; Depestre, T.; Camino, V., 1991:
A new resistant sweet pepper variety

Yamada, T.; Muramatsu, Y.; Agui, T.; Matsumoto, K., 1992:
A new restriction fragment length polymorphism of the ceruloplasmin gene in rat

Zheng, J.R.; Lin, W.B.; Lin, R.G.; Zheng, H.Y.; Zhu, C.D.; Wu, Y.C., 1991:
A new rice cultivar Hsien 128

Watanabe, S.; Ono, T.; Nishiyama, H.; Motomura, H.; Imbe, T.; Akama, Y.; Shimura, E.; Takita, T., 1991:
A new rice cultivar Toyosachi

Watanabe, S.; Ono, T.; Nishiyama, H.; Motomura, H.; Imbe, T.; Akama, Y.; Shimura, E.; Takita, T., 1991:
A new rice cultivar Yokaminori

Guo, J.C., 1990:
A new rice variety, Kecheng 1

Bihari Lal; Dolly Goel, 1989 :
A new rot of Abelmoschus esculentus

Troger, J.; Malzahn, A., 1990:
A new rotary milling tool, adjustable during operation, for panel processing from Geringswalde

Ben Dov, Y., 1991:
A new rugaspidiotine genus and species (Hom., Coccoidea, Diaspididae) from the Oriental Region

Zhuang, J.Y., 1989:
A new rust species on Smilax

Bosinger, S.; Luf, W.; Brandl, E., 1990:
A new sample pre-treatment for detection of oxidized cholesterols in milk-powder by HPLC

Brar, R.S.; Avasthy, P.N., 1988:
A new sampling technique for estimating population of sugarcane black bug

Paphassarang, S.; Raynaud, J.; Lussignol, M.; Cabalion, P., 1989:
A new saponin from the leaves of Polyscias scutellaria (Burm. f. Fosb.) (Araliaceae)

Koul, A.K.; Ghani, M.Y.; Koul, R.N., 1989:
A new scab disease of poplar from India

Young, B.L.; Lu, D.H., 1988:
A new scale insect on pine needles from Sichuan (Coccoidea: Diaspididae)

Saiki, Ki, 1992:
A new sciadopityaceous seed cone from the Upper Cretaceous of Hokkaido, Japan

Favennec, L.; Chochillon, C.; Magne, D.; Meillet, D.; Raichvarg, D.; Savel, J.; Gobert, J.G., 1992:
A new screening assay for antigiardial compounds: effects of various drugs on the adherence of Giardia duodenalis to Caco2 cells

Zardini, E.; Raven, P.H., 1992:
A new section of Ludwigia (Onagraceae) with a key to the sections of the genus

Audergon, J.M.; Duquesne, J.; Nicolas, J.C.; Audubert, A., 1991:
A new selected plum rootstock for apricot varieties: TorinelReg.

Chang, C.J.; Donaldson, R.; Crowley, M.; Pinnow, D., 1991:
A new semiselective medium for the isolation of Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris from crucifer seeds

Mitrofanov, A.A., 1990:
A new series of collapsible anchors

Norrung, V.; Molin, G., 1991:
A new serotype of Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae isolated from pig slurry

Younan, M.; Wallmann, J., 1989:
A new serovar of Pasteurella haemolytica from sheep in Syria

Kirpichnikov, P.A.; Liakumovich, A.G.; Lapshin, S.A.; Agadzhanyan, S.I.; Sabirov, S.B.; Simonova, N.N.; Nurullin, R.G., 1991:
A new silage additive

Tsai, S.S.; Chang, T.C.; Chen, R.S.; Chang, G.N., 1989:
A new skin lesion found in weaned pigs with natural infection of pseudorabies virus

Botterill, T.D., 1991:
A new social movement: Tourism Concern, the first two years

Hewitt, A.E., 1990:
A new soil classification for New Zealand

Christov, M., 1990:
A new source of cytoplasmic male sterility in sunflower originating from Helianthus argophyllus

Durden, L.A., 1991:
A new species and an annotated world list of the sucking louse genus Neohaematopinus (Anoplura: Polyplacidae)

Carpenter, J.M.; Wenzel, J.W., 1988:
A new species and nest type of Mischocyttarus from Costa Rica (Hymenoptera: Vespidae; Polistinae), with descriptions of nests of three related species

Whitten, W.M.; Williams, N.H., 1991:
A new species and nomenclatural changes in Gongora sect. Acropera (Orchidaceae: Stanhopeinae)

Zou, P.; Wang, X.Z., 1989:
A new species and two new records of Acaridae associated with edible fungi from China (Acarina: Acaroidea)

Stanyukovich, M.K., 1991:
A new species from the genus Steatonyssus (Parasitiformes: Gamasina) from Rhinolophus ferrumequinum

Stalker, Ht, 1991:
A new species in section Arachis of peanuts with a D genome

Nelson, GH., 1990:
A new species of Agrilus reared from mistletoe in Texas (Coleoptera: Buprestidae)

Qian, Y.Y., 1989:
A new species of Albizia from China

Otto, JC., 1992:
A new species of Anystis von Heyden compared with Anystis salicinus (Linnaeus) (Acarina: Anystidae)

Sumodan, P.K.; Sevichan, P.J., 1989:
A new species of Apanteles Forster (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) reared from a pyralid pest of Azolla

Chen, J-H.; Gonzalez, D.; Luhman, J., 1990:
A new species of Aphidius (Hymenoptera) attacking the pea aphid, Acyrthosiphon pisum

Pennacchio, F.; Tremblay, E., 1988:
A new species of Aphidius Nees from Italy (Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Aphidiinae)

Suresh Dhyani; Srivastava, S.L., 1991:
A new species of Ascochyta on Desmodium elegans from India

Gerson, U.; Fain, A., 1991:
A new species of Bak (Acari: Cheyletidae) from Thailand, with a key to species

Stirton, C.H.; Puy, D.J. du, 1992:
A new species of Baphia (Leguminosae: Papilionoideae) from Madagascar

Regu, K.; David, BV., 1991:
A new species of Bemisia (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae) from India with a key to Indian species

Rotheray, GE., 1990:
A new species of Bioblapsis (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae) from Scotland parasitising a mycophagous hoverfly, Cheilosia longula (Diptera: Syrphidae)

Wu, T.H.; Lu, J.Y., 1991:
A new species of Botryotinia - the teleomorph of Botrytis fabae Sardina

Contreras, J.L.; Lewis, G.P., 1992:
A new species of Caesalpinia (Leguminosae: Caesalpinioideae) from Mexico

Feres, RJF., 1992:
A new species of Calacarus Keifer (Acari, Eriophyidae, Phyllocoptinae) from Hevea brasiliensis Muell. Arg. (Euphorbiaceae) from Brazil

Lin, C-L., 1989:
A new species of Caligus (Copepoda, Caligidae) parasitic on milkfish (Chanos chanos)

Caira, J.N.; Ruhnke, T.R., 1990:
A new species of Calliobothrium (Tetraphyllidea: Onchobothriidae) from the whiskery shark, Furgaleus macki, in Australia

Lewis, G.P., 1992:
A new species of Canavalia (Leguminosae: Papilionoideae) from Brazil

Justine, J.L., 1992:
A new species of Capillariinae (Nematoda), a parasite of soricids (Mammalia, Insectivora) in Nepal

Qian, Y.Y., 1990:
A new species of Cassia from Yunnan

Gagne, RJ.; Duncan, RW., 1990:
A new species of Cecidomyiidae (Diptera) damaging shoot tips of yellow cypress, Chamaecyparis nootkatensis, and a new genus for two gall midges on Cupressaceae

Kahn, F.; Mejia, K., 1988:
A new species of Chelyocarpus (Palmae, Coryphoideae) from Peruvian Amazonia

Minno, MC., 1990:
A new species of Choranthus from Hispaniola (Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae)

Yang, J.K.; Wang, X.L., 1988:
A new species of Chyliza (Psilidae: Diptera) from China, injuring bamboo roots

Vinciguerra, M.T.; Rosa, G. la, 1990:
A new species of Clarkus Jairajpuri, 1970 (Nematoda: Mononchida) from subantarctic America

Wright, P.; Patel, V., 1990:
A new species of Cordyceps (Ascomycetes) infecting Oncopera intricata (Lepidoptera: Hepialidae) larvae in Tasmania

Ferrer, J., 1990:
A new species of Cossyphodes (Westw.) from Kenya (Col. Cossyphodidae)

Peyton, EL.; Harbach, RE., 1991:
A new species of Culex (Melanoconion) encountered during arbovirus surveillance in Mexico (Diptera: Culicidae)

Dajoz, R., 1990:
A new species of Cylidrella in California. Its ecological and biogeographic interest (Coleoptera, Trogositidae)

Wirth, WW., 1987:
A new species of Dasyhelea (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) from rock pools in the southwestern United States

Beaucournu, J.C.; Torres Mura, J.C., 1987:
A new species of Delostichus (Siphonaptera: Rhopalopsyllidae) from Argentina

Neunzig, HH., 1990:
A new species of Dioryctria (Pyralidae: Phycitinae) from Mexico

Madrigal Sanchez, X.; Rzedowski, J., 1988:
A new species of Diospyros from Morelio municipality, Michoacan, Mexico

Azmi, M.I., 1991:
A new species of Discolaimium (Nematoda: Dorylaimida) from Jhansi, India

Pai, C.K.; Zhang, J.C.; Zhu, X.T., 1989:
A new species of Drechslera

Porta Puglia, A.; Serrone, P. del, 1991:
A new species of Drechslera on Johnsongrass

Winter, B. de, 1990:
A new species of Eragrostis (Chlorideae) in the E. curvula alliance

Li, J.; Liu, Y.; Tian, W.Z., 1991:
A new species of Eugenuris (Nematoda: Oxyuridae)

Newton, L.E., 1992:
A new species of Euphorbia from the Ethiopia-Kenya border

Serrone, P. del; Porta Puglia, A.; Sivanesan, A., 1991:
A new species of Exserohilum on barnyardgrass

Yang, J.Z.; Pan, X.Y.; Zhang, F.S.; Jin, M.L., 1991:
A new species of Fischoederius in water buffalo

Liu, M.H., 1989:
A new species of Ganoderma

Zhou, R.B., 1988:
A new species of Gleditsia L. from Hunan

Pinheiro, A.L., 1991:
A new species of Guarea (Meliaceae) in a forest reserve of the Vale do Rio Doce Company: Guarea penningtoniana

Cicchino, AC.; Castro, D. del C., 1990:
A new species of Gyropus Nitzsch, 1818 (Phthiraptera, Amblycera, Gyropidae) from Proechimys albispinus (I. Geoffroy) (Mammalia, Rodentia, Echimyidae)

Hooten, M.L., 1991:
A new species of Harrisia from south Florida

Grillo Ravelo, H., 1989:
A new species of Heza Amyot & Serville (Heteroptera: Reduviidae) in Cuba

Doganlar, M., 1990:
A new species of Hockeria Walker (Hymenoptera, Chalcididae), a pupal parasite of Heliothis viriplaca Hufn. (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae) on lentil (Lens esculenta) and chick pea (Cicer spp.) in southeastern Anatolia

Munari, L., 1988:
A new species of Kimosina Rohacek, 1983, collected in the aerial plankton of the Lido di Volano (Delta of the River Po). (Diptera, Sphaeroceridae)

Tanskul, P., 1991:
A new species of Leptotrombidium (Acari: Trombiculidae) collected from black plates in Thailand

Oldewage, WH., 1989:
A new species of Lernaeenicus (Copepoda: Siphonostomatoida) from southern Africa

Wyk, A.E. van, 1990:
A new species of Leucadendron (Proteaceae) from Pondoland, with a discussion of its biogeography

Rapisarda, C., 1990:
A new species of Livilla (spartiisuga-group) (Hom., Psylloidea) living on Genista ephedroides in Sardinia

Gao, J.R.; Zou, P.; Jiang, H.F., 1990:
A new species of Luciaphorus (Acariformes) Pygmephoridae injuring Jew's ear mushroom (Auricularia polytricha) in China

Bullington, SW.; Beck, AF., 1991:
A new species of Machimus Loew (Diptera: Asilidae) from burrows of Gopherus polyphemus (Testudines: Testudinidae)

Zarucchi, J.L., 1990:
A new species of Macrolobium (Fabaceae: Caesalpinioideae) from Mesoamerica

Giri, G.S.; Das, S.K.; Nayar, M.P., 1990:
A new species of Maesa Forsk. (Myrsinaceae) from Arunachal Pradesh, India

Marback, G.L. de C., 1989:
A new species of Marshallius (Coleoptera, Curculionidae) attacking cashews in Bahia

Disney, RHL., 1989:
A new species of Megaselia (Diptera, Phoridae) from France and Poland

Baz, A., 1988:
A new species of Mesopsocus and three new citations of mesopsocids for the Spanish fauna (Psocoptera, Mesopsocidae)

Zhao, S-x.; Liang, J-z.; Q.Y., 1989:
A new species of Microtrombicula Ewing, 1950 (Acari: Trombiculidae)

Rourke, J.P., 1988:
A new species of Mimetes (Proteaceae) from the southern Cape

Palma, R.L.; Klockenhoff, H.F., 1988:
A new species of Myrsidea (Phthiraptera: Menoponidae) from Pachycephala pectoralis (Aves: Passeriformes)

Verma, T.; Kuriyal, S.K.; Pandey, B.N., 1990:
A new species of Mystrosporiella from India

Polishook, J.D.; Bills, G.F.; Rossman, A.Y., 1991:
A new species of Neocosmospora with a Penicillifer anamorph

Fairfax, R.A., 1990:
A new species of Neopolystoma (Monogenea) and the occurrence of Polystomoides sp. in New Guinea, with notes on some polystomes from North-East Australia

Zunino, M.; Halffter, G., 1988:
A new species of Onthophagus (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae) associated with caves

Futuyma, DJ., 1991:
A new species of Ophraella Wilcox (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) from the southeastern United States

Cressey, R.; Cressey, H.B., 1989:
A new species of Orbitacolax (Copepoda: Bomololochidae) and redescriptions of two additional species

Jameson, ML., 1991:
A new species of Parachrysina Bates (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Rutelinae) from Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Cai, L.; Wu, W., 1988:
A new species of Paradoxopsyllus (Siphonaptera: Leptopsyllidae)

Goff, M.L.; Webb, J.P.J., 1989:
A new species of Paraguacarus (Acari: Trombiculidae) from a degu (Mammalia: Rodentia) collected in Chile

Marsh, PM., 1991:
A new species of Pauesia (Hymenoptera: Braconidae, Aphidiinae) from Georgia and introduced into South Africa against the black pine aphid (Homoptera: Aphididae)

Yamazaki, T., 1992:
A new species of Peperomia from the Ryukyus

Cardiel Sanz, J.M., 1991:
A new species of Pera (Euphorbiaceae) from Colombia

Venkatasubbaiah, P.; Grand, L.F.; Dyke, C.G. van, 1991:
A new species of Pestalotiopsis on Oenothera

Raj Kumar; Pandey, J.C.; Rana, B.S., 1988:
A new species of Pestalotiopsis on tea leaves of Kumaon Hills

Galati, E.A.B.; Nunes, V.L.B.; Oshiro, E.T.; Rego Junior, F.A., 1989:
A new species of Phlebotominae, Lutzomyia corumbaensis sp. n. (Diptera, Psychodidae) of the Lutzomyia cortelezzii complex

Sanchez Vindas, P.E.; Jimenez M.Q., 1989:
A new species of Plinia from Costa Rica

Husband, RW.; Baker, A., 1992:
A new species of Podapolipus (Acari: Podapolipidae) ectoparasitic on Alphitobius laevigatus (Tenebrionidae) from Trinidad

Chen, Z.X.; Yao, Y.J., 1989:
A new species of Podosphaera (Erysiphaceae)

Lattke, J.E., 1990:
A new species of Pogonomyrmex Mayr from humid tropical forest (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

Xing, F.W.; Li, Z.X., 1990:
A new species of Polygala from Hainan

Diengdoh, CR.; Tandon, V., 1991:
A new species of Polystoma (Monogenea) parasitic in rhacophorid amphibians in Meghalaya, India

Sanchez Vindas, P.; Poveda, L.J., 1990:
A new species of Pouteria from Costa Rica

Hu, J.D., 1990:
A new species of Prosthenorchis (Oligacanthorhynchida: Oligacanthorhynchidae)

Rourke, J.P., 1990:
A new species of Protea (Proteaceae) from Namaqualand with comments on the Kamiesberg as a centre of endemism

Wei, S.X.; Zhuang, J.Y., 1990:
A new species of Puccinia on bamboo

Gagne, R.J.; Payne, J.A., 1992:
A new species of Putoniella (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) damaging leaves of Prunus spp: (Rosaceae) in southeastern United States

Mashego, SN., 1990:
A new species of Rhabdochona Railliet, 1916 (Nematoda: Rhabdochonidae) from Barbus species in South Africa

Chen, Y.Q.; Zhang, L.X., 1988:
A new species of Rhynchaenus mining poplar leaves (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Yang, Z.Q., 1989:
A new species of Ropalophorus Curtis (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) parasitizing Polygraphus polygraphus adult (Coleoptera: Scolytidae) with a key to the world species of the genus

Berzosa, J.; Cano, J.M., 1990:
A new species of Scirtothrips Shull 1909 from Spain (Insecta: Thysanoptera: Thripidae)

Lopes, H.S.; Ferraz, M.V., 1991:
A new species of Sinopiella (Diptera, Sarcophagidae) from Brasilia, DF, Brazil

Li, Y.S.; Lin, J.N.; Chen, Y.Z.; Tang, J.H., 1985:
A new species of Sinopotamon crab harbouring metacercariae of lung flukes from the Wuyishan Nature Reserve, Fujian (Decapoda: Sinopotamonidae)

Yamazuki, T.; Takushi, A., 1991:
A new species of Solanum from Ryukyu

Marshall, SA., 1989:
A new species of Spelobia Spuler associated with fens in Yukon, Alaska and northeastern North America (Diptera: Sphaeroceridae)

Mariaux, J.; Vaucher, C., 1991:
A new species of Staphylepis Spassky & Oshmarin, 1954 (Cestoda: Hymenolepididae) found in West African nectariniid birds

Das, A.K., 1990:
A new species of Stenella Sydow from West Bengal

Rai, A.N.; Kamal, 1990:
A new species of Stenella from India

Barraclough, DA., 1991:
A new species of Tachinidae (Diptera) parasitic on the sugarcane borer Eldana saccharina (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae), in Natal, South Africa

Hu, D.; Krantz, GW., 1991:
A new species of Tegonotus Nalepa (Acari: Eriophyidae, Phyllocoptinae) from Pacific silver fir in Oregon, USA

Huang, D-w., 1988:
A new species of Trichomalopsis Crawford (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea)

Zhao, S-x.; Liang, J-z., 1989:
A new species of Walchia from Guangdong, China (Acarina: Trombiculidae)

Hernandez Ortiz, V., 1989:
A new species of Zonosemata (Diptera: Tephritidae) and a key for the species of the genus

Yang, C.K.; Yan, D.P., 1990:
A new species of brown lace-wing (Neuroptera: Hemerobiidae) from Inner Mongolia and two new records for China

Dixit, G.R.; Capoor, V.N., 1989:
A new species of cestode, Choanotaenia Railliet, 1896 from avian host Sternus contra from Allahabad-India

McAllister, C.T.; Upton, S.J.; Trauth, S.E., 1991:
A new species of coccidian (Apicomplexa: Eimeriidae) from the prairie racerunner, Cnemidophorus sexlineatus viridis (Sauria: Teiidae), in Arkansas

Gulyaev, V.D.; Ust' yantsev, V.V., 1987:
A new species of cyclophyllidean cestode - Lateriporus spasskii sp. nov. (Dilepididae)

Seregina, L.Y.; Kostyukov, V.V., 1989:
A new species of eulophid (Hymenoptera, Eulophidae) - a parasitoid of the green oak leaf roller

Xu, Z.F.; Zhang, D.N.; Yang, L., 1990:
A new species of fluorescent earthworm (Opisothopora: Megascolecidae, Acanthodrilinae) in China

Harris, KM.; Schreiner, IH., 1992:
A new species of gall midge (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) attacking mango foliage in Guam, with observations on its pest status and biology

Nilamani, L.; Prasad, B., 1990:
A new species of gall-forming Crotonothrips (Inermothrips) (Thysanoptera: Phlaeothripidae) from Manipur

Kumar, V., 1989:
A new species of genus Osmia Panzer (Hymenoptera: Apoidea: Megachilidae) from India

Kaul, V.; Waliullah, M.I.S., 1989:
A new species of genus Paratylenchus Micoletzky, 1922 (Paratylenchidae : Nematoda) from Srinagar, Kashmir, India

Gong, Z-d.; Ji, S-h., 1989:
A new species of genus Tripteroides from Yunnan (Diptera: Culicidae)

Zhang, F., 1990:
A new species of grasshopper (Orthoptera: Oedipodidae) from Jilin Province, China

Dbar, R.S.; Saparmamedova, N.K., 1988:
A new species of ichneumonid of the genus Eriborus (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae) - a parasitoid of the Turkmenian lymantriid Portesia cargalica Moore in the central Kopetdag

Hoffmann, A.; Servin, R., 1990:
A new species of listrophorid associated with a rodent in Baja California Sur

Stanyukovich, M.K., 1990:
A new species of mite, Macronyssus evansi (Parasitiformes: Gamasina) from bats

Liu, Y.R., 1985:
A new species of nematode of the genus Diplotriaena Railliet et Henry 1909, from Fujian (Nematoda: Diplotriaenidae)

Lehrer, A.Z., 1989:
A new species of palearctic Sarcophaga Meigen (Diptera, Sarcophagidae)

Nilsson, JA.; Johnson, CD., 1990:
A new species of palm bruchid from Cuba and a redescription of Caryobruchus gleditsiae (L.) (Coleoptera: Bruchidae: Pachymerinae)

Kottek, M.H.; Ladiges, P.Y.; Whiffin, T., 1990 :
A new species of stringybark, Eucalyptus mackintii, from eastern Victoria and its phenetic and cladistic relationships

Binojkumar, M.S.; Balakrishnan, N.P., 1991:
A new species of succulent Euphorbia L. (Euphorbiaceae) from India

Carpaneto, GM.; Mignani, R., 1988:
A new species of the genus Bolboceratops from Somalia (Coleoptera, Geotrupidae)

Wu, Y.; Zou, D.; Pan, Y., 1989:
A new species of the genus Cecidomyia from China (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae)

Raga, JA.; Balbuena, JA., 1990:
A new species of the genus Crassicauda Leiper et Atkinson, 1914 (Nematoda: Spiruroidea) from the penis of Globicephala melas (Traill, 1809) (Cetacea: Globicephalidae) in the western Mediterranean Sea

Ergens, R., 1991:
A new species of the genus Gyrodactylus Nordmann, 1832 (Monogenea) from Gobio gobio (L.)

Doucet, ME., 1992:
A new species of the genus Laimaphelenchus Fuchs, 1937 (Nemata: Aphelenchina)

Liu, J.X.; Wang, W.J., 1991:
A new species of the genus Lamproglena from freshwater fishes of China (Copepoda: Cyclopoida, Lernaeidae)

Shang, Y.Z.; Li, R.X.; Wang, D.S., 1990:
A new species of the genus Melampsora (Uredinales)

Rao, R., 1989:
A new species of the genus Mesocoelium melanostictii sp. nov. from India

Fan, Z.; Ma, S., 1988 :
A new species of the genus Oebalia R.-D. from China (Diptera: Sarcophagidae)

Luo, J.Z.; Chen, G.; Wu, B.S., 1991:
A new species of the genus Ostertagia (Strongylidea: Trichostrongylidae) from bharal

Krasnoborov, I.M.; Pshenichnaya, I.N., 1990:
A new species of the genus Oxytropis (Fabaceae) from the Altai

Agarwal, A.K.; Shashi Chauhan, 1988:
A new species of the genus Pestalotiopsis from Indian soil

Xue, W-q.; Feng Yan., 1989:
A new species of the genus Pierretia from Sichuan, China (Diptera: Sarcophagidae)

Lin, Z.; Ding, T., 1990:
A new species of the genus Rhizoglyphus (Acarina: Acaridae) from China

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A new species of the genus Rhyzolaelaps (Acarina: Laelapidae)

Luo, J.Z.; Wu, B.S., 1990:
A new species of the genus Trichostrongylus in the small intestine of Pseudois nayaur

Grogan, W.L.; Jr.; Wirth, WW., 1990:
A new species of the minute predaceous midge genus Nannohelea from Sri Lanka (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae)

Khan, Z.; Ahmad, W.; Rahaman, PF., 1991:
A new species of the rare nematode genus Trachypleurosum Andrassy, 1959 (Nematoda: Actinolaimidae) from India

Otero, A.C., 1989:
A new species of trematode of the genus Chiorchis (Diplodiscidae) parasitic in a manatee (Trichechus manatus, Sirenia) in Cuba

Babero, BB.; Murua, RB., 1990:
A new species of whipworm from a South American hystricomorph rodent

Uchikawa, K., 1990:
A new species, males and immature stages of Ancystropus, with reference to apomorphic characters and their mode of development (Acarina: Spinturnicidae)

Santiago Blay, J.A.; Schawaller, W.; Poinar, G.O.J., 1990:
A new specimen of Microtityus ambarensis (Scorpiones, Buthidae), fossils from Hispaniola: evidence of taxonomic status and possible biogeographic implications

Hammer, S.N., 1991:
A new sphaeroid from Bushmanland

Firdousi, S.A.; Rai, A.N.; Vyas, K.M., 1990:
A new spot disease of Ficus benghalensis L. caused by Coniothyrium olivaceum Bonard from India

Liu, X.W.; Wang, Y.; Ma, Y.Q., 1990:
A new spring wheat variety, Kefeng 5

Jin, F.P.; Wang, Y., 1990:
A new spring wheat variety, Xinkehan 9

Gowda, P.H.; Subbaiah, T.K.; Joshi, S.H., 1991:
A new stain for pollen fertility studies

Beda, Y.A.; Lekarev, V.S., 1989:
A new standard for milk

Fingerland, J., 1990:
A new standard for rabbits in the Netherlands

Palkin, G.; Trofimov, A., 1988:
A new stimulatory milking machine

Viduc, D., 1991:
A new stimulus for agricultural production through the Law on Premiums and Reductions for Agricultural Priorities

Boon, J.O.; Pinter, J.; Somlyody, L., 1989:
A new stochastic approach for controlling point source river pollution

Yurkov, V.V.; Gorlenko, V.M., 1992:
A new strain of RB-5 of the purple nonsulfur bacterium Rhodopseudomonas blastica isolated from a sulfide alkaline spring

Abha Gupta; Gupta, J.S., 1991:
A new strain of Streptomyces cyanoalbus from Vrindawan soil

Sajid Husain; Khalid Mahmood, 1990:
A new strain of tobacco mosaic virus isolated from Solanum amotapense, an introduced plant in India

Patel, V.J., 1988:
A new strategy for increased biomass through high density energy plantation

Zhao, X.W.; Bao, Y.Z., 1988:
A new study on estimating forest stock volume using remote sensing data

Spasskii, A.A., 1990:
A new subfamily of Taeniidae (Cestoda: Cyclophyllidea)

Harbach, RE.; Peyton, EL., 1991:
A new subgenus of Wyeomyia (Diptera: Culicidae), with the reclassification and redescription of Wyeomyia (Davismyia) arborea, Wyeomyia (Dendromyia) tarsata and Sabethes (Sabethes) carrilloi

Harbach, RE., 1991:
A new subgenus of the genus Sabethes (Diptera: Culicidae)

Clark, C.; Faull, M., 1991:
A new subspecies and a new combination in Eschscholzia minutiflora (Papaveraceae)

A.B.rmani, A.K.K.A.; Stace, C.A., 1991:
A new subspecies of Festuca rubra

Stefanescu, S.; Granciu, I.; Samarineanu, M.; Iancu, I., 1989:
A new subtype in the blood group F system in Romanian cattle

Hamada T., 1989:
A new supplementary molasses block feed for the ruminant to improve the production efficiency under poor feeding condition

Kwiecinski, A.; Stanejko, J., 1992:
A new surgical table in the light of current world recommendations

Li, C.L.; Jiang, Z.R., 1990:
A new sweet pepper cultivar, Haihua 3, developed by anther culture

Kukovitsya, G.S.; Movchan, Y.I.; Solomakha, V.A.; Shelyag Sosonko, Y.P., 1992:
A new syntaxon Poaetum versicoloris Ass. nova from the West Podolia steppes

Schroeppel K., 1991:
A new system for automating sample identification

Murai, K.; Hirohara, H.; Tsunewaki, K., 1991:
A new system for hybrid wheat production using Aegilops crassa cytoplasm

Butler, C.M.; Baxter, L.W.J., 1991:
A new system for rooting camellia cuttings

Pari, L., 1990:
A new system for the harvesting of sweet sorghum

Cowley, JM., 1990:
A new system of fruit fly surveillance trapping in New Zealand

Kochish, I.I.; Khokhlov, A.V.; Potokin, Y.M., 1989:
A new system of selecting cocks for breeding

Berlekamp, L.R.; Kamieth, H.; Pranzes, N., 1990:
A new systematic of urban utilization - general importance for planning and particularly for investigation of surface sealings

Hayakawa, H.; Tanaka, K.; Iwane, K.; Yamashita, N., 1990:
A new tabanid fly trap with automatic CO2-emission apparatus run by weather sensors

Wevers, J.D.A., 1990:
A new tare payment regulation in the Netherlands and the effects on harvesting decisions

Kuzma, A.B.; Hunter, B., 1991:
A new technique for avian fracture repair using intramedullary polymethylmethacrylate and bone plate fixation

Xiong, Y.K., 1991:
A new technique for chromosome preparation by hypotonic treatment of bone marrow

Piedade Guerreiro, J.; Guardado, M.I., 1988:
A new technique for laboratory rearing of Opius concolor Szpl. (Hymenoptera: Braconidae)

Gorini, F.; Frigoli, B., 1988:
A new technique for maintaining the quality of horticultural products

Hutsch, B.; Heilenz, S.; Schmeer, H.; Mengel, K., 1990:
A new technique for measuring denitrification potentials in soils

Ling, P.S.; Dong, L.H., 1988:
A new technique for poison extraction from medicinal Scolopendra subspinipes mutilans

Tamura, Y.; Takezawa, K.; Doi, K., 1990:
A new technique for the estimation of crop development stage. (2). Introduction of a 2-dimensional nonparametric method

Dwivedi, R., 1991:
A new technique of detection of diseased plants

Kak, S.N.; Kaul, B.L., 1989:
A new technique of inducing mutations in vegetatively propagated plants by chemical mutagens

Vasudevan, K.; Jos, J.S., 1991:
A new technique to enhance mutant recovery in cassava

Van Mele, P.; Van Damme, P.; Berner, D.C., 1992:
A new technique to test germination response of Striga seed using host plant roots

Guo, P.Y.; Zhou, Y.J.; Tan, N.L.; Xia, J.P., 1992:
A new technology for ammoniating straw by quick thermally decomposing ammonium bicarbonate

Vyaizenen, G., 1990:
A new technology of preparing mixed silage

Dennis, J.J.C., 1992:
A new threat from brown root rot of cocoa, caused by Phellinus noxius, in Papua New Guinea

Fantino, M.G.; Ponti, I., 1990:
A new threat to asparagus: basal rot caused by Phytophthora

Andropov, L.A.; Denisov, V.I., 1991:
A new three-breed pig hybrid, the Volga

Travassos Santos Dias, J.A., 1988:
A new tick species (Acarina, Ixodoidea) from the fauna of Mozambique: Boophilus scheepersi sp. nov

Ali, K.A.; Balasubramanian, M., 1989:
A new tool to determine resistance in stored grains to weevils

Saltarin, A., 1991:
A new tortricid damaging apples in nurseries: Clepsis spectrana Tr

Suss, H.; Schirarend, C., 1990:
A new tracheidal element in conifers, in the branchwood of Pinus aristata

Stroppel, A., 1991:
A new tractor driving concept in conjunction with continuously adjustable and regulable p.t.o

Igdalov, M.P., 1991:
A new tractor for the forest industry

Aoki, H.; Ishikawa, M., 1989:
A new training method for tomatoes 'continuous pinching and twisting'. 3. Translocation and accumulation of photosynthates in plants

Malhotra, A.K.; Deorari, A.K.; Paul, V.K.; Bagga, A.; Singh, M., 1992:
A new transport incubator for primary care of low birth weight babies

Pearce M.J., 1990:
A new trap for collecting termites and assessing their foraging activity

Boxaspen, K.; Holm, J.C., 1991:
A new treatment against sea lice

Bilqees, F.M.; Khan, A., 1990:
A new trematode Laciotocus rohitai (Trematoda: Monorchidae) from the fish Labeo rohita (Ham.) of Kalri Lake, Sind, Pakistan

Leggett, J.M., 1990:
A new triploid hybrid between Avena eriantha and A. macrostachya

Anonymous, 1991:
A new twist on frozen desserts

Araujo, J., 1988:
A new type of emergence trap for xylophagous insects

Hardy, M.H.; Tackaberry, L.E.; Goldberg, M.T., 1991:
A new type of lesion associated with severe fur damage in Canadian ranch foxes and an investigation of possible causes

Smetacek P., 1989:
A new type of mimicry in butterflies

Krause, G., 1990:
A new type of pheromone trap for the reduction of catches of non-target species of lepidopterous pests in orchards with Laspeyresia pomonella L. as an example

Muratov, I.V.; Posokhov, P.S.; Klebanovskii, V.A., 1991:
A new type of plerocercoid of the genus Diphyllobothrium from Osmeridae in the Far East of the USSR

Akulinin, A.K., 1989:
A new type of production relationship

Mishra, P.K.; Larsen, P., 1992:
A new type of regulator for on-farm irrigation outlets

Chen, Q.F., 1989:
A new type of rice variety was successfully selected using a way of combining distant hybridization with a biological technique

Li, R.X. et al., 1991:
A new type of rural cooperative system for non-farm enterprises in Wenzhou, Zhejiang

Svetlichnyi, I.A.; Poladyan, Z.A., 1992:
A new type of semifinewooled sheep

Semenov, S.I.; Suvorov, V.M.; Sergeeva, L.G.; Pavlov, M.B., 1992:
A new type of sheep and its improvement

Matayoshi, N.; Miura, N.; Yamazoe, N., 1990:
A new type of solid-state enzyme sensor using fluoride ion conductor

Murzin, Yu; Peshkova, I., 1989:
A new type of supplement for fattening cattle

Kochling, J., 1990:
A new type of synthetic varieties in winter rye based upon a modern procedure of cloning

Lu, L.Q.; Zhang, L.Y.; Zhou, Y.S.; Yang, Y.; Liu, F.; Zhang, P.L., 1992:
A new type of testing bench for tractor hydraulic lifting system

Il' in, V.L., 1990:
A new type of transport vehicle

Kulikova, S.G.; Petukhov, V.L.; Grafodatskii, A.S., 1991:
A new type of trisomy in cattle

Charteris, W.; Kennedy, P.; Heapes, M.; Reville, W., 1992:
A new very low fat table spread

Erkan, S.; Esiyok, D.; Esser, B., 1990:
A new viral agent affecting cauliflower and cabbage plants in Turkey

Ahmed, A.A., 1990:
A new vomifoliol derivative from Xanthium pungens

Honma, A.; Kusutani, A.; Maeda, H.; Sasaki, K.; Amano, T.; Maekawa, T.; Shinbashi, N.; Sasaki, T.; Yanagawa, T.; Numao, Y., 1991:
A new waxy rice variety Hakuchou-mochi

Atanassova, A., 1990:
A new way of activating the human potential

Schulz, H.J., 1989:
A new way of evaluating woody plants? The theory of Buchwald's method

Smetanina, S.S.; Ponomarev, D.A., 1988:
A new way of using surfactants based on phenols from wood tars

Reilly, W.K., 1991 :
A new way with wetlands

Ujihara, K.; Nonaka, S.; Yoshikawa, R.; Taya, S.; Fujita, M.; Araki, H.; Yamaguchi, I.; Shinmoto, E., 1991:
A new wheat cultivar Daichinominori

Devarathinam, A.A.; Sundaresan, N., 1990:
A new wild variety of sesamum - Sesamum indicum (L.) var. sencottai ADR & NS. compared with S. indicum (L.) var. yanamalai ADR & MS. and S. indicum (L.)

Mishra, D., 1988:
A new wilt disease of horse-gram in India

Fulton, M.; Storey, G.G., 1990:
A new world agricultural order?

Rubenkov, A.A.; Skok, N.M., 1990:
A new zebu-type dairy crossbred

Spencer, K.A., 1991:
A new, economically important species of Penetagromyza (Dipt., Agromyzidae) from South Africa

Lomborg, K.; Agger, N., 1990:
A new, flexible Paratect bolus. Application and effect on intestinal strongyles in calves turned out onto pasture for the first time

Wang, G.Q.; Meng, Q.J., 1991:
A new, fresh use hawthorn variety Tianhong

Chen, L.G.; Hu, Y.Q.; Chen, K.L.; Zhou, J.X.; Zhou, Y.B., 1991:
A new, late maturing mandarin cultivar Wanmi

Morillon, M., 1992:
A new, lethal form of Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae infection

Wu, B.L.; Qiou, M.R., 1992:
A new, promising pear cultivar Cangxi 6-2

Huang, J.S.; Xu, X.T.; Fang, J.Q., 1990:
A new, stable, productive loquat variety, Changhong 3

Jin, X.L., 1989:
A newly found species in genus Stephanitis (Heteroptera: Tingidae)

Chenon, R.D.smier de; Asj' ari, M.; Kitu, W.T., 1991:
A newly observed important pest on germinating coconuts in Indonesia Pterolophia apiceplagiata Breuning, Coleoptera Cerambycidae

Overman, A.; Dagan, A.M.rtin, F.; Wilkinson, S., 1991:
A nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium model for forage yield of bermudagrass

Manen, J.F.; Simon, P.; Van Slooten, J.C.; Osterås, M.; Frutiger, S.; Hughes, G.J., 1991:
A nodulin specifically expressed in senescent nodules of winged bean is a protease inhibitor

Crane, J.L.; Shearer, C.A., 1991:
A nomenclator of Leptosphaeria V. Cesati & G. de Notaris. (Mycota-Ascomycotina-Loculoascomycetes)

Margolis, L.; Berland, B., 1984:
A nomenclatural note concerning Binoculus salmoneus Muller, 1785 and Lepeophtheirus salmonis (Kroyer, 1837) (Copepoda: Caligidae)

Goodwin, S.; Allard, R.; Webster, R., 1990:
A nomenclature for Rhynchosporium secalis pathotypes

Ferrand, C.; Baylou, P.; Grenier, G., 1990:
A non-damaging effector for high speed transplanting robots

Gridnev, N.I., 1990:
A non-herbicidal technology for the growing of maize

Allueva, A.; Ocana, M., 1990:
A non-linear, stoichastic model for diet programming

Boppre, M., 1991:
A non-nutritional relationship of Zonocerus (Orthoptera) to Chromolaena (Asteraceae) and general implications for weed management

Patterson, K.D., 1991:
A non-parametric analysis of personal sector decisions on consumption, liquid assets and leisure

Dono, G., 1991:
A non-parametric approach to the analysis of Italian food consumption

Yilma, T.; Jones, L.; Mebus, C.; Giavedoni, L., 1991:
A non-pock forming vaccinia virus double recombinant expressing F and H genes protects cattle against rinderpest

Rogers, J., 1991:
A non-technical perspective on data collection methodologies for travel surveys: a discussion paper

Buck, N.; Ryan, J.J.; Goering, C., 1992:
A noncontacting torquemeter

Dwyer L.M.; Tollenaar M.; Houwing L., 1991:
A nondestructive method to monitor leaf greenness in corn

Tamal Sarkar; Opadhyay, A.B.; Chattopadhyay, T.K.; Pranab Gayen, 1988:
A nondestructive way of estimating leaf area in cape goose berry (Physalis peruviana)

Mandal, S.K.; Mukesh Srivastava; Negi, M.P.S., 1990:
A nonlinear model in the polluted water of industrial wastes: sugar industry

Zabinsky, Z.; Greulich, F.; Miyata, E., 1992:
A nonlinear programming approach to skidder congestion

Cox, T.L.; Chavas, J.P., 1990:
A nonparametric analysis of productivity: the case of US agriculture

Chavas, J.; Cox, T., 1992:
A nonparametric analysis of the influence of research on agricultural productivity

Abe J.; Nemoto K.; H.D.X.; Morita S., 1990:
A nonparametric test on differences in growth direction of rice primary roots

Fang M N., 1989:
A nonpesticide method for the control of melon fly

Potgieter, P.J.; Zyl, J. van, 1991:
A normative demand analysis of yellow maize in South Africa

Panda, D.K., 1989:
A note of agrarian relations in Orissa

Duncan, D.R.; Widholm, J.M., 1991:
A note of clarification concerning P3377 suspension culture

Ryan, PA.; Harris, AC., 1990:
A note of recent records of Australian butterflies in New Zealand

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A note of some biochemical constituents of blood in pregnant goats reared on extensive management system

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A note of the incidence of ectoparasites on Black Bengal goats at Bhubaneswar

Darus Haji Ahmad; A.R.sip, A.G., 1989:
A note on Acacia hybrids in a forest plantation in Peninsular Malaysia

Bhat, H.R., 1988:
A note on Anopheles dirus Peyton and Harrison, 1979 (An. balabacensis (sensu lato) Baisas, 1936) in India

Newberry, J.D., 1991:
A note on Carmean's estimate of height from stem analysis data

Mohanty, S.K., 1989:
A note on Nerocila cera Schioedte & Meinert, an isopod parasite of Etroplus suratensis (Bloch) from brackish water ponds

Bruyns, P., 1991:
A note on Quaqua acutiloba (N.E. Br.) Bruyns

Nowosad, A.; Smetana, A., 1989:
A note on Quedius melium Walles, 1938 (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae)

Bol' shakov, N.M., 1989:
A note on Salix species of the section Myrtilloides in Siberia

Bruyns, P.V., 1990:
A note on Tridentea virescens (N.E. Br.) Leach

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A note on Trypanosoma theileri infection in buffaloes

Tunney H., 1990:
A note on a balance sheet approach to estimating the phosphorus fertilizer needs of agriculture

Hong L.T.; Yamamoto K., 1989:
A note on a laboratory method for estimating durability of some tropical hardwoods

Muralidhar, P.; Rao, P.N., 1991:
A note on a new vector of horse nematode, Habronema sp. from a Dipteran host (Empididae) from Hyderabad, A.P

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A note on adaptability index in Hariana and Jersey x Hariana halfbreds

Sridhar ; Kumar, R.; Sharma, R.D., 1989:
A note on an attempt to transmit Trypanosoma evansi infection through ticks (Hyalomma anatolicum anatolicum) in rabbits

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A note on antibiogram of organisms causing clinical mastitis

Dabas, Y.P.S.; Atheya, U.K.; Pradesh, P.; Verma, M.C., 1991:
A note on artificial insemination in dogs

Desquesnes, M., 1990:
A note on attempts to immunize rabbits against tsetse flies Glossina fuscipes fuscipes (Diptera: Glossinidae)

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A note on body measurements of Red Kandhari breed of cattle

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A note on carry-over effect of daminozide and ethephon in apricot

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A note on cell mediated immune response in bovine neonates against Theileria annulata infection

Jagginavar, S.B.; Kulkarni, K.A.; Lingappa, S., 1991:
A note on chemical control of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp.) pod borer complex

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A note on chimera in chow-chow (Sechium edule)

Parsons, G.R., 1991:
A note on choice of residential location in travel cost demand models

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A note on clinical survey of myiasis in bovines

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A note on clinical-pathological findings and serum enzyme activity in sheep, goats and Friesian calves with acute Lantana camara poisoning

Kumar, S.; Sharma, M.C.; Dwivedi, S.K.; Agarwal, S.K.; Pathak, N.N., 1991:
A note on clinico-haematological changes in normal cyclic, anoestrus and repeat breeding buffaloes

Godfrey, N.W.; Frapple, P.G.; Paterson, A.M.; Payne, H.G., 1991:
A note on composition changes in pig carcasses due to live-weight loss

Mishra, B.P., 1989:
A note on control of blue mould of Kinnow fruits caused by Penicillium italicum, through diphenyl wrappers

Deshpande, A.R.; Gujar, M.B.; Bannalikar, A.S., 1991:
A note on correlation between some immunological activities in cow serum, colostral/milk whey and calf serum

Agrawal, K.P., 1992:
A note on cryopreservation of caprine embryos by vitrification

Chowdhury, R.K., 1990:
A note on drought resistance in wheat

Marai, I.F.M.; E.G.afary, M.N.; Ahmed, B.A.K., 1992:
A note on effect of docking on skin structure and characteristics of the fleece in Rahmani fat-tailed sheep

Dhillon, W.S.; Bal, J.S., 1991:
A note on effect of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium on fruit size, yield and quality of Kataru Chak plum (Prunus salicina Lindl.)

Mallick, K.P., 1991:
A note on epidemiological, clinical and therapeutic aspects of equine influenza in an out-break

Khade, V.N.; Patil, B.P.; Dongale, J.H.; Khanvilkar, S.A., 1990:
A note on evapotranspiration studies on rabi hot weather groundnut as computed by different methods in warm humid climate of Konkan

Khandelwal, M.K.; Rao, K.V.G.K., 1990:
A note on feasibility of rainwater harvest in dug-out farm ponds for irrigation for dry season crops in Sundarbans region

Audy P.; Parent J G.; Asselin A., 1991:
A note on four nonradioactive labeling systems for dot hybridization detection of potato viruses

Rath, G.C.; Mishra, D.; Nayak, N.C., 1990:
A note on fungi causing rotting of cucurbits in Orissa markets

Huang, S.N., 1989:
A note on genetic variation in seeds and seedlings of five provenances of Acacia auriculiformis

Sarjan Bhagat; Ombir Singh, 1989:
A note on germination and longevity of Prinsepia utilis Royle seed

Cunningham P.C.; Dunne B., 1991:
A note on grain yield and quality responses to seed treatment and foliar spray fungicides in winter barley

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A note on growth of Eucalyptus deglupta Blume

Rachhpal Singh; Brar, W.S., 1990:
A note on growth of horticulture in south-western Punjab

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A note on growth performance of Beetal and its crossbred synthetic group of goat

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A note on herbage intake by Greyface ewes on perennial ryegrass/white clover swards in the autumn

Rathinavelu, R.; Premsekar, S., 1990:
A note on heterosis and inbreeding depression in three crosses of G. hirsutum L. cotton

Ryot K.D.; Vadnere S.V.; Prakash P., 1990:
A note on hormonal induction of lactation in goats

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A note on household consumption stress on New Zealand sheep and beef farms

Ramadass, 1991:
A note on incorporation of male sterility by limited backcrossing in pearl millet

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A note on incorporation of radioactive P32 and Zn65 in crossbred bull semen

Rao, D.G.; Rao, P.R.; Rao, M.V.S., 1990:
A note on infectious bursal disease outbreak in a poultry flock in Andhra Pradesh

Yash Pal; Hari Singh, 1990:
A note on inheritance of seed colour, size and seed shape in Indian mustard

Bardhan, P.K., 1991:
A note on interlinked rural economic arrangements

Abha Tikkoo; Atul Chandra, 1989:
A note on leaf scorching in mango

Badiyala, S.D.; Awasthi, R.P., 1990:
A note on maturity standards of litchi cv. Calcuttia under Kangra Valley conditions of Himachal Pradesh

Leito, A., 1991:
A note on migration ecology, population status and interactions with agriculture of barnacle geese Branta leucopsis in Estonia

Choudhary, M.L.; Renu Rajan, 1990:
A note on minimizing the production cost of carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus) through tissue culture

Bagherwal, R.K., 1991:
A note on mortality pattern among kids of Malwa tract (M.P.)

Aher, V.D.; Bhikane, A.U.; Gaikwad, B.B.; Singh, B., 1990:
A note on ocular lesions associated with tropical theileriosis (Theileria annulata) infection in calves

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A note on oestrous cycle characteristics in Surti and Marwai goats

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A note on oestrus synchronization and fertility in goats using prostaglandin analogue (carboprost tromethamine)

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A note on oestrus synchronization of gilts and time of ovulation

Rao, P.B.; Rao, D.; Kumar, N., 1989:
A note on parasites of zoo animals and birds

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A note on partitioning of genetic variation in brinjal

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A note on phenotypic and genetic studies of reproduction in Friesian crosses

Ilangovan, R.; Palaniappan, S., 1989:
A note on phosphorus and zinc interaction with Zn-DAP in wetland soil

Abd Razak Othman, 1989:
A note on planting bamboo species of the temperate zone into Malaysia

Furuse M.; Yang S.I.; Choi Y.H.; Kawamura N.; Takahashi A.; Okumura J., 1991:
A note on plasma cholecystokinin concentration in dairy cows

Mahto, Y., 1990:
A note on population dynamics of Amrasca biguttula biguttula (Ishida) on sunflowers

Raote, Y.V.; Bhagwat, S.S., 1988:
A note on prevalence of Coccidia species in buffalo

Griffith, G.R.; Jamandre, W.E.; Piggott, R.R., 1992:
A note on price levelling and price averaging in Sydney retail vegetable price spreads

Sklan, D., 1992:
A note on production responses of lactating ewes to calcium soaps of fatty acids

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A note on qualitative parameters and its association with leaf and soil nutrients in litchi (Litchi chinensis Sonn.)

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A note on rabbit feeding in the traditional farming system of Nigeria (Oyo State) and implications for extension activities

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A note on relative susceptibility of some guava cultivars to fruit fly, Dacus zonatus (Saunders)

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A note on reproductive performance of Angora goats

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A note on response of semi-irrigated dwarf wheat to varying rates and methods of nitrogen application

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A note on sand movement and vegetation in the Wahiba Sands

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A note on sap pH in eastern redcedar (Juniperus virginiana L.)

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A note on seed production in cabbages under Kodaikanal conditions

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A note on seed-borne diseases of wheat in Orissa

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A note on serum cholesterol level in Muzaffarnagri sheep during different seasons

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A note on serum enzyme activity in experimental coccidiosis in kids

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A note on some Zimbabwean soil-vegetation relationships of important indicator value in soil survey

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A note on some epizootiological observations on foot-and-mouth disease outbreak in an organised herd

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A note on surgical collection of bovine embryos

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A note on the 'The statistical analysis of direct repeats in nucleic acid sequences'

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A note on the Formicidae (Hymenoptera) from pitfall traps at Ulu Kinchin, Pahang, Malaysia

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A note on the IVOGReg.-station: a feeding station to record the individual food intake of group-housed growing pigs

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A note on the Orangi women garment workers

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A note on the Sumatra peat swamp forest fires of 1987

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A note on the accuracy and precision of 137Cs measurements in foodstuffs

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A note on the aerial pod bearing variant of groundnut Arachis hypogaea L

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A note on the amino acid distribution in fish silage layers

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A note on the apparent digestibility and nutritive value of whole cottonseed given to sheep

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A note on the arrow-poison used by Lepchas of Dzongu (Sikkim) and its antidote

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A note on the assessment of some olive varieties for their macro nutrient content growth in U.P. hills

Pillai, G.B.; Nair, K.R., 1992:
A note on the biology of Xanthopimpla nana nana Schulz. (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae), a pupal parasitoid of Opisina arenosella Wlk. on coconut

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A note on the calculation of carcass yield

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A note on the coleopterous pests of forest plants in the Indian desert

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A note on the colonial state

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A note on the comparative performance of okra varieties under different salinity levels

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A note on the comparison of methods for estimating the ileal digestibility of amino acids in pigs

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A note on the critical drying parameters for sorghum CSH-1 seed

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A note on the development of Taenia solium Linnaeus, 1758 in cats and pups

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A note on the development of behaviour of intensively managed piglets in the humid tropics

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A note on the early calving of beef heifers

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A note on the effect of defoliation on survival of litchi layers in nursery

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A note on the effect of different concentrations of chlormequat (Cycocel) under different moisture regimes on productivity of carrot (Daucus carota L.)

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A note on the effect of different concentrations of plant growth regulators on grafted cuttings

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A note on the effect of growth regulators, micronutrients, fungicides and insecticides on the occurrence and control of rind disorder in Nagpur mandarin (Citrus reticulata Blanco)

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A note on the effect of herbicides on nutrient status, yield and quality of mandarin cv. Kinnow

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A note on the effect of living yeast on the growth rate of grazing young bulls

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A note on the effect of micronutrients on yield of cauliflower seeds in acid red soil of Orissa

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A note on the effect of natural ageing and associated biochemical changes in summer groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.), cv. GG-2

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A note on the effect of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium on fruit size, yield and quality of Kataru Chak plum (Prunus salicina Lind.)

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A note on the effect of plane of nutrition on fractional outflow rates from the rumen and urinary allantoin excretion by wether sheep

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A note on the effect of pre-emergence herbicides on grain yield of transplanted rice in Cauvery Delta

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A note on the effect of regular fertilizer use within different two-year cropping rotations on soil phosphate and organic matter status

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A note on the effect of root promoting hormones on rooting of Ixora coccinea L. by tip cuttings under intermittent mist

Soliya, D.T.; Borty, M.K.C.; Subash, N., 1991:
A note on the effect of selected bioregulatory treatments on seed viability and associated biochemical changes in summer groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) cv. GG-2

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A note on the effect of stocking density and temperature on meat quality in pigs

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A note on the effect of thermization of misti dahi on the acid producers count

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A note on the effect of time after feeding on the distribution of nitrogen in the gastrointestinal tract of sheep

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A note on the effect of various weed control treatments on nutrient and water losses by weeds in ber orchard

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A note on the effects of diesel oil spillage on grass growth

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A note on the effects of high levels of dietary calcium, phosphorus and sodium on nutrient utilization by sheep offered a roughage-based diet

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A note on the effects of salinity and pH on growth of Rhizophora seedlings

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A note on the efficacy of Himax ointment and Teeburb capsules in the treatment of lesions of foot and mouth disease of pigs

Pangtey, V.S., 1990:
A note on the efficacy of selected insecticides against gundhi bug, Leptocorisa acuta (Thunberg)

Chan, H.T., 1989:
A note on the eradication of Acrostichum aureum ferns in the Matang mangroves, Perak, Peninsular Malaysia

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A note on the estimation of environmental effects on lactation curves

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A note on the factors affecting corn basis relationships

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A note on the fattening performance and carcass characteristics of New Zealand White, Hyla and Provisal rabbits

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A note on the fertility and hatching rate in heavy hens and roosters fed Saccharina

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A note on the field performance of different sweet potato varieties against weevil (Cylas formicarius) attack

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A note on the future of biological control

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A note on the germinability and early seedling growth of L. perenne

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A note on the germination and dormancy of seeds of two Datura species

Aminah Hamzah; Mohd Afendi Husin, 1989:
A note on the growth of Calamus manan seedlings following fertilisation

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A note on the hypothesis of the relationship between mastitis and polymorphism of beta -lactoglobulin in Friesian cows

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A note on the incidence of bacterial wilt of tomato

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A note on the incidence of helminthiasis in buffalo calves with particular reference to ascariasis

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A note on the influence of auxins in regeneration of roots in the tip cuttings of Bougainvillea sp. var. Garnet Glory under intermittent mist

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A note on the influence of climatic variables and age on the response of beef calves to different housing types

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A note on the influence of storage duration of fresh semen on fertilizing capacity and embryo survival in sows

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A note on the inheritance of coat colour in the Haflinger breed. 1. Flaxen mane and tail

Steuber, H.; Lukefahr, S.D., 1991:
A note on the inheritance of light gray color in the Flemish Giant breed

Hutacharern, C.; Choldumrongkul, S., 1989:
A note on the insect pests of multipurpose tree species in Thailand

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A note on the larval survival and weight gain by Spilosoma obliqua Walker on some promising groundnut varieties

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A note on the male of Comperiella lemniscata Compere & Annecke (Hym. Encyrtidae)

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A note on the natural enemies of Bihar hairy caterpillar, Spilosoma obliqua (Walker)

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A note on the nutrient uptake and quality of root tubers of sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas Lam. & Poir.) as affected by potash application

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A note on the nutritional evaluation of pre-flowering oat (Avena sativa) forage for rabbits

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A note on the nutritional evaluation of worm meal (Eisenia fetida) in diets for rainbow trout

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A note on the nutritional preference of mite, on guava

Nooruddin ; Roy, L.N., 1988:
A note on the nutritive value of cowpea (Vigna sinensis) green for bullocks

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A note on the occurrence of Clinteria spilota (Hope) (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) on maize in Solan district of Himachal Pradesh

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A note on the occurrence of Cysticercus tenuicollis in Cervus axis

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A note on the occurrence of Orobanche on Parthenium weed

Mohanasundaram, M.; Parameswaran, S.; Natarajan, K., 1989:
A note on the occurrence of Phyllocoptruta musae Keifer (Eriophyidae: Acari) on banana in south India

Hafeez, M.; Rao, B.V., 1989:
A note on the occurrence of Raillietina tetragona (Molin, 1958) from the small intestine of peafowl

Bachhil, V.N., 1988:
A note on the occurrence of Salmonella and Escherichia coli in meat meal

Bhat, M.N.; Hegde, R.K.; Hiremath, P.C.; Naid, K.S., 1988:
A note on the occurrence of a die-back on cinnamon in Karnataka

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A note on the occurrence of parasitic mites of domestic fowls in Bangladesh

Thamburaj, S.; Parthiban, S., 1991 :
A note on the occurrence of uni- and multilocular fruits in coffee

Hulkrantz, L., 1991:
A note on the optimal rotation period in a synchronized normal forest

Eusebio, T.V.; Chey, V.K.; Newman, V.; Catherinus, J., 1989:
A note on the optimal time for ground collection of Gmelina arborea Roxb. fruits

Feichtinger, G.; Novak, A., 1991:
A note on the optimal use of environmental resources by an indebted country

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A note on the paracytic stomata of perigenous origin in Terminalia bellerica Roxb

Diaz, C.P.; Maylin, A.; Boucourt, R.; Lugo, P., 1991:
A note on the partial substitution of feed by handmade protein molasses and molasses B in the rations for fattening pigs

O'kiely, P., 1992:
A note on the performance of Friesian steers offered unwilted or wilted grass silage diets from weaning through to slaughter

Rana, P.S., 1991:
A note on the performance of crossbred cows at military dairy farms

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A note on the performance of hirsutum cotton varieties under different sowing dates and spacings

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A note on the performance of some winged bean lines

Oyeyi, T.I.; Ndifon, G.T., 1990 :
A note on the post-aestivation biology of Bulinus rohlfsi (Clessin), an intermediate host of Schistosoma haematobium (Bilharz) in northern Nigeria

Ologun, A.G.; Egbunike, G.N., 1991:
A note on the pre-weaning growth performance of Friesian heifer calves under two restricted calving seasons on the Jos plateau

Eizaguirre, M.; Albajes, R.; Galichet, P.F., 1990:
A note on the presence in Catalonia of a parasitic system bound to the tachinid fly Lydella thompsoni Herting, a parasitoid of corn borers

Laille, M.; Fauran, P.; Rodhain, F., 1990:
A note on the presence of Aedes (Stegomyia) albopictus in Fiji

Martinez E.R.; Royero, R., 1989:
A note on the presence of the parasitic isopod Artystone trysibia Schioedte, 1866 (Isopoda, Cymothoidae) on fish in the River Taguay, Aragua State, Venezuela

Pandey, D.; Sinha, M.M., 1989:
A note on the propagation of olive through cutting

Leterme, P.; Pirard, L.; Thewis, A.; Francois, E., 1991:
A note on the rate of passage of digesta in pigs ileo-rectostomized or fitted with an ileal T-cannula

Mottura, G., 1990:
A note on the reappearance of A.V. Chayanov

Roth C.H.; Joschko M., 1991:
A note on the reduction of runoff from crusted soils by earthworm burrows and artificial channels

Troeung, B.M.; Gosset, H., 1990:
A note on the resistance of annual medic species to anthracnose

Sube Singh; Margal, J.L., 1991:
A note on the response of some vegetable crops to underground water having different concentrations of residual sodium carbonate (RSC) in field condition

Nakashima Y.; Matuura T.; Yamada K.; Ambo K., 1990:
A note on the rumen degradation characteristics of different varieties of rice straw

Thangaraj, T.; Thamburaj, S.; Rajamani, K., 1991:
A note on the seasonal influence on the budtake in mandarin orange (Citrus reticulata)

Pattnaik, U.C.; Mohanty, B.N.; Ray, S.K.H.; Mohanty, D.N.; Panda, G.M., 1991:
A note on the semen characteristics of Ganjam bucks

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A note on the semen quality of Cheghu and Changthangi bucks

Narayanaswamy, P.; Thimmaraju, K.R., 1990:
A note on the sex ratio of north Indian cultivars of mango grown under south Indian conditions

Parmar, C.; Khamu, V., 1989:
A note on the sexual and asexual propagation of the Indian barberry (Berberis aristata DC)

Peter, C.; Biswas, B.K., 1990:
A note on the spider fauna associated with various crops and their potential prey

Dhillon, W.S.; Bal, J.S., 1990:
A note on the studies relating to the correlation of leaf nutrient status with productivity of Japanese plum (Prunus salicina Lindl.)

Diaz C.P.; Savon L.; Castaneda S.; Achang J., 1991:
A note on the substitution of protein sources by handmade protein molasses in the feeds for fattening pigs

Chattopadhyay, S.B.; Ghosh, S.K.; Mukhopadhyay, T.P., 1990:
A note on the suitability of rhizome and finger of different weights as planting material in turmeric (Curcuma longa L.)

Mouli, S.P., 1990:
A note on the surgical correction of parasitic cyst on the fore-head of a buffalo

Rao, H.N.; Swamy, M.N., 1990:
A note on the time of foaling of Indian Thoroughbred mares

Sudhan N.A.; Prasad K.D.; Ansari M.Z.; Azmi S.; Sahai B.N., 1990:
A note on the trial of ivermectin against mange infestation in goats

Sow, R.S.; Denis, J.P.; Trail, J.C.M.; Thiongane, P.I.; Mbaye, M., 1991:
A note on the use of barymetry in indirect selection for body weight in Gobra cattle in Senegal

Werf, J.H.J. van der, 1990:
A note on the use of conditional models to estimate additive genetic variance in selected populations

Singh, S.S.; Rathor, S.S., 1991:
A note on the use of human amniotic membrane to prevent post-operative intraperitoneal adhesions

Bray A.R.; Burton R.N.; Murray M.A.; Saville D.J., 1989:
A note on the use of number of permanent incisor teeth for determining age in sheep

Fraga, L.M.; Perez, N., 1991:
A note on the use of syrup off and final molasses in diets for broilers

Abdalla, S.A.; Sulieman, A.H.; Mansour, M.E.; Ahmed, H.E., 1989:
A note on the utilization of poultry litter in rations of fattening lambs

Martin, M.; Emami, A., 1991:
A note on the value of the right data

Sinha, M.M.; Khan, I.; Kushwaha, B.D.; Pandey, D., 1988:
A note on the vegetative propagation of olive cultivars through grafting

Mishra A.K.; Sharma N.N., 1989:
A note on therapeutic value of menoctone in tropical bovine theileriosis

Tamuli, M.K.; Rajkonwar, C.K., 1988:
A note on training of boars for collection of semen

Chan, H.T., 1989:
A note on tree species and productivity of a natural dryland mangrove forest in Matang, Peninsular Malaysia

Koul, G.L.; Biswas, J.C.; Somvanshi, R., 1989:
A note on twinning in Pashmina goats acclimatized at Mukteswar

Cooter, J., 1990:
A note on two species of Onthophagus (Col., Scarabaeidae)

Dumont, B.L., 1989:
A note on variation in the muscle:bone ratio in the ham

Miloshenko, V.; Tishchenko, V., 1988:
A note to specialists

Foley, R.H., 1991:
A notoedric mange epizootic in an island's cat population

Fritz, J.D.; Greaser, M.L.; Wolff, J.A., 1991:
A novel 3' extension technique using random primers in RNA-PCR

Rawlings, D.J.; Kaslow, D.C., 1992:
A novel 40-kDa membrane-associated EF-hand calcium-binding protein in Plasmodium falciparum

Freter, R.R.; Irminger, J.C.; Porter, J.A.; Jones, S.D.; Stiles, C.D., 1992:
A novel 7-nucleotide motif located in 3' untranslated sequences of the immediate-early gene set mediates platelet-derived growth factor induction of the JE gene

Visser, B.; Munsterman, E.; Stoker, A.; Dirkse, W.G., 1990:
A novel Bacillus thuringiensis gene encoding a Spodoptera exigua-specific crystal protein

Gommers-Ampt, J.; Lutgerink, J.; Borst, P., 1991:
A novel DNA nucleotide in Trypanosoma brucei only present in the mammalian phase of the life-cycle

Latimer, K.S.; Rakich, P.M.; Steffens, W.L.; Kircher, I.M.; Ritchie, B.W.; Niagro, F.D.; Lukert, P.D., 1991:
A novel DNA virus associated with feather inclusions in psittacine beak and feather disease

Ueda, H.; Sun, G.C.; Murata, T.; Hirose, S., 1992:
A novel DNA-binding motif abuts the zinc finger domain of insect nuclear hormone receptor FTZ-F1 and mouse embryonal long terminal repeat-binding protein

Fu, P.; Evans, B., 1992:
A novel PCR method for amplifying exons (or genes) over intragenic (or intergenic) regions in the genome

Sighamony, S.; Anees, I.; Chandrakala, TS.; Kaiser Jamil., 1990:
A novel agar-based food attractant for uzi fly (Exorista sorbillans)

Sheu, J.J.; Bland, R.G., 1992:
A novel and versatile process for producing environmentally acceptable shale stabilizers

Chajut, A.; Yaniv, A.; Avivi, L.; Bar-Am, I.; Tronick, S.R.; Gazit, A., 1991:
A novel approach for establishing common or random integration loci for retroviral genomes

Santos, E.A.; Warnick, A.C.; Chenault, J.R.; Wakeman, D.L.; Fields, M.J., 1988:
A novel approach for prostaglandin F2 alpha estrous synchronization in beef cattle

Higley L.G.; Wintersteen W.K., 1992:
A novel approach to environmental risk assessment of pesticides as a basis for incorporating environmental costs into economic injury levels

Malcolme-Lawes, D.J.; Wong, K.H., 1991:
A novel approach to non-segmented flow analysis: Part 4. Aluminium in river waters

Barker, G.M.; Pottinger, R.P.; Lloyd, J.M.; Addison, P.J.; Firth, A.C.; Stewart, A.P., 1991:
A novel bait formulation for slug and snail control

Myint, S.H.; Cortes, D.; Hocquemiller, R.; Hadi, A.H.; Davoust, D.; Cave, A., 1990:
A novel bis-aporphine alkaloid: trivalvone

Millar, A.J.; Short, S.R.; Chua, N.H.; Kay, S.A., 1992:
A novel circadian phenotype based on firefly luciferase expression in transgenic plants

Visser, B.; Munsterman, E.; Dirkse, W.G.; Honee, G., 1990:
A novel crystal protein class of Bacillus thuringiensis exhibiting against Spodoptera exigua

Neu, H.J.; Ziemer, W.; Merz, W., 1991 :
A novel derivation procedure for the determination of traces of polar organic compounds in water using static headspace gas chromatography

Randall, T.; Reddy, C.A.; Boominathan, K., 1991:
A novel extrachromosomally maintained transformation vector for the lignin-degrading basidiomycete Phanerochaete chrysosporium

Kysilka, R.; Wurst, M., 1990:
A novel extraction procedure for psilocybin and psilocin determination in mushroom samples

Kawagishi, H.; Ando, M.; Mizuno, T.; Yokota, H.; Konishi, S., 1990:
A novel fatty acid from the mushroom Hericium erinaceum

Foster, L.M.; Loftus, M.G.; Ross, I.K., 1990:
A novel form of ubiquitin found in the basidiomycete fungus, Coprinus congregatus

Marquard, Rd, 1991:
A novel lace-leafed pecan

Nissen-Meyer, J.; Holo, H.; Håvarstein, L.S.; Sletten, K.; Nes, I.F., 1992:
A novel lactococcal bacteriocin whose activity depends on the complementary action of two peptides

O'Rear, J.J., 1992:
A novel laminin B1 chain variant in avian eye

Weber, R.G., 1989:
A novel light source and small subaquatic light trap for sampling Culex larvae

Christopher, D.A.; Kim, M.; Mullet, J.E., 1992:
A novel light-regulated promoter is conserved in cereal and dicot chloroplasts

Wilson, J.M.; Grossman, M.; Cabrera, J.A.; Wu, C.H.; Wu, G.Y., 1992:
A novel mechanism for achieving transgene persistence in vivo after somatic gene transfer into hepatocytes

Prasetya, B.; Roffael, E., 1991:
A novel method for characterizing natural polyphenols as regards their cross-linking ability

Elgar, G.S.; Brenner, S., 1992:
A novel method for isolation of large insert DNA from recombinant lambda DNA

Sandford, R.N.; Elgar, G.S., 1992:
A novel method for rapid genomic walking using lambda vectors

Roper A.M.; Turner J.D., 1991:
A novel method for the in vitro cultivation of mammary epithelial cells

Kumar, S.; Laouar, L.; Pritchard, D.I.; Lowe, K.C., 1992:
A novel method for the isolation of nematode larvae using pluronic F-68-treated cellulose strips

Han, Y.S., 1990:
A novel method of cultivating mushrooms

Podkopaeva, F.M.; Karpunin, A.G., 1990:
A novel method of soil cultivation in young strawberry plantations

Lakshmanan, P.; Mohan, S., 1989:
A novel method to control Panama disease of banana incited by Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. cubense

Sadakathulla, S.; Ramachandran, T.K., 1990:
A novel method to control rhinoceros beetle, Oryctes rhinoceros L. in coconut

Hoffmann, R.J.; Boore, J.L.; Brown, W.M., 1992 :
A novel mitochondrial genome organization for the blue mussel, Mytilus edulis

Gokaslan, A.; Anaissie, E., 1992:
A novel murine model of disseminated trichosporonosis

Shimizu, N.; Tomoda, M.; Kanari, M.; Gonda, R.; Satoh, A.; Satoh, N., 1990:
A novel neutral polysaccharide having activity on the reticuloendothelial system from the root of Glycyrrhiza uralensis

Kengi, G.M.; Nakajima, S.; Baba, N.; Iwasa, J., 1991:
A novel plant growth inhibitor from Vernonica hindii S. Moore (Asteraceae)

Javed, Q.; Newton, R.P.; Ratcliffe, N.A., 1990:
A novel plasma factor that potentiates prophenoloxidase activation in the immune response of Blaberus discoidalis

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