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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2015

Chapter 2015 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Russell, J.B., 1991:
A re-examination of the amino acid sparing effect of ionophores

Friedrich, C., 1990:
A reaffirmation of the beneficial effects of yoghurt on health

Erbs, N.S., 1990:
A real-time computer graphing system for an engine dynamometer

Kirichenko, V.; Pogosov, I., 1991:
A realistic view of agricultural processes

McNeal, D.W., 1992:
A reappraisal of Allium cristatum (Alliaceae) and its allies

Larralde, J.; Martínez, J.A., 1989:
A reappraisal of the nutritional utilization of legumes

Bogen, B.; Weiss, S., 1991:
A rearranged lambda 2 light gene chain retards but does not exclude kappa and lambda 1 expression

Sales, F., 1991:
A reassessment of Bromus tectorum: a computer analysis, synaptospermy and chlorispermy

Kandylis, K.; Nikokyris, P., 1991:
A reassessment of the nylon bag technique

Yakobson, B.A.; Elad, D.; Rosental, K.; Kamer, I.; Slovecky, I.; Efrat, H., 1991:
A recent chalkbrood outbreak in Israel: attempts at therapeutic intervention

Ito, A., 1991:
A recent trend in chemotherapy for deep-seated mycosis

Borgstrom, U., 1991:
A recipe for improving refrigerated distribution: small adjustments can give marked results

Hayek, C.M.F., 1990:
A reclassification of the Melanotus group of genera (Coleoptera: Elateridae)

Capps, O.J.; Schmitz, J.D., 1991:
A recognition of health and nutrition factors in food demand analysis

Süss, G.; Pink, J.R., 1992:
A recombinant malaria protein that can induce Th1 and CD8+ T cell responses without antibody formation

Hafez, A.H.; Megalla, S.E.; Mousa, S.A., 1989:
A recommended safe and powerful inhibitor to storage fungi in poultry rations

Lloyd, T.A., 1990:
A reconsideration of an agricultural land price model for the UK

Jordan, A.M.; Okoth, J.O., 1990:
A record of Glossina medicorum Austen (Diptera: Glossinidae) from Uganda

Bhat, M.N.; Hegde, R.K.; Hiremath, P.C., 1989:
A record of leaf blight on Pongamia pinnata (Linn.) Pierre

Darsie, R.F.; Jr.; Becnel, JJ.; Hazard, EI.; Garcia, JJ., 1991:
A record of mosquito species collected during a larval survey in Argentina and Uruguay (Diptera: Culicidae)

Khan, M.A.R., 1989:
A record of the brown-banded cockroach, Supella supellectilium (Serville) (Dictyoptera: Blattellidae) from Bangladesh

Cheah, TS.; Rajamanickam, C.; Loganathan, P., 1989:
A record of the finding of the nematode Toxascaris leonina in a Gir lion (Panthera leo persica)

Anonymous, 1991:
A recovery excluding some departements

Forsberg, P.K., 1991:
A recreation liability knowledge-based system

Everitt, J., 1988:
A recreational landscape in southwest Manitoba

Bartnitzke, S.; Motzko, H.; Caselitz, J.; Kornberg, M.; Bullerdiek, J.; Schloot, W., 1992:
A recurrent marker chromosome involving chromosome 1 in two mammary tumors of the dog

Okulewicz, A., 1991:
A redescription of Capillaria angusta (Dujardin, 1845) Travassos, 1915 (Nematoda, Capillariidae)

Gupta, V.; Jain, N., 1990:
A redescription of Masenia collata Chatterji, 1933 from a fresh water fish Heteropneustes fossilis (Bloch) from Lucknow and synonymy with M. ritai

Oldewage, W.H., 1990:
A redescription of female Caligus tetrodontis Barnard, 1948 (Copepoda), a marine piscine parasite

Ocana, A., 1991:
A redescription of two nematode species found in hot springs

Clark, L.; Wiedemann, H.; Gerard, C.; Martin,. Jr.;, 1991:
A reduced tillage system with furrow diking for cotton production

Fleischer, C.A., 1990:
A reduction of resources in agriculture and forestry

Jepson, P.C.; Chaudhry, A.G.; Salt, D.W.; Ford, M.G.; Efe, E.; Chowdhury, A.B.M.N.U., 1990:
A reductionist approach towards short-term hazard analysis for terrestrial invertebrates exposed to pesticides

Haiden, T.; Kerschbaum, M.; Kahlig, P.; Nobilis, F., 1992:
A refined model of the influence of orography on the mesoscale distribution of extreme precipitation

Esterle, J.S.; Moore, T.A.; Hower, J.C., 1991:
A reflected-light petrographic technique for peats

Raffaelli, R., 1990:
A reflection on the technical barriers to trade in food products; the case of meat trade between the EC and Canada

Murdoch, W.W.; Luck, R.F.; Walde, S.J.; Reeve, J.D.; Yu, D.S., 1989:
A refuge for red scale under control by Aphytis melinus: structural aspects

Walde, SJ.; Luck, RF.; Yu, DS.; Murdoch, WW., 1989:
A refuge for red scale: the role of size-selectivity by a parasitoid wasp

Siamak Khorram; Brockhaus, J.A.; Geraci, A., 1991:
A regional assessment of land-use/land-cover types in Sicily with TM data

Cox, C.; Easter, K.W., 1990:
A regional ban of alachlor and atrazine in southeastern Minnesota: the economic and environmental effects

Valle, M. del, 1990:
A regional econometric model for policy evaluation: the agricultural sector of Oklahoma

Lee, K.C.; Wang, D.C., 1989:
A regional input-output analysis for forestry and wood-based industries in the Pingtung area

Mapp, H.P. et al., 1992:
A regional policy analysis focusing on nitrogen and pesticide use restrictions

Langley, J.A.; English, B.C.; Heady, E.O., 1992:
A regional-national recursive model for the state of Iowa

McClure, S.; Mackenzie, I.B., 1988:
A regulatory agency's experience with Giardia

Gardner, G.P., 1989:
A reinforced glued laminated timber system

Warren, T.; Pasternak, J.J., 1988:
A related moderately repetitive DNA family in the nematodes Ascaris lumbricoides and Panagrellus silusiae

Novaro, P.; Mariani, B.M.; Fiore, G., 1990:
A relational database on cereals: a new method for managing and utilizing experimental data

Kevers, C.; Goldberg, R.; Driessche, T. vanden; Gaspar, T., 1991:
A relationship between ascorbate peroxidase activity and the conversion of 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid into ethylene

Geissler, B.; Zelfel, S., 1991:
A relative breeding value for milk yield will be used until the final change-over to the Verden animal model

Negrutsa, I.A., 1991:
A reliable assistant

Derevenko, A.S.; Malakhanova, E.L.; Mel' nik, P.A.; Birman, A.L.; Pasichnyuk, P.S., 1989:
A reliable method

Kriangkum, J.; Vainshtein, I.; Elliott, J.F., 1992:
A reliable method for amplifying cDNA using the anchored-polymerase chain reaction (A-PCR)

Martinez Labarga, J.M.; Peiro, J.M.; Oria de Rueda, J.A., 1990:
A relict birch wood in the Sierra Nevada

Alexander, K.N.A., 1991:
A relict old forest beetle fauna from Powis Castle Park, Montgomeryshire

Slater, JA.; Schuh, RT., 1990:
A remarkably large new species of Discocoris from Colombia (Heteroptera: Thaumastocoridae)

Pujol, M.; Malbruny, B.; Morel, C.; Exmelin, L., 1992:
A reminder of the importance of serological monitoring of infants with suspected congenital toxoplasmosis

Malik, R.K.; Mathur, D.K., 1991:
A renewed interest in nisin as a food preservative

Noda, H.; Ishikawa, K.; Hibino, H.; Omura, T., 1991:
A reovirus in the brown planthopper, Nilaparvata lugens

Panchbhai, S.D.; Reddy, M.S.; Singh, S.D., 1991:
A repeatable method of germination of oospores of Sclerospora graminicola and its significance in downy mildew disease

Blankmeyer, B.L.; Smylie, K.D.; Price, D.C.; Costello, R.M.; McFee, A.S.; Fuller, D.S., 1990:
A replicated five cluster MMPI typology of morbidly obese female candidates for gastric bypass

Olson, N.F., 1991:
A report from the conference on fat and cholesterol reduced foods

Daalder, R., 1990:
A report mark for recreation areas

Beis, MJ.; Cone, DK., 1990:
A report of Thelohanellus notatus (Mavor) (Myxozoa) from Notropis hudsonius (Clinton) (Cyprinidae) in Ontario

Felsenfeld, A.J.; Roberts, M.A., 1991:
A report of fluorosis in the United States secondary to drinking well water

Couvreur J.; Thulliez P.; Daffos F.; Aufrant C.; Bompard Y.; Goumy P.; Tournier G., 1991:
A report of six cases of congenital toxoplasmosis in twins

Kent, R., 1989:
A report of the New Jersey State Airspray Program, 1988

Joseph, PG.; Sivanandan, SP., 1987:
A report of the first isolation of Tritrichomonas foetus from bulls in Malaysia

Krishna, L.; Jithendran, K.P.; Agnihotri, R.K., 1989:
A report on Thelazia rhodesii in buffalo in Himachal Pradesh

Anonymous, 1992:
A report on animal health from 1 July 1990 to 30 June 1991

Mallick, K.P.; Rawany, V.S.; Celly, C.S., 1990:
A report on buffalo pox outbreak in Pathalgaon Block of District Raigarh (Madhya Pradesh)

Anonymous, 1989:
A report on evaluation study of performance of borewell programme to solve drinking water problem of rural areas - Summary

Zhao, D.; Zhang, B.P.; Zhou, B.L., 1992:
A report on performance and comparison of economic efficiency in different feeding-period for Jinghuang I broiler

Anonymous, 1990:
A report on selecting the new millet variety CASRI Millet

Misana, S.B., 1992:
A report on soil erosion and conservation in Ismani, Iringa Region, Tanzania

Fetzner, R.; Nash, C.W.; Miller, C.I.; Russell, L., 1991:
A report on the April 8-18, 1991 visit of a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) team to France regarding the outbreak of trichinosis in humans

Singh, B.P.; Pratap, K.; Vijayan, T.K., 1990:
A report on the hydatid infection in mule in India

Rao B.S.; Bai M.V.; Naseema K., 1990:
A report on three cases of unilateral corneal ulceration and opacity in guinea piglets

Robbins, G.; Powers, D.; Rushton, J., 1992:
A required fitness/wellness course that works

Roesch, M., 1990:
A research and development experiment in the province of Zou (Benin)

Chen, Z.M., 1989:
A research and testing of friction-reducing additive (FPS) on engine lube-oil

Vasilev, S.; Le, S.H., 1991:
A research into the operation of a maize harvesting bar and drum thresher

Chia, E.; Brossier, J.; Marshall, E., 1991:
A research management method: clinical approach and decisions

Ponnuswamy, V.; Irulappan, I., 1989:
A research note on the study of range, mean and coefficient of variability in sapota varieties (Achras zapota L.)

Busz, J., 1990:
A research of the irregularities in production and purchase of milk on farms keeping the agricultural accounts

Ucucu, R.; Sungur, N.; Bilgen, H., 1990:
A research on determining the effect of constructive cluster on vacuum fluctuation, milk flow, milking time and milk quality in machine milking

Ozguven, F.; Aydinbelge, M., 1990:
A research on effect of tillage machines, used for the second crop seed bed preparation, on soil compaction

Kasap, A.; Gungor, O.O.G.K., 1990:
A research on energy consumption and power required of electrical consumer in Kazova dairy farm

Erkan, M.A.; Girgin, I., 1988:
A research on the adequacy of dairy cattle barns of the farms utilizing supervised credit on the Ankara-Murted plain

Bastaban, S.; Erkmen, Y., 1990:
A research on the application of propionic acid on stored high moisture bale alfalfa hay

Qian, F., 1987:
A research on the biology of Casinaria nigripes Gravenhorst

Ozguven, F.; Bereket, Z., 1990:
A research on the comparison of productivity of different pruning systems applied on the citrus

Gulcan, R.; Askin, A., 1991:
A research on the reasons of unfruitfulness of Prunus armeniaca cv. Tokaloglu

Aykas, E.; Uz, E.; Onal, I., 1990:
A research on the seed broadcasting machines

Matthes, H.D., 1991:
A research project on the introduction of extensive breeding

Xing, B.L.; Liu, Q.G.; Xing, W., 1991:
A research report on the conversion coefficients of specific heat consumption and drying capacity in grain drying

Michaelides, G., 1990:
A research study on the quality of roof-harvested rainwater for domestic use in developing countries

Owada, M.; Kuriki, M., 1990:
A research survey of water injury of soyabeans in 1988 in Hamadori region of Fukushima Prefecture

Shiozawa, N.; Inaba, H.; Ito, M.; Hotchi, M.; Kumeda, S., 1992:
A resected case of solitary pulmonary mucormycosis showing peculiar histological findings without significant predisposing factors

Ageev, V.; Ivanov, A., 1990:
A reserve of feed protein

Kopiejewska, W., 1989:
A reserve of the oocytes of protoplasmatic growth in the ovaries of bream (Abramis brama L.) females in lake Sniardwy

Chong M.S.; Hawkins C.P.; Cook G.C.; Hawkes C.H.; Kocen R.S., 1991:
A resistant case of neurocysticercosis

Vakhnenko, V.A.; Kurchii, B.A., 1990:
A resonance model of lodging of cereals

Domanski, L.; Dolechek, F., 1990:
A restraining barrier for loose-housed cattle

Shaughnessy, J.; Mock, B.; Duncan, R.; Potter, M.; Banner, C., 1989:
A restriction fragment length polymorphism at murine Glud locus co-segregates with Rib-1, Es-10, and Tcra on chromosome 14

Eskov, KYu., 1992:
A restudy of the generic composition of the linyphiid spider fauna of the Far East (Araneida: Linyphiidae)

Schmuland, B., 1991:
A result on the infinitely many neutral alleles diffusion model

Anonymous, 1992:
A resume of research accomplishments on Pashmina goats (1979-1992)

Stratton, J.E.; Hutkins, R.W.; Taylor, S.L., 1991:
A retail survey of low-sodium and low-salt cheeses for histamine-producing organisms

Tomoda, M.G.nda, R.S.imizu, N.K.nari, M., 1990:
A reticuloendothelial system-activating glycan from the barks of Eucommia ulmoides

Tomoda, M.S.imizu, N.O.ara, N.G.nda, R.I.hii, S.O.suki, H., 1992:
A reticuloendothelial system-activating glycan from the roots of Astragalus membranaceus

Lucas, P.C.; O'Brien, R.M.; Mitchell, J.A.; Davis, C.M.; Imai, E.; Forman, B.M.; Samuels, H.H.; Granner, D.K., 1991:
A retinoic acid response element is part of a pleiotropic domain in the phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase gene

Gromtsev, A.N., 1988:
A retrospective analysis of anthropogenic changes in the forests in the landscapes of southern Karelia in 1840-1980

Charles, S.D.; Nagaraja, K.V.; Halvorson, D.A.; Rao, A., 1991:
A retrospective analysis on the epizootiological aspects of outbreaks of Pasteurella anatipestifer infection in turkeys in Minnesota

Hargis, A.M.; Ihrke, P.J.; Spangler, W.L.; Stannard, A.A., 1992:
A retrospective clinicopathologic study of 212 dogs with cutaneous hemangiomas and hemangiosarcomas

Prattis, S.M.; Cioffee, C.J.; Reinhard, G.; Zaoutis, T.E., 1990:
A retrospective study of disease and mortality in zebra finches

Robertson, I.D.; Leggoe, M.; Dorling, P.R.; Shaw, S.E.; Clark, W.T., 1992:
A retrospective study of poisoning cases in dogs and cats: comparisons between a rural and urban practice

Knapp, D.W.; Pope, E.R.; Hewett, J.E.; Bojrab, M.J., 1990:
A retrospective study of thoracolumbar disk fenestration in dogs using a ventral approach: 160 cases (1976 to 1986)

Sidhu, P.S.; Ng, S.C., 1991:
A retrospective study on malaria cases admitted to the University Hospital, Kuala Lumpur, 1984-1988

Novilla, M.N.; Sandusky, G.E.; Hoover, D.M.; Ray, S.E.; Wightman, K.A., 1991:
A retrospective survey of endocardial proliferative lesions in rats

Ikenoue, W., 1990:
A retrospective survey of second crop rice in Kochi Prefecture (1)

Wang, Y.L., 1989:
A retrospective view of fruit science in China, techniques of the past forty years and future prospects

Besansky, N.J., 1990:
A retrotransposable element from the mosquito Anopheles gambiae

Georges, M., 1990:
A reverse genetic approach towards the bovine muscular hypertrophy gene, based on the use of DNA fingerprints

Taylor, D.J.; Thom, F., 1990:
A reverse passive latex agglutination test for the diagnosis of swine dysentery

Eyles, AC., 1990:
A review and revision of the genus Rhypodes Stal (Hemiptera: Lygaeidae)

Lovell, R.A.; Trammel, H.L.; Beasley, V.R.; Buck, W.B., 1990:
A review of 83 reports of suspected toluene/dichlorophen toxicoses in cats and dogs

Mbulamberi, D.B., 1989:
A review of African trypanosomiasis (HAT) in Uganda

Pape, T., 1988:
A review of American Oebalia Robineau-Desvoidy with the first Neotropical record (Diptera: Sarcophagidae)

Dargavel, J., 1988:
A review of Australian forest industry and labour history

Springate, N.D.; Noyes, J.S., 1990:
A review of British species of Anagyrus Howard (Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae) with new records and descriptions of other Chalcidoidea

Dissanaike, A.S., 1986:
A review of Brugia species with special reference to B. malayi and to zoonotic infections

Barzaga, N.G., 1989:
A review of Japanese encephalitis cases in the Philippines (1972-1985)

Sinniah, M., 1989:
A review of Japanese-B virus encephalitis in Malaysia

Ockerman, H.W.; Agboola, H.D., 1991:
A review of Nigerian livestock production with a particular reference to the meat processing and utilization common among the Yorubas of south-western states

Jones, J.M., 1992:
A review of South Africa and its food industry

Pakanati, V.R.; Henneberry, D.M., 1990:
A review of U.S. and world dairy policies

Zong, Q.N., 1992:
A review of abalone culture in China

Kinteh, S., 1990:
A review of agricultural policy before and after adjustment

Christensen J.V., 1990:
A review of an evaluation of 95 cultivars of sour cherry

Miller, M.; Smith, D., 1992:
A review of application error for sprayers

Huber U.G., 1990:
A review of artificial intelligence and its potential uses in farming

Yeh, W.L., 1990:
A review of bacterial wilt on groundnut in Guangdong Province, Peoples' Republic of China

Colloff, MJ., 1991:
A review of biology and allergenicity of the house-dust mite Euroglyphus maynei (Acari: Pyroglyphidae)

Pitzolis, G., 1987:
A review of bluetongue in Cyprus with evidence of the windborne spread of vectors

Usmani, R.H.; Khan, A.G.; Athar, I.H., 1991:
A review of bovine growth hormone biotechnology for increased milk production

McCulkin, K.J., 1991:
A review of chain use and performance in Australian sugar factories

Andenow, Y., 1988:
A review of chemical disease control research on wheat in Ethiopia

Van Wyk, J.A., 1990 :
A review of chemical methods available for the control of gastrointestinal nematodes of sheep and cattle

Adams, C.A., 1991:
A review of chemical treatment of raw materials and finished products in reducing pathogens

Fournier, L.A., 1988:
A review of coffee planting under shading and full sunlight

Stjernberg, E.I., 1989:
A review of containerized seedling transportation methods

Shao, G.F., 1989:
A review of contemporary computer models of forest dynamics

Golubev, A.K., 1990:
A review of contemporary trends in the development of embryo genetics of livestock

Smart, M.E.; Cymbaluk, N.F.; Christensen, D.A., 1992:
A review of copper status of cattle in Canada and recommendations for supplementation

Holzer, S.M.; Loferski, J.R.; Dillard, D.A., 1989:
A review of creep in wood: concepts relevant to develop long-term behaviour predictions for wood structures

Carlson, D.B.; O'Bryan, P.D.; Rey, J.R., 1991:
A review of current salt marsh management issues in Florida

Chetkina, N., 1988:
A review of dairy breeds at the VDNKh, USSR

Byford, R.L.; Craig, M.E.; Crosby, B.L., 1992:
A review of ectoparasites and their effect on cattle production

Farmer, G.S.; Ludington, D.C.; Pellerin, R.A., 1990:
A review of electricity use and the impact of selected demand-side management technologies on dairy farms

Jainudeen, M.R., 1990:
A review of embryo transfer technology in the buffalo

Webb, B.L.; Koster, K.C., 1991:
A review of energy management and improvements at Noodsberg sugar mill over the past eight years

van der Walt, J.G.; Linington, M.J., 1989:
A review of energy metabolism in producing ruminants. Part 1: Metabolism of energy substrates

Espey, L.L., 1992:
A review of factors that could influence membrane potentials of ovarian follicular cells during mammalian ovulation

Yang, S.J.; Chen, J.M., 1991:
A review of fertilizer trials carried out by the Fiji Sugar Corporation between 1977 and 1987

Matteson, P.C., 1992:
A review of field studies of the environmental impacts of locust/grasshopper control programmes in Africa

Schoeller, D.A.; Racette, S.B., 1990:
A review of field techniques for the assessment of energy expenditure

Davison, R.M., 1991:
A review of financial and production trends in the New Zealand sheep and beef sector

Mnyenyembe, P.H., 1990:
A review of finger millet improvement in Malawi

Dryden M.W.; Blakemore J.C., 1989:
A review of flea allergy dermatitis in the dog and cat

Ramadan, M.M.; Saoud, M.F.; Aly, A.H., 1989:
A review of genus Eumegacetes Looss, 1900 (Eumegacetidae), with description of species from the Egyptian house sparrow: Passer d. niloticus

Sani, R.A., 1987:
A review of helminths affecting domestic animals in Malaysia

Frank, R.; Braun, H.E.; Wilkie, I.; Ewing, R., 1991:
A review of insecticide poisonings among domestic livestock in southern Ontario, Canada, 1982-1989

Henneberry, S.R.; Tweeten, L.G., 1991:
A review of international agricultural supply response

Thorne, B.L.; Haverty, M.I., 1991:
A review of intracolony, intraspecific, and interspecific agonism in termites

Pennington, J.A., 1990:
A review of iodine toxicity reports

Leuschner, K., 1990:
A review of laboratory and field screening procedures for Chilo partellus

Hashiguchi, Y.; Gómez Landires, E.A., 1991:
A review of leishmaniasis in Ecuador

Akey D.H., 1991:
A review of marking techniques in arthropods and an introduction to elemental marking

Bagley, R.S.; Wheeler, S.J., 1991:
A review of maturation of the peripheral nervous system in animals. Structural and functional changes

MacDonald, A.J., 1989:
A review of mechanical delimbers in western Canada

Micura, J., 1992:
A review of mechanization and technology in crop production in private farms (completion)

Kairu, E.N., 1991:
A review of methods for estimating evapotranspiration, particularly those that utilize remote sensing

Barber, E.M., 1991:
A review of methods for estimating the role of dust deposition in removal of dust from livestock building airspaces

Hribar, LJ., 1990:
A review of methods for recovering biting midge larvae (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) from substrate samples

Belton, E.M.; Belton, P., 1990:
A review of mosquito collecting in the Yukon

Parish, S., 1990:
A review of non-chemical weed control techniques

Leonard, W.F.; Brown, G.B.; Harris, G.W., 1988:
A review of paclobutrazol use on New Zealand stonefruit crops

Scholl, PJ., 1990:
A review of parasites, pathogens and predators of cattle grubs

Kenny, J.P., 1992:
A review of physical education safety guidelines and safety administration for teachers and school administrators

Swinney, G.; Jones, B.R.; Kissling, K., 1992:
A review of polycythaemia vera in the cat

Wenzel, J.G.W., 1991:
A review of prostaglandin F products and their use in dairy reproductive herd health programs

Harwood, C.E.; Williams, E.R., 1992:
A review of provenance variation in growth of Acacia mangium

Poirriez, J.; Dei Cas, E.; Hermand, E.; Chabasse, D., 1991:
A review of pseudoparthenogenesis in Plasmodium vivax

Barnard, P.C.; O.C.nnor, J.P.; Speight, M.C.D., 1991:
A review of published distribution data for Irish Neuroptera (Insecta), together with additional records and a check-list of the Irish species

Kobayashi, S.; Morison, J.B.; Riethmuller, P.C., 1991:
A review of recent developments in Japanese agriculture and agricultural policy

Dowd, P.A., 1992:
A review of recent developments in geostatistics

Smith, J.F., 1991:
A review of recent developments on the effect of nutrition on ovulation rate (the flushing effect) with particular reference to research at Ruakura

Hunter, A., 1992:
A review of research into machine stability on slopes

Potter, G.D.; Hughes, S.L.; Julen, T.R.; Swinney, D.L., 1992:
A review of research on digestion and utilization of fat by the equine

Kromhout, C.P., 1990:
A review of research on wood properties in South Africa

Trevors, J.T.; Elsas, J.D. van, 1989:
A review of selected methods in environmental genetics

Boudier, P., 1990:
A review of several new herbicides examined in trials in nurseries of woody plants

Ghandour, A.M.; A.G.amdi, H.S.; A.R.bai, A.A., 1990:
A review of snail intermediate hosts of schistosomiasis in Saudi Arabia

Fuller, R.J., 1991:
A review of solar drying of fruit, vegetables and other food crops

Albert, P.J., 1991:
A review of some host-plant chemicals affecting the feeding and oviposition behaviours of the eastern spruce budworm, Choristoneura fumiferana Clem. (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)

Grinham, T.; Cone, DK., 1990:
A review of species of Myxobolus (Myxosporea) parasitizing catostomid fishes, with a redescription of Myxobolus bibullatus (Kudo, 1934) n. comb. and description of Myxobolus lamellus n. sp. from Catostomus commersoni in Nova Scotia

Mironov, S.V., 1990:
A review of species of feather mites in the genus Scutomegninia (Analgoidea, Avenzoariidae) from cormorants

Melvin, G.D., 1991:
A review of striped bass, Morone saxatilis, population biology in eastern Canada

Kerr, W.A.; Fox, G.; Hobbs, J.E.; Klein, K.K., 1991:
A review of studies on Western Canadian grain transportation policies

He, D.Y., 1992:
A review of studies on liming of paddy soil

Kelly, C.; Crossman, S.; Amory, K., 1988:
A review of sugar cane yield performance indicators within the St. Kitts sugar industry for the period 1977-1986

Roy, G., 1992:
A review of sweet taste potentiation brought about by divalent oxygen and sulfur incorporation

Kennedy, S., 1990:
A review of the 1988 European seal morbillivirus epizootic

Lamusse, J.P., 1989:
A review of the 1989 milling season in Mauritius

Lamusse, J.P., 1990:
A review of the 1990 milling season in Mauritius

Leat, P.M.K.; Ritchie, C.A., 1991:
A review of the Grampian food processing sector

Marshall, SA.; Smith, IP., 1990:
A review of the North American species of Aptilotus, with descriptions of new species from North America and Nepal (Diptera: Sphaeroceridae)

Papp, L., 1991:
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A review of the problem of Listeria monocytogenes in milk products

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A review of the progress made in recent years on research and understanding of immunity in insect vectors of human and animal diseases

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A review of the role of temperate forests in the global CO2 balance

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A review of the study on fungi and mycotoxins in foodstuffs in Beijing during the last 10 years

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A review of the usefulness of myelography in 50 dogs

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A review of the water mite family Anisitsiellidae in Australia (Acarina)

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A review of the water mite family Limnocharidae in Australia (Acarina)

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A review of the yield losses in graminaceous crops caused by Chilo spp

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A review of tobacco pests and their control in Tanzania

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A review of traditional fermented foods, condiments and beverages in Nigeria: their benefits and possible problems

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A review of water table management & BMP effects on selected nitrogen processes

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A review of wing reduction in Lepidoptera

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A review of world crustacean aquaculture part one

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A review on assessment of diseases in oilseed rape - comparison of various methods

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A review on chemical control of mustard aphid, Lipaphis erysimi (Kaltenbach)

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A review on prospectives of higher plant products as botanical pesticides in plant protection

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A review on the derivation of Xizang (Tibetan) drugs and the advance of its research

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A review: analysis of environmental samples

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A review: current grades, qualities and uses of wool in the United States

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A review: soils, nutrition, and fertility practices of the Florida sugarcane industry

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A revised linkage map of common bean

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A revision of Acanthosomatidae (Hemiptera: Pentatomomorpha: Pentatomoidea) from Indo-Pakistan area with a cladistic analysis of the genera

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A revision of Cyanella (Tecophilaeaceae) excluding C. amboensis

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A revision of Rossman's leisure program satisfaction form

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A revision of the Termes-Capritermes branch of the Termitinae in Australia (Isoptera: Termitidae)

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A revision of the genus Metrocoris Mayr (Heteroptera: Gerridae) in the Malay Archipelago and the Philippines

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A revision of the genus Picromerus Amyot and Serville (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae: Pentatominae: Asopini) from western Palaearctic with description of two new species from Turkey

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A revision of the genus Platambus Thomson (Coleoptera, Dytiscidae)

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A revision of the horse fly genus Agkistrocerus Philip (Diptera: Tabanidae)

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A revision of the tribe Caystrini Stal (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae: Pentatominae) from Indo-Pakistan subcontinent with description of two new species from Pakistan and their cladistic analysis

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A revisionary note on the blackfly, hitherto called Simulium (Gomphostilbia) batoense Edwards, 1934 from the Ryukyu Islands, Japan (Diptera: Simuliidae)

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A revived practice within a farming system in crisis: oyster gathering by Diola women in Lower Casamance (Senegal)

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A rhabdovirus isolated in Evonymus japonica in Italy

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A ribonuclease activity is activated by heparin or by digestion with proteinase K in mitochondrial extracts of Leishmania tarentolae

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A ribosomal protein is encoded in the chloroplast DNA in a lower plant but in the nucleus in angiosperms

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A rice cab gene promoter contains separate cis-acting elements that regulate expression in dicot and monocot plants

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A rig for testing and selection of spray nozzles

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A rig for testing protective devices in tractors

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A risk assessment of selected fresh market vegetables

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A risk assessment-risk management approach to selecting fertilizer application rates

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A role for CD4+ but not CD8+ T cells in immunity to Schistosoma mansoni induced by 20 krad-irradiated and Ro 11-3128-terminated infections

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A role for Pinus maximinoi and P. greggii in Nepal's afforestation efforts

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A role for ascorbic acid in copper transport

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A role for bioactive peptides in animal nutrition

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A role for economic instruments in reconciling agricultural and environmental policy in accordance with the Polluter Pays Principle

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A Role for Glutamine Synthetase in the Remobilization of Leaf Nitrogen during Natural Senescence in Rice Leaves

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A role for gut hormones in nutrient partitioning in ruminants

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A role for the amateur in New Zealand entomology

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A role of nitrogen fertilization on quality of sunflower

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A role of oxidative stress in the elicitation of plant defense responses

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A role of the Dufour's gland in the dominance interactions of the paper wasp, Polistes fuscatus (Hymenoptera: Vespidae)

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A room with a view on Europe

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A rope-like structure in plant chromosomes

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A rotary countershear mower

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A routine model of chemical transformations and transport of nitrogen compound, ozone and PAN within a regional scale

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A rule-based expert system approach to predicting waterborne soil erosion

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A rural energy system based on energy forest and wood gasifier

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A rust of wild marjoram (Origanum vulgare) in Campania

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A sample-preparation method for soil analyses in the field

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A sampling method to determine the field mortality of the subterranean pasture pest Adoryphorus couloni (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) exposed to Metarhizium anisopliae

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A sampling strategy for estimating past crown recession on temporary growth plots

Anonymous, 1988:
A satellite warehousing system saves space and money at the Giessen central dairy

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A satellite-based range assessment system for the Sahel of Africa

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A scaffold-associated DNA region is located downstream of the pea plastocyanin gene

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A scaled sorption model validated at the column scale to predict cadmium contents in a spatially variable field soil

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A scanning electron microscope study of the external morphology of Cristitectus congeri (Nematoda: Cystidicolidae)

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A scanning electron microscopic study on Dorylaimus stagnalis Dujardin, 1845

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A scanning electron microscopy study of morphological changes induced by terbinafine in Microsporum canis, Trichophyton mentagrophytes and Epidermophyton floccosum

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A scanning electron microscopy study of the mouthparts of Paraponera clavata (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

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A scenario model for agricultural structure - the usefulness of the Monte Carlo model for land development

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A scheme for the evaluation of production and productivity in cattle

Anonymous, 1990:
A scheme of dugwell irrigation for small farmers in Amravati District - Maharashtra: an ex-post evaluation study, summary and conclusions

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A sclerometric method of checking the degree of hardening of an adhesive film

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A screening and evaluation method for fungicides against Pythium spp

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A screw trocar for rumen fistulation in adult cattle. I. Its use to establish a permanent rumen fistula for sampling purposes

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A scrutiny into the performance of a combined transplanter

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A search for Leishmania in normal skin and blood of Kala-Azar patients from Bihar, India

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A search for cells carrying the gamma / sigma T cell receptor in mice infected with Leishmania major

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A search for genetic-biological markers of resistance to mycotoxin T-2 in fowls

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A search for new methods of plant protection against bacterial diseases

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A search for pattern in faunistical records of drosophilid species in Switzerland

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A seasonal variation of carotenoid composition in green leaves and the effect of environmental factors on it

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A second envelope glycoprotein mediates neutralization of a pestivirus, hog cholera virus

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A second finding of Linognathoides laeviusculus (Grube) (Anoplura) in Rumania

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A second gene for a secreted aspartate proteinase in Candida albicans

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A second generation fruit firmness sorter

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A second look at the impacts of climate change

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A second maternally expressed Drosophila gene encodes a putative RNA helicase of the DEAD box family

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A second mitochondrial cox2 mutation associated with an NCS phenotype

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A second record of Xiphydria longicollis (Geoffroy) (Hymenoptera: Xiphydriidae) in Britain

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A second thrombospondin gene in the mouse is similar in organization to thrombospondin 1 but does not respond to serum

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A sectional approach on a large dairy farm

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A sector which is ever developing in France

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A secure existence through advice to farm business families aimed at target groups

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A seed company's perspective on commercializing traits obtained through biotechnology

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A seed drill for direct sowing and local application of fertilizers

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A seed germinator at little cost

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A seed potato multiplication scheme for several generations in the Golan Heights, Israel. Virological aspects

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A selected annotated bibliography of recreational water quality in Alpine areas

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A selected, annotated bibliography for fitness educators

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A selection index for cows

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A selection of papers presented at a seminar on protective clothing for use with pesticides, Coventry, UK, 15 September 1989

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A selective accumulation of some leaf xanthophylls in hen egg yolk and its manner

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A selective mechanical system for controlling manzanita

Elliott, M.L., 1991:
A selective medium for Gaeumannomyces-like fungi

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A selective medium for the isolation and enumeration of Mucor species

Garg, A.P., 1992:
A selective technique for isolation of three species of Chrysosporium from soils

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A self loading mineral fertiliser spreader

Sokrovishchuk, V.G.; Mor, E.G.; Mishchek, S.Y., 1991:
A self loading trailer for containers

Dang, Q.; Lieffers, V.; Rothwell, R., 1991:
A self-contained freezing chamber for tree ecophysiological studies in the field

Boylan Pett, W.L.; Hoopingarner, R.A.; Ramsdell, D.C., 1991:
A self-marking system to determine foraging populations of honey bees (Apis mellifera L.) (Hymenoptera: Apidae)

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A selfish retrotransposition model for rodent LINE-1

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A semen bank for geese

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A semi-artificial diet for Scaptotrigona depilis Moure (Hymenoptera, Apidae)

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A semi-natural, manipular observation nest for Exoneura spp. and other allodapine bees (Hymenoptera: Anthophoridae)

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A semi-recursive dynamic algorithm using variational vector approach

Tamietti, G.; Valentino, D., 1990:
A semi-selective medium for the isolation of Pyrenochaeta lycopersici from soil

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A semiquantitative bioassay for relative virulence of Agrobacterium tumefaciens

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A sense of perspective in the tropical rain forest

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A sensitive ELISA for the serological detection of antibodies against swine fever virus

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A sensitive bioassay for detection of dietary estrogens in animal feeds

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A sensitive immunoassay for the detection of atrazine based upon sheep antibodies

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A sensitive method for the determination of Th in body fluids

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A sensitive method for the quantification of the mass of inositol phosphates using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry

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A sensor for measuring erosion and deposition

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A separable programming analysis of alternative income and soil conservation policies for U.S. agriculture

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A separation mechanism and fluid flow in the large intestine of the equine

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A sequence assembly and editing program for efficient management of large projects

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A sequence element associated with the Plasmodium falciparum KAHRP gene is the site of developmentally regulated protein-DNA interactions

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A sequence insertion targeting vector for Leishmania enriettii

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A sequence specific to B chromosomes of Brachycome dichromosomatica

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A sequence-specific DNA-binding factor (VF1) from Anabaena sp. strain PCC 7120 vegetative cells binds to three adjacent sites in the xisA upstream region

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A sequential choice model of recreation behavior

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A sequential sampling plan for treatment decisions for the mango leafhoppers, Idioscopus spp

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A series of technological processes for producing corms from in vitro freesia plants in soilless culture

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A sesquiterpenoid with plant growth regulatory activity from Saussurea lappa

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A set of agricultural management actions in protective zones of groundwater sources

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A set of equipment for strength testing of safety cabs

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A set of farmer-based diagnostic methods for setting post 'Green Revolution' rice research priorities

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A set of forecasting devices

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A set of machines for afforesting slopes

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A set of tRNAs that lack either the T psi C arm or the dihydrouridine arm: towards a minimal tRNA adaptor

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A set-aside scheme and forestry as alternatives for cereals in the Netherlands

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A severe case of cerebral malaria with hypoglicemia down to 0 grs/l

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A shading experiment on some tropical rain forest tree seedlings

Anonymous, 1992:
A share of the action?

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A shared promoter element regulates the expression of three steroidogenic enzymes

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A sharp fall in the the number of cattle

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A shearing strain model for cylindrical stress states

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A shelterwood method for regenerating red oak in the southern Appalachians

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A shoppers' survey: California nuts and produce, food quality, and food safety

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A short C-terminal sequence is necessary and sufficient for the targeting of chitinases to the plant vacuole

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A short census of free-living nematodes

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A short contribution to knowledge of the fungal flora of Duisburg-Hamborn

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A short history of pesticide reregistration

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A short history of the early years of plant pathology in Queensland

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A short incubation serum neutralization test for bovine viral diarrhea virus

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A short introduction to the ecology, taxonomy and nomenclature of the genus Agaricus

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A short irrigation period by means of control technics

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A short note on clustering in mango - a new disorder

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A short note on the incidence of physiological infertility in buffaloes

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A showcase for Europe

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A signal detection framework to evaluate models of tree mortality following fire damage

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A significant break-through

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A significant illness that was produced by the white-tailed spider, Lampona cylindrata

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A silage additive - EKhAR

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A similar distribution of gonadotropin isohormones is maintained in the pituitary throughout sexual maturity in the heifer

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A similar gene is shared by both the variant surface glycoprotein and procyclin gene transcription units of Trypanosoma brucei

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A simple action threshold for timing applications of a granulosis virus to control Pieris rapae (Lep.: Pieridae)

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A simple analytical method for monitoring the total concentration of heavy metal ions in environmental waters

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A simple and cheap method of bamboo preservation

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A simple and efficient mammalian gene expression system using an EBV-based vector transfected by electroporation in G2/M phase

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A simple and efficient method for identification of hybrids using nonradioactive rDNA as probe

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A simple and efficient method for purifying and quantifying schizonts from Theileria parva-infected cells

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A simple and inexpensive system for collection of data at remote locations

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A simple and rapid determination of lactose in milk using Uristix the clinical diagnostic multiple reagent strips

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A simple and rapid method for the preparation of total plant DNA

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A simple chloride balance routing method to regionalize groundwater recharge: a case study in semiarid Botswana

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A simple concentrating type solar collector suitable for developing countries

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A simple cryoscopic method for the prediction of water activity in butter

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A simple device for extracting small insects and mites from powdered foodstuffs

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A simple device for the indirect determination of sward yield

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A simple device to clean insect specimens for museums and scanning electron microscopy

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A simple diffractometer heating-cooling stage. application to the study of an organo-clay complex

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A simple dip test method for on-farm monitoring of colony counts in milk and milk products

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A simple duality model of production incorporating risk aversion and price uncertainty

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A simple effects analysis of the effects of phosphogypsum application on phosphorus transport to runoff water and eroded soil sediments

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A simple formula for calculating area under disease progress curve

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A simple graphic method for reconstructing phylogenetic trees from molecular data

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A simple immunotest for monitoring the egg maturation in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

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A simple in vivo estimation of hypopharyngeal gland activity in honeybees (Apis mellifera L., Apidae, Hymenoptera)

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A simple inexpensive cage for use in entomological research

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A simple liquid chromatographic method for measuring retinoic acid and retinol in human serum

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A simple manual method for the determination of phosphate-extractable (ion-exchange membrane) sulphate in soils

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A simple mathematical model to determine critical nutrient levels in soils and plants

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A simple mathematical solution for economic pipe sizing

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A simple medium for the verification of identity of Staphylococcus aureus of bovine origin

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A simple medium to aid the identification of Fusarium moniliforme, F. proliferatum, and F. subglutinans

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A simple method for 14CO2 measurement in metabolic experiments

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A simple method for acclimatization of in vitro plantlets of citrus

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A simple method for assessing calcium intake in Caucasian women

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A simple method for clonal culture of Entamoeba histolytica

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A simple method for cloning Giardia duodenalis from cultures and fecal samples

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A simple method for collecting series of crops of sporangia of Phytophthora from the same culture plate

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A simple method for concentrating eggs of Schistosoma haematobium in the urine

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A simple method for cryopreservation of Leishmania donovani promastigotes

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A simple method for direct cloning cDNA sequence that flanks a region of known sequence from total RNA by applying the inverse polymerase chain reaction

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A simple method for elimination of non-specific reactions in non-precoated indirect and electroblot enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay procedures used for detection of zucchini yellow mosaic virus

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A simple method for estimating gross carbon budgets for vegetation in forest ecosystems

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A simple method for estimating loss of feed value from undigested grain when feeding maize or whole crop cereal silages

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A simple method for estimating the earth-work volume of a logging road

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A simple method for maintaining Xanthomonas campestris pv. citri

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A simple method for marking scarabaeids

Beniwal, S.P.S.; Dereje Gorfu, 1989:
A simple method for mass spore production of Botrytis fabae, the causal fungus of chocolate spot ot faba bean

Roppongi, K., 1990:
A simple method for measuring nitrogen fertility of upland soil

Akonom, Z.; Bednarek, A.; Rybarczyk, W., 1989:
A simple method for measuring shear strength of the middle layer of fibreboards

Tanahara, A., 1989:
A simple method for measuring the eclosion rhythm of the melon fly, Dacus cucurbitae Coquillett (Diptera: Tephritidae), using a computer-assisted balance

Davydov, V.A., 1991:
A simple method for obtaining epidermal prints with the aid of organic glass and sticky tape

Malik, R.S.; Anlauf, R.; Richter, J., 1992:
A simple method for predicting evaporation from bare soils

Aggarwal, P.K., 1990:
A simple method for preparing egg yolk emulsion for dairy enteropathogens

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A simple method for producing basidiomes of Serpula lacrymans in culture

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A simple method for the determination of lipid composition of human bile

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A simple method for the purification and bioassay of endogenous gibberellins in the rice panicle

Gamble H.R.; Mansfield L.S., 1992:
A simple method for the purification of trichostrongyle egg shells

Korol, W.; Matyka, S.; Fiedor, A., 1991:
A simple method of determining the degree of contamination of meat meals by ammonium compounds

Davydov, V.A., 1991 :
A simple method of obtaining epidermal imprints with the aid of organic glass and sticky tape

Barker, R.H.; Banchongaksorn, T.; Courval, J.M.; Suwonkerd, W.; Rimwungtragoon, K.; Wirth, D.F., 1992:
A simple method to detect Plasmodium falciparum directly from blood samples using the polymerase chain reaction

Engel B.; Walstra P., 1991:
A simple method to increase precision or reduce expense in regression experiments to predict the proportion of lean meat of carcasses

Suzuki, T., 1989:
A simple method to measure the permeability of a forest soil

Hassan, S.A., 1991:
A simple method to select effective Trichogramma strains for use in biological control

Bowes, B.G., 1990:
A simple micropropagation technique utilizing non-sterile explants and its potential in conservation

Craven, H.M.; Macauley, B.J., 1990:
A simple microscopic method for the detection of psychrotrophs in pasteurized milk

Kemp P.R.; Cornelius J.M.; Reynolds J.F., 1992:
A simple model for predicting soil temperatures in desert ecosystems

Pelzer, J.; Bohmer, B.M.; Meier, U., 1989:
A simple model for simulating the migration of heavy metals in the soil

Matus, F.J.; Rodriguez, J., 1989:
A simple model for the estimation of N supply in soils

Mok, A.; Klemke, T., 1990:
A simple model for the evaluation of haulm characters in potato breeding

Noordwijk, M. van; Willigen, P. de; Ehlert, P.A.I., 1990:
A simple model of P uptake by crops as a possible basis for P fertilizer recommendations

Hofstad, O., 1990:
A simple model of wood supply and clearing of African woodlands with special reference to Tanzania

Mathews, K.; Holthausen, D.J., 1991:
A simple multiperiod minimum risk hedge model

Boerrigter, H.S.; Elsenga, A., 1991:
A simple nurse culture system for low density protoplast culture of Brassica oleracea L

Parsons, R.R.ven, J.; Sprent, J., 1992:
A simple open flow system used to measure acetylene reduction activity of Sesbania rostrata stem and root nodules

Kovács, F.S., 1988:
A simple preparatory method for scanning electron microscopy of the mouthparts of muscoid flies (diptera)

Iyer C.P.A.; Subramanyam M.D.; Dinesh M.R., 1990:
A simple procedure for double working in mango

Guertal W.R.; Mcdaniel P.A., 1990:
A simple procedure for estimating cation exchange capacity using gentian violet dye

Slabyj S.O.; Ismail S.A.; Slabayj B.M.; Halteman W.A.; Martin R.E., 1991:
A simple procedure to monitor fecal coliforms in seafood processing plants