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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2017

Chapter 2017 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Karaivanov, S., 1988:
A study on the effect of temperature, feeding allowance and feeding area on the rearing of silkworms in the fourth and fifth instar and on the spinning of cocoons. II. During silkworm feeding in summer and autumn

Mohandas, M., 1991:
A study on the effect of viability and loyalty of the primary societies on the viability of the Kerala State Cooperative Rubber Marketing Federation Limited

Gil, E.; Gorchs, G.; Garrido, J.A.; Parello, J., 1992:
A study on the effects of soil working on the cultivation of winter cereals

Sundararasu, V.; Prabakaran, R.; Babu, M.; Prabaharan, R., 1989:
A study on the effects of strain and season on commercial broiler production - an econometric approach

Fenwick, D.C., 1992:
A study on the effects of the rapid intravenous infusion of hypertonic Na and K solutions into normal conscious sheep on some cardiac characteristics and blood analytes

Zheng, G.; Wang, J.H.; Qiao, N.; Pan, C.G., 1989:
A study on the effects of the rejuvenation of freesia by cultural practices

Otaru, M.M.M.; Nsengwa, G.R.M.; Fison, T.W., 1991:
A study on the epidemiology of snail-borne diseases in southern Tanzania

Zhang, Q.W.; Ren, J.N.; Su, X.H., 1988:
A study on the exine microstructure of pollen grains of Populus

Balc, A.; Bas, S.; Filiz, M.; Tuzel, I.H., 1989:
A study on the factors increasing the effectiveness of the lateral drains in pipe-drain systems

Navaan, D.; Yankov, S.; Lomev, M.; Lambrev, A., 1988:
A study on the friction of butter-sugar doughs against structural materials

Zheng, R.J.; Cui, S.R., 1991:
A study on the glazing slope of phytotron with natural lighting

Sun, X.B., 1992:
A study on the greenhouse environmental parameter classify control system by microcomputer

Islam, M.N., 1990:
A study on the gross energy value of milk

Wang, Z.C.; Shen, J.X.; Sun, J.H.; Li, Y.X.; Chen, R.J., 1989:
A study on the growth characteristics of Rhodopseudomonas capsulata BG-6

Zheng, J.M.; Xu, Y.B., 1990:
A study on the growth of seedlings of Leucaena leucocephala cv. Salvador

Qi, G.; Dong, R.J.; Liu, D.Q., 1991:
A study on the heat transfer characteristics of the plastic honeycomb film

Oguzer, V.; Yilmaz, E., 1991:
A study on the hydraulic characteristics of some foreign and domestic made drippers used in drip irrigation systems

Aal, M.H.A., 1992:
A study on the importance of and the need for training on some subjects related to the performance of village extension workers

Sung, K.C., 1988:
A study on the improvements of private forest management planning

Xu, Y.Z.; Yu, S.P.; Yang, J.M.; Shen, Q.Q., 1989:
A study on the in vitro culture of immature embryos in Hordeum vulgare

Taunk, A.K.; Loharkare, S.V.; Zinjarde, R.M.; Deshmukh, S.N., 1990:
A study on the incidence of calving in relation to calving interval and lactational yield in Sahiwal cows

E.J.ssani, R.F.; E.A.el, J.M., 1991:
A study on the infestation of local and imported faba bean cultivars with Aphis faba Scopili

Baronio, P.; Faccioli, G.; Butturini, A., 1989:
A study on the influence of defoliation by Neodiprion sertifer (Geoffr.) (Hym. Diprionidae) on the growth of Pinus sylvestris L. in Romagna

Khonglah, P.; Saharia, D., 1987:
A study on the influence of levels of nitrogenous fertilizer on the incidence of leaf folder, Cnaphalocrocis medinalis

Kim, C.M.; Jung, D.L.; Sheo, H.J., 1991:
A study on the ingredients in the sap of Acer mono Max. and Betula costata T. in Mt. Jiri Area. On the components of minerals and sugar

Liu, X.K., 1990:
A study on the inheritance of resistance to stripe rust in China in foreign imported wheat

Liu, S.Y.; Fan, X.X.; He, B.J.; Song, M.S.; Cai, S.F.; Jin, Z.A.; Gu, S.Z.; Hu, Q.L., 1990:
A study on the insect and disease avoiding effect of short season cotton variety

Oh, S.H., 1991 :
A study on the intake-balance of sodium and potassium of college men of Korea

Shiyani, R.L.; Patel, R.D.; Kuchhadiya, D.B., 1992:
A study on the interrelationship between milk yield and the various influencing factors

Gou, J.Y. et al., 1990:
A study on the introduction of cultivars of Japanese Prunus mume

Yu, Z.L.; Yang, Z.X.; Han, Y.F., 1988:
A study on the isolation and characterization of DNA from some broadleaf species

Ying, M.C.; Peng, Y.J.; Chen, S.; Qian, S.Y.; Huang, J.Q.; Xu, Y.J., 1989:
A study on the karyotype of Gossypium laxum

Tang, S.J. et al., 1990:
A study on the life history of Clostera anastomosis (L.) in Shanghai

Wolf, J.; Berkhout, J.A.A.; Diepen, C.A. van; Immerzeel, C.H. van, 1989:
A study on the limitations to maize production in Zambia using simulation models and a geographic information system

Teng, T.L.; Tang, Y.F.; Wang, H.J., 1988:
A study on the microcomputer control system for lumber kiln drying schedules

E.S.yed, M.M.; E.N.has, H.A.; Refahy, L.A., 1990:
A study on the molluscicidal activity of Calendula micrantha (Officinals), Anagallis arvensis and Agave filifera

Mottaghi, M.M.; Roozitalab, M.H., 1991:
A study on the morphological and physico-chemical characteristics of vertisols in Bakhtaran Province

Tsuneya, T.; Shiga, M., 1988:
A study on the nitrogen compounds in the aroma of unifloral Japanese honeys

Shanthi, P.M.; Vijayalakshmi, M.; Samanna, H.C., 1990:
A study on the normal cholinesterase (ChE) level in animals

Wang, G.C.; Wang, Z.X.; Cui, S.Y., 1988:
A study on the nuclear polyhedrosis virus of the poplar looper (Apocheima cinerarius). IV. Recovery tests of the virus

Kim H.; Yoon J., 1989:
A study on the nutritional status and health condition of elderly women living in urban community

Blaha, J.; Mudrik, Z., 1990:
A study on the nutritive value of Vietnamese feedstuffs

Tasan, E.; Ozer, E., 1989:
A study on the occurrence of Eimeria (Protozoa, Eimeriidae) in hares in the vicinities of Elazig and Tunceli

Zheng-Xiang, Y.R.-Zhi, L., 1991:
A study on the occurrence tendency of Tryporyza incertulas by grey prediction

Yuan, H.Y.; Liu, Z.Y.; Zhang, S.Q., 1991:
A study on the optimal allocation model of limited irrigation water

Capote, M.; Aguado, E., 1991:
A study on the optimal sperm concentration for the fertility of light White Leghorn breeding hens

Memon, G.H.; Bughio, N.H.; Jamro, G.H., 1989:
A study on the optimum nitrogen level for proper growth and yield of late sown wheat under Sind conditions

Bankova, V.; Djulgerov, A.; Popov, S.; Evstatieva, L.; Kuleva, L., 1991:
A study on the origin of Bulgarian propolis

Chang, H.; Geng, S.; Wu, B., 1990:
A study on the origin of Chinese cattle

Qiu, X.Q.; Huang, Y.C., 1990:
A study on the parasitic site of the pathogenic bacteria in mulberry infected by Pseudomonas solanacearum

Mochizuki, M., 1992:
A study on the pathogenesis of visceral mycosis - a discriminant formula for predicting visceral mycosis in patients with leukemia

Yin, P.Y.; Jiang, Q.S.; Liu, B.Y.; Zhang, W.W., 1990:
A study on the pathogenicity of Eimeria intestinalis in experimental infection

Yu, Q.Z.; Cen, B.Z., 1990:
A study on the pathological anatomy of the phyllode of Acacia auriculiformis and its resistance to the powdery mildew pathogen, Oidium sp

Balwinder Singh, 1991:
A study on the pattern and economics of groundnuts storage at different levels in the Punjab

Dhiman, P.C.; Singh, N.; Yadav, B.L.; Srivastva, D.N., 1990:
A study on the pattern of utilization and disposal of milk in the adopted and non-adopted villages in Hisar district

Posylaeva, G.A., 1990:
A study on the pea aphid population structure

Li, S.; Dongchang, G.; Guangqing, G., 1989:
A study on the phenology of common ragweed and great ragweed

Park, H., 1988:
A study on the physical and mechanical properties of the board composed of wood particle and steel wire

Kim, J.W.; Roh, J.H.; Woo, T.M.; Lee, H.J., 1989:
A study on the physical work load of thinning operation and mechanization of its skidding

Choi, K.; Choi, J.Y.; Woo, B.M., 1988:
A study on the plant succession and soil properties of the erosion control area - on gneissose granitic soil in southern part of Korea

Feng, J.; Shen, X.M.; Liu, C.H.; Xie, N.S.; Wang, Z.H., 1991:
A study on the pressure differential fertilizer injection unit in sprinkler irrigation system

He, W.X.; Zhang, Y.L.; Sun, Y.Z.; Dong, Y.C., 1990:
A study on the protein content of durum wheat varieties as related to ecological environment

Ali, M.A.; Ahmed, M., 1990:
A study on the protein requirement of Muscovy ducklings

Kozicki, L.E.; Tahira, J.K., 1987:
A study on the puerperium in dairy cows

Cheng, R.F., 1989:
A study on the rates of NPK fertilizers and their ratios applied to wheat

Lokanadhan, K.; Varadharajan, S., 1991:
A study on the recovery of crop loans in Primary Cooperative Banks of North Arcot district

Zhao, J.B., 1989:
A study on the red soil of the Neogene in Xian and Baode, Shanxi Province

Zhang, G.L.; Li, P.; Luo, Z.Y., 1988:
A study on the regeneration effect of Korean pine in secondary stands in Jiangnan Forest Farm

Kang, G.V., 1989:
A study on the relation between working time and tree form characteristics

Reddy K.P.; Narahari D.; Sundararasu A., 1991:
A study on the relationship among different qualitative characters of quail carcasses

Pang, Z.H.; Wang, Y.Y.; Chen, Y.C.; Wu, B., 1990:
A study on the relationship between body size of Chinese cattle and ecological factors of habitation using multivariate statistical analysis

Huq, M.E.; Rahman, M.M.; Miah, M.A.M., 1990:
A study on the relationship between management practices followed by the goat raisers with some of their selected characteristics in a selected area of Satkhira Upazila

Anuez, M.; Delgado, A.; Palma, A., 1991:
A study on the relationships and methods of molasses-urea, concentrate and forage supply for increasing the efficiency of growing-fattening cattle

Li, P. et al., 1990:
A study on the relationships between in vitro traits and their correlations with some agronomic traits of rice

Duangpatra, P., 1990:
A study on the relative response of 3 cassava varieties to chemical fertilizers and weeding methods

Garcia Botey, C.; Fontanillas, J.C.; Calderon, F., 1991:
A study on the reproductive biology and maternal behaviour of ferrets in captivity

Slavchev, G.; Milashki, S.; M"rdev, K.; Khasekiev, N., 1990:
A study on the sanitary state of plants for production of Dunaviya cheese

Agar, S.; Toros, S., 1989:
A study on the solubility of pesticide active ingredients in some plant oils

Liu, S.Y.; Wen, S.Q.; Zhang, W.J.; Liu, X.S., 1990:
A study on the spatial distribution pattern and sampling of Unaspis yanonensis

Zhang, R.C.; Duan, L.C., 1991:
A study on the sperm production of hybrids of yaks and cattle

Miao, X.W.; Cui, S.R.; Zheng, R.J., 1991:
A study on the spraying-water film system for cooling greenhouses and their spectral characters

Zhao, H.; Murata, T., 1988:
A study on the storage of muskmelon 'Earl's Favourite'

Ilsøe, B.; Kyvsgaard, N.C.; Nansen, P.; Henriksen, S.A., 1990:
A study on the survival of Taenia saginata eggs on soil in Denmark

Chen, Y.K.; Chang, C.K., 1989:
A study on the technical evaluation of conversion from hand plucking to mechanical plucking in eastern Taiwan

Luo, D.K.; Hu, Y.Q.; Wang, J.S., 1989:
A study on the technology of fast growth and high yield of artificial afforestation of Populus suaveolens

Qi, J.T.; Han, K.X.; Zhao, F.C., 1988:
A study on the testing of an inclined boom with waist cables

Yang, G.Y.; Zheng, H.Y.; Han, C.F.; Sun, Y.L., 1991:
A study on the use of Glycine soja to breed new soyabean cultivars

Navarro, M.M.; Nabua, E.A.; Braganza, P.S.J.; Monsada, C.A.; Lontok, N.C.; Fruto, E.D., 1988:
A study on the use of charcoal as fuel in cupola furnace

Thangaraj, T.; Rajamani, K.; Thamburaj, S., 1990:
A study on the vase life of gerbera (Gerbera jamesonii Bolus)

Arinc, Y.; Cinarli, I.; Borazanci, N., 1987:
A study on the vector relationship of Xiphinema mediterraneum (Martelli and Lamberti 1967) and fan leaf virus diseases of grapevines

Lee, M.W.; Kim, Y.S.; Lee, K.W., 1988:
A study on the visitors activities and cognition of scene in Chiak Mountain National Park

Li, J., 1988:
A study on the weathering resistance of lignocellulosic material

Choi, Y.J.; Song, G.W.; Kim, J.Y.; Kim, D.H.; Choi, K.B.; Lee, Y.S., 1990:
A study on the weed control in machine-transplanted sprouted-seedling rice

Satava, M.; Mouhamed, A., 1988:
A study on the weight gains of calves of Hereford cattle before weaning

Lee, B.R.; Lee, K.E.; Kim, J.H.; Yoo, K.C., 1991:
A study on the wild Rhododendron micranthum for landsape use. IV. With special reference to the seedling growth as affected by temperature and light intensity

Lee, B.R.; Lee, K.E.; Yoo, K.C., 1990:
A study on the wild Rhododendron micranthum for landscape plant use. With special reference to photosynthesis

Suh, J.S.; Doh, G.H.; Kim, S.K., 1989:
A study on the wood adhesion techniques for furniture use. (I). Properties of fancy veneer-overlaid panel

Panchabhavi, K.S.; Kulkarni, K.A.; Hiremath, P.C.; Hegde, R.K., 1989:
A study on the yield compensation by tillers caused by shootfly in sorghum

Li, H.J.; Yang, L.Q., 1992:
A study on thin-layer drying of peanut kernels

Chen, W.J.; Tsai, S.M.; Chen, S.L.; Ko, Y.C.; Fang, A.H., 1990:
A study on transovarial transmission of dengue type 1 virus in Aedes aegypti

Lew, Y.S., 1990:
A study on trends in, and settlement of, emigrant beekeepers from Korea

Sato Y.; Hasegawa S.; Ohtsu T.; Takiguchi T.; Suzuki Y.; Shibata M., 1991:
A study on triterpene components of chicle resin

Cao, J.D., 1988:
A study on tung tree anthracnose

Pawar, R.D.; Khade, K.K.; Pawar, H.K.; Dubal, A.R., 1990:
A study on uptake of NPK by linseed varieties under different levels of nitrogen

Lee, C.T.; Chung, D.J.; Park, J.H.; Lee, H.W., 1989:
A study on utilization of the round rod and raw materials from thinned small logs

Li, L., 1991:
A study on utilizing cooling resources in the cold season to store vegetables in warm seasons

Choi, Y.J.; Choi, M.H., 1990:
A study on values toward vocations in Korean rural high school students

Suh, J.S.; Park, J.Y., 1988:
A study on veneer peeling, drying properties and plywood properties relevant to softwood species

Mahto, Y., 1990:
A study on vertical distribution of Amrasca biguttula biguttula (Ishida) in sunflower

Xu, Q.C.; Lan, F.C., 1988:
A study on vibrational simulation and riding comfort of the tracked skidder

Tjitrosemito, S., 1990:
A study on weed control in soybean

Sahara, D.; Aihara, Y.; Ichikawa, T., 1990:
A study on work efficiency in the udder preparation of milking cows - effects of bedding on stall floor and udder cleanliness and udder preparation time

Sahara, D.; Aihara, Y.; Ichikawa, T.; Kawanishi, H.; Nagashima, M., 1990:
A study on work efficiency in udder preparation of milking cows - effects of cow body size and stall platforms length on cleanliness of udder and udder preparation time

Nishimura, M.; Ohuchi, K.; Hamamura, K., 1991:
A study on yield stability of rice varieties in Hokkaido

Gill, J.S.; Sidhu, A.S.; Joginder Singh, 1989:
A study to determine innate capacity for increase in numbers of Earias insulana (Boisd.) on cotton

Mortimer, R.D.; Dawson, B.A., 1991:
A study to determine the feasibility of using 31P NMR for the analysis of organophosphorus insecticides in cole crops

Sekar, C.; Subramaniam, S., 1991:
A study to estimate the resource base of the area for sustained agricultural development

Shibah, M.M., 1989:
A study to evaluate the agricultural training activities in the Ministry of Agriculture and Water in Saudi Arabia

Mehanna, A.S.; Hefnawy, S.A., 1990:
A study to follow the chemical changes during processing and storage of zabady

Anonymous, 1990:
A study tour in Burkina Faso 1990: report of a tour by students in development studies

Moiseenko, V.K.; Shekel' , A.I., 1990:
A stump-puller/hole-borer

Nastis, A.S., 1990:
A sub-sampling technique for quick estimation of yield on rangelands

Schmitt, R.; Sahli, A., 1992:
A sub-species of Cyperus esculentus L. newly appearing in Switzerland as a noxious weed

Gleghorn, E.E.; Merritt, R.J.; Henton, D.H.; Neustein, H.M.; Landing, B.; Sinatra, F.R., 1989:
A subacute rabbit model for hepatobiliary dysfunction during total parenteral nutrition

Holmgren, N., 1991:
A subcutaneous injection method for pigs

Zaiitseva, N.; Frolova, A., 1991:
A substitute of equal value

Gurumurthy, B.S.; Ramakrishnan, V., 1990:
A success story of turning waste into wealth abating pollution using paper mill effluents for farming

Smeltzer, E., 1991:
A successful alum/aluminate treatment of Lake Morey, Vermont

Liu, K.Y., 1991:
A successful model of township enterprises in Zhujiang Delta: a tentative study on the 'Shunde Pattern'

Ohya, K.; Kurinobu, S.; Kawasaki, H., 1988:
A successful rate and their later growth of grafted hinoki

Thate, H., 1991:
A successful sports teacher - who is that?

Woolliams, J.A., 1991:
A successor to MOET?

Jeffries, L., 1991:
A succulent species of Phytolacca (P. dioica) in the Mediterranean region of Spain as a garden tree

Bidyanta, J.; Manna, M.K.; Maulik, K.K., 1990:
A sudden outbreak of trypanosomiasis in cattle at Fulia, West Bengal (India)

McMillan, M.G., 1990:
A suggested protocol for woody shrub spot spraying experiments

Agaoglu, O.K., 1991:
A suggested solution for the greatest problem facing Turkish tourism

Liao, H.R.; Wang, D.Q., 1985:
A suggestion on the division of faunal regions in Fujian based on the study of zoogeographical distribution of chigger mites and their hosts

Sun, S.L., 1990:
A summary of discussion on the agricultural investment problem

Li, S.S.; Li, L.T.; Wang, G.W., 1990:
A summary of experience in upland agriculture and strengthening agro-ecological construction

Crous, P.W.; Knox Davies, P.S.; Wingfield, M.J., 1989:
A summary of fungal leaf pathogens of Eucalyptus and the diseases they cause in South Africa

Wen, S., 1990:
A summary of planning methods for small watershed comprehensive control in China

Barnett, O.W., 1992:
A summary of potyvirus taxonomy and definitions

Gao, M.W., 1989:
A summary of the current status of hybrid rice improvement by using induced mutations and in vitro techniques

Maggio, R.C.; Harris, M.K.; Ingle, S.J.; Davis, M.R., 1991:
A summary of the location, abundance, distribution and condition of Carya on the Brazos and Colorado river systems in Texas

Cross, D.G., 1991:
A summary review of fisheries data and their shortcomings

Konieczny, A.; Voytas, D.F.; Cummings, M.P.; Ausubel, F.M., 1991:
A superfamily of Arabidopsis thaliana retrotransposons

Sekizawa, Y.; Haga, M.; Kanoh, H., 1990:
A superoxide anion forming enzyme, NADPH oxidase of rice blade tissue stimulated with a blast fungus elicitor

Robinson, D.W., 1989:
A supervised control approach to weed control in woody fruit crops

Maksimova, T.V.; Bragintseva, L.M.; Zeleneva, R.N.; Ustynyuk, T.K., 1991:
A supplement to diets

Wu, W.C.; Wang, L.Y.; Chung, K.C., 1991:
A supplemental list of the Xanthomonas campestris pv. citri strains isolated in Taiwan

Tabacchi, M.; Krone, C.F.rber, B., 1990:
A support system to mitigate manager burnout

Das, S.; Traynor-Kaplan, A.; Reiner, D.S.; Meng, T.C.; Gillin, F.D., 1991:
A surface antigen of Giardia lamblia with a glycosylphosphatidylinositol anchor

Gan Bobo, M.S.; Dostaler, D., 1990:
A survey and incidence of mycoflora of pearl millet seed in Niger

Zhao, H.Z., 1991:
A survey and thoughts on the use and management of land contract charges in Langfang City

Komolafe, O.O.; Onyeme, F.U., 1990:
A survey for bovine rotavirus in Nsukka area of Anambra State Nigeria

A.K.alidi, N.W.; Daoud, M.S.; Shubber, A.H.; A.A.ousi, T.I., 1988:
A survey for internal and external parasites in dogs in Mosul (Iraq)

Worley, DE.; Espinosa, RH.; Seesee, FM., 1991:
A survey for trichinosis in selected predatory and scavenger birds in Montana, with an evaluation of the infectivity of two mammalian Trichinella spiralis isolates in birds

Scott, JK.; Way, MJ., 1990:
A survey in South Africa for potential biological control agents against capeweed, Arctotheca calendula (L.) Levyns (Asteraceae)

Wertz, K.; Grisso, R.; Bargen, K. von, 1990:
A survey of Ag tractor service intervals - Part I

Teow, W.L.; Ng, G.C.; Chan, P.P.; Chan, Y.C.; Yap, E.H.; Zaman, V.; Singh, M., 1992:
A survey of Blastocystis in reptiles

Jones, F.; Axtell, R.; Rives, D.; Scheideler, S.; Tarver, F.J.; Walker, R.; Wineland, M., 1991:
A survey of Campylobacter jejuni contamination in modern broiler production and processing systems

Grey Wilson, C., 1990:
A survey of Codonopsis in cultivation

Tekle Haimanot, R.; Frommel, D.; Tadesse, T.; Verdier, M.; Abebe, M.; Denis, F., 1991:
A survey of HTLV-I and HIVs in Ethiopian leprosy patients

Thomason, J.A.; Newbrander, W.C., 1991:
A survey of Papua New Guinea's health sector financing and expenditure

Kolehmainen-Aitken, R.L.; Mondia, P.; Marjen, C., 1990:
A survey of Papua New Guinean private medical practitioners

Serikawa, T.; Kitada, K.; Muraguchi, T.; Yamada, J., 1991:
A survey of Pneumocystis carinii infection in research mouse colonies in Japan

Jones, F.; Axtell, R.; Rives, D.; Scheideler, S.; Tarver, F.J.; Walker, R.; Wineland, M., 1991:
A survey of Salmonella contamination in modern broiler production

Wang, D.D.; Han, X.B.; Xie, B.L.; Liu, J.Y.; Mi, J.F.; Yin, K.Y., 1990:
A survey of Sarcocystis cruzi and S. hirsuta infestation in cattle in Guizhou Province, China

Chadwick, CE., 1989:
A survey of Zelotypia stacyi Scott, 1869 (Lep., Hepialidae) 1864-1985

Rogier, C.; Trape, J.F.; Michel, J.C.; Sarthou, J.L., 1991:
A survey of a cohort for the study of mechanisms of premunition in malaria

Kosutzka, E.; Sarnikova, B.; Kostur, I.; Kosutzky, J., 1991:
A survey of aflatoxin B1 in poultry feed components and commercial feed mixtures

Wertz, K.; Grisso, R.; Bargen, K. von, 1990:
A survey of ag tractor ballasting and tire configurations - Part II

Joseph, T.; Punnoose, K.I.; Haridasan, V.; Mathew, M.; Mani, J., 1988:
A survey of agro-economic conditions of the small rubber growers in Anakkara village of Idukki District

Watson, A.D., 1990:
A survey of antibacterial drug use in cats

Wratten, S.D.; Mann, B.P., 1988:
A survey of aphicide use on winter wheat in the summer of 1988

Heimpel, GE.; Hough-Goldstein, JA., 1992:
A survey of arthropod predators of Leptinotarsa decemlineata (Say) in Delaware potato fields

Komolafe, O.O.; Ozeigbe, P.C.; Anene, B.M., 1990:
A survey of avian infectious bronchitis antibodies in Nsukka, Nigeria

Agha, N.N.; Fettouche, F., 1991:
A survey of bacterial pathogens of potato in the coastal zone of Algeria

Prabhakar, Y.S.; Kumar, D.S., 1990:
A survey of cardioactive drug formulations from Ayurveda. II: porridges, oils, clarified butters, electuaries, pastes, ash preparations and calcined powders

Steiner, KG., 1991:
A survey of cassava pests in the Central African Republic

Anderson, M.L.; Blanchard, P.C.; Barr, B.C.; Hoffman, R.L., 1990:
A survey of causes of bovine abortion occurring in the San Joaquin Valley, California

Cavelier, M.; Istasse, A.; Simon, X., 1990:
A survey of cereal health status in 1990

Takase, K.; Uchimura, T.; Katsuki, N.; Yamamoto, M., 1990:
A survey of chicken sera for antibody to atypical avian rotavirus of duck origin, in Japan

Smart, W.R.; Foster, M.P., 1990:
A survey of climate in Australian poultry shedding

Song, X.L.; Lin, Y.Y.; Tu, Y.; Zuo, Y.X., 1991:
A survey of coccidia spp. in goats and sheep in Yunnan Province

Smith, I.A., 1990:
A survey of colour input and formation in process

Marten, GG., 1989:
A survey of cyclopoid copepods for control of Aedes albopictus larvae

Egan, J., 1991:
A survey of dairy cooperatives' approach to controlling milk somatic cell counts

Bennett, R.M., 1991:
A survey of dairy farmers' decision concerning the control of leptospirosis

Arya, S.N., 1991:
A survey of demographic research relating to bovine populations in rural India

Helmsing, A.H.J., 1991:
A survey of district council income generating projects

Thomas, H.F.; Voss, S., 1991:
A survey of dog bites in Salisbury

Thomas, H.F.; Banks, J., 1990:
A survey of dog bites in Thanet

Huang, L.X., 1986:
A survey of domestic cockroaches in Jianyang District of North Fujian

Kigaye, M.K.; Jiffar, T., 1991:
A survey of ectoparasites of cattle in Harar and Dire Dawa districts, Hararghe Administrative Region of Ethiopia

Ohtake, H.; Fujii, E.; Toda, K., 1990:
A survey of effective electron donors for reduction of toxic hexavalent chromium by Enterobacter cloacae (strain HO1)

Gates, R.; Overhults, D.; Turner, L., 1992:
A survey of electronic environmental controllers

Anshel, M.H., 1991:
A survey of elite athletes on the perceived causes of using banned drugs in sport

Chen, Q.Q.; Lin, X.M., 1991:
A survey of epidemiology of Gnathostoma hispidum and experimental studies of its larvae in animals

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A survey of lycastes - 4: Lycaste brevispatha to Lyc. xytriophora

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A survey of lycastes-2: the Fimbriatae lycastes and their hybrids-part I

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A survey of pocket computer use for nutrition services

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A survey of recent studies on Actinidia species in China

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A survey of relative benefits in grain production in Jilin Province

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A survey of rice insect pests in Nigeria

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A survey of sanitary conditions of food plants as related to the presence of environmental pathogens

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A survey of small sewage treatment facilities in Ohio

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A survey of some temperate fruit diseases in Thailand

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A survey of stem diseases of Zanthoxylum

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A survey of tabanid flies at Uryu-numa Swamp in Hokkaido

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A survey of the Eimeria species in the double-humped camels of Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region, China

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A survey of the Tsuga longibracteata (Family Pinaceae) forest at the Gutian Meeting Commemorative Site of Shanghang Xian, N.W. Fujian

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A survey of the area suitable for the cultivation of sorghum

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A survey of the commercial characteristics of sexual progeny of freesia

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A survey of the common causes of death in goats around Kabete area of Kenya

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A survey of the contamination of aflatoxin (B1) and salmonella in feedstuffs in Taiwan

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A survey of the costs of world sugar policies

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A survey of the cultivation conditions and management in the main areas of protected grape cultivation

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A survey of the diagnosis and treatment of canine exocrine pancreatic insufficiency

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A survey of the endomycorrhizal flora of dunes and coasts of Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia

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A survey of the establishment of forest ant nests in the state forest of upper Bavaria. Part I: Plains forest office

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A survey of the fatty acids of peanut species

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A survey of the fungal spores infesting barhee dates in the plantation as a means of predicting decay development in storage

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A survey of the geographical distribution of Gnathostoma nipponicum in Mie, Nara, Kyoto and Shiga Prefectures, Japan

Anonymous, 1992:
A survey of the global environment: sharing

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A survey of the mosquito fauna (Diptera: Culicidae) of Sinharaja Forest, Sri Lanka

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A survey of the occurrence of seedling weeds in spring annual crops in Manitoba

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A survey of the occurrence of the mycotoxin moniliformin in cereal samples from sources worldwide

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A survey of the opinions of obesity experts on the causes and treatment of obesity

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A survey of the parasitoids of chaff scale, Parlatoria pergandii (Hom.: Diaspididae) in Hunan

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A survey of the role of the dietitian in preparing patients for home enteral feeding

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A survey of the selenium status of cattle in the south east of South Australia

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A survey of the use of biological control of mosquitoes by Mosquito Control Districts in Florida, with comments on mosquito and other pest arthropod prevalence

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A survey of trainee teacher coaching qualifications

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A survey of weed control costs and strategies in container production nurseries

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A survey of weed control practices in the Hawaiian sugar industry

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A survey of wheat diseases in Tanzania in 1988-89

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A survey of wheat stem borer, Oria musculosa Hubner (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae), in Syria (1983 - 1987)

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A survey of whiteworm in northwest Zhejiang

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A survey of wild fruit germplasm resources of the Qinba mountain range

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A survey of wild swine in the United States for evidence of hog cholera

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A survey of winter cold in the mountain birch/Epirrita autumnata system

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A survey on availability of wild vegetables

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A survey on frequency of subclinical ketosis in a number of intensive dairies around Tehran

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A survey on indoor resting mosquito species in Phnom Penh, Kampuchea

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A survey on measures for cooling greenhouse at high temperature in south China

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A survey on plant viruses in Bangladesh

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A survey on watermelon diseases in the northern China

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A survey report on the incidence of major diseases of banana in Tamil Nadu

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A survey to detect antibodies to infectious bursal disease

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A survey to determine the presence and claimed therapeutic use of pets in selected institutions

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A suspected case of grass sickness in the Falkland Islands

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A synopsis of the Australian Piophilidae (Diptera: Schizophora)

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A synoptic review of the monogenetic trematodes: I. Introduction

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A synthetic representation of site parameters of forest decline in the German Federal Republic: a systems theory and geostatistical approach

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A system for modelling stand growth and productivity

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A system for processing data on growth analysis in plants

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A system for producing various sizes, numbers, and frequencies of uniform-size drops

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A system for quantitative evaluation of soil fertility and the response to fertilizers

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A system for temporal sampling of aerial sprays

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A system for the classification of seral ecosystems within the biogeoclimatic ecosystem classification system: first approximation

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A system for the treatment of waste water from agrochemical production and field use

Harris, D.A.; Johnson, K.S.; Ogilvy, J.M.E., 1992:
A system for the treatment of wastewater from agrochemical production and field use

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A system of applying litterless manure

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A system of feeding cows on maize silage or wilted clover silage together with meadow hay

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A system of fertilizer application for young feijoa plantations

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A system of integrated control of potato diseases and pests in the Danube delta

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A system of intensive tomato production using ebb-flood benches

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A system of machines and fertility of soils (solonetz and saline)

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A system of selecting dairy cattle on a type index

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A system of weed control measures in forest nurseries

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A system to deduce fertilizer recommendations from soil test results

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A systematic approach to East Coast fever immunization in the Kilifi district of the Kenya coast

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A systematic evaluation of four-year college courses in meetings and conventions management

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A systematic revision of Enyaliopsis Karsh 1887 (Orthoptera, Tettigoniidae, Hetrodinae)

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A systems analysis of specialized crop rotation structures in the agricultural system of a protected landscape region

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A systems simulation of strategies for reducing the economic risks of producing and marketing corn in North Alabama

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A tabanid spiroplasma capable of multiplication and persistence in the mouse central nervous system

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A tale of two counties

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A tale of two epidemics

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A tale of two lines

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A tale with a sting

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A talent to survive

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A tax on travel - in the interests of the environment?

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A taxing problem

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A taxonomic analysis of the flora of the Kuraisky mountain range in comparison with other mountain systems

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A taxonomic revision of the Chinese species of Puccinia on the plants belonging to Ranales

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A taxonomic revision of the family Moraceae in Taiwan. (2). Genus Ficus

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A taxonomic revision of the family Moraceae in Taiwan. (3). Genera Humulus, Maclura, Malaisia and Morus

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A taxonomic study of the genus Ceratogramma (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae)

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A taxonomic study of the receptacle morphology on the genus Aster L. and its allied groups in Korea

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A taxonomy of small watershed rainfall-runoff

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A technique for artificial inoculation of pea seedling with Sclerotinia sclerotiorum

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A Technique for Evaluating Heterodera glycines Development in Susceptible and Resistant Soybean

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A technique for intravenous nutrition in the newborn rabbit

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A technique for microfilarial detection in preserved blood using nuclepore filters

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A technique for predicting advective transport in aquacultural ponds

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A technique for predicting the probability of bruising for use with an instrumented sphere

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A technique for preparing perineal patterns of root-knot nematodes for SEM

Van Der Merwe L., 1990:
A technique for producing soil water retention curves

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A technique for sampling and measuring small amounts of floral nectar

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A technique for serial sampling of cerebrospinal fluid from conscious swine and sheep

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A technique for spreading maize microsporocyte pachytene chromosomes for phosphotungstic acid staining to allow simultaneous EM visualization of synaptonemal complex lateral and central elements, recombination nodules, and centromeres

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A technique for the application of systemic insecticides through 'petiolar wells' in coconut

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A technique for the aseptic collection of root exudates

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A technique to determine seed location in relation to seedbed preparation treatments

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A technique to quantify available aboveground phytomass of grass tufts in defoliation studies

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A techno-economic appraisal of possibilities of improving crop productivity in sandy soil of Rajasthan by sub-surface compaction

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A technological model of wood-harvesting systems in Poland considering changes in stand productivity affected by industrial air pollution

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A tedlar bag system for toxic organic compounds in source emission sampling and analysis

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A temporal study of the expression of the capsid, cytoplasmic inclusion and nuclear inclusion proteins of tobacco etch potyvirus in infected plants

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A temporal-threshold model of polygynous mating in cyclical environments

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A temporary focus of savanna species of the Simulium damnosum complex in the forest zone of Liberia

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A tensiometer with decreased temperature dependence - technical specification and method of use

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A tentative classification of flea larvae (Siphonaptera)

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A tentative model to describe the respiration of stored apples

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A tentative study of constraints and objective models of progress in agricultural technology in China

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A test for differential diagnosis between vaccinated cattle and those with brucellosis

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A test for the control of Varroa jacobsoni in beehives of Lima

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A test of adaptability of alfalfa varieties in Pingtung area

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A test of aerial scanner imagery in timber type mapping

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A test of agricultural transformation in Rupandehi District, Nepal

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A test of recall schema-theory in performing a complex gross-motor skill

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A test of several treatments on yield and quality aspects of soft wheat

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A test of spatial randomness on small scales, combining information from mapped locations within several quadrats

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A test of the 'maxithermy' hypothesis with three species of tenebrionid beetles

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A test of the low marginal variance (LMV) theory, in Leptospermum scoparium (Myrtaceae)

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A test on vegetal refining. Economic mini-refinery

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A test system for the molecular analysis of mutants induced by tissue culture or mutagenic treatment in plants

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A testing device for solar radiation measurements among plants

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A testing procedure for agricultural implements

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A tetracyclic triterpene lactone and other constituents from the bark of Abies firma

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A theoretical analysis of some indices of similarity as applied to biogeography

O.M.; Motoyama N., 1991:
A theoretical analysis of the joint action of insecticides by toxicokinetic approaches

Evsyukov, V.A., 1989 :
A theoretical analysis of the process of crushing plant material with disc rollers

Mythili, G., 1991:
A theoretical exposition of consumers' response to alternative food policies

Bhalla, S., 1990:
A theoretical framework for a study of rural labour market

Yang, X.; Short, T.H.; Fox, R.D.; Bauerle, W.L., 1990:
A theoretical model of solar radiation transfer in a row-crop canopy

Lague, C., 1991:
A theoretical study of braking in a trailer-towed and wagon-towed tractor on a dry pavement

Redondo, P.; Largo, A.; Barrientos, C.; Ugalde, J.M., 1991:
A theoretical study of the structure and stabilities of (H2PO)+ species and the proton affinities of HPO and POH

Kurimura, T., 1988:
A theoretical study on the comparison of profitability in forestry accounting. I. On the controversy of the forest rent theory versus the soil rent theory

Szathmáry, E.; Kövér, S., 1991:
A theoretical test of the DNA repair hypothesis for the maintenance of sex in eukaryotes

Bauer, F.; Misun, V.; Loprais, A., 1990:
A theory of computation of the resultant forces acting in the plough in the course of ploughing

Chamoiseau, G.; Chassot, P.; Jan, C. le; Pull, J., 1989:
A therapeutic test for trachoma: setting up a model and preliminary results

Jubb, T.F., 1992:
A thiamine responsive nervous disease in saltwater crocodiles (Crocodylus porosus)

Gärtner, K., 1990:
A third component causing random variability beside environment and genotype. A reason for the limited success of a 30 year long effort to standardize laboratory animals?

Chamberlin, B., 1990:
A third country view of the EEC and the final GATT round

Zecconi, A.; Spreafico, G.; Brunner, F.; Mencarelli, A., 1990:
A third generation cephalosporin preparation and the treatment of clinical mastitis

Liang, C.H.; Lin, Y.H.; Chen, T.L., 1990:
A thirty-ton silo for sugar conditioning

Tang, S.L.; Abramson, E.H.; Imre, D.G., 1991:
A three-dependent study of the fluorescence spectrum of ammonia

Bjork, A., 1991:
A three-dimensional arithmetic model to calculate grain separation and losses for a rotary combine

Bar Eli, M.; Tenenbaum, G.; Levy Kolker, N., 1992:
A three-dimensional crisis-related analysis of perceived teammates' behaviour in competition

Nelson, J.; Howard, A., 1991:
A three-stage heuristic procedure for allocating spatially and temporally feasible cutting rights on public lands

Lidholm, J.; Gustafsson, P., 1991:
A three-step model for the rearrangement of the chloroplast trnK-psbA region of the gymnosperm Pinus contorta

Bladon, F.L.B.; Biddle, A.J., 1991:
A three-year study of laboratory germination, electrical conductivity and field emergence in combining peas

Pomponio, C.J., 1991:
A tiger by the tail: Chinese agrarian reform

Singh, K.K.; Colvin, T.S.; Mughal, A.Q.; Erbach, D.C., 1990:
A tilth analysis of five tillage systems

Colvin, T.S.; Mughal, A.Q.; Singh, K.K.; Thangavadivelu, S., 1990:
A tilth index for tillage management

D.Urso, G., 1992:
A time domain reflectometry (TDR) application for soil water content measurements with non uniform distribution

Anonymous, 1992:
A time of reckoning

Covey, T.D., 1989:
A time series test for probabilistic causality

Black, D.R.; Pack, D.J.; Hovell, M.F., 1991:
A time-series analysis of longitudinal weight changes in two adult women

Hernandez Yanez, C., 1991:
A time-series-based planning model for management of grass and beef production

Uecker, F.A., 1989:
A timed sequence of development of Diaporthe phaseolorum (Diaporthaceae) from Stokesia laevis

Leone, V.; Moretti, N.; Pisante, M., 1991:
A timed work study of thinning operations in a Turkey oak high forest in S. Italy

Gorecka, K.; Macias, W.; Jankiewich, L.S., 1989:
A tissue culture method for TuMV-free horse radish plant production

Ramanna B.C.; Kalanidhi A.P.; Srinivasan V.A.; Bruekner L.; Kihm U., 1991:
A tissue culture rabies vaccine

Buckwitz, D.; Jacobasch, G.; Gerth, C., 1991:
A titration method for the evaluation of the glycolytic flux rate of red blood cells infected with Plasmodium berghei

Perisic, O.; Lam, E., 1992:
A tobacco DNA binding protein that interacts with a light-responsive box II element

Biemond, T., 1989:
A tomato growth model as part of a bio-economic model

Kagan Zur V.; Mizrahi Y.; Zamir D.; Navot N., 1991:
A tomato triploid hybrid whose double genome parent is the male

Crescenzi, A.; Ponzi, R.; Ragozzino, A., 1991:
A tomato-fruit disorder of unknown etiology

Stott, D.E., 1991:
A tool for soil conservation education

Satoh, F.; Sakuma, T.; Okajima, H., 1990:
A toposequence of fine-textured soils in the hilly area of northernmost Hokkaido. IV. Hydrolitic reaction of aluminium in the presence of oxalic or citric acid ligands

Anonymous, 1992 :
A tour of the sugar refinery at Tirlemont

Edelmann, K.; Fakler, I., 1991:
A tourism model for Leningrad to the year 2005

Gomez Juarez, A.; Winkler, L.G., 1990:
A tourism recreation project for children

Fox, R.; Brazee, R.; Swank, A., 1991:
A tower-mounted calibrator for hot-film anemometers

Piscitelli, P., 1991:
A toxic factor in the collection of boar semen

Altomare, C.; Bottalico, A., 1992:
A toxicological approach to the biocontrol of plant pathogens by Trichoderma

Spainhour, C.B.; Fiske, R.A.; Flory, W.; Reagor, J.C., 1990:
A toxicological investigation of the garden shrub Brunfelsia calcyina var. floribunda (yesterday-today-and-tomorrow) in three species

Lazzari M.A.; Laurent G.C.; Victoria R.L., 1991:
A tracer study of residual nitrogen availability

Walker D.S.; O'dell J.D.; Wolt J.D.; Rhodes G.N.Jr; Graveel J.G., 1990:
A tractor mounted sampler for obtaining large soil columns

Watt, C.D., 1991:
A tractor wheel torque and weight transducer

Shaikh, S.; Molla, A.M.; Islam, A.; Billoo, A.G.; Hendricks, K.; Snyder, J., 1991:
A traditional diet as part of oral rehydration therapy in severe acute diarrhoea in young children

Casady, W.W.; Paulsen, M.R.; Reid, J.F., 1990:
A trainable algorithm for inspection of soybean quality

Ravelomanantsoa, O., 1991:
A training experiment in the Malagasy rural area

Dehesh, K.; Bruce, W.B.; Quail, P.H., 1990:
A trans-acting factor that binds to a GT-motif in a phytochrome gene promoter

Patterson, M.E.; Williams, D.R., 1991:
A transactional approach to characterizing relationship to resource

Baniahmad, A.; Köhne, A.C.; Renkawitz, R., 1992:
A transferable silencing domain is present in the thyroid hormone receptor, in the v-erbA oncogene product and in the retinoic acid receptor

Stallard, B.J.; Collard, M.W.; Griswold, M.D., 1991:
A transferrinlike (hemiferrin) mRNA is expressed in the germ cells of rat testis

Anonymous, 1992:
A transfrontier network of tourist information terminals

DeLoia, J.A.; Solter, D., 1990:
A transgene insertional mutation at an imprinted locus in the mouse genome

Okamoto, M.; Murakami, M.; Shimizu, A.; Ozaki, S.; Tsubata, T.; Kumagai, S.; Honjo, T., 1992:
A transgenic model of autoimmune hemolytic anemia

Fossati, A., 1991:
A transgenic potato at Changins: reaction of a breeder

Lutticke, R.; Kunze, R., 1991:
A transient assay for Ac excision in parsley (Petroselinum crispum)

Puchta, H.; Hohn, B., 1991:
A transient assay in plant cells reveals a positive correlation between extrachromosomal recombination rates and length of homologous overlap

Grusak, M.A.; Kochian, L.V.; Welch, R.M., 1990:
A transport mutant of pea (Pisum sativum) for the study of iron absorption in higher plant roots

Hsieh, C.T., 1991:
A transportation system for hillslope conservation farming in Taiwan

Dreyfus, D.H.; Emmons, S.W., 1991:
A transposon-related palindromic repetitive sequence from C. elegans

Reshchikov, A.P.; Kyazhkin, V.V.; Nikiforova, E.F., 1991:
A trap for spores of phytopathogenic fungi

Henschel J.R., 1991:
A trap to capture burrowing arachnids

Kuznetsov, E.A.; Luzyanin, A.M., 1991:
A travelling installation for making road panels

Fiesz, M., 1992:
A treatment for raw milk phobia? Isigny is campaigning for irradiation

Swetnam, T.; Lynch, A., 1989:
A tree-ring reconstruction of western spruce budworm history in the southern Rocky Mountains

Uzal, F.A.; Robles, C.A.; Scuteri, M.A.; Sala de Miguel, M.; Lischinsky, L.H., 1992:
A tremorgenic syndrome of sheep in the north-east of Chubut province, Argentina: 2. Mycological aspects

Takahata, N., 1991:
A trend in population genetics theory

Anonymous, 1992:
A trend-setting alternative - Aarberg's new sugar house

Geizler, P.S.; Zheliba, B.N.; Gutsev, N.P., 1991:
A trial at optimizing the range of forest products

Yoshioka, J., 1986:
A trial classification of forest soils for afforestation at Sakaerat in Thailand

Kushima, H.; Kondo, T., 1987:
A trial of 'green shoot' cutting of Japanese chestnut oak

Fujioka, K.; Nakamoto, S.; Nishida, H.; Ibayashi, T.; Okamura, Y.; Leonardis, T., 1990:
A trial of Lincomix 44 Premix for the eradication of swine dysentery

Schwarz, A., 1991:
A trial of cold storage of pears in controlled atmospheres. V. Beurre Bosc

Fazekasova, D., 1990:
A trial of complex agronomic characterization of soils in the flysch region in relation to the safeguarding of production

Watanabe, H., 1987:
A trial of coppicing river red gum (Eucalyptus camaldulensis) in Thailand

Watanabe, E.; Mogami, K.; Hayashi, T.; Toyama, K., 1991:
A trial of quality evaluation of fish meal manufactured from sardine by measuring beta -buffer capacity of the water extract

Nose, A.; Nakama, M.; Miyazato, K.; Murayama, S., 1989:
A trial of sample data processing system making use of an analog-digital (A/D) conversion board for gas exchange measurement in a crop plant

Gruzdz, Z.; Zakowski, H., 1988:
A trial of the application of factorial analysis of similarity to the evaluation of the system structure of state forests

Swiezynska, H., 1989:
A trial of the control of nematodes parasitic to Norway spruce in a forest nursery in Nurzec forest district

Wellenstein, G., 1989:
A trial on the biological control of the spruce sawfly, Cephalcia abietis

Draganov, I.F., 1988:
A trial on the conservation of feeds with distillers' solubles

Rajamanickam C.; Ree S.B.B.A.; Logeswaran V., 1989:
A trial on the control of cattle ticks using synthetic pyrethroids

Chen, J.R., 1989:
A trial on yield-increasing effects of rhizobium strain 1046 on groundnut

Zhang, A.W.; Liu, W.Z.; Nong, X.Q.; Deng, C.S.; Guo, W.L.; Jang, B., 1992:
A trial production of wettable powder of Beauveria bassiana

Ferrari, O.L.; Pelaez, O., 1991:
A trial to compare intake of mineral blocks

Shehata, A.; Ali, S.R.; Ibrahim, T.A.; Seleim, M.A., 1992:
A trial to determine age of wound after plastic mark application in cows and buffaloe's ears

Arciuch, H., 1991:
A trial to determine lead in non-mineralized urine by using anode inversive voltamperometry (ASV)

Burgess, A.D.; Lowman, M.D., 1990:
A trial to determine the economic viability of a commercial lick block

Gauszka, H.; Gwizdek, E.; Janowski, T.M.; Woroniecka, T., 1987:
A trial utilizing honey bee colonies for biological enrichment of their products with trace amounts of cobalt

Jensen, E., 1989:
A trial with inert growth media for tomato

Stabbetorp, H., 1990:
A trial with peas in mixtures with barley or oats

Zaragoza, C.; Aibar, J.; Sopena, J.M., 1990:
A trial with reduced tillage in vineyards. Results from seven years' production

Blomquist, J., 1988:
A trial with slurry applied through trailing flexible hoses

Turner, P.E.T., 1988:
A trickle irrigation experiment in the South African sugar industry

Prevedello, C.L.; Reichardt, K., 1991:
A tridimensional model for the measurement of the hydraulic conductivity of unsaturated soils

Inoue, T., 1990:
A trip in Yucatan, Mexico - meliponiculture of the Maya

Fuertes Marcuello, J., 1991:
A trip to the sea from Aragon: 'the Mudejar itinerary'

Bhagat, J.J., 1992:
A triple effect with MVR-flash effect evaporator arrangement for energy saving and steam economy

Yang, B.S.; Oh, S.J.; Lee, M.S.; Kim, H.S., 1989:
A triple-staining technique for evaluating normal acrosome reactions of cattle spermatozoa

Yasumuro, Y.; Nakata, N.; Sasaki, M., 1989:
A triticale breeding strategy drawn from genetic analysis of nucleocytoplasmic interaction

Fukumoto, T.; Ishizawa, K.; Muto, N., 1992:
A tube culture of Frankia plants for studying Frankia-root interactions

Engelsbel, S.; Kuijper, E.J.; Dankert, J.; Braat, M.C.; Egas, J., 1991:
A tuberculosis project in Ecuador

Rault, Pa, 1990:
A tunnel greenhouse adapted to the tropical lowland climate

Srivastava, C.P., 1991:
A turning point

Cramon Taubadel, S. von; Kuhl, R., 1990:
A turning point for European agriculture? The agricultural negotiations in the Uruguay Round

Drabenstott, M.; Barkema, A.D., 1990:
A turning point in the farm recovery?

Higgs, R.J., 1990:
A turning point in the pedagogy of sport: an essay-review of sport in the classroom: teaching sport-related courses in the humanities

Gimalov, K.Kh, 1991:
A two phase drier

Wang, F.X., 1990:
A two step strategy proposal for realizing self-sufficiency for a major part of the entire demand for grain in Hainan Island

Jørgensen, J.E.; Stougaard, J.; Marcker, K.A., 1991:
A two-component nodule-specific enhancer in the soybean N23 gene promoter

Tutta, C.; Curioni, A.; Peruffo, A.D.B., 1991:
A two-dimensional electrophoretic method for the study of caprine alpha s1- and alpha s2-casein polymorphism

Yumak, H.; Evcim, U., 1990:
A two-row cotton stalk pulling machine

Kang, W.S.; Halderson, J.L., 1991:
A two-row vibratory potato digger

Yao, J.M., 1990:
A two-way transformation method for regulating system structure and designing crop arrangement in semi-arid regions

Smith, E.M.; Treaster, S.A., 1991:
A two-year study of the effectiveness of Gallery and Snapshot herbicides in container and field nurseries

Smith, E.M.; Treaster, S.A., 1990:
A two-year tolerance study of Narcissus cultivars to selected pre-emergence herbicides

Harris, P.; Whitwell, K., 1990:
A typical myoglobinuria alert

Ybarra Rojas, A., 1989:
A typology of agrarian production systems by relations of reproduction in the Pacifico Sur Region of Costa Rica

Murphy, J.F.; Rychlik, W.; Rhoads, R.E.; Hunt, A.G.; Shaw, J.G., 1991:
A tyrosine residue in the small nuclear inclusion protein of tobacco vein mottling virus links the VPg to the viral RNA

Hingamp, P.M.; Arnold, J.E.; Mayer, R.J.; Dixon, L.K., 1992:
A ubiquitin conjugating enzyme encoded by African swine fever virus

Wilson D.O.Jr, 1992:
A unified approach to interpretation of single seed conductivity data

Zolnerowich, G., 1992:
A unique Amycle nymph (Homoptera: Fulgoridae) that mimics jumping spiders (Araneae: Salticidae)

Wirz, T.; Brändle, U.; Soldati, T.; Hossle, J.P.; Perriard, J.C., 1990:
A unique chicken B-creatine kinase gene gives rise to two B-creatine kinase isoproteins with distinct N termini by alternative splicing

Seawright, J.; Kaiser, P.; Narang, S., 1991:
A unique chromosomal dimorphism in species A and B of the Anopheles quadrimaculatus complex

Perez, Y.; Schenck, N.C., 1990:
A unique code for each species of VA mycorrhizal fungi

Bower, R.H., 1990:
A unique enteral formula as adjunctive therapy for septic and critically ill patients. Multicenter study - design and rationale

Mracek, Z.; Weyda, F., 1991:
A unique observation of an unidentified nematode penetrating Campodea silvestrii Bagnall (Diplura, Insecta)

Sheppard, M.; Schwartz, W., 1991:
A unique soil-carbonate liberation technique for use with carbon-14-labeled carbonate

Bruter, I.M.; Mura, S.A., 1990:
A unit for container emptying

Maiorov, K.P.; Vedeneev, A.I., 1989:
A unit for post-harvest treatment of hops

McAdam, J.H., 1989:
A united approach to silvopastoral research in the British Isles

Kozyrev, V.V., 1990:
A universal cab for agricultural machinery

Kolesnikov, I.S., 1991:
A universal cultivator - furrow maker

Zhemaitis, S., 1991:
A universal machine

Zel' tser, V.Ya, 1990:
A universal pruning machine for standard vines

Anonymous, 1991 :
A universal store for small farms

Valiev, M.; Gubaidulin, F.N.; Khidirov, B., 1990:
A universal testing unit for forage harvesters

MacFarlane, K.; Bullock, L.; Fitzgerald, J.F., 1991:
A usage evaluation of total parenteral nutrition in pediatric patients

Lozano J.C., 1990:
A useful approach to the biocontrol of cassava pathogens

Laskay, G.; Lehoczki, E., 1989:
A useful means for detection of environmental damage in plants: fluorescence induction. 1. Relationship between fluorescence induction and photosynthesis

Gelder, A. de; Ettema, J., 1990:
A usefulness study with Freesia. Autumn bloomers give reasonable to good yields

Gelder, A. de; Ettema, J., 1991:
A usefulness study with freesias. The cultivars Alwina, Blue Lady and Castor are an addition to the spring range

Gates, C.E., 1991:
A user's guide to misanalyzing planned experiments

Cady, F.B.; Pak, J.C.; Tabora, R.G., 1989:
A user-friendly decision support system for multi-purpose tree research information - the F/FRED experience

Giavedoni, L.; Jones, L.; Mebus, C.; Yilma, T., 1991:
A vaccinia virus double recombinant expressing the F and H genes of rinderpest virus protects cattle against rinderpest and causes no pock lesions

Phang, P.T.; Rich, T.; Ronco, J., 1990:
A validation and comparison study of two metabolic monitors

Kowalski, D.G.; Gertner, G.Z., 1989:
A validation of TWIGS for Illinois forests

Hall, T.R.; Young, T.B., 1989:
A validation study of body fat distribution as determined by self-measurement of waist and hip circumference

Sorokina, I.; Morozova, M.; Mil' ko, O., 1990:
A valuable domestic breed of horses

Alonso, R.; Arias, P.; Iruretagoyena, M.T.; Lozano, J.; Serrano, A., 1991:
A valuation model to determine a fair price in the general process of compulsory purchase

Hunter, M.D., 1992:
A variable insect-plant interaction: the relationship between tree budburst phenology and population levels of insect herbivores among trees

Jenkins, B.M.; Sachs, R.M.; Tran, L.T.; Mehlschau, J.J.; Forister, G.W., 1990:
A variable volume storage device for particulate materials

Newnham, R.M., 1988:
A variable-form taper function

Perez, D.; Burkhart, H.; Stiff, C., 1990:
A variable-form taper function for Pinus oocarpa Schiede in central Honduras

Jackson-Grusby, L.; Kuo, A.; Leder, P., 1992:
A variant limb deformity transcript expressed in the embryonic mouse limb defines a novel formin

Lang, J.D.; Haselkorn, R., 1991 :
A vector for analysis of promoters in the cyanobacterium Anabaena sp. strain PCC 7120

Smitheman, J.; Perry, P., 1990:
A vegetation survey of the Karoo National Botanic Garden Reserve, Worcester

Wilson, A.D., 1992:
A versatile Giemsa protocol for permanent nuclear staining of fungi

Obeidy A.A.; Smith M.A.L., 1991:
A versatile new tactic for fruit tree micrografting

Farrar, R.M.J.; Murphy, P.A., 1988:
A versatile volume-defining function for natural loblolly pine trees

Hicks, D.D.; Coble, C.G., 1989:
A vertical wheel fertilizer spreader for plantation pine

Marschang, F., 1992:
A veterinarian's view of stress and adaptation

Antipin, N.V.; Balaev, T.B.; Isaev, G.E., 1989:
A vibrating unloader for vegetables

Kang, W.; Halderson, J., 1991:
A vibratory, two-row, potato digger

Fox, R.; Reichard, D.; Brazee, R., 1992:
A video analysis system for measuring droplet motion

Ranis, G., 1990:
A view of rural development, 1980s vintage (or why some of the emperor's clothes - and his rice - should be made at home)

Mortensen, L., 1990:
A view of the EC proposed registration directive on plant protection products from a government regulatory agency standpoint

Jensen, S.G., 1992:
A viewpoint on the taxonomy of potyviruses infecting sugarcane, maize, and sorghum

Haraguchi, T., 1989:
A village in transition in Cote d'Ivoire

Illangantilek, S.; Phoungchandang, S., 1992:
A vining machine for a farm level green pea processing system in Northern Thailand

Evans, H.E., 1992:
A virtuous circle model of rural-urban development: evidence from a Kenyan small town and its hinterland

Erkan, S., 1988:
A virus disease of eggplant in Turkey: eggplant mottled dwarf virus

Newby, H., 1990:
A vision for the countryside?

Xu, B.; Aneshansley, D.J., 1991:
A vision-guided automatic dairy cow's teat-cup attachment system

Paranavitane, D.B., 1989:
A visit to Australia's only tea plantation - Nerada

Krivokhizhin, V.I., 1988:
A visual aid

Whiteley, G.M., 1991:
A visual aid for irrigation timing

Rupela, O.P., 1990:
A visual rating system for nodulation of chickpea

Anonymous, 1991:
A vital link for quality programs

Kohm, A., 1991:
A vitamin A, D3, E supplement restarted the failed breeding of polar bears in Karlsruhe Zoo

Pochernyaeva, G.M., 1990:
A vitamin premix for pigs

Latimer, E.A.; Reddell, D.L., 1990:
A volume balance model for a real time automated furrow irrigation system

Hazlett P.W.; English M.C.; Foster N.W., 1990:
A volume recorder for lysimeter waters

Albert M.; Kegl T., 1991:
A voluminous fibroma in the subcutaneous tissue of a cattle udder

Fitzsimmons, J.A.; Maurer, G.B., 1991:
A walk-through audit to improve restaurant performance

Laukkanen (Nieminen), R.; Oja, P.; Pasanen, M.; Vuori, I., 1990:
A walking test for assessing the cardiorespiratory fitness of women and men

Timmermans, Y., 1990:
A warning system for fire blight on pears in Belgium: preliminary model and practical prospects

Jacquart Romon C.; Paulin J.P., 1991:
A warning system for the control of fireblight

Fitch, R.; Moore, M.; Roen, D., 1991:
A warning to clinicians: metronidazole neurotoxicity in a dog

Agnese, C.; Crescimanno, G.; Giordano, G., 1989:
A water balance model of the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum

Li, D.T., 1990:
A water environmental information system based on remote sensing in an arid area

House, M.A., 1990:
A water quality index for use in the operational management of river water quality in Europe

Corwin, A.; Ryan, A.; Bloys, W.; Thomas, R.; Deniega, B.; Watts, D., 1990:
A waterborne outbreak of leptospirosis among United States military personnel in Okinawa, Japan

Brener, J.L., 1990:
A waterpark planner

Benedichik, N.F.; Kovalenko, V.D., 1989:
A way of controlling Cirsium

Vernooy, C.J.M., 1992:
A way towards environmentally friendly greenhouse production 1: the use of water and fertilizers for practical needs

Vernooy, C.J.M., 1992:
A way towards environmentally friendly greenhouse production: the use of pesticides for practical purposes

Honer, C., 1992:
A way with whey

Spitters, C.J.T.; Kiewiet, B.; Schiphouwer, T., 1990:
A weather-based yield-forcasting model for sugar beet

Perry, C.D.; Vellidis, G.; Allgood, M.E.; Kvien, C.S., 1991:
A weighing platform for monitoring moisture loss during peanut curing

Baker, D.L.; Ayers, P.D., 1990:
A wetting front arrival time probe

Liu, M.J., 1990:
A wheat variety with large grains, Pan 80012-1-1

Charbonnier, A.; Jones, C.D.; Schutz, Y.; Murgatroyd, P.R.; Whitehead, R.G.; Jéquier, E.; Spinnler, G., 1990:
A whole body transportable indirect calorimeter for human use in the tropics

Gee G.W.; Campbell M.D., 1990:
A wick tensiometer to measure low tensions in coarse soils

Mizyukov, V.V., 1990:
A wide angle soil leveller

Henriksen, J., 1992:
A wide range of dairy machines

Lioi, L.; Hammer, K., 1989:
A wild race of Phaseolus vulgaris L. as a new source of phaseolin variation

Hagen, L.J., 1991:
A wind erosion prediction system to meet user needs

Firsov, N.N., 1990:
A wood-particle filler for door webs

Sonti, V.R., 1990:
A workable solution for preserving round bamboo with ASCU (CCA type salts)

Travis, J.W.; Rajotte, E.; Bankert, R.; Hickey, K.D.; Hull, L.A.; Eby, V.; Heinemann, P.H.; Crassweller, R.; McClure, J.; Bowser, T.; Laughland, D., 1992:
A working description of the Penn State apple orchard consultant, an expert system

Anonymous, 1988:
A workshop report: multi-farm use of agricultural machinery

Popescu, C.P.; Pech, A., 1991:
A world bibliography of the 1/29 translocation in cattle (1964-1990)

Jarvie, G., 1992:
A world in union?

Sharma, S.B.; McDonald, D., 1990:
A world list of plant-parasitic nematodes associated with groundnut

Castri, F. di, 1990:
A world stake: to stop the progress of desertification

Lewin, R., 1990:
A worm at the heart of the genome project

Arias, V.E., 1989:
A worm in the peritoneum. Risks of eating raw fish and shellfish

Mabbett, T.H., 1990:
A worm's eye view of weed control

Novey, H.S.; Kaslow, J., 1990:
A worm's tale and an underrecognized hazard of steroid therapy

Pardey, P.G.; Roseboom, J.; Craig, B.J., 1992:
A yardstick for international comparisons: an application to national agricultural research expenditures

Huang, J.; Hack, E.; Thornburg, R.W.; Myers, A.M., 1990:
A yeast mitochondrial leader peptide functions in vivo as a dual targeting signal for both chloroplasts and mitochondria

Mili, N., 1990:
A yellow fever epidemic in Peru

Wang, Y.F.; Wang, L.; Fu, L.L., 1992:
A yield function model of comprehensive cultural practices for soyabean

Seiler, R.A., 1990:
A yield model for grain sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench.)

Shin, D.H., 1989:
A yogurt like product development from rice by lactic acid bacteria

Nentwig W.; Prillinger H., 1990:
A zygomycetous fungus as a mortality factor in a laboratory stock of spiders