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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2019

Chapter 2019 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Nadeenko, V. G.; Borzunova, E. A.; Petrova, N. N., 1990: Accumulation in the body of metals ingested with drinking water

Haselwandter, K.; Berreck, M., 1989: Accumulation of 137Cs in fruit bodies of edible fungi - a comparison between wild and cultivated mushrooms

McCaskey, P. C.; Rigsby, W. E.; Hinton, D. M.; Friedlander, L.; Hurst, V. J., 1991: Accumulation of 2,8 dihydroxyadenine in bovine liver, kidneys, and lymph nodes

Inoue, K.; Naruse, T., 1991: Accumulation of Asian long-range eolian dust in Japan and Korea from the Late Pleistocene to the Holocene

Verma, D. K.; Sharma, A.; Sharma, M., 1990: Accumulation of DDT residues in the renal tissue of Channa punctatus

Altenbach, Sb; Kuo, Cc; Staraci, Lc; Pearson, Kw; Wainwright, C; Georgescu, A; Townsend, J., 1992: Accumulation of a Brazil nut albumin in seeds of transgenic canola results in enhanced levels of seed protein methionine

Section 3, Chapter 2019, Accession 002018008

Melekhov, E. I.; Laverent' ev, A. A., 1989: Accumulation of abscisic acid in dwarf and tall pea plants affected by hormonal herbicide

Essenberg, M; Grover, Pb Jr; Cover, Ec, 1990: Accumulation of antibacterial sesquiterpenoids in bacterially inoculated Gossypium leaves and cotyledons

Section 3, Chapter 2019, Accession 002018012

Augusto Soares, F.; Silveira, T. C. P., 1991: Accumulation of brown adipose tissue in patients with Chagas heart disease

Lindqvist, L., 1992: Accumulation of cadmium, copper, and zinc in five species of phytophagous insects

Imagawa M.; Kawai S.; Kinoshita T.; Mayumi H.; Ohshima H., 1989: Accumulation of carbon in soil brought about by application of rice straw and its effects on properties and productivity of mineral upland soil

Zaitseva, M. G.; Kasumov, E. A.; Kasumova, I. V., 1991: Accumulation of cations and conformational changes of proteins: their possible role in mitochondrion volume changes

Herwaldt, BL.; Schlesinger, PH.; Krogstad, DJ., 1990: Accumulation of chloroquine by membrane preparations from Plasmodium falciparum

Evdokimova, G. A.; Mozgova, N. P., 1992: Accumulation of copper and nickel by soil fungi

Ohki, S. T.; Takami, Y.; Inouye, T., 1990: Accumulation of double-stranded RNAs 3 and 4 in the symptomless leaves and green areas of mosaic-affected leaves of tobacco plants infected with cucumber mosaic virus

Petkov, V., 1990: Accumulation of dry matter and mineral elements by lucerne plants in relation to growth stage at harvesting

Haag, H. P.; Saito, S.; Dechen, A. R.; Carmello, Q. A. C., 1990: Accumulation of dry matter and uptake of macro- and micro-nutrients by ginger

Ryshava, B., 1990: Accumulation of dry matter in separate parts of the ear

Section 3, Chapter 2019, Accession 002018031

Buffoni, A.; Giulini, P.; Schenone, G., 1990: Accumulation of elements in tree growth rings in the central and western Alps and nutritive state of the trees. First results

Dahmer, M. L., 1990: Accumulation of embryo storage products during in vitro embryogenesis of soybean

Arechavaleta, M; Bacon, Cw; Plattner, Rd; Hoveland, Cs; Radcliffe, De, 1992: Accumulation of ergopeptide alkaloids in symbiotic tall fescue grown under deficits of soil water and nitrogen fertilizer

Krantzberg G., 1989: Accumulation of essential and nonessential metals by chironomid larvae in relation to physical and chemical properties of the elements

Meir, S.; Philosoph Hadas, S.; Zauberman, G.; Fuchs, Y.; Akerman, M.; Aharoni, N., 1991: Accumulation of fluorescent lipid-peroxidation products during ripening of 'Fuerte' avocado fruits

Cyr D.R.; Buxton G.F.; Webb D.P.; Dumbroff E.B., 1990: Accumulation of free amino acids in the shoots and roots of three northern conifers during drought

Kur' yanovich, A. A.; Kozhushko, N. N., 1990: Accumulation of free proline by seedlings of wheat varieties of the Tselinnaya type under induced drought

Wickremasinghe, S. I.; Yapa, P. A. J.; Soyza, T. V. W. de, 1987: Accumulation of free proline in bark and latex of Hevea brasiliensis affected by brown bast

Borodina, R. A., 1991: Accumulation of free proline in seedlings of swede rape under salt stress

Kuyucak N.; Volesky B., 1989: Accumulation of gold by algal biosorbent

Saruta, M.; Sunaga, F.; Minegishi, S.; Tukamoto, M.; Ushiama, M., 1990: Accumulation of heavy metals for the last five years in Gunma Prefectural fields

Radwan S.; Kowalik W.; Kornijow R., 1990: Accumulation of heavy metals in a lake ecosystem

Bogacz, W.; Chamcham, S.; Roszyk, E., 1991: Accumulation of heavy metals in the soils and plants of one of the quarters of Wrocaw

Nishida, R.; Fukami, H.; Iriye, R.; Kumazawa, Z., 1990: Accumulation of highly toxic ericaceous diterpenoids by the geometrid moth, Arichanna gaschkevitchii

Dunkle, Ld; Cantone, Fa; Ciuffetti, Lm, 1991: Accumulation of host-specific toxin produced by Cochliobolus carbonum during pathogenesis of maize

Millet E.; Jenner C.F., 1991: Accumulation of label from radioactive precursors into dry matter by wheat endosperm cultured in vitro

Section 3, Chapter 2019, Accession 002018055

Sidorovich, E. A.; Rupasova, Zh A.; Ignatenko, V. A., 1988: Accumulation of leucoanthocyanins in plants of the large-fruited American cranberry

Duchesne, L. C.; Jeng, R. S.; Hubbes, M.; Sticklen, M. B., 1990: Accumulation of mansonones E and F in seedlings of Ulmus americana in response to inoculation with Ophiostoma ulmi

Savvichev, A. S.; Nikitin, D. I., 1990: Accumulation of microelements by oligotrophic bacteria from a soil solution

Santoso, E.; Hadi, S.; Soeseno, R.; Koswara, O., 1988: Accumulation of micronutrients by five dipterocarp species inoculated with different species of mycorrhizal fungi

Sfredo, G. J.; Sarruge, J. R., 1990: Accumulation of micronutrients in sunflower plants

Semenov, V. M.; Sokolov, O. A., 1989: Accumulation of nitrates in plants as a factor preventing pollution of natural waters

Aleshin, E. P.; Vorob' ev, N. V.; Skazhennik, M. A., 1992: Accumulation of non-structural carbohydrates in the stems and their role in yield production processes in rice varieties differing in height

Zhuravlev, Yu N.; Bulgakov, V. P.; Moroz, L. A.; Uvarova, N. I.; Makhan' kov, V. V.; Malinovskaya, G. V.; Artyukov, A. A.; Elyakov, G. B., 1990: Accumulation of panaxosides in a culture of cells of Panax ginseng C. A. Mey transformed with the aid of Agrobacterium rhizogenes

Section 3, Chapter 2019, Accession 002018068

Treutter D.; Feucht W., 1991: Accumulation of phenolic compounds above the graft union of cherry trees

Section 3, Chapter 2019, Accession 002018070

Section 3, Chapter 2019, Accession 002018072

Erokhina, L. G., 1990: Accumulation of phycobiliproteins in cells of free-living nitrogen-fixation cyanobacteria growing on different nitrogen sources

Golubets, M. A.; Odinak, Ya P.; Shevchuk, A. I.; Yamkovii, V. T., 1988: Accumulation of phytomass and biotic cycling in beech and spruce stands of the Beskidy mountains (Ukrainian Carpathians)

Dzyatkovskaya, E. N.; Kakhnovich, L. V.; Khodorenko, L. A.; Petrenko, A. V., 1991: Accumulation of pigment-protein complexes in barley seedlings with different productivity

Fomin, A.; Ladygin, V. G.; Semenova, G. A., 1991: Accumulation of pigments and formation of chloroplast ultrastructure in the course of greening of etiolated duckweed

Barry, P; Young, Aj; Britton, G., 1991: Accumulation of pigments during the greening of etiolated seedlings of Hordeum vulgare L

Nedbayevskaya, N. A.; Aksienova, S. P.; Yepimakhov, V. G., 1990: Accumulation of radionuclides in field crops on different soils of the Leningrad district

Reichling, J.; Thron, U., 1990: Accumulation of rare phenylpropanoids in Agrobacterium rhizogenes transformed root cultures of Coreopsis tinctoria

Tanji, K. K., 1990: Accumulation of salts and trace elements in agricultural evaporation ponds

Qi, S. Y., 1990: Accumulation of secondary metabolites in cell suspension culture of Aquilaria sinensis (Lour.) Gilg. (Thymelaeaceae)

Banuelos, G. S.; Meek, D. W., 1990: Accumulation of selenium in plants grown on selenium-treated soils

Dhillon, K. S.; Dhillon, S. K., 1991: Accumulation of selenium in sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum Linn.) in seleniferous areas of Punjab, India

Section 3, Chapter 2019, Accession 002018086

Adelusi, A. A.; Ogundana, S. K., 1987: Accumulation of some amino acids in Dioscorea spp. infected with some yam-rot pathogens

Tokar, F., 1990: Accumulation of some elements in the above ground biomass of different stypes of sweet chestnut (Castanea sativa) stands

Section 3, Chapter 2019, Accession 002018089

Shimizu, M.; Mitsunaga, T.; Inaba, K.; Yoshida, T.; Iwashima, A., 1990: Accumulation of thiamine and thiamine-binding protein during development of rice seed

Li, N; Parsons, Bl; Liu, D; Mattoo, Ak, 1992: Accumulation of wound-inducible ACC synthase transcript in tomato fruit is inhibited by salicylic acid and polyamines

Raikhel A.S.; Dhadialla T.S., 1992: Accumulation of yolk proteins in insect oocytes

Section 3, Chapter 2019, Accession 002018096

Lucena, Jj; Garcia, P; Manzanares, M; Garate, A., 1991: Accumulative effect of chelates addition to culture substrates used in commercial greenhouses

Dowell F.E.; Lamb M.C., 1991: Accuracy and feasibility of determining single peanut kernel moisture content

Davies, Richard L.; Baigent, D. Robin; Levitt, Malcolm S.; Mollah, Yasin; Rayner, Carl J.; Frensham, Alison B., 1992: Accuracy and precision in amino acid analysis

Makarchuck M.J.; Hill A.R.; Szijarto L.F., 1991: Accuracy and repeatability of milk total solids analysis by microwave moisture oven

Prevel, S., 1990: Accuracy in chemical application

Fontaine, J.; Heimbeck, W., 1991: Accuracy of analysis and detection methods of amino acids

Ferris, T. A.; Wiggans, G. R., 1991: Accuracy of animal model parent evaluations in predicting daughter yield deviations for AI sampled bulls

Campbell, Donald A.; Mclennan, Geoffrey; Coates, John R.; Frith, Peter A.; Gluyas, Pamela A.; Latimer, Karen M.; Martin, A. James; Roder, David M.; Ruffin, Richard E.; Yellowlees, Peter M., 1992: Accuracy of asthma statistics from death certificates in South Australia

Stanton A.L.; Tips T.A., 1990: Accuracy of calorie estimation by females as a function of eating habits and body mass

Paivenen, R.; Nonsiainen, M.; Korhonen, K. T., 1992: Accuracy of certain tree measurements

Dangor Y.; Ballard R.C.; Da L.Exposto F.; Fehler G.; Miller S.D.; Koornhof H.J., 1990: Accuracy of clinical diagnosis of genital ulcer disease

Emanuele, S. M.; Wohlt, J. E.; Young, P. A., 1990: Accuracy of commercial milk progesterone kits as affected by time of sampling and milk fat

Irshad M.; Iqbal J., 1990: Accuracy of different loss assessment methods for maize during storage

Powell, R. L.; Sieber, M., 1991: Accuracy of direct and indirect conversion of Holstein evaluations from the United States, Canada and Italy

Schuster, E. G.; Medema, E. L., 1989: Accuracy of economic impact analyses

Zeide B., 1989: Accuracy of equations describing diameter growth

Palaskar, M. S.; More, S. D.; Varade, S. B., 1990: Accuracy of field determination of soil texture in command areas of Maharashtra

Blake, Aj; Guthrie, Ha; Smiciklas-Wright, H., 1989: Accuracy of food portion estimation by overweight and normal-weight subjects

Scrinzi, G., 1988: Accuracy of forest inventories: an analysis of thirty years experience in Trentino, Italy

Lord, P. F.; Croft, M. A., 1990: Accuracy of formulae for calculating left ventricular volumes of the equine heart

Mukai F.; Ishida T., 1991: Accuracy of genetic evaluation using animal model when generations traced back are limited

Ooijen, Jw-Van, 1992: Accuracy of mapping quantitative trait loci in autogamous species

Kusan, V., 1988: Accuracy of measuring crown projection area of silver fir (Abies alba L.)

Robison, B. J.; Cunningham, C. P., 1991: Accuracy of micro-IDReg. Listeria for identification of members of the genus Listeria

Aastveit, A. H.; Marum, P., 1989: Accuracy of near infrared reflectance spectroscopy in the determination of IVDMD in forage

Kluver, B., 1991: Accuracy of placement of precision drills for grain legumes

Francak, J.; Cvek, J., 1991: Accuracy of planting potato tubers with SK-4-290 and SA-2-065 planters

Nordenstrom J.; Thorne A.; Lindholm M., 1990: Accuracy of plasma turbidity measurement for determining fat intolerance during total parenteral nutrition

Section 3, Chapter 2019 , Accession 002018129

Samuelson, D. J.; Pearson, R. E.; Cassell, B. G., 1991: Accuracy of predicting daughter yield deviation milk from animal model information on relatives for AI sampled bulls

Kelton, D. F.; Leslie, K. E.; Etherington, W. G.; Bonnett, B. N.; Walton, J. S., 1991: Accuracy of rectal palpation and of a rapid milk progesterone enzymeimmunoassay for determining the presence of a functional corpus luteum in subestrous dairy cows

Arino, O.; Dedieu, G.; Deschamps, P. Y., 1991: Accuracy of satellite land surface reflectance determination

Freudenheim, Jl; Darrow, Sl, 1991: Accuracy of self-measurement of body fat distribution by waist, hip, and thigh circumferences

Myers, R. J.; Klesges, R. C.; Eck, L. H.; Hanson, C. L.; Klem, M. L., 1988: Accuracy of self-reports of food intake in obese and normal-weight individuals: effects of obesity on self-reports of dietary intake in adult females

Klesges, R. C.; Hanson, C. L.; Eck, L. H.; Durff, A. C., 1988: Accuracy of self-reports of food intake in obese and normal-weight individuals: effects of parental obesity on reports of children's dietary intake

Dubois, S; Boivin, Jf, 1990: Accuracy of telephone dietary recalls in elderly subjects

Piton, C.; Rongvaux Gaida, D., 1990: Accuracy of the dry rehydratable film technique (Petrifilm SM and VRB) for the enumeration of total flora, psychrotrophic and coliform bacteria in raw milk at the dairy factory

Halinen, M., 1990: Accuracy of the most common measurement devices on multi-purpose logging machines

Jilek, J.; Velda, K., 1991: Accuracy of the sowing mechanism of Harmonie and Aeromat sowing machines

Jarvis, K. A.; Woliner, M. J.; Steffey, E. P., 1992: Accuracy of the thermodilution method in estimating high flow - an in vitro study

Rossanigo C.E.; Gruner L., 1991: Accuracy of two methods for counting eggs of sheep nematode parasites

Dubois, S., 1990: Accuracy of visual estimates of plate waste in the determination of food consumption

Alferov, V. I., 1990: Accuracy requirements during the design and manufacture of cylindrical tanks

Asakawa, Jun Ichi; Satoh, Chiyoko; Yamasaki, Yosuke; Chen, Shi Han, 1992: Accurate and rapid detection of heterozygous carriers of a deletion by combined polymerase chain reaction and high-performance liquid chromatography

Hilber U.W.; Schuepp H., 1992: Accurate and rapid measurement of lengths of fungal germ tubes by image analysis

Weltman, A; Levine, S; Seip, Rl; Tran, Zv, 1988: Accurate assessment of body composition in obese females

Section 3, Chapter 2019, Accession 002018150

Roberts, Mw; Okita, Tw, 1991: Accurate in vitro transcription of plant promoters with nuclear extracts prepared from cultured plant cells

Komatsu, T.; Ohgushi, K.; Asai, K.; Holly, F. M, Jr, 1989: Accurate numerical simulation of scalar advective transport

Hanic Joyce P.J.; Gray M.W., 1991: Accurate transcription of a plant mitochondrial gene in vitro

Thorens, P., 1990: Acemyia rufitibia von Roser (Diptera, Tachinidae) a parasitoid of Chorthippus mollis (Charpentier) (Orthoptera, Acrididae)

Anonymous, 1990: Acer symposium, Utrecht, 23-24 October 1989

Passarge, H., 1990: Acer woodlands near human settlements and Acer park-woodland communities

Hanlin, R. T., 1990: Acerviclypeatus a new genus for the anamorph of Ophiodothella vaccinii

Halinska, A; Frenkel, C., 1991: Acetaldehyde stimulation of net gluconeogenic carbon movement from applied malic acid in tomato fruit pericarp tissue

Section 3, Chapter 2019, Accession 002018161

Berkelhammer, Ch; Wood, Rj; Sitrin, Md, 1988: Acetate and hypercalciuria during total parenteral nutrition

Lands, W. E. M., 1991: Acetate metabolism: new mysteries from old data

Riemann, F.; Ernst, W.; Ernst, R., 1990: Acetate uptake from ambient water by the free-living marine nematode Adoncholaimus thalassophygas

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Vassileva, R.; Lidanski, T.; Tseckova, Z., 1991: Acetocarmine test and pollen vitality in genus Helianthus

Maier, E.; Valentin, M.; Morabito, M., 1990: Acetochlor and flurochloridone, selective pre-emergence herbicides for control of annual grasses and broadleaved weeds in a crop of sunflowers and maize

Hisham, A; Pieters, Lac; Claeys, M; Heuvel, H. Van-Den; Esmans, E; Dommisse, R; Vlietinck, Aj, 1991: Acetogenins from root bark of Uvaria narum

Section 3, Chapter 2019, Accession 002018174

Subramanian, Mv; Loney-Gallant, V; Dias, Jm; Mireles, Lc, 1991: Acetolactate synthase inhibiting herbicides bind to the regulatory site

Gross P.J.; Bremner J.M., 1992: Acetone problem in use of the acetylene blockage method for assessment of denitrifying activity in soil

Zhang Z.Z.; Sparks D.L.; Scrivner N.C., 1990: Acetonitrile and acrylonitrile sorption on montmorillonite from binary and ternary aqueous solutions

Howard, J. L.; Ridley, S. M. , 1990: Acetyl-CoA carboxylase: a rapid novel assay procedure used in conjunction with the preparation of enzyme from maize leaves

Budde, Rja; Fang, Tk; Randall, Dd; Miernyk, Ja, 1991: Acetyl-coenzyme A can regulate activity of the mitochondrial pyruvate dehydrogenase complex in situ

Ponce-Castaneda, Mv; Lopez-Casillas, F; Kim, Kh, 1991: Acetyl-coenzyme A carboxylase messenger ribonucleic acid metabolism in liver, adipose tissues, and mammary glands during pregnancy and lactation

Toki, K; Terahara, N; Saito, N; Honda, T; Shioji, T., 1991: Acetylated anthocyanins in Verbena flowers

Masuda, T; Jitoe, A; Kato, S; Nakatani, N., 1991: Acetylated flavonol glycosides from Zingiber zerumbet

Vick, C. B.; Krzysik, A.; Wood, J. E, Jr, 1991: Acetylated, isocyanate-bonded flakeboards after accelerated aging. Dimensional stability and mechanical properties

Section 3, Chapter 2019, Accession 002018186

Section 3, Chapter 2019, Accession 002018187

Section 3, Chapter 2019, Accession 002018188

Section 3, Chapter 2019, Accession 002018189

Section 3, Chapter 2019, Accession 002018190

Section 3, Chapter 2019, Accession 002018191

Section 3, Chapter 2019, Accession 002018192

Section 3, Chapter 2019, Accession 002018193

Section 3, Chapter 2019, Accession 002018194

Section 3, Chapter 2019, Accession 002018195

Section 3, Chapter 2019, Accession 002018196

Section 3, Chapter 2019, Accession 002018197

Section 3, Chapter 2019, Accession 002018198

Section 3, Chapter 2019, Accession 002018199

Section 3, Chapter 2019, Accession 002018200

Section 3, Chapter 2019, Accession 002018201

Section 3, Chapter 2019, Accession 002018203

Section 3, Chapter 2019, Accession 002018204

Sellstedt, A; Winship, Lj, 1990: Acetylene, not ethylene, inactivates the uptake hydrogenase of actinorhizal nodules during acetylene reduction assays

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Rodriguez Rebollo, M., 1990: Achievement of the Internal Market for milk and dairy products. Nature of the hygiene controls in the Community Ordinances

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Lauret, E., 1988: Achievements and future prospects of poultry breeding

Section 3, Chapter 2019, Accession 002018224

Genov, G. M.; Boeva, V. G., 1990: Achievements and prospects in the control of helminthiases in Bulgaria

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Mugniev, A., 1991: Achievements in breeding vegetable crops and potato

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Skierkowski, J., 1989: Achievements of the Research Institute of Vegetable Crops and their influence on the development of vegetable production

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Ohrt, C. K.; McKinney, W. P., 1992: Achieving compliance with influenza immunization of medical house staff and students

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Section 3, Chapter 2019, Accession 002018262

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Section 3, Chapter 2019, Accession 002018279

Neal, C.; Robson, A.; Smith, C. J., 1990: Acid neutralization capacity variations for the Hafren forest stream, mid-Wales: inferences for hydrological processes

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Section 3, Chapter 2019, Accession 002018286

Kieliszewska Rokicka, B., 1990: Acid phosphatase activity in roots of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) seedlings fertilized with different nitrogen sources

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