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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2022

Chapter 2022 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Agricultural development and trade in the Pacific Rim countries

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Agricultural development foundations: a private sector innovation in improving agricultural science systems

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Agricultural development in China, 1979-1989

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Agricultural development in India: an assessment of the FSRE approach

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Agricultural development in Tanzania. Discrepancy between the natural agricultural potential and its exploitation

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Agricultural development in sub-Saharan Africa: a critical survey

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Agricultural development in the Latin American tropics: the case of the small farmer vs. the national economy

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Agricultural development in the developing areas of Southern Africa

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Agricultural development of slopelands in Malaysia

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Agricultural development policies in the African farming areas of Zimbabwe

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Agricultural development projects approach to rural development: the Nigerian experience

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Agricultural development trends in Zimbabwe

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Agricultural development, household and gender differentiation in rural Sierra Leone: a study of the eastern integrated agricultural development project area

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Agricultural development, price policy and marketed surplus in India - study of Green Revolution region

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Agricultural diagnostics

Anonymous, 1991:
Agricultural diagnostics for plant diseases. Part I. Probes

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Agricultural diversification

Anonymous, 1991:
Agricultural diversification - report of a study meeting, 17th-27th October, 1989

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Agricultural diversification as a strategy for regional economic development

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Agricultural diversification decisions under risk: pragmatic use of E-V portfolio analysis

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Agricultural diversification in Yucatan's henequen zone: taking the cue from peasantry

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Agricultural economic report 1991. Summary

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Agricultural economics and the chaos of economic methodology

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Agricultural economics between a way out and the wrong way. European agricultural economists search for new strategies for agriculture

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Agricultural economics information meeting - Norwegian Agricultural University, 22-23 October 1991

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Agricultural economics research and its application. 1990 annual meeting in Granichen AG

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Agricultural economics since 1945: facts and ideas

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Agricultural economics: a glance backwards and its prospects

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Agricultural economy of Sao Paulo: characteristics and potential

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Agricultural education for regional development and self-employment. Proceedings of a national seminar held at UAS, Bangalore on Nov. 12-13, 1987

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Agricultural education, research, and extension

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Agricultural education: a systems perspective

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Agricultural energy costs: national analyses

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Agricultural engineering

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Agricultural engineering conference 1990. Proceedings of a conference held in Toowoomba, Australia, 11-14 November 1990

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Agricultural engineering in Japan

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Agricultural engineering in a developing country : Kano State of Nigeria

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Agricultural engineering in development. Advanced blacksmithing: a training manual

Stokes, J.B., 1992:
Agricultural engineering in development. Basic blacksmithing: a training manual

Stokes, J.B., 1992:
Agricultural engineering in development. Intermediate blacksmithing: a training manual

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Agricultural engineering in development: human resource development - training and education programmes

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Agricultural engineering resources in Australia

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Agricultural engineering science, its specific object of study and status and trend in China

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Agricultural engineering terminology. Combine harvesters

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Agricultural engineering training in Brunei Darussalam

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Agricultural entomological research - what and where?

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Agricultural ethics - the neglected dimension?

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Agricultural evolution north of the Black Sea from the Neolithic to the Iron Age

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Agricultural expansion and pioneer settlements in the humid tropics. Selected papers presented at a workshop held in Kuala Lumpur, 17-21 September 1985

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Agricultural exports and marketing authorities in the South Pacific: an overview

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Agricultural exports confined to one market: case of Cyprus

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Agricultural exports in the context of modernization of the sector and national efficiency

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Agricultural exports of India: issues of growth and instability

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Agricultural extension and pest control: a case study of Iganga district

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Agricultural extension in Renshou county, China: a case-study of bureaucratic intervention for agricultural innovation and change

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Agricultural extension in the 21st century: lessons from South Asia

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Agricultural extension services as machines: the impact of the Training and Visit approach

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Agricultural extension worldwide: a critical turning point

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Agricultural extension. Some concepts to be used and some to be set-aside: issues to be discussed and ideas to be pursued

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Agricultural faculties in sub-Saharan Africa: teaching, research, cooperation

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Agricultural field equipment

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Agricultural films in Western Europe: Progresses and trends

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Agricultural finance: present situation, official credit and alternatives

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Agricultural forecast 1991/92: coffee, sugarcane, beef cattle, milk, pigs, poultry, bananas, oranges

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Agricultural geography of Eastern Europe

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Agricultural growth and economic development; the case of Pakistan

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Agricultural growth and equity - a micro-level experience

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Agricultural growth and rural industry: some references on the rural growth linkages debate

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Agricultural growth and structural changes in the Punjab economy: an input-output analysis

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Agricultural growth and world developments

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Agricultural growth in Haryana - a District-wise analysis

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Agricultural growth in the EC and the effect of the CAP

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Agricultural growth linkages and the alleviation of rural poverty: importance and implications for agricultural and macro models

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Agricultural growth, its determinants, and their relationship to world development: an overview

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Agricultural growth, landlessness, off-farm employment and rural poverty in the Philippines

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Agricultural household income assessment: a microeconomic approach

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Agricultural household models: a review of the literature

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Agricultural households with market and home production; between farm management and home economics

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Agricultural implications of root signals

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Agricultural incentives and macroeconomic linkages in Asia

Anonymous, 1992:
Agricultural income 1991

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Agricultural incomes and rural poverty: an analysis at crop-state level in India

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Agricultural industries

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Agricultural information needs in Zambia: a study of a two-way information flow

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Agricultural innovation and technology testing by Gambian farmers: hope for institutionalizing on-farm research in small-country research systems?

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Agricultural input trade in Latin America

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Agricultural inputs, mechanization and employment in Turkey

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Agricultural institutions for insurance and stabilization

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Agricultural insurance contracts with symmetric information between insurance company and insured party

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Agricultural insurance: practice, problems, and further development

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Agricultural intensification and ridged-field cultivation in the prehistoric upper Midwest of North America

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Agricultural interest rates and inflationary expectations: a regional analysis

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Agricultural investment and Tobin's 'Q' theory

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Agricultural investment behaviour - the application of the multivariate investment approach

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Agricultural investment credit support 1989-91. Facts, data, priorities

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Agricultural investment projects: design problems and possible cures

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Agricultural issue at the heart of the Uruguay Round

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Agricultural labor and technological change in Cyprus

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Agricultural labor and technological change in Iraq

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Agricultural labor and technological change in Jordan

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Agricultural labor and technological change in Morocco

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Agricultural labor and technological change in Tunisia

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Agricultural labor and technological change in the Yemen Arab Republic

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Agricultural labour and pesticides in rice regions of India: some health considerations

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Agricultural labour and technological change in Turkey

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Agricultural labour and technological change in the Syrian Arab Republic

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Agricultural land drainage, land use change and economic performance: experience in the UK

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Agricultural land drainage: a wider application through caution and restraint

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Agricultural land management in developing countries

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Agricultural land prices: analysing the figures

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Agricultural land surplus and concern for the countryside

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Agricultural land use planning in Zambia

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Agricultural land, community and social legislation in a united Germany - study conference of the Institute for Agricultural Law at Passau University on the 6th and 7th July 1990

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Agricultural land-use classification in the Upper Rhine Valley using multitemporal TM data

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Agricultural landscape ecology and Romania's new forms of agricultural property

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Agricultural law in Czechoslovakia - retrospect and outlook

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Agricultural law in Lithuania: past, present and future

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Agricultural leasing in the State of Sao Paulo: present stage and possibilities for expansion

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Agricultural liberalization, welfare, revenue and nutrition in developing countries

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Agricultural machine operation in cost recovery system

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Agricultural machinery - preventive and predictive maintenance and effect on human factors

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Agricultural machinery and equipment supply

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Agricultural machinery back-up service in developing countries

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Agricultural machinery demand in Indonesia, Pakistan and Thailand

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Agricultural machinery fire losses: a preventative approach

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Agricultural machinery in Sicily

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Agricultural machinery market 1991

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Agricultural market liberalization and structural adjustment in sub-Saharan Africa

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Agricultural market stability and price policy in India

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Agricultural market studies of the effects of possible GATT agreements

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Agricultural marketing and processing in small towns in Zimbabwe: the cases of Gutu and Gokwe

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Agricultural marketing co-operatives and 1992: joint ventures a way ahead?

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Agricultural marketing in South Tahrir area

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Agricultural marketing in less developed areas with reference to livestock

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Agricultural marketing policy: recent developments in producer board legislation

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Agricultural marketing reforms and privatization in Tanzania

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Agricultural marketing reforms and the public versus private debate in Tanzania

Nindi, B., 1990:
Agricultural marketing reforms and the public vs. private debate in Tanzania

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Agricultural marketing regulation and the European Community

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Agricultural marketing research, surveys and planning in India

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Agricultural markets and prices

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Agricultural markets at the turn of the year 1990/91. Aspects of the Common Agricultural Policy 1990

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Agricultural markets at the turn of the year 1991/1992: (4) The markets for milk and fats; (4.2) The world market for milk; (4.3) The EC milk market

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Agricultural markets at the turn of the year 1991/92: (1) Aspects of the Common Agricultural Policy 1991

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Agricultural markets at the turn of the year 1991/92: (2) The markets for cereals, protein feedingstuffs and potatoes

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Agricultural markets at the turn of the year 1991/92: (3) The market for sugar

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Agricultural markets at the turn of the year 1991/92: (4) The markets for milk and fats; (4.1) The international markets for oils and fats

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Agricultural markets at the turn of the year 1991/92: (5) The markets for livestock and meat

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Agricultural markets at the turn of the year 1991/92: (6) The markets for eggs and poultrymeat

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Agricultural markets at the turn of the year 1991/92: (7) The markets for fruit and vegetables

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Agricultural markets: from the old to the new CAP

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Agricultural mechanisation in The Gambia: draught, donkeys and minimum tillage

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Agricultural mechanization

Anonymous, 1991:
Agricultural mechanization

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Agricultural mechanization and costs of food production

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Agricultural mechanization and economic efficiency of agricultural production in Egypt

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Agricultural mechanization and environmental protection

Anonymous, 1990:
Agricultural mechanization development plan for the Philippines

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Agricultural mechanization in Brazil

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Agricultural mechanization in Castilla - La Mancha

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Agricultural mechanization in Castille and Leon

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Agricultural mechanization in Hungary

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Agricultural mechanization in Latin America. Present and future. Area : Brazil

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Agricultural mechanization in Rajasthan, India

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Agricultural mechanization in Venezuela

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Agricultural mechanization in the Andes region of Latin America : Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru

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Agricultural mechanization options for Ethiopia

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Agricultural mechanization policies and strategies in Africa: case studies from Commonwealth African countries. Proceedings of a workshop held in Zaria, Nigeria, 13-17 August l990

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Agricultural microbiology: introduction

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Agricultural minerals help America feed the world

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Agricultural modernisation, and the distribution of benefits: some evidence from Malaysia

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Agricultural modernization and peasant strategies in Latin America

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Agricultural modernization and transformation of social relations of production among the Ngam-Ngam and the Tchokossi in northern Togo: impact of the Namiele project

Koenig, S.R., 1992:
Agricultural mortgage activity of major lenders

Mooney, P.H., 1991:
Agricultural movements of the 1980s: coordination of 'local movement centres'

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Agricultural outlook for the year 2000: some alternatives

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Agricultural output risk and crop choice on Kenyan farms

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Agricultural output, gross product, and expenses in Eastern Europe 1975-1990

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Agricultural perspective on stabilizing scientific names of spermatophytes

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Agricultural plastics use in the United States

Anonymous, 1992:
Agricultural policies and issues: lessons from the 1980s and prospects for the 1990s

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Agricultural policies and migration in a US-Mexico free trade area: a computable general equilibrium analysis

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Agricultural policies and structural adjustment

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Agricultural policies in developing countries and agricultural trade

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Agricultural policies of Japan: proceedings of the international symposium held in Tokyo, Japan 9-10 November 1989

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Agricultural policy

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Agricultural policy analysis: problems and opportunities

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Agricultural policy and agricultural sciences in the USSR and interdependencies with the GDR

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Agricultural policy and benefits for farmers in the Republic of China on Taiwan (2 parts)

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Agricultural policy and ecology

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Agricultural policy and economic transformation of the agro-food complex

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Agricultural policy and international issues

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Agricultural policy and the agricultural sector in the GDR in the process of renewal on the threshold of the 1990s

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Agricultural policy and the development of the sector

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Agricultural policy and the environment. Papers presented at a conference organized by the Centre for Agricultural Strategy, sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and held at the Royal Society, London SW1, on Friday 7th June 1991

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Agricultural policy aspects of Turkish accession to the EC

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Agricultural policy at national and local level

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Agricultural policy concepts in Hungary, 1989

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Agricultural policy consequences of the implementation of the EC Single Market by 1992. Report of the Scientific Advisory Council to the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forestry

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Agricultural policy for the 1990s

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Agricultural policy for the 1990s between income support and environmental sustainability

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Agricultural policy impact and input-output multipliers: a critique

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Agricultural policy in China: application of planning versus market principles

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Agricultural policy in India - will it produce food surplus?

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Agricultural policy in question: what are the alternatives to price support?

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Agricultural policy in the GDR

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Agricultural policy making in Germany: implications for the German position in multilateral trade negotiations

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Agricultural policy objectives and economic and ecological aspects of dairy cattle management

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Agricultural policy reform in New Zealand

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Agricultural policy reforms in New Zealand, 1984

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Agricultural policy reforms in South Korea: motivations, features and effects

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Agricultural policy research: some thoughts concerning methodology and technology

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Agricultural policy, food policy, and agro-food policy

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Agricultural policy, macroeconomic policy and competitiveness in Brazil and Argentina

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Agricultural politics and public opinion

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Agricultural pollution sources of stream and drainage waters of North-Western Poland

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Agricultural pollution: from costs and causes to sustainable practices

Anonymous, 1989:
Agricultural practice: contradictions of transformation

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Agricultural practices affect arthritis

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Agricultural practices and environmental fertility

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Agricultural practices and water quality

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Agricultural price policy in Asia

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Agricultural price policy in the People's Republic of China

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Agricultural price support: real history and the liberal view

Anonymous, 1991:
Agricultural prices 1990/91

Liengaard, T.; Pedersen, T.D.; Larsen, A., 1992:
Agricultural prices 1991/92

Anonymous, 1991:
Agricultural prices 1991/92: Commission proposals

Anonymous, 1992:
Agricultural prices 1992/1993: Commission proposals

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Agricultural prices and natural resource management

Briceno, A., 1990:
Agricultural prices and the single price law

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Agricultural prices, non-agricultural prices and agricultural terms of trade

Cochrane, N.J.; Lundell, M.R., 1991:
Agricultural privatization and land reform in Central Europe

Csaki, C.; Varga, G., 1990:
Agricultural problems of transformation in Hungary

Putterman, L., 1991:
Agricultural producer co-operatives

Tims, W., 1990:
Agricultural producer subsidies

Vasic, V., 1990:
Agricultural production and agricultural policy 1981-1989

Steding, R., 1992:
Agricultural production cooperatives from the point of view of agricultural law

Steding, R., 1990:
Agricultural production cooperatives in the GDR - genesis and prospects

Trueblood, M.A., 1989:
Agricultural production function estimates from aggregate intercountry observation: a selected survey

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Agricultural production in the new federal states: bankrupt or viable?

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Agricultural production of Yugoslavia and problems with the development of peasant farms

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Agricultural production regions and their efficiency

Davis, J.; Bantilan, M.C., 1991:
Agricultural production response and cost structures: cost reduction and output increasing linkages for research impacts

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Agricultural production system optimizing model and its application

Shivute, V.P., 1991:
Agricultural production: from the Green Revolution to the bio-revolution

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Agricultural productivity and sources of growth in South Asia

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Agricultural productivity of the forest-agrarian landscape

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Agricultural productivity, comparative advantage, and economic growth

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Agricultural productivity, prices and revenue in Europe 1967-87

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Agricultural products of a special kind: self reliance and self responsibility

Elias, A.; Kartali, J., 1990:
Agricultural property reform and trade

Madell, M.L., 1991:
Agricultural prospects following German unification

Anderson, K.; Tyers, R., 1990:
Agricultural protection growth in advanced and newly industrialized countries

Brink, L., 1989:
Agricultural protection in Finland, Norway and Sweden

Fulginiti, L.E.; Shogren, J.F., 1992:
Agricultural protection in developing countries

Mastrostefano, M., 1991:
Agricultural protectionism and agricultural policy: customs policy from the First World War to the creation of the Single European Market

Terluin, I.J., 1991:
Agricultural purchasing power parity in the EC: an approach to compare productivity and price levels

Gray, P.S., 1990:
Agricultural raw materials for industrial use

Maly, M., 1990:
Agricultural reclamation of cover materials - 15 years of practical experiences with different soils in Bavaria

Nielsen, H., 1990 :
Agricultural refineries: implications for agriculture and rural development, northern part of Europe

Viatte, G., 1992:
Agricultural reform - an integrated approach

Braverman, A.; Guasch, J.L., 1990:
Agricultural reform in developing countries: reflections for Eastern Europe

Zeddies, J.; Doluschitz, R. et al., 1992:
Agricultural reform: how you can now react

Mettke, T., 1989:
Agricultural regulation and food legislation in the national states and in the European Communities

Buhagiar, D., 1991:
Agricultural relations between the EC and EFTA countries

Buhagiar, D., 1991:
Agricultural relations between the EC and Eastern European countries

Anonymous, 1991:
Agricultural report 1991. Federal German government report on agricultural and food policy; Data volume (including book- keeping results) for the 1991 agricultural report of the Federal Government

Anonymous, 1992:
Agricultural research - its funding and its future

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Agricultural research and third world poverty

Fan, S.G.; Pardey, P.G., 1992:
Agricultural research in China. Its institutional development and impact

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Agricultural research in Papua New Guinea and the PNG Agricultural Research Priorities Project

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Agricultural research in Switzerland. Present state and objectives

Holden, S.T., 1991:
Agricultural research in developing countries - towards sustainable development?

Carlsson, M., 1990:
Agricultural research in relation to EC prioritization and changes in environmental requirements

Fevrier, R., 1990:
Agricultural research in the Mediterranean Basin

Anonymous, 1991:
Agricultural research networks in Central America: a reply to the challenge of sustainability

Onstad, C.A.; Burkart, M.R.; Bubenzer, G.D., 1991:
Agricultural research to improve water quality

Clancy, J., 1991:
Agricultural residues in India: their potential as briquetting feedstock

Salinger, M.J.; Williams, W.M.; Williams, J.M.; Martin, R.J., 1990:
Agricultural resources

Hou, H.Y., 1991:
Agricultural resources and their rational utilisation in China

Rooyen, C.J. van, 1990:
Agricultural restructuring in Southern Africa: the contribution of the developing agricultural sector

Piel, G., 1992:
Agricultural revolution

Haasbroek, P.J., 1990:
Agricultural risk and market stabilization

Boisvert, R.N.; McCarl, B.A., 1990:
Agricultural risk modeling using mathematical programming

Ito, N., 1990:
Agricultural robots in Japan

Lehtola, C.J.; Boyd, M.M., 1992:
Agricultural safety: effective teaching strategies and technological solutions

Tanji, K.K., 1989:
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