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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2031

Chapter 2031 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Marcovina, S.M.; Albers, J.J., 1990:
Apolipoprotein assays: standardization and quality control

Lecerf, J.M., 1990:
Apolipoproteins and nutrition

Gillberg, T., 1992:
Apollo 50 SC. A new product against spider mites in fruit culture (Panonychus ulmi)

Sartorius, R.; Stosser, R., 1991:
Apomictic seed development in walnut (Juglans regia)

Nakajima, K., 1990:
Apomixis and its application to plant breeding

Koloteva, N.I., 1990:
Apomixis and its use in breeding black currant

Valdiviesso, T., 1990:
Apomixis in Portuguese walnut varieties

Sherman, R.; Voigt, P.; Burson, B.; Dewald, C., 1991:
Apomixis in diploid X triploid Tripsacum dactyloides hybrids

Loiko, Re, 1990:
Apomixis of walnut

Kolonin, G.V., 1992:
Aponomma orlovi sp. n. - a new species of ixodid ticks (Acarina, Ixodidae) from Vietnam

Feres, RJF.; Flechtmann, CHW., 1988:
Aponychus chiavegatoi n. sp. collected from Citrus sp. (Rutaceae), in Sao Paulo, Brazil (Acari, Tetranychidae, Eurytetranychini)

Huffnagle, K.E.; Southern, P.M.; Byrd, L.T.; Gander, R.M., 1992:
Apophysomyces elegans as an agent of zygomycosis in a patient following trauma

Luc, G., 1990:
Apoproteins, indicators of the risk of atherosclerosis

Greenhalgh, R.; Fielder, D.A.; Morrison, L.A.; Charland, J.P.; Blackwell, B.A.; Miller, J.D.; Savard, M.E.; ApSimon, J.W., 1989:
Apotrichothecenes - minor metabolites of the Fusarium species

Young, S.A.; Zweifel, R.A.; Caldwell, D.L., 1991:
Apparatus and method for generating hydrogen and oxygen by electrolytic dissociation of water

Noland, J., 1991:
Apparatus and method for low temperature thermal stripping of volatile organic compounds from soil

Visser, A., 1991:
Apparatus and method for planting out plants

Schuleter, J.C.; Schlueter, L.J., 1991:
Apparatus and methods for agricultural irrigation

Jones, F.W.S.; Smith, F., 1991:
Apparatus and process

Gabel' , B.V.; Tsoglin, L.N.; Melik Sarkisov, O.S.; Chernobrovkin, S.L., 1991:
Apparatus for accelerated microclonal propagation of plants

Ambrus, V.; Manninger, V.; Petz, M., 1990:
Apparatus for curd manufacturing and cutting

Kasak, J.; Slechta, V.; Vachal, J., 1989:
Apparatus for expeditious evaluation of the suitability of local materials for volume drainage hydrological filters

Smol' yakov, A.I.; Tsykhmanov, M.V., 1989:
Apparatus for manufacturing cylindrical items from compressed wood

Jonsson, H.H.; Vonnegut, B., 1991:
Apparatus for measurements of the electrical conductivity of rainwater with high resolution in space and time

Meluzzi, G.; Guerri, F.S., 1989:
Apparatus for measuring fluctuations in stem diameter and transpiration in forest trees

Isensee A.R., 1992:
Apparatus for studying pesticide degradation in the vadose zone

Burgt, M.J. van der, 1991:
Apparatus for the gasification of a pulverized solid fuel

Fekete, A.; Foldesi, I., 1990:
Apparatus for the signalization of tractor engine load

Watanabe, S.; Kinoshita, E.; Kubo, T., 1990:
Apparatus for transplanting seedings of nursery pans into beds

Bruner, G., 1991:
Apparatus to fill seed/fertilizer drills

Coenen Stass, D., 1990:
Apparatus to investigate the climatic preference of soil arthropods

Andrews, R.H.; Beveridge, I., 1990:
Apparent absence of genetic differences among species of Teladorsagia (Nematoda: Trichostrongylidae)

Sajwan K.S.; Evangelou V.P., 1991:
Apparent activation energies of acid dissolution of carbonates by an isothermal automanometric apparatus

Kiener, T.; Landin, G.M., 1989:
Apparent and true digestibility of amino acids of soyabean oilmeal and extruded and toasted soyabeans

McNab, J.M., 1990:
Apparent and true metabolizable energy of poultry diets

Mercer, C.W.L., 1989:
Apparent behavioural response of Mastotermes darwiniensis

Bucklin, R.A.; Thompson, S.A.; Ross, I.J., 1991:
Apparent coefficient of friction of corn on galvanized steel bin wall material

Black, S.B.; Cherry, J.D.; Shinefield, H.R.; Fireman, B.; Christenson, P.; Lampert, D., 1991:
Apparent decreased risk of invasive bacterial disease after heterologous childhood immunization

Schmilovitch, Z.Z.ltzman, A.W.lf, D.V.rma, B., 1992:
Apparent density variations in a fluidized bed

Meyer, B.; Stiegemann, J., 1991:
Apparent diffusion coefficients at naturally low pore water velocities for modelling the solute displacement in sandy soils, particularly moder humus-plough layers

Forster, L.A.; Fontenot, J.P.; Perry, H.D.; Foster, J.G.; Allen, V.G., 1991:
Apparent digestibility and nutrient balance in lambs fed different levels of flatpea hay

Rodriguez, N.M.; Borges, I., 1989:
Apparent digestibility dynamics of rumen fermentation and sites of digestion of hays of Leucaena leucocephala (Lam.) De Wit cv. Peru

Herkelman, K.L.; Cromwell, G.L.; Stahly, T.S.; Pfeiffer, T.W.; Knabe, D.A., 1992:
Apparent digestibility of amino acids in raw and heated conventional and low-trypsin-inhibitor soybeans for pigs

Akiyama, D.M.; Coelho, S.R.; Lawrence, A.L.; Robinson, E.H., 1989:
Apparent digestibility of feedstuffs by the marine shrimp Penaeus vannamei Boone

Vilela, D.; Silva, J.F.C. da; Gomide, J.A.; Castro, A.C.G., 1990:
Apparent digestibility of nutrients in silages of elephant grass (Pennisetum purpureum) with different levels of dry matter and urea

McIsaac, G.F., 1990:
Apparent geographic and atmospheric influences on raindrop sizes and rainfall kinetic energy

Bengala Freire, J.; Aumaitre, A.; Peiniau, J.; Lebreton, Y., 1991:
Apparent ileal digestibility of starch and alpha galactosides from peas by early weaned pigs: effect of extrusion

Lindsay, L.R.; Barker, I.K.; Surgeoner, G.A.; McEwen, S.A.; Elliott, L.A.; Kolar, J., 1991:
Apparent incompetence of Dermacentor variabilis (Acari: Ixodidae) and fleas (Insecta: Siphonaptera) as vectors of Borrelia burgdorferi in an Ixodes dammini endemic area of Ontario, Canada

Mauricio, J.; Salmon, J., 1992:
Apparent loss of sugar transport activity in Saccharomyces cerevisiae may mainly account for maximum ethanol production during alcoholic fermentation

Simon, J.C.; L.C.rre, L., 1992:
Apparent nitrogen balance on a farm scale: methodology, some results

Yelenosky G., 1991:
Apparent nucleation and freezing in various parts of young citrus trees during controlled freezes

Jentsch, W.; Kesting, U.; Block, H.J., 1991:
Apparent precaecal digestibility of nutrients and energy utilization of molasses in pigs. 1. Energy metabolism

Herman, E.M.; Melroy, D.L.; Buckhout, T.J., 1990:
Apparent processing of a soybean oil body protein accompanies the onset of oil mobilization

Mac An t Saoir, S.; O.B.ien, J.; Selby, C., 1991:
Apparent rejuvenation of mature Sitka spruce in culture

Underwood, W.J.; Morin, D.E.; Mirsky, M.L.; Haschek, W.M.; Zuckermann, F.A.; Petersen, G.C.; Scherba, G., 1992:
Apparent retrovirus-induced immunosuppression in a yearling llama

Christoffersen, M.R.; Christoffersen, J.; Kibalczyc, W., 1990:
Apparent solubilities of two amorphous calcium phosphates and of octacalcium phosphate in the temperature range 30-42 degrees C

Birch G.G.; Lopez A.; Morini G., 1991:
Apparent specific volumes and tastes of sugars and polyols

Cooper R.C.Jr; Allison N.; Boring J.G., 1991 :
Apparent successful surgical treatment of intestinal pythiosis with vascular invasion in a dog

Fairweather-Tait, S.J.; Fox, T.E.; Wharf, S.G.; Eagles, J.; Crews, H.M.; Massey, R., 1991:
Apparent zinc absorption by rats from foods labelled intrinsically and extrinsically with 67Zn

E.M.tri, L.; Ghorbal, M.; Ayadi, A.; Ben Naceur, B.; Triki, M.F., 1990:
Apparently bilateral ocular lesions due to Toxocara canis

Bayle J.Y.; Ducros B.; Bejui Thivolet F.; Perol M.; Guerin J.C., 1991:
Apparently isolated pleural cryptococcosis in acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

Kocon, J., 1988:
Appearance and structure of warty layer in tracheids and fibres of beech wood (Fagus silvatica L. )

Pernin, P.; D.J.nckheere, J.F., 1992:
Appearance in Europe of Naegleria fowleri displaying the Australian type of restriction-fragment-length polymorphism

Fischer, S.; Pivot, D., 1992:
Appearance in Switzerland of the cecidomyiid Dasineura gleditchiae O.S. (Diptera, Cecidomyiidae) pest of honeylocust Gleditsia triacanthos L

Swirski, E.; Izhar, Y.; Wysoki, M., 1991:
Appearance of Aphis gossypii Glover and Aphis spiraecola Patch (Rhynchota: Aphidoidea) on avocado, persimmon and macadamia

Reddy, M.V.; Raju, T.N.; Nene, Y.L., 1991:
Appearance of a new strain of pigeonpea sterility mosaic pathogen

Reipsch, S., 1990:
Appearance of damage by Oria musculosa Hb. (Lep., Noctuidae) in the Erfurt area

Ouedraogo, J.B.; Lamizana, L.; Toe, A.C.R.; Kumlien, S.; Gbary, A.R.; Guiguemde, T.R., 1991:
Appearance of drug resistant malaria in Burkina Faso

Kimura, J.; Sato, K.; Tsukise, A.; Okano, M., 1991:
Appearance of lectin binding affinity to the zona pellucida during hamster oocyte maturation

Nemeth, I., 1991:
Appearance of mediterranean weeds in County Heves

Scholtens Toma, I.M.J.; Joosten, M.H.A.J.; Wit, P.J.G.M. de, 1991:
Appearance of pathogen-related proteins in plant hosts: relationships between compatible and incompatible interactions

Kruger, J., 1991:
Appearance of sooty blotch and Phyllosticta leaf spots in unsprayed fields at Ahrensburg

Bel Kahla, A.; Tainturier, D.; Zaiem, B., 1991:
Appearance of the arthritis encephalitis syndrome in a herd of goats in Tunisia

Hibino, Y.; Iwahashi, O., 1991:
Appearance of wild females unreceptive to sterilized males on Okinawa Is. in the eradication program of the melon fly, Dacus cucurbitae Coquillett (Diptera: Tephritidae)

Mazet, J.F.; Janin, G., 1990:
Appearance qualities of oak veneers: colour measurement and criteria used to classify veneers by French and Italian wood specialists

Singh, B.P.; Bhattacharyya, S.K., 1990:
Appearance, build up and spread of late blight in relation to source of inoculum

Norris, P.E.; Cuperus, G.W.; Collins, J.K., 1991:
Appearance, cost and pesticide residue impacts on produce purchases

Nadler, S.; Cappell, M.S.; Bhatt, B.; Matano, S.; Kure, K., 1990:
Appendiceal infection by Entamoeba histolytica and Strongyloides stercoralis presenting like acute appendicitis

Bredesen, J.; Falensteen Lauritzen, A.; Kristiansen, V.B.; Sørensen, C.; Kjersgaard, P., 1988:
Appendicitis and enterobiasis in children

Bonnet, D.; Muizon, H. de; Zimmermann, J.M.; Robert, J.L.; Martet, G.; Klotz, F.; Briant, J.F.; Lecamus, J.L.; Regimbaud, M., 1991:
Appendicular tuberculosis and helminthiasis

Wismans, W.M.G., 1991:
Appendix to the document The approval of milk recording equipment

Peitersen, N., 1991:
Appendix. Genetic manipulation and practical phage resistance

Houpt, K.A.; Houpt, T.R., 1991:
Appetite and feeding behavior

Morley, J.E., 1990:
Appetite regulation by gut peptides

Maiorova, V.I., 1989:

Anonymous, 1991:
Apple (Malus domestica). Variety: 'Big Time'. Application no. 90/060

Cooley, D.R., 1990:
Apple IPM programs in New England: a plant pathologist perspective

Sawamura, K.; Harada, Y.; Yukita, K., 1990:
Apple Valsa canker caused by Valsa ceratosperma (Tode : Fr.) Maire

Xue, G.R.; Niu, J.Z.; Yang, Z.Y.; Shi, Y.Z.; Fei, K.W., 1990:
Apple anther culture technique and the successful culture of pollen plantlets of 8 major apple cultivars

Hiebler, I.A., 1990:
Apple blossom weevil: investigations on control

Ponomarenko, V.V., 1990:
Apple breeding in Hungary

Marshall, D.; Burgess, G., 1991:
Apple bruise damage estimation using an instrumented sphere

Srivastava, A.K.; Mandhar, S.C.; Singh, M.D., 1992:
Apple bruise prediction models using dimensional analysis

Marshall, D.E.; Brown, G.K.; Wolthuis, R.J., 1991:
Apple bruise reduction with a new bagger design

Armstrong, P.A.; Timm, E.J.; Schulte, N.L.; Brown, G.K., 1991:
Apple bruising in bulk bins during road transport

Schulte, N.L.; Timm, E.J.; Armstrong, P.A.; Brown, G.K., 1991:
Apple bruising, a problem during hand harvesting

Grauslund, J., 1990:
Apple cultivar evaluation for 1990

Walsh, C.S., 1991 :
Apple cultivars - current situation and future trends around the world - Australia and New Zealand

Norton, R.A., 1991:
Apple cultivars - current situation and future trends in Japan

Miller, S.S., 1991:
Apple cultivars - current situation and trends around the world. An introduction

Stiles, W.C., 1991:
Apple cultivars - current situation and trends in New York State

Smykov, V.K.; Khrolikova, A.K.; Baskakova, V.L.; Latsko, T.A., 1989:
Apple cultivars for intensive orchards

Lezec, M. le; Babin, J.; Lespinasse, J.M.; Delort, F.; Masseron, A.; Dalle, E.; Tronel, C., 1988:
Apple cultivars. Stage A

Monteverde, E.E., 1989:
Apple cultivation in Venezuela

Ko, W.W., 1990:
Apple cultivation in the highlands of Malaysia

Parish, C.L., 1989:
Apple decline: characterization, cause and cure

Armstrong, P.R.; Brown, G.K., 1991:
Apple firmness sorting using a nondestructive acoustic technique

Studman, C.J., 1990:
Apple handling damage in New Zealand

Schulte, N.; Brown, G.; Timm, E., 1992:
Apple impact damage thresholds

Sparks, A.L.; Seale, J.L.J.; Buxton, B.M., 1990:
Apple import demand: four markets for U.S. fresh apples

Warner, J.; Smith, A., 1989:
Apple maggot, Rhagoletis pomonella (Diptera: Tephritidae), response to traps, synthetic lures and adhesive in field tests in Ontario

Verni, G.; Sita, L.; Nicetto, N., 1991:
Apple marketing in Italy

Thiele, G.F., 1991:
Apple monitoring: a whole system approach to grower education and research: Germany and the Netherlands

Brown, G.K.; Schulte Pason, N.L.; Timm, E.J.; Burton, C.L.; Marshall, D.E., 1990:
Apple packing line impact damage reduction

Oleszek W.; Lee C.Y.; Price K.R., 1989:
Apple phenolics and their contribution to enzymatic browning reactions

Ellinger, W., 1991:
Apple production in Brazil in the price-cost squeeze

Osterreicher, J., 1992:
Apple sawfly in Burggrafenamt

Singler, D.; Stosser, R., 1990:
Apple scab (Venturia inaequalis): histological studies on fruits of resistant and susceptible varieties

Gupta, G.K., 1990:
Apple scab - a review

Travis, J.W.; Rytte, J.L.; Hickey, K.D.; Kleiner, W.C., 1991:
Apple scab resistance to benomyl in Pennsylvania apple orchards

Chevalier, M.; Lespinasse, Y., 1989:
Apple scab: studies of sensitivity and resistance using scanning electron microscopy

Han, Z.H.; Baligar, V.C.; Korcak, R.F.; Shen, T., 1990:
Apple seedling response to calcium

Schecter I.; Elfving D.C.; Proctor J.T.A., 1991:
Apple tree canopy development and photosynthesis as affected by rootstock

Lehman L.J.; Young E.; Unrath C.R., 1990:
Apple tree vigor influences flowering and dry weight after paclobutrazol application

Villeneuve, F.; Ferre, G.; Blanc, R., 1990:
Apple trees. A better understanding of chemical thinning

Lezec, M. le; Babin, J.; Delort, F.; Lespinasse, J.M.; Masseron, A.; Dalle, E.; Tronel, C.; Mathieu, V.; Trillot, M.; Lavoisier, C., 1990:
Apple trees. The choice of pollinators

Pratt, C., 1990:
Apple trees: morphology and anatomy

Braniste, N., 1989:
Apple varieties with genetic resistance to scab

Shcherbatko, V.D., 1989:
Apple varieties with high fruit keeping quality promising for crop production and breeding

Hull, J.Jr, 1991:
Apple variety trends in Michigan

Schulte Pason, N.L.; Timm, E.J.; Brown, G.K., 1990:
Apple, peach and pear impact damage thresholds

Bollinger, H., 1991:
Apple-based products for the food processing industry

Lespinasse, Y., 1990:
Apple. 2. Breeding

Way, R.D.; Aldwinckle, H.S.; Lamb, R.C.; Rejman, A.; Sansavini, S.; Shen, T.; Watkins, R.; Westwood, M.N.; Yoshida, Y., 1990:
Apples (Malus)

Finetto, G.A.; E.W.rd, H., 1990:
Apples and peaches in the highlands of the Yemen Arab Republic

Kodde, K.; Jager, A. de, 1990:
Apples this year are susceptible to bitter pit

Trillot, M.; Guignebault, P.; Lavoisier, C., 1990:
Apples. Chemical thinning

Chapon, J.F., 1990:
Apples. New trends in storage in controlled atmosphere. Application to the principal cultivars

Masseron, A.; Dalle, E.; Hutin, C., 1990:
Apples. The prospects for new systems of management of orchards. First part. The current situation

Masseron, A.; Dalle, E.; Hutin, C., 1990:
Apples. The prospects for new systems of orchard management. Third part: preliminary results

Gotz, R., 1991:
Applicability of Annexes 1-3 of the Milk Ordinance (1989) to medium-size farms belonging in the Mittelweser Dairy Testing Association

Kovacs Domjan, H.; Tabajdi Pinter, V.; Zsarnoczay, G.; Ralovich, B., 1991:
Applicability of ELISA kits to demonstrate listerias in foods

Kandiah, R.; Wikramanayake, T.W., 1988:
Applicability of NCHS height-for-age and weight-for-age reference values to Sri Lankan school children

Steinmetz, J.; Schonbeck, F., 1992:
Applicability of different formulations of fungal antagonists for the control of soil-borne diseases

Xu, S.; Zhang, Q.; Britton, M.G., 1991:
Applicability of endochronic model to grain en masse

Drew, P.G.; Ruddick, L.A.; Wilcock, A.B., 1990:
Applicability of media containing 4-methyl umbelliferyl beta -D glucuronide (MUG) for the detection of Escherichia coli in raw milk, pasteurised milk and cheese

Yang, Y.C., 1988:
Applicability of multivariate analysis of variance in tree breeding research

Ooster, A. van ' t, 1991:
Applicability of natural ventilation in veal-calf houses: a theoretical approach

Vasiljevic L.; Atlagic J.; Skoric D., 1990:
Applicability of new biotechnological methods in sunflower breeding

Patel, R.; Sinha, R.N.; Sinha, P.R., 1990:
Applicability of resuscitation step in a rapid coliform test for processed milk products

Madeyski, M.; Banasik, K., 1989:
Applicability of the Modified Universal Soil Loss Equation in small Carpathian watersheds

Schweitzer, R.; Puschner, A., 1989:
Applicability of the replacement technique for the estimation of thyroxine secretion rates in rats receiving diets containing goitrogenic compounds

Irigoyen, J.H.; Sabbatini, M.R.; Fernandez, O.A., 1989:
Application alternatives to optimize the use of copper sulphate in drainage ditches

Praaning van Dalen, D.P., 1992:
Application and regulatory position of Maxiren

Puchwein, G.; Brodacz, W., 1990:
Application and spread of an insecticide in the environment: a case study of heptachlor in raw milk

Iimoto, M., 1991:
Application characteristics of a sprayer with a twin-fluid nozzle

Koblitz, T., 1992:
Application fields of modern drying techniques - Drying, instantization, granulation

Gardiner, E.S.; Yeiser, J.L., 1990:
Application height and spot size for streamline treatments

Jaen, R., 1989:
Application in Spain of the Common Fisheries Policy. Effect on the Spanish fishing sector

Wirodidjojo, S., 1989:
Application linear programming model for watershed management planning

Gaudet, D.A.; Puchalski, B.J.; Entz, T., 1992:
Application methods influencing the effectiveness of carboxin for control of common bunt caused by Tilletia tritici and T. laevis in spring wheat

Nommik, H., 1990:
Application of 15N as a tracer in studying fertiliser nitrogen transformations and recovery in coniferous ecosystems

Ikekawa,, Y., 1991:
Application of 24-epibrassinolide in agriculture

Pullin, AS.; Fontaine, XLR.; Bale, JS., 1990:
Application of 31P-NMR to the study of pre-freeze mortality in aphids

Lorenzo, P., 1990:
Application of 60Co gamma radiation to control insects in stored rice. Part IV. Lasioderma serricorne (Anobiidae: Coleoptera), Alphitobius diaperinus and Tenebrionido sp. (Tenebrionidae: Coleoptera)

Stanfield, G.; Jago, P.H., 1989:
Application of ATP determinations to measure the concentration of assimilable organic carbon in water

Wray, N.R.; Simm, G.; Thompson, R.; Bryan, J., 1991:
Application of BLUP in beef breeding programmes

Long, T.; Brandt, H.; Hammond, K., 1991:
Application of Best Linear Unbiased Prediction to genetic evaluation in pigs

Aliev, M.A.; Mamedov, M.M.; Seisembaev, M.A.; Madzhuga, V.P., 1990:
Application of CO2-laser in the surgical treatment of complicated liver hydatid

Minta, Z.; Dambrine, G.; Coudert, F.; Karczewski, W., 1991:
Application of DAS-ELISA test for detection of avian leukosis virus infection in basic breeding flocks in Poland

Curran, J., 1991:
Application of DNA analysis to nematode taxonomy

Sharon, D.; Weinstein, A.; Hillel, J.; Lavi, U., 1991:
Application of DNA fingerprint to subtropical fruit trees for identification and breeding

Prasad, B.; Singh, O.L., 1988:
Application of Dyar's Law on the study of the larval instars of Odoiporus longicollis (Oliv.) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) during the different seasons of the year

Jedrychowski, L.; Korczakowska, B.; Grabska, J., 1991:
Application of ELISA in food analyses

Thamsborg, S.M., 1988:
Application of ELISA in sheep lungworm (Dictyocaulus filaria) infection

Mikaliuniene, V., 1991:
Application of Fosulen and Utal to fibre flax

Zhang, X.Y.; Wu, S.L., 1988:
Application of GM (1,1) model to forest disease catastrophic forecasting

Wang, K.N.; Jiang, B.G., 1992:
Application of Gompertz growth model to the study of growth and development in Angora rabbits

Cape, J.N.; Vogt, T.C., 1991:
Application of Hartel's turbidity test across Europe

Vlekkert, H.H. van den; Kouwenhoven, J.P.M.; Wingerden, A.A.M. van, 1992:
Application of ISFETs in closed-loop systems for horticulture

Savchuk, A.L.; Gamanyuk, N.I., 1991:
Application of KAS with Dialene to winter wheat

Krylova, A.I.; Dydiv, I.V., 1991:
Application of KAS with nitrification inhibitor to winter wheat

Lee, C.S.; Tamaru, C.S., 1990:
Application of LHRH-a cholesterol pellets to maturation of finfish: milkfish

Fan, M.Z.; Guo, C.; Li, N.C., 1990:
Application of Metarhizium anisopliae against forest pests

Saito, H.; Udagawa, M., 1992:
Application of NMR to evaluate the oxidative deterioration of brown fish meal

Tateo, F.; Martin, G.J., 1991:
Application of NMR-MS for discrimination of the origins of sugars in fruit juices and derivatives. First analysis on the Italian market

Nikul' nikov, I.M., 1991:
Application of Nabu and Fusilade to irrigated sugarbeet

Hekken, D.L. van; Thompson, M.P., 1992:
Application of PhastSystemReg. to the resolution of bovine milk proteins on urea-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis

Ganal, M.W.; Martin, G.B.; Messeguer, R.; Tanksley, S.D., 1990:
Application of RFLPs, physical mapping and large DNA technologies to the cloning of important genes from crop plants

Su, C.H.; Hsu, L.R.; Tung, T.C., 1991:
Application of SE-HPLC on analyzing polysaccharides produced by mushrooms

Sharma, A.; Sharma, K.N., 1990:
Application of SRID and micro-ELISA for detection of sheep-pox vaccination response in crossbred lambs

Wanjura, D.F.; Upchurch, D.R.; Mahan, J.R., 1989:
Application of TKW principles to cotton production management

Khodzhakulov, T.Kh, 1991:
Application of Tur to barley

Chagarovsky, A.P.; Chagarovsky, V.P., 1990:
Application of UF-permeate in the manufacture of food products and feeds

Brooker, B.E., 1989:
Application of X-ray analysis to the study of food materials

Swalve, H.; Vogel Lackenberg, R.; Reents, R., 1990:
Application of a BLUP animal model for estimating breeding value in dairy cattle

Malcolme-Lawes, D.J.; Wong, K.H.; Smith, B.V., 1992:
Application of a computer-controlled flow analyser to the determination of glucose and to the study of beta -galactosidase activity

Walther, J.; Grunewald, U., 1991:
Application of a decision supporting model for agricultural management in drinking water protection areas

Wermelinger, B.; Baumgartner, J., 1990:
Application of a demographic crop growth model: an explorative study on the influence of nitrogen on grapevine performance

Diekkruger, B., 1989:
Application of a distributed catchment model for the simulation of water transport in agroecosystems

Burdaspal, P.A.; Legarda, T.M.; Berenguer, J., 1991:
Application of a fluorometric method to routine analysis of paralysing toxins (PSP) in bivalve molluscs

Alvarez, E.; Calvo, R., 1992:
Application of a fractionation method to the chemical speciation of aluminium in soil solutions from Galicia

Suprapto, A., 1989:
Application of a general equilibrium model for agricultural policy analysis: a case study of fertilizer input subsidy in rice production in Indonesia

Schwarzenbach, F.H.; Urfer, W., 1989:
Application of a general strategy for the solution of ecological problems, as exemplified by permanent observation plots

Andronov, V.F.; Burkov, G.I.; Papadich, I.A.; Garpinchenko, T.V., 1990:
Application of a general-purpose pulse PMR relaxation method for determination of moisture and fats in rapeseed

Kovalev, N.I.; Karzeva, N.J.; Fiterer, V.O.; Smolenzeva, A.A., 1991:
Application of a graphical analytical method for optimizing multicomponent protein mixtures

Lipinski, A.; Mieszkalski, L., 1991:
Application of a hammer crusher unit to breaking up of faba bean seeds assigned to further processing

Khan, M.H., 1991:
Application of a linear rainfall-discharge model to Halda Basin

Smith, E.J.; Levin, I., 1991:
Application of a locus-specific DNA hybridization probe in the analysis of the slow-feathering endogenous virus complex of chickens

Gross, R.; Eeles, C.W.O.; Gustard, A., 1990:
Application of a lumped conceptual model to FREND catchments

Yu, Z.Z.; Zhou, Z.H., 1988:
Application of a matrix model and linear programming to the yield regulation of uneven-aged stands

Wershaw, R.L., 1989:
Application of a membrane model to the sorptive interactions of humic substances

Ball, H.J.; Finlay, D.; Mackie, D.P.; Greer, D.; Pollock, D.; McNair, J., 1991:
Application of a monoclonal antibody-based enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for detection of an inflammatory response antigen in subclinical mastitic milk samples

Wu, F.X.; Jin, Y.Z., 1991:
Application of a neutron probe in the measurement of the moisture content in frozen soils

Ukai, Y., 1990:
Application of a new method for selection of mutants in a cross-fertilizing species to recurrently mutagen-treated populations of Italian ryegrass

Mi, S.S.; Qi, X., 1992:
Application of a new technology for seed processing

Przykorska, A.; Nalaskowska, M.; Kuligowska, E.; Szarkowski, J.W.; Barciszewski, J., 1991:
Application of a nuclease from rye nucleus for structural studies of plant ribonucleic acids

Liu, S.; Munson, R.; Johnson, D.; Gherini, S.; Summers, K.; Hudson, R.; Wilkinson, K.; Pitelka, L., 1991:
Application of a nutrient cycling model (NuCM) to a northern mixed hardwood and a southern coniferous forest

Park, B.G.; Yoon, J.H., 1991:
Application of a prediction model for long-term changes of available phosphorus in soil growing red pepper

Caldas, M.M.; Rezende, A.M.; Silva, C.A.B. da; Santos, M.L. dos, 1990:
Application of a probit model to the analysis of small farmers' decisions to sell

Prasad, R.N.; Prasad, H.; Virk, K.J.; Sharma, V.P., 1990:
Application of a simplified in-vivo test for determining chloroquine resistance in Plasmodium falciparum

Snyman, H.A.; Rensburg, W.J.L. van; Opperman, D.J.P., 1986:
Application of a soil loss equation on natural veld of the central Orange Free State

Rongvaux Gaida, D.; Piton Malleret, C., 1991:
Application of a turbidimetric version of the Limulus test to the evaluation of the Gram-negative flora in raw milk

Childs, H.E., 1992:
Application of a variable frequency drive on a rotary tippler

Oetting, R.D., 1988:
Application of abamectin for Frankliniella occidentalis control in glasshouses

Goebiowska, D.; Milczarek, I.; Puzyna, W.; Szczodrowska, B., 1988:
Application of absorption spectra in investigation of changes in humus substances of soils cultivated under rye monoculture

Kovar, P., 1990:
Application of adapted curve number model on the Sputka basin

Jones, A., 1992:
Application of agricultural slurry to grassland using an umbilical fed applicator

Noguchi, N.; An, S.T.; Terao, H., 1991:
Application of alcohol fumigation to diesel tractor engine (Part 2). Operation of a tractor engine with dual fuel

Noguchi, N.; Terao, H., 1991:
Application of alcohol fumigation to diesel tractor engine (part 1) - development of a dual-fuel control system

Noguchi, N.; Sakai, T.; Terao, H., 1992:
Application of alcohol fumigation to diesel tractor engine (part 3). Analysis of combination for a multicylinder engine with dual-fuel

Kuvshinnikov, V.A.; Morozkina, T.S.; Svirnovskii, A.I.; Polyakova, Z.I.; Strel' nikov, A.V.; Oletskii, E.I.; Lisitsina, L.P.; Shkrebneva, I.I.; Sukolinskii, V.N., 1989:
Application of an antioxidant complex of vitamins A, E and C in mouse leukaemia

Mcnab W.B.; Forsberg C.M.; Clarke R.C., 1991:
Application of an automated hydrophobic grid membrane filter interpreter system at a poultry abattoir

Rahman, M.B.; Chowdhury, S.M.Z.H.; Rahman, M.F.; Rahman, M.M., 1991:
Application of an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for typing and subtyping of foot and mouth disease virus in Bangladesh

Alonso, O.; Rojas, X.; Correa, J.; Ortega H., 1991:
Application of an immunoenzyme test on nitrocellulase paper for the detection of antibodies to Brucella. 1. Experiments with blood serum of cattle

Rojas, X.; Alonso, O.; Ortega, H.; Correa, J., 1991:
Application of an immunoenzyme test on nitrocellulase paper for the detection of antibodies to Brucella. II. Experiments on milk and whey of cows

Strong, W.M.; Cooper, J.E., 1992:
Application of anhydrous ammonia or urea during the fallow period for winter cereals on the Darling Downs, Queensland. I. Effect of time of application on soil mineral N at sowing

Mora, F.; Ramirez, C.; Vargas, E.; Rodriguez, T., 1989:
Application of antagonistic bacteria for the control of American leaf spot disease of coffee caused by Mycena citricolor (Berk & Curt) Sacc

Lu, Q. et al, 1990:
Application of antifouling paint in sea-water pipeline

Iwagaki, I.; Hirose, K., 1990:
Application of benzylaminopurine (BA) to citrus trees

Fischer, H.; Lembcke, B., 1991:
Application of bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) for estimation of body composition and nutritional status

Gonenc I.E.; Orhon D.; Baykal B.B., 1991:
Application of biofilm kinetics to anaerobic fixed bed reactors

Paster, N.; Calderon, M.; Menasherov, M.; Barak, V.; Mora, M., 1991:
Application of biogenerated modified atmospheres for insect control in small grain bins

Lobl, F., 1992:
Application of biotechnological methods of fertilizer waste evaluation under ecological conditions of agricultural production

Magasch, A., 1991 :
Application of biotechnological techniques in yak breeding (brief communication)

Stiller, D., 1990:
Application of biotechnology for the diagnosis and control of ticks and tick-borne diseases

Yadav, K.R.; Kapoor, V.; Paliwal, V.K., 1991:
Application of biotechnology in animal sciences

Chen, W.H.; Hsieh, R.M.; Tsai, W.T.; Wu, C.C., 1990:
Application of biotechnology in the improvement of Phalaenopsis

Havenstein G.B.; Crittenden L.B.; Petitte J.N.; Qureshi M.A.; Foster D.N., 1992:
Application of biotechnology in the poultry industry

Hartwig, W.; Manzelgy, M.; Hartwig, E., 1990:
Application of biotechnology of reproduction in farm animals in the Syrian Arab Republic

Matsui T.; Kyosai S.; Takahashi M., 1991:
Application of biotechnology to municipal wastewater treatment

Vickery, A.C., 1989:
Application of biotechnology to study of filarial parasites

Munoz Luna, A., 1992:
Application of biotechnology to the breeding and health of pigs. A review

Meulemans, M., 1990:
Application of biotechnology to the selection of disease resistant sugarbeet

Roberts, D.R., 1989:
Application of biotechnology to the study of arthropod vectors: remote sensing and associated technologies

Jia, J.Z., 1990:
Application of biotechnology to the study of germplasm resources of wheat and barley

Ash, L.R., 1989:
Application of biotechnology to the study of nematodes

Carney, W.P., 1989:
Application of biotechnology to the study of trematodes: the blood flukes

Latimer, J.G.; Thomas, P.A., 1991:
Application of brushing for growth control of tomato transplants in a commercial setting

Park, I.; Kho, S.; Nam, I., 1990:
Application of cabbage peroxidase for glucose assay

Orellana, J.A. de; Pilatti, M.A., 1990:
Application of calcic amendments to a B2t horizon

Robertson, G.W., 1990:
Application of calculated crop-available soil water in semi-arid areas

Fries, M.R.; Aita, C., 1990:
Application of cattle manure and biodigester effluent to a red-yellow podzolic soil: the effect on dry matter production and nitrogen absorption by a sorghum crop

Hou, R.F.; Su, S.Y., 1990:
Application of cell culture system to pathological studies in the silkworm, Bombyx mori

Simionescu, C.I.; Popa, V.I.; Colf, V.; Rusan, V.; Marinescu, C.; Bodirlau, R., 1989:
Application of chemical-biotechnological concepts to wood bark evaluation

Mori T., 1990:
Application of chlorophyll fluorescence kinetics to the study of stress physiology in trees

Khokhlova, I.K.; Overchuk, V.I., 1991:
Application of chlorsulfuron in cereal crops

Smirnov, N.P.; Malinin, B.N., 1990:
Application of climatic data to estimation, exploitation and management of water resources

Kumar A.; Varma S.K., 1991:
Application of cluster analysis in the classification of fullsib groups of chicken

Karag' ozov, V.; Krachanov, K., 1988:
Application of combined emulsifiers and stabilizers to the production of fruit, milk, and milk-fruit whipped products

Smith, E.M.; Treaster, S.A., 1991:
Application of composted municipal sludge in the landscape

Masumitsu, H.; Shibata, E., 1990:
Application of computed radiography system for horses. I. Decrease of X-ray exposure and improvement of X-ray image quality. II. Superimposed and subtracted image processings

Metzger, J.F.; Abu, M.A.; Mayo, J.; Makhlouf, M.A.; Brichieri Colombi, J.S.A., 1991:
Application of computer aided drainage design and drafting in Egypt

Debertin, D.; Jones, L., 1991:
Application of computer graphics to undergraduate instruction in agricultural economics

Anonymous, 1991:
Application of computers in the dairy industry

Hack, G.R., 1992:
Application of computervision systems in horticulture

Rodák, L.; Smíd, B.; Valícek, L., 1991:
Application of control measures against viral haemorrhagic disease of rabbits in the Czech and Slovak Federal Republic

Osanai, T.; Miura, K.; Nara, Y.; Hanzawa, M.; Shibata, N.; Suzuki, S., 1992:
Application of coprecipitation method with zirconium hydroxide on microscale determination of Ca and Mg in environmental water

Erbach, D.; Tollefson, J., 1991:
Application of corn insecticide granules to minimize hazard to birds

Verma, S.P.; Bhardwaj, R.M.; Gautam, O.P., 1989:
Application of countercurrent immunoelectrophoresis (CIEP) in the sero-diagnosis of Toxoplasma antibodies in sheep

Thornton, P., 1991:
Application of crop simulation models in agricultural research and development in the tropics and subtropics

Victor, U.S.; Srivastava, N.N.; Rao, B.V.R., 1991:
Application of crop water use models under rainfed conditions in seasonally arid tropics

Sharma, S.B.; Chahal, S.S., 1990:
Application of culture filtrate of Claviceps fusiformis for creating stress conditions to pearl millet callus cultures in vitro

Townsend, R.; Greif, K.A., 1990:
Application of diagnostics to the development of crops

Liu, W.; Liu, J.F.; Jia, W.Z.; Zhang, K.Y.; Tian, G.F.; Wei, R.S.; Chen, Y.J.; Cheng, Y.F.; Gu, H.M., 1991:
Application of dialysed hydatid cyst fluid antigen in ELISA for diagnosing sheep echinococcosis

Adams, C.A., 1991:
Application of different antioxidants

Buttenbach, L.; Weiland, P., 1990:
Application of different fluidized bed reactors and support materials for anaerobic treatment of high strength effluents

Straub, O.C.; Lorenz, R.J., 1991:
Application of different immunosuppressive drugs to latently BHV1-infected cattle

Taguado, H.D.A.; Gomez, L.J., 1989:
Application of different sulfur sources to soyabean (Glycine Max L. Merril) in greenhouse experiments with three soil types of the Cauca River Valley, Colombia

Bach, A.; Cecot, A., 1989:
Application of double-phase culture media in micropropagation of Hyacinthus orientalis cv. Carnegie. II. Effect of auxins on growth and development

Jones, A.T., 1992:
Application of double-stranded RNA analysis of plants to detect viruses, virus-like agents, virus satellites and subgenomic viral RNAs

Liu, Q.S.; Cao, Y.S.; Wang, X.Z.; Shi, F.Z.; Ding, W.D.; Zhang, Z.T., 1989:
Application of drought-resistant agent to groundnuts on different dates

Lim, K.B.; Choe, Y.W.; Yang, J.S.; Heo, W.H., 1991:
Application of early-maturing corn to cropping system of forage crop. II. Effects of late sowing and dense planting of early-maturing corn on forage productivity

Senesi, N., 1990:
Application of electron spin resonance (ESR) spectroscopy in soil chemistry

Lebedev, S.A.; Salin, S.S., 1990:
Application of electronics and computer technology in systems for managing and monitoring the abundance of injurious organisms (review)

White, T.J.; Gonzalez, C.F., 1991:
Application of electroporation for efficient transformation of Xanthomonas campestris pv. oryzae

Kiss, F., 1989:
Application of electrostatic (ES) charging and droplet forming equipment on machines for plant protection

MacDonald, R.; Henderson, G., 1991:
Application of energy efficient lighting systems in livestock and poultry facilities

Gupta, S.K.; Sinha, A.K.; Prasad, R.L.; Singh, B., 1991:
Application of enzygnost (R) milk progesterone test kit for detection of early pregnancy in cows and buffaloes

Hansen, P.D.; Hock, B.; Kanne, R.; Krotzky, A.; Obst, U.; Oehmichen, U.; Schlett, C.; Schmid, R.; Weil, L., 1991:
Application of enzyme immunoassays for the determination of s-triazines in water samples: interlaboratory test from 13 laboratories

Njeruh, F.M.; Gathura, P.B.; Gathuma, J.M., 1989:
Application of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) based on two E. granulosus antigens in the diagnosis of human hydatidosis

Biekman, E.S.A., 1989:
Application of enzymes in processing of potatoes to consumer products

Wei, X.Y., 1990:
Application of enzymology to edible fungi. I. Research on isoenzymes

Yarushin, A.M.; Shiyan, V.I., 1991:
Application of fertilizers in a crop rotation on ochrous volcanic soils of Kamchatka

Yavtushenko, V.E.; Medvedev, S.S.; Khuzin, I.A.; Slobodyanyuk, K.V., 1991:
Application of fertilizers to barley on sloping land

Ksenz, L.I., 1991:
Application of fertilizers to sugarbeet stecklings in a hothouse

Ritter, J.B., 1992:
Application of field infiltration data to hydrologic model parameterization: an example from drainage basins distributed by surface mining

Harding, A.R.; Walsh, J.P., 1990:
Application of field mobile EDXRF analysis to contaminated soil characterization

Yamamoto, M.; Mukai, Y., 1989:
Application of fluorescence in situ hybridization to molecular cytogenetics of wheat

Goebiowska, D.; Milczarek, I.; Puzyna, W.; Szczodrowska, B., 1988:
Application of fluorescence to the investigation of changes occurring in humus substances of soils affected by monoculture rye cultivation

Sentelhas, P.C.; Teixeira, N.T.; Barbosa, L.J., 1987:
Application of foliar nitrogen fertilizer associated with the use of plant growth regulators in the cultivation of rice (Oryza sativa L. cv. IAC-165)

Kuo, P.C.; Liu, I.H., 1988:
Application of food consumption and mark-recapture in the control of the Formosan red-bellied tree squirrel. An estimation of the activity and distribution of the squirrel in an infested plantation of China-fir

Taranov, M.T.; Boraeva, L.N.; Goll' dvarg, B.A.; Boraev, K.B.; Basangov, A.P., 1991:
Application of formic acid with silage additives

Ambrose, W.R., 1990:
Application of freeze-drying to archaeological wood

Konig, G., 1990:
Application of fundamentals of calculation for the computer-aided determination of power and energy demand in land-tilling implements

Diaz Franco, A., 1989:
Application of fungicides to bean plants against Macrophomina phaseolina

Wang, Z.Z.; Lin, K.H.; Faan, H.C., 1990:
Application of fuzzy cluster analysis to temporal and spatial dynamics of Chinese-small-cabbage mosaic disease and its vectors

Luo, H.H.; Hu, Y.H.; Wang, J.Q., 1991:
Application of fuzzy function to forecasting of Gibberella zeae in wheat

Morimoto, T.; Hashimoto, Y., 1991:
Application of fuzzy logic and neural network to the process control of solution pH in deep hydroponic culture

Georgieva Todorova, J.; Vassileva, R., 1988:
Application of gamma-irradiated pollen and in vitro technics for transfer of genetic information

Copin, A.; Deleu, R.; Salembier, J.F., 1989:
Application of gas liquid chromatography, thin layer chromatography and mass spectrometry in studies of residues of 2 herbicides (isoxaben and chlorotoluron) in soil

Unnikrishnan, K.R.; Bhattacharya, K.R., 1988:
Application of gel consistency test to parboiled rice

Raymundo, A.K.; Nelson, R., 1989:
Application of genetic engineering to pest management

Vos, W.M. de, 1991:
Application of genetic manipulation to lactic cultures

Atreya, C.D., 1992:
Application of genome sequence information in potyvirus taxonomy: an overview

Daniyan, M.A.; Onu, N.N.; Verneijen, P.J.T.; Ajakaiye, D.E., 1990:
Application of geoelectric methods to groundwater prospecting in north eastern Nigeria

Petrini, R.H.; Haug, A.; Grisak, G.E.; Klahsen, K., 1989:
Application of geostatistical methods to assess direction, magnitude and uncertainty of ground water flow

Vicherov, E.; Urunov, I., 1991:
Application of glauconite to cotton

Yu, X.L.; Ren, C.Z., 1989:
Application of grey system theory to the migration of ladybeetle and Aphis control

Dyhr Nielsen, M., 1989:
Application of groundwater modelling in water resources management in Denmark

Hassan, E.A.; E.Q.esni, F.E.M., 1989:
Application of growth regulators in agriculture: a cytokinin-induced new morphogenetic phenomenon in carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus L.)

Rijkaert, G., 1991:
Application of growth regulators in seed crops of white clover (Trifolium repens L.) under Belgian climatic conditions

Joustra, Mk, 1989:
Application of growth regulators to ornamental shrubs for use as interior decoration

Pavlostathis S.G.; Mathavan G.N., 1992:
Application of headspace analysis for the determination of volatile organic compounds in contaminated soils

Sigitov, A.A., 1991:
Application of herbicides in bands

Alvarez, M.; Betancourt, M.A.; Jimenez, E.; Montalvo, J.M., 1990:
Application of herbicides in bare-root nurseries producing Pinus caribaea var. caribaea seedlings

Shchepetkov, N.G., 1988:
Application of herbicides in root crop seedbeds in Northern Kazakhstan

Dranishchev, N.I., 1991:
Application of herbicides to lucerne grown for seed production

Berzinya, G.Ya, 1989:
Application of herbicides to red clover and its cover crop of barley

Schramel, P., 1989:
Application of high resolution ICP- spectrometry to the determination of B, Be, Co, Mo and Sn in soils and similar matrices

Kanawjia, S.K.; Singh, S., 1991:
Application of hydrolysed lactose buffalo milk for Cheddar cheese

Mermut, A.R.; Protz, R.; Bisdom, E.B.A., 1990:
Application of image analysis at microscopic and submicroscopic levels in soil science

Chikushi, J.; Yoshida, S.; Eguchi, H., 1991:
Application of image processing to measurement of total length in root system

Itoh, M., 1989:
Application of immunoblotting to serodiagnosis of trematodiasis in experimental animal models

Rodriguez, C.; Martin, C.; Centrich, F., 1990:
Application of immunological techniques in the analysis of foods

Spolaor, D.; Santo, M.L. dal; Zilio, F.; Zanatta, P.; Adamo, C.; Joly, C.; Martignene, G.; Vola, G., 1990:
Application of impedimetry in analysis of dairy products

Xu, K.P.; Hill, B.; Betteridge, K.J., 1992:
Application of in vitro fertilisation techniques to obtain calves from valuable cows after slaughter

Tuyl, J.M. van; Bino, R.J.; Custers, J.B.M., 1990:
Application of in vitro pollination, ovary culture, ovule culture and embryo rescue in breeding of Lilium, Tulipa and Nerine

Schmuck, G., 1990:
Application of in vivo chlorophyll fluorescence in forest decline research

Saha V.; Hati R.; Sarkar P., 1990:
Application of indirect fluorescent antibody test in detecting serum antibody against hog cholera virus in swine

Oberoi, M.S.; Maiti, N.K.; Sharma, S.N., 1991:
Application of indirect sandwich dot-enzyme immunoassay for detection of equine influenza A/Equi-2 virus

Goto, I.; Muramoto, J.; Ninaki, M., 1991:
Application of inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry (ICP-AES) to soil analysis (Part 3). Total analysis of major elements in soils by lithium metaborate fusion ICP-AES

Goto, I.; Muramoto, J.; Ninaki, M., 1992:
Application of inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry (ICP-AES) to soil analysis (Part 5). Determination of hot water soluble boron in soils by ICP-AES

Tumonong, N.I.; Gacho, E.C.; Barrientos, R.P., 1990:
Application of industrial engineering in the boiling house

Zuo, C.C.; Ma, C.G.; Wu, C.W.; Wang, C.H., 1991:
Application of industrial television set in the research of pneumatic seed metering device

Pazzetti, G.A.; Cano, M.A.O.; Resende, M., 1992:
Application of infrared thermometry to irrigation of beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.): physiological parameters

Javaid, I., 1991:
Application of insecticides on cotton in Zambia: comparison of application techniques

Javaid, I., 1991:
Application of insecticides on cotton in Zambia: electrodyn swath rows

Baillod, M.; Charmillot, P.J.; Guignard, E.; Meylan, A.; Vallotton, R.; Antonin, P.; Jermini, M., 1990:
Application of integrated protection against vine pests

Lipkin, M., 1991:
Application of intermediate biomarkers to studies of cancer prevention in the gastrointestinal tract: introduction and perspective

Garcia, J.A.; Gil, P.; Cifrian, E.; Villar, A.; Casado, P., 1990:
Application of lactose content to the detection of subclinical mastitis

Brack, G.; Seibel, W., 1990:
Application of lactose in flour confectionery

Mathieu, P., 1990:
Application of land law and practices to irrigation planning

Werth, L.F.; Work, E.A., 1992:
Application of large-scale aerial photography for rangeland monitoring

Bajomi D.; Eross J.; Sasvari J.K.; Kis Varga A., 1990:
Application of larvicides and toxicant baits to control the breeding of houseflies in closed poultry houses and piggeries

Lalatta, F.V.sai, C.F.illa, O., 1990:
Application of leaf analysis on kiwifruit orchards in northern Italy

Wang, Y.P., 1990:
Application of leaf and soil analysis to orchard management

Gebre Selassie, N.A.; Willardson, L.S., 1991:
Application of least-squares land leveling

Sleptsov, E.S.; Brovik, E.A., 1989:
Application of leukocyte migration inhibition to evaluate cellular immunity in cattle revaccinated against brucellosis

Hernandez Cardona, R.; Hernandez Stefanoni, J.; Vargas Carballo, R., 1988:
Application of linear programming to the planning of plywood production

Sokolov, A.V., 1990:
Application of liquid preservatives to plant matter

Tsobel' , M.R.; Tsobel' , K.R., 1988:
Application of log-linear analysis to the study of the succession of forest communities in southeastern Estonia

Rao V.P., 1990:
Application of logistic model for predicting sesame dry matter

Drungil, C.; Mccuen, R.; Simanton,. Jr.;, 1990:
Application of low altitude photogrammetry to the determination of rangeland hydraulic parameters

Grandjean, D.; Paragon, B.M.; Grandjean, R.; Pibot, P.; Foraz, J.L., 1990:
Application of low protein, low phosphorus diets in the evolution, after the critical threshold, of chronic renal insufficiency in dogs. Clinical study of two specialized complete feeds

Yusupov, F.R.; Faritova, T.A., 1991:
Application of magnesium perchlorate in rearing male calves

Qiu, Z.Q.; Liu, Y.Q.; Tan, C.J.; Hu, J.C.; Zhang, M.Z.; Wang, F.W., 1990:
Application of manganese in combination with phosphorus in cultivation of soyabeans

Magal, J., 1990:
Application of marketing policy to the food industry

Klimes, F., 1992:
Application of mathematical methods in the regulation of grassland biomass production

Sally, H.; Rey, J., 1992:
Application of mathematical models for simulation of canal operations at Kirindi Oya, Sri Lanka: preliminary results

Anisimov, O.A.; Skvortsov, M.Y., 1989:
Application of mathematical models in investigating the influence of climate changes on permafrost

Anisimov, O.A.; Nelson, F.E., 1990:
Application of mathematical models to investigate the interaction between the climate and permafrost

Brink, B. ten; Veld, in' t, 1992:
Application of metabolic properties of lactic acid bacteria

Wittmann, W.; Fabricius, E.M.; Schneeweiss, U.; Schaepe, C.; Benedix, A.; Weissbrich, C.; Schwanbeck, U., 1990:
Application of microbiological cancer test to cattle infected with bovine leucosis virus

Yuan, M.; Ren, H.Y.; Wang, X.C.; Lou, C.H., 1991:
Application of microinjection techniques in plant physiological research

Kooistra, M.J., 1990:
Application of micromorphology to agronomic and environmental sciences

Galrao, E.Z., 1990:
Application of micronutrients and chalk on soyabean yield on varzea soils

Khurana, S.C.; Hooda, R.S.; Pandita, M.L., 1990:
Application of micronutrients to potato cv. Kufri Badshah

Khalid, A.M.; Aleem, M.I.H., 1991:
Application of microorganisms in coal cleaning processes

Wilson S.R.; Wharfe J.R., 1989:
Application of microscopic examination of activated sludge to operational control

Naidenov, A.S.; Eioessien, L.P.; Nosov, P.V., 1991:
Application of mineral fertilizers to spring barley

Teel, PD., 1991:
Application of modelling to the ecology of Boophilus annulatus (Say) (Acari: Ixodidae)

Coburn, S.P., 1992:
Application of models to the determination of nutrient requirements: an overview

Brem, G.; Brenig, B., 1990:
Application of modern cryogenic methods in conservation of animal genetic resources

Lettinga, G.; Pol, L.W.H., 1991:
Application of modern high rate anaerobic treatment processes for wastewater treatment

Herrera Fernandez, F., 1990:
Application of modern theory to control of boiling

Nienhuis, J.H.lentjaris, T., 1990:
Application of molecular marker technology to tomato improvement

Dodds, J.H., 1991:
Application of molecular methods at CIP, potato improvement through gene identification and gene transfer

Garcia, M.M.; Fraser, A.D.E.; Brooks, B.W.; Martin, D.M.J.; Lammerding, A.M.; Lior, H., 1989:
Application of molecular methods for further characterization and discrimination of Campylobacter jejuni and Campylobacter coli isolates fom meats

Robertson, I., 1991:
Application of molecular techniques for potato improvement in Africa

Dahle, J.; Liess, B.; Moennig, V.; Coulibaly, C.O.Z., 1991:
Application of monoclonal antibodies for the differential diagnosis of pestivirus infection in pigs

Pathak, K.M.L., 1989:
Application of monoclonal antibodies in parasitology

Mcdonald, T.C.en, Y., 1990:
Application of morphological image processing in agriculture

Omar, A.; Koblet, H., 1989:
Application of mosquito cell culture and Toga virus for studying the mechanism of membrane fusion

Igarashi, A., 1989:
Application of mosquito cell culture to the isolation of mosquito-borne flaviviruses

Satosa, D.; Goulter, I., 1991:
Application of multi-objective analysis to water storage-the Bili-Bili multi-purpose reservoir, Indonesia

Anderson, P.R.; Seymour, C.L.; Wood, P.R.; Sockett, D.C.; Collins, M.T., 1991:
Application of multiple diagnostic tests to the diagnosis and profiling of M. paratuberculosis infected herds

Tang, R.S.; Zhang, J.Y.; Wu, G.N.; Wang, A.W.; Lu, Y.T.; Huang, W.T.; Lou, D.Y.; Ye, S.Y.; Zhang, F.T.; Tang, M.Y.; Zhou, Y.S., 1990:
Application of multiple-effect triazole in raising stout rice seedlings

Carvalho, W.A.; Franca, G.V. de; Curi, P.R., 1990:
Application of multivariate analysis for discrimination of soil units of morphometric parameters of the watershed

Garcia, D.; Medina, N., 1991:
Application of multivariate analysis for the characterization of sites in the study of the evaluation of sugarcane cultivars (Saccharum sp.)

Castrignano, A., 1990:
Application of multivariate analysis of variance in experiments with measurements repeated in time

Bhatnagar, P.S.; Tiwari, S.P.; Prabhakar, 1990:
Application of mutagenesis for the improvement of an indigenous black seeded soybean variety of India

Doner, L.W., 1988:
Application of natural variations in 13C/12C ratios to detect adulteration of orange, lemon, and apple juices

Lu, G.Q.; Sheng, J.L., 1990:
Application of near infrared reflectance spectroscopy (NIRS) in sweet potato quality breeding

Pazourek, K.; Cerny, M., 1988:
Application of near infrared reflectance technique in the analysis of selected pig feed mixes

Burzawa, E.; Melle, M.; Groult, M., 1991:
Application of near-infrared analysis to online control of purity

Murase, H.; Koyama, S., 1991:
Application of neural networks to agricultural engineering problems

Tsuiki, M.; Shiyomi, M.; Takahashi, S.; Oku, T., 1992:
Application of neural networks to grassland management

Naka, W.; Hanyaku, H.; Tajima, S.; Harada, T.; Nishikawa, T., 1992:
Application of neutral red staining for evaluation of the viability of dermatophytes in human skin scales

Amer, M.H., 1991:
Application of new concept and modern technology in drainage planning in Egypt

Anderson, D.L.; Ernstrom, D.J.; Stahler, R.M., 1991:
Application of new technology in development of a soil survey information delivery system

Christmann, J.; Guiraud, G.; Lindemann, Y.; Marol, C., 1990:
Application of nitrogen fertilizer to sugarbeet

Eremin, A.S., 1991:
Application of nitrogen fertilizers to grass mixtures

Skhalyakho, S.K.; Maslivets, V.A., 1991:
Application of nitrogen fertilizers to rice

Alvim, M.J.; Botrel, M. de A.; Verneque, R. da S.; Salvati, J.A., 1990:
Application of nitrogen to Brachiaria accessions. 1. Effect on dry matter production

Lannevall, T.; Johnsson, B., 1991:
Application of nitrogen, insecticides and fungicides - an integrated decision model for barley

Lee, B.W., 1991:
Application of non-parametric model to prediction of heading date in direct-sown rice

Chattopadhyay, S.B.; Mairi, A., 1990:
Application of non-saline and brackish water for vegetables using drip irrigation

Krolski, M.E.; Bosnak, L.L.; Murphy, J.J., 1992:
Application of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy to the identification and quantitation of pesticide residues in the soil

Wilson, M.A., 1990:
Application of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy to whole soils

Iglesias, J.; Milera, M.; Remy, V.; Martinez, J.; Hernandez, J., 1990:
Application of nutrient balance on a commercial dairy farm

Fujita, M.; Hata, S.; Saiki, H., 1989:
Application of optical Fourier transformation and FFT to the quantitative analysis of wood structures

Zhang, S.H.; Terao, H.; Ueno, M.; Fujita, K., 1992:
Application of optimal control theory on tractor-trailer combination for farm use

Lichou, J.; Delaunay, V.; Garcin, A.; Vidaud, J.; Jay, M., 1988:
Application of paclobutrazol to stone fruit trees. Effects on vegetative growth and fruiting

Savitskii, V.N.; Proskura, N.N.; Osadchii, V.I.; Peleshenko, V.I., 1992:
Application of pelargonic acid to group extraction of heavy metals in analysis of solid natural materials

Hampton, R.E.; Oosterhuis, D.M., 1990:
Application of phenolic acids to manipulate boll distribution in cotton

Molinari, F.; Cravedi, P., 1990:
Application of pheromones in the control of Cydia molesta (Busck) (Lepidoptera, Tortricidae) by mating disruption in Piedmont

Mankarious, W.F., 1991:
Application of pipeline systems in irrigation - case study: El-Hammami pilot project

Lee, C.W., 1988:
Application of plant biotechnology for clonal propagation and yield enhancement in jojoba

Ding, F.Z.; Jiang, N.; Zhang, Y.Q.; Pan, Q., 1990:
Application of plant growth regulators in the cultivation of Flammulina velutipes

Marten, J., 1990:
Application of plastics in German agriculture and horticulture

Yourstone K.S.; Wallace D.H., 1990:
Application of plastochron index to common bean grown in controlled environments

Bertaccini, A., 1991:
Application of polymerase chain reaction for diagnosis in plant pathology

Urbaniak, M.; Potkanski, A., 1991:
Application of post-hydrolysis, dried soyabean pulp in feeding ruminants

Callan, N.W.; Westcott, M., 1991:
Application of potassium to tart cherries through drip irrigation

Islambekov, E.S.; Ismailov, D.A., 1990:
Application of precision techniques in the surgical treatment of pulmonary hydatidosis

Svozil, B.; Zobac, P.; Kumprecht, I.; Rudolfova, S., 1991:
Application of probiotic preparation Microferm and graded levels of Streptococcus faecium M-74 to calves

Middel, R.G., 1991:
Application of products during travel

Torok, J., 1991:
Application of progressive sugarbeet technology under new economic conditions

Troyan, V.M.; Bezvenyuk, Z.A., 1992:
Application of proline for regulation of plant growth and development

Fieni, F.; Tainturier, D.; Genevois, J.P.; Fau, D.; Desmoulins, P.; Bruyas, J.F.; Veillon, A.; Desbois, C., 1990:
Application of propofol (Rapinovet N. D.) as a continuous perfusion delivered by electrically operated syringe in dogs

Magro Filho, O.; de Carvalho, A.C., 1990:
Application of propolis to dental sockets and skin wounds

Purea, M.; Sutton, B.G., 1989:
Application of propyzamide (Kerb) to lettuce via trickle irrigation

Pant, H.C.; Singh, B.P., 1991:
Application of prostaglandin F2 alpha (PGF2 alpha ) in the treatment of sub-oestrus in buffaloes

Kondrat' eva, T.F., 1992:
Application of pulsating diversely directed electric fields for determining the degree of similarity of three Pseudomonas cultures

Yu, Z.Y.; Du, Z.W.; Cao, J.F.; Xu, Z.H.; He, B.R., 1989:
Application of pushiling to control brown planthopper in rice field

Ball, S.; Reeves, J., 1992:
Application of rapid techniques to seed health testing - prospects and potential

Leroy, T.; Charmetant, P.; Yapo, A., 1991:
Application of reciprocal recurrent selection in coffee (Coffea canephora Pierre): initial results from the Cote d'Ivoire programme

Zhai, Q.-h., 1989:
Application of recombinant DNA technology in entomology

Scheffer, B.; Bartels, R.; Kuntze, H., 1991:
Application of red sludge and melanterite on acid bog soils to reduce the leaching of phosphate. Second report: results of 1985-1989

Bene, L., 1991:
Application of regulators to increase the biological value of sugarbeet seeds

Cao, Z.Q.; Zhang, J.J., 1992:
Application of reliability statistic method to data base-system of tractor failures

Nieuwenhuis, G.J.A.; Miltenburg, J.W.; Thunnissen, H.A.M., 1990:
Application of remote sensing and geographical information systems in water management

Nguyen Thi, P.T., 1990:
Application of remote sensing data to flood inundation studies and environmental monitoring of the Lower Mekong River basin

Minderhoud, P.; Nieuwkoop, J. van; Visser, T.N.M., 1990:
Application of remote sensing in the evaluation and improvement of irrigation water management

Nieuwenhuis, G.J.A.; Thunnissen, H.A.M., 1990:
Application of remote sensing in water management; development of a hydrological information system

Khanna, P.; Kondawar, V.K., 1991:
Application of remote sensing techniques for environmental impact assessment

Buchroithner, M.; Kolejka, J.; Kostka, R., 1991:
Application of remote sensing to geomorphological studies of the Bagmati valley south of Kathmandu, Nepal

Azzali, S.; Menenti, M., 1989:
Application of remote sensing to irrigation water management in two Italian irrigation districts

Phan Phu Bong, 1990:
Application of remotely sensed data to study mangrove ecosystem and environmental monitoring in South Viet Nam

Sugimoto, K.; Sakurai, N.; Kaneko, M.; Shirasawa, H.; Shibata, K.; Miyata, M.; Noguchi, T.; Uematsu, K.; Shimoda, K.; Sakata, J., 1991:
Application of renal microangiography to normal and diseased kidneys of cattle and mice

Hicheri, K., 1990:
Application of reproductive techniques in cattle in Tunisia

Kapperud, G.; Nesbakken, T.; Dommarsnes, K., 1991:
Application of restriction endonuclease analysis and genetic probes in the epidemiology of Yersinia enterocolitica infection

Castro, J.M.; Gomez Tejedor, C.; Pozo, M. del; Simarro, I.; Solana, A., 1990:
Application of restriction endonucleases (fingerprinting) in the differentiation of vaccinal strains of bovine herpesvirus type 1 (BHV-1)

Bonierbale, M.W.; Plaisted, R.L.; Tanksley, S.D., 1991:
Application of restriction fragment length polymorphisms and genetic mapping to potato breeding

Adamczewski, K.; Bubniewicz, P., 1991:
Application of retardants in winter wheat varieties

Meyer, B.; Kecorius, E.; Barter, P.; Fidge, N.; Tetaz, T., 1990:
Application of reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography to the separation of apolipoproteins A-IV, A-I and E from rat high-density lipoprotein

Ramanauskas, R., 1990:
Application of rheological methods for investigation of milk clotting by rennet

Moyer, N.P.; Luccini, G.M.; Holcomb, L.A.; Hall, N.H.; Altwegg, M., 1992:
Application of ribotyping for differentiating aeromonads isolated from clinical and environmental sources

Anonymous, 1990:
Application of robots in agriculture - the example of milking robots. Proceedings of a conference held in Braunschweig, Germany, 5-6 December 1990

Hopmans, J.W.; Stricker, J.N.M., 1989:
Application of scaling techniques at a watershed scale

Youngs, E.G., 1990:
Application of scaling to soil-water movement considering hysteresis

Parlange, J.Y.; Steenhuis, T.S.; Glass, R.J., 1990:
Application of scaling to the analysis of unstable flow phenomena

Warrick, A.W., 1990:
Application of scaling to the characterization of spatial variability in soils

Menge Hartmann, U., 1990:
Application of scanning electron microscopy for the identification and selection of plant genetic resources

Berlinger, M.J.; Mordechi, S.; Leeper, A., 1991:
Application of screens to prevent whitefly penetration into greenhouses in the Mediterranean basin

Joshi, K.V.; Krishnamurthy, P., 1990:
Application of screw pumps in sugar industry

Barbashev, S.V.; Prister, B.S.; Vlasyuk, V.I., 1988:
Application of secondary-ion mass spectrometry to the analysis of environmental objects

Simpson, R.J.; Sidhar, S.; Peters, T.J., 1992:
Application of selective extraction to the study of iron species present in diet and rat gastrointestinal tract contents

Stunzi, H., 1989:
Application of selenium to permanent meadow. 2. The selenium contents after a spring application of 20 g selenium per hectare as selenate

Fuchs, I., 1992:
Application of sensor systems in machines

Shohara, K., 1989:
Application of sero-diagnosis for field virus inspection in Japan

Chong, Y.S., 1989:
Application of serologic tests for the diagnosis of recently recognized scrub typhus in Korea

Ko, R.C., 1989:
Application of serological techniques for the diagnosis of angiostrongyliasis

Ko, R.C., 1989:
Application of serological techniques for the diagnosis of trichinellosis

Yen, F.C.; Chang, S.H.; Huang, T.F., 1989:
Application of sex pheromone of tomato fruit worm (Helicoverpa armigera) in the field

Chalabi, Z.S.; Gandar, P.W., 1991:
Application of signal analysis and nonlinear system identification methods to modelling dry matter production in winter wheat

Dibbern, H.; Pestemer, W., 1992:
Application of simulation models for the leaching behaviour of pesticides in soils

Galeev, R.R., 1990:
Application of sodium humate to potatoes

Lakhidov, A.I.; Ovcharenko, M.M.; Kondratenko, A.N., 1991:
Application of sodium humate with pesticides and trace elements

Mathan K.K., 1990:
Application of soil fertility capability classification to acid soils

Ducaroir J.; Cambier P.; Leydecker J P.; Prost R., 1990:
Application of soil fractionation methods to the study of the distribution of pollutant metals

Van Wambeke, A., 1988:
Application of soil resource information for developing countries

Varade, S.B., 1990:
Application of soil survey for irrigated agriculture

Hirekerur, L.R.; Challa, O.; Yadav, S.V., 1990:
Application of soil surveys for land evaluation

Abe, K.; Nara, M., 1991:
Application of solar greenhouse long-term characteristic formula

Abu Gharbieh, W.I.; Saleh, W.I.H.; A.B.nna, L., 1991:
Application of solar-heated water for soil solarization

Marko, J.; Truksa, J., 1990:
Application of solid and liquid fertilizers in grain maize production

Swamy, A.V.S.R.; Khanna, V.K., 1990:
Application of special techniques to improve seed-set in interspecific crosses in Cicer

Kempen, P. van, 1990:
Application of sprouting inhibitors by heat misting. Experimental results

Griffiths, H., 1991:
Application of stable isotope technology in physiological ecology

Rennie, M.J.; Chien, P.; Taylor, D.J.; Watt, P.W.; Bennet, W.M., 1990:
Application of stable isotope tracers in studies of human metabolism

Yackel, W.; Cox, C., 1992:
Application of starch-based fat replacers

Sharma, S.M.; Singh, H., 1990:
Application of stepper motor controllers towards modernisation of sugar industry

Goad, L.J., 1990:
Application of sterol synthesis inhibitors to investigate the sterol requirements of protozoa and plants

Mjelde, J.W. et al., 1991:
Application of stochastic processes to summarize dynamic programming solutions

Jensen, K.; Mantoglou, A., 1992:
Application of stochastic unsaturated flow theory, numerical simulations, and comparisons to field observations

Chacon C.I.; Neuenschwander A.R., 1988:
Application of strategic planning to the teaching of forestry in universities

Forbes, R.N., 1992:
Application of subjective methods for the determination of risks involved with foot and mouth disease outbreak

Lendjel Vig, I., 1991:
Application of sugarbeet molasses for levelling the blood pressure in humans

Somlyody, L., 1991:
Application of systems analysis in water pollution control: perspectives for Central and Eastern Europe

Bassand, D.; Jellis, C.L.; Piot, J.C., 1989:
Application of techniques of genetic exchange and of genetic engineering to the improvement of the insecticidal properties of Bacillus thuringiensis

Lechner Doll, M.; Schwartz, H.J.; Engelhardt, W. von, 1992:
Application of the Nylon-bag technique for the estimation of caecal digestion

Ostrowska, A.; Szczubiaka, Z.; Gawlinski, S.; Paul, M., 1988:
Application of the ANE value and the share of particular elements in this value for appraising the state of supplying pine trees (Pinus silvestris L. ) with the nutrient elements

Mullem, J.A. van, 1990:
Application of the CREAMS model at a contaminated industrial site

Brodersen, K.; Christiansen, H.; Jorgensen, K.H.; Mackenzie, G.A., 1990:
Application of the ECCES model to forest soils

Cuevas, J.M., 1989:
Application of the ITE method to stratification of inventories in the woodlands of Oroquieta-Erviti, Navarra

Harmsen, E.W.; Converse, J.C.; Anderson, M.P., 1991:
Application of the Monte Carlo simulation procedure to estimate water-supply well/septic tank-drained separation distances in the Central Wisconsin sand plain

Park, J.C., 1989:
Application of the SEESAW simulator and Pruned Log Index to pruned resource evaluations - a case study

Tryka, S.; Koper, R., 1991 :
Application of the capillary method for determination of the rate of water absorption by wheat grains in the initial stage of swelling

Steele, P.; Shi, R.W.gner, F., 1989:
Application of the centered solution method for cant sawing of softwood sawlogs

Weirowski, F.; Goltz, A., 1989:
Application of the chemotherapeutic sulfamerazine in carp

Kamei, T.; Sato, J.; Kodama, Y.; Omata, Y.; Noda, K., 1990:
Application of the conductance method to detection the post-pasteurization contamination of pasteurized milk

Kato, M.; Jodo, S., 1989:
Application of the electrophoretic isozyme method to muskmelon breeding. II. Selection effects in F2 and B1F3 generations

Correa, B.; Gambale, W.; Paula, C.R.; Reche, N.O.C.; Purchio, A., 1989:
Application of the fluorescent method (solution of fluorescein diacetate and ethidium bromide) for the study of the viability of Metarhizium anisopliae

Gruver, B.M., 1991:
Application of the grounded theory methodology in leisure research

Ivakh, M.I.; Sanikidze, A.D.; Toidze, M.G.; Spiridonov, Y.Y.; Nikitin, N.V.; Raskin, M.S.; Nazarova, T.A.; Makeev, A.M.; Andguladze, L.Z., 1990:
Application of the herbicide Utal in control of Japanese spiraea in tea plantations

Sunyasootcharee, B.; Tesaprateep, T.; Sailasuta, A.; Mutoh, Y.; Tateyama, S.; Yamaguchi, R., 1991:
Application of the immunohistochemical method for detection of Aujeszky's disease viral antigen in the field cases of hog cholera in Thailand

Valentini, R.; Mugnozza, G.S.; Kuzminsky, E., 1987:
Application of the measurement of electrical conductivity to the assessment of frost injury in Eucalyptus spp. seedlings

Frister, H.; Meisel, H.; Schlimme, E., 1990:
Application of the modified OPA method to protein analysis

Ozols, G.E.; Bichevskis, M.Y.; Menniks, E.A., 1989:
Application of the pheromone of the bark beetle Ips typographus L. (Col. Scolytidae) in the protection of spruce

Chippaux, A.; Deubel, V., 1991:
Application of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) to virological diagnosis

Harris, J.A.; Birch, P., 1990:
Application of the principles of microbial ecology to the assessment of surface mine reclamation

Valoochi, A.J.; Quindoz, H.A.M., 1989:
Application of the random walk method to simulate the transport of kinetically adsorbing solutes

Stam, J.M.T.; Zijl, W.; Dam, J.C. van; Turner, A.K., 1990:
Application of the relationship between small-scale and large-scale permeabilities to fluid flow modelling

Batista, C.; Negrin, M.A.; Arbelo, C.D.; Espino, M.; Hernandez Moreno, J.M., 1991:
Application of the silver thiourea method to the determination of cation exchange capacity and exchangeable bases in Andisols, Inceptisols and Ultisols

D.Boodt M.F., 1991:
Application of the sorption theory to eliminate heavy metals from waste waters and contaminated soils

Ajzen, I.; Driver, B.L., 1992:
Application of the theory of planned behavior to leisure choice

Klufa, J., 1991:
Application of the theory of point estimate to an estimate of the inherent reliability of farm machines in the gamma distribution model

Polubesova T.A.; Ponizovskiy A.A.; Stawinski Ya, 1990:
Application of the theory of the double electrical layer to the evolution of anion exclusion moisture in soils

Grappin, R., 1991:
Application of the true protein content for ex-farm milk payment and dairy cattle breeding programme in France

Quamme H.A., 1991:
Application of thermal analysis to breeding fruit crops for increased cold hardiness

Vega, R. de la; Diaz, G., 1986:
Application of thermal constants in the control of cattle tick (Boophilus microplus). IV. Predictions of eclosion onset in outdoor conditions

Vega, R. de la; Diaz, G., 1987:
Application of thermal constants in the control of the cattle tick (Boophilus microplus). V. Larval survival under laboratory conditions

Vega, R. de la; Farrada, F.; Diaz, G., 1988:
Application of thermal constants in the control of the cattle tick (Boophilus microplus). VI. Quarantine

Zhang, Y.L.; Li, J.L., 1992:
Application of three fuzzy clustering analysis methods for numerical classification of grassland vegetation

Triet, L.M.; Viet, N.T.; Thinh, T.V.; Cuong, H.D.; Buuren, J.C.L. van, 1991:
Application of three-step biological pond with the use of aquatic plant for post treatment of petroleum wastewater in Vietnam

Sun, L.H.; Tang, B.G.; Yi, C.K., 1989:
Application of tissue culture to intersubspecies hybrid breeding of rice

Dubert, F.; Marcinska, I.; Koscielniak, J.; Filek, M., 1989:
Application of tissue cultures for studying the thermoinduction of reproductive development of wheat cv. Grana

Tavrovskaya, O.L., 1991:
Application of trace elements to cereals in countries of western Europe. Communication No. 1

Tavrovskaya, O.L., 1991:
Application of trace elements to cereals in the USSR

Lu, X.F.; Wu, Y.C.; Wu, E.S., 1990:
Application of trimolter inducer to silkworm egg production II. Induction of trimolting silkworms for hybrid parents and propagation of their offspring

Maldonado, M.; Ichinose, Y.; Samudio, M. et al., 1990:
Application of two types of Trypanosoma cruzi amastigotes of different virulence to ELISA for Chagas' disease

Foland, M.A.; Egger, E.L., 1991:
Application of type III external fixators: a review of 23 clinical fractures in 20 dogs and two cats

Tomita, M.; Shimamura, S.; Fukuwatari, Y.; Tamura, Y.; Mizota, T.; Miyakawa, H.; Kiyosawa, I.; Okonogi, S.; Arai, K., 1990:
Application of ultrafiltrated milk for lactic acid fermentation

Hanzen, C.; Laurent, Y., 1991:
Application of ultrasonography in pregnancy diagnosis and evaluation of embryonic mortality rate in cattle

Houghton, P.L.; Turlington, L.M., 1992:
Application of ultrasound for feeding and finishing animals: a review

Wilson, D.E., 1992:
Application of ultrasound for genetic improvement

Ando, Y.; Sato, M.; Fujisaki, K., 1991:
Application of ultraviolet fluorescence microscopy to the morphological classification of ticks

Cario, W.R., 1990:
Application of vitamin E in infancy

Gupta, V.K.; Thapa, T.B., 1991:
Application of whey protein concentrates in food industry - a review

Berselukho, P.P., 1991:
Application of yeast VNII MC-INBI in making of maize silage

Demes, G.; Csizmazia, Z., 1990:
Application possibilities of fertilizer distributors with various systems of operation in plant production

Valasek, I., 1989:
Application possibilities of modern wooden bearings in agriculture

Backer, G., 1992:
Application potential for recycling techniques in combination with a carrier air flow

Li, Y.J.; Chang, R.Z.; Zhao, Y.T.; Sun, J.Y., 1990:
Application studies in the field on screening for cold-tolerance in the laboratory in soybeans

Hashimoto, S.; Fujimoto, T.; Kawasugi, T., 1989:
Application study of extra deep aeration activated sludge process (Part 1)

Ripke, F.O., 1991:
Application technique in chemical plant protection - present status and as new developments and procedures

Matthews, G.A.; Bateman, R.P., 1990:
Application techniques for small-scale farmers

Shen, G.; Shi, X.; Wang, X.; Tang, H., 1991:
Application techniques of acetochlor in vegetable fields

Leathwick, D.M.; Bourdot, G.W., 1991:
Application time influences the development of herbicide resistance in giant buttercup (Ranunculus acris)

Echemendia, R.A., 1991:
Applications and benefits of surfactants in the low grade massecuites

Larsen, J.; Gorman, R., 1989:
Applications and life of crawler tractors in agriculture

Puppe, B.; Hoy, S., 1991:
Applications and limitations of operant conditioning in pig production, a review

Taylor, H.M.; Upchurch, D.R.; McMichael, B.L., 1991:
Applications and limitations of rhizotrons and minirhizotrons for root studies

Schon, H.; Bauer, R., 1990:
Applications and potential for robots in agriculture

Pearce, R.J., 1991:
Applications for cheese whey protein fractions

Peterson, D.L.; Running, S.W., 1989:
Applications in forest science and management

Lin, K.C.; Chen, Y.H.; Peng, S.A.; Zhu, H.M.; Yu, H.P.; Yu, Z.N., 1990:
Applications of 'Shachongjin' in the control of pests of horticulture I. The effect of 'Shachongjin', a new Bacillus thuringiensis agent, against the larvae of Apriona germari (Coleoptera)

Lin, K.C.; Chen, Y.H.; Peng, S.A.; Zu, H.M.; Yu, Z.N., 1990:
Applications of 'Shachongjin' in the control of pests of horticulture II. The effect of 'Shachongjin' against larvae of Contarinia citri (Diptera)

Skerritt, J.H., 1991:
Applications of ELISA technology in cereal genetic screening, production and processing

Tan, Y.A., 1990:
Applications of GLC in the analysis of oils and fats

Weir, M.J.C.; Gandasasmita, K.; Soerjadibroto, G., 1988:
Applications of Geographical Information Systems in forest land management

Taneja, V.K.; Sharma, N.K.; Wagle, R.D., 1990:
Applications of HPLC in triglyceride analysis - detection of castor oil in other oils

Berzofsky, R.N.; McCullogh, K.Z., 1991:
Applications of LAL in pharmaceuticals and medical devices

Koops, W.J.; Grossman, M., 1991:
Applications of a multiphasic growth function to body composition in pigs

Chambers, J.N.; Rawlings, C.A., 1991:
Applications of a semitendinosus muscle flap in two dogs

Maas, C.; Schell, J.; Steinbiss, H.H., 1992:
Applications of an optimized monocot expression vector in studying gene expression and stable transformation of barley

Senthilnathan, P.R.; Ganczarczyk, J.J., 1990:
Applications of biomass carrier in activated sludge process

Cobic, T., 1991:
Applications of biotechnology in animal production

Burch, J.B.; Hoeh, W.R.; Chung, P.R., 1989:
Applications of biotechnology in the study of mollusks

Espinasse, J., 1990:
Applications of biotechnology to cattle breeding

Croughan, S.S., 1989:
Applications of biotechnology to soybean improvement

Lichtenthaler, H.K., 1990:
Applications of chlorophyll fluorescence in stress physiology and remote sensing

Williams, J.B., 1990:
Applications of climatology in land use planning

Shutske, J.M.; Chaplin, J.; Jacobson, L.D., 1991:
Applications of computer-based fire models in agricultural safety

Saska, M.; Clarke, S.J.; Mei D.W.; Iqbal, K., 1991:
Applications of continuous chromatographic separation in the sugar industry. Part 1. Glucose/fructose equilibria on Dowex Monosphere 99 CA resin at high sugar concentrations

Morrell, J.M., 1991:
Applications of flow cytometry to artificial insemination: a review

Bande, A.L.; Franco, C.M.; Centeno, J.A.; Quinto, E.J.; Cepeda, A., 1990:
Applications of food irradiation: several related aspects

Clark, W.G.; Register, J.C.I.I.I.; Beachy, R.N., 1991:
Applications of genetic engineering for agriculture

Rao M.K.; Devi K.U.; Arundhati A., 1990:
Applications of genic male sterility in plant breeding

Geldermann, H., 1990:
Applications of genome analysis in animal breeding

Hakari, U.D., 1990:
Applications of geotechnical engineering - an agricultural approach

Campbell, R.H.; Saalfeld, J., 1990:
Applications of hand held computers in agriculture

Larrahondo, J.E.; Palma, A.E.; Calero, L., 1991:
Applications of high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) in the evaluation of sugarcane quality

Smith, C.J., 1992:
Applications of immunoassay to the detection of food adulteration. An overview

Rearick, D.E.; Little, M., 1991:
Applications of ion chromatography to sugarbeet process problems

Solsten, R.T.; Fujiwara, H.; Logusch, E.W., 1990:
Applications of liquid chromatography/negative ion mass spectrometry in studies of herbicide metabolism

Traina, S.J., 1990:
Applications of luminescence spectroscopy to studies of colloid-solution interfaces

Leonardi, A.J.; Blakistone, B.A.; Kryryk, S.W., 1990:
Applications of microscopy in the paper industry: case histories of the Mead Corporation

Dyer W.E., 1991:
Applications of molecular biology in weed science

Raybould, T.J.G., 1989:
Applications of monoclonal antibodies in animal health and production

Thompson, S.N., 1991:
Applications of nuclear magnetic resonance in parasitology

Zandbelt, A.J., 1990:
Applications of on-board computers

Chen, S.M.; Fon, D.S.; Chiu, Y.C., 1992:
Applications of parallel discharging algorithm to grading operations

Holt J.S., 1991:
Applications of physiological ecology to weed science

Boodt, M.F. de, 1990:
Applications of polymeric substances as physical soil conditioners

Iezzoni, A.F.; Pritts, M.P., 1991 :
Applications of principal components analysis to horticultural research

Dijkhuizen, L.; Harder, W., 1992:
Applications of prokaryotes

Saiz Jimenez, C., 1992:
Applications of pyrolysis-gas chromatography mass spectrometry to the study of humic substances: evidence of aliphatic biopolymers in sedimentary and terrestrial humic acids

Holmes, M.G., 1990:
Applications of radar in agriculture

Hassan, B., 1990:
Applications of remote sensing to arid grasslands: Experimental and Nigerian case studies

Hugh-Jones, M. ., 1991:
Applications of remote sensing to epidemiology and parasitology

King, G.; Figdore, S.; Helentjaris, T.; Neuhausen, S.; Nienhuis, J.; Slocum, M.; Suzuki, J.; Wright, S., 1990:
Applications of restriction fragment length polymorphisms (RFLPs) to plant improvement

Pickard R.S., 1991:
Applications of silicon engineering to the electrophysiological study of mushroom bodies in the honeybee brain

Gabriels, D., 1990:
Applications of soil conditioners for agriculture and engineering

Krueger, D.A., 1988:
Applications of stable isotope ratio analysis to problems of fruit juice adulteration

Case, K.; Bonney, M.C.; Porter, J.M.; Freer, M.T., 1990:
Applications of the SAMMIE CAD system in workplace design

Ostrofsky, W.D.; Shortle, W.C., 1989:
Applications of the Shigometer for assessing tree and forest health and wood product quality - a review

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Applications of two-dimensional ultrasound in animal reproduction

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Applied anthropology and post-modernist ethnography

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Applied aspects of zoogenic destruction of organic matter

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Applied conservation by a forestry company

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Applied cropping system and yields of five crops grown in the field for farm practice from 1967 to 1988

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Applied drying technology, 1978 to 1988

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Applied ethnology and the implementation of policy regarding ethnic minorities in China

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Applied general equilibrium welfare analysis

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Applied genetics in cattle breeding

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Applied nutrition and behavior

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Applied phosphorus and potassium effects on yield of dallisgrass-bermudagrass pastures

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Applied plant virology today

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Applied soil physics in relation to Pakistan's agriculture: problems and potentials

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Applied soil-water modelling

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Applied theory for construction of transport systems for extraction apparatus

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Applied tourism economic impact analysis: pitfalls and practicalities

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Apply fertilizers at moderate rates

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Applying HACCP to new-generation refrigerated foods at retail and beyond

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Applying HACCP to sous vide products

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Applying LISA concepts on southern farms; Discussion

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Applying imazapyr at 5, 10, or 15 gallons of mixture per acre

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Applying methods of discrimination

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Applying nitrogen fertilizers to barley

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Applying of meristemic method for seed potatoes growing

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Applying optimization to the yield regulation of an uneven-aged forest

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Applying strategic planning in Taiwan's sport organizations

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Applying theory from social psychology and cognitive behavioral psychology to dietary behavior change and assessment

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