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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2032

Chapter 2032 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Datta, M.; Laskar, S.; Prasad, R.N., 1991:
Appraisal of charge characteristics in some soils of Tripura

Mlynarczyk J.; Wieckowski W., 1992:
Appraisal of colostral immunity in calves and cryptosporidial invasion

Epps, W.R.; Crittenden, R., 1992:
Appraisal of land degradation in Australia: rectification of agricultural land management

Ram Kishun, 1989:
Appraisal of loss in yield of cowpea due to Xanthomonas campestris pv. vignicola

Derickson, R.; Julson, J.; Froehlich, D., 1991:
Appraisal of on-farm grain management

Malik, B.S.; Balbir Singh; Sangwan, M.L.; Rathi, S.S., 1988:
Appraisal of post-weaning body weights in Nali and its crosses

Chippaux J P.; Laniyan I.; Akogbeto M., 1991:
Appraisal of temephos efficacy in dracunculiasis control

Munro, J.F.; Scott, C.; Hodge, J., 1992:
Appraisal of the clinical value of serotoninergic drugs

Moshkalev, A.G., 1989:
Appraisal of the merchantable structure of stands in forest management

He, Y.; He, Y.S., 1992:
Appraise and analysis of grain post-production treatment operations in Zhejiang Province

Tribe, M., 1991:
Appraising small-scale modern dairy development in Kenya

Gama, J.C., 1989:
Appraising smallholder slaughter cattle

Wiepkema, P.R., 1991:
Appreciation of Sus scrofa by man

Allen E.A.; Hazen B.E.; Hoch H.C.; Kwon Y.; Leinhos G.M.E.; Staples R.C.; Stumpf M.A.; Terhune B.T., 1991:
Appressorium formation in response to topographical signals by 27 rust species

Brocard, P.; Pfister, K., 1991:
Approach of the epidemiology of Gasterophilus infections of horses in Switzerland

Overman A.R.; Wilkinson S.R., 1992:
Approach of yield response curves to steady state

Anderson, J.G., 1991:
Approach to diagnosis of canine oral lesions

Pang, X.F., 1990:
Approach to information transfer of limiting factors in insect population control systems (I) - index of population control in population system studies

Pang, X.F.; Wu, J.C., 1990:
Approach to information transfer of limiting factors in insect population control systems (II) Control effect in population interaction systems

Butow, E.; Holzbecher, E.; Koss, V., 1990:
Approach to model transport of contaminants including geochemical processes - dependence of sorption coefficients on geochemical surrounding

Adamo, P.F., 1990:
Approach to spinal surgery in dogs and cats

Ghezal, L.L.; Slimani, M.; Ennabli, N., 1991:
Approach to study erosion in a microbasin slope in the semiarid zone

Guo, S.B.; Chen, R.Z.; Li, G.; Shoichi, H.Y., 1991:
Approach to the reforms in nightsoil treatment introduced abroad

Nocquet, J.; Roux, M., 1989:
Approach to the workings of farms with mixed herbivorous animals. Proposed methodology and examples of associations

Kirkwood, J.K.; Bennett, P.M., 1992:
Approaches and limitations to the prediction of energy requirements in wild animal husbandry and veterinary care

Younos, T.M.; Weigmann, D.L., 1989:
Approaches for protecting groundwater from agricultural threats

Chelliah, S.; Bentur, J.S.; Prakasa Rao, P.S., 1989:
Approaches in rice pest management - achievements and opportunities

Hanssen, N.L.; Wigston, D.L., 1988:
Approaches to a forest history of the Northern Territory

Hoflich, G.; Kuhn, G.; Meinsen, C.; Schuppenies, R.; Schafer, E.; Stitz, K., 1990:
Approaches to a greater use of biological nitrogen fixation in legume-grass mixtures

Mandal, B.K.; Roy, P.K.; Dasgupta, S.; Ghorai, A.K., 1988:
Approaches to assess intercropping advantages

Haberland, W., 1991:
Approaches to assess soil pollution

Garud, T.B.; Mali, V.R.; Kohire, O.D.; Choudhari, S.D., 1990:
Approaches to control sorghum red stripe virus

Mendiburu, A.O., 1990:
Approaches to developing resistance to viruses through breeding

Saxena, V.K.; Chand, D.; Pawde, V., 1989:
Approaches to energy conservation at IFFCO Kandla

Plyushcheva, G.L.; Beer, S.A.; Chefranova, Y.A.; Gerasimov, I.V.; Darchenkova, N.N., 1990:
Approaches to future trends in the diphyllobothriosis and opisthorchiasis situation in connection with the reconstruction of the water system of the USSR

Gong, S.X.; Zheng, J.F.; Wang, Y.T., 1990:
Approaches to improve the rainfall use efficiency in the dryland area in Inner Mongolia

Dawson, P.J.; Lingard, J., 1991:
Approaches to measuring technical efficiency on Philippine rice farms

Sanchez, P.A.; Palm, C.A.; Smyth, T.J., 1990:
Approaches to mitigate tropical deforestation by sustainable soil management practices

Johnson R.S.; Lakso A.N., 1991:
Approaches to modeling light interception in orchards

Wohlgenant, M.K.; Haidacher, R.C., 1991:
Approaches to modeling retail-farm price spreads and derived demand relationships for food commodities: a selected annotated bibliography

Wood, D.M., 1991:
Approaches to modelling the cyclic stress-strain response of soils

Eknath, A.E.; Bentsen, H.B.; Gjerde, B.; Tayamen, M.M.; Abella, T.A.; Gjedrem, T.; Pullin, R.S.V., 1991:
Approaches to national fish breeding programs: pointers from a tilapia pilot study

Hull R.; Davies J.W., 1992:
Approaches to nonconventional control of plant virus diseases

Agrawal, R.C., 1989:
Approaches to perspective planning of agricultural sector in developing countries

Shuval, H.I., 1992:
Approaches to resolving the water conflicts between Israel and her neighbors - a regional water-for-peace plan

Saied, J., 1990:
Approaches to risk management

Luxmoore, R.J.; King, A.W.; Tharp, M.L., 1991:
Approaches to scaling up physiologically based soil-plant models in space and time

Perkins M.E., 1991:
Approaches to study merozoite invasion of erythrocytes

Dodds J.A., 1990:
Approaches to studying viral cross protection

Jackman, R., 1992:
Approaches to the development of enzyme immunoassays for the detection of residues in meat offal and milk

Loeper, A.; Peters, K.J.; Korn, S., 1991:
Approaches to the genetic improvement of reproductive performance in sheep. 2. Genetic bases of lambing and rearing rates

Loeper, A.; Bruns, E.; Peters, K.J., 1991:
Approaches to the genetic improvement of reproductive performance in sheep. 3. Model calculations on genetic gain

Loeper, A.; Peters, K.J.; Korn, S. von, 1991:
Approaches to the improvement of reproductive performance in sheep breeding. 1. Systematic effects on reproductive performance

Finus, M., 1991:
Approaches to the measurement of the value of environmental benefits in agriculture: methodological principles and some thoughts on their applicability to agricultural policy

Izakova, V., 1992:
Approaches to the privatization of agriculture

Hill, G.C.; Bass, H.S., 1990:
Approaches to the solubilization and partial purification of glycerol-3-phosphate oxidase from mitochondria from trypanosomes

Jones, J.D.G.; Ashfield, T.; Balint Kurti, P.; Bishop, G.J.; Carroll, B.J.; Dickinson, M.J.; Dixon, M.; English, J.; Hammond Kosack, K.E.; Harrison, K.; Jones, D.A.; Scofield, S.R.; Szabo, V.; Thomas, C.M.; Bennetzen, J.L.; Shlumukov, L.; Staskawicz, B.; Klimyuk, V., 1992:
Approaches to understanding the function of plant disease resistance genes

Potter, C., 1989:
Approaching limits: farming contraction and environmental conservation in the UK

Young, R.; Hale, A.C.mper, N.; Keese, R.; Adelberg, J., 1991:
Approaching mechanization of plant micropropagation

Pisarchuk, K.L., 1990:
Approbation of the tritium test for estimation of the fat content in rats

Cabrera, J.M.; LePori, W.A.; Carney, D.B.; Barron, S.G., 1991:
Appropriate agricultural mechanization in developing countries through cable cultivation

Acharya, G.N., 1990:
Appropriate automation of some of the critical processes in the production of cane sugar

Gao, R.; Yen, H.R.; Araya, K.; Maekawa, T.; Tsunematsu, S.; Zhao, H.P., 1991:
Appropriate design of subsoilers with pressurized fluid injection (Part 1). Soil failure and shapes of shanks and chisels

Gao, R.; Yen, H.R.; Araya, K.; Maekawa, T.; Tsunematsu, S.; Zhao, H.P., 1991:
Appropriate design of subsoilers with pressurized fluid injection. Part 2. Soil failure by pressurized fluid injection

Araya, K.; Gao, R.; Tsunematsu, S., 1992:
Appropriate design of subsoilers with pressurized fluid injection. Part 3. Soil failure rate in relation to speed

Bhamidimarri, S.M.R., 1991:
Appropriate industrial waste management technologies: the New Zealand meat industry

Coulson, C.L.; Stigter, C.J., 1989:
Appropriate instrumentation and the appropriateness of instrumentation for agroforestry and agricultural research in developing countries

Imaizumi, M.; Kitamura, H., 1989 :
Appropriate level of fertilizer application to rice based on soil nitrogen

Kamprath, E.J., 1991:
Appropriate measurements of phosphorus availability in soils of the semi-arid tropics

Sterling, W.L., 1990:
Appropriate monitoring strategies for non-target populations

Hirano, S.S., 1990:
Appropriate monitoring strategies for released microorganisms

Manig, W., 1991:
Appropriate organizations and management measures in mechanized irrigation systems for peasant farmers in developing countries

Jones, A.; Jones, M.; Mayne, R., 1989:
Appropriate rural food processing technology in Sri Lanka

Blankenberg, F.P., 1991:
Appropriate technologies for rural development in India

Alvim, P. de T., 1989:
Appropriate technology for agriculture in the humid tropics

Polestico, R.V., 1990:
Appropriate technology for people empowerment

Karlsson, T.; Svensson, B., 1991:
Appropriate technology for profitable beekeeping in the Philippines - a feasibility study with experiences from southern Luzon and Mindoro in July 1991

Mossman, A.S., 1989:
Appropriate technology for rural development

Davidson, G., 1991:
Appropriate technology in vector control: book review and discussion

Beals, T.F., 1991:
Appropriate terminology for the features of Pneumocystis carinii

Goldberg, J.; Gershoff, S.; Mcgandy, R., 1990:
Appropriate topics for nutrition education for the elderly

Germirli, F.; Orhon, D.; Tunay, O., 1992:
Appropriate treatment technologies for textile wastewaters

Mojid, M.A.; Harun ur Rashid, M., 1992:
Appropriate tubewell technology for irrigation using groundwater in Comilla Sadar Upazila

Morrison, J.E.Jr, 1991:
Appropriate use of the wheel in sustainable agricultural developments

Jarimopas, B.; Niamhom, S., 1990:
Appropriate waxing equipment for pummelo storage

Neururer, H., 1991:
Appropriate weed control on grassland under the present economic and ecological constraints

Nosal, D., 1990:
Approved milk cooling equipment

Nosal, D., 1991:
Approved milking systems and milk metering equipment

Boichard, D.; Lee, A.J., 1992:
Approximate accuracy of genetic evaluation under a single-trait animal model

Govindaraju, R.S.; Kavvas, M.L., 1990:
Approximate analytical solutions for overland flows

Bond, W.; Phillips, I., 1990:
Approximate solutions for cation transport during unsteady, unsaturated soil water flow

Heimeshoff, B., 1991:
Approximation method for designing single-span beams with cantilever and two-span bearers consisting of flexibly connected cross-sectional elements for timber structures

Shafer, J.M.; Varljen, M.D., 1990:
Approximation of confidence limits on sample semivariograms from single realizations of spatially correlated random fields

Meyer, K.; Hill, W.G., 1992:
Approximation of sampling variances and confidence intervals for maximum likelihood estimates of variance components

Pen, R.Z.; Shapiro, I.L.; Pen, V.R., 1990:
Approximation of the equations for the polychronous kinetics of soda cooking of pine

Knott, S.A.; Haley, C.S.; Thompson, R., 1990:
Approximations to segregation analysis for the detection of major genes

Romvary, A.; Acs Kovacsics, L.; Simon, F., 1991:
Apramycin residues in eggs

Hunter, J.E.B.; Shelley, J.C.; Walton, J.R.; Hart, C.A.; Bennett, M., 1992:
Apramycin resistance in Escherichia coli: possible transfer to Salmonella typhimurium in calves

Siddiqi, M.R.; Khan, R.M.; Reddy, P.P., 1991:
Apratylenchoides homoglans sp. n. (Nematoda: Tylenchina), parasitic on roots of chrysanthemum at Bangalore, India

Badyal, K.; Sumbali, G., 1990:
Apricot - a new host for Rhizopus species

Brun, L.; Audergon, J.M.; Schoch, P.G.; Crossa Raynaud, P.;, J.C., 1991:
Apricot adaptation approach by photosynthetic and stomatal resistance criteria

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Apricot breeding at the Istituto Sperimentale per la Frutticoltura (ISF) of Rome

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Apricot cropping in Emilia-Romagna: market and profitability

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Apricot genetic resources in Sardinia

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Apricot offer : international situation and prospects

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Apricot rootstocks: perspective, utilization and outlook

Audergon, J.M.; Castelain, C.; Morvan, G.; Chastelliere, M.G., 1989:
Apricot varietal susceptibility and genetic variability to apricot chlorotic leaf roll disease

Mehlenbacher, S.A.; Cociu, V.; Hough, L.F., 1990:
Apricots (Prunus)

Bailey, C.; Skladany, M., 1991:
Aquacultural development in tropical Asia: a re-evaluation

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Aquacultural production systems

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Aquaculture - a biotechnology in progress. Proceedings of the international conference Aquaculture Europe'87, 2-5 June, 1987, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Volume 1

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Aquaculture - farming of fishing?

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Aquaculture - the Taiwanese experience

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Aquaculture Europe'89. Short communications and abstracts of review papers, films/slide shows and poster papers, presented at the International Aquaculture Conference held in Bordeaux, France, 1-4 October, 1989

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Aquaculture and its role in ecological wastewater treatment

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Aquaculture and risk management

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Aquaculture and the environment. Short communications and abstracts of contributions presented at the International Conference Aquaculture Europe '91, Dublin, Ireland, June 10-12, 1991

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Aquaculture as agriculture

McGowan, S., 1990:
Aquaculture feed market will grow at 4.4% annually to 1995

O.Sullivan, D., 1992:
Aquaculture in Australia - part two of a two part series

O.Sullivan, D.D., 1992:
Aquaculture in Australia: part one of a two part series

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Aquaculture in El Salvador: primed for expansion

Saint Paul, U., 1990:
Aquaculture in Latin America. Bibliography

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Aquaculture in Taiwan

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Aquaculture in arid climates

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Aquaculture in the member countries of the OECD in the 1990s: views of an economist on the great problems of orientation for public authority action

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Aquaculture needed to nourish world demand for protein

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Aquaculture of Texas

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Aquaculture of striped bass, Morone saxatilis, and its hybrids in North America

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Aquaculture products in the market place: utilization of catfish products by full-service restaurants in the United States

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Aquaculture project formulation

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Aquaculture systems and practices: a selected review

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Aquaculture: a diverse industry poised for growth

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Aquaculture: opportunities for the nineties

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Aquaculture: principles and practices

Ameen M U.; Begum Z.N.T.; Rahman P.M.M.; Haider S.A., 1990:
Aquarium culture studies on the effects of fertilizers on plankton

Zack, R.S., 1990:
Aquatic Heteroptera (Notonectidae and Macroveliidae) new to Washington and Idaho

Valladares, L.F., 1989:
Aquatic Palpicornia from Leon province. II. Hydraena Kugelann, 1794 and Limnebius Leach, 1815 (Coleoptera: Hydraenidae)

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Aquatic beetle population changes associated with recreating a trout fishery by liming a lake catchment

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Aquatic crops of economic value for removing N and P from nutrient-enriched waters in the Everglades

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Aquatic fate and effect of carbofuran

Anonymous, 1989:
Aquatic humic substances. Influence of fate and treatment of pollutants

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Aquatic insects in Montezuma Well, Arizona, USA: a travertine spring mound with high alkalinity and dissolved carbon dioxide

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Aquatic lake management - aquatic plant removal study

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Aquatic microbial life: source of hope and expectation

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Aquatic plant management in Australia (not necessarily weed control!)

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Aquatic plants - friend or foe ?

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Aquatic plants for pH adjustment and removal of toxic chemicals and dissolved minerals from water supplies

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Aquatic vegetation as a basis for classification of Anopheles albimanus Weideman (Diptera: Culicidae) larval habitats

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Aquatic vegetation in rice fields as a habitat for Culex tarsalis and Anopheles freeborni

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Aquatic weed management by biological methods in Thailand

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Aquatic weed management in Indonesia

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Aquatic weeds in Sudan's gravity irrigation systems: problems, resolutions and financial and policy implications

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Aquatic weeds in the Philippines: a general assessment of scenario

Ibrahim, T.A.; Shehata, A.; Seddek, A.S.; Abdel Nasser, M., 1991:
Aqueous and vitreous humor analysis as a diagnostic aid for postmortem timing

Maruejouls, R., 1990:
Aqueous composition for use in butter manufacture, consisting of an acid portion and a biological aromatic portion, and its application to butter manufacture

Kim, S.H., 1989:
Aqueous extraction of oil from palm kernel

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Aqueous humor analysis as a diagnostic tool in toxoplasma uveitis

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Aqueous photolysis of napropamide

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Aquifer contamination and restoration at the Gloucester Landfill, Ontario, Canada

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Aquifer parameters from constant discharge nonsteady-leaky type curves

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Aquifers as components of water resources systems

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Aquilegia kubanica (Ranunculaceae) - a new species from the Caucasus

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Arabenoic acid, a natural product herbicide of fungal origin

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Arabidopsis Mutants Lacking Blue Light-Dependent Inhibition of Hypocotyl Elongation

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Arabidopsis thaliana

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Arabidopsis thaliana small subunit leader and transit peptide enhance the expression of Bacillus thuringiensis proteins in transgenic plants

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Arabidopsis thaliana: protocol for plant regeneration from protoplasts

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Arabidopsis: a black sheep enters the limelight

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Arabidopsis: state of play

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Arabinogalactan-proteins from the suspension culture medium and plasma membrane of rose cells

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Arabinogalactan-rich glycoproteins are localized on the cell surface and in intravacuolar multivesicular bodies

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Arabinose Kinase-Deficient Mutant of Arabidopsis thaliana

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Arabinosylxylotriose mixedly esterified with acetic and ferulic acids from sugar cane bagasse

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Arabis mosaic nepovirus coat protein in transgenic tobacco lessens disease severity and virus replication

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Arabis mosaic virus in German hops

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Arabis mosaic virus: detection by SP6-generated cRNA probes and possible recombination with strawberry latent ringspot virus

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Arable farming and soil conservation in the tropics an unbridgeable contrast?

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Arable farming: are the Germans too weak?

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Arable land as a resource

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Arachanara sparganii. Embryonic diapause intensification induced by temperature: ecological implications

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Arachidonate metabolism in bovine gallbladder mucosa

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Arachidonic acid concentrations in plasma and liver phospholipid and cholesterol esters of piglets raised on formulas with different linoleic and linolenic acid contents

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Arachidonic acid increases cholinergic secretory responsiveness of ferret tracheal glands

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Arachidonic acid metabolism by bovine placental tissue during the last month of pregnancy

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Arachis hypogaea: effect of nitrogen fixation and mineral fertilizer applications in the semiarid environment of India

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Arachis pintoi Krap. et Greg. nom. nud (Pinto peanut) cv. Amarillo

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Arachnis longisepala

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Aradus cinnamomeus

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Aranuian vegetation history of the Arrowsmith Range, Canterbury. I. Pollen diagrams, plant macrofossils, and buried soils from Prospect Hill

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Araucaria silviculture at Monte Alegre Farm

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Araucarioxylon bikanerense sp. nov. from the Tertiary of Bikaner, Rajasthan, India

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Araujia sericofera Brot. - a new weed in citrus orchards

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Arboreal flora of Vicosa. II. Meliaceae (Cedrela spp.)

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Arboreal green pit vipers (genus Trimeresurus) of south-east Asia: bites by T. albolabris and T. macrops in Thailand and a review of the literature

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Arboreal myrmecofauna of Warsaw parks

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Arboviral surveillance - Florida, 1990

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Arbovirus surveillance of western Utah mosquitoes, 1983-84

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Arbutin and sucrose in the leaves of the resurrection plant Myrothamnus flabellifolia

Leeuwen, T.O. van; Hobbs, B.J.J., 1990:
Arc adjustment for irrigation sprinkler

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Arceuthobium oxycedri in the Crimea

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Archaeological crop remains of cultivated plants from the Georgian SSR (Part 2)

Anonymous, 1991:
Archaeological green timber preservation with sugar

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Archaeological maize (Zea mays subsp. mays) from Pucara del Tilcara, Jujuy Province, Argentina

Anonymous, 1990:
Archaeological wood: properties, chemistry, and preservation

Anonymous, 1990:
Archaeology theme park will open its doors in 1993: Archeon targets a different public from that attending theme parks

Sarkisyan, G.M.; Khurshudyan, N.P., 1990:
Architectonics of stems of Zea mays L. and Sorghum vulgare L

Sarkisyan, G.M.; Khurshudyan, N.P., 1989:
Architectonics of the sunflower (Helianthus annuus) stem

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Architectural distribution of foliage in individual Pinus radiata crowns and the effects of clumping on radiation interception

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Architecture and dynamics of the growth of plane. Platanus hybrida Brot. (Platanaceae) (Syn. Platanus acerifolia (Aiton) Willd.)

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Ardisia lundelliana, a new species of Myrsinaceae from Panama

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Are adjustment policies in Africa consistent with long-run development needs?

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Are bacteria the third partner of the Azolla-Anabaena symbiosis?

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Are bat viruses transmitted by arthropods or not?

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Are breastfeeding patterns in Pakistan changing?

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Are consumer concerns being addressed by industry and government?

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Are cultured stocks of brown trout (Salmo trutta) and rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) genetically similar to their source populations?

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Are daily fitness programmes worth the effort?

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Are dead Triatoma infestans a competent vector of Trypanosoma cruzi?

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Are determinates inferior to indeterminates in short-duration pigeonpeas?

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Are double-blind food challenges necessary before starting an elimination diet?

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Are efficiently pollen transmitted ilar-virus-strains from sour cherry a hazard for sweet cherry cultivars on hybrid rootstocks ?

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Are farmers predestined to earn chronically low rates of return on resources in the absence of government support programs?

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Are farrowing intentions rational forecasts?

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Are food self-sufficiency policies possible?

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Are forest exports on the turn?

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Are fox breeding results satisfactory?

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Are frequent-guest programs effective?

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Are gut peptides a new class of anorectic agents?

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Are herbicides always necessary in potato plantings?

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Are hot and cold water systems in large premises maintained to prevent Legionnaires' disease? A preliminary answer

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Are imprinting and inbreeding two related phenomena?

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Are investments in pig farming still wise?

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Are large forest mammals reservoirs of Borrelia burgdorferi, the agent of Lyme disease? Serological survey of 543 deer and boar

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Are lunar cycles related to sudden perishing of pigs in fattening?

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Are macroinvertebrate assemblages in the Buffalo River, southern Africa, associated with particular biotopes?

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Are mathematical models useful for understanding water acidification?

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Are more exports always better? Comparing cash and in-kind export subsidies

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Are multi-paddock grazing systems economically justifiable?

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Are my samples hazardous ? Let the RCMP help you decide

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Are national parks for the benefit of tourists or arctic foxes?

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Are nitrates overstated ?

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Are omega-3 fatty acids necessary for normal brain and retina development?

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Are our forest soils becoming more acidic? Results of a comparison of pH over a period of 30 years in the Erzgebirge

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Are peasant farming systems in the Amazon sustainable?

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Are performance comparisons possible on the basis of absolute levels of roundwood production?

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Are pesticides harmless to beneficial insects?

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Are pesticides immunotoxic?

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Are physically active elderly women in a better nutritional condition than their sedentary peers?

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Are phytohormones involved in plant-Rhizobium interaction?

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Are plant pathogenic viruses injurious to health?

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Are pony and larger mares similar as recipients for non-surgical transfer of day 7 embryos?

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Are powdery mildew resistance loci Ml-p and ml-d on barley chromosome 5?

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Are price reporting systems of any use?

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Are prions misfolded molecular chaperones?

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Are rodlet cells of fish body cells or Rhabdospora thelohani?

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Are sanitation, water supply and a health centre sufficient to control schistosomiasis? The case of Douloumi, North Cameroon

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Are sex hormones involved in resting metabolic rate and glucose-induced thermogenesis? A study in obese men and women

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Are sting autotomized bees suicidal?

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Are sweeteners really useful to diabetics?

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Are the alternatives to municipal waters truly safer?

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Are the churches really the advocate of the developing countries?

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Are the correct procedures being used to compare means between treatments?

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Are the data comparisons better than believed?

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Are the existing measures for noise reduction in forest work adequate?

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Are the inflammatory bowel diseases autoimmune disorders?

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Are the morphometrics of chelicerae correlated with diet in mesostigmatid mites (Acari)?

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Are the new Lisianthus varieties F1 hybrids?

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Are the predatory bugs harmful?

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Are there any differences between aromatisable (testosterone) or non-aromatisable (dihydrotestosterone) androgens in their effect on androgenic target organs?

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Are there common features in Lyssavirus diseases?

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Are there environmental limits to cost benefit analysis?

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Are there individual characters in the honey bee?

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Are there net benefits from Noogoora burr control in Western Australia?

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Are there opportunities for German beef producers in the quality competition?

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Are trees effective against desertification? Experiences from Niger and Mali

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Are we heading for a leisure society?

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Are we on the eve of radical change in agricultural technology?

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Are we rearing our young stock well enough?

Anonymous, 1991:
Are women's organizing abilities a forgotten resource?

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Are wormy people parasite prone or just unlucky?

McMillan, W.H.; McCall, D.G., 1991:
Are yearling heifer mating amd more productive beef cow breeds a worthwhile use of winter feed?

Blum, N., 1991:
Are you always able to pay?

Geisow M.J., 1992:
Are you being served?

Sheppy P.C., 1989:
Are you competent to apply pesticides?

Renson, J., 1991:
Are you familiar with butter made from semi-skim milk?

Intintoli, A.M.; Woulfin, D., 1990:
Are you feeding the patient or the garbage can?

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Area conservation tillage meetings - a successful educational program

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Area of Ag-stained nucleolus organizer regions of chromosomes of breadwheat correlates with the number of ribosomal genes

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Area of conflict - opposites. External trade: development aid

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Area response of jowar in Karnataka: an econometric analysis

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Area, production and productivity trends of sweet potato in India

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Area-based training: tourism training initiative

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Area-wide pheromone trapping of Helicoverpa zea and Heliothis phloxiphaga (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) in the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys of California

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Area-wise recording of forest decline in the Harz in 1988 with CIR aerial photographs

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Area-yield crop insurance reconsidered

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Areal and spatial development of foliage biomass of European ash (Fraxinus excelsior)

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Areal solute flux estimation: legal aspects

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Areas and enclaves of botanical interest in Spain (wild flora and vegetation)

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Areas of ploughed dernopodzolic brown and grey forest soils and their dehumification

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Areawide ricefield rat control by small scale landowners in S.E. Asia through the co-ordinated application of flocoumafen block bait

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Arenaviridae and Bunyaviridae

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Argan forests in the rural economy of SW Morocco

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Argas reflexus, a possible vector of Borrelia burgdorferi

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Argentina's farm machinery industry : a review

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Argentine ant Iridomyrmex humilis (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) predation on yellowjackets (Hymenoptera: Vespidae) in California

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Argentine honey: production, trade and characteristics

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Argentine interactions between the adjustment programme and the agricultural sector

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Argentine potato breeding programme

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Argentinian football: a ritual of violence?

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Argillic horizons on modern loess soils in an ustic soil moisture regime: comparative studies in forest-steppe areas from Eastern Europe and the United States

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Arginase distribution in tissues of domestic animals

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Arginase isoforms in the plerocercoid of Pyramicocephalus phocarum parasitic in the White Sea sculpin

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Arginase, a new marker of mammary carcinoma

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Arginine and immune function

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Arginine and threonine requirements of milkfish (Chanos chanos Forsskal) juveniles

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Arginine in Concord grape as affected by high soil nitrogen fertilization and daminozide

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Arginine metabolism during culture of Giardia intestinalis

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Arginine metabolism in benign and malignant disease of breast and colon: evidence for possible inhibition of tumor-infiltrating macrophages

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Arginine supplementation and its effect on established peritonitis in guinea pigs

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Arginine supplementation improves histone and acute-phase protein synthesis during gram-negative sepsis in the rat

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Arginine vasotocin level in plasma and prostaglandin concentrations in the uterine tissue before and after premature oviposition induced by orthophosphate solution in the hen

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Arginine-deficient diets alter plasma and tissue amino acids in young and aged rats

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Arginine-metabolizing mycoplasmas in pneumonic lung samples from pigs

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Argon recovery from partial oxidation based ammonia plant purge gases

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Argos (Utrecht). Numbers 1-3

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Arguenon's new dairy. A successful conversion

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Argyresthia reticulata, new to the fauna of the Netherlands (Lepidoptera: Yponomeutidae)

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Arid land development in Pakistan

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Arid lands development: striking a balance between economic and ecological issues

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Arid shrubland plants of Western Australia

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Arid zone geomorphology

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Arid-land industrial crops

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Aristocratic arisaemas

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Aristotelian view of leisure: an outdoor recreation perspective

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Arizona cypress (Cupressus glabra). Variety: 'Limelight'. Application no. 91/096

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Arizona's 1984 fuelwood harvest

McLain, W.H., 1988:
Arizona's timber production and mill residue, 1984

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Arjunolitin, a triterpene glycoside from Terminalia arjuna

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Arkadian and Boiotian Orchomenos, centres of Mycenaean hydraulic engineering

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Arkansas corn performance tests for 1990

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Arkansas cotton variety and strain tests 1990

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Arkansas grain sorghum performance tests for 1990

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Arkansas soil fertility studies 1990

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Arkansas' experience with reduced rate herbicide recommendations

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Arkansas' timber resource: yesterday, today and tomorrow

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Arla's Norrkoping Dairy. Extensive change from market milk to specialized products

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Armed sibling rivalry among suckling piglets

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Armillaria in an ancient broadleaved woodland

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Armillaria ostoyae in young spruce plantations

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Armillaria root disease in New Zealand forests

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Armored scale insects: their biology, natural enemies and control. Volume B

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Armoured scale insects (Hemiptera: Diaspididae) on unsprayed kiwifruit vines in the Waikato

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Armoured scales and soft scales

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Aroeira as a potential species for multiple uses in rural properties

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Aroma compounds of apples - an important index of their quality (review)

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Aroma constituents of edible chrysanthemum

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Aroma volatiles of Cucumis melo cv. Golden Crispy

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Aromatase activity in adult guinea pig brain is androgen dependent

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Aromatic color. Woody ornamentals can provide color and fragrance to landscape designs

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Aromatic products: the axes of technological development

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Aromatic ring cleavage by lignin peroxidase

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Aromatic-dependent mutants of Aeromonas salmonicida

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Aromatizers on dry carriers for Processed cheeses

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Aromatizing yeast enzymatic extracts in gioddu production

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Aronia - a fashionable and useful shrub

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Arrangement for controlling the process of regenerating ion-exchange resins

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Arrangement for dosing of lime suspension

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Arrangement for liquid treatment of rootcrops

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Arrangement for monitoring the purity, degree of supersaturation and crystal content of massecuite

Hybler, J.; Koros, B.; Smid, J., 1987:
Arrangement of continuous conical centrifugal for heating of massecuite with steam

Vlasova, L.V., 1988:
Arrangement of forest strips in relief

Kimura, K.; Chino, A.; Arita, H.; Seto, T., 1991:
Arrangement of lot form on paddy field in a steep sloping area for safer tractor passageway

Rothschild, ML., 1991:
Arrangement of sperm within the spermatheca of fleas, with remarks on sperm displacement

Anonymous, 1992:
Arrangement regarding bovine meat

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Arrest of chromosome pairing and meiosis in the maize mei mutant pra1

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Arrest of embryo development in Brassica napus mediated by modified Pseudomonas aeruginosa exotoxin A

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Arrested exocytosis of synaptic vesicles at a glutamatergic synapse, the insect fast excitatory neuromuscular junction

Anonymous, 1991:
Arresting platinum and rhodium in nitric acid plant process gas

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Arresting the dehydration process and germination of Petunia seeds during maturation by transfer to in vitro culture

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Arrestment of male twospotted spider mite caused by female sex pheromone

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Arrestment responses of some phytoseiid mites to extracts of Oligonychus punicae, Tetranychus urticae and pollen

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Arrowroot production in the Marshall Islands - past, present and future

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Arsanilic acid as a growth promoter for chicken broilers when administered via either the feed or drinking water

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Arsenic acid desiccant residues in cotton

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Arsenic content of food in Austria

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Arsenic in edible mushrooms

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Arsenic in water supplies

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Arsenic levels in cod, flounder and shrimp caught in Belgian coastal waters (1984-1988)

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Arsenic levels in fingernails as a biological indicator of exposure to arsenic

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Arsenic resistant microorganisms isolated from agricultural drainage water and evaporation pond sediments

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Arsenic, selenium, and African trypanosomiasis

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Arsenophonus nasoniae gen. nov., sp. nov., the causative agent of the son-killer trait in the parasitic wasp Nasonia vitripennis

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Artemia biology

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Artemia molecular genetics

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Artemisia annua L.: a promising aromatic and medicinal

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Artemisia annua L.: a source of novel antimalarial drugs

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Arterial blood sample collection from the newborn calf

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Arterial hypertension of obesity. Role of hyperinsulinism and insulin resistance

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Arterial hypertension, familial risk factors and obesity: a study in 476 subjects 13 to 15 years old

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Arterial occlusion associated with toxoplasmic chorioretinitis

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Arterial pressure and obesity indices in children

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Arteriosclerosis of extramural coronary arteries in labradors with congestive heart failure

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Arteriosclerotic changes in the intramyocardial arteries in broiler chickens

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Arteritis in equine fetuses aborted due to equine viral arteritis

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Arthrinium phaeospermum causing dermatomycosis, a new record of China

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Arthrinium spp. and the etiology of deteriorated sugarcane poisoning

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Arthritis associated with Strongyloides stercoralis

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Arthritis in lambs and sheep

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Arthritis in slaughter pigs

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Arthritis of the knee due to Streptomyces somaliensis: a case

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Arthritis with Giardia intestinalis (giardiasis) in adults

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Arthrobotrys superba as a mycopathogen

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Artificial soil and process for producing the same

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Artificial wetlands for the treatment of mill effluent

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Artisanal marine fisheries in Orissa

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As the saying goes

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Aseptic packages protect product purity without additives or refrigeration

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Aseptic packaging of dairy products

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Aseptic packaging of liquid milk

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Aseptic pioneer: blazing trails

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Aseptic processing system

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Aseptic sampling of unconsolidated heaving soils in saturated zones

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Aseptic tapping of sugar maple (Acer saccharum) results in light color grade syrup

Leshik, R.R.; Dean, J.P.; Krimm, D., 1990:
Aseptically-packaged, aspartame-containing puddings

Saito H.; Hirano T.; Naito H., 1989:
Asexual crossing of rice blast fungus on rice plant and variability of blast races

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Asexual embryogenesis and plant regeneration from male catkins of Quercus

Krishnan, S.; Hughes, H., 1991:
Asexual propagation of Shepherdia canadensis and S. rotundifolia

Quintana Perez, C.E.; Roque Diaz, P.; Gonzalez Farinas, G.; Concepcion Gonzalez, E., 1990 :
Ash content of activated carbon

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Ash dieback - a survey of non-woodland trees

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Ash disposal and boiler wastewater recovery system

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Ash elements in crystals of raw sugar

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Ash gain due to lactic acid formation during carbonatation

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Ash in forage, esophageal, and fecal samples analyzed using near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy

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Ash whitefly, Siphoninus phillyreae (Haliday) (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae: Aleyrodinae)

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Asia Pacific markets for seafood

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Asia offers all elements of major export market for U.S

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Asia-Pacific Journal of Rural Development

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Asian Development Bank's Experience with new energy technologies for rural areas

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Asian Development Bank's planning and financing of farm-level water resource development

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Asian biting fly studies. IV: Tabanidae (Diptera). Records and new species from Nepal with additional notes on some forms from Sikkim and Assam

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Asian dynasty

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Asian pear scion-rootstock influence on bloom date

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Asian pears

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Asian rural industrialization: context, features, strategies

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Asian shrimp aquaculture - at crossroads

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Asian vegetables

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Asians' and Caucasians' purposes for engaging in physical activity

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Ask them! A practice book on children's involvement in the design and equipping of play spaces

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Asking the earth: farms, forestry and survival in India

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Asparagine metabolism and nitrogen distribution during protein degradation in sugar-starved maize root tips

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Asparagus 'replant' research in the Netherlands

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Asparagus breeding - a response to industry needs

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Asparagus cultivar evaluation in arid central Australia

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Asparagus cultivar evaluation of yield and fibrousness

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Asparagus cultivar trials at Massey University

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Asparagus cultivation under plastic film

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Asparagus decline and replant problem in New Zealand

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Asparagus growing in the Netherlands. White stable - green increasing

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Asparagus in Indonesia: is there any future?

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Asparagus in Peru: expanding the agricultural frontier

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Asparagus management practices on a flood irrigated light soil

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Asparagus production in Argentina

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Asparagus production in Peru

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Asparagus rust

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Asparagus shape features for quality assessment

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Asparagus spear size distribution and earliness as affected by water and nitrogen applications

Baron, C.G.; Vallejo, H., 1990:
Asparagus whitening using black polyethylene

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Asparagus, broccoli production likely to shift to Mexicali

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Asparagus. Complaints about pink colour can be prevented

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Aspartame consumption in a representative sample of Canadians

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Aspartame, neurotoxicity, and seizures: a review

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Aspartame: effects on learning, behavior, and mood

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Aspartate aminotransferase activity in experimentally induced asymptomatic vitamin B6 deficiency in chicks

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Aspartate aminotransferase activity is required for aspartate catabolism and symbiotic nitrogen fixation in Rhizobium meliloti

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Aspartate aminotransferase in effective and ineffective alfalfa nodules : cloning of a cDNA and determination of enzyme activity, protein, and mRNA levels

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Aspartate aminotransferase of mammary gland and liver of lactating rabbit: effect of opioids

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Aspartic acid at position 57 of the HLA-DQ beta chain is protective against future development of insulin-dependent (type 1) diabetes mellitus

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Aspartic proteinase from barley grains is related to mammalian lysosomal cathepsin D

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Aspect of low vigour of cabbage seeds

Brooks, D.R.; Bandoni, S.M.; Macdonald, C.A.; O.G.ady, R.T., 1989:
Aspect of the phylogeny of the Trematoda Rudolphi, 1808 (Platyhelminthes: Cercomeria)

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Aspect, vegetation cover and erosion on semi-arid hillslopes

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Aspects and problems of breeding table grapes

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Aspects and prospects for irrigation in the Trentino area

Liese, W.; Dujesiefken, D., 1989:
Aspects and results of healing time in tree surgery

Fabio, A. di, 1990:
Aspects characterizing the productive efficiency of 'tendone' compared with espalier systems

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Aspects concerning pollution of bulky fodder in the western region of Romania

Schmitt, A.; Hingst, V.; Erdinger, L.; Helmbold, W.; Sonntag, H.G.enther, 1992:
Aspects in the development of an enzyme immunosorbent assay for the detection of the herbicide metolachlor in water samples

Lima, V.L.C. de; Yaguchi, M.K.; Alves, Z.C.P.V.T., 1990:
Aspects of bug reporting by local people relating to the control of Panstrongylus megistus in 12 municipalities of northeastern Sao Paulo state, Brazil, 1974-1983

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Aspects of Aboriginal use and manipulation of bracken fern

Roubik, D.W., 1991:
Aspects of Africanized honey bee ecology in tropical America

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Aspects of Albanian fruit growing

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Aspects of Brazilian agriculture

Tesfaye Tesemma; Getachew Belay, 1991:
Aspects of Ethiopian tetraploid wheats with emphasis on durum wheat genetics and breeding research

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Aspects of Jamaican agriculture

Salles, L.A.B., 1991:
Aspects of Trichopoda pennipes (Fabricius) (Diptera: Tachinidae) oviposition and its relation to parasitization on the adults of Nezara viridula (Linnaeus) (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae)

Lahermo, P.W., 1991:
Aspects of acidification of groundwaters in Finland

Alfons, H., 1992:
Aspects of agricultural reform in East Central European countries

Anderson, J.R., 1991:
Aspects of agricultural research as aids in risk management

Ekeberg, E., 1991:
Aspects of agricultural use of sewage sludge. Research during the period 1977-1990

Barrie, I.A., 1989:
Aspects of agrometeorology in the United Kingdom

Woltersdorf, W., 1990:
Aspects of animal welfare and meat quality in manual electronarcosis of slaughter pigs

Bouree, P.; Etie, F.; Manigand, G.; Taillandier, J., 1991:
Aspects of autochthonous strongyloidosis

O'-Neill, T.; Bagabe, M.A.n, D., 1991:
Aspects of biology and control of a stem rot of cucumber caused by Penicillium oxalicum

Anonymous, 1989:
Aspects of biology, behaviour and population dynamics of the desert locust relevant to present activities

Schmid, R.D.; Rehm, H.J., 1991:
Aspects of biotechnology in a united Germany

Tallis, J.H., 1990:
Aspects of blanket peat erosion

Lucas Hahn, A.; Niemann, H., 1991:
Aspects of bovine embryo production in vivo and in vitro

Hart, P.C.M.; Cobb, A.H., 1989:
Aspects of carbohydrate and amino acid metabolism in Pentland Dell tubers stored at 5 and 10 degrees C

Silcock, D.J., 1990:
Aspects of cellular development in relation to the deposition of oil reserves during embryogenesis in Brassica napus L., cv. Jet Neuf (oil seed rape)

Eenaeme, C. van; Clinquart, A.; Baldwin, P.; Istasse, L.; Neirinck, K.; Bienfait, J.M., 1990:
Aspects of cellular nutrition and hormonal characteristics in growing fattening bulls

Gotsch, N.; Rieder, P., 1991:
Aspects of changed property rights for crop plants

Andriamangatiana Rason, M.D.; Lepers, J.P.; Raharimalala Andrianavalona, L.; Verdier, F.; Coulanges, P., 1990:
Aspects of chloroquine-sensitivity in vivo of Plasmodium falciparum in a village of the high plateaux region of Madagascar in 1989

Curtis, C.D., 1990:
Aspects of climatic influence on the clay mineralogy and geochemistry of soils, palaeosols and clastic sedimentary rocks

Shuikina E.E., 1989:
Aspects of clinical and epidemiological immunology in parasitic diseases

Kozlovskii, Y.E.; Shiyan, A.N., 1990:
Aspects of cloning plant DNA

Konabe, C., 1988:
Aspects of dip-diffusion treatment and its future in Papua New Guinea

Jellis, G.J., 1990:
Aspects of disease resistance in field beans (Vicia faba)

Franzen, P., 1991:
Aspects of energy consumption in sugar factory centrifugals

Endress, P.K., 1989:
Aspects of evolutionary differentiation of the Hamamelidaceae and the lower Hamamelididae

Moizuddin, M., 1986:
Aspects of external morphology of Anacridium rubrispinum Bei-bienko (Orthoptera: Acridoidea) with special reference to its genitalia and their bearing on classification

Moizuddin, M., 1989:
Aspects of external morphology of Locusta migratoria migratorioides (Reiche and Fairmaire) (Orthoptera: Acridoidea) with special reference to its morphometrics and genitalia and their bearing on classification

Moizuddin, M., 1987:
Aspects of external morphology of Poekilocerus pictus (Fabricius) (Orthoptera: Acridoidea) with special reference to its genitalia and their bearing on classification

King A.C.; Berndt H.; Fehrmann H., 1990:
Aspects of eyespot control in wheat

Goedegebure, K., 1991:
Aspects of farm economics with regard to highly intensive apple plantings

Komaki, T., 1989:
Aspects of farm forestry in Japanese red pine forest region

Mulugeta, S., 1990:
Aspects of fertilizer distribution and use in selected peasant associations in Northern Shawa

Anonymous, 1987:
Aspects of forest protection in plantations

Hummel, Fc, 1992:
Aspects of forest recreation in Western Europe

Krestinkov, I.S., 1990:
Aspects of free radical control of activity of proteolytic enzymes

Taira, S.; Itamura, H., 1989:
Aspects of fruit development and maturation in Japanese persimmon (Diospyros kaki Thunb. cv. 'Hiratanenashi') for these five years (1983-87) in Yamagata prefecture

Vaccaro, L., 1990:
Aspects of genetic improvement in dairy and dual-purpose cattle

Anonymous, 1990:
Aspects of group housing of dry sows

Schlichting, M.; Smidt, D.; Muller, C., 1990:
Aspects of group husbandry of veal calves

Jonkers, J., 1989:
Aspects of herbicide resistance in outdoor vegetable cropping

Jayaraj S.; Uthamasamy S., 1990:
Aspects of insect resistance in crop plants

Mosquera Fernandez, M.; Hermelo Treche, M., 1989:
Aspects of interest concerning vitamin A

Kostornoi, V.F.; Mosin, T.D., 1991:
Aspects of introduction and prospects of using Galega orientalis for fodder in Western Siberia

Mittenburg, G.A.J., 1991:
Aspects of iron metabolism in veal calves

Morton, J., 1990:
Aspects of labour in an agropastoral economy: the northern Beja of Sudan

Tripathi, R.N.; Singh, R., 1991:
Aspects of life-table studies and functional response of Lysiphlebia mirzai

Beirao da Costa, M.L.D.M., 1990:
Aspects of lupin composition as food

Faintuch, J.J., 1991:
Aspects of magnesium metabolism in Brazil

Harbers, A.H.M., 1991:
Aspects of meat inspection in an integrated quality control system for slaughter pigs

Gidley, M.J.; Cooke, D., 1991:
Aspects of molecular organization and ultrastructure in starch granules

Pozdnyakov, A.V.; Indinok, D.I., 1990:
Aspects of multilocular hydatidosis of the liver in a Siberian focus

Brade, W., 1990:
Aspects of multistage selection in a crossing programme with laying hens

Hongu, T., 1987:
Aspects of new generation fibre technology in Japan

Nasholm, T., 1991:
Aspects of nitrogen metabolism in Scots pine, Norway spruce and birch as influenced by the availability of nitrogen in pedosphere and atmosphere

Graehn, G., 1990:
Aspects of nutritional behaviour from the stomatological viewpoint

Phoolchund, H.N., 1991:
Aspects of occupational health in the sugar cane industry

Foxcroft, G.R., 1991:
Aspects of ovarian function in the gilt and sow

Holness, J.A., 1991:
Aspects of performance of the Jamaica Red Poll

Foster, S.P.; Bergh, J.C.; Rose, S.; Harris, M.O., 1991:
Aspects of pheromone biosynthesis in the Hessian fly, Mayetiola destructor (Say)

Woolhouse, H.W., 1990:
Aspects of photosynthetic biochemistry and climatic change

Bedenko, V.P.; Karabaev, M.K.; Alybaeva, R.A.; Ledyaikina, N.A.; Niyazova, G.M., 1990:
Aspects of photosynthetic function in somaclonal regenerants of wheat

Torres Pereira, M.S.B.C.; Torres Pereira, J.M.G., 1988:
Aspects of photosynthetic productivity and of water economy in Zea mays L. - I. Effect of different PAR regimes during growth

Dautzenberg, B.; Antoun, F.; Benichou, S.; Postal, M.J.; Broussier, P.M.; Sors, C., 1990:
Aspects of pneumocystoses observed in a French pneumological service in 1987-1988

Goldhorn, W., 1991:
Aspects of prevention of cruelty to animals regarding the housing of dogs in animal shelters

Kamal, A.M.A., 1992:
Aspects of production and partitioning of dry matter in wheat - a review

Bargali, S.; Singh, S., 1991:
Aspects of productivity and nutrient cycling in an 8-year-old Eucalyptus plantation in a moist plain area adjacent to central Himalaya, India

Carli, F.; Webster, J.; Ramachandra, V.; Pearson, M.; Read, M.; Ford, G.C.; McArthur, S.; Preedy, V.R.; Halliday, D., 1990:
Aspects of protein metabolism after elective surgery in patients receiving constant nutritional support

Chan, S.W.; Walliker, D.; Snewin, V.; Hyde, J.E.; Beale, G.; Scaife, J.G., 1989:
Aspects of pyrimethamine resistance in Plasmodium falciparum

Okada K.; Shimura Y., 1992:
Aspects of recent developments in mutational studies of plant signaling pathways

Gassin, A.L., 1991:
Aspects of regulation of food enrichment in France and Europe

Mota Alves, M.I., 1989:
Aspects of reproduction of Macrobrachium in different sexual proportion

Nogueira, J.R.; Barbosa, C.; Mattos, J.C.A. de; Campos, B. do E.S.; Capelloza, C.N.Z., 1989:
Aspects of reproductive efficiency in Mediterranean and Jafarabadi buffaloes

Snijders, C.H.A., 1990:
Aspects of resistance to partial ear sterility caused by Fusarium culmorum in wheat

Anonymous, 1990:
Aspects of rumen microbiology and metabolism

Goncalves, A.; Vannucchi, H., 1988:
Aspects of scientific production in the field of nutrition in Brazil. Analysis of work supported by the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development during 1984-85

Ollier C.D., 1991:
Aspects of silcrete formation in Australia

Bernhard Reversat, F., 1989:
Aspects of soil-plant relations in agroforestry systems and forest plantations in the tropics

Liljesthrom, G., 1988:
Aspects of spatial heterogeneity in relation to the population dynamics of Nezara viridula (L.) (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae)

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