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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2036

Chapter 2036 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Lokendra Kumar; Arora, P.P., 1991:
Basis of selection in chickpea

Deimel, H.; Hoffmann, G.M., 1991:
Basis of the detrimental effects of net blotch disease on barley (causal organisms: Drechslera teres (Sacc.) Shoemaker)

Braga, F.S., 1990:
Basis pricing, futures-cash price transmission and appropriate hedge ratios: the case of the soybean market in Ontario

Mandle, J.R.; Mandle, J.D., 1990:
Basketball, civil society and the post colonial state in the Commonwealth Caribbean

Feliu, X.; de la Cuesta, C.G.; Castillo, J.G.; Sanz, M.L.; Oehling, A., 1989:
Basophil degranulation test in house dust mite allergy: diagnostic value

Dohi, M.; Morita, Y.; Sugiyama, H.; Tsurumachi, K.; Okudaira, H.; Ito, K.; Nakayama, H.; Miyamoto, T., 1990:
Basophil histamine release and airway response to mite allergen in atopic dermatitis

Steeves, E.B.T.; Allen, J.R., 1990:
Basophils in skin reactions of mast cell-deficient mice infested with Dermacentor variabilis

Perkins, G.R., 1990:
Basta - a new herbicide for horticulture

Schwenke, W., 1988:
Bat protection and colonization in the forest: successes and problems

Burnett, C.D., 1989:
Bat rabies in Illinois: 1965 to 1986

Naewbanij, M.; Thepent, V., 1992:
Batch and continuous drying

Schuppert, B.S.hink, B.T.osch, W., 1992:
Batch and continuous production of propionic acid from whey permeate by Propionibacterium acidi-propionici in a three-electrode amperometric culture system

Mulligan, C.; Gibbs, B., 1991:
Batch conversion of whey permeate to ammonium lactate by Streptococcus cremoris

Chen, X.H.; Gosset, T.; Thevenot, D.R., 1990:
Batch copper ion binding and exchange properties of peat

Jagadesh, D.; Chivate, M.R.; Tavare, N.S., 1992:
Batch crystallization of potassium chloride by an ammoniation process

el Alami, N.; Boquien, C.Y.; Corrieu, G., 1992:
Batch cultures of recombinant Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis in a stirred fermentor. I. Effect of plasmid content on bacterial growth and on genetic stability in pure cultures

el Alami, N.; Boquien, C.Y.; Corrieu, G., 1992:
Batch cultures of recombinant Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis in a stirred fermentor. II. Plasmid transfer in mixed cultures

Park, S.C.; Baratti, J., 1991:
Batch fermentation kinetics of sugar beet molasses by Zymomonas mobilis

Fuentes, J.A.; Chandia, C.I., 1989:
Batch grain dryer prototype testing

Gobbetti, M.; Rossi, J.; Toba, T., 1990:
Batch production of kefir. Analysis of the relationships among the biological components of the system

Burnell, J.R.; Rylant, W.K., 1990:
Batch production of suspension fertilizers using lignosulfonate

Peterson, C.; Feldman, M.K.rus, R.A.ld, D., 1991:
Batch type transesterification process for winter rape oil

Berni, R.J.; Domelsmith, L.N.; Perkins, H.H.J., 1989:
Batch washed cotton

Perkins, H.H.; Berni, R.J., 1990:
Batch washed cotton update

Krcula, J.; Vasek, V., 1990:
Batching device in the stationary line for bulk feed cattle feeding

Ueda, S.; Teramoto, Y.; Ohba, R.; Ueki, T.; Kimura, K.; Shiota, S., 1991:
Batchwise ethanol fermentation with shochu distillery waste

Coleman, CO., 1990:
Bathypanoploea schellenbergi Holman & Watling, 1983, an Antarctic amphipod (Crustacea) feeding on Holothuroidea

Mayle, B.A., 1990:
Bats and trees

Routh, A., 1991 :
Bats in the surgery: a practitioner's guide

Anonymous, 1991:
Batten down the hatches

Pickens, L.G., 1991:
Battery-powered, electrocuting trap for stable flies (Diptera: Muscidae)

Leskiw, L.A., 1989:
Battle River Soil Reconstruction Project: five year results of the Torlea Soil Experiment

Leskiw, L.A., 1989:
Battle River soil reconstruction project five year summary

Davenport, K., 1991:
Battle of wits

Visart, E., 1991:
Battlefield heritage and animation sites - the Waterloo case study

Stevens, T., 1989:
Battlefield interpretation: war & peace, tourism's dilemma

Schwartz, A., 1990:
Battus polydamas (Papilionidae) on Barbados, West Indies

Bhat, M.N.; Hiremath, P.C.; Hegde, R.K.; Naik, K.S., 1989:
Bauhinia malabarica, a new host record to Colletotrichum gloeosporioides from India

Heissenhuber, A.; Pahl, H., 1990:
Bavarian and Italian beef cattle farmers as competitors in the EC Single Market

Klein, W., 1991:
Bavarian concept of environment-compatible plant production

Junne, G., 1990:

Gagne, R.J., 1991:
Bayeriola Gagne, new name for Bayeria Rubsaamen 1914 (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae), preoccupied by Fritsch 1905 (Pisces)

Carriquiry, A.L., 1990:
Bayesian estimation of variance components in mixed linear models

Tounder, G.J. van; Botha, J.F.; Waal, D.J. de, 1990:
Bayesian estimation of water levels

Clemmens, A.J.; Keats, J.B., 1992:
Bayesian inference for feedback control. I: Theory

Clemmens, A.J.; Keats, J.B., 1992:
Bayesian inference for feedback control. II: Surface irrigation example

Sakla, A.A.; Donnelly, J.J.; Khatami, M.; Rockey, J.H., 1989:
Baylisascaris procyonis (Stefanski and Zarnowski, 1951) Ascarididae: Nematoda. I. Embryonic development and morphogenesis of second stage larvae

Donnelly, J.J.; Sakla, A.; Khatami, M.; Rockey, J.H., 1989:
Baylisascaris procyonis (Stiefanski and Zarnowski, 1951) Ascarididae: Nematoda. II. Third stage larvae, morphogenesis and migratory behaviour

Kazacos, K.R.; Fitzgerald, S.D.; Reed, W.M., 1991:
Baylisascaris procyonis as a cause of cerebrospinal nematodiasis in ratites

Harr, M., 1989:
Bayofly Pour-on: evaluation of mastitis prophylaxis in grazing cattle in southern Germany

Graham, C.T.Jr, 1990:
BaytanReg. 30 FL: a new systemic fungicide for cotton

Scheer, M.; Bauditz, R., 1990:
Baytril (enrofloxacin): antibacterial activity and pharmacokinetics in rabbits

Wasniewski, A.; Gaazka, V., 1991:
Baytril, Bayer - a preparation for treatment for salmonellosis in poultry

Fadale, J., 1990:
Be prepared

Smith, R.A., 1992:
Beach resort evolution: implications for planning

Smith, R.A., 1990:
Beach resorts: a model of development evolution

Burke, HR.; Amos, AF.; Parker, RD., 1991:
Beach-drift insects on Padre Island National Seashore, Texas

Duff, S.R.; Hocking, P.M.; Randall, C.J., 1990:
Beak and oral lesions in broiler breeding fowl

Mielnik M.; Craig J.V.; Milliken G.A., 1992:
Beak trimming and holding time effects on fearfulness of pullets as estimated by tonic immobility

Cunningham, D.L.; Buhr, R.J.; Mamputu, M., 1992:
Beak trimming and sex effects on behavior and performance traits of large white turkeys

Thung M., 1991:
Bean agronomy in monoculture

Behroozin, M.; Fatehi, J., 1989:
Bean anthracnose in Ahar

Woolley, J.; Ildefonso, R.L.; Castro, T. de A.P. e; Voss, J., 1991:
Bean cropping systems in the tropics and subtropics and their determinants

Voysest, O.; Dessert, M., 1991:
Bean cultivars: classes and commercial seed types

Bokosi, J.M., 1991:
Bean evaluation in Africa

Cano, O.; Garcia, F., 1990:
Bean frontal lifter AF-4.2

Singh S.P., 1991:
Bean genetics

Anonymous, 1989:
Bean program. Annual report 1989

Quentin, M.E.; Spencer, J.L.; Miller, J.R., 1991:
Bean tumbling as a control measure for the common bean weevil, Acanthoscelides obtectus

Barwal, RN., 1990:
Bean weevil, Alcidodes signatus Bohem. - a pest of temperate beans

Uyeda, I., 1992:
Bean yellow mosaic subgroup; search for the group specific sequences in the 3' terminal region of the genome

Bellardi, M.G.; Pisi, A.; Masenga, V., 1990:
Bean yellow mosaic virus (BYMV) in Sparaxis sp

Hammond, J., 1989:
Bean yellow mosaic virus infection of orchids

Nderitu, J.H.; Kayumbo, H.Y.; Mueke, J.M., 1990:
Beanfly infestation on common beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) in Kenya

Mattson, DJ.; Gillin, CM.; Benson, SA.; Knight, RR., 1991:
Bear feeding activity at alpine insect aggregation sites in the Yellowstone ecosystem

Deotale, R.D.; Shastri, N.R.; Dawande, V.B.; Allurwar, M.W., 1991:
Bearing and shedding in cotton as influenced by tricontanol

Madhav, M.R.; Sharma, J.S.N., 1991:
Bearing capacity of clay overlain by stiff soil

Reddy, A.S.; Singh, A.K.; Karnik, S.S., 1991:
Bearing capacity of clays whose cohesion increases linearly with depth

Slater, J.A., 1991:
Bearing guard for compost turner

Sweep, A., 1991:
Beating the British at their own game - aggressive export tactics

Anonymous, 1988:
Beautiful fur animals and their colour genetics

Hegedus, D.; Bidochka, M.; Khachatourians, G., 1990:
Beauveria bassiana submerged conidia production in a defined medium containing chitin, two hexosamines or glucose

Kituyi, M., 1990:
Becoming Kenyans: socio-economic transformation of the pastoral Maasai

Porter W.C., 1991:
Bed covers alter temporal distribution of production of sweetpotato transplants

Kromer, K.H.; Stratz, J., 1991:
Bed cultivation - an integrated cultivation system for sugar beets

Kwiatkowski, D.; Hill, A.V.S., 1991:
Bed nets and malaria

Newberry, K.; Mchunu, Z.M.; Cebekhulu, S.Q., 1991:
Bedbug reinfestation rates in rural Africa

Robertson, A.M., 1990:
Bedded courts for pigs

Jones, R.K., 1991:
Bedding plant diseases

Butts, K.M., 1991:
Bee attractants: improving strawberry quality?

Walker, P.; Linnard, W., 1990:
Bee boles and other beekeeping structures in Wales

Skinner, M., 1991:
Bee brood consumption: an alternative explanation for hypervitaminosis A in KNM-ER 1808 (Homo erectus) from Koobi Fora, Kenya

Anonymous, 1991:
Bee disease order

Shimanuki, H.; Knox, D.A.;, D., 1991:
Bee diseases, parasites, and pests

Garg, R., 1989:
Bee flora of Paonta Valley

Anonymous, 1991:
Bee forage

Simonetti, G.; Frilli, F.; Barbattini, R.; Iob, M., 1989:
Bee forage. An applied botanical study in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region

Damblon, F.; Lobreau Callen, D., 1991:
Bee foraging in North and West Africa

Dujin, T.; Jovanovic, V.; Stajner, B.; Olah, M.; Savic, M.; Suvakov, D., 1989:
Bee health control. III. Prevention of the spread of infectious and parasitic diseases of honey bees in Vojvodina

Dujin, T.; Jovanovic, V.; Stajner, B.; Olah, M.; Savic, M.; Suvakov, D.; Milosev, B., 1989:
Bee health control. IV. Prevention of the spread of infectious and parasitic diseases of honey bees in the Vojvodina autonomous province of Yugoslavia

Dujin, T.; Jovanovic, V.; Stajner, B.; Olah, M.; Savic, M.; Suvakov, D.; Milosev, B., 1990:
Bee health control. V. Prevention of the spread of infectious and parasitic diseases of honey bees in the Vojvodina autonomous province of Yugoslavia

Gerlach, J., 1989:
Bee inclusions of the genera Dasypoda, Megachile and Apis in Baltic amber

Anonymous, 1988:
Bee keeping in the year 2000. Proceedings of the Second Australian and International Beekeeping Congress, Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, July 21-26, 1988

Wongsiri, S.; Tangkanansing, P., 1987:
Bee mites control in Thailand

Bruce, W.A.; Hackett, K.J.; Shimanuki, H.; Henegar, R.B., 1991:
Bee mites: vectors of honey bee pathogens?

Chaudhary, J.L.; Singh, B.P., 1989:
Bee pasturage and a pattern for seasonal management for Amethi, Uttar Pradesh

Parker, FD.; Tepedino, VJ., 1990:
Bee pollination of Cuphea (Lythraceae) species in greenhouse and field

Fluri, P., 1991:
Bee research at Liebefeld - a retrospective summary

Walker, P.; Crane, E., 1991:
Bee shelters and bee boles in Cumbria

Caron, D.M.; Schaefer, P.; Smith, I.B., 1990:
Bee spill!

Shkenderov, S.; Koburova, K.; Chavdarova, V., 1986:
Bee venom adolapin: effect on thromboxane A2 and prostacyclin plasma levels in rats with model acute inflammation

Beard, L., 1990:
Bee venom allergy

Kim C.M., 1989:
Bee venom therapy for arthritis

Nakajima, T., 1986:
Bee venoms

Matsunaga, T.; Ito, T., 1989:
Bee-controlling agents containing chrysanthemate

Kucera, L.J.; Bonsen, K.J.M., 1991:
Beech (Fagus sylvatica) ray disease: anatomical description and possible cause

Hosking, G.P., 1989:
Beech forest health - implications for management

Wittig, R.; Werner, W., 1989:
Beech forests in the Ruhr region and the Westphalian Bight: a comparative investigation

Nedelin, B., 1988:
Beech high forest in Bulgaria

Moller, H.; Tilley, JAV., 1989:
Beech honeydew: seasonal variation and use by wasps, honey bees, and other insects

Asciuto, A., 1989:
Beech in Sicily: economics and environment

Boggia, L., 1988:
Beech in central Italy

Drescher, W., 1989:
Beech in the southern Black Forest: a lost species?

Donner, B.; Heyser, W., 1989:
Beech mycorrhizas: possibilities of element selection with special regard to some heavy metals

Wilmanns, O., 1989:
Beech species and their habitats

Dealler, S.; Lacey, R., 1991:
Beef and bovine spongiform encephalopathy: the risk persists

Heinrich, I.; Kogl, H., 1992:
Beef and veal production in Europe. Economics of the production of quality meat - a comparison of Germany with other European Countries

Anonymous, 1991:
Beef breeding services

Anonymous, 1991:
Beef carcase classification

Anonymous, 1991:
Beef carcass and meat quality evaluation. Proceedings of a satellite symposium of the 42nd EAAP annual meeting, Dummerstorf-Rostock, 6-7 September 1991

May, S.G.; Mies, W.L.; Edwards, J.W.; Williams, F.L.; Wise, J.W.; Morgan, J.B.; Savell, J.W.; Cross, H.R., 1992:
Beef carcass composition of slaughter cattle differing in frame size, muscle score, and external fatness

Setshwaelo, L.L., 1990:
Beef cattle breeding in the tropics

Pinchak, W.; Smith, M.; Hart, R.; Waggoner, J.J., 1991:
Beef cattle distribution patterns on foothill range

Pott, E.B.; Catto, J.B.; Brum, P.A.R. de, 1989:
Beef cattle feeding at critical periods on native pastures in the Brazilian Pantanal

Pott, E.B.; Pott, A.; Almeida, I.L. de; Brum, P.A.R. de; Comastri Filho, J.A.; Tullio, R.R., 1989:
Beef cattle mineral nutrition in the Brazilian Pantanal. 3. Macronutrient survey on the lower Piquiri

Pott, E.B.; Brum, P.A.R. de; Pott, A.; Almeida, I.L. de; Comastri Filho, J.A.; Tullio, R.R., 1989:
Beef cattle mineral nutrition in the Brazilian Pantanal. 4. Micronutrient survey on the lower Piquiri River

Pott, E.B.; Comastri Filho, J.A.; Almeida, I.L. de; Brum, P.A.R. de; Pott, A., 1989:
Beef cattle mineral nutrition in the Brazilian Pantanal. 6. Micronutrient survey in the Aquidauana subregion

Kruif, A. de; Mijten, P.; Branden, J. van den; Opsomer, G., 1992:
Beef cattle production

Howard, S.B., 1991:
Beef cattle production in Trinidad and Tobago - its evolution and future prospects

Archibald, K.A.E., 1991:
Beef cattle production systems in the OECS

Anonymous, 1992:
Beef cattle recording

Hansen, M., 1991:
Beef cattle recording in Denmark

Schwark, H.J., 1992:
Beef cows should prove profitable in the future. Conditions, requirements, possibilities and limits for beef cow breeding. 1

O.F.rrall, G.J.M.; Ryan, M., 1990:
Beef crossing: effects of genotype of the foetus on the performance of dairy cows

Smith, R., 1992:
Beef industry writing new story as it rolls out low-fat ground beef

Anonymous, 1990:
Beef market prospects in North East Asia. Bunbury, 5 December and Albany, 7 December 1989 sponsored by Western Australian Department of Agriculture, Cattle Industry Residue Testing Trust Fund

Anonymous, 1991:
Beef marketing and promotion

Duewer, L.A.; Nelson, K.E., 1991:
Beef packing costs are lower for larger plants

Sharpe, P.; Gumprich, P.; Skepasts, A., 1990:
Beef pasture trials

Antal, J.; Janci, A., 1989:
Beef performance of Slovakian Pinzgau bulls under the conditions of intensive finishing

Teslik, V.; Urban, F.; Bouska, J.; Rehak, D., 1991:
Beef performance of crossbred Czech Pied and Limousin bulls

Bliska, F.M. de M.; Barros, G.S. de C., 1990:
Beef price formation: an application of the auto-vector regression model

Wilkins, R.J.; Peel, S.; Yarrow, N.H.; Johnson, R.H.; Fisher, A., 1989:
Beef production based on white clover: effects of grazing management, concentrate supplementation and breed type

Hardy, M.B.; Gray, N.N., 1989:
Beef production from Digitaria eriantha subsp. eriantha in a sub-tropical environment

Josifovich, J.A.; Maddaloni, J., 1989:
Beef production from grazing maize stubble

Keating, T.; O.K.ely, P., 1990:
Beef production from silages produced from Italian ryegrass, perennial ryegrass and permanent grassland swards

Gonella, C.; Cerqueira, E.; Viglizzo, E., 1987:
Beef production from small grain pastures in the subhumid pampean zone

Cosse, V., 1991:
Beef production in Belgium

Favoretto, V.; Rodrigues, L.R. de A.; Chiarello, A.G.; Sampaio, A.A.M.; Vieira, P.F.; Malheiros, E.B., 1989:
Beef production in Guineagrass pastures with nitrogen or legumes

Caballero, A.M.; Garza, F.R., 1991:
Beef production in feedlot without grain. 1. Dry poultry litter and molasses supplementation to bulls fed on ensiled green corn stalks

Szucs, E.; Szentpeteri, J.; Karle, G.; Acs, I.; Csiba, A., 1991:
Beef production results of 3 genotypes developed from the combination of Danish Jersey and Holstein breed

Legoshin, G., 1991:
Beef production systems

Catrileo, A.R., 1991:
Beef production systems from grassland-arable farms in southern Chile

Meek, R.M., 1989:
Beef production systems in Northern Ireland

Faivre Dupaigre, B., 1992:
Beef production: the difficulties of a surplus market

Schneijdenberg, T.C.H.G.P.; Eikelenboom, G.; Vries, A.W. de, 1990:
Beef quality and palatability of cows and young bulls

Rehben E., 1991:
Beef recording in dairy and suckler herds

Hughes, H., 1992:
Beef specialist predicts next beef expansion area

Anonymous, 1991:
Beef yearbook, 1991

Duewer, L.A.; Nelson, K.E., 1991:
Beefpacking and processing plants: computer-assisted cost analysis

Anonymous, 1991:
Beefplan results - finishing systems

Anonymous, 1991:
Beefplan results - suckler herds

Uffelen, J. van; Jong, M. de; Dijk, P. van, 1990:
Beefsteak tomatoes. Still no top cultivar for the whole culture period

Staemmler, G., 1990:
Beekeeper instruction: introduction and guide for beekeepers

Lopez del Amo, J., 1990:
Beekeepers with fixed-comb hives

Barakov, L.-Ivanov; Mitev, I.-Petrov, 1991:

Ahmad, R., 1990:
Beekeeping - an income generating hobby for farmers

Habibullah, M.S.; Ismail, M.M., 1991:
Beekeeping activity: prospect for increasing farmers' income in the rural areas of Malaysia

Anonymous, 1991:
Beekeeping and Development

Milne, C.P.Jr, 1991:
Beekeeping and genetic engineering

Anonymous, 1991:
Beekeeping and its products

Ricciardelli d' Albore, G., 1990:
Beekeeping and medicinal aromatic plants

Marletto, F., 1989:
Beekeeping and pollination in the Aosta Valley

Oppitz, M., 1991:
Beekeeping and the hunt for wild honey among the Magar of Nepal

Nakamura, J.; Wongsiri, S.; Sasaki, M., 1992:
Beekeeping and tourism on Samui

Anonymous, 1990:
Beekeeping as a possible replacement for cocoa cultivation in Bolivia

Leclerc, M., 1992:
Beekeeping as practised by fourteen commercial beekeepers in Quebec

Bradbear, N., 1990:
Beekeeping development and the protection of tropical forests

Rigau, B.; Campi, E., 1990:
Beekeeping has a future in Burkina Faso

Adjare, S.O., 1990:
Beekeeping in Africa

Woyke, J., 1991:
Beekeeping in Albania

Goncalves, L.S.; Stort, A.C.;, D., 1991:
Beekeeping in Brazil

Dews, J.E.; Milner, E., 1991:
Beekeeping in Britain: the way ahead

Anonymous, 1990:
Beekeeping in Europe: honey quality and the market in '93. Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Beekeeping in Agriculture, Lazise del Granda, Dogana Veneta, 6-8 October 1989

Woo, K.S., 1991:
Beekeeping in Korea, current status of Korean bee pests and their control

Kiew, R.; Muid, M., 1991:
Beekeeping in Malaysia: pollen atlas

Labougle, J.M., 1991:
Beekeeping in Mexico: past, present and future

Howpage, D., 1991:
Beekeeping in Sri Lanka

Hellmich, R.L.I.I.; Rinderer, T.E., 1991:
Beekeeping in Venezuela

Ricciardelli d' Albore, G.; Vit Olivier, P., 1990:
Beekeeping in Venezuela and pollen spectra and sources of its honeys

Anonymous, 1991:
Beekeeping in Yugoslavia

Verma, L.R., 1991:
Beekeeping in integrated mountain development

Anonymous, 1989:
Beekeeping in the European Community; problems and needs, Pr (89) 26, P (89) 28

Anonymous, 1990:
Beekeeping on public land

Ciani, A.; Quaranta, M.; Ricciardelli d' Albore, G.; Scalise, A., 1990:
Beekeeping perspectives in afforestation and in protection of the environment in inland areas of Umbria

Romanova, E.B., 1990:
Beekeeping products as raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry

Yates, J.D.; Yates, B.D., 1991:
Beekeeping senior study notes (Part 1) for the BBKA examinations

Yates, J.D.; Yates, B.D., 1990:
Beekeeping study notes for the BBKA examinations: basic and intermediate

Wongsiri, S.; Pyramarn, K., 1987:
Beekeeping techniques with Apis cerana F. in poor areas of northeastern Thailand: experiments on the effect of standard Langstroth hives and modified Chinese hives with wax foundation sheets

Wallner, A., 1991:
Beekeeping today. My management method; varroa-killing bees; selection criteria

Chevet, R., 1989:
Beekeeping traditions in Bearn

Jabonski, B.; Szklanowska, K., 1990:
Beekeeping value and pollination requirements of tetraploid buckwheat

Chevet, R., 1990:
Beekeeping with horizontal hives in the Mediterranean region

Fries, I., 1992:
Beekeeping with varroa mites

Jutzi, H., 1990:
Beekeeping, honey production and honey consumption in Switzerland in the years 1985 to 1989

Jutzi, H., 1991:
Beekeeping, production and consumption of honey in Switzerland

Williams, I.H.; Corbet, S.A.; Osborne, J.L., 1991:
Beekeeping, wild bees and pollination in the European Community

Anonymous, 1990:
Beekeeping. Wintering honey bee colonies

Matheson, A., 1991:
Beekeeping: leading agricultural change in New Zealand

Caleffi, A.; Broccaioli, A., 1990:
Beer draff and maize gluten feed in diets for fattening pigs

Brayley, R.E., 1992:
Beer drinking smokers and granola crunchers: the challenge of physically and socially accommodating incompatible winter resort market segments

Anonymous, 1991:

Belakova, A., 1988:
Bees (Apoidea) in the vicinity of Bratislava

Banaszak, J., 1989:
Bees (Apoidea) of moist meadows on the Mazovian lowland

Banaszak, J., 1987:
Bees (Apoidea) of selected plant associations at Wielkopolski National Park

Anonymous, 1991:
Bees and beekeeping in southern Africa. Proceedings of the International Beekeepers' Symposium held at Stellenbosch, South Africa, 24-26 January, 1990

Bolchi Serini, G., 1988:
Bees and flowers, an ancient alliance

Corbet, S.A.; Williams, I.H.; Osborne, J.L., 1991:
Bees and the pollination of crops and wild flowers in the European Community

Corbet, S.A.; Williams, I.H.; Osborne, J.L., 1991:
Bees and the pollination of crops and wild flowers: changes in the European Community

Svensson, B., 1991:
Bees and trees

Jacob Remacle, A., 1989:
Bees and wasps of our gardens

Torchio, P.F., 1991:
Bees as crop pollinators and the role of solitary species in changing environments

O.T.ole, C.; Raw, A., 1991:
Bees of the world

Osborne, J.L.; Williams, I.H.; Corbet, S.A., 1991:
Bees, pollination and habitat change in the European Community

Brand Garnys, E.E.; Sprenger, J., 1988:
Beeswax - new aspects of a classic raw material for cosmetics

Brewer, M.J.; Trumble, J.T.; Alvarado Rodriguez, B.; Chaney, W.E., 1990:
Beet armyworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) adult and larval susceptibility to three insecticides in managed habitats and relationship to laboratory selection for resistance

Johansson, E., 1990:
Beet breeding in the future

Grzeskowiak, J., 1991:
Beet evaluation station of type Beta-Test II at Sroda sugar factory

Anonymous, 1992:
Beet machinery. Characteristics and prices

Blachowska, E.; Szyndel, M.S., 1986:
Beet mild yellowing virus and beet yellows virus on sugarbeet plantations

Caubel, G., 1990:
Beet nematodes: combination of control methods

Minoranskii, V.A.; E.A.ami, F.M., 1989:
Beet pests in Egypt

Liu, H.Y.; Duffus, J.E., 1990:
Beet pseudo-yellows virus: purification and serology

Bugaenko, I.F.; Moiseyak, M.B.; Kolesnikova, A.B.; Kazakov, Y.N., 1990:
Beet quality and diffusion juice colorants

Antonovskii, V.N.; Pronina, V.A.; Belyaeva, L.I., 1991:
Beet quality and massecuite boiling schemes

Domonkosi, I.; Kojedzinszky, R., 1990:
Beet reception with the help of computers at Szerencs sugar factory

Paptsov, A.G., 1991:
Beet sugar industry of the USA

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Behavioural analysis in eating disorders

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Behavioural controls of grazing animals

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Behavioural problems: normal or pathological during a consultation

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Behavioural responses of park red and fallow deer to disturbance and effects on population performance

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Behind the face of malnutrition

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Behind the fences: a tentative comparative history of African ranches

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Being able and knowing how to choose: the critical issue in research and development in the south of Nicaragua

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Beipei Seedless Jincheng

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Bel: small is beautiful

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Belfast united: encouraging cross-community relations through sport in Northern Ireland

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Belgian contribution to medical mycology in the tropics

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Belgian milk price increased sharply in 1988

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Belgium: old trends, new contradictions

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Belt loop gastropexy in the management of gastroesophageal intussusception in a pup

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Beltrania rhombica Penzig. A new record from India on seeds of sesame

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Bembidion argenteolum Ahrens (Coleoptera: Carabidae) in the British Isles

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Bembidion femoratum Sturm and Amara communis (Panzer) (Coleoptera: Carabidae) new to North America

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Bemisia tabaci vector of TYLCV in Sicily

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Ben Johnson and the use of steroids in sport: sociological and ethical considerations

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Bench grafting Colorado blue spruce - criteria for success

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Bench grafting of walnut

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Bench scale studies of the soil aeration process for bioremediation of petroleum hydrocarbons

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Bench terracing in the Kerinci uplands of Sumatra, Indonesia

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Bench terracing incorporation deep contour tillage on shallow coastal soils of Natal

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Bending creep and load duration of Douglas-fir 2 by 4s under constant load

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Bending of parameter estimates from non-orthogonal data to improve genetic gain through index selection

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Bending stiffness of cylindrical plant organs with a 'core-rind' construction: evidence from Juncus effusus leaves

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Bending strength and modulus of elasticity in bending of structural Norway spruce timber at temperatures up to 150 degrees C

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Bending strength of glulam beams as a function of the parameters relevant to strength

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Bending stresses in a skyline in the zone of the supporting shoe

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Bending test of green wood at low temperatures

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Bending/tension loading of bolted joints in wood

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Bendiocarb and diflubenzuron as substitute insecticides for endosulfan in commercial mushroom growing

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Benefactors' lecture: the impact of molecular biology on mycology

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Beneficial changes in fungal flora in fungicide treated soil

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Beneficial effect of Thymogen on the immune system of piglets with nonspecific bronchopneumonia

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Beneficial effect of 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 in the treatment of myelofibrosis

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Beneficial effect of coinfusing a lipid emulsion on venous patency

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Beneficial effects of carbon dioxide on development of gerbera and rose plantlets grown in vitro

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Beneficial effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in Nocardia brasiliensis soft-tissue infection

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Beneficial effects of medium-chain triglyceride as an energy source in Mann-Williamson rats

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Beneficial insects and common pests on strawberry and raspberry crops

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Beneficial micro-organisms. Microbial bioprocessing

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Beneficial microbial aspects (probiotics)

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Beneficial use should survive new 503 regs

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Beneficiaries in the human food chain

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Beneficiation of calcareous phosphate rocks using dilute acetic acid solutions: optimisation of operating conditions for Ruseifa (Jordan) phosphate

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Beneficiation plant for the new Kef Eddour Pit

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Benefit and risk of fish consumption

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Benefit cost analysis and ethical concerns

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Benefit of diet studies in epidemiological research

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Benefiting youth sport - college faculty and volunteer coaches working together equally

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Benefits derived through social forestry programmes

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Benefits from active environmental management

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Benefits from agricultural development projects: another lesson from Nigeria

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Benefits from development assistance projects in forestry: does the available evidence paint a true picture?

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Benefits from long-term ecosystem research: some examples from Rothamsted

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Benefits from long-term ecosystem research; some examples from Rothamsted

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Benefits from marker-assisted selection under varying assumptions

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Benefits of a skidding shield for timber extraction from young Scots pine stands

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Benefits of controlled traffic for irrigated row crops in the tropics

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Benefits of intercrops as feed sources for livestock

Anonymous, 1991:
Benefits of leisure

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Benefits of post-harvest applications of a biocide (thiabendazole) and coatings on the storage of 'Minneola' tangelos

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Benefits of potassium application to aquic soil on the Jianghan Plains and the techniques

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Benefits of transferring streamflow priority from agricultural to non-agricultural use

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Benefits of vegetable oils and esters in adjuvant oils

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Benefits of wheat stubble strips for conserving snow in southwestern Saskatchewan

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Benefits perceived by past participants in the NOLS Wind River Wilderness course: a methodological inquiry

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Benefitting more from tourism in Enkhuizen: a study into the significance, use of and relationships between tourism-leisure provision in Enkhuizen and ideas for an increase in profits from tourism

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Benign development of visceral leishmaniasis in a patient infected with human immunodeficiency virus

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Benign symmetrical lipomatosis - a complication of excessive alcohol consumption

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Benin study aids national drug policy

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Benomyl as seed treatment to control storage fungi in corn

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Benomyl improves storability and brown spot resistance of longleaf pine seedlings

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Bensulfuron and quinclorac detection in soils and water

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Bensulfuron for management of aquatic weeds in irrigation systems

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Bensulfuron-methyl, metsulfuron-methyl and their combination for weed control in rice

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Bent-and-glued furniture made of eucalypt veneer

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Benthic macroinvertebrates of the Rhone River in Geneva. II. Faunistic aspects

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Bentleg plow

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Benzimidazole-resistant Nematodirus sp. in Tasmania

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Benzo(a)pyrene content of smoked and smoke-flavored cheese products sold in Wisconsin

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Benzo(b)selenienyl-3 acetic acid: a potent synthetic auxin in somatic embryogenesis.

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Benzopyrene pretreatment of immature, female C57BL/6J mice results in increased bioactivation of aflatoxin B1 in vitro

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Benzoate inks

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Benzocaine (ethyl-p-aminobenzoate) as an anaesthetic for Prochilodus lineatus, Valenciennes (Pisces, Curimatidae)

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Benzyladenine as a chemical thinner for apple

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Benzyladenine in the priming solution reduces thermodormancy of lettuce seeds

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Benzyladenine partially restores the normal phenotype in a chlorophyll mutant of maize

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Benzyladenine-stimulation of nuclear DNA synthesis and cell division in germinating maize

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Benzylaminopurine in the in vitro propagation of the apple rootstock 'MM-111'

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Berberine derivatives as antileishmanial drugs

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Bergamotol and spirosantalol - new constituents of East Indian sandalwood oil

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Beriberi cardiomyopathy

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Bermudagrass cultivar identification by use of isoenzyme electrophoretic patterns

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Berne virus. Replication and evolution of the torovirus prototype

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Bernese Mittelland Tourist Organization: new tourism model and marketing concept

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Bernhard Fernow and Prussian forestry in America

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Berry and seed characteristics associated with stenospermy in vinifera grapes

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Berry formation in potato

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Berry yield of Vaccinium uliginosum in Pinega State reserve

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Berseem clover planting date

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Berseem clover seedling rates and row spacings for Montana

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Berseem production as influenced by limited irrigation

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Berseem straw as a fodder for sheep

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Berteroa incana (L.) DC., a previously not described natural host of turnip yellow mosaic virus in Germany

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Beryllophosphate chains in the structures of fransoletite, parafransoletite, and ehrleite and some general comments on beryllophosphate linkages

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Besides chemicals also use mechanical weed control!

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Beskid - a new raspberry cultivar

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Besnoitia besnoiti: quantitative in vitro studies

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Besnoitia infection in game-farmed reindeer: a trial to determine susceptibility of domestic cattle and mule deer

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Besnoitiosis in cattle: unknown in Spain?

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Best composition of a complex machine for brief soil and plant preparation in sugar cane

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Best linear unbiased prediction for across-flock/year breeding values

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Best linear unbiased prediction for pigs - the commercial experience

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Best management practices - time and method of fertilizer application

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Best management practices for storm water and infiltration control

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Best management practices versus socially optimal practices

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Best soyabean varieties for breeding

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Bet-hedging germination in desert annuals

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Beta 2-microglobulin and neopterin in semi-immune and non-immune malaria patients

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Beta diversity on geographic gradients in Britain

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Beta genetic resources activities

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Beta glucuronidase and hyperbilirubinaemia in breast fed infants of diabetic mothers

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Beta oxidation of fatty acids

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Beta-agonists as feed additives for fattening poultry, pigs and ruminants

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Beta-carotene and the prevention of cancer

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Beta-carotene's effects on serum lipoproteins and immunologic indices in humans

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Beta-endorphin and cortisol concentrations in plasma of cattle

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Beta-endorphin during the breeding and anestrous seasons in ewes

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Beta-glucuronidase as a rapid colorimetric assay for E. coli in water and sewage samples

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Beta-tubulin and benzimidazole resistance in the sheep nematode Haemonchus contortus

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Betaine as an effective methyl donor

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Betaine deficiency in maize : complementation tests and metabolic basis

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Betamethasone effects on paraquat lung toxicity

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Betelvine (Piper betle L., Piperaceae)

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Betelvine - a new host record of Dendrophthoe falcata

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Betelvine gardens in Midnapore District, West Bengal - an ex-post evaluation study

Herve, J.J. (Coordinator), 1990:
Better adaptation of production systems to climate

Steinhoff, D., 1991:
Better calculation of investment risk

Persson, M., 1992:
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