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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2037

Chapter 2037 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Gentry, A. H., 1992: Bignoniaceae - part II (tribe Tecomeae) with a study of the wood anatomy of Tecomeae

Bharti, I., 1992: Bihar's bane: slow progress on land reforms

Meduri G.U.; Stover D.E.; Greeno R.A.; Nash T.; Zaman M.B., 1991: Bilateral bronchoalveolar lavage in the diagnosis of opportunistic pulmonary infections

Bartels, P., 1990: Bilateral congenital fistulae of the lacrimal duct in a dog.

Zuberi, F. A.; Vlotman, W. F., 1991: Bilateral cooperation on drainage research in Pakistan

Scriber, JM.; Hagen, RH., 1990: Bilateral differentiation of color and morphology in the larval and pupal stages of Papilio glaucus (Lepidoptera: Papilionidae)

Ovesen, J., 1992: Bilateral facial palsy caused by the Borrelia spirochete

Poe, S. C., 1990: Bilateral foreign assistance allocation by the US government: a quantitative study

Riley C.B.; Yovich J.V.; Bolton J.R., 1991: Bilateral hypoplasia of the soft palate in a foal

Komtebedde J.; Hauptman J., 1990: Bilateral ischiocavernosus myectomy for chronic urine spraying in castrated male cats

Kornmehl, E. W.; Lesser, R. L.; Jaros, P.; Rocco, E.; Steere, A. C., 1989: Bilateral keratitis in Lyme disease

Gasser, I.; Almirante, B.; Fernandez Perez, F.; Mendoza, C., 1991: Bilateral mammary abscess and uveitis caused by Brucella melitensis - report of a case

TerPenning, B.; Litchman, C. D.; Heier, L., 1991: Bilateral middle cerebral artery occlusions in neurocysticercosis

Chase Wilde, L.; Klein, K. K.; Richter, J. J., 1990: Bilateral negotiations in the context of GATT rules

Goncalves, H. M. G.; Mapwunga, A. C. P.; Diogenes, M. J. N., 1991: Bilateral palmar tinea nigra

Miller, W. H, Jr; Shanley, K. J., 1991: Bilateral pinnal squamous cell carcinoma in a dog with chronic otitis externa

Bradham, R. R.; Locklair, P. R, Jr; Grimball, A., 1990: Bilateral pulmonary nodules caused by Dirofilaria immitis

Stanley, B. J.; Read, R. A.; Eger, R. A.; Shaw, S. E., 1991: Bilateral rotation flaps for the treatment of chronic nasal dermatitis in four dogs

Section 3, Chapter 2037, Accession 002036021

Harrison, L. J.; May, S. A., 1992: Bilateral subluxation of the pastern joint in the forelimbs of a foal

Katholm M.; Johnsen N.J.; Siim C.; Willumsen L., 1991: Bilateral sudden deafness and acute acquired toxoplasmosis

Carneiro, J. G. de A. (Coordinator), 1988: Bilateral symposium Brazil-Finland on forestry actualities. 16-22 October 1988, Curitiba, Parana, Brazil

Alho, K., 1992: Bilateral transfers and lending in international environmental cooperation

Harari J.; Moore M.; Dupuis J., 1992: Bilateral vertical canal resection to correct atresia of the external acoustic meatus in a dog

Leach, L. E.; Duan, Z. B.; Wang, S. T.; Bledsoe, B. E., 1991: Bilateral wastewater land treatment research by China and the USEPA

Section 3, Chapter 2037, Accession 002036029

Scott, D. W.; Harvey, H. J.; Yeager, A. E., 1991: Bilaterally symmetric alopecia associated with an adrenocortical adenoma in a pet ferret

Sweeny, D. J.; Barnes, S.; Diasio, R. B., 1991: Bile acid conjugation pattern in the isolated perfused rat liver during infusion of an amino acid formulation

Kaneko, J. J.; Rudolph, W. G.; Wilson, D. W.; Carlson, G. P., 1992: Bile acid fractionations by high-performance liquid chromatography in equine liver disease

Section 3, Chapter 2037, Accession 002036033

Section 3, Chapter 2037, Accession 002036037

Romanski, K., 1989: Bile acids and the electrical activity of canine stomach and small bowel during the interdigestive period

Neuman M.G.; Ishay J.S.; Eschar J., 1990: Bile acids in rat serum as indicators of hepatotoxicity by hornet venom

Combettes, L.; Berthon, B.; Doucet, E.; Erlinger, S.; Claret, M., 1990: Bile acids mobilise internal Ca2+ independently of external Ca2+ in rat hepatocytes

Mott G.E.; Jackson E.M.; Mcmahan C.A., 1991: Bile composition of adult baboons is influenced by breast versus formula feeding

Coleman, C. W., 1991: Bile duct carcinoma and cloacal prolapse in an orange-winged Amazon parrot (Amazona amazonica amazonica)

Hillyer, E. V.; Moroff, S.; Hoefer, H.; Quesenberry, K. E., 1991: Bile duct carcinoma in two out of ten Amazon parrots with cloacal papillomas

Cribb, A. E.; Burgener, D. C.; Reimann, K. A., 1988: Bile duct obstruction secondary to chronic pancreatitis in seven dogs

Walker, D. K.; Gilliland, S. E., 1989: Bile salt deconjugation activity of cultures of Lactobacillus acidophilus isolated from the intestines

Farley, J., 1991: Bilharzia. A history of imperial tropical medicine

Picaud, A.; Walter, P.; Bennani, S.; Minko Mi Etoua, D.; Nlome Nze, A. R., 1991: Bilharziosis of the fallopian tubes revealed by haemoperitoneum

Karim, M. R., 1991: Biliary ascariasis

Kolt, S. D.; Wirth, P. D.; Speer, A. G., 1991: Biliary ascariasis - a worm in the duct

Smits, A. B.; Hogezand, R. A. van; Huisman, A. B.; Hoogendam, I. J., 1990: Biliary ascariasis as a complication after cholecystectomy because of gallstones

Anonymous, 1990: Biliary ascariasis complication after a cholecystectomy because of cholelithiasis

Kulig, W.; Kirchgessner, M., 1991: Biliary concentration and flow rate of Fe, Cu and Mn as affected by enteral or parenteral Fe supply

Section 3, Chapter 2037, Accession 002036058

Briones, V; Blanco, Mm; Marco, A; Prats, N; Fernandez-Garayzabal, Jf; Suarez, G; Domingo, M; Dominguez, L., 1992: Biliary excretion as possible origin of Listeria monocytogenes in fecal carriers

Section 3, Chapter 2037, Accession 002036061

Peterson, J. E., 1990: Biliary hyperplasia and carcinogenesis in chronic liver damage induced in rats by phomopsin

Grace P.A.; Poston G.J.; Williamson R.C.N., 1990: Biliary motility

Rivero, M. A.; Marcial, M. A., 1989: Biliary tract disease due to Fasciola hepatica: a case report

Section 3, Chapter 2037, Accession 002036066

Rajala, R. A., 1989: Bill and the boss: labor protest, technological change, and the transformation of the west coast logging camp, 1890-1930

Billing, E., 1992: Billing's revised system (BRS) for fireblight risk assessment

Sharma, S. B.; Siddiqi, M. R., 1992: Bilobodera flexa gen. n., sp. n. (Nematoda: Heteroderidae) from Andhra Pradesh, India

Section 3, Chapter 2037, Accession 002036071

Othmer, H.; Diekkruger, B.; Kutilek, M., 1991: Bimodal porosity and unsaturated hydraulic conductivity

Bucklin, R. A.; Thompson, S. A.; Ross, I. J., 1990: Bin-wall failure caused by eccentric discharge of free-flowing grain

Section 3, Chapter 2037, Accession 002036074

Section 3, Chapter 2037, Accession 002036075

Section 3, Chapter 2037, Accession 002036076

Nikiforov, A. P.; Sedykh, Yu I.; Bespalov, A. I.; Nosenko, T. F.; Abramova, L. V.; Rubleva, T. E.; Prodaiko, V. S.; Likhopud, A. P., 1989: Binder

Yoshida, S.; Ye Xiuyun ; Nishiumi, T., 1991: Binding ability of bovine milk proteins to mutagenic heterocyclic amine of 3-amino-1,4-dimethyl-5H-pyridoindole

Kozowski, H.; Pusino, A.; Swiatek, J.; Spychaa, J.; Micera, T. G.; Gessa, C., 1991: Binding ability of pesticides X-ray. Spectroscopic, and polarographic studies of the Cu (II) interaction with acifluorfen

Sauerwein, H.; Miyamoto, A.; Guenther, J.; Meyer, H. H. D.; Schams, D., 1992: Binding and action of insulin-like growth factors and insulin in bovine luteal tissue during the oestrous cycle

Chow, E.; Singh, G. J. P.; Gill, S. S., 1989: Binding and aggregation of the 25-kilodalton toxin of Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. israelensis to cell membranes and alteration by monoclonal antibodies and amino acid modifiers

Jerry D.J.; Griel L.C.Jr; Kavanaugh J.F.; Kensinger R.S., 1991: Binding and bioactivity of ovine and porcine prolactins in porcine mammary tissue

Melkonian, B.; Burchert, M.; Kreimer, G.; Latzko, E., 1990: Binding and possible function of calcium in the chloroplast

Weber, J. H., 1988: Binding and transport of metals by humic materials

Section 3, Chapter 2037, Accession 002036090

Maga, J. A.; Kim, C. H., 1992: Binding during extrusion of added flavorants as influenced by starch and protein types

Soubeyrat, M., 1991: Binding for use in cheesemaking

Sasaki, Y; Harada, H., 1991: Binding form of pollen mother cell protein in the nucleosomes of lily

Macintosh, Sc; Stone, Tb; Jokerst, Rs; Fuchs, Rl, 1991: Binding of Bacillus thuringiensis proteins to a laboratory-selected line of Heliothis virescens

Reddy, M. I.; Mahoney, A. W., 1991: Binding of Fe(III) to bovine alpha s1-casein

Klotz, F. W.; Orlandi, P. A.; Reuter, G.; Cohen, S. J.; Haynes, D.; Schauer, R.; Howard, R. J.; Palese, P.; Miller, L. H., 1992: Binding of Plasmodium falciparum 175-kilodalton erythrocyte binding antigen and invasion of murine erythrocytes requires N-acetylneuraminic acid but not its O-acetylated form

Section 3, Chapter 2037, Accession 002036102

Soderlund, D. M.; Grubs, R. E.; Adams, P. M., 1989: Binding of batrachotoxinin A-20- alpha -benzoate to a high affinity site associated with house fly head membranes

Section 3, Chapter 2037, Accession 002036104

Deschauer, H.; Kogel Knabner, I., 1992: Binding of a herbicide to water-soluble soil humic substances

Section 3, Chapter 2037, Accession 002036107

Hosono, A.; Otani, H.; Kuno, M.; Sugimoto, M., 1990: Binding of amino acid pyrolyzates by lactic acid bacteria isolated from a ropy-fermented milk

So, Js; Larkins, Ba, 1991: Binding of an endosperm-specific nuclear protein to a maize beta-zein gene correlates with zein transcriptional activity

Jacobson, KC.; Fletcher, RC.; Kuhn, RE., 1992: Binding of antibody and resistance to lysis of trypomastigotes of Trypanosoma cruzi

Patocka, G.; Jelen, P., 1990: Binding of calcium to isolated whey proteins

Sastry, M. C. S.; Rao, M. S. N., 1990: Binding of chlorogenic acid by the isolated polyphenol-free 11S protein of sunflower (Helianthus annuus) seed

Dodin, G.; Andrieux, M.; Al Kabbani, H., 1990: Binding of ellipticine to beta -lactoglobulin. A physico-chemical study of the specific interaction of an antitumor drug with a transport protein

Vreeburg J.T.M.; Holland M.K.; Orgebin Crist M C., 1992: Binding of epididymal proteins to rat spermatozoa in vivo

Rudin, W.; Schwarzenbach, M.; Hecker, H., 1989: Binding of lectins to culture and vector forms of Trypanosoma rangeli Tejera, 1920 (Protozoa, Kinetoplastida) and to structures of the vector gut

Section 3, Chapter 2037, Accession 002036128

Moutafchiev, Da; Sirakov, Lm; Naidu, As, 1991: Binding of mouse and rabbit iron-59 transferrins to lactating mouse mammary epithelial cells

Section 3, Chapter 2037, Accession 002036131

Zhang, Xb; Ohta, Y., 1991: Binding of mutagens by fractions of the cell wall skeleton of lactic acid bacteria on mutagens

Section 3, Chapter 2037, Accession 002036133

Adams, Rj; Pollard, Td, 1989: Binding of myosin I to membrane lipids

Miller, Sg; Silhacek, Dl, 1992: Binding of riboflavin to lipophorin and a hexameric protein in the hemolymph of Heliothis virescens

Section 3, Chapter 2037, Accession 002036137

Section 3, Chapter 2037, Accession 002036138

Section 3, Chapter 2037, Accession 002036141

Dhadialla T.S.; Raikhel A.S., 1991: Binding of vitellogenin to membranes isolated from mosquito ovaries

Houk E.J.; Arcus Y.M.; Hardy J.L.; Kramer L.D., 1990: Binding of western equine encephalomyelitis virus to brush border fragments isolated from mesenteronal epithelial cells of mosquitoes

Section 3, Chapter 2037, Accession 002036145

Hosono A.; Tanabe T.; Otani H., 1990: Binding properties of lactic acid bacteria isolated from kefir milk with mutagenic amino acid pyrolyzates

Cusi M.G.; Valensin P.E.; Tollis M.; Bracci L.; Petreni S.; Soldani P., 1991: Binding properties of monoclonal antibodies to rabies virus

Section 3, Chapter 2037, Accession 002036150

Briggs, Deborah J.; Philips, Robert M., 1992: Binding rate of rabies virus to alpha interferon primed mouse neuroblastoma cells

Ribeiro dos Santos, R.; Este, M. M. G.; Garcia, E. S.; Azambuja, P., 1990: Binding sites for IgG-Fc in hemocyte adherent cells of hematophagous bugs (Rhodnius prolixus)

Zhao, Zy; Sundaresan, V., 1991: Binding sites for maize nuclear proteins in the terminal inverted repeats of the Mu1 transposable element

Sarokin, Lp; Chua, Nh, 1992: Binding sites for two novel phosphoproteins, 3AF5 and 3AF3, are required for rbcS-3A expression

Legaz, M. E.; Armas, R. de; Martinez, M.; Medina, I.; Vicente, C., 1991: Binding studies of Mn2+ to a glycosidase system from sugar cane juice

Dolan, B.; Ford, K., 1991: Binge eating and dietary restraint: a cross-cultural analysis

Lowe, M. R.; Caputo, G. C., 1991: Binge eating in obesity: toward the specification of predictors

Anonymous, 1989: Bingen Forest: forestry between castles and vines

Anonymous, 1991: Bingley Locks visitor survey 1990: visitor preferences and pressures

Wakuri, H.; Guinan, MJ.; Kitchell, RL., 1990: Binocular dissecting microscopic studies on the density of toruli tactile in the La Mancha goat

Lysyk, T. J.; Schaalje, G. B., 1992: Binomial sampling for pest management of stable flies (Diptera: Muscidae) that attack dairy cattle

Jones, V. P., 1991: Binomial sampling plans for tentiform leafminer (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae) on apple in Utah

Allsopp, P. G., 1991: Binomial sequential sampling of adult Saccharicoccus sacchari on sugarcane

Filauro, G.; Prati, R.; Marchesini, C.; Coppi, A., 1991: Bio-P removal from high phosphorus wastewaters: pilot testing confirms applicability of the process

Leto, A.; Monti, M., 1990: Bio-agronomic behaviour of safflower in the hilly interior region of Sicily

Ferrari, V.; Acciari, N.; Cacciatori, T., 1990: Bio-agronomic evaluation and technology of 6 Phaseolus vulgaris Cannellino cultivars harvested at the waxy seed stage

Paoletti, R.; Locatelli, C., 1990: Bio-agronomic evaluation of Italian and foreign grass cultivars in north Italy

Santis, G. De; Iannucci, A.; Tortone, G.; Martiniello, P., 1987: Bio-agronomic evaluation of irrigated forage species in the south

Leto, C., 1990: Bio-agronomic evaluation of some spring and winter oilseed rape cultivars sown in autumn

Buren, E.; Gors, A., 1990: Bio-catalytical exhaust cleaning

Srinivasulu, B.; Jeyarajan, R., 1989: Bio-chemical alterations in rice leaf components infected with rice tungro virus

Rao, M. B. N.; Satyanarayana, G., 1989: Bio-chemical basis for root-regeneration in ringed shoot cuttings of cashew (Anacardium occidentale L.) plants of different ages - auxin activity and carbohydrate contents

Rao, M. B. N.; Satyanarayana, G.; Rameswar, A.; Shivraj, A.; Padmanabham, V., 1989: Bio-chemical basis for root-regeneration in ringed shoot cuttings of cashew (Anacardium occidentale L.) plants of different ages. Cofactor activity and total phenol content

Subramaniam, A. R.; Rao, G. G. S. N., 1989: Bio-climatology of grasslands in the Indian arid region (Western Rajasthan)

Kaufmann, D. A., 1991: Bio-degradable mulching material

Yagi, M.; Nakashima, S., 1991: Bio-degradation of musty odor compounds, 2-methylisoborneol and geosmin, with bio-activated carbon filter seeded with Bacillus cereus (IAM 12605)

McNeely, J. A., 1991: Bio-diversity: the economics of conservation and management

Section 3, Chapter 2037, Accession 002036179

Gamayunova, S. G., 1988: Bio-ecological features of the parasites of the green oak-roller Tortrix viridana

Das, S. C.; Borthakur, M.; Gope, B., 1988: Bio-ecological studies on Chilocorus circumdatus Sch. an efficient predator of black scale, Chrysomphalus aonidium (=C. ficus) Ashm

Longo, S.; Palmeri, V.; Rapisarda, C., 1989: Bio-ecological studies on the pine processionary caterpillar - Thaumetopoea pityocampa - in Sicily

Section 3, Chapter 2037, Accession 002036183

Gilot, B.; Couatarmanac' h, A.; Guiguen, C.; Beaucournu, J. C., 1992: Bio-ecology of Ixodes acuminatus Neumann, 1901. Hosts, seasonal activity and distribution of the species in France

Muraleedharan, N.; Selvasundaram, R., 1991: Bio-ecology of Phytodietus spinipes (Cameron) a parasitoid of Homona coffearia Nietner, the tea tortrix

Giesen, G. W. J.; Elema, T. E.; Groen, A. F., 1991: Bio-economic model to determine the economically optimum fattening period in veal production

Mcdonald, Ad; Hanf, Ch, 1992: Bio-economic stability of the North Sea shrimp stock with endogenous fishing effort

Olaloku, E. A.; Smith, O. B.; Kiflewahid, B., 1991: Bio-economical characteristics of existing dairy production systems in Africa and suggestions for improvement

Osman, G. Y.; Mohamed, A. M., 1991: Bio-efficacy of bacterial insecticide, Bacillus thuringiensis Berl. as biological control agent against snail vectors of schistosomiasis in Egypt

Jain, A. P.; Mathur, M.; Tripathi, R. S., 1992: Bio-efficacy of flocoumafen against major desert rodent pests

Phogat, B. S.; Bhan, V. M.; Singh, B., 1991: Bio-efficacy of herbicide mixtures in wheat

Patel, J. R.; Korat, D. M.; Borad, P. K.; Patel, M. G., 1989: Bio-efficacy of insecticides against lily caterpillar, Polytela gloriosae Fab. (Noctuidae: Lepidoptera)

Samuthiravelu ; David, B. V., 1990: Bio-efficacy of neem oil and deltamethrin against spotted boll worm Earias vittella (Fab.) (Noctuidae: Lepidoptera) on cotton (MCU 5)

Shah, B. R.; Borad, P. K.; Patel, J. R.; Mehta, D. M.; Patel, J. I., 1990: Bio-efficacy of various insecticides against brinjal jassid, Amrasca biguttula biguttula Ishida

Mishra, P. N., 1989: Bio-efficiency of some newer insecticides against the pest complex of okra

Maley, S. R., 1992: Bio-fertilisers, bio-pesticides: need/scope and problems

Section 3, Chapter 2037, Accession 002036198

Anonymous, 1991: Bio-gas plants in Nainital and Rampur districts of Uttar Pradesh - an ex-post evaluation study

Ivanova, A.; Velikova, V., 1990: Bio-indication of stress in Betula pendula in conditions of pollution in Sofia

Kulachkova, V. G., 1989: Bio-indicators as a method for studying the biology of commercially grown fish (using as example parasites of the White Sea herring - Clupea pallasi maris-albi)

Ardeshir, H., 1991: Bio-isolates

Ader, E. P., 1990: Bio-method in Estonian hothouses

Choudhury, A. F. H., 1989: Bio-physiologic interactions among nutritional state, breastfeeding, maternal fecundity and childhood survival in developing countries: perspectives of epidemiological transition in rural Bangladesh

Mueller, D., 1989: Bio-rational strategieswhat are some options?

Abdel Megeed, M. I.; Zidan, Z. H.; Mariy, F. A.; Hussein, N. M.; El Hamaky, M. A., 1988: Bio-residual effect of certain locally prepared EC formulations of pyrethroids against the cotton leafworm, S. littoralis (Boisd.)

Yatagai, M., 1989: Bio-resources produced by trees. Biologically active substances

Hill, Dt; Bolte, Jp, 1992: Bio-retentive properties of synthetic media for anaerobic digestion of animal waste

Isensee, A. R., 1991: Bioaccumulation and food chain accumulation

Fisher, DJ.; Clark, JR., 1990: Bioaccumulation of Kepone by grass shrimp (Palaemonetes pugio): importance of dietary accumulation and food ration

Hussain, M. S.; Jamil, K., 1990: Bioaccumulation of mercury and its effect on protein metabolism of the water hyacinth weevil Neochetina eichhorniae

Ribeyre, F.; Boudou, A., 1990: Bioaccumulation of mercury compounds in two aquatic plants (Elodea densa and Ludwigia natans): actions and interactions of four abiotic factors

Blevins, R. D.; Mohr, C. D., 1989: Bioaccumulation of mutagens and promutagens in fish taken from four sites in Northeast Tennessee

Ornes W.H.; Sajwan K.S.; Dosskey M.G.; Adriano D.C., 1991: Bioaccumulation of selenium by floating aquatic plants

Ramsdell, H. S.; Parkinson, A.; Eddy, A. C.; Eaton, D. L., 1991: Bioactivation of aflatoxin B1 by human liver microsomes: role of cytochrome P450 IIIA enzymes

Section 3, Chapter 2037, Accession 002036223

Tuchinda, P; Udchachon, J; Reutrakul, V; Santisuk, T; Taylor, Wc; Farnsworth, Nr; Pezzutos, Jm; Kinghorn, Ad, 1991: Bioactive butenolides from Melodorum fruticosum

Dutka F., 1991: Bioactive chemical bond systems in safeners and prosafeners

Saqib, Q. N.; Hui, Y. H.; Anderson, J. E.; McLaughlin, J. L., 1990: Bioactive furanocoumarins from the berries of Zanthoxylum americanum

Nitao, Jk; Nair, Mg; Thorogood, Dl; Johnson, Ks; Scriber, Jm, 1991: Bioactive neolignans from the leaves of Magnolia virginiana

Schlimme, E.; Meisel, H.; Frister, H., 1989: Bioactive sequences in milk proteins

Hamburger, M.; Hostettmann, K., 1991: Bioactivity in plants: the link between phytochemistry and medicine

Dimetry, N. Z.; Abdalla, E. F., 1988: Bioactivity of Abrus precatorius seeds extracts against the cowpea aphid, Aphis craccivora Koch

Section 3, Chapter 2037, Accession 002036235

Section 3, Chapter 2037, Accession 002036238

Vicari, A.; Catizone, P.; Zimdahl, R. L., 1991: Bioactivity, persistence and mobility of chlorsulfuron in soil

Giordano, I.; D' Amato, A.; Monotti, M.; Abbate, V.; Attene, G.; Leoni, O.; Leto, C.; Losavio, N.; Mannini, P.; Perniola, M., 1991: Bioagronomic behaviour and yields of sunflower cultivars in dryland cropping and in the presence of limited supplemental irrigation

Ortega, J.; Martin, A.; Aparicio, A.; Garcia, J., 1988: Bioalteration of the Cathedral of Seville

Ortega, J.; Martin, A., 1988: Bioalteration of the Town-Hall and the University of Seville

Wirtz, H-P., 1990: Bioamines and proteins in the saliva and salivary glands of Palaearctic blackflies (Diptera: Simuliidae)

Section 3, Chapter 2037, Accession 002036244

Koshinsky, H. A.; Khachatourians, G. G., 1992: Bioassay for deoxynivalenol based on the interaction of T-2 toxin with trichothecene mycotoxins

Crosby, B. L.; Byford, R. L.; Sparks, T. C., 1991: Bioassay for detecting active site insensitivity in horn fly (Diptera: Muscidae) larvae

Goodman, Rn; Chun, W; Feistner, G., 1990: Bioassay for necrogenic response of DHP and virulence of Erwinia amylovora

Winstanley, Fp; Eckersall, Pd, 1992: Bioassay of bovine interleukin-1-like activity

Section 3, Chapter 2037, Accession 002036256

Goettel, MS.; Richards, KW.; Schaalje, GB., 1991: Bioassay of selected fungicides for control of chalkbrood in alfalfa leafcutter bees, Megachile rotundata

Section 3, Chapter 2037, Accession 002036258

Ostroumov, S. A.; Maksimov, V. N., 1992: Bioassay of surfactants based on the disruption of seedling attachment to the substrate and rhizobium root hair formation

Ismail, A. Y.; Kald, R. A., 1989: Bioassay of the relative toxicity of four insecticides on cigarette beetle adults (Lasioderma serricorne F.) (Coleoptera - Anobiidae)

Rice, E. W.; Scarpino, P. V.; Logsdon, G. S.; Reasoner, D. J.; Mason, P. J.; Blannon, J. C., 1990: Bioassay procedure for predicting coliform bacterial growth in drinking water

Diaz de Arce, H.; Martinez, J. J.; Barrera, M., 1989: Bioassay system for titrating porcine interferon

Baligar, V. C.; Wright, R. J.; Ritchey, K. D.; Fageria, N. K., 1990: Bioassay technique to assess acid soil constraints for growth of wheat (Triticum aestivum) roots

Rapparini, G.; Pizzi, M., 1991: Bioassay techniques for herbicide investigation in soil

Poinar, G. O, Jr; Thomas, G. M.; Lighthart, B., 1990: Bioassay to determine the effect of commercial preparation of Bacillus thuringiensis on entomogenous rhabditoid nematodes

Wilson B.W.; Seiber J.N.; Stelljes M.E.; Henderson J.D.; Archer T.E.; Pollock G.A.; Knaak J.B., 1989: Bioassays for detection of aldicarb in watermelon

Jackson J.F.; Linskens H.F., 1990: Bioassays for incompatibility

Miller, J. C.; Brown, V.; Dowell, R. V., 1991: Bioassays for testing the efficacy of ground sprayed insecticides for gypsy moth eradication programs in California

Section 3, Chapter 2037, Accession 002036274

Adler, A.; Engels, W., 1990: Bioassays with worker bees for testing attraction and other releaser effects of queen pheromone components

Section 3, Chapter 2037, Accession 002036277

Bobilya, D. J.; Ellersieck, M. R.; Gordon, D. T.; Veum, T. L., 1991: Bioavailabilities of zinc from nonfat dry milk, low fat plain yoghurt,and soy flour in diets fed to neonatal pigs

Watson, A. D. J., 1992: Bioavailability and bioequivalence of drug formulations in small animals

Malik N.; Drennan D.S.H., 1990: Bioavailability and dissipation of fluridone under controlled conditions

Bitsch, R; Wolf, M; Moller, J; Heuzeroth, L; Gruneklee, D., 1991: Bioavailability assessment of the lipophilic benfotiamine as compared to a water-soluble thiamin derivative

Knabe, D. A., 1991: Bioavailability of amino acids in feedstuffs for swine

Snow D.H.; Frigg M., 1990: Bioavailability of ascorbic acid in horses

Bryden W.L.; Mollah Y.; Gill R.J., 1991: Bioavailability of biotin in wheat

Vrese, M. de; Scholz Ahrens, K. E.; Barth, C. A., 1991: Bioavailability of calcium

Garcia Lopez S.; Miller G.D., 1991: Bioavailability of calcium from four different sources

Gueguen, L., 1990: Bioavailability of calcium in foods

Rosado, Jl; Lopez, P; Morales, M; Munoz, E; Allen, Lh, 1992: Bioavailability of energy, nitrogen, fat, zinc, iron and calcium from rural and urban Mexican diets

Section 3, Chapter 2037, Accession 002036294

Chaso A.; Pascual R.; Madrid J.A.; Salido G.M., 1991: Bioavailability of fluoride from dietary sepiolite in the lamb

Nogareda C.; Brufau J.; Perez Vendrell A.; Angulo E.; Almirall M.; Esteve Garcia E., 1990: Bioavailability of fluorine in sepiolite for laying hens

Section 3, Chapter 2037, Accession 002036297

Clifford, Aj; Jones, Ad; Bills, Nd, 1990: Bioavailability of folates in selected foods incorporated into amino acid-based diets fed to rats

Clifford, Aj; Heid, Mk; Peerson, Jm; Bills, Nd, 1991: Bioavailability of food folates and evaluation of food matrix effects with a rat bioassay

Section 3, Chapter 2037, Accession 002036300

Section 3, Chapter 2037, Accession 002036301

Brink, E. J.; Dekker, P. R.; Beresteijn, E. C. H. van; Beynen, A. C., 1992: Bioavailability of magnesium and calcium from cow's milk and soya-bean beverage in rats

Davenport G.M.; Boling J.A.; Gay N., 1990: Bioavailability of magnesium in beef cattle fed magnesium oxide or magnesium hydroxide

Baker, D. H., 1991: Bioavailability of minerals and vitamins

Morrissey, P. A.; Flynn, A., 1991: Bioavailability of minerals in milks

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