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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2038

Chapter 2038 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Gupta, D.K.; Sharma, R.C.; Sharma, V.P., 1989:
Bioenvironmental control of malaria linked with edible fish production in Gujarat

Soraci, A.; Errecalde, J.; Mestorino, N.; Landoni, F.; Marino, C., 1991:
Bioequivalence of two oxfendazole formulations in cattle

Fodale, A.S.; Mule, R.; Tucci, A., 1988:
Bioethological observations on Margaronia unionalis Hb, in Sicily and trials on its control

Fodale, A.S.; Mule, R., 1990:
Bioethological observations on Palpita unionalis Hb. in Sicily and trials of defence

Longo, S.; Russo, A.; Siscaro, G., 1989:
Bioethological studies on Quadraspidiotus perniciosus (Homoptera: Diaspididae) in peach orchards in eastern Sicily

Venkataraman, G.S.; Tilak, K.V.B.R., 1990:
Biofertilisers in sustainable agriculture

Khune, N.N.; Kolte, S.O.; Chitriv, A.J.; Wangikar, P.D., 1989:
Biofertilizers in Vidarbha - present and prospects

Coleman R.N.; Paran J.H., 1991:
Biofilm concentration of chromium

Maki, J.S.; Little, B.J.; Wagner, P.; Mitchell, R., 1990:
Biofilm formation on metal surfaces in Antarctic waters

Masuda S.; Watanabe Y.; Ishiguro M., 1991:
Biofilm properties and simultaneous nitrification and denitrification in aerobic rotating biological contactors

Sekoulov, I., 1991:
Biofilm reactors for final treatment of industrial wastewater

Christensen, B.E.; Tronnes, H.N.; Vollan, K.; Smidsrod, O.; Bakke, R., 1990:
Biofilm removal by low concentrations of hydrogen peroxide

Boivin, J.; Costerton, J.W., 1991:
Biofilms and biodeterioration

Rosenberg, E., 1989:
Biofilms on water-insoluble substrates

Keevil, C.W.; West, A.A.; Walker, J.T.; Lee, J.V.; Dennis, P.J.L.; Colbourne, J.S., 1990:
Biofilms: detection, implications and solutions

Scholtens, R.; Demmers, T.G.M., 1991:
Biofilters and air scrubbers in the Netherlands

Langenhove, H. van; Cornelis, C.; Schamp, N.; Wuyts, E., 1990:
Biofiltration in a vegetables processing industry

Kay, M.G.; Tyrrel, S.F.; Howsam, P., 1989:
Biofouling in drip/trickle irrigation systems

Aschenbrenner, 1992:

Anonymous, 1992:

Theilen, U., 1990:
Biogas - an appropriate technology for Third World countries

Harper, M., 1991:
Biogas - second thoughts

Zilka, M., 1992:
Biogas and its energy and ecology impact

Joshy, D.; Koirala, G.R., 1990:
Biogas development and implementation in Nepal

Suthar, S.H.; Varshney, A.C., 1989:
Biogas generation from straw of Indian mustard (Brassica juncea subsp. juncea)

Lakshmanan, A.R.; Kuppuswamy, G.; Jeyabal, A., 1990:
Biogas generation from sugarcane filtercake - laboratory scale and pilot plant studies

Baader, W., 1990:
Biogas in agriculture - a status quo report from the FRG

Baader, W., 1990:
Biogas in the municipal and industrial sector - a status quo report from the FRG

Shan, M.H., 1991:
Biogas production from sheep and goat manure

Dhala S.A.; Rajor A., 1989:
Biogas production from vegetable wastes at ambient and submesophilic temperatures

Oldenburg, E., 1990:
Biogas production from waste of potato processing

Maishanu, S.M.; Musa, M.; Sambo, A.S., 1990:
Biogas technology: developments at the Sokoto Energy Research Centre

Borys, J., 1992:
Biogas. Selected technoeconomic aspects

Rabezandrina, R., 1990:
Biogas: evolution of actions and prospects for the rural environment in Africa

Anonymous, 1991:
Biogas: taking advantage from sewage

Terashima, N.; Fukushima, K., 1989:
Biogenesis and structure of macromolecular lignin in the cell wall of tree xylem as studied by microautoradiography

Turley, R.B., 1990:
Biogenesis of plant peroxisomes

Rao, J.R.; Mishra, A.K.; Raviprakash, V.; Sharma, N.N., 1989:
Biogenic amine levels in Theileria annulata infected bovine calves

Shishov, B.A.; Terenina, N.B.; Liukshina, L.M., 1989:
Biogenic amines and the nervous system of Opisthorchis felineus

Stratton, J.E.; Hutkins, R.W.; Taylor, S.L., 1991:
Biogenic amines in cheese and other fermented foods: a review

Macfarlane, R.G.; Midgley, J.M.; Watson, D.G., 1991:
Biogenic amines: their occurrence, biosynthesis and metabolism in the locust, Schistocerca gregaria, by gas chromatography-negative-ion chemical mass spectrometry

Efremov, A.L., 1991:
Biogenic characteristics of the soil microbiocoenosis in old forests

Bonafaccia G.; Galli V.; Pasqui L.A., 1990:
Biogenic contamination in infant foods

Huderova, L.; Skuhravy, V.; Laznicka, P., 1989:
Biogenic elements and heavy metals in the needles of Norway spruce (Picea excelsa) in the Klete region in southern Bohemia

Almohandis, A.A., 1990:
Biogeochemical prospecting in the Raghwah village, SW Saudi Arabia

Avila, A.; Roda, F., 1989:
Biogeochemical response patterns of an evergreen forested watershed during storm water runoff

Velasco de Pedro, F., 1987:
Biogeochemical study of a topographical soil series in Piedralaves (Avila)

Bashkin V.N., 1989:
Biogeochemistry of nitrogen in agricultural landscapes

Viejo, J.L., 1990:
Biogeographic considerations on the butterflies from the islands of the Gulf of Guinea (Lepidoptera: Papilionidae)

Bryant J.P.; Tahvanainen J.; Sulkinoja M.; Julkunen Tiitto R.; Reichardt P.; Green T., 1989:
Biogeographic evidence for the evolution of chemical defense by boreal birch and willow against mammalian browsing

Larsen, T.B., 1987:
Biogeographical aspects of Middle Eastern and Arabian butterflies

Palacios Vargas, J.G., 1988:
Biogeographical considerations of the microarthropods of Popocatepetl, Mexico

Racheli, T.; Biondi, M., 1989:
Biogeographical observations on the Philippine Papilionoidea (Lepidoptera)

Fishelson, L., 1987:
Biogeography and ecology of the acridofauna of Israel and neighbouring countries (Acridoidea, Orthoptera)

Costa, N.M. de S.; Schultze Kraft, R., 1990:
Biogeography of Stylosanthes capitata Vog. and S. guianensis Sw. var. pauciflora

Anonymous., 1991:
Biography of Jose Pedro Duret

Wonsil, B.J.; Herbein, J.H., 1991:
Biohydrogenation, postruminal flow, and digestibility of dietary lipids in lactating dairy cows

Batic, F.; Kralj, T., 1989:
Bioindication of air pollution by epiphytic lichens in forest dieback inventories

Batic, F.; Kralj, T., 1990:
Bioindication of air pollution determined by photosynthetic pigment analysis of Norway spruce needles (Picea abies (L.) Karst.)

Mhatre G.N., 1991:
Bioindicators and biomonitoring of heavy metals

Hidiroglou, M.; Ivan, M., 1992:
Biokinetics and biliary excretion of radiotocopherol administered orally to sheep

Vrij Standhardt, W.G., 1991:
Biokinetics of alcohol

Vtorova, V.N., 1991:
Biologic cycle of substances in spruce forests at the lower tree line in the northern Tien-Shan

Nash, T.E., 1988:
Biologic differences among isolates of Giardia lamblia

Wallach, S., 1989:
Biologic essentiality of vanadium with special emphasis on the skeleton

Bourgeay Causse, M., 1991:
Biological Vitamin status

Moscardi, F.; Bono, I.L.S.; Paro, F.E., 1988:
Biological activities of batches of Baculovirus anticarsia formulated by a process developed at CNPSo-EMBRAPA

Ishikawa, M.; Kroner, P.; Ahlquist, P.; Meshi, T., 1991:
Biological activities of hybrid RNAs generated by 3'-end exchanges between tobacco mosaic and brome mosaic viruses

Terao, K.; Ohtsubo, K., 1991:
Biological activities of mycotoxins: field and experimental mycotoxicoses

Guerrero, R.O.; Robledo, I., 1990:
Biological activities of plants from the Caribbean National Forest (Puerto Rico)

Yilmaz, D.; Kansu, I.A., 1990:
Biological activities of some vegetable oils against grain weevils (Sitophilus granarius L.)

Rempe, E.K.; Kovalenko, L.V.; Shurina, G.N., 1989:
Biological activity and ecology of dernopodzolic soil with combined use of fertilizers and chemical plant protection agents

Gaurylkina, N.V.; Zimenka, T.G.; Klitsunova, V.A.; Zakharava, I.B., 1991:
Biological activity and group composition of organic substances in peat-bog soil

Shukla, Y.M.; Chakraborty, M.K.; Patel, D.J., 1988:
Biological activity and the nature of semiochemicals in the root exudates of host plants resistant to root knot nematodes

Tauak, S.M.; Marco, R.A. do, 1990:
Biological activity in a soil under cerrado vegetation treated with cumulative rates of vinasse in the Municipality of Corumbatai, Sao Paulo, brazil

Akay M.T.; Yilmazoglu G.; Keskin P.; Kolankaya D., 1990:
Biological activity in rats of bound residues of malathion in stored wheat grains

Jakab, J., 1990:
Biological activity in soil under various forest stands

Pawar, V.M.; Thombre, U.T., 1990:
Biological activity of Bacillus thuringiensis (B.T.) formulation against some crop pests

James, T.K.; Rahman, A.; Mortimer, J., 1989:
Biological activity of DPX-L5300 in some New Zealand soils

Legrand, M.; Stintzi, A.; Heitz, T.; Geoffroy, P.; Kauffmann, S.; Fritig, B., 1991 :
Biological activity of PR-proteins from tobacco; characterization of a proteinase inhibitor

Danilova, A.A.; Khalimon, V.N.; Cheprasov, A.A., 1990:
Biological activity of a leached chernozem soil of Priob forest steppe and wheat yield with minimum tillage

Kim S K.; Kim C H., 1989:
Biological activity of acetoxycycloheximide and its producing microorganism

Nimayeva, S.Sh, 1990:
Biological activity of brown mountain-forest soils of the Baikal region

Papesova, L.; Polasek, L.; Skrivan, M.; Fucikova, A.; Justova, V., 1992:
Biological activity of coated free-flowing vitamin D3 (VUOS Pardubice) in laying hens

Urinova, K.Z.; Umarov, A.A.; Golovina, L.A.; Sagitdinova, G.V., 1989:
Biological activity of complex esters

Shil' nikova, V.K.; Rabinovich, G.Y.; Mitrofanov, Y.I., 1991:
Biological activity of drained dernopodzolic gleyed soil under varied cultivation systems

Brud, W.S.; Gora, J., 1990:
Biological activity of essential oils and its possible applications

Patseva, M.A.; Kosenko, L.V., 1991:
Biological activity of exopolysaccharides of Rhizobium leguminosarum in the nodulation process

Grishkan, J.B.; Berman, D.J., 1989:
Biological activity of frozen soils in the Upper Kolyma Basin

Yevdokimova, T.I.; Borzova, T.F.; Bykoskaya, T.K.; Skvortsova, I.N.; Ul' yanova, T.Y.; Filyayevskikh, Y.V., 1991:
Biological activity of irrigated and unirrigated chernozems of the southern Kulunda steppe

Nimayeva, S.Sh, 1991:
Biological activity of meadow-chernozem permafrost soils

Kleshchinova E.A.; Govorova S.V.; Volkova G.N.; Ignatenko M.A.; Fedotov N.S.; Rodzevich N.E.; Zainutdinova K.M.; Zubairov M.N.; Mitin N.I.; Kapustin A.V., 1989:
Biological activity of organosilicon compounds

Kostina, M.N., 1989:
Biological activity of precocene I against Musca domestica and Aedes aegypti

Bills, N.D.; Jones, A.D.; Clifford, A.J., 1991:
Biological activity of racemic folate mixtures fed to folate-depleted rats

Lukina, N.N.; Onishchenko, V.V.; Zhulanov, G.A.; Zvyagintsev, D.G.; Skvortsova, I.N., 1990:
Biological activity of recultivated soils on coal-mine dumping ground

Ilyaletdinov, A.N.; Kurmanbaev, A.A.; Sadanov, A.K.; Klysheva, A.L., 1990:
Biological activity of secondary saline soils in the Kzyl-Ordinsky irrigation areas as a result of the introduction of pulp and paper mill wastes

Bandara B.M.R.; Hewage C.M.; Jayamanne D.H.L.W.; Karunaratne V.; Adikaram N.K.B.; Bandara K.A.N.P.; Pinto M.R.M.; Wijesundara D.S.A., 1990:
Biological activity of some steam distillates from leaves of ten species of rutaceous plants

Bolanos Espinoza, A.; Medina Pitulua, J.L.; Urzua Soria, F., 1990:
Biological activity of the herbicide fomesafen on beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) and its residual action in crop rotation with maize (Zea mays L.)

E.Sayed, F.M.A., 1988 :
Biological activity of the synthetic insect growth regulator Hydroprene against stored-product coleopterans

Nonn, H.; John, I., 1991:
Biological additives for ensiling lucerne

Tverdyukov, A.P., 1990:
Biological agents

Supatashvili, A.Sh, 1990:
Biological agents controlling Diprion pini

Palaniswami, M.S.; Rajamma, P.; Pillai, K.S., 1988:
Biological agents of the pests of tropical tuber crops in India - a review

Kottwitz, M.A., 1990:
Biological air purification

Mau, R.F.L.; Johnson, M.W.; DeFrank, J.J.; Welter, S.C., 1989:
Biological analysis of Thrips palmi in the Pacific Basin

Barnola, P.; Alatou, D.; Lacointe, A.; Lavarenne, S., 1990:
Biological and biochemical study of factors determining rhythmic growth of oak (Quercus robur). Effects of leaf removal

Hassanin, N.; Gabal, M.A., 1990:
Biological and chemical characterization of metabolites of Fusarium moniliforme isolates

Hussein, M.Y.; Lajis, N.H.; Ali, J.H., 1991:
Biological and chemical factors associated with the successful introduction of Elaeidobius kamerunicus Faust, the oil palm pollinator in Malaysia

E.G.ngaihi, S.; Mohamed, A.M.; Selim, M.A.; Motawe, H.M., 1988:
Biological and chemical studies of some saponins having antimolluscal activity

Mendiola Ubillos, M.A., 1989:
Biological and chlorological spectra of the weed flora of vineyards in Central Spain

Birkmayer, J.G.D.; Beyer, W., 1990:
Biological and clinical relevance of trace elements

Berti, A.; Cantele, A.; Zanin, G., 1990:
Biological and cultural aspects affecting the atrazine action on Abutilon theophrasti Medicus

Canaday, C.H., 1991:
Biological and cultural tests for control of plant diseases: an overview of 1991 reports

Zschaler, H.; Kohler, S.; Goedicke, J., 1990:
Biological and drift assessment of spray and atomization procedures in field crops in the GDR

Mel' kumova, E.A., 1990:
Biological and ecological characteristics of the development of Septoria on winter wheat

Bischoff E.R.C., 1991:
Biological and ecological conditions for the occurrence of house dust mites in indoor environments

Sawires, Z.R.; Taha, H.A.; Abdalla, S.T., 1990:
Biological and ecological studies on Tetranychus arabicus and relative susceptibility of seventeen soybean genotypes to infestation

Bourdot, G.W.; Hurrell, G.A.; Saville, D.J., 1989:
Biological and economic effects of surfactant addition to MCPA for giant buttercup (Ranunculus acris) control

Rincon Bravo, C.; Albarran, L.M., 1990 :
Biological and economic factors affecting beef production. The Pyrenean breed as an alternative for improvement programmes

Juan, Y.S., 1989:
Biological and economical aspects of commercial intensive shrimp mariculture in Texas

Yamamura, M.H.; Freire, N.M. da S.; Massard, C.L., 1987:
Biological and epizoological aspects of Parahaemoproteus nettionis in domestic ducks in Brazil

Smidt, M.F.; Blinn, C.R., 1990:
Biological and financial impacts of high flotation tyres for aspen harvesting

Steelman, C.D.; Meisch, M.V., 1990:
Biological and genetic control of insect pests of humans, livestock and poultry

Kobylyanskii, V.D.; Savel' ev, Y.P., 1990:
Biological and genetic features of donors of dominant short straw in diploid winter rye

Stenger D.C.; Duffus J.E.; Villalon B., 1990:
Biological and genomic properties of a geminivirus isolated from pepper

McFarlane, J.R.; Coulson, S.A.; Papkoff, H., 1991:
Biological and immunoactive substances resembling chorionic gonadotropin are present in full-term horse and zebra placentas

Bonomo, G.; Catalano, G.; Maltese, V.; Sparta, S., 1991:
Biological and integrated control experiments in Marsalese strawberry crops

Benuzzi, M.; Nicoli, G.; Manzaroli, G.; Bravaccini, F., 1990:
Biological and integrated control in poinsettia

Celli, G.; Benuzzi, M.; Maini, S.; Manzaroli, G.; Antoniacci, L.; Nicoli, G., 1991:
Biological and integrated pest control in protected crops of northern Italy's Po Valley: overview and outlook

Daar, S., 1989:
Biological and mechanical control for lawn grubs

Mikhovski, T.; Maslinikov, M., 1989:
Biological and morphological characteristics of 8 white clover (Trifolium repens) cultivars

Alieva, S.M., 1989:
Biological and morphological characteristics of new culinary carrot varieties bred in Azerbaidzhan

Quarantelli, A.; Bonomi, A.; Superchi, P., 1992:
Biological and nutritive value of a hybrid maize variety with a high lipid content: trials on growing chickens

Watson, A.K., 1992:
Biological and other alternative control measures

Kritscher, E., 1987:
Biological and parasitological studies of Coregonus wartmanni in the Mondsee (Upper Austria)

Ogawa, S., 1988:
Biological and physical control of the pine wilt disease

Isamukhamedova, I.I.; Khodzhibaeva, S.M.; Sripdzhanov, S.A.; Khudaiberdyeva, R.N., 1991:
Biological and physicochemical characteristics of a glyconucleoprotein complex from the cyanobacterium Nostoc muscorum

Balde, M.A., 1991:
Biological and phytochemical investigations on three plants widely used in Guinean traditional medicine

Vidano, C.; Scanabissi, G.; Arzone, A., 1990:
Biological and phytopathological studies on Anthonomus rubi Herbst (Coleoptera Curculionidae)

Zahradnicek, J.; Duffek, M.; Bohuslavska, M.; Kadlik, A.; Sturc, T.; Kafka, L.; Svorcova, M.; Vejr, B.; Jary, J.; Fantys, P.; Plechackova, J., 1991:
Biological and technological indicators of sugarbeet in relation to soil penetration resistance and irrigation

Kucera, L.J., 1989:
Biological and technological properties of the wood of damaged Norway spruce

Schmidt, O.; Moreth Kebernik, U., 1990:
Biological and toxicant studies with the dry rot fungus Serpula lacrymans and new strains obtained by breeding

Liu, X.J.; Du, Z.W.; Xu, D.G., 1989:
Biological and toxicological activities of buprofezin in brown planthopper nymphs

Leoni, S.; Grudina, R.; Carletti, M.G.; Pisanu, B., 1990:
Biological and yield responses of 24 tomato hybrids cultivated on perlite

Bottazzi, V.; Vescovo, M.; Bosi, F.; Scolari, G.L.; Brambilla, E., 1990:
Biological antagonism of hard cheese blowing

Bueno, V.H.P., 1987:
Biological aspects and daily rhythm of the activities of Porasilus barbiellinii, predator of the froghopper

Mathe A.; Mathe I.Jr, 1989:
Biological aspects of seeds in the production of medicinal and aromatic plants

Ovruski de Martinez, N.E.; Delfino, M.A., 1990:
Biological aspects of the aphids (Homoptera: Aphidoidea) of economic importance in Tafi del Valle (Tucuman-Argentina)

Inglese, P.; Gioffre, D.; Gullo, G., 1990:
Biological aspects of the cultivation of kiwifruits under shading net

Ozeretskovskaya, N.N., 1990:
Biological aspects of the therapy of parasitic diseases

E.A.din, A.M.Z.; Siragelnour, B.G., 1991:
Biological aspects, food preference and chemical control of the cucurbit beetle, Henosepilachna elaterii (Rossi)(Coleoptera; Coccinellidae)

Monteiro F.F.; Bisson L.F., 1991:
Biological assay of nitrogen content of grape juice and prediction of sluggish fermentations

Gorshkov, A.I.; Donskaya, G.A.; Oparina, L.N., 1990:
Biological assessment of dairy products obtained in Chernobyl AES area

Pustovoi, V.V., 1989:
Biological availability of magnesium from various compounds for pigs

Pustovoi, V.V., 1989:
Biological availability of magnesium in early weaned piglets

Lopes, H.O. da S.; Vitti, D.M.S.S.; Pereira, E.A.; Abdalla, A.L.; Moraes, E.A. de; Silva Filho, J.C. da; Fichtner, S.S., 1990:
Biological availability of phosphorus from natural phosphates for cattle by the isotope dilution technique

Batty, N.P.; Evans, J.M., 1992:
Biological ballistics - no longer a shot in the dark

Schramm, H.; Hoffmann, G.M., 1991 :
Biological bases for integrated control of Phoma lingam (teleomorph: Leptosphaeria maculans (Desmaz.) Ces & De Not.), the cause of crown and stem canker in winter rape

Come, D., 1991:
Biological bases of the use of cold in ornamental horticulture

Kokorev, V.A.; Fedin, A.S.; Matrenin, A.P., 1990:
Biological basis for the silicon requirements of young sheep for growth and fattening

Cichocka, E.; Goszczynski, W.; Wojtowska, M., 1989:
Biological basis of aphid control on sweet pepper in greenhouses

Gu, F.L.; Lu, C.G.; Lu, M.L.; Zhu, H.Y.; Zou, J.S., 1989:
Biological basis of high-yielding capacity in indica-japonica hybrid rice

Jackson, A.C., 1991:
Biological basis of rabies virus neurovirulence in mice: comparative pathogenesis study using the immunoperoxidase technique

Moldabekova, K.M.; Alimaev, I.I.; Smailov, K.S., 1991:
Biological basis of rational utilization of Artemisia grazing lands

Pozdnyakov, V.A.; Treikale, O.I., 1989:
Biological basis of resistance to leaf pathogens in interspecific hybrids of clover

Kirkpatrick, N., 1991:
Biological bleaching of wood pulps - a viable chlorine-free bleaching technology?

Chen, T.D.; Zhao, Z.S.; Huang, L.Y., 1989:
Biological character of Boophilus microplus (Canestrini, 1887) in Fujian

Sviridova, T.P.; Zibareva, L.N., 1989:
Biological characteristics and chemical composition of Lychnis chalcedonica in nature and under cultivation in the south of the Tomsk region

Kuznyatsova, Z.P.; Ragul' chanka, I.V.; Dounar, T.V.; Kukharava, L.U., 1990:
Biological characteristics and chemical composition of above-ground mass of clover species

Zhang, D.; Zhang, J.Q.; Zhang, F.J.; Li, Y.Z., 1990:
Biological characteristics and epidemiology of Elsinoe ampelina (De Bary) Shear on grape

Podgorskii, V.S.; Gromozova, E.N.; Boldareva, A.I.; Stepanyuk, V.V.; Lysenko, A.M.; Kanyuk, N.I.; Berezkin, O.A., 1991:
Biological characteristics of a strain of Bacillus mucilaginosus isolated from dernopodzolic soil of the Ukraine

Khan' mova, T.; Dilkova, R.; Kerchev, G.; Boneva, K.; Khubenov, G., 1990:
Biological characteristics of grey forest gley soil

Babayan, G.L., 1988:
Biological characteristics of growth and development of peach trees in relation to planting density

Lemeshchenko, G.P.; Kurovskaya, L.Y.; Kryzhanovskaya, M.S.; Kostik, E.L., 1990:
Biological characteristics of micromycetes isolated from fish spawn

Kyomura, N.; Fukuchi, T.; Kohyama, Y.; Motojima, S., 1990:
Biological characteristics of new acaricide MK-239

Shi, S.Y.; Kuang, K.Y., 1991:
Biological characteristics of onion leaf blight fungus

Rakhimova, T.; Tadzhiev, S.F.; Makhmudov, V.M.; Khasanov, O.K.; Rakhimova, A., 1990:
Biological characteristics of prospective forage plants introduced in the adyr zone of Uzbekistan

Golubnichaya, L.V.; Moskalenko, P.G., 1991:
Biological characteristics of the bee Halictus zonulus Smith (Hymenoptera, Halictidae)

Timchenko, V.I.; Mikhailov, Y.A., 1989:
Biological characteristics of the causal agent of cucumber downy mildew

Golovkina, LS.; Aksyutova, LN., 1989:
Biological characteristics of the resistant forms of Phytoseiulus persimilis A.-H. (Parasitiformes, Phytoseiidae) in the gradient of abiotic factors

Luis Arteaga, M.; Gil Ortega, R., 1992:
Biological characterization of Spanish isolates of tobamovirus

Pozio, E.;, G.; Rossi, P.; Murrell, K.D., 1992:
Biological characterization of Trichinella isolates from various host species and geographical regions

Choi J.K.; Park Y.S.; Kim J.O.; Park E.K., 1989:
Biological characterization of a strain of tobacco mosaic virus isolated from red pepper

Duttamajumder, S.K.; Verma, J.P., 1991:
Biological characterization of phages of Xanthomonas campestris pv. malvacearum

Schirz, S., 1990:
Biological cleaning of exhaust air

Borow, H.S., 1989:
Biological cleanup of extensive pesticide contamination in soil and groundwater

Ramakrishnan, P.S., 1990:
Biological concepts for reclamation of mined areas

Williams, K.; Duncan, F.; Taylor, R., 1990:
Biological conservation in Tasmania's production forests

Campanhola, C.; McCutchen, B.F.; Baehrecke, E.H.; Plapp, F.W.J., 1991:
Biological constraints associated with resistance to pyrethroids in the tobacco budworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Fernandez, J.A.; Tanabe, M.J.; Moriyasu, P.; Wolff, W.J., 1990:
Biological control

Powell, K.A., 1990:
Biological control - future prospects

Dunne, R.; Robinson, D.W., 1990:
Biological control - the future?

Barba, M., 1988:
Biological control agents against pests of sugarcane and their economic efficiency in relation to chemical pesticides

Kobayashi, N., 1991:
Biological control and integrated control of cabbage yellows

Filho, A.B., 1989:
Biological control and integrated pest management

Nandeesha, M.C.; Keshavanath, P.; Basavaraja, N.; Varghese, T.J.; Srikanth, G.K., 1989:
Biological control and utilization of aquatic weeds in India: a review

Meyer, J.A., 1990:
Biological control as a component of poultry integrated pest management

Upson, T.M., 1991:
Biological control at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Brodsgaard, H.F., 1989:
Biological control in Danish greenhouses

Glevaskii, I.V., 1991:
Biological control in agrotechnology

Greathead, D.J., 1990:
Biological control in developing countries: towards its wider application in sustainable pest management

Albert, R.; Schneller, H., 1989:
Biological control in ornamental plants. I. Poinsettias (Euphorbia pulcherrima Willd. ex. Klotzsch)

Sunderland, K.D., 1991:
Biological control in ornamentals - current practice and future prospects

Goldson, S.L.; Phillips, C.B., 1990:
Biological control in pasture and lucerne and the requirements for further responsible introduction of entomophagous insects

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Biological control in the tropics: present opportunities and future prospects

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Biological control of Chilo spp. in maize, sorghum and millet

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Biological control of Chilo spp. in sugar-cane

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Biological control of Convolvulus arvensis I. Pathogenicity and host specificity of three promising fungi

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Biological control of Culex mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae) by the tadpole shrimp, Triops longicaudatus (Notostraca: Triopsidae)

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Biological control of Diaphorina citri in Taiwan

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Biological control of Diaphorina citri, a vector of citrus greening disease

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Biological control of Eichhornia crassipes (Mart.) Solms

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Biological control of Eldana saccharina using cloned Bacillus thuringiensis genes. I. Cloning of delta-endotoxin DNA sequences from B. thuringiensis 234

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Biological control of Erwinia diseases of potato

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Biological control of Eutypa lata on grapevine by an antagonistic strain of Bacillus subtilis

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Biological control of Frankliniella occidentalis with Orius laevigatus on strawberry

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Biological control of Frankliniella occidentalis with Orius majusculus on cucumber

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Biological control of Fusarium diseases by the association of fluorescent Pseudomonas and non-pathogenic Fusarium

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Biological control of Fusarium on Douglas-fir seedlings

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Biological control of Fusarium oxysporum in some horticultural crops

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Biological control of Fusarium wilt of carnation with nonpathogenic Fusarium isolates

Postma, J., 1992:
Biological control of Fusarium wilt of carnation with nonpathogenic Fusarium isolates: emphasis on colonization and inoculation methods

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Biological control of Gerbera wilt on rockwool

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Biological control of Heliothis armigera (Hubn.) using Trichogramma pretiosum Riley and nuclear polyhedrosis virus in Sriganganagar district of Rajasthan

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Biological control of Helopeltis spp. in mature cocoa by the black ant (Dolichoderus bituberculatus) and the cocoa mealybug (Planococcus lilacinus)

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Biological control of Liriomyza huidobrensis in vegetable crops in the greenhouse

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Biological control of Liriomyza sp. (Diptera: Agromyzidae) in horticultural crops of Costa Rica

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Biological control of Lobesia botrana Den & Schiff (Lep.: Tortricidae) using Trichogramma cacoeciae Marchal (Hym.: Trichogrammatidae)

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Biological control of Opisthorchis cercariae. (Experimental study)

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Biological control of Ostrinia nubilalis (Hb.) (Lepidoptera, Pyralidae) on protected pepper

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Biological control of Pachnaeus litus Germar with the use of Heterorhabditis heliothidis (Khan, Brooks and Hirschmann) Poinar

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Biological control of Parabemisia myricae (Kuwana) (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae) in California

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Biological control of Paterson's curse

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Biological control of Paterson's curse (Echium plantagineum); lessons from the programme using the leaf-mining moth (Dialectica scalariella)

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Biological control of Paterson's curse: prospects look good

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Biological control of Phyllophaga sp. with fungi and nematodes

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Biological control of Plasmodiophora brassicae using a bait crop

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Biological control of Pyricularia oryzae: parameters of stability of antagonistic activity

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Biological control of Pythium damping-off and Aphanomyces root rot of peas by application of Pseudomonas cepacia or P. fluorescens to seed

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Biological control of Pythium damping-off of cotton with seed-coating preparations of Gliocladium virens

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Biological control of Pythium ultimum by incorporation of antagonistic fungi in peat substrates

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Biological control of Rhizoctonia solani the causal agent of seedling blight in okra

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Biological control of Salvinia molesta in Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory

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Biological control of Sclerotium root rot of sesamum

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Biological control of Sumatra disease bacterium (Pseudomonas syzygii) with its avirulent strains and Pseudomonas solanacearum

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Biological control of Tetranychus urticae (Koch) (Acari: Tetranychidae) in southern New South Wales peach orchards: the role of Amblyseius victoriensis (Acarina: Phytoseiidae)

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Biological control of Tetranychus urticae Koch by Phytoseiulus persimilis Athias-Henriot on protected strawberry in the Metapontum area

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Biological control of Trialeurodes vaporariorum and Bemisia tabaci, with Encarsia formosa and indigenous parasitoids

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Biological control of a pest millipede Ommatoiulus moreleti in South Australia using a rhabditid nematode

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Biological control of agricultural pests

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Biological control of aphids by the use of the predatory gallmidge Aphidoletes aphidimyza (Rond.)

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Biological control of apple mites by mixed populations of Metaseiulus occidentalis (Nesbitt) and Typhlodromus pyri Scheuten (Acari: Phytoseiidae)

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Biological control of aquatic weeds with plant pathogens

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Biological control of arthropods by parasites and predators

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Biological control of arthropods with pathogens

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Biological control of ash whitefly: a success in progress

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Biological control of blowing in Provolone cheese with concentrated lactic acid bacteria

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Biological control of blueberry and cranberry fruit rots (Vaccinium corymbosum L. and Vaccinium macrocarpon Ait.)

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Biological control of broom in New Zealand

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Biological control of chestnut blight

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Biological control of chestnut blight: use and limitations of transmissible hypovirulence

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Biological control of chocolate spot on faba beans

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Biological control of citrus blackfly (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae) in Nicaragua

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Biological control of citrus blackfly, Aleurocanthus woglumi in Oman

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Biological control of crofton weed (Eupatorium adenophorum Sprengel) by a fruit fly Procecidochares utilis Stone in eastern Himalayas

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Biological control of crop pests in islands of the South Pacific

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Biological control of damping-off in Pinus sylvestris L. with bacterial antagonists

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Biological control of damping-off pathogens by treating sugar-beet seed with a powdery preparation of the mycoparasite Pythium oligandrum in large-scale field trials

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Biological control of diseases caused by Fusarium oxysporum

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Biological control of dollar spot disease of creeping bentgrass

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Biological control of ducksalad (Heteranthera limosa) by the waterlily aphid (Rhopalosiphum nymphaeae) in rice (Oryza sativa)

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Biological control of dung-breeding flies: pests of pastured cattle in the United States

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Biological control of filth flies in confined cattle feedlots using pteromalid parasites

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Biological control of fire blight of hawthorn

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Biological control of forest insects

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Biological control of frost injury

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Biological control of fungus gnats, Bradysia spp. (Diptera: Sciaridae), and western flower thrips, Frankliniella occidentalis (Pergande) (Thysanoptera: Thripidae), in greenhouses using a soil-dwelling predatory mite, Geolaelaps sp. nr Aculeifer (Canestrini) (Acari: Laelapidae)

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Biological control of grass grub in Canterbury

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Biological control of grass weeds in Australia: an appraisal

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Biological control of grasshoppers in the Cape Verde Islands

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Biological control of gray mold by means of antagonistic microorganisms

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Biological control of helminthoses of fish

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Biological control of insect pests affecting man and animals in the tropics

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Biological control of insect pests by insect parasitoids and predators: the BIOCAT database

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Biological control of insect pests in sustainable agriculture

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Biological control of insects by fungi

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Biological control of invasive plants in the UK - prospects and possibilities

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Biological control of jimsonweed (Datura stramonium) with Alternaria crassa

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Biological control of lepidopterous tortricid leafrollers on pear with Bacillus thuringiensis Berl. ssp. kurstaki

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Biological control of locusts: the potential for the exploitation of pathogens

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Biological control of mole crickets in the genus Scapteriscus with the nematode Steinernema scapterisci Nguyen and Smart, 1990

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Biological control of mosquito larvae by aquatic Coleoptera under laboratory conditions

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Biological control of mosquitoes in Britain

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Biological control of muscoid flies in Easter Island

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Biological control of nematodes

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Biological control of nematodes

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Biological control of nematodes using Paecilomyces lilacinus in the Philippines

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Biological control of pest aphids by hymenopterous parasitoids in Burundi

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Biological control of pest populations

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Biological control of pests and diseases: integrating a diverse heritage

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Biological control of phytopathogenic nematodes

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Biological control of phytophagous nematodes

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Biological control of phytotoxic and phytopathogenic microorganisms in the plant rhizosphere

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Biological control of pine bark beetles: new approaches to an old problem

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Biological control of plant diseases and virus vectors in Japan

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Biological control of plant diseases and virus vectors in Thailand

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Biological control of plant diseases in the Philippines

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Biological control of plant diseases with fungal antagonists: challenges and opportunities

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Biological control of plant diseases: broad concepts and applications

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Biological control of plant parasitic nematodes

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Biological control of plant pathogenic bacteria

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Biological control of plant pathogenic fungi with nonpathogenic isolates of the same species or genus

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Biological control of plant root diseases by bacteria

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Biological control of plants: a review of generalisations, rules and principles using insects as agents

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Biological control of postharvest diseases

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Biological control of postharvest fruit diseases

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Biological control of ragwort using the leaf and crown boring moth Cochylis atricapitana Stephens

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Biological control of root pathogenic fungi by Trichoderma

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Biological control of root rot disease of mustard

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Biological control of root rot diseases of okra, sunflower, soybean and mungbean

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Biological control of root-knot and reniform nematodes and root-rot fungus on cowpea

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Biological control of root-rot nematodes in ramie using Paecilomyces lilacinus (Thom) Samson

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Biological control of seed rot and damping-off of sugar beet with microbial antagonists

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Biological control of seed-borne diseases of linseed

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Biological control of silverleaf nightshade, Solanum elaeagnifolium, and bugweed, Solanum mauritanum, (Solanaeae) in South Africa

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Biological control of soil pests by mixed application of entomopathogenic and fungivorous nematodes

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Biological control of soil-borne diseases

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Biological control of soilborne diseases with VAM fungi and charcoal compost

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Biological control of soilborne pathogens of fruit trees and grapevines

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Biological control of soilborne plant pathogenic fungi by antagonistic Trichoderma

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Biological control of soyabean cyst nematode

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Biological control of stored grain pests: a small business vs. government regulations

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Biological control of sugar-cane pests in Mauritius: a case study

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Biological control of sugarcane root rot disease

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Biological control of the European corn borer in protected pepper by Trichogramma maidis Pint & Voeg. and Bacillus thuringiensis Berl. subsp. kurstaki

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Biological control of the European corn borer, Ostrinia nubilalis (Hubner), by Trichogramma pretiosum Riley

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Biological control of the Varroa bee mite: mass-rearing biological control agent by crossing the Chinese strain Apis cerana cerana with the Thai strain Apis cerana indica by artificial insemination

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Biological control of the cassava mealybug by Epidinocarsis lopezi in Africa: a review of impact

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Biological control of the codling moth with granulosis virus and ryania

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Biological control of the coffee berry borer, Hypothenemus hampei, in Mexico and possibilities for further action

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Biological control of the cottony-cushion scale: experimental tests of the spatial density-dependence hypothesis

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Biological control of the snail intermediate hosts of Schistosoma mansoni in Martinique, French West Indies

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Biological control of the sugarcane borer Diatraea saccharalis Fabricius (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) with Trichogramma spp. (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae) in Uruguay

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Biological control of the woodwasp (Sirex noctilio) in Brazil

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Biological control of ticks

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Biological control of tobacco thrips

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Biological control of tropical grassy weeds

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Biological control of weeds - what's happening, what's needed ? - part 2

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Biological control of weeds and the dried fruits industry

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Biological control of weeds by fungal pathogens

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Biological control of weeds in Malaysian plantations

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Biological control of weeds in waterways and on public lands in the southern-eastern United States of America

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Biological control of weeds with fungi

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Biological control of weeds: application methods and prospects for use in integrated control programmes

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Biological control of weeds: selective, economical and safe

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Biological control of weedy plant species with plant pathogens

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Biological control of white rot of pea caused by Sclerotinia sclerotiorum (Lib.) de Bary

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Biological control of wilt of eggplant caused by Verticillium albo-atrum

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Biological control on aerial plant surfaces

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Biological control options for some grass weeds in Australia

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Biological control potential of a Japanese plant bug Stethoconus japonicus (Heteroptera: Miridae), an adventive predator of the azalea lace bug (Heteroptera: Tingidae)

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Biological control programmes against nodding thistle (Carduus nutans L) and Californian thistle (Cirsium arvense L) in New Zealand

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Biological control techniques in systems of integrated control for pome fruits

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Biological control using Encarsia formosa Gahan (Hym. Aphelinidae) against Trialeurodes vaporariorum (Westw.) (Rhyn. Aleyrodidae) on tomato in protected cultivation

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Biological control, a century of pest management

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Biological control: 1. Study of utilisation of Phytoseiulus persimilis Athias-Henriot (Acarina, Phytoseiidae) against Tetranychus urticae Koch (Acarina, Tetranychidae) on protected aubergine crops

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Biological damage caused by the field rat, Nesokia indica

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Biological degradation of soil

Blanchette, R.A.; Nilsson, T.; Daniel, G.; Abad, A.R., 1990:
Biological degradation of wood

Bryant, C.W.; Barkley, W.A., 1991:
Biological dehalogenation o.f kraft mill wastewaters

Kristensen, G.H.; Jepsen, S.E., 1991:
Biological denitrification of waste water from wet lime-gypsum flue gas desulphurization plants

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Biological detoxification of mycotoxins

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Biological detoxification of precious metal processing wastewaters

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Biological diagnosis of malaria: dangers of automated blood analysis

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Biological diagnosis of systemic mycoses in blood cancer patients

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Biological differences in Giardia lamblia

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Biological differential diagnosis of amoebic keratitis due to Acanthamoeba spp. and mycotic keratitis

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Biological differentiation of Erysiphe graminis DC f.sp. tritici Marchal in the years 1982-86

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Biological dinitrogen fixation and transfer of fixed nitrogen in grass-legume mixtures in the Great Basin

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Biological dinitrogen fixation in Centrosema pubescens

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Biological disease control

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Biological disturbance in forest soils: summary of results of measurements in forest reserves in southern Germany

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Biological diversity among serotype 2 Marek's disease viruses

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Biological diversity and biological productivity

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Biological diversity and tropical forest assessment for the eastern Caribbean

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Biological diversity in surface mined areas after reclamation

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Biological diversity of the witches' broom diseases

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Biological dosage of auxins by growth determination of hypocotyl and radicle of seedlings of Hibiscus sabdariffa

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Biological effect of insect growth inhibitor, diamino-furyl-s-triazine (A13-22641) on development and reproductive potential of Euproctis icilia Stoll

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Biological effect on chickens of lactic and acetic acids added to the diets

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Biological effectiveness of Dursban, Cymbush and their combined mixture in relation to first- and second-instar nymphs of the Japanese waxen worm

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Biological effectiveness of sapropel

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Biological effects of flufenoxuron on Eutetranychus orientalis Klein

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Biological effects of gamma rays in mungbean

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Biological effects of low lindane concentration administered in the perinatal period

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Biological effects of parasitism by Epiricania melanoleuca (Fletcher) on Pyrilla perpusilla (Walker)

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Biological effects of zearalenone in plant tissue culture

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Biological efficacy of bifenthrin, applied using an air-assisted electrostatic sprayer, to control Aphis gossypii Glover (Homoptera: Aphididae) on potted chrysanthemums

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Biological evaluation of a dairy herd of Holstein and crossbred Sahiwal cows imported from New Zealand into the Guanare area

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Biological evaluation of aflatoxins and metabolites in animal tissues

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Biological evaluation of biomass of the Cuban earthworm Eudrilus eugeniae

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Biological evaluation of milk protein combined with natural sources of other nutrients

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Biological evaluation of natural phosphates from Burkina with broilers

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Biological evaluation of potassium and magnesium deficiencies in fruit trees

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Biological evaluation of triticale grain as compared with other cereals

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Biological evaluation of vitamin status in epidemiological surveys

De, S., 1990:
Biological evolution from swimming and flying locomotion of animals

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Biological factors affecting beef quality

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Biological factors affecting intrauterine growth

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Biological farming and the organic production of foodstuffs - animal production

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Biological treatment of varnish waste water in the airscrubber of an automobile varnish shop

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Biological utilization of calcium in rats fed a diet with casein as the only source of calcium

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Biological value - an important indicator for quality measurement of animal products

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Biologically active substances from bryophytes

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Biologically active substances in sweet cherry

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Biologically active supplements during fattening of cattle

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Biologically functional proteins of milk and peptides derived from milk proteins

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Biology and chemical control of the cotton shedder bug Creontiades pallidus Ramb

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Biology and control of Parietaria judaica L., an allergenic weed in south-eastern Australia

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Biology and control of Phytophthora diseases of cocoa in Papua New Guinea

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Biology and control of Sphaeropsis sapinea on Pinus species in South Africa

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Biology and control of chalkbrood, a fungal disease of the alfalfa leafcutter bee, Megachile rotundata

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Biology and control of chrysanthemum aphid, Macrosiphoniella sanborni (Gillette)

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Biology and control of fruit flies

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Biology and control of green peach aphid Myzus persicae (Sulzer), on peach in West Virginia, USA

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Biology and control of horehound, Marrubium vulgare

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Biology and control of jointed goatgrass (Aegilops cylindrica), a review

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Biology and control of mango shoot moth and mango blotch miner on Guam

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Biology and control of morningglory (Ipomoea spp.)

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Biology and control of the broad mite, Polyphagotarsonemus latus (Banks) (Acari: Tarsonemidae)

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Biology and control of the giant red bug Lohita grandis Gray (Hemiptera: Pyrrhocoridae: Largidae)

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Biology and control of the parasitic bee mite Tropilaelaps clareae

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Biology and control of the sawfly, Arge pagana Panzer

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Biology and control of white coffee stemborer

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Biology and cultivation of Shii-take

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Biology and description of the larval horse fly host (Diptera: Tabanidae) of a Pheromermis sp. (Nematoda: Mermithidae)

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Biology and ecology of Amblyomma variegatum (Acari: Ixodidae) in the Caribbean: implications for a regional eradication program

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Biology and ecology of Chromolaena odorata in central Cote d'Ivoire

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Biology and ecology of Microhilum oncoperae (Hyphomycetes) infecting pasture hepialids

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Biology and ecology of Rottboellia cochinchinensis (Lour) W.D. Clayton

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Biology and ecology of Senecio inaequidens

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Biology and ecology of Stomoxys nigra and S. calcitrans on Zanzibar, Tanzania

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Biology and ecology of nematodes

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Biology and ecology of redlegged earth mite, blue oat mite and lucerne flea

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Biology and ecology of tetranychid mites and their control

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Biology and ecology of the mermithid Hexamermis albicans - a parasite of the Colorado beetle

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Biology and epidemiology

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Biology and foliar consumption of Spilosoma virginica (F.) (Lepidoptera: Arctiidae) in laboratory and field conditions

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Biology and host plant range of the soft scale, Steatococcus new species (Hem.: Margarodidae) for the biological control of the weed Cryptostegia grandiflora (Asclepiadaceae)

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Biology and immature stages of Chlorops certimus and Epichlorops exilis (Diptera: Chloropidae), stem-borers of wetland sedges

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Biology and immature stages of auchenorrhynchous leptocentrine Otinotus oneratus Walker (Membracidae: Centrotinae) with special reference to late immature characters of related taxa of the tribe and their phylogenetic value

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Biology and immature stages of the bromeliad pod borer, Epimorius testaceellus, in Florida (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae: Galleriinae)

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Biology and impact of the black walnut curculio in black walnut plantations

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Biology and importance of the soyabean caterpillar Anticarsia gemmatalis Hubner (Lepidoptera-Noctuidae)

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Biology and life table of Typhlodromus pilosus Chant (Acari: Phytoseiidae) in Costa Rica

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Biology and life tables of Galendromus helveolus (Acari: Phytoseiidae) on Florida citrus

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Biology and management of root and tuber pests in tropical Africa

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Biology and Pathogenicity of Pratylenchus neglectus on Alfalfa

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Biology and pathogenicity of the carp parasite Thelohanellus nikolskii (Myxosporidia)

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Biology and performance of Surinam Elaeis oleifera (H.B.K.) Cortes

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Biology and population fluctuations of Casinaria nigripes Gravenhorst

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Biology and predacious efficacy of syrphid species on cabbage aphid, Brevicoryne brassicae (L.)

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Biology and propagation of Australian rushes and sedges

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Biology and reproduction of citrus nematode (Tylenchulus semipenetrans) under five soil types

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Biology and response to semi-artificial diets of Hypothenemus hampei (Ferr.) (Coleoptera: Scolytidae) under laboratory conditions

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Biology and seasonal history of black hairy caterpillar, Amsacta lactinea Cram in North Bihar

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Biology of Candida species

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Biology of Phthorimaea operculella (Zeller) (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae) in potatoes (Solanum tuberosum)

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Biology of Trichobaris bridwelli (Coleoptera: Curculionidae), a possible agent for the biological control of Datura stramonium (Solanaceae)

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Biology of flowering and pollination in fertile and male- sterile forms of carrot, and seed production

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