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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2039

Chapter 2039 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Patel, M.B.; Srivastava, K.P., 1989:
Biology of groundnut aphid, Aphis craccivora Koch on cowpea, Vigna unguiculata (Linnaeus) Walpers

Vickerman, K., 1990:
Biology of haemoflagellates

Weidemann G.J.; Tebeest D.O., 1990:
Biology of host range testing for biocontrol of weeds

Patel, M.B.; Srivastava, K.P., 1989:
Biology of insect vector, Bemisia tabaci (Gennadius) (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae) on cowpea, Vigna unguiculata (Linnaeus) Walpers

Bhalani, P.A.; Talati, G.M., 1988:
Biology of leafroller, Marasmia suspicalis Walk. (Pyralidae: Lepidoptera) infesting maize

Leisola, M.; Garcia, S.; Kantelinen, A.; Waldner, R.; Fiechter, A., 1988:
Biology of lignin degradation

Hiremath, S.C.; Thontadarya, T.S., 1991:
Biology of mango leafhoppers (Homoptera: Cicadellidae) in Dharwad region of Karnataka

Panizzi, A.R., 1988:
Biology of nymphs of Leptoglossus zonatus (Hemiptera: Coreidae) on maize seeds, soyabean pods and beans

Dolgin, M.M., 1989 :
Biology of parasitoids of the larch gall midge (Dasyneura rozhkovi)

Rajendram, G.F.; Antony, N.R.; Nagalingam, R., 1989:
Biology of peridomestic mosquito species of Jaffna Peninsula

Carnals, M.; Cattan, P.E.; Solis, R.; Valderas, J., 1991:
Biology of populations of Triatoma infestans: fluctuations in fecundity and mortality

Chauhan, U.; Verma, LR., 1991:
Biology of potato tuber moth, Phthorimaea operculella Zeller with special reference to pupal eye pigmentation and adult sexual dimorphism

Karg, W., 1990:
Biology of predatory mites and their significance in integrated plant protection

Palestrini, C.; Barbero, E.; Zunino, M., 1992:
Biology of preimaginal stages in trogid beetles (Coleoptera): experimental data

Krumbein, W.E., 1989:
Biology of stone and minerals in buildings - biodeterioration, biotransfer, bioprotection

Rao, V.S.; Judson, P., 1989:
Biology of the Dysdercus koenigii in relation with the mortality and sex ratio (Pyrrhocoridae: Heteroptera)

Lopez, A.N.; Vincini, A.M.; Sisti, D.; Del Santo, C., 1986:
Biology of the English grain aphid Sitobion avenae (Fabr., 1775) (Homoptera: Aphididae) I. Laboratory study

Saleh, SM.; Abdel-Hamid, MM.; Rezk, HA., 1991:
Biology of the European house dust mite, Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus (Trouessart)

Russell, D.G.; Ip, H.S.; Medina Acosta, E., 1991:
Biology of the Leishmania surface protease, gp63

Singh, S.P.N.; Rai, L., 1989:
Biology of the armyworm (Mythimna separata) on different host plants

Patel, Z.P.; Jhala, R.C.; Shah, A.H., 1988:
Biology of the chiku moth Nephoteryx eugraphella Ragonot (Pyralidae: Lepidoptera) in south Gujarat

Gudkov, I.I., 1990:
Biology of the entomopathogenic nematode Heterorhabditis bacteriophora

Oliveira, L.J.; Parra, J.R.P.; Cruz, I., 1990:
Biology of the fall armyworm on leaves of maize grown in soil corrected for 3 aluminum levels

A.M.llah, N.M.; Mohammad, M.A., 1989:
Biology of the fig leaf mite, Rhyncaphytoptus ficifoliae (K). (Acariformes: Rhyncaphytoptidae)

Chen, R.T.; Chen, Y.H.; Huang, M.D., 1989:
Biology of the green lacewing, Chrysopa boninensis and its predation efficiency on the Citrus leaf miner, Phyllocnistis citrella

Singh, Y.P.; Gangwar, S.K., 1989:
Biology of the lemon butterfly (Papilio demoleus L.) on Khasi mandarin and its development on citrus cultivars

Fernandez Badillo, A.; Clavijo A.S., 1990:
Biology of the maize hopper, Peregrinus maidis (Homoptera: Delphacidae), in Venezuela

Agricola, U.; Agounke, D.; Fischer, H.U.; Moore, D., 1990:
Biology of the mealybug Rastrococcus invadens Williams (Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae) and its control with Gyranusoidea tebygi Noyes (Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae) in Togo

Iheagwam, E.U.; Ezike, C.I., 1989:
Biology of the moth Dasyses rugosella Stainton a storage pest of yams (Dioscorea spp.) (Lepidoptera, Tineidae)

Pascual, J.A., 1988:
Biology of the oak processionary moth (Thaumetopoea processionea L.) (Lep. Thaumetopoeidae) in the western central Iberian Peninsula

Schonrogge, K., 1991:
Biology of the oak sawflies Caliroa cinxia Klug and Caliroa annulipes Klug (Hym., Tenthredinidae) and their larval parasitoids

Kartheuser, V., 1988:
Biology of the pathogen of tomato corky root disease and possibilities for its control

Gordon, R.; Armstrong, A.M., 1990:
Biology of the pepper weevil, Anthonomus eugenii, Cano (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) in Puerto Rico

Shah, A.H.; Jose, V.T., 1989:
Biology of the predatory thrips, Scolothrips indicus Priesner

Sengonca, C.; Wiegand, S., 1988:
Biology of the predatory thrips, Scolothrips longicornis Priesner (Thysanoptera: Thripidae)

Brar, D.S.; Sandhu, G.S., 1989:
Biology of the sciarid fly, Bradysia tritici (Coq.) (Diptera: Sciaridae) on temperate mushroom in the Punjab (India)

Fitt, B.D.L.; Coskun, H.; Schmechel, D., 1991:
Biology of three Alternaria species on linseed: a comparison

Gonzalez Ponce, R.; Salas, M.L.; Herce, A.; Molina, F., 1991:
Biology of various weed species growing in the greenhouse

Keane, P.J.; Prior, C., 1992:
Biology of vascular-streak dieback of cocoa

Shchetkin, Y.L., 1989:
Biology, distribution and economic importance of the maize-stem moth - Sesamia cretica Led. (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Johnson Cicalese, J.M.; Wolfe, G.W.; Funk, C.R., 1990:
Biology, distribution, and taxonomy of billbug turf pests (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Singh, R.; Agarwala, BK., 1992:
Biology, ecology and control efficiency of the aphid parasitoid Trioxys indicus: a review and bibliography

Lim, G.T., 1992:
Biology, ecology and control of cocoa podborer Conopomorpha cramerella (Snellen)

Groppe, K., 1990:
Biology, ecology and parasitoids of Oxyna parietina L. (Dipt., Tephritidae), a possible candidate for the biological control of Artemisia vulgaris L

Streibig, J.C.; Andreasen, C.; Jensen, J.E., 1992:
Biology, ecology and spread of weeds of temperate crops

Mizell, R.F.I.I.I.; Schiffhauer, D.E., 1991:
Biology, effect on hosts, and control of the azalea leafminer (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae) on nursery stock

Anonymous, 1989:
Biology, management and control of Therioaphis trifolii (Monell 1882) (spotted alfalfa aphid)

Eichelkraut, K.; Cardona, C., 1989:
Biology, mass rearing and ecological aspects of the whitefly Bemisia tabaci (Gennadius) (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae), as a pest of beans

Shih, CIT.; Lin, PJ.; Chang, TW., 1991:
Biology, predation, life table and intrinsic rate of increase of Stethorus loi Sasaji

Karuppuchamy, P.; Manoharan, T.; Ganeshkumar, M.; Ramakrishnan, C., 1990:
Biology, varietal screening and control of spider mite Schizotetranychus cajani Gupta (Acari : Tetranychidae) infesting red gram

Mafu, A.A.; Roy, D.; Savoie, L.; Goulet, J., 1991:
Bioluminescence assay for estimating the hydrophobic properties of bacteria as revealed by hydrophobic interaction chromatography

Schmidt, T.M.; Kopecky, K.; Nealson, K.H., 1989:
Bioluminescence of the insect pathogen Xenorhabdus luminescens

Senior, P.S.; Tyson, K.D.; Parsons, B.; White, R.; Wood, G.P., 1989:
Bioluminescent assessment of microbial contamination on plastic packaging materials

Miller, R.; Galston, G., 1989:
Bioluminescent methods for the detection of potential spoilage organisms in packaged beers

Demant, D., 1990:
Biomanure from small biogas plants

Lukin, L.Y.; Kosilova, A.N., 1991:
Biomass - a waste material of glutamic acid production

Ky, L.D.; Kirichenko, E.B., 1988:
Biomass accumulation and changes in the content of essential oils during ontogeny of field mint

Derikx, P.J.; O.D.n Camp, H.J.; van der Drift, C.; Van Griensven, L.J.; Vogels, G.D., 1990:
Biomass and Biological Activity during the Production of Compost Used as a Substrate in Mushroom Cultivation

Toral Ibanez, M.; Kannegiesser Schuh, U.; Rosende Beytia, R., 1988:
Biomass and boldine content of Peumus boldus in Region VII, Chile

Rikhter, I.E., 1988:
Biomass and chemical composition of plant bioameliorators

Coughenour, MB., 1991:
Biomass and nitrogen responses to grazing of upland steppe on Yellowstone's northern winter range

Texeira, J.L.; Barros, N.F. de; Costa, L.M. da; Campos, J.C.C.; Leal, P.G.L., 1989:
Biomass and nutrient content of two eucalypt species growing under different site conditions in the Rio Doce region, MG

Evans, G.R.; Nordmeyer, A.H.; Kelland, C.M., 1990:
Biomass and nutrient pools of bracken growing under radiata pine, Nelson, New Zealand

Morais, E.J. de; Barros, N.F. de; Novais, R.F. de; Brandi, R.M., 1990:
Biomass and nutritional efficiency of eucalypt species in two regions of Minas Gerais

Pandey, D.D.; Vihari, S., 1991:
Biomass and primary productivity of two cultivars of sunflower

Crete, M.; Morneau, C.; Nault, R., 1990:
Biomass and species of terrestrial lichen available to caribou in northern Quebec

Orozco C.E., 1988:
Biomass and the sugar economy

Mba, CC., 1989:
Biomass and vermicompost production by the earthworm Eudrilus eugeniae (Kinberg)

Wasnik, H.M.; Bhargava, B.S., 1989:
Biomass and yield of Thompson Seedless grape in relation to nitrogen fertilization

Lindesay, J.A., 1992:
Biomass burning as a factor in atmospheric chemistry and terrestrial ecology

Borghetti, M.; Giannini, R.; Manolacu, M.; Vendramin, G.G., 1988:
Biomass distribution, litter production and nutrient content in a Douglas fir plantation

Gupta, S.R.; Sinha, A.; Rana, R.S., 1990:
Biomass dynamics and nutrient cycling in a sodic grassland

Aguirre A.S.; Infante L.P., 1988:
Biomass equations for Peumus boldus and Acacia caven in the Central Zone of Chile

Gwaze, D.P.; Stewart, H.T.L., 1990:
Biomass equations for eight exotic tree species in Zimbabwe

Brown, S.; Gillespie, A.J.R.; Lugo, A.E., 1989:
Biomass estimation methods for tropical forests with applications to forest inventory data

Balasimha, D.; Nair, B.P., 1989:
Biomass estimation of cocoa plant by regression analysis

Hummel, F.C., 1989:
Biomass forestry in Europe. Strategy for the future

Lehmann J.W.; Clark R.L.; Frey K.J., 1991:
Biomass heterosis and combining ability in interspecific and intraspecific matings of grain amaranths

Lapushkov, A., 1988:
Biomass hydrolysate for use as a milk and skim milk substitute in milk feeding of calves

Lutzow, M. von; Ottow, J.C.G., 1990:
Biomass nitrogen and microbial activity (dehydrogenase and dimethylsulfoxide reductase activity) in bio-dynamically or conventionally managed fields on parabraunerde soils in Hesse

Belinic I.; Habdija I., 1992:
Biomass of simuliid larvae as a function of body length

Kubicek, F.; Simonovic, V.; Szabo, J., 1989:
Biomass of the herb and moss layer in several forest ecosystems influenced by air pollution, the Beskydy Mountains (part Kysuce)

Derkaoui, M.; Caddel, J.L.; Stroup, W.W., 1990:
Biomass partitioning and root development in annual Medicago spp

Fiala, K.; Hernandez, L.; Perez, E.; Cardenas, A., 1991:
Biomass partitioning in Paspalum notatum stands on slope relief in the anthropic savanna of Cuba

Fortnum, B.A.; Kasperbauer, M.J.; Hunt, P.G.; Bridges, W.C., 1991:
Biomass Partitioning in Tomato Plants Infected with Meloidogyne incognita

Shrivastava, M.B.; Lal, C.B., 1989:
Biomass plantation and farm forestry: choice of Eucalyptus species: environmentalists versus foresters

Kuntohartono, T.; Dianyo ; Chudjaemi, 1991:
Biomass production and competitive ability of two nutsedge (Cyperus rotundus L.) ecotypes, grown with sugarcane

Zemanek, M., 1991:
Biomass production and distribution in genotypes of spring barley under different conditions of water supply

Leal, P.G.L.; Barros, N.F. de; Novais, R.F. de; Neves, J.C.L.; Teixeira, J.L., 1988:
Biomass production and nutrient uptake by Eucalyptus grandis as affected by rates of rock phosphate applied to cerrado soils

Macuha, P., 1989:
Biomass production and the nutritive value of different species and forms of clover

Krapfenbauer, A., 1989:
Biomass production and utilization for energy needs

Newman, S.E.; Lawson, G.J.; Callaghan, T.V.; Wainwright, J.; Scott, R., 1989:
Biomass production from agrenforestry systems

Mohinder Pal; Raturi, D.P., 1989:
Biomass production in energy plantations of Cassia siamea Lam.: organic matter allocation strategies of populations differing in growth rates

Impens, I.; Mau, F.; Lemeur, R., 1989:
Biomass production in several first year poplar clones in relation to leaf photosynthesis and leaf area

Mathai, C.K.; Nair, B.P., 1990:
Biomass production levels in relation to economic yield in black pepper varieties

Geolingo, R.C.; Gotera, E.P.; Bombio, R.M.; Santos, D.A. de los, 1989:
Biomass production of eight sugarcane varieties related to nutrient uptake

Lee, D.K.; Shin, J.H., 1988:
Biomass production of seven coniferous species growing in Kwangyang-gun, Chollanam-do, Korea

Gosse, G., 1989:
Biomass production on agricultural land

Roy, R.D., 1988:
Biomass production potential of Albizia lebbeck under silvipastoral system

Chacon, E.; Arriojas, L., 1989:
Biomass production, nutritive value and feeding value of natural pastures in Venezuela

Garba, M.; Renard, C., 1991:
Biomass production, yields and water use efficiency in some pearl millet/legume cropping systems at Sadore, Niger

Prakash, S., 1990:
Biomass residues as renewable source of energy to be used as fuel in various industries

Islam, M.N., 1990:
Biomass resources: Bangladesh

Vose, J.M.; White, A.S., 1991:
Biomass response mechanisms of understory species the first year after prescribed burning in an Arizona ponderosa pine community

Reshi, Z.; Sapru, B.L., 1991:
Biomass structure and productivity pattern of sarson crop and its associated weeds

Kushalappa, K.A., 1989:
Biomass studies in Calliandra in Karnataka

Castillo, E.; Harewood, C.; Jimenez, M., 1988:
Biomass utilization: chemical and physical properties of dry cones from three Cuban pines

Divis, J., 1989:
Biomass yield and dry matter production in maize hybrids in relation to vegetative structure

Black, K.G.; Snyman, S.J., 1991:
Biomass yield and insecticidal activity of a local Bacillus thuringiensis isolate in six fermentation media

Woodward, K.R., 1990:
Biomass yield and silage characteristics of elephantgrass (Pennisetum purpureum Schum.) as affected by harvest frequency and genotype

Holden, S.; Lungu, S.; Solberg, K.H., 1988:
Biomass yield of Leucaena cultivars in northern Zambia

Brussaard, L.; Bouwman, LA.; Geurs, M.; Hassink, J.; Zwart, KB., 1990:
Biomass, composition and temporal dynamics of soil organisms of a silt loam soil under conventional and integrated management

Damisch, W.; Wiberg, A., 1990:
Biomass, yield potential and yield stability - important characters in wheat breeding today

Somers G.L.; Farrar R.M.Jr, 1991:
Biomathematical growth equations for natural longleaf pine stands

Hagen, K.B., 1990:
Biomechanical analysis of spinal load in motor-manual cutting

Okrasinski, E.B.; Pardo, A.D.; Graehler, R.A., 1991:
Biomechanical evaluation of acrylic external skeletal fixation in dogs and cats

Sachs, I.B.; Leatham, G.F.; Myers, G.C., 1989:
Biomechanical pulping of aspen chips by Phanerochaete chrysosporium: fungal growth pattern and effects on wood cell walls

Schwarz, P.D., 1991:
Biomechanics of fractures and fracture fixation

Freitas, J.C. de, 1990:
Biomedical importance of marine natural products

Hoppmann, D.; Holst, H., 1990:
Biometeorological influences on the development of the banded and crossed grape tortricids

Subramaniam, A.R.; Seshamani, T., 1989:
Biometeorological studies of Andhra Pradesh in peninsular India

Khan, S.A.; Kumar, T.A.; Rao, C.U.; Nyns, E.J., 1990:
Biomethanation and its constraints

Mamedova, S.R.; Popov, P.F., 1990:
Biomethod in intensive orchards

Holgate, P., 1992:
Biometric and chromosome algebras

Escalante, A.; Botto, C., 1990:
Biometric characteristics of Onchocerca volvulus in two neotropical populations

Vaillant, J., 1991 :
Biometric study of a population of honey bees in the area of Nord-Pas de Calais

Sokolov V.A., 1990:
Biometric study of heterosis

Grissa, K.; Cornuet, J.M.; Msadda, K.; Fresnaye, J., 1990:
Biometric study of honeybee populations in Tunisia

Sandhu D.K.; Lal R.; Gupta V.P., 1989:
Biometrical and biochemical categorization of wheat genotypes

Maksimov, A.P., 1990:
Biometrical characteristics and fruit production in species of Yucca L. introduced into the Crimea

Ruttner, F., 1991:
Biometrical control of breeding

Cagniant, H.; Espadaler, X.; Colombel, P., 1991:
Biometrical features and distribution of some populations of Aphaenogaster (suprasp.) senilis (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) from the western Mediterranean area and Morocco

Pooni H.S.; Virk P.S., 1992:
Biometrical genetic analyses of a metrical trait

Tai, G.C.C., 1989:
Biometrical methods in investigating 2n gametes in tetraploid-diploid and diploid-diploid crosses

Saxena, V.K., 1988:
Biometrical variations in haematophagous arthropods. I. Some larval characteristics of Culex quinquefasciatus Say (Diptera: Culicidae)

Saxena, V.K., 1990:
Biometrical variations in haematophagous arthropods. II. DV/D ratio of male terminalia of wild Culex quinquefasciatus SAY (Diptera: Culicidae) in India

Singh, D.M.; Pangawkar, G.R., 1989:
Biometry of genitalia of exotic and crossbred bulls

Chungath J.J.; Sharma D.N., 1991:
Biometry of the ovary and corpus luteum of pregnant goat

Barrero, A.; Sanchez, J.; Barron, A.R.mirez, A., 1992:
Biomimetic cyclizations of a germacranolide from Tanacetum annuum

Inbar, J.; Chet, I., 1992:
Biomimics of cell-cell recognition by use of lectin-coated nylon fibers

Launois, M.; Lecoq, M., 1990:
Biomodelling techniques and anti-locust control strategies in Africa and Madagascar

Rao A.M.; Reddy M.R., 1991:
Biomolecular evaluation of crop residue fibre for ruminants

Woitowitz, H.J.; Rodelsperger, K.; Bodeker, H.; Bruckel, B.; Gosch, V., 1991:
Biomonitoring after exposure to asbestos-fiber dust: light microscopy as against electron microscopy

Mueller P., 1989:
Biomonitoring of chemicals on tropical ecosystems

Dubey, P.S., 1991:
Biomonitoring the environment-theory, practice and problems

Golubeva, I.V.; Fal' kova, T.V.; Golubev, V.N., 1988:
Biomorphological and physiological features of the adaptation of xeromesophytes on the southern coast of the Crimea

Dorval, M.E.; da Silva, R.P., 1990:
Biomphalaria amazonica Paraense, 1966 in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil (Mollusca, Pulmonata, Planorbidae)

Ren, L.Q.; Zhang, J.W.; Chen, B.C.; Qi, B.S., 1990:
Bionic research on reducing adhesion and resistance of soil for flexible shovel

Kuhne, K.S., 1991:
Bionomic and behavioural studies on Coenosia tigrina Fab. (Dipt., Muscidae), a previously unnoticed predator of stem-boring flies (Dipt., Chloropidae)

Mekuria, Y.; Tidwell, M.A.; Williams, D.C.; Mandeville, J.D., 1990:
Bionomic studies of the Anopheles mosquitoes of Dajabon, Dominican Republic

Wang, Y.Z., 1990:
Bionomics and control of Sesia rhynchioides

Kumar, S.; Prasad, L.; Khan, HR., 1989:
Bionomics and control of tendu defoliator Hypocala rostrata L. (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Charlet, L.D.; Gross, T.A., 1990:
Bionomics and seasonal abundance of the banded sunflower moth (Lepidoptera: Cochylidae) on cultivated sunflower in the northern Great Plains

Ahmed, SI.; Sen-Sarma, PK., 1990:
Bionomics of Calopepla leayana Latr. (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae), a serious defoliator of Gmelina arborea Roxb. plantations in India

Gao, X.B., 1989:
Bionomics of Colasposoma dauricum dauricum Mannerheim and its control

Chen, S.L.; Li, Y.G.; Ou, Z.S., 1990:
Bionomics of Eurema hecabe L. and its control

Batra, SWT., 1990:
Bionomics of Evylaeus comagenensis (Knerer and Atwood) (Halictidae), a facultatively polygynous, univoltine, boreal halictine bee

Ghorpade, B.R.; Patil, S.P., 1989:
Bionomics of Glyphodes laticostalis Guenee as one of the most important pests of forest plantations in the Konkan region of Maharashtra State (India)

Khan, M.H.; Srivastava, S.C., 1988:
Bionomics of Rhipicephalus haemaphysaloides haemaphysaloides Supino

Okeyo-Owuor, JB.; Oloo, GW.; Agwaro, PO., 1991:
Bionomics of Tetrastichus sesamiae (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae), a pupal endo-parasitoid of Maruca testulalis (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)

Bhatt, N.; Singh, R., 1991:
Bionomics of an aphidiid parasitoid Trioxys indicus Subba Rao & Sharma (Hym., Aphidiidae). 32. Effects of food plants on the functional response, area of discovery and sex ratio of F1 offspring at varying densities of the host Aphis gossypii Glover (Hem., Aphididae)

Bhatt, N.; Singh, R., 1991:
Bionomics of an aphidiid parasitoid Trioxys indicus Subba Rao & Sharma. 33. Impact of food plants on the behaviour of and sex allocation by the female parasitoid at varying densities

Bhatt, N.; Singh, R., 1991:
Bionomics of an aphidiid parasitoid Trioxys indicus. 36. Impact of male on the fecundity and sex ratio of the parasitoid through its host Aphis gossypii on some cucurbit food plants

Singh, S.K., 1989:
Bionomics of normal and resistant strains of Culex fatigans Weid

Dodia, D.A.; Patel, I.S.; Patel, S.N.; Patel, N.G., 1989:
Bionomics of powder post beetle, Dinoderus minutus Fabricius (Bostrichidae: Coleoptera)

Sanyal, PK., 1989:
Bionomics of preparasitic stages of ovine strongyles in faeces and on pasture in subtemperate Tamil Nadu

Nanda, U.K.; Bisoi, R.C., 1990:
Bionomics of rice leaffolder, Cnaphalocrocis medinalis Guenee. (Pyralidae, Lepidoptera)

Parra Valencia, G., 1988:
Bionomics of stingless bees (Apidae, Meliponinae) in western Colombia

Joshi, K.C.; Agarwal, S.B., 1987:
Bionomics of the tent caterpillar, Malacosoma indica Wlk

Lal S.B.; Dwivedi S.K.; Sharma M.C.; Swarup D., 1992:
Biopathological studies in experimentally induced ruminal acidosis in goat

McDonald, D., 1991:
Biopesticides - pesticides with a bright future?

Kandybin, N.V., 1991:
Biopesticides. Theory and practice

Abrosimova, L.N., 1988:
Biophysical and ecological aspects of the use of chemical preparations and industrial by-products for protection of soils from erosion

Crosslin J.M.; Mink G.I., 1992:
Biophysical differences among prunus necrotic ringspot ilarviruses

Patel G.M.; Sukhani T.R., 1990:
Biophysical plant characters associated with shootfly resistance

Proudfoot, L.; Kusel, J.R.; Smith, H.V.; Kennedy, M.W., 1991:
Biophysical properties of the nematode surface

Parsch, L.D.; Cochran, M.J.; Trice, K.L.; Scott, H.D., 1991:
Biophysical simulation of wheat and soybean to assess the impact of timeliness on double-cropping economics

Tarodo de la Fuente, B.; Lablee, J., 1990:
Biophysical study of milk coagulation and curd syneresis

Lebel A.; Meeden R.; Stirrat B.A., 1989:
Biophysical treatment facility for hazardous waste landfill leachates

Akinin, P.V., 1989:
Biopolymers in the development of a waste-free technology for milk processing

Rajarathnam, S.; Shashireka, M.N.; Bano, Z., 1992:
Biopotentialities of the basidiomacromycetes

Buryi, V.F.; Buraya, P.K.; Kosenkova, T.V., 1991:
Biopreparations in rice-growing in the Maritime Territory

Bomberg, A., 1991:
Biopreservation of foodstuffs by application of lysozyme from chicken egg white

Gomez, R.; Pelaez, C., 1990:
Bioprocesses in the dairy industry

Litvinov, P.I.; Glushkova, S.A., 1990:
Bioprotection of vineyards against phylloxera

Biolatti, B.; Bollo, E.; Quaranta, G.; Vinceti, L.; Luini, M.; Perini, S.; Fabbi, M., 1991:
Biopsy, virological and bacteriological studies on the endometrium of cows with low fertility

Beck, J.T.; Ullman, B., 1991:
Biopterin conversion to reduced folates by Leishmania donovani promastigotes

Isman, M.B., 1990:
Biorational insecticides, botanical insecticides and behavior-modifying substances: their possible impacts on the environment and human health

Hedin, P.A., 1990:
Bioregulator-induced changes in allelochemicals and their effects on plant resistance to pests

Myler, C.A.; Sisk, W., 1991:
Bioremediation of explosives contaminated soils (scientific questions/engineering realities)

Srivastava, J.P.; Kilbane, Y.Y.; Kelley, R.L.; Ganger, W.K.; Akin, C.; Hayes, T.D.; Linz, D.G., 1990:
Bioremediation of former manufactured gas plant sites

Ying, A.; Duffy, J.; Shepherd, G.; Wright, D., 1989:
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