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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2045

Chapter 2045 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Hurst, L.D.; Pomiankowski, A., 1991:
Causes of sex ratio bias may account for unisexual sterility in hybrids: a new explanation of Haldane's rule and related phenomena

D' yakov, A.B., 1990:
Causes of stability and variation in hull thickness of sunflower achenes

Heinrich, J., 1991:
Causes of storm damage in beech (Fagus sylvatica) stands from a soil/geographical standpoint

Capel, S.A., 1990:
Causes of stress and burnout and changes in burnout in British physical education teachers

Goffinet, R., 1990:
Causes of the differential evolution of agricultural income by agricultural region between 1979 and 1987

Mitenev, V.K.; Shul' man, B.S., 1991:
Causes of the formation of an intense focus of Triaenophorus infection in the Verkhnetulomsk Reservoir

Eisenhauer, D.R., 1990:
Causes of the mortality of oak in Slovakia, with guidelines for forestry practice

Munns, R., 1990:
Causes of varietal differences in salt tolerance

Gallotti, G.J.M., 1989 :
Causes of vine decline

Sringam, S.; Netiwaranon, S., 1990:
Causing factors and prevention of rancidity of coconut oil

Thompson, M.L.; Piyush Singh; Corak, S.; Strasheim, W.E., 1992:
Cautionary notes for the automated analysis of soil pore-space images

Wijnands, J.H.M., 1988:
Cautious optimism over manure surpluses

Boada, P.; Isern, J.; Jimenez, L.; Plana, L., 1991:
Cava: a growing sector

Barabanov, P.M.; Nemchin, A.F.; Khudolii, V.P., 1990:
Cavitation arrangements for washing filter cakes

Healy, W.M.; Brooks, R.T.; DeGraaf, R.M., 1989:
Cavity trees in sawtimber-size oak stands in central Massachusetts

Howard, T.A.; Rochelle, J.M.; Seldin, M.F., 1991:
Cd28 and Ctla-4, two related members of the Ig supergene family, are tightly linked on proximal mouse chromosome 1

Tryselius, Y.S.makovlis, C.K.mbrell, D.; Hultimark, D., 1992:
CecC, a cecropin gene expressed during metamorphosis in Drosophila pupae

Gaughan, E.M.; Hackett, R.P., 1990:
Cecocolic intussusception in horses: 11 cases (1979-1989)

Marquetti, J.R., 1990:
Cedrela hybrids resistant to Hypsipyla grandella

Zakharenko, G.S.; Kazimirova, R.N.; Kuznetsov, S.I., 1988:
Cedrus brevifolia and prospects of growing it in the USSR

Zecconi, A.; Sala, V.; Tranquillo, A.; Spreafico, G.; Bronzo, V.; Antonini, M., 1991:
Cefoperazone treatment of subclinical mastitis in cows in their first lactation

Trailovic, D.; Nikolic, V.; Markovic, B.; Panajotovic, V.; Jurisic, Z., 1992:
Ceftriaxone and its use in veterinary medicine

Vulsteke, G.; Calus, A., 1989:
Celeriac. Research 1988

Saranga, Y.; Janick, J., 1991:
Celery somatic embryo production and regeneration: improved protocols

Ugolini, A.; Felicioni, S., 1991:
Celestial orientation in Gryllotalpa gryllotalpa

Baker, D.G.; Gershwin, L.J.; Snider, T.G., 1991:
Celiac trunk cannulation for obtaining abomasal lymph from cattle

Knox, J.P., 1992:
Cell adhesion, cell separation and plant morphogenesis

Sorvari, S., 1989:
Cell and tissue culture - a biotechnical tool in barley breeding

Maksimova, N.I.; Merzlyak, M.N.; Gusev, M.V., 1990:
Cell and tissue culture in the study of pathogen and host-plant interactions

Turner, M.J.; Donelson, J.E., 1990:
Cell biology of African trypanosomes

Ravdin, J.I., 1990:
Cell biology of Entamoeba histolytica and immunology of amebiasis

Chang, K.P., 1990:
Cell biology of Leishmania

Souza, W. de; Attias, M., 1991:
Cell biology of Phytomonas, trypanosomatid parasites of plants

Perkins, M.E., 1990:
Cell biology of Plasmodium

Pfefferkorn, E.R., 1990:
Cell biology of Toxoplasma gondii

Pereira, M.E.A., 1990:
Cell biology of Trypanosoma cruzi

Basch, P.F.; Samuelson, J., 1990:
Cell biology of schistosomes. I. Ultrastructure and transformations

Caulfield, J.P., 1990:
Cell biology of schistosomes. II. Tegumental membranes and their interaction with human blood cells

Booth, J.M., 1991:
Cell count payments - the latest position

Regi, G.; Honegger, R.; Buchi, S.; Segessemann, V.; Rusch, P., 1991:
Cell counts and the results of Schalm's mastitis test on milk from healthy milking ewes throughout a lactation

Booth, J.M., 1990:
Cell counts mean money

McFarland, D.C., 1992:
Cell culture as a tool for the study of poultry skeletal muscle development

Szabo, R.; Speirs, J.; Ashtar, M., 1991:
Cell culture detection and conditions for production of a Bacillus cereus heat-stable toxin

Winstanley, D.; Crook, N.E., 1990:
Cell culture for in vitro studies of Cydia pomonella granulosis virus

Panda, A.K.; Bisaria, V.S.; Mishra, S.; Bhojwani, S.S., 1991:
Cell culture of Holarrhena antidysenterica: growth and alkaloid production

Ogura, N., 1989:
Cell culture of nematode

Khattar, S.; Pandey, R., 1990:
Cell culture propagation of calf rotavirus and detection of rotavirus specific antibody in colostrum and milk of cows and buffaloes

Sharma, R.D., 1989:
Cell culture vaccine against bovine tropical theileriosis

Legue, V.; Driss Ecole, D.; Perbal, G., 1992:
Cell cycle and differentiation in lentil roots grown on a slowly rotating clinostat

Turner, C.M.R., 1992:
Cell cycle co-ordination in trypanosomes

Kononowicz, A.K.; Hasegawa, P.M.; Bressan, R.A., 1992:
Cell cycle duration in tobacco cells adapted to NaCl

Ormrod, J., 1991:
Cell cycle regulation in plant growth and development

Youn, J.H.; Nam, H.W.; Kim, D.J.; Park, Y.M.; Kim, W.K.; Kim, W.S.; Choi, W.Y., 1991:
Cell cycle-dependent entry of Toxoplasma gondii into synchronized HL-60 cells

Sheffield, L.G.; Kotolski, L.C., 1991:
Cell cycle-specific inhibition of mitogen action by sodium butyrate (an inhibitor of protein de-acetylation)

Rasmussen, H.N., 1990:
Cell differentiation and mycorrhizal infection in Dactylorhiza majalis (Rchb. f.) Hunt & Summerh. (Orchidaceae) during germination in vitro

Bogdanov, M.E.; Ermolov, G.E.; Magkoeva, F.Z.; Khoperskaya, O.E., 1989:
Cell differentiation factors in follicular fluid and a study of their properties

Dubendorfer, A.L.ebig, B., 1992:
Cell differentiation in vitro and establishment of permanent, ecdysone-responsive cell lines from embryonic tissues of the Colorado potato beetle, Leptinotarsa decemlineata

Khristov, A., 1990:
Cell engineering and the possibilities for fashioning plants

Zelcer, A.; Izhar, S.; Wolf, D.; Levy, B.; Soferman, O., 1990:
Cell engineering by protoplast fusion: implications for plant improvement

Greenwald, I.; Broach, J.R., 1990:
Cell fates in C. elegans: In medias ras

Phillips, J.M.; Brown, A.H.J.; Loe, W.C.; Smith, R.L.; Parham, R.W., 1991:
Cell grazing with steers on tall fescue and small grains overseeded into bermudagrass

Hodge, S.J., 1991:
Cell grown broadleaved stock

Casas, A.M.; Bressan, R.A.; Hasegawa, P.M., 1991:
Cell growth and water relations of the halophyte, Atriplex nummularia L., in response to NaCl

Kinosian, B.; Gilman, R.H.; Ordonez, J.;, J.; Wahl, S.; Koster, F.; Spira, W., 1988:
Cell injury in Giardia lamblia detected by forward light scatter

Skiba, F.S.hierenberg, E., 1992:
Cell lineages, developmental timing, and spatial pattern formation in embryos of free-living soil nematodes

Blancou, J.; Janot, C.; Baltazar, R.S., 1990:
Cell mediated immunity against rabies in cattle and sheep: attempted evaluation with the lymphocyte transformation test

Dominiczak, A.F.; Bohr, D.F., 1990:
Cell membrane abnormalities and the regulation of intracellular calcium concentration in hypertension

Gill, S.S.; Singh, G.J.; Hornung, J.M., 1987:
Cell membrane interaction of Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. israelensis cytolytic toxins

Powell, G., 1991:
Cell membrane punctures during epidermal penetrations by aphids: consequences for the transmission of two potyviruses

Premachandra G.S.; Saneoka H.; Kanaya M.; Ogata S., 1991 :
Cell membrane stability and leaf surface wax content as affected by increasing water deficits in maize

Premachandra G.S.; Saneoka H.; Fujita K.; Ogata S., 1990:
Cell membrane stability and leaf water relations as affected by nitrogen nutrition under water stress in maize

Premachandra G.S.; Saneoka H.; Fujita K.; Ogata S., 1990:
Cell membrane stability and leaf water relations as affected by phosphorus nutrition under water stress in maize

Premachandra, G.; Saneoka, H.O.ata, S., 1991:
Cell membrane stability and leaf water relations as affected by potassium nutrition of water-stressed maize

Singh M.; Srivastava J.P.; Kumar A., 1992:
Cell membrane stability in relation to drought tolerance in wheat genotypes

Whitaker, M.; Fraser, LR.; Weir, BJ., 1990:
Cell messengers at fertilization. Proceedings of a symposium of the British Society for Developmental Biology and the Society for the Study of Fertility held at the University of Warwick, December 1989

Ingham, P.W.; Nakano, Y., 1990:
Cell patterning and segment polarity genes in Drosophila

Entrican G.; Hopkins J.; Maclean M.; Mcconnell I.; Nettleton P.F., 1992:
Cell phenotypes in the efferent lymph of sheep persistently infected with border disease virus

Dexheimer, J.; Gerard, J.; Boudarga, K.; Jeanmaire, C., 1990:
Cell plastids in vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal plants

Mazin, V.V.; Solodkaya, L.A.; Kir' yan, I.G.; Klyueva, T.A.; Berezina, N.V., 1989:
Cell selection of red clover for resistance to root rot pathogens (Sclerotinia trifoliorum, Fusarium spp.)

Zhou J.; Zhou J.; Liang S.; Huang H.; Pang L.; Jiao Y., 1990:
Cell selection of the tobacco mutant resistant to black shank disease

Jasik J.; Erdelsky K., 1990:
Cell senescence in grapevine tissue cultures

Pearce, R.S.; Ashworth, E.N., 1992:
Cell shape and localisation of ice in leaves of overwintering wheat during frost stress in the field

Miyazaki, S., 1990:
Cell signalling at fertilization of hamster eggs

Sliwinska, E., 1991:
Cell size as an auxiliary selection criterion in breeding sugarbeet

Skiebe, K., 1990:
Cell size in allopolyploids

Butterfass T., 1991:
Cell sizes and chloroplast numbers per cell of hemiploid and polyploid plants

Chung, Y.G.; Ahn, J.Y., 1990:
Cell surface characteristics of Lactobacillus acidophilus - characterization of regularly arranged proteins in the outer cell wall layer and cell-surface hydrophobicity

Sijtsma, L.; Jansen, N.; Hazeleger, W.C.; Wouters, J.T.; Hellingwerf, K.J., 1990:
Cell Surface Characteristics of Bacteriophage-Resistant Lactococcus lactis subsp. cremoris SK110 and Its Bacteriophage-Sensitive Variant SK112

Manocha M.S.; Sahai A.S., 1991:
Cell surface characterization of five haustorial mycoparasites with lectin probes

Motta, M.C.; Saraiva, E.M.; Costa e Silva Filho, F.; de Souza, W., 1991:
Cell surface charge and sugar residues of Crithidia fasciculata and Crithidia luciliae

Shakibaei, M.; Frevert, U., 1992:
Cell surface interactions between Trypanosoma congolense and macrophages during phagocytosis in vitro

Benhamou, N., 1991:
Cell surface interactions between tomato and Clavibacter michiganense subsp. michiganense: localization of some polysaccharides and hydroxyproline-rich glycoproteins in infected host leaf tissues

Casella S.; Rossi N.; Toffanin A., 1992:
Cell surface lipopolysaccharides of different rhizobia

Parry G., 1991:
Cell surface polarization in mammary epithelial cells

Crow, V.L., 1990:
Cell surface properties of Lactococcus lactis subsp. cremoris

Mann, B.J.; Petri, W.A.J., 1991:
Cell surface proteins of Entamoeba histolytica

Nardon, P., 1987:
Cell to cell interactions in insect endocytobiosis

Yang, N.S.; Christou, P., 1990:
Cell type specific expression of a CaMV 35S-GUS gene in transgenic soybean plants

Pearce, Rb, 1989:
Cell wall alterations and antimicrobial defense in perennial plants

Lortal, S.R.usseau, M.B.yaval, P.H.ijenoort, J.V.n, 1991:
Cell wall and autolytic system of Lactobacillus helveticus ATCC 12046

Gibeaut, D.M.; Karuppiah, N.; Chang S-R.B.ock, T.G.; Vadlamudi, B.; Kim, D.; Ghosheh, N.S.; Rayle, D.L.; Carpita, N.C.; Kaufman, P.B.; Brock, T.G.; Kaufman, P.B.; Rayle, D.L., 1990:
Cell wall and enzyme changes during the graviresponse of the leaf-sheath pulvinus of oat (Avena sativa)

Weiser, R.L.; Wallner, S.J.; Waddell, J.W., 1990:
Cell Wall and Extensin mRNA Changes during Cold Acclimation of Pea Seedlings

Varner, J.E.; Taylor, R.; Cassab, G.I.; Lin, J.J.; Lin, L.S.; Yuen, H.; Pont Lezica, R., 1988:
Cell wall assembly and architecture

Besle, J.M.; Jouany, J.P., 1990:
Cell wall biomass of forages and its utilization by herbivores

Smith, N.J.; Seymour, G.B.; Jeger, M.J.; Tucker, G.A., 1990:
Cell wall changes in bananas and plantains

Seymour, G.B.; Tucker, G.A.; Wainwright, H., 1990:
Cell wall changes in ripening fruit

Bidlack, J.E., 1990:
Cell wall components and lignin biosynthesis in forages

Jung H J.G.; Valdez F.R.; Hatfield R.D.; Blanchette R.A., 1992:
Cell wall composition and degradability of forage stems following chemical and biological delignification

Kanakaratne, N.S.; Adikaram, N.K.B., 1990:
Cell wall degrading enzyme production by Colletotrichum gloeosporioides the cause of mango anthracnose

Podile, A.R.; Dube, H.C., 1988:
Cell wall polysaccharidases of wilt-inducing Pseudomonas solanacearum

Lozovaya, V.; Gorshkova, T.; Zabotina, O., 1991:
Cell wall regeneration in different culture conditions

Deopurkar, R.L., 1990:
Cell walls, wall autolysins and protoplasts from Microsporum canis

de Celis, J.F.; Marí-Beffa, M.; García-Bellido, A., 1991:
Cell-autonomous role of Notch, an epidermal growth factor homologue, in sensory organ differentiation in Drosophila

Bossinger, O.S.hierenberg, E., 1992:
Cell-cell communication in the embryo of Caenorhabditis elegans

Manocha, M.S., 1990:
Cell-cell interaction in fungi

Fritz, I.B., 1990:
Cell-cell interactions in the testis: a guide for the perplexed

Seydoux, G.; Schedl, T.; Greenwald, I., 1990:
Cell-cell interactions prevent a potential inductive interaction between soma and germline in C. elegans

Traas, J.A.; Beven, A.F.; Doonan, J.H.; Cordewener, J.; Shaw, P.J., 1992:
Cell-cycle-dependent changes in labelling of specific phosphoproteins by the monoclonal antibody MPM-2 in plant cells

Boman, H.G.; Faye, I.; Gugmindsson, G.H.; Lee, J.Y.; Lidholm, D.A., 1991:
Cell-free immunity in Cecropia. A model system for antibacterial proteins

Meehan, B.M.; Mills, P.R., 1991:
Cell-free translation of carnation latent virus RNA and analysis of virus-specific dsRNA

Waldorf, A.R., 1991:
Cell-mediated host response to fungal aggression

Srinivasan, V.K.; Nedunchelliyan, S.; Venkataraman, K.S., 1990:
Cell-mediated immune (CMI) response in experimental Brucella abortus infection in dogs

Brown, W.C.; Logan, K.S.; Wagner, G.G.; Tetzlaff, C.L., 1991:
Cell-mediated immune responses to Babesia bovis merozoite antigens in cattle following infection with tick-derived or cultured parasites

Bayoumi, R.A.; Abu Zeid, Y.A.; Abdulhadi, N.H.; Saeed, B.O.; Theander, T.G.; Hviid, L.; Ghalib, H.W.; Nugud, A.H.D.; Jepsen, S.; Jensen, J.B., 1990:
Cell-mediated immune responses to Plasmodium falciparum purified soluble antigens in sickle-cell trait subjects

Rothert Weber, M., 1990:
Cell-mediated immunity in calves infected with Theileria annulata

Weidanz, W.P.; Melancon Kaplan, J.; Cavacini, L.A., 1990:
Cell-mediated immunity to the asexual blood stages of malarial parasites: animal models

Klein, U.; Gernold, M.; Kloetzel, P.M., 1990:
Cell-specific accumulation of Drosophila proteasomes (MCP) during early development

Langdale, J.A.; Taylor, W.C.; Nelson, T., 1991:
Cell-specific accumulation of maize phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase is correlated with demethylation at a specific site >3 kb upstream of the gene

Hackett, B.P.; Gitlin, J.D., 1992:
Cell-specific expression of a Clara cell secretory protein-human growth hormone gene in the bronchiolar epithelium of transgenic mice

Koning, A.J.; Tanimoto, E.Y.; Kiehne, K.; Rost, T.; Comai, L., 1991:
Cell-specific expression of plant histone H2A genes

Sterk, P.; Booij, H.; Schellekens, G.A.; Van Kammen, A.; D.V.ies, S.C., 1991:
Cell-specific expression of the carrot EP2 lipid transfer protein gene

Edwards, J.W.; Coruzzi, G.M., 1990:
Cell-specific gene expression in plants

Zhang, Z.D.vis, D., 1992:
Cell-type specific responses in prostaglandin secretion by glandular and stromal cells from pig endometrium treated with catecholestrogens, methoxyestrogens and progesterone

Manzi, A.E.; Ancibor, E.; Cerezo, A.S., 1990:
Cell-Wall Carbohydrates of the Endosperm of the Seed of Gleditsia triacanthos

Kone, A.R.; Richard, D.; Guerin, H., 1989:
Cell-wall constituent and protein contents in woody forages of West Africa

Hohl, M.; Schopfer, P., 1992:
Cell-wall tension of the inner tissues of the maize coleoptile and its potential contribution to auxin-mediated organ growth

Laloi, P.; Atlan, D.; Blanc, B.; Gilbert, C.; Portalier, R., 1991:
Cell-wall-associated proteinase of Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus CNRZ 397: differential extraction, purification and properties of the enzyme

Maas, L.K.; Glass, T.L., 1991 :
Cellobiose uptake by the cellulolytic ruminal anaerobe Fibrobacter (Bacteroides) succinogenes

Maach, L.; Grunder, H.D.; Faio, A., 1991:
Cells and constituents of blood from clinically healthy Black Pied calves in Morocco

Haque, M.S., 1989:
Cells secreting resinous substance in the female lac insect: Kerria lacca (Kerr.)

Shaw, K.T.; Mawji, Y.; Stevenson, M.M.; Kongshavn, P.A., 1991:
Cells within the vascular system capable of mediating trypanocidal activity in vitro

Youssef, M.K.; Badr, E.A.; Badawy, H.; E.D.eb, S., 1989:
Cellular DNA content and chromosome number in four species of tilapia

Fonta C.; Sun X.J.; Masson C., 1991:
Cellular analysis of odour integration in the honeybee antennal lobe

Cross, G.A., 1990:
Cellular and genetic aspects of antigenic variation in trypanosomes

Greene, B.M., 1992:
Cellular and humoral immune response in onchocerciasis

Ricquier, D., 1992:
Cellular and molecular biology in the analysis of obesity

Sidhu, K.S.; Guraya, S.S., 1989:
Cellular and molecular biology of capacitation and acrosome reaction in mammalian spermatozoa

Ozeretskovskaya, O.L., 1990:
Cellular and molecular immunity mechanisms in potato

Nogueira, E.; Stumpf, H.; Rütter, G.; Llombart-Bosch, A.; Bannasch, P., 1992:
Cellular and molecular mechanisms of renal carcinogenesis induced by avian erythroblastosis virus

Boronat, A., 1990:
Cellular and morphogenic reorientation induced by inserting foreign DNA

Goode, H.F.; Kelleher, J.; Walker, B.E.; Hall, R.I.; Guillou, P.J., 1990:
Cellular and muscle zinc in surgical patients with and without gastrointestinal cancer

Kurabayashi, Y.; Yamada, J.; Andrén, A.; Kitamura, N.; Yamashita, T., 1991:
Cellular and subcellular localization of progastricsin in calf fundic mucosa: colocalization with pepsinogen and prochymosin

Jacob, R.A.; Pianalto, F.S.; Agee, R.E., 1992:
Cellular ascorbate depletion in healthy men

Roden, J.; Van Volkenburgh, E.; Hinckley, T.M., 1990:
Cellular basis for limitation of poplar leaf growth by water deficit

Racchi, M.L., 1990:
Cellular biotechnology for the production of secondary metabolites of plant origin

Beresteijn, E.C.H. van, 1991:
Cellular calcium regulation

Delventhal, S.; Hensel, A.; Petzoldt, K.; Pabst, R., 1992:
Cellular changes in the bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) of pigs, following immunization by the enteral or respiratory route

Talon, M.; Tadeo, F.R.; Zeevaart, J.A., 1991:
Cellular changes induced by exogenous and endogenous gibberellins in shoot tips of the long-day plant Silene armeria

Valverde, B.E.; Appleby, A.P.; Radosevich, S.R.; Soeldner, A., 1991:
Cellular characteristics of dinitroaniline herbicide-resistant goosegrass (Eleusine indica)

Graham T.L.; Graham M.Y., 1991:
Cellular coordination of molecular responses in plant defense

Colby, S.; Juncosa, A.; Meredith, C., 1991:
Cellular differences in Agrobacterium susceptibility and regenerative capacity restrict the development of transgenic grapevines

Kooy, R.F., 1991:
Cellular differentiation and genetic aspects of the trypanosome life cycle

Montrose Rafizadeh, C.; Guggino, W.B.; Montrose, M.H., 1990:
Cellular differentiation regulates expression of Cl- transport and cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator mRNA in human intestinal cells

Chegini, N.; Lei, Z.M.; Rao, C.V.; Hansel, W., 1991:
Cellular distribution and cycle phase dependency of gonadotropin and eicosanoid binding sites in bovine corpora lutea

Nelson, C.J.; MacAdam, J.W., 1989:
Cellular dynamics in the leaf growth zone

Vinayak, PR., 1989:
Cellular elements in the nymphal and adult brain of Dysdercus koenigii Fabr. (Hemiptera)

Liu, X.C.; Dickinson, H.G., 1989:
Cellular energy levels and their effect on male cell abortion in cytoplasmically male sterile lines of Petunia hybrida

Kelly, J.M.; Summers, M.; Park, H.S.; Milligan, L.P.; McBride, B.W., 1991:
Cellular energy metabolism and regulation

Barry, P.A.; Pratt-Lowe, E.; Unger, R.E.; Luciw, P.A., 1991:
Cellular factors regulate transactivation of human immunodeficiency virus type 1

Frachon, E.; Hamon, S.; Nicolas, L.; de Barjac, H., 1991:
Cellular fatty acid analysis as a potential tool for predicting mosquitocidal activity of Bacillus sphaericus strains

Smith, V.J.; Soderhall, K., 1986:
Cellular immune mechanisms in the Crustacea

Diaz Otero, F.; Santiago Cruz, J.R.; Rofas Criz, R.; Montaraz Crespo, J.A., 1990:
Cellular immune response of mice to a bovine isolate of Staphylococcus aureus inoculated by different routes

Lessard, M.; Yang, W.C.; Elliott, G.S.; Rebar, A.H.; Van Vleet, J.F.; Deslauriers, N.; Brisson, G.J.; Schultz, R.D., 1991:
Cellular immune responses in pigs fed a vitamin E- and selenium-deficient diet

Bowles, V.M.; Grey, S.T.; Brandon, M.R., 1992:
Cellular immune responses in the skin of sheep infected with larvae of Lucilia cuprina, the sheep blowfly

Sciesinski, K., 1990:
Cellular immunity after acupuncture stimulation at the points Dazhui, Hegu and Zusanli together with prophylactic vaccinations in young polar foxes

Johansson, M.W.; Soderhall, K., 1989:
Cellular immunity in crustaceans and the proPO system

Andrade-Arzabe, R.; Machado, I.V.; Fernandez, B.; Blanca, I.; Ramirez, R.; Bianco, N.E., 1991:
Cellular immunity in current active pulmonary tuberculosis

Oca, J. de; Catalan, M.A., 1987:
Cellular immunity in malnourished patients

MacConnell, E.; Smith, C.E.; Hedrick, R.P.; Speer, C.A., 1989:
Cellular inflammatory response of rainbow trout to the protozoan parasite that causes proliferative kidney disease

Torrey, J.G., 1988:
Cellular interactions between host and endosymbiont in dinitrogen-fixing root nodules of woody plants

Lutje V.; Black S.J., 1991:
Cellular interactions regulating the in vitro response of bovine lymphocytes to ovalbumin

George, H.L.; Mount, M.S.; Berman, P.M., 1991:
Cellular localization and characterization of pectic enzymes of Erwinia carotovora subsp. atroseptica

Velikodvorskaya, T.V.; Borukhov, S.I.; Bogush, V.G.; Strongin, A.Y., 1989:
Cellular localization and purification of pectate lyase homogeneous forms - products of Erwinia chrysanthemi pt1A and pt1B genes cloned in Escherichia coli

Guillomot, M.; Michel, C.; Gaye, P.; Charlier, N.; Trojan, J.; Martal, J., 1990:
Cellular localization of an embryonic interferon, ovine trophoblastin and its mRNA in sheep embryos during early pregnancy

Serrano, A.; Gimenez, P.; Scherer, S.; Boger, P., 1990:
Cellular localization of cytochrome c553 in the N2-fixing cyanobacterium Anabaena variabilis

Curry, T.E.; Bryant, C.; Clark, M.R., 1991:
Cellular localization of ovarian prostaglandin endoperoxide synthase during pseudopregnancy in the rat

Kumar S.; Miller L.H., 1990:
Cellular mechanisms in immunity to blood stage infection

Green, S.J.; Mellouk, S.; Hoffman, S.L.; Meltzer, M.S.; Nacy, C.A., 1990:
Cellular mechanisms of nonspecific immunity to intracellular infection: cytokine-induced synthesis of toxic nitrogen oxides from L-arginine by macrophages and hepatocytes

Goodnow, C.C., 1989:
Cellular mechanisms of self-tolerance

Counis, R.; Starzec, A.; Jutisz, M., 1989:
Cellular mechanisms of the gonadotropin-releasing hormone control of gene expression, synthesis and release of luteinizing hormone

Andreeva, I.N.; Ismailov, S.F., 1990:
Cellular organization of symbiotic nitrogen fixation and nitrogen assimilation in leguminous plants

Mwangi, D.M.; Hopkins, J.; Luckins, A.G., 1990:
Cellular phenotypes in Trypanosoma congolense infected sheep: the local skin reaction

Gianinazzi, S., 1989:
Cellular relationships between plants and VA endomycorrhizal fungi

Rehfeldt, C.; Aner, K.; Bunger, L., 1991:
Cellular response of skeletal muscle with varying feed supply in laboratory mice

Lin, D.S.; Bowman, D.D., 1991:
Cellular responses of cats with primary toxoplasmosis

Jang, J.; Tainter, F., 1990:
Cellular responses of pine callus to infection by Phytophthora cinnamomi

Ndarathi, C.M., 1992:
Cellular responses to culture-derived soluble exoantigens of Trypanosoma lewisi

Mehta, R.R.; Hart, G.D., 1990:
Cellular retinol binding protein and breast cancer carcinoma

Petersen R.; Sobel S.; Wang C T.; Jaenisch R.; Barklis E., 1991:
Cellular transcripts encoded at a locus which permits retrovirus expression in mouse embryonic cells

Hackett, W.P.; Murray, J.R.; Woo, H.H.; Stapfer, R.E.; Geneve, R., 1990:
Cellular, biochemical and molecular characteristics related to maturation and rejuvenation in woody species

Boyd, R.A., 1991:
Cellular, physiological, and molecular aspects of recovery and induction mechanisms in the wound response of Solanum tuberosum tuber tissue

Abeles F.B.; Biles C.L., 1991:
Cellulase activity in developing apple fruits

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Central Midlands Co-op invests #19.6M as it raises standards of products and services

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Centropogon cornutus

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Certified raw milk California

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Chaetotaxy of foreleg disc derivative of Sarcophaga ruficornis (Diptera)

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Chagas' disease

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Chagas' disease

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Chaite 4, a short-duration, high-yielding rice variety for double-cropped areas in Nepal

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Challenge and change in East European tourism: a Yugoslav example

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Challenge to dairy checkoff is real, has broad implications

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Challenges facing the Cooperative Extension system and dairy extension education

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Challenges facing the sugar sector

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Challenges for Australian farm chemical training

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Challenges for biological control: enhancing its role in agriculture by the year 2000

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Challenges for dairy farmers in the 1990s

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Challenges of initiative

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Challenges of the epidemiological approach in the field of nutrition in industrialized countries

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Challenges to equity in health and health care: a Zimbabwean case study

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Challenging behaviours and leisure

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Challenging the role of the USA in the oligopolistic functioning of the wheat and soyabean markets

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Challenging times ahead for plantation sector

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Chamaecytisus pineticola Ivchenko, a species new for science

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Chamaesphecia doryliformis (Lep.: Sesiidae), a second root borer for the control of Rumex spp. (Polygonaceae) in Australia

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Chamise chaparral dead fuel fraction is not reliably predicted by age

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Chamomile flowers - a heterogeneous drug. Contribution to the manufacturing of mixed teas with Matricariae flos

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Champion trees in the British Isles

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Chance and necessity in ingestive behavior

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Chance orientation and superstitious behaviour on the putting green

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Chance-constrained and chance-maximizing mathematical programs in renewable resource management

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Chances for global environmental protection?

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Chanelling water resources

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Change in biomass of soil microorganisms in developing biogeocoenoses

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Change in evaluation of the recreation practicum experience by graduates

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Change in farmer practices following spray application field days

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Change in flora and vegetation under human influence: observations in the Schweinebruch near Celle

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Change in increment as an indicator of the effect of raised water table on Scots pine stands in different forest types

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Change in land distribution in the Punjab - empirical application of an exogenous-endogenous model for agrarian sector analysis

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Change in microbial count of pasteurized milk stored for various times

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Change in moisture content of sweetcorn during harvesting

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Change in nature and the nature of change: interactions between terrestrial ecosystems and the atmosphere

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Change in number of rural and urban poor between 1970-71 and 1983

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Change in phenotype and encapsidated RNA segments of an isolate of alfalfa mosaic virus: an influence of host passage

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Change in rural identity and values

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Change in the composition and properties of coarse fraction minerals of sod-podzolic soils on gleying

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Change in the concentration of oxygen anion radicals during inhibited oxidation of lignin

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Change in the content of nucleic acids and DNA fractions in the leaves of mulberry in relation to ploidy

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Change in the content of products of free radical oxidation of lipids and their association with frost resistance in winter barley

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Change in the countryside: the turnaround, the community, and the quality of life

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Change in the crystalline structure of cellulose in the process of thermal treatment

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Change in the determining factors of working conditions and employment in agriculture

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Change in the fatty acid composition of avocado fruit during ontogeny, cold storage and ripening

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Change in the fermentative activity of rice-field soil under the influence of microfertilizers

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Change in the frequency of new forms in the progeny of an apomictic form of the amphiploid Zea mays L. X Tripsacum dactyloides L. following its inoculation with barley stripe mosaic virus

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Change in the humus of a parabraunerde under forest over a 25-year period

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Change in the level of energy intake in kids fed goat milk or milk replacer

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Change in the microstructure of dernopodzolic soils following prolonged fertilizer use

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Change in the moisture content of wood during the manufacture and use of guard structures

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Change in the nitrogen and magnesium supply of old Norway spruce stands affected by air pollution in the East German central highlands

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Change in the productivity of Pinetum myrtillosum stands with experimental lowering of the groundwater

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Change in the properties of wood under long-term use, as exemplified by monuments of wooden architecture in the Archangel region

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Change in the quality of highly nutritional fish meat for foodstuffs from sardine during frozen storage

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Change in the role of dominants in the course of succession

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Change in the stand structure of a natural fir-hemlock-hardwood secondary mixed stand in the Ehime University Forest. (II). Development of the growing-stock from 1980 to 1987. (Analysis from the viewpoint of management by the check method)

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Change in the status of Herens cows: the new social role of the horns

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Change in the structure and properties of hydrolysis lignin carbonized in the temperature range 400-1000 degrees C

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Change in the structure of aspen wood during organosolv pulping

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Change in the structure of capital investment in the agroindustrial sector

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Change in the structure of lucerne populations with respect to autotripping and autogamy as affected by inbreeding and selection

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Change in the supermolecular structure of pulp as a result of treatment with ethylene diamine and its aqueous solutions

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Change in the ultrastructure of pine wood during soda and oxygen delignification

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Change in the water-permeability of peats after drainage

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Change in values and life-style: wood and wood products in a new consumer field

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Change in waist-hip ratio with weight loss and its association with change in cardiovascular risk factors

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Change in water conducting properties of plant roots by nutrition and salt stress

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Change in water quality of small rivers flowing through agricultural district

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Change of climate elements and deforestation in south Yunnan, China

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Change of climate. Forecast: famine?

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Change of constituents of leaf essential oils from Cinnamomum longepaniculatum during steam-distillation process

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Change of cytokine and natural killer activities in Ascaris suum infected mice

Anonymous, 1991:
Change of dosing regimen for malaria prophylaxis with mefloquine

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Change of gastrointestinal development and digestive enzyme activities in Siji geese

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Change of live weight, milk yields and service periods of cows

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Change of milk yield with clinical diseases for a high producing dairy herd

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Change of properties of humic substances in an edaphic climosequence

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Change of solid and liquid phase properties of Ararat plain sodic solonetz-solonchaks with chemical reclamation

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Change of soybean oligosaccharides in the digestive tract

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Change of speciation of Cu(II) in growth medium due to uptake of ammonia by Pseudomonas testosteroni during growth

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Change of system and sectoral effects in the agriculture of the ex-GDR

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Change of tissue protein related to ovarian development in the fleshfly, Sarcophaga ruficornis Fabricius

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Change of whey protein of Korean native cattle milk by heating

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Change on the anthropogenic geochemical impact on the biosphere

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Change processes in dryland communities

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Change the framework conditions to combat poverty: the key challenge of the fourth decade

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Change, adjustment and the role of specific experience: evidence from Sri Lankan rice farming

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Changed adipose tissue distribution after treatment of Cushing's syndrome

Anonymous, 1992:
Changed gene symbols

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Changed protein metabolism in patients with atherosclerosis

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Changed sex ratio in BB rat offspring

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Changements during 2 years in populations of different mite species in house dust before and after a single acaricidal treatment

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Changes after taking a college basic nutrition course

Anonymous, 1990:
Changes and additions

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Changes and characteristics of the biochemical components of soybean cell tissue cultures (2). Changes and characteristics of the lipids on differentiation of soybean cell tissue

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Changes and characteristics of the biochemical components of soybean cell tissue cultures: (1). Changes and characteristics of the proteins and amino acids and peroxidase isozymes on differentiation of soybean cell tissue

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Changes and variability in concentration of heavy metals in sewage sludge during composting

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Changes and variability of cow milk components and properties during the first 100 days of lactation

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Changes due to tanliquor and tannin amendments in arable soil

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Changes during heating in chemical composition and in-vitro digestion of four commodities

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Changes during storage of oranges pretreated with nitrogen, carbon dioxide and acetaldehyde in air

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Changes in alpha - and beta -amylase activities during germination of seeds of alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.)

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Changes in ACC content and EFE activity of peel and pulp of 'Jonagold' apples during pre- and post-harvest periods

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Changes in ATP content, enzyme activity and inorganic nitrogen species during composting of organic wastes

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Changes in Al, Mn and Fe sediments and aquatic plants after lake drawdown

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Changes in China's rice area: 1966 to 1985

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Changes in DNA content and chromosome number during spermatogenesis in the gall midge Monarthropalpus buxi (Cecidomyiidae, Diptera)

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Changes in DNA contents during differentiation and aging of leaf mesophyll cells of maize and peas

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Changes in DNA methylation during mouse embryonic development in relation to X-chromosome activity and imprinting

Tulpule, V.; Tie, G.; Roberts, I.M.; Malarz, A.; Dlugosz, J., 1991:
Changes in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union: prospects and challenges

Penn, J.B., 1991:
Changes in Europe and the USSR: an overview for southern agriculture and agribusiness

Collender, R.N., 1992:
Changes in Farm Credit System structure

Lakner, Z.; Dene, O., 1991:
Changes in Hungarian food consumption in comparison with international data

Mohamed Yasseen, Y.; Paulet, P.; Splittstoesser, W.E., 1989:
Changes in IAA, phenolic compounds, diphenyl oxidase, IAA oxidase and peroxidase in relation to flower and root formation of endive in vitro

Nakano, S.; Maekawa, K.; Yamamoto, S., 1990:
Changes in Japanese charr life cycle

Kobayashi, H., 1990:
Changes in Japanese law to match development

Kaminarides, S.E.; Anifantakis, E.M.; Balis, C., 1992:
Changes in Kopanisti cheese during ripening using selected pure microbial cultures

Penuelas, J.M.tamala, R., 1990:
Changes in N and S leaf content, stomatal density and specific leaf area of 14 plant species during the last three centuries of CO2 increase

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Changes in Na channel properties of frog and rat skeletal muscles induced by the AaH II toxin from the scorpion Androctonus australis

Brownson, R.M., 1990:
Changes in Steer of Merit carcasses

Utterstrom, C., 1991:
Changes in Sweden greater than anywhere else

Liang, Y.C.; Chen, X.H.; Wang, D.P., 1991:
Changes in TCA-Si (trichloroacetic acid soluble silica) content and its distribution in rice plants

Schreiner I.H.; Nafus D.M., 1992:
Changes in a moth community mediated by biological control of the dominant species

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Changes in a sandy Sahelian soil following crop residue and fertilizer additions

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Changes in abdominal and gluteal adipose-tissue fatty acid compositions in obese subjects after weight gain and weight loss

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Changes in abscisic acid and gibberellin levels during stratification in Panax ginseng roots

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Changes in abscisic acid content of peel and pulp of 'Jonagold' apples during pre- and post-harvest periods

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Changes in abscisic and phaseic acids during ripening and senescence of peach fruits

Abood J.K.; Losel D.M.; Ayres P.G., 1992:
Changes in abundance and infectivity of powdery mildew conidia from cucumber plants treated systemically with lithium chloride

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Changes in Activities of Enzymes of Carbon Metabolism in Leaves during Exposure of Plants to Low Temperature

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Changes in activity of avian serum esterases following exposure to organophosphorus insecticides

Kobayashi, Y.; Nakagawa, T.; Nagayama, F., 1989:
Changes in agmatine contents in the topshell and abalone during starvation and feeding

Reddy, G.Y., 1989:
Changes in agrarian relations in India

Varga, Gy, 1990:
Changes in agricultural policy and new trends in technical development

Andrews, R.H.; Mayrhofer, G.; Chilton, N.B.; Boreham, P.F.L.; Grimmond, T.R., 1992:
Changes in allozyme pattern of the protozoan parasite Giardia intestinalis

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Changes in amino acid and amide nitrogen content in soil in relation to different fertilization

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Changes in amino acid composition of orchardgrass (Dactylis glomerata L.) dried with glucose

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Changes in amino acid content and composition of wheat leaves after inoculation with Erysiphe graminis DC f.sp. tritici and Septoria nodorum (Berk.) Berk

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Changes in aminoacids, urea nitrogen and uric acid in chickens sera due to Mycoplasma gallisepticum infection

Lee, S.J.; Francis, H.L.; Awadzi, K.; Ottesen, E.A.; Nutman, T.B., 1990:
Changes in antibody profile after treatment of human onchocerciasis

Liu Y B.; Alford A.R.; Bentley M.D., 1991:
Changes in antifeedant activity of limonin double salt in potato leaves

Grandhi, R.R.; Ibrahim, E.A., 1990:
Changes in apparent absorption and retention of nutrients during gestation in gilts fed two dietary calcium-phosphorus levels

Serralheiro, F.; Madeira, M., 1990:
Changes in arthropod soil fauna due to afforestation with Eucalyptus globulus

Okland, R.H., 1991:
Changes in atmospheric CO2 concentrations in the future - potential effects on forest and mire vegetation

Miller, A.N., 1990:
Changes in auxin concentration in developing fruits and seeds of non-endospermic seed species

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Changes in auxin system in the initial period of heat and cold hardening of growing plants

Gutierrez-Ornelas, E.; Klopfenstein, T.J., 1991:
Changes in availability and nutritive value of different corn residue parts as affected by early and late grazing seasons

Prasad, B.; Rokima, J., 1991:
Changes in available nutrients status of calcareous soil as influenced by manures, fertilizers and biofertilizer

Wainwright, H.; Hughes, P., 1990:
Changes in banana pulp colour during ripening

Olthoff J.C.; Crow G.H.; Rahnefeld G.W., 1990:
Changes in beef cattle performance after ten years of yearling weight selection

Adams S.R.; Maughan O.E., 1988:
Changes in benthic assemblages below forest clear cuts

Costantino, A.M.; Balzola, F.; Bounous, G., 1989:
Changes in biliary secretory immunoglobulin A in mice fed on whey protein

Chen, H.C.; Moody, M.W.; Jiang, S.T., 1991:
Changes in biochemical and bacteriological quality of grass prawn during transportation by icing and oxygenating

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Changes in biochemical components in relation to maturity of proglottids in the pseudophyllid cestode Penetrocephalus ganapatii Rao, 1960

Rai, R.D.; Saxena, S., 1988:
Changes in biochemical composition during fruitbody development of Agaricus bisporus

Rajasundaram, R.C.; Kathiresan, D.; Pattabiraman, S.R., 1990:
Changes in biochemical constituents of allantoic and amniotic fluids with the increase in gestation period in buffaloes

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Changes in biochemical constituents of bael fruits infected with Aspergillus species

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Changes in biochemical values in blood of calves given acidified milk beverages

Iordanov, V.; Yancheva, A., 1990:
Changes in biological and morphological characteristics of oriental tobacco under the influence of different levels of nitrogen fertilizer

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Changes in biomass and production over 53 years in a coastal Picea sitchensis - Tsuga heterophylla forest approaching maturity

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Changes in biometrical indices of Halfbred mares at the Nowielce stud in 1967-1985

Peterson, A., 1987:
Changes in bird communities in drained and afforested plots on Rae raised bog

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Changes in blood and bronchoalveolar lavage fluid components in calves with experimentally induced pneumonic pasteurellosis

Yanao, K.; Sarashina, T.; Ichijo, S.; Osame, S., 1992:
Changes in blood gases and electrolytes of cows with caecal dilatation and torsion

Jezkova, D.; Smrckova, M., 1990:
Changes in blood glucose and lactic acid in pregnant sows and their fetuses and in sows and their piglets up to ten days after birth

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Changes in blood glucose, nonesterified fatty acids, and ketones in response to weaning and feed intake in young calves

Ertuev, M.M., 1990:
Changes in blood hormone profile in heifers after administration of corticotropin

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Changes in blood lipids and lipoproteins in chronic alcoholics during alcohol withdrawal

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Changes in blood phospholipids caused by food-borne toxic infections

Somlyay, I.M.; Várnagy, L.E., 1989:
Changes in blood plasma biochemistry of chicken embryos exposed to various pesticide formulations

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Changes in blood tocopherol, selenium and lipid peroxide levels in pregnant cows injected with tocopherol and selenium

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Changes in blood zinc in irritable bowel syndrome: preliminary study

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Changes in body composition and energy balance in body builders

Pfadt, A.; Angulo, M., 1991:
Changes in body composition and energy expenditure after six weeks' growth hormone treatment

Schwartz, C.C.; Hubbert, M.E.; Franzmann, A.W., 1988:
Changes in body composition of moose during winter

Tassanawat T.; Ota K.; Yokoyama A., 1990:
Changes in body composition of mother rats during normal and prolonged lactation

Fletcher, J.P.; Allen, B.J.; Blagojevic, N., 1990:
Changes in body protein composition following aortic reconstruction

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Changes in body weight and girths in black and white adults studied over a 25 year interval

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Changes in body weight of broiler chickens induced by oligopeptides in industrial conditions

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Changes in body weight, body composition, and energy intake in women fed high- and low-fat diets

Iñarrea, P.; González, J.; Andrades, M.S.; Palacios, J., 1990:
Changes in breast muscle composition in the young chick

Tsobel, M.R., 1991:
Changes in brown pseudopodzolic and peaty gley podzolic soils after forest clear-cutting

Ovcharenko, A.G., 1989:
Changes in calcification of skeleton and metabolism of glycosaminoglycans in embryos and neonatal pigs

Pratico, G.; Fichera, A.; Caltabiano, L.; Curreri, R.; Sciacca, P., 1990:
Changes in calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, parathyrin and calcitonin in term infants with asphyxia

Royer, L.; McNeil, JN., 1991:
Changes in calling behaviour and mating success in the European corn borer (Ostrinia nubilalis), caused by relative humidity

Ochieng' , A.A.; Odhiambo, S.O., 1991:
Changes in cane growth and quality during the maturation period

Mohan, P.M.; Kumari, M.K.; Yellamma, K., 1989:
Changes in carbohydrate and glycogen levels under pyrethroid neurotoxicity in the cockroach Periplaneta americana

Soler L.; Canellas J.; Saura Calixto F., 1989:
Changes in carbohydrate and protein content and composition of developing almond seeds

Anbazhagan M.; Krishnamurthy R.; Bhagwat K.A., 1990:
Changes in carbohydrate levels of rice cultivars due to air pollution

Agnihotri, V.P.; Madan, V.K.; Ramji Lal, 1989:
Changes in carbohydrates and nucleic acids in sugar cane genotypes affected with Colletotrichum falcatum

Bernal Lugo, I.; Leopold, A.C., 1992:
Changes in carbohydrates during seed storage

Atkins, D.C., 1990:
Changes in carcase composition of Hereford Angus cross steers between October and February under pasture grazing in N.W. Tasmania

Hiane, P.A.; Penteado, M.V.C. de, 1989:
Changes in carotenoid composition of bocaiuva fruit (Acrocomia mokayayba Barb. Rodr.) during storage in a freezer at -20 degrees C

Baron Ayala, M.; Lopez Gorge, J.; Lachica, M.; Sandmann, G., 1992:
Changes in carotenoids and fatty acids in photosystem II of Cu-deficient pea plants

Ladkani, B.G.; Srinivasan, M.R., 1990:
Changes in casein fractions in ripening of Emmental type cheese from buffalo milk

Scalabrelli, G.; Viti, R.; Cinelli, F., 1991:
Changes in catalase activity and dormancy of apricot buds in response to chilling

Rashid P.; Mukherji S., 1991:
Changes in catalase and ascorbic acid oxidase activities in response to lead nitrate treatments in mungbean

Carrez, C., 1990:
Changes in cattle populations in the departments: the situation in Pas-de-Calais in 1989

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Changes in cell wall polysaccharides during the growth of Phaseolus vulgaris leaves

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Changes in cell-surface carbohydrates of Trypanosoma cruzi during metacyclogenesis under chemically defined conditions

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Changes in cell-wall composition and degradability of sorghum during growth and maturation

Takahashi, T.; Senda, K.; Nakaseko, K., 1990:
Changes in cellular and water soluble sugar contents during grain filling period in three parts of the main culm of spring wheats

Anonymous, 1991:
Changes in cereals and dairy policies in OECD countries: a model based analysis

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Changes in cerebrospinal fluid and plasma amino acid concentrations with elevated dietary protein concentration in dogs with portacaval shunts

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Changes in cerebrospinal fluid in experimentally induced T. evansi infection in bovines

Korobkova, O.I.; Rabochev, G.I., 1990:
Changes in chemical composition of corn and alfalfa irrigated with mineralized and fresh waters

Harasimowicz Hermann, G., 1991:
Changes in chemical composition of soil as an effect of several years' fertilization of alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) with slurry and liquid manure

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Changes in chemical composition of sugarbeet leaves under the conditions of infection by beet virus yellows (BMYV, BYV)

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Changes in chemical compositions of bovine milk in the early lactation stage

Rampazzo N.; Blum W.E.H., 1992 :
Changes in chemistry and mineralogy of forest soils by acid rain

Umurzakov, E.U., 1990:
Changes in chlorophyll and carbohydrate contents during different maturation stages of tobacco leaves

Lyadskii V.V.; Vasil'ev S.S.; Venediktov P.S., 1991:
Changes in chlorophyll fluorescence yield in isolated chloroplasts in response to oleic acid action

Nema, A.G., 1991:
Changes in chlorophyll, nitrogen, protein, amino acid and some enzyme contents in betelvine leaves infected with Xanthomonas campestris pv. betlicola

Klaff, P.; Gruissem, W., 1991:
Changes in Chloroplast mRNA Stability during Leaf Development

Kuroda M.; Ozawa T.; Imagawa H., 1990:
Changes in chloroplast peroxidase activities in relation to chlorophyll loss in barley leaf segments

Kelley, M.; Thomas, J.; Story, J., 1992:
Changes in cholesterol accumulation and steroid excretion in response to cellulose, alfalfa or oats in cholesterol-fed rats

Field, C.J.; Gougeon, R.; Marliss, E.B., 1991:
Changes in circulating leukocytes and mitogen responses during very-low-energy all-protein reducing diets

Bryden, W.L.; Knight, P.K.; Rose, R.J., 1989:
Changes in circulating metabolite concentrations during and after submaximal exercise in Thoroughbred horses

Weil, G.J.; Lammie, P.J.; Richards, F.O.; Eberhard, M.L., 1991:
Changes in circulating parasite antigen levels after treatment of bancroftian filariasis with diethylcarbamazine and ivermectin

Mehta, V.M.; Sarvaiya, N.P.; Pathak, M.M.; Patel, A.V.; Jaiswal, R.S., 1991:
Changes in circulating steroid hormonal profile during thirty days postpartum in Surti buffaloes

Bamberg, K.K., 1989:
Changes in clay minerals as a result of drainage and soil formation on the clays of the Puni intraglacial basin in Western Latvia

Kuratko, C.; Pence, B.C., 1991:
Changes in colonic antioxidant status in rats during long-term feeding of different high fat diets

Sarro, M.J.; Zornoza, P., 1991:
Changes in colour parameters during the maturation process of intact roses

Jelinek, P.; Gajdusek, S.; Illek, J.; Helanova, I.; Hlusek, J., 1990:
Changes in composition and characteristics of ewe milk during lactation

Bielak, F.; Wawrzynczak, S.; Gwozdziewicz, A., 1991:
Changes in composition and correlations between the components of milk from Lowland Black-and-White cows during successive methods and periods of lactation

Vitkov, M.; Peichevski, I.; Dimitrov, T.; Mikhailova, G., 1989:
Changes in composition of milk from sheep with subclinical mastitis

Koval' skii, S.D.; Lunkov, S.V.; Los' , O.S., 1989:
Changes in composition of volatile fatty acids in caecal contents of broiler chickens given the enzyme preparation Ksiloglyukanofoetidin P10x

van Jaarsveld, A.S.; McKenzie, A.A.; Skinner, J.D., 1992:
Changes in concentration of serum prolactin during social and reproductive development of the spotted hyaena (Crocuta crocuta)

Einspanier, R.; Schams, D., 1991:
Changes in concentrations of insulin-like growth factor 1, insulin and growth hormone in bovine mammary gland secretion ante and post partum

Durand, B., 1991:
Changes in consumption of apples since 1979

Minakowski, D.; Florek, S.; Rydzik, W.; Rusiecka, I.; Wysocka, Z., 1989:
Changes in content of beta -carotene in dried forage from grass and maize in relation to drying temperature and storage period

Shimokawa, N.; Kato, Y.; Imai, K.; Wakabayashi, K., 1990:
Changes in content of prolactin mRNA during the rat estrous cycle

Finogina, N.P.; Bavrina, T.V.; Chailakhyan, M.K., 1990:
Changes in content of some antigenic proteins in trapezond tobacco in relation to regulation of flowering

Lee, J.C., 1988:
Changes in contents of ginsenosides, free sugars and fatty acids in developing ginseng seed

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