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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2049

Chapter 2049 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Section 3, Chapter 2049, Accession 002048022

Millan, R.; Alcala, M.; Sanjuan, E.; Penedo, J. C.; Castelo, M., 1991: Chemical composition and nitrogen compounds from Idiazabal cheese

Millan, R.; Alcala, M.; Sanjuan, E.; Castelo, M., 1991: Chemical composition and nitrogenous components of Villalo cheese

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Section 3, Chapter 2049, Accession 002048085

Orlova, L. P.; Bol' shakov, V. A.; Muromtsev, N. A., 1990: Chemical composition of natural waters occurring on the floodplain of Moscow River in its middle course

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Section 3, Chapter 2049, Accession 002048088

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Section 3, Chapter 2049, Accession 002048117

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Section 3, Chapter 2049, Accession 002048157

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Section 3, Chapter 2049, Accession 002048199

Molet, D., 1990: Chemical control of Rhizoctonia on potatoes

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Section 3, Chapter 2049, Accession 002048211

Bailey, J. B.; Olsen, K. N., 1990: Chemical control of amorbia, an insect pest of avocado and citrus

Section 3, Chapter 2049, Accession 002048213

Al Kothayri, G. R.; Hassan, A. A., 1990: Chemical control of annual weeds in irrigated onion in Hadhramout valley

Section 3, Chapter 2049, Accession 002048215

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Gurdip Singh; Livinder Kaur, 1990: Chemical control of gray mold of chickpea

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