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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2050

Chapter 2050 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Section 3, Chapter 2050, Accession 002049084

Shubert, V.; Mosandl, A., 1991: Chiral compounds of essential oils. VIII: Stereodifferentiation of linalool using multidimensional gas chromatography

Section 3, Chapter 2050, Accession 002049086

Section 3, Chapter 2050, Accession 002049087

Kohnle, U.; Vite, J. P.; Baader, E. J.; Meyer, H.; Francke, W., 1991: Chirality of ipsdienol and ipsenol indicates a frass pheromone system in the spruce engraver, Ips typographus

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Section 3, Chapter 2050, Accession 002049090

Nolte U., 1990: Chironomid biomass determination from larval shape

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Section 3, Chapter 2050, Accession 002049097

Eremeev, V. N., 1990: Chisel cultivators KChP-5.4 and KChP-7.2

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Section 3, Chapter 2050, Accession 002049103

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Section 3, Chapter 2050, Accession 002049108

Section 3, Chapter 2050, Accession 002049109

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Section 3, Chapter 2050, Accession 002049143

Section 3, Chapter 2050, Accession 002049145

Section 3, Chapter 2050, Accession 002049147

Section 3, Chapter 2050, Accession 002049148

Section 3, Chapter 2050, Accession 002049149

Section 3, Chapter 2050, Accession 002049152

Section 3, Chapter 2050, Accession 002049153

Section 3, Chapter 2050, Accession 002049154

Section 3, Chapter 2050, Accession 002049155

Section 3, Chapter 2050, Accession 002049156

Dearth M.A.; Hites R.A., 1991: Chlordane accumulation in people

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Section 3, Chapter 2050, Accession 002049161

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Section 3, Chapter 2050, Accession 002049164

Wu L.; Huang Z Z., 1991: Chloride and sulfate salinity effects on selenium accumulation by tall fescue

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Section 3, Chapter 2050, Accession 002049171

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Section 3, Chapter 2050, Accession 002049177

Section 3, Chapter 2050, Accession 002049178

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Section 3, Chapter 2050, Accession 002049180

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Section 3, Chapter 2050, Accession 002049190

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Section 3, Chapter 2050, Accession 002049206

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Section 3, Chapter 2050, Accession 002049242

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Section 3, Chapter 2050, Accession 002049264

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Section 3, Chapter 2050, Accession 002049297

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