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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2057

Chapter 2057 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Maier, N. A.; Frensham, A. B.; Chapman, K. S. R.; Williams, C. M. J., 1991: Comparison of total tuber yields from inner and guard rows used in potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) fertiliser experiments

Sherer T.T.; Thrall K.D.; Bull R.J., 1991: Comparison of toxicity induced by iodine and iodide in male and female rats

Espinal, J. R.; Pedersen, J. R., 1989: Comparison of traditional and improved methods of farm maize storage in Honduras

Ryan, R. W., 1990: Comparison of traditional and modern food-rationing systems to response to famine

Schoner, H., 1992: Comparison of training methods and qualifications in European milk processing industry training

Koblik, P. D.; Yen, C. K.; Komtebedde, J.; Hornof, W. J.; Moore, P. F.; Fisher, P. E., 1990: Comparison of transcolonic 123I-iodoamphetamine and portal vein injection of 99mTc-macroaggregated albumin shunt fraction calculations in experimental dogs with acquired portosystemic shunts

Carvalho L., 1987: Comparison of traps and formulations of grandlure for catching the boll weevil

Avinent, L.; Hermoso de Mendoza, A.; Llacer, G., 1991: Comparison of traps for capture of alate aphids (Homoptera, Aphidinea) in apricot tree orchards

Mihail, J. D.; Niblack, T. L., 1991: Comparison of treatment means: a statistical fantasy

Kosarcic, D.; Veselinovic, V.; Milkovic, V.; Gergelj, J., 1991: Comparison of treatments for endometritis in mares

Rashid, M., 1991: Comparison of treatments for ovine foot-rot

Finquelievich, J. L.; Elias Costa, M. R. I. de; Negroni, R.; Iovannitti, C.; Agorio, I.; Tiraboschi, I. N., 1990: Comparison of triazoles in the treatment of experimental disseminated histoplasmosis in hamsters

Mazurek, J.; Kus, J.; Kus, J.; Mroz, A., 1990: Comparison of triticale yields with those of other winter cereals on soil taken from under various crop rotations (pot experiment)

Burr, T. J.; Katz, B. H.; Abawi, G. S.; Crosier, D., 1991: Comparison of tumorigenic strains of Erwinia herbicola isolated from table beet with E. h. gypsophilae

Feldman, M.; Plancarte, A.; Sandoval M.; Wilson, M.; Flisser, A., 1990: Comparison of two assays (EIA and EITB) and two samples (saliva and serum) for the diagnosis of neurocysticercosis

Morera, J. A., 1989: Comparison of two breeding methods in corn. I. Effect of breeding method on combining ability of third-cycle lines

Section 3, Chapter 2057, Accession 002056019

Gregory S.P.; Holt P.E.; Parkinson T.J., 1992: Comparison of two catheter withdrawal speeds during simultaneous urethral pressure profilometry in anesthetized bitches

Section 3, Chapter 2057, Accession 002056022

Maiss E.; Timpe U.; Jelkmann W.; Casper R., 1989: Comparison of two different plum pox virus isolates on nucleic acid level

Kwaga, J; Iversen, Jo; Saunders,. Jr.;, 1990: Comparison of two enrichment protocols for the detection of Yersinia in slaughtered pigs and pork products

June, G. A.; Sherrod, P. S.; Andrews, W. H., 1992: Comparison of two enzyme immunoassays for recovery of Salmonella spp. from four low-moisture foods

Couto, H. T. Z.; Bastos, N. L. M.; Lacerda, J. S., 1989: Comparison of two growth models for Eucalyptus wood production from high forest and coppice

Huang, F. L.; Meng, M. Q., 1990: Comparison of two isolates of brown spot needle blight from different pines

Thomas G.W.; Mathews G.L., 1991: Comparison of two management systems of dairy farmlets based on conservation of either hay or silage

Fletcher D.L.; Cason J.A., 1991: Comparison of two methods for determining broiler processing yield

Fragin, A. G., 1991: Comparison of two methods for determining the specific surface of soils from low-temperature nitrogen adsorption

Assuero, S. G.; Escuder, C. J.; Norbis, H., 1989: Comparison of two methods for estimating forage availability on grazed plots

Jakubowski, T.; ys, J., 1990: Comparison of two methods for evaluating frost damage of peach shoots, and evaluation of the interrelationship between the degree of shoot and flower bud damage

Guillaumin, J. J.; Berthelay, S., 1990: Comparison of two methods for identification of clones of the parasitic basidiomycete Armillaria obscura (Syn: A. ostoyae)

Cruz, I. M. V. da; Fernandes, M. I.; Sol, M. M., 1990: Comparison of two methods for isolating Listeria monocytogenes from raw goat's milk artificially contaminated

Boher S.; Beril C.; Terver D.; Schwartzbrod L., 1991: Comparison of two methods for the recovery of rotavirus from mussels and oysters

Diaz Barrientos E.; Madrid L.; Cabrera F.; Contreras M.C., 1991: Comparison of two methods of sample preparation for determination by atomic absorption spectrophotometry of heavy metals in soils and sediments

Fragin, A. G., 1990: Comparison of two methods of specific surface determination using low temperature nitrogen adsorption

Acutis, M., 1991: Comparison of two pasture management systems at different intensities in a high Appennine area (Stura Valley, Genoa)

Butts, C. L.; Troeger, J. M.; Young, J. H., 1989: Comparison of two peanut bulk curing models

Tritschler, Jp Ii; Duby, Rt; Parsons, Em; Parsons, Mj; Giordano, Dj, 1991: Comparison of two progestogens during out-of-season breeding in a commercial ewe flock

Stone, M. S.; Goldstein, M. A.; Cotter, S. M., 1991: Comparison of two protocols for induction of remission in dogs with lymphoma

Winter, J. P.; Gregorich, E. G.; Voroney, R. P.; Kachanoski, R. G., 1990: Comparison of two sample oxidation methods for quantitative measurement of 12C and 14C in plant and soil

Greenwood, B. M.; Armstrong, J. R. M., 1991: Comparison of two simple methods for determining malaria parasite density

Camps, D. M.; Madrazo, G.; Aguilar, L., 1989: Comparison of two sources of iron in a premix for broiler chickens

Raich J.W.; Bowden R.D.; Steudler P.A., 1990: Comparison of two static chamber techniques for determining carbon dioxide efflux from forest soils

Inouye, N.; Maeda, T.; Huttinga, H.; Mitsuhata, K., 1991: Comparison of two strains of cucumber mosaic virus isolated from a single statice plant

Imhof, R.; Bosset, J. O., 1991: Comparison of two systems for sample preparation and injection by dynamic headspace GC analysis

Emile, J. C.; Gillet, M.; Huguet, L., 1989: Comparison of two tall fescue cultivars (Festuca arundinacea) with contrasting qualities grazed by dairy cows under set stocking

Furumoto O.; Plaisted R.L.; Ewing E.E., 1991: Comparison of two techniques for introgression of unadapted andigena germ plasm into temperate germ plasm

Riedemann, S.; Zamora, J., 1990: Comparison of two techniques of isolating Leptospira interrogans from kidneys of cattle

El Din, H. A. S.; El Samni, M. A., 1990: Comparison of two types of queen cell cups for commercial royal jelly production in honeybee (Apis mellifera L.) colonies

Section 3, Chapter 2057, Accession 002056061

Zychlinski L.; Zolnierowicz S., 1990: Comparison of uncoupling activities of chlorophenoxy herbicides in rat liver mitochondria

Wilhite, E. L.; Lantz, R. B.; McIntyre, P. F.; Statham, W. H.; Longsine, D. E., 1990: Comparison of unsaturated flow and transport models with volume and nitrate measurements from a pilot-scale, in situ lysimeter with different geometry low-level radioactive waste designs

Mermoud, A.; Gaillard, G., 1991: Comparison of unsaturated transfer models with experimental results

Section 3, Chapter 2057, Accession 002056068

Parish, Rl; Bergeron, Pe; Bracy, Rp, 1991: Comparison of vacuum and belt seeders for vegetable planting

Section 3, Chapter 2057, Accession 002056072

Rychtarik, J., 1990: Comparison of variation in the progeny from ear and plant selections in winter wheat breeding

Borod' ko, A. V.; Isaeva, N. A.; Godovikova, V. A.; Shumnyi, V. K., 1991: Comparison of varieties and lines of cultivated barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) in respect of capacity for embryogenesis in callus tissue and suspension culture

Beaumont C.; Brillard J.P.; Millet N.; De Reviers M., 1992: Comparison of various characteristics of duration of fertility in hens

Chang, N., 1989: Comparison of various dietary intake assessment methods in monitoring the adherence to a fat-modified diet

Al Mustafa, W. A.; Ayed, I. A., 1989: Comparison of various extractants for evaluating phosphorus availability to plants in Saudi Arabia soils

Roy, H. K.; Srivastava, L. L., 1989: Comparison of various extractants for the determination of available Co in soils

Haktanir, T., 1992: Comparison of various flood frequency distributions using annual flood peaks data of rivers in Anatolia

Hilton, J. G.; May, M. J., 1991: Comparison of various herbicide mixtures and sequences for control of volunteer oilseed rape, 1990

Cheng T.K.; Coon C.N., 1990: Comparison of various in vitro methods for the determination of limestone solubility

Sato, K.; Miura, Y.; Tokuhisa, S.; Hattori, K.; Miyamura, K.; Tazima, K., 1991: Comparison of various methods for detecting antibody to Aujeszky's disease virus in pigs

Churchman G.J.; Burke C.M.; Parfitt R.L., 1991: Comparison of various methods for the determination of specific surfaces of subsoils

Matushek M.G.; Curiale M.S.; Mcallister J.S.; Fox T.L., 1992: Comparison of various plating procedures for the detection and enumeration of coliforms in ice cream and ice milk

Hansell D.T.; Davies J.W.L.; Gisbey E.M.; Gilmour W.H.; Burns H.J.G., 1989: Comparison of various predictive formulae for the estimation of resting energy expenditure

Dobrzanski, A.; Anyszka, Z.; Paczynski, J.; Ulinska, Z., 1990: Comparison of various programmes of weed control in cucumbers

Bertels, R.; Wessels, H. P., 1989: Comparison of various soil treatments for avenue trees: 'environment-friendly' practice is not much more expensive

Whiteside, J. O., 1990: Comparison of various spray oils for controlling greasy spot on grapefruit leaves and fruit

Fink W.; Liefland M.; Mendgen K., 1990: Comparison of various stress responses in oat in compatible and nonhost resistant interactions with rust fungi

Koehler T.; Verstegen M.W.A.; Huisman J.; Van Leeuwen P.; Mosenthin R., 1991: Comparison of various techniques for measuring ileal digestibility in pigs

Egger, E.; Grasselli, A.; Greco, G.; Marinelli, E.; Storchi, P., 1991: Comparison of various thresholds for forecasting Peronospora infections on grape

Section 3, Chapter 2057, Accession 002056092

Section 3, Chapter 2057, Accession 002056093

Prabhakar, B. S.; Ramachander, P. R.; Skukla, V., 1989: Comparison of vegetable inter-cropping systems using computer simulation of price spread

Carneiro, L. C.; Rocha, M. L. G.; Castro, R., 1989: Comparison of vine training systems with different orientation of annual shoots. Formation pruning

Irla, E., 1990: Comparison of vineyard sprayers

Covey, Sn; Turner, Ds, 1991: Comparison of viral nucleic acid intermediates at early and late stages of cauliflower mosaic virus infection suggests a feedback regulatory mechanism

Section 3, Chapter 2057, Accession 002056098

Kranlich, H., 1990: Comparison of vocational education in woodworking and wood processing in various EC countries and in Austria

Rocca, Jr; Nation, Jl; Strekowski, L; Battiste, Ma, 1992: Comparison of volatiles emitted by male Caribbean and Mexican fruit flies

Tattari, S. M.; Granlund, K. A., 1991: Comparison of water storage variations inside a soil profile in different soil and vegetation types

Mclellan, Tm; Martin, Me; Aber, Jd; Melillo, Jm; Nadelhoffer, Kj; Dewey, B., 1991: Comparison of wet chemistry and near infrared reflectance measurements of carbon-fraction chemistry and nitrogen concentration of forest foliage

Dai, F. M.; Wang, K. O.; Lu, J. Y., 1991: Comparison of wet-sieving and sucrose-flotation methods in separating Verticillium dahliae in soil

Swift G.; Morrison M.W.; Cleland A.T.; Smith Taylor C.A.B.; Dickson J.M., 1992: Comparison of white clover varieties under cutting and grazing

Holsten, E. H.; Werner, R. A., 1990: Comparison of white, Sitka, and Lutz spruce as hosts of the spruce beetle in Alaska

Cruz P, J. F.; Mejia G, M., 1989: Comparison of whole peach palm (Bactris gasipaes H.B.K) meal with balanced feeds and yellow maize as nutrient sources in the feeding of fattening chickens

Sullivan, J. L.; Huber, J. T.; Harper, J. M., 1991: Comparison of whole short-staple, whole Pima, cracked Pima and ground Pima cottonseed in diets for lactating dairy cows

Vinning, G.; Kobayashi, K., 1991: Comparison of wholesale vegetable prices in Australia and Japan

Grosjean, F.; Bourdon, D.; Theillaud Ricca, V.; Castaing, J.; Beague, E., 1989: Comparison of winter and spring peas in loose or pelleted feeds for bacon pigs

Kinloch, Ra; Dickson, Dw, 1991: Comparison of winter and spring soil fumigation with 1,3-D for the management of Meloidogyne arenaria on peanut

Gjovik, L. R.; Gutzmer, D. I., 1989: Comparison of wood preservatives in stake tests (1987 progress report)

Pereira, J. C. D.; Sturion, J. A.; Faber, J., 1988: Comparison of wood quality of five Eucalyptus nitens provenances for energy

Popilskis, S. J.; Oz, M. C.; Gorman, P.; Florestal, A.; Kohn, D. F., 1991: Comparison of xylazine with tiletamine-zolazepam (Telazol) and xylazine-ketamine anesthesia in rabbits

Seeherman, H. J.; Morris, E. A., 1991: Comparison of yearling, two-year-old and adult Thoroughbreds using a standardised exercise test

Stanlake, G. J., 1988: Comparison of yeast biomass production in five wood aqueous extracts

Binder, R. G.; Turner, C. E.; Flath, R. A., 1990: Comparison of yellow starthistle volatiles from different plant on parts

Terai, K.; Horie, T., 1991: Comparison of yield characters among the native varieties of white adzuki bean (Vigna angularis) in Akita prefecture

Wesoowski, P., 1989: Comparison of yields of permanent meadow and Bromus unioloides monoculture on earthy mineral soils

Wesoowski, P.; Durkowski, T., 1989: Comparison of yields on a managed meadow at different ploughing depths

Mitsuhashi, J., 1990: Comparison of zymograms of some insect cell lines by means of APIZYM system

Espinel Ingroff A.; Kerkering T.M.; Goldson P.R.; Shadomy S., 1991: Comparison study of broth macrodilution and microdilution antifungal susceptibility tests

Park, J. C., 1989: Comparison, via the SEESAW simulator, of tree sawing systems for pruned logs

Heilman, M. D.; Namken, L. N.; Taylor, M. J.; Valco, T. D., 1989: Comparison: conventional vs narrow row spacing for cotton production

Benadjaoud, A.; Lauvergne, J. J., 1991: Comparisons among 14 indigenous French breeds of sheep using the archaism index method

Honda, Y.; Muhsin, M.; Iizuka, N.; Yoshida, K., 1988: Comparisons among Indonesian isolates and Japanese strains of soybean stunt virus

Boppenmaier, J.; Melchinger, A. E.; Brunklaus Jung, E.; Herrmann, R. G., 1991: Comparisons among strains of inbreds for RFLPs

Vicente, J. R.; Olivetti, M. P. A.; Piva, L. H. O.; Caser, D. V.; Camargo, A. M. M. P. de, 1990: Comparisons between agricultural census data and estimations of the agricultural harvest of the State of Sao Paulo

Blazquez, C. H., 1988: Comparisons between densitometric measurements, image analysis, and photointerpretation readings of aerial color infrared photographs of citrus trees

Kurosawa, K.; Saitoh, H., 1989: Comparisons between growth types of old and new sugarbeet varieties

Du, J. le, 1990: Comparisons between pulsation rates of 60 and 180 c/min for machine milking of dairy ewes

Deidda, P.; Dettori, S., 1990: Comparisons between seven fast-grown species in a semiarid environment

Agbu, P. A.; Nizeyimana, E., 1991: Comparisons between spectral mapping units derived from SPOT image texture and field soil map units

Rastogi, S. K.; Mehta, S. C.; Milakh Raj, 1990: Comparisons of Uran (Ankur) with urea and CAN for wheat under irrigated conditions

Ishida, N., 1990: Comparisons of biliary metabolites of oxolinic acid in seven species of teleosts

Ito, S.; Yahata, H.; Suzaki, T., 1989: Comparisons of early growth between seedlings and sprouts, and relationship between original tree size and vigour of sprouts of Pasania edulis

Lee, T. J.; Ahn, J. B., 1990: Comparisons of esterase and soluble protein zymogram with development in the Drosophila auraria complex

Sands, T. W.; Hill, K. A.; Petras, M. L., 1990: Comparisons of genetic variability detected among mouse blood proteins using one- and two-dimensional electrophoreses

Saama P.M.; Mao I.L.; Emery R.S.; Holter J.B., 1991: Comparisons of gross and net efficiency measures from calorimetric and field data on the same lactating cows

Novak, Jm; Smeck, Ne, 1991: Comparisons of humic substances extracted from contiguous Alfisols and Mollisols of southwestern Ohio

Oide, N.; Moriwaki, N., 1990: Comparisons of indexing words used in CAB ABSTRACTS and AGRIS

Constanz, J., 1991: Comparisons of isothermal and isobaric water retention paths in nonswelling porous materials

Venkatachari, S.; Payan, LA.; Dickson, DW.; Hewlett, TE., 1991: Comparisons of isozyme phenotypes in five Meloidogyne spp. with isoelectric focusing

Du, J. le; Dano, Y.; Lambion, P., 1990: Comparisons of milking liners and teat cups for ewes

Shoji, S.; Yamada, H. O., 1991: Comparisons of mineralogical properties between tephra-derived Spodosols from Alaska and nontephra-derived Spodosols from New England

Walters, S. P.; Russell, W. A.; Lamkey, K. R., 1991: Comparisons of phenotypic correlations among S1 lines, and their testcrosses, from four Iowa Stiff Stalk populations of maize

Nissen, U.; Laborius, G. A.; Schulz, F. A., 1991: Comparisons of populations of Prostephanus truncatus (Horn) (Col., Bostrichidae) of different geographic origin

Baker, C. M.; Wilkins, H. F.; Ascher, P. D., 1990: Comparisons of precultural treatments and cultural conditions on in vitro response of tulip

Zheng, R. J.; Sheng, J.; Qiu, Q. P.; Wang, A. H., 1990: Comparisons of protein components and antigenicities of various strains of Trypanosoma evansi from Zhejiang, Yunnan and Anhui Provinces

Wones, R. G.; Kerman, K. M.; Hissa, D. C.; Meloy, N.; Stein, E. A., 1989: Comparisons of referral criteria for public screening of blood cholesterol levels

Nicholson J.W.G.; Allen J.G.; Bush R.S., 1991: Comparisons of responses in whole blood and plasma selenium levels during selenium depletion and repletion of growing cattle

Zewdie M.; Ellis R.H., 1991: Comparisons of seed longevity between tef and niger in similar storage conditions

Takeuchi, N.; Murai, H., 1990: Comparisons of soil surface evaporation between natural broad-leaved forest and artificial needle-leaved forest

Chen, W.; Hoy, J. W.; Schneider, R. W., 1991: Comparisons of soluble proteins and isozymes for seven Pythium species and applications of the biochemical data to Pythium systematics

Du, J. le; Dano, Y., 1990: Comparisons of some milking characteristics and physical properties of (new and used) milking machine liners for cows

Maynard, B. K.; Bassuk, N. L., 1990: Comparisons of stock plant etiolation with traditional propagation methods

Davidson, N. A.; Wilson, L. T.; Hoffmann, M. P.; Zalom, F. G., 1990: Comparisons of temperature measurements from local weather stations and the tomato plant canopy: implications for crop and pest forecasting

Press, A. J., 1988: Comparisons of the extent of fire in different land management systems in the top end of the Northern Territory

Huang, Y. C.; Yang, W. H.; Tseng, M. T.; Hsieh, J. S., 1990: Comparisons of the number of calendar days, growing degree days and maize heat units required for tasselling and silking of populations of Tainan White maize under different environments

Indiati, R.; Izza, C.; Figliolia, A., 1991: Comparisons of three short-period equilibration tests in predicting the soil P fertilizer requirements

Novotna, I., 1990: Comparisons of two new selections of freesia with the cultivars Aurora and Safari and an evaluation of breeding methods

Section 3, Chapter 2057, Accession 002056176

Shaw, R. G.; Billington, H. L., 1991: Comparisons of variance components between two populations of Holcus lanatus: a reanalysis

Legesse, N.; Powell, A. A., 1992: Comparisons of water uptake and imbibition damage in eleven cowpea cultivars

Karlsson I.; Russell J., 1990: Comparisons of yellow cypress trees of seedling and rooted cutting origins after 9 and 11 years in the field

Murphy M.J.; Brown S.C.; Clark N.B.; Feng J.Q., 1991: Compartmental analysis and glomerular filtration in chick embryos

Kasimir Klemedtsson, A.; Pettersson, S., 1991: Compartmental analysis of efflux of K+(86Rb+) and Rb+(86Rb+) from roots of intact plants of barley (Hordeum vulgare) of high and low K+ status, and after excision of the shoot

Schmidely, P.; Bas, P.; Rouzeau, A., 1992: Compartmental analysis of the bias in estimation of body water content by urea diffusion space in the milk-fed kid

Zhen, Rg; Koyro, Hw; Leigh, Ra; Tomos, Ad; Miller, Aj, 1991: Compartmental nitrate concentrations in barley root cells measured with nitrate-selective microelectrodes and by single-cell sap sampling

Ovcharenko G.A.; Nikiforova T.A.; Khudyakova E.M.; Izmailov S.F., 1990: Compartmentation and assimilation of nitrates in pea and sugar beet plants

Michels, P. A. M., 1988: Compartmentation of glycolysis in trypanosomes: a potential target for new trypanocidal drugs

Lizzi, Y.; Coulomb, P. J., 1991: Compartmentation of soluble peroxidase and catalase fractions during interactions between pepper and tobacco mosaic virus or Phytophthora capsici

Welbaum, Ge; Meinzer, Fc, 1990: Compartmentation of solutes and water in developing sugarcane stalk tissue

Section 3, Chapter 2057, Accession 002056191

Krishnaiah, N. V.; Reddy, C. S., 1992: Compatability and co-toxicity of selected insecticides and fungicides against brown planthopper and sheath blight in rice

Qi, C. K.; Fu, S. Z.; Pu, H. M., 1989: Compatability in interspecific crosses between Brassica napus L. and B. carinata Br. and morphology of F1 plants

Vyas, R. V.; Yadav, D. N.; Patel, R. J., 1990: Compatability of Beauveria brongniartii with some pesticides used in groundnut pest management

Vekateswarlu, C.; Ramapandu, S., 1992: Compatability of fungicides and bactericide with insecticides in the control of citrus canker and leafminer in acidlime

Thompson, A. R.; Rowse, H. R.; Springer, P. H.; Edmonds, G. H., 1990: Compatability of liquid insecticide treatments and starter fertiliser solution applied under radish at sowing

Reddy, R. R.; Moses, G. J.; Rahman, M. A., 1990: Compatability studies on seed treatment with fungicide and Rhizobium, and fertilizer application in groundnut

Raut, J. G.; Ingle, R. W., 1990: Compatibility among isolates of Rhizoctonia bataticola from thirteen different cultivated crops

Wang, C. L.; Zou, J. S., 1989: Compatibility among varietal groups of Oryza sativa

Sirjusingh, C.; Mauleon, H.; Kermarrec, A., 1991: Compatibility and synergism between entomopathogenic nematodes and pesticides for control of Cosmopolites sordidus Germar

Terribile, S.; Monteiro de Barros, N., 1991: Compatibility between pesticides and the fungus Nomuraea rileyi (Farlow) Samson

Zahed, N. Z.; Ghandour, A. M.; Banaja, A. E. A. A.; Elce, B. J., 1992: Compatibility of Biomphalaria arabica to a baboon-adapted strain of Schistosoma mansoni from Saudi Arabia

Kurdali, F.; Domenach, A. M.; Fernandez, M. de la P.; Capellano, A.; Moiroud, A., 1988: Compatibility of Frankia spore positive and spore negative inocula with Alnus glutinosa and Alnus incana

Rovesti, L.; Deseo, KV., 1990: Compatibility of chemical pesticides with the entomopathogenic nematodes, Steinernema carpocapsae Weiser and S. feltiae Filipjev (Nematoda: Steinernematidae)

Section 3, Chapter 2057, Accession 002056207

Peter, C.; David, B. V.; Sundararajan, R.; Govindarajalu, V., 1989: Compatibility of ethofenprox in relation to the control of the rice brown planthopper, Nilaparvata lugens (Stal.)

Peshney N.L., 1990: Compatibility of fungicides with some insecticides with reference to fungitoxicity and phytotoxicity

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Vick, C. B.; De Groot, R. C.; Youngquist, J., 1990: Compatibility of nonacidic waterborne preservatives with phenol-formaldehyde adhesives

Rovesti, L.; Deseo, K. V., 1991: Compatibility of pesticides with the entomopathogenic nematode, Heterorhabditis heliothidis

Levy, D.; Genizi, A.; Goldman, A., 1990: Compatibility of potatoes to contrasting seasonal conditions, to high temperatures and to water deficit: the association with time of maturation and yield potential

Posypanov, G. S.; Shilovskaya, N. A.; Chernova, V. I.; Chernov, B. A., 1990: Compatibility of red clover cultivars and Rhizobium strains

Zimmerman, R. J.; Cranshaw, W. S., 1990: Compatibility of three entomogenous nematodes (Rhabditida) in aqueous solutions of pesticides used in turfgrass maintenance

Roland, J.; Szeto, S., 1990: Compatibility of winter moth parasitoid Cyzenis albicans (Tachinidae) with pesticide use in the cultivation of blueberries in the Fraser Valley

Laczay, P.; Simon, F.; Mora, Z.; Lehel, J., 1988: Compatibility studies of ionophore antibiotics with other chemotherapeutics and antioxidants in broiler chickens

Lu, C. F.; Tsai, S. S., 1988: Compatibility studies of salinomycin with various antibiotics and sulfonamides in native hybrid broiler chickens

Aujla, S. S.; Indu Sharma, 1990: Compatibility system in Neovossia indica

Roesch, F. A, Jr; Green, E. J.; Scott, C. T., 1991: Compatible basal area and number of tree estimators from remeasured horizontal point samples

Vanclay, Jk, 1991: Compatible deterministic and stochastic predictions by probabilistic modeling of individual trees

Kindiger, B.; Beckett, J. B., 1991: Compatible maize parents for maize X Tripsacum hybridization employing a simplified crossing technique

Nikolopoulos, D.; Manetas, Y., 1991: Compatible solutes and in vitro stability of Salsola soda enzymes: proline incompatibility

Candy, S. G., 1989: Compatible tree volume and variable form stem taper models for Pinus radiata in Tasmania

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Hall R., 1991: Compendium of bean diseases

Bickhardt, K., 1992: Compendium of general internal medicine and physiopathology for veterinarians

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Ellis, M. A.; Converse, R. H.; Williams, R. N.; Williamson, B., 1991: Compendium of raspberry and blackberry diseases and insects

Anonymous, 1991: Compendium of social statistics and indicators

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Jones J.B.; Et Al, 1991: Compendium of tomato diseases

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Mladenov, M.; Marinchev, A.; Tsonev, R., 1990: Compensating for background light in optical sensors for automatic guidance along the boundaries of continuous sowing

Schubert, R.; Polzin, S.; Bannasch, S., 1990: Compensation for low protein supply to mares at peak of lactation

Meir M.; Ar A., 1991: Compensation for seasonal changes in eggshell conductance and hatchability of goose eggs by dynamic control of egg water loss

Shumnyj, V. K. (Shumnyi, V. K); Polishchuck, E. A. (Polishchuk, E. A), 1991: Compensation mechanisms of chlorophyll mutation and the heterosis effect in pea

Jakob, R.; Aebi, F.; Kuhn, C., 1990: Compensations for forestry - only with a clear payment basis

Section 3, Chapter 2057, Accession 002056240

Section 3, Chapter 2057, Accession 002056241

Rueda, A. A.; Slansky, F, Jr; Wheeler, G. S., 1992: Compensatory feeding response of the slug Sarasinula plebeia to dietary dilution

Sokolov, V. A., 1990: Compensatory gene complex: the cause of heterosis in peas

Section 3, Chapter 2057, Accession 002056244

Gibb M.J.; Baker R.D., 1991: Compensatory growth and body composition changes in grazing steers following silage feeding without or with a supplement of fish meal and monensin

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Banerjee, R.; Bandyopadhyay, C.; Subrahmanyam, V. V. R., 1991: Composition of cow's milk-fat during transition from colostrum to normal. Part II: Changes in fatty acids and glycerides

Lassus, C. de, 1990: Composition of crop residues in a soil under nine crop systems

Section 3, Chapter 2057, Accession 002056801

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Pertsovskii, A. L.; Buinova, E. F., 1990: Composition of diterpenic acids of production and conversion products of the extractives of Pinus sibirica

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Laryea, M. D.; Mayatepek, E.; Ahmed, H. M.; Gillhausen, K.; Leichsenring, M.; Lombeck, I.; Bremer, H. J., 1991: Composition of foods and dishes commonly consumed in villages of the Gezira area of Sudan. 3. Fatty acids, retinol, alpha -, beta -carotene and tocopherols

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Section 3, Chapter 2057, Accession 002056822

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Section 3, Chapter 2057, Accession 002056825

Alekseev, A. N., 1989: Composition of invertebrate host parasitocosmos and its importance in the transmission of agents of transmissible infection

Simonov, G. A., 1990: Composition of layered silicates in a series of sod-podzolic soils

Guan L.; Zhang B.; Yan L., 1991: Composition of microaggregate and cementing substances in black soils and brown forest soils with different fertility levels

Raveendran, T. V.; Sankaran, P. D.; Wagh, A. B., 1991: Composition of microfouling on aluminium and fibre glass panels exposed in Agatti waters (Lakshadweep Island)

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Lal, D.; Narayanan, K. M., 1989: Composition of milk of Karan Swiss cows

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Suzuki A., 1991: Composition of myofiber types in the pectoral girdle musculature of sheep

Section 3, Chapter 2057, Accession 002056837

Section 3, Chapter 2057, Accession 002056838

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Natal, D.; Paganelli, C. H.; Santos, J. L. F., 1991: Composition of the adult population of Culex (Culex) quinquefasciatus Say, 1823 in ecotypes near the Edgard de Souza dam, Santana de Parnaiba, Sao Paulo state, Brazil

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Section 3, Chapter 2057, Accession 002056854

Section 3, Chapter 2057, Accession 002056855

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Section 3, Chapter 2057, Accession 002056863

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Section 3, Chapter 2057, Accession 002056887

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Kirilov, A.; Naidenov, T., 1990: Composition, yield, intake and digestibility of green maize. 2. Intake, digestibility and performance

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Section 3, Chapter 2057, Accession 002056910

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Meyer, M., 1990: Compost for agriculture-sustain soil fertility

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Hirsch, A., 1990: Compost management in domestic gardens

Jurgensmeyer, V. H., 1991: Compost supplement spreader

Schnittjer, B. J., 1990: Compost windrow turner

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Section 3, Chapter 2057, Accession 002056928

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Section 3, Chapter 2057, Accession 002056938

Section 3, Chapter 2057, Accession 002056939

Anonymous, 1990: Comprehensive Pediatrics

Krivonosova, L. P.; Pospelova, L. S., 1990: Comprehensive approach to the evaluation of yield in grain forms of triticale

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Section 3, Chapter 2057, Accession 002056984

Burk R.L., 1992: Computed tomographic imaging of nasal disease in 100 dogs

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Ma, T. X.; Lu, X. S., 1992: Computer aided analysis of the penetration of mounted tillage implement

Zhou, Z. L.; Fang, Z. H.; Zhao, Q., 1991: Computer aided analysis on the tractive performance of tractor-implement combinations

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